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India bulls dhani personal loan

Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about India bulls dhani personal loan

Janardhan Reddy K
Nov 18, 2018

Loan closed 2 months back but NOC not received

Hi, I have paid the loan amount fully for foreclosure. After paying the amount also this bank people call me asking to pay EMI. And I did not even receive any NOC letter as for my loan foreclosure.

I will wait for another 5 days and will file a police complaint and let us face it in the court.
Contact me on 9980589878
[email protected]
Nov 13, 2018

Lac of reverse communication

I got loan sanction for INR 50K....all are done well except KYC ... coz' of fingerprint mismatch ...so person ask to get it updated from ADHAR office and call back ...I did and since last Thursday till today I was following @ call center & getting mad for daily new appointment fixing and waiting and noone turns back ...I wanted to transfer funds for patient in solapur ...and is postponing his further treatment ....

And I top of it i am getting new calls for new business loan from same India Dhani people team but no one is paying attention and I m worrying about my documents which i gave self attested ...

There is no system is working @ backoffice who are controlling & proactive assertive enough why my case is not completed under 3 categories either verified / executed / cancelled loan disbursement process ....no one has control over DSA / agencies who are working on their behalf....staff only offers sorry and not results

They dont have agencies contact details & not sharing with clients so as to reduce time wasting and 1 is to 1 contact directly
Indiabulls Personal Loan Dhani
Nov 13, 2018

Request No- 00506584 forcloser letter

Dear Saurabh,

We are sorry you feel this way. Please be assured that our team is working on your concern and will reach out to you shortly.
Nov 11, 2018

Request No- 00506584 forcloser letter

Dear sir

I want to Forecloser My Loan Account No -PL01458571

I have trying to long time but I have not received any response .
I also call to customer care for 20 times but nobody giving me solution .
when i taking loan then told me you can foreclose your loan any time with paying 5 % charges .
i want to foreclose my loan with paying charges . please help me to providing foreclose letter .
i was mail to [email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],

But not getting any response last i Month
Oct 18, 2018

loan was lead closed want to reopen it

respected sir/madam

i am deepika that i applied a personal loan of 9999rs but it was lead closed that i want to reopen again that when trying to call customer care there are not responding properly,please reopen my loan application of 7731841023 please reopen ny loan application
Oct 16, 2018


This is Akshay. I just had a curiosity about taking a bike loan and to check all the information I had a thought that I might need to register to the loan part and afterwards got to know that it is the direct sanction which I am not interested in now.

Please look into the issue as I am not interested now in taking any loans and hence the loan which is showing me in progress needs to be either cancelled or deleted.

Check and resolve this issue as soon as possible as I won't be able to take any further benefits of the other services you guys provide.

Check your customer service team because they as well don't respond to the calls.

Will wait for some good solution.

Oct 7, 2018

repeated failure in document collection


My self Sandip, Mob No 9822327539, I have applied Pl through IB dhani apps. I got approval of 1.5 Lacs amount but since a month, I am getting only commitment for collecting supporting documents. As on date no one collected the documents.

Very worst response getting from customer care.


Sandip Patil

Mob No 9822327539
Oct 6, 2018

Loan amount not credited

Dear sir/madam I puneeth Kumar v from bangalore contact number is 9535772758 my personal loan number is PL10722463 I had applied for a loan of RS 50000 on 8th of September and submitted my documents on 11th of September and today is 6th of October 1 day less one month completed but still no loan amount is credited i have called customer service more than 8 times they are telling the same answers all the time I called they are talking stupidly same answers that sorry sir now I have taken complaint and I have escalated the case to higher official and will get amount within 2 working days but after one month also I did not get amount when I call now again same stupid answer wait for 2 days please reply me when will I get my loan amount please reply to my mail [email protected]
Oct 6, 2018

ECS Auto debit issue

Worst service.. they asking ecs penalty charge even I have maintained balance till the due... They r saying that they will cross check with Icici bank as the bank is denying for the sufficient balance,.They force me to check with bank and as per bank the instruction is not there with them and they have shared the statement where in it is clearly mentioned that no bouncing charges charges by bank.Now they have come up with a new reason please ask bank to share the same over the email customer satisfaction is worst.. behavior is not gud one of the India bulls dani customer service staff disconnected the call,Grievance desk team member Namrta is so sarcastic that she is not ready to accept the mistake however every month they used to share confirmation that it's only bank mistake... I never expect this much of worst service... My request for every one ... Don't go for loan in india bulls dhani ever.
Last thing even if i have marked the mail to their CEO/CFO/Head of Operations still no action taken that means the company is clueless of their customer service part & they are least bothered too
Sep 30, 2018

Loan declined . I want to re-open it

My Name is P. Jayakar.

I opened loan in Dhani app. For some reason's my loan is declined. I want to re-open my loan. Please help me to avail loan.
Dr Syed hamid raza razvi
Sep 27, 2018

Cancellation of my loan amount for closure

Request you to foreclose my loan amount please contact me my mobile phone no is 6300496180
Dr Syed hamid raza razvi
Sep 27, 2018

Cancellation of my loan amount for closure

Respect sir I want to foreclose my loan amount
Monish Chintu
Sep 24, 2018

### Customer Support

Are you running out of funds? If it is so, please dont have IVL-India Bulls Dhani as an option to get a Loan. They are a Piece Of Shit.

The Customer Service is horrible. I just wanted to Pre-close my existing loan which is for 50,000 RS. I borrowed it from IVL and I had a plan to close it within two months. I had my funds available to close the loan before my second month EMI but when I called up and asked they said that it cannot be closed before 6 months. Ya fine I agreed. Now its been seven months and I had to close my existing loan because its 50000 rs and the EMI was 1541 rs opted for 48 months with an Interest rate of 21%. It was my stupidity. I called up Customer Care and asked them about the procedure to close my existing Loan. The representative Sitting in the Contact Centre are useless and they cant even respond back there Language is just Horrible that you cant even Understand what they are up to. They are not even trained in there soft skills, Language, and mainly they are not polite to the customers. A Lady I believe they sit somewhere in northern part of India. She is not able to understand what my query is I had to repeat her more than four times whereas I got highly frustrated to that. I opted for a supervisor call and she stated that her Supervisor is not available (which is a standard script for Domestic Customer Support). Ya I can understand that we cant expect an International Standard at least acknowledging the customers query wont be a big deal. She promised me that a call back can be arranged from a Supervisor within 15 mins and I dint receive any call back from them as regular. And I dint have any other choice I called the support team back from the number 1860 419 3333 Now this were it started. I was already pissed off by entering the details again and again in the IVR which took me 15 mins to get connected to the Contact Centre Team. Now here the Man the best and Customer Support Representative Asshole Mr. Shoiab or Shaib or some shit picked the call. I was still polite even after listening to his horrible opening script felt like Hinglish. He asked me for my contact number I just said I have already entered that in the IVR why cant you just put me through to your Supervisor . His answer was just upfront on my face stating that it is not possible to do it. I even informed him that there was a call back promised to me and I had to speak to a Supervisor regarding my issue, he just repeated the same. I had no other choice and really got frustrated and had to ### SERIOUSLY and still gave a comment that just listening to these words are you gonna disconnect the call stating that the Customer was UNPROFESSIONAL on the call. I believe he did the same thing too me..... A Customer being abused literally for 16 mins and seriously I was ### up totally. When someone mocks you on your language do we still need to stay calm Only because there is Note stating that THIS CALL IS BEING RECORDED FOR QUALITY AND TRAINING PURPOSES. My FOOT, The call was literally a very bad experience in my life time that we both were abusing each other for 15 mins constantly.

IVL- India Bulls you just SUCK I dont have an option to attach the Call recording in this page if there is an option that would be really great. People please do not even have an option to take Loan form India Bulls Dhani and plssss Mr. Dhoni's fans please dont a stupid, because i have one of my stupid friend who loves dhoni and cries now choosing this platform for Loan..................
Sep 20, 2018

Personal loan

I applied personal loan from dhani application no PL.11568791 amount of 175000&got approved on 17th August and told me one agent will come Nd collect the signed document also they fixed an appointment on 19th before 2p.m..but nobody came and cald me til now..I cald several times to customer care very bad response from ur side..there is an emergency for the loan so took ur loan but I don't know y so much delay... please please help me I beg u...
Sep 14, 2018

Personal Loan Fraud


India Bulls is number one cheating company it wiill ask all the personal details and also it will ask our personal bank details with passwords. Please never share your banking details with Passwords to any cheats Waste company to Fraud the People.
Mahidhar P
Sep 13, 2018



What kind of service do you provide? Really frustrating. Unable to login in Application and have no idea how to contact customer care, even though I've sent several emails to Dhani for Foreclosure and Login issue, no response from them.

Do we deserve to be treated this way? Kindly help me to close my loan.

Feel free to call me. Application Number: PL03846718

For God sake take this on Priority.
Sep 10, 2018

Loan not credited to my account

My loan was approved on 6 of sep and I received a msg that amount will be credited in your account within 24 hours today is 11 of sep. every time I called the customer care they will keep on repeating the same thing for everyone like it will get credited with in 24 to 48 hours. looks like an automated voice I guess. They cust Omar care people are well trained to console the people. They won't give you an update why it is getting delayed.please help me.
Indiabulls Personal Loan Dhani
Sep 10, 2018

Loan amount not credited to account.

Dear Ananthiyyar,

We haven't heard from you in a while. Request you to share your contact details so that we can assist you further.
Sep 6, 2018

Loan After process Decline

hi ,
My name is Sumit,

I applied Mortgage loan for construct my home.the client did all the process by his side even there is 1st process his debited my some amount by cheque to process or login, its took 3 months for the process to do all the things and end of all process document even they round for tries to verify all the document and the residence area. and now his says your file of loan was decline due to some reason.

i had application no. for applying loan amount of rs 800000 ref no. is 991704.

this is worst service provided by us by India bull dhani . they told us show us 30% construction of my home and we will give amount latter.

now what we do. hope less service provided .
the person who assisted us Mr. Sudhakar Ramdas Shelke Contact no. 9881717055.
Sep 5, 2018

informed that loan will be deposited your account form past 10 days

dear sir,

Form past 10 to 15 days when i call your customer care people are saying that loan amount will be deposited to account it is repeatedly informed to me as amount will deposited in 48 hours & form 2nd sep it has been informed that within 24hours

application no is :


CONTACT NO :9611913469
Sep 4, 2018

loan amount not credited in account

Dear Sir/Team,

I have applied a personal loan for 15100 at indiabulls dhani. And my loan disbursement done on 31st of August and i received a message stated that the loan amount will be credited to my bank account within 1 working day, and they have sent the ecs mandate form to my bank and got processed on 1 st sep but till now i didn't get my loan amount in my bank. I'm keep on calling everyday from 1st sep to the customer care and they also keep on telling that the amount will be credited in 24 hours till now today is 4th sep.

my loan account no:- 33003288
Sep 3, 2018

loan amount not credited in account

I have applied a personal loan for 15000 at indiabulls dhani. And my loan disbursement done on 31 th of August 2018 and i received a message stated that the loan amount will be credited to my bank account within 1 working day, and they have sent the ecs mandate form to my bank and got processed on 1st sep but till now i didn't get my loan amount in my bank. I'm keep on calling everyday from 31st of august to the customer care and they also keep on telling that the amount will be credited in 24 hours till now today is 03 sep.
Indiabulls Personal Loan Dhani
Sep 1, 2018

Loan amount not credited to account.

Dear Ananth,

We would like to get in touch with you on this. So, please share your contact details or loan account number via private message for further proceedings.
Sep 1, 2018

IndiaBulls Dhani

Very Strange service

Applied loan through third party, I asked for 2 to 2.5 lacks. First i was told that the sanctioned limit is 2 lacks after it, the statement changed to 3 lacks, No one confirmed me about the amount. Suddenly I received 2.88 Lacks on last day of month and deduction is almost double then expected, the processing fees was mentioned 2% and the deduction made is 3.88%. And third party does not have any idea why it is deducted.

No Mail, no communication from them. The third party is not replying. Even I was not told my Loan Account Number.I am totally in dark how to contact them and what should I query them without Loan Account Number. Does not know my EMI schedule, rate of interest etc.
Aug 31, 2018

Customer service complaint

I got a call from a representative at 4pm. I was busy at that time . so I disconnected a call. She is called me multiple times. And when I picked up a call she started shouting on me saying that I am not doing time pass This is the way how they react before giving loan. just think what after giving the loan. Before applying for. A loan with dani think twice or thrice because this all fake.

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