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Consumer complaints and reviews about IndiaBulls

Raghavan M.R.S.
Dec 4, 2016

wrong debit to my account


My name is Raghavan M.R.S.and I am from Chennai. My Email id is [email protected] and my mobile No. is 09381037727.

I hold an SB A/c with Indian Overseas Bank Ullagaram Chennai - 91. My A/c No. is 148201000001046 and the Bank's IFSC Code is IOB 0001482.

I do not have any links with India Bulls in any manner and I don't deal in Stocks or Trading or had availed any House loan from India Bulls.

That being the case on 28-11-2016 a sum of Rs.1095/- was debited to my above A/c wrongly stating that the request for payment is from your end.I had already brought this to the notice of my Bankers and they have also taken it up with you immediately. However they are yet hear from you on this.

As informed by me as above and as I do not deal with India Bulls in any way from any where, I want you to reverse this wrong debit to my A/c immediately under advice to me.

Your immediate action in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards

Dec 3, 2016

Waive off ESS Bouncing Charges

Dear Sir,
I Amit Rajaram Bansode. I have taking home loan of your bank my Loan A/c No is HHLTHN00190279 . In last month because of changes of currency I had not to pay my emi on due date. On 10th Nov,2016 1st time bounce my Emi and On Dt.17th Nov,2016 2time without intimate bounce my emi. Your representative call me of contact Number.9819141202 to pay emi and giving commitment to waive off your ECS bouncing Charges. I am requested to him I will pay my emi on 25/11/2016 on Friday. They do not giving me time and passed 3rd EMI which was bounce. As per RBI circular on dt. 21/11/2016 of Ref: RBI/16-17/143.relaxation has been given for Installment up to 31/12/2016. Please explain me to 1) how charge EMI on 23/11/2016?. 2) How Your representative committee to waive off ECS Bouncing Charge. 3 ) Why you do not give time to your customer to repay your default EMI ? 4) Why you do not intimated to us for paying EMI ?.5) Why you not intimate to your customer of EMI Date ?
I paid your EMI with Penalty I request you to as per committee your representative to waive off my ESC bouncing charges.
Naga m
Oct 7, 2016

Misuse my account

Sir mera name S.Naga manickam i am serving in indian army.may aab ka company se loan liya hai. Us kelie mayne 7 check leafs diya.abhi us may se last check me se Rs 4597 kat diya hai o bhi bina bata dethe hui.check no 382575.aab jo bhi dena tha sab kuch dedhiya .bhir bhi asia kiya. So muje iska sahi answer chahiye agar nahi hai dho may aab ko EMI nahi devonka.is kelie next karwai jo hoga may deklonga.
Aug 26, 2016

Regarding issue of my original documents

Dear Sir,
With respected I am Rajendra Singh Sarita Ravi I had choose your Dehradun Branch for home loan by reference of Shri Suny Chadda loan provider ,India Bulls Dehradun but he is not able to provide me home loan from your bank's concern branch at Dehradun after dully verification and submission of my original documents. When i asked him about to issue my original documents to me then he denied me directly that i will not responsible issue your original documents. for this concerned i talk to him so many times and i got a mail from his side ( Copy Attached) on dated 19.12.2015.
We thank you for choosing us as your housing finance partner. We are India's 3rd Largest Housing Finance Company with over 1 lac satisfied customers. We continuously strive to provide customers best of services at all times.
Your file is in process and progress of the same will be updated via email on your registered email id and through SMS on your mobile no: 9557051160
Registered email id as per our records is: [email protected]
To update/change or to add an additional email id for your file, you can call us on 1800-200-7777 or visit your nearest Indiabulls Home Loans Branch Office.

Warm regards,
Indiabulls Home Loans Team.
Please solved my problem for issuing my original documents before moving to registering any police case and complain in consumer court against you and your concerned branch.
Thanking you
With Regard
Rajendra SinghSarita Ravi
Mob no 9997553237
Mail id: [email protected]
Aug 8, 2016


Dear sir ,

I am very unhappy with taken loan from your site .

I have not taken any supporting from brach and as well as customer care nO .

i have call many time but every time my EMI AMOUNT Bounce by bank and your private person taken cash amount of 17500/- every month .

Due to this problem my axis bank had closed my account .

I have already given EMI Document with my current bank of ICICI bank on 18 July 2016 to local thane India bulls office .

My all document is taken to Mr . Mahesh at brach office on 18 july 2016 .

Now My EMI date is 10 Aug 2016 with amount of 17500/- but local india bull had not given any confirmation mail or sms.

and simply my EMI is bounce on 10 aug 2016 .

My account no HHLKAL00145349 AND HHLTHN00133295. LALIT CHAUHAN
[email protected]
Jul 8, 2016

Mislead by Indiabull distribution services ltd

Dear Friends
I am Anurudh Shrivastava ; from a middle class family having responsibility of growing kids and aged parents as well a single earning member , I am narrating my experience with Indiabull , how I have lost amount of Rs 4 lacs as being trapped in defaulted project at Greater Noida by Indiabull Distribution services Ltd..
On one bad day of my life in the year 2014 , I have come in contact of Mr. Saurabh Sharma,Senior Manager - Indiabull Distribution Services Ltd, that time India bull was doing branding and marketing of Shubh kamana City at Gr. Noida. The gentleman painted a big picture of India Bull as well of the promoter of Shubh Kamana City and assured end to end responsibility of India bull on my concern over malpractices/ loss of money in case of project becomes defaulted due any reasons; The Indiabull will be responsible for refund in such cases, seeing my inclination, Mr. Sharma started every day follow-ups with me for booking.
Unfortunately; not going in details of promoter of the project and modus operand i of Indiabull , I had made a payment of 4 lacs in favor of ShubhKamana city in Sept 14. After couple of booking again I had visited the project site and seeing pin drop silence there, on my worry Mr. Sharma had assured me, need not worry, Indiabull is with you in case of any default in project.
And after six month and so, again Mr. Sharma had approached me for second installment of Rs 4 lac to complete 10% of booking. In discussion with him on various upcoming projects, he had shown me another location of another promoter, the location was more convenient, so I had shown my interest in this project, he told me, I can switch over to this upcoming project by making payment initial booking amount and the paid amount of previous booking will be refunded within 2 month time. And I did the same, paid 4 lacs for new booking….
After three month of this new booking, I have started follow up with him on refund of my first booking he had started singing , the refund will be made within a week time/ very soon / cheque is made, pending for authorization etc…. .Further on my every day follow with him; he had given me his senior contact no and started avoiding my calls.
Now I have started following up with India bull VP/ EVP/ Dy. MD; They have also started singing the same song --- within a week time/ very soon/ by next month / re- fund payment is to be made by promoter not by India bull as I had made payment to the promoter not to India bull. When I have recalled them on their end to end responsibility assured on booking.
After struggle of year, They had arranged a postdated cheque from promoter , which has returned un paid on due date on account of closer of account.
Now India bull team is saying the promoter is having fund crunch and project has become defaulted and I should file against the promoter on account of bouncing of cheque . Finally They accepted, on refund, India bull is nothing to do and I have to fight with prom.oter at my own.
Dear Friend while booking time; India bull team will promise you, in case of default project , India bull will do the refund …
I have lost my 4 lacs; I did a basic mistake blindly followed India bull, never gone in detail of India bull modus operandi, not screened promoter of project and project , this projected was already a defaulted project, even India bull was doing marketing.
India bull is also a typical road side real state agent/ Dalal.
My request to all of you, before doing any deal even branded/ marketed by corporate like India bull, Pl go in detail of project/ back ground of promoter
Pl suggest me, how I can fight with Indiabull
Anurudh Shrivastava
dewan chand co
Jul 8, 2016

loan regarding

The Indiabulls Housing Financing Ltd.
669, Joshi Road,
Near LML Showroom,
Karol Bagh, New Delhi-110005
Reg:- Loan Account No. HLAPKHU00106959
Sub:- Unauthorised Enhancement of Rate of Interest on Loan
Respected Sir/ Madam,
We have been sanctioned a loan of Rs. 20,81,886/- at fixed rate of interest of 14.25% p.a. vide your letter dated 24.03.2012. We have been paying the installments of said loan regularly. We wanted to make payment of Rs. 10 lacs against the said loan and asked for the outstanding against the said loan. We received your letter dated 24.06.2016 alongwith the schedule and we are amazed to see that the rate of interest has been increased and the total outstanding balance as on 1.6.2016 which should have been Rs. 15,45,662/- is shown Rs. 16,25,307/- as per new schedule.
Your goodself herewith requested to kindly withdraw the unauthorized increased in the rate of interest and allow us to deposit Rs. 10 lacs without any prepayment charges.
Thanking You,
For Dewan Chand & Co.

Sanjeev Mehra
Jun 29, 2016

Topup home loan

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have applied for top-up home loan and but sales executive is not giving response continuously I follow with these guys
but they always replied it is in process. After waiting 20 days when I called they told me its rejected and reason told me your property valuation is low. I sure they are telling lie because my property rate is high. If my property valuation is coming low so whey they delay 20 days.

Thanks & Regards
Amit Sinha
Mobile No is 8087787733

My Application Id is 597190
My Sales Person Name is Jitendra chaudary.
Jun 17, 2016

Greedy and Corrupt staff

I need to bring your attention to the some greedy and corrupt sales person of indiabulls pvt ltd so please aware from them. i just planed to purchase a property and just lodge a query to indiabulls and they represent me a sales person name vijay prakash he is very greedy and corrupted person i ever seen he always looking for take benefits of needy peoples he is the man who always looking to make corruption he always ask me for commission and if i tell you the commission amount then you really get amaze from him he asking me for 10% commission for my total loan amount it means he want 1 lakh rupees from me. please aware from him if indiabulls allot you this guy as a sales persone name vijay parkash then you just get back your application otherwise he will cut you as chicken.
Sugandha Agarwal
Jun 9, 2016

Scamed by imposing incorrect fees

New to Induabulls and it was my 3rd instalment.. They reversed my payment for Jan 2016 on the grounds of change in payment platform by RBI.. I called their customer service in Jan when the rep said that don't worry your payment will be auto-debited without any fees.. I waited for that to happen.. But it did not happened.. They debited my instalment for Feb and sent an agent to collect the payment in cash in March 2016.. In may I suddenly got an email that your late payment is due which needs to be paid in 15 days or else we will charge you another fee.. So I marked an email to their customer service with the screen shot of my bank statement in which the payment was clearly showing as debited and then reversed by them.. On which they said that my bank has reversed the payment.. As if I am stupid enough.. I have marked another email to grievance after that to which I received no reply. Very disappointed. They stole my money.
Jun 3, 2016

cheque missplaced by india bulls

Dear sir,
i have applied for home loan in your Gurgaon branch in the month of February`16 & the same has been sanctioned against application no. 588429. now last week i received a call for submitting 7 cheques in fever of india bulls from one of your employee mr.anand & mr.Ashish kumar ,& next day as per the requirement i have deposited /handedover 7 cheques of ICICI Bank to mr.Anand ,they assure me to disburse the amount to the builder on 25/5/16 which was not done & it was a lie statement. now on 31/5/16 when i called up to MR.Anand & mr.Shekhar they told me that the cheques deposited was misplaced from their office & asked me to deposit another cheques.
so i request to the senior officials of your bank/company to look into the matter & to take necessary action against the persons responsible forthe whole issue & for their irresponsible behaviour .also request to disburse the amount to the builder M/s CONCIENT HABITAT as soon as possible.

Rajesh kukreti Gurgaon Haryana
Haritha foods
May 1, 2016

Refund of encashed cheque amount and documents

Mr.Saravanan "Indiabulls housing loans, Anna nagar, Chennai" you have collected few documents and cheques from self and my cousin and have promised to intimate and take our confirmation prior to depositing cheques.

we have not decided on property and loan amount and are scouting which you are well informed and how come you deposit at your discretion violating trust and faith put when you requested and availed cheques. Self am warning you of dire consequences of your misendeavor and misinformation if you do not refund all our documents and amounts and also confirmation by letter/ email for your act which resulted in this.

we would be forced to represent case to consumer grievance, ombudsman and also RBI if you do not respond and resolve the Issue expeditiously. you have promised refund orally but a week elapsed and we are yet to realise same
Apr 26, 2016

Long delays in getting india bulls loan sanctioned

I am facing lot of delays in getting approval of loan from India bulls. They promised that loan approval shall take only 5 days but already 21 days have passed, still the loan is not yet approved.
Everytime new lie is being said and blame is being put back.
No one should take loan from India bulls.
Arvind ozha
Apr 12, 2016

Delay disbursement of approved home Loan


I am Puja Kumari applied for home loan. My application ID is 570999. I have received the SMS that your home loan has been approved now but till date I am waiting for loan disbursement. Executive Mr. Nishant on daily basis is saying process is going on, some more approval is still required. Daily give time to me for disbursement. But where is the problem please explain otherwise deny to give home loan. I will try another place. I have also submitted Demand Draft (1445 Rs. )& cheque ( 5230 Rs.) for processing fee. Your executive Nishant is saying I have sent a mail for some approval but my boss is busy they didn't sent approval so what I do. So should deny or disburse the loan amount.

So waiting for reply from any concern person. Thanks.

Regards:- Puja, contact no.:- 9650014774/ 9310148179
Mar 14, 2016

Deduction of EMI after 6 days of loan

Hello sir,

Hope you are well,

Sir i have taken a loan of amount 15 lakh rupees from your bank.
Loan disbursed date - 08/03/2016

I have been a sincere account holder at your bank bearing Loan account No. hhkrr00262579. This month, a sum of Rs. 3748 was incorrectly deducted from my savings account.

As per policies, first EMI is deducted after one month from the date of disbursal but you have mistakenly deducted the same after six days only. Hence, there shouldn't be any deduction in this month.

I request you to look into this matter as early as possible and refund the money without any charges..

Name-Sukhdev Sharma
Contact -9464821998
Account number- hhkrr00262579
Feb 21, 2016

Ibulls home loan

Worst bank.. They will say one thing when they come for initial documentation. But execution is different. They will take away all hidden charges and money. Don't ever opt for it
Dec 16, 2015


Nov 26, 2015

UN co-operation

Always misguide to customer.that ur loan pass with ii one week without any condition and after one week lot of conditions and hidden charges comes

.no complaint / grievance official for satisfaction of customer... Only all terms and conditions for customers not for company. Very bad experience with rohtak office. This is my personal thought.. Very bad decision when I come in contact of Indiabull for home loan...customer ki koi sunwai nai yaha..sab company k rules.
Oct 30, 2015

Worst Bank

Indiabulls is the worst bank ever. Non professional. I don't understand how RBI can approve all these units to work as a bank with nony general standard. I have a home loan with India bull and I never get statements. Seems like they don't have an provision. Isn't that funny. They say they don't have access to internet so can't even send me online. I get my details by what's up.... I feel I am working with some old style village individual lender ..
If I was in India, I would have transferred my loan with someone else. I am stuck.
Oct 25, 2015

Unresponsive and rude behavior of employees

I Narender singh purchased a property in gurgaon for which the man from this India bulls company Name balinder singh contact me from his own collected my documents and vanished.He promised me to clear my loan process in 3 to 4 days but could not complete it in 1 month despite of my 500 calls .he has no idea of his job.Then I met his boss Vivek Sharma who was also like him only .Taking the favour of his subordinate balinder .He was too rude and un professional.Both are from noida 63 branch of India bulls.after one month I m nowhere.plz plz never opt this company for any loans
Oct 14, 2015

Totally fraud company

Hi All,

My name is shankar Kumar and i was applied for the home loan in Indiabulls. on 27-6-2015 and a communication person (Salesman) named shard +918375964848 has taken my all information in the form of documents (hard/soft) copy as well and processing fee of Rs 1150/- through cheque and the cheque amount is also credited from my account on 8-8-2015.

But the surprise is this, that no SMS call or mail where come to me till 13-8-2015 after this i was start tracing the details about my applied home loan and when i was investigate the things and approach i was got information first time through message that "you loan has been approved" till the time no persons were called me for any of the information and when i have visited the India-bulls (Noida sec64) office to meet branch head Rajesh Kumar ([email protected]) that person was very rude with me when i was asking question from him and when i was asking for refund he told me that will not refund it at any cost..

I am requesting to all of you that this Indiabulls is totally a fraud and cheater company they will take all your information and may sold it in market as well. So do not try to take home loans for this company.
Sep 13, 2015

HomeLoan Rate of Increased

Dear Team,

Reference: Experience about home loan taken from Indiabulls Housing Finance ltd.
I have taken a home loan from Indiabulls Housing Finance ltd. in the month of Nov, 2013 on rate of interest 10.25%. After that in December, 2013, they have again raised the rate of interest as 10.35%. There is no such reason behind this increase. RBI has also, not increased the rate of interest.

When RBI decrease the ROI in homeloan, Currently it showing 9.85% but company won't have decrease it.
Please take care of policy of Indiabulls Housing Finance ltd. I have requested many times for reduction of rate of interest. They have excuse that this is our policy.
With regards,
Mukesh Kumar
Mobile: 9899763303
Jul 14, 2015

Non professional

I have informed that I'm buzy till the date and stop calling me.after a call again said don't call but they don't care within 30 min again I got a call for the same docs. Which I have sent already.

Asking me processing fees before lone approvel.

I'm totally fed up with IndiaMart .
kanishk saxena
Jun 18, 2015

not response last two month after log in file.

My self kanishk Saxena and I have applied Home loan in the month of April,15 and my home loan Ref No is 478179 .
And as per understanding file is login at sec-63 Noida branch.

We are too disappointed with the behaviour of India Bulls and their executive.(Mr. Imran.)
Nobody is responding me last two month.
My file is login approximate 2 month ago and all the process was completed within 2 week that time, technical, value for the property, eligibility etc.
After that we have received some query and for this I have submitted relevant document .But we have not received any confirmation till date.
This is not acceptable at all.
Due to this, I have decided that I will not recommended india bulls for any kind of loan because their team are not customer oriented.
Hence my further request is kindly send us the final decision with the appropriate reason latest by today.
May 18, 2015


Respected sir/mdm,
Mera name Karan kumar Agarwal hai and mene indiabulls se home loan a/c no HHLRHN00213168 liya tha jis waqt mene indiabulls se loan liya unhone interest rate 10.5% charge kiya but RBI ke 2 baar kam karne ke bawjud bhi indiabullls ne automatic interest rate kam nhi kiya mei aaj 18.05.15 ko indiabulls ke rohini sector 3 branch mei interest loan kam karwane ke liye gya toh unka kehna hai phle 5618/- ki payment kroge tb hi kam hoga. indiabulls se puchne wali baat hai ki agar interest rate badta hai toh kya veh payment lenge interest badane ki. Woh log janbhujkr hamara interest rate kam nhi kar rha hai. And fizul mei humse 5618/- maang rha hai.
Please help me above complanin.
Thanking you,

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