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Indian Railway


Consumer complaints and reviews about Indian Railway

Rinkesh bhardwaj
Jan 14, 2021

fees refund

Dear Sir,
This is reference to you that is my name is rinkesh bhardwaj I have applied for the post of JE Indian Railway CEN no. 03/2018 my registration no is 3140035069 please refund my registration fess
Oct 26, 2020

Indian Railways-KR Puram — Indian Railways Continuous honking by trains in residential area (Between KR Puram-Whitefield), Whitefield, Bangalore

Dear sir, with all due respect and humble submission, I want to bring it to your kind notice, I stay in the apartment called Prestige Shantiniketan, ITPL Main Road, Whitefield, Bangalore. There are 3000 family livening in my community and over 10,000 adjacent to ours. For the last few years, we have been having sleepless nights as well as getting disturbed in day time due to unnecessary honking by trains (between KR Puram-Whitefield line) all the time, even if they are just waiting for signals to become green. The train drivers keep honking until they don’t get green signal (feels like they are waking up other side people to make the signal green), sometime 10-15 mins continuously and due to high db level of sound our children wakeup shocked and start crying. This honking practice is increasing day by day and need some immediate attention. Few people have made the complains on railway website or personally but unfortunately there is no resolution.

On behalf of all the families, I would request you to convey the information to the concerned parties to make some process and also pass the familiarity to the respected drivers.

-Best Regards
Vinod VS
May 16, 2019


Respected sir/madam
I am Dr vinod, I had booked ticket by irctc railway app on 26th April 2019 and the details are:-
Pnr no- 4357916258
From- kunigal
To- raichur
Boarding- yesvantpur
Journey date- 27th April 2019
Train no- 11312.
Now sir/madam the problem is that my ticket is waitlisted after charting is done hence I had to cancel it ,after cancellation I have a message saying that refund amount is zero and file TDR. So I tried to file tdr but website was not accepting it .I tried by phone call and email to the customer care who have been just passing the buck and 3 weeks past ,still I haven't receivedmy money.Hence I sincerely request you to provide me the refund and do the needful .waiting for your reply.
Dec 14, 2018

Sampark Kranti Train Cancelled

Train No. 12649 BLR-NZM Sampark Kranti, is cancelled on 21st Dec 2018.
Suddenly I received the message that the train is cancelled on 21st only.

Who is responsible for the inconvenience of thousands of passengers.
Railways can't simply send a text message by saying regret, what about the travelers.
They must arrange an alternate train or board the passengers in other train so that they can complete their journeys.

I would like to know the contact number where I can escalate this issue and would like to get reply from Indian railway and government.
Asish Kumar Parida
Oct 2, 2018

ticket refund issue

I have cancelled 6 tickets on 19th September 2018 but my refund is not yet credited to my account. my transaction ID are
Oct 1, 2018

Delay of train

Train no 16613 has been delayed by 2 hours. We were supposed to reach Krishnarajpuram station at 4:10pm today I.e. 1st Oct 2018. The train has unnecessarily stopped in stations that were not on the list of station stops. Is there is reason to waste people's time. The train has been delayed by a good 2 hours. We have a scheduled flight from bengaluru in the evening which we may miss due to the lack of time keeping of the Indian railways. This has caused major inconvenience to us. Please look into this incident. #indianrailways #delayedby2hours #lackofmanagement
Aug 19, 2018

Very high prices in food items

Dear sir,
With reference to your train (12649), the canteen service charged very high rates in the food items, and when we are asking for canteen rate list they told me "we dont have any rate list"
This is very irregular and egostic behaviour of staff in the train with passenger.

You are requested to please circulate the rate list in the trains so that the passenger can purchase their food in thr reasonable rate..

Shashank Verma
Jun 20, 2018

Horrible service

Train 12510

The complaint is regarding very bad service from the cleaning department. My friend is travelling from Bhramapur to bangalore now. She called me and told that the train is in horrible condition. First of all the train arrived 2.5 hrs late. I don't know why Railway department is so careless about that. Even the AC coaches are very dirty. Toilets are uncleaned from the moment she got onboard.. Its stinking allover. The washbasins are clogged. And this is the condition of all the coaches The blanket she got was used. Even after paying so much if we are getting this kind of service, we rather prefer Flight over trains. Not at all happy with the service. And even I am sure enough that this complaint won't change anything. Because that's what happens in India.
Rahul Singh Rajput
May 22, 2018

Parcel Not Received- Bike

Parcel not received

I have booked my bike & 01 CTN box of house hold Item from Ahmedabad (ADI) to Yeswantpur (YPR) / PWB No :- B361471 on date 14th May'2018. But not yet recieved. I facing lot of problem.
So, kindly look into this matter & please ensure sir that we get our parcel at earliest. I will be very greatfull to you.

Rahul Kumar - 9023492961
[email protected]
Mar 10, 2018




CONTACT NO: 9448225769,9480565924,8531861768
Nov 27, 2017

Train delay to start

Respected sir/madam,

I travel by 56510(marikuppam) train, it starts 15 min late everyday from ksr station. It is creating problem to many employees who are dependent on this train. Please make sure that it starts on time i.e at 7 a.m.

Thank you for your understanding ,
Priyanka K S
Oct 3, 2017

Confirmed ticket changed to RAC on the day of journey

I had reserved a 3A ticket from Bangalore, K R Puram to Kochuveli on 28 September 2017(PNR : 4547277017, Train No: 22677). The date of booking was 12 August 2017. At the time of booking, the ticket was RAC. On September 25, I got a message from the railways saying that the ticket is confirmed. A screenshot of the message is attached herewith. Till the day of journey, the ticket status was being shown as CNF. But on the day of journey, i.e. on 28 September, the status was again changed back to RAC after the chart was prepared. I later came to know that this was because one coach in the train got cancelled. Thus, I was forced to share the berth with another person and I had to undertake the journey by sitting for the entire length of time which caused much physical strain for me as I was recuperating from a fracture that I suffered on my leg. If I had known earlier that my ticket was RAC, I would have cancelled it and looked for some other alternative like booking a tatkaal ticket or booking bus or flight. I request you to take appropriate action against the officials who are responsible for this and to provide me with appropriate compensation.

Anjana A J

Confirmed ticket changed to RAC on the day of journey

Jul 17, 2017


we ,the disabled peoples from kerala, working at bangalore,govt of india service demanding to provide SLRD coaches (differently abled) for the train running between kannur and yeshwanthpur(16527/16528).we are the regular travellers of the above said train.after providing LHB coaches last week onwards ,railway completely removed both disabled and ladies coaches from the above said trains. since the reserved quota for the disabled peoples are insufficient to the needs.kindly consider our request and instruct the concerned aouthorityto provide SLRD coaches at front and back side of the above said trains.

Thanking You
1.Abdul jaleel a k
metrological assistant,govt of india
rrsl,jakkur post,bangalore-560064.
technitian D,ISRO,LPSC,govt of india
Hal second stage indiranagar,bangalore
venkatesh babu c t
Jul 10, 2017

Unwanted/ abusing words on women

Respected Sir/Madam,

My name is venkatesh babu, i traveled on 09/07/2017 from VIJAYAWADA to yeshwanthpur, BANGALORE(Time 5:00pm to7:00am train name is hawrayeashwanthpur). I took a ticket from VIJAYAWADA to yeshwanthpur, duty to unhealthy of my mother i seated in reservation compartment (knowingly/unknowingly) and i asked TT sir i will pay money my mother is not feeling well i will sit in this seat please check and inform us, so he said its ok pay money Rs.800/- and you can sit, so i paid and seated in that and next station some one came who made reservation he is asking me to leave the seat than i asked with TT he is abusing us in telugu. why you people will come and he is abusing my mother in bad way and he is taking money from others with out giving any receipt than i asked give receipt again he is abusing. MORE THAN THIS HE IS SAYING I AM BELONGS TO ANDHRA PRADHESH I WILL CALL PEOPLE WILL SEE YOU MORE LET ME SEE HOW YOU WILL GO TO BANGLORE, like this and all he is insulting us please i am requesting kindly do the need full. On the ticket it mentioned Excess fare ticket it means more on ticket not a fain.

As a teacher i am saying because of this this people our India is not developing. I hope that TT is not having a mother he born from some animals, he dont have respect on mother or ladies.


Unwanted/ abusing words on women Unwanted/ abusing words on women

Jun 12, 2017

refund not yet recieved

I booked ticket on 8/5/17 no ticket was booked but amount was debited from my account .I hve mailed to tdrirctc but still nothing being done.
Train :prashanti expressfrom sbc to bam
Abhishek Raizada
May 18, 2017

Wrong charges collected

I have booked my bike(MP07 KL7217,BAJAJ PULSAR) PNR no.4000559307 , for transporation via Indian railways from GWALIOR to BENGALORE.On 30-04-2017 from gwalior. It was loaded on 06-05-2017 from gwalior as per the irctc sms and online status update(Status update image attached).And it was loaded in train no. 11102(GWL-PUNE EXP).

After that there was no update regarding my bike status.After waiting some days I visited bangalore station to check.

They told me that your bike arrived bangalore on 08-05-2017,I told him that I did'nt got any sms regarding arrival of my bike and online also there was no update regarding the same.And my bike was not loaded on a direct train,hence I was totally depending on online or sms update.

Your officer asked me to pay 1790+80(tax)=1870rs,10rs per hour charges.


1. Why a customer have to pay if INDIAN RAILWAYS is not sending any sms or updating online on there portal regarding the parcel?

Being a customer of indian railway I expect updates regarding my parcel so that I can collect it on time.

Please help me and refund my money back,as this was not my fault.Your staff loaded my bike on an indirect train and there was no update on my bike status.Please help me by telling how can I get my money back.

Wrong charges collected Wrong charges collected

Apr 8, 2017

no delivery of parcel yet

i had booked my parsal from yasvantpur to bangalore on 1 march 17 but it have not delivered to me till today my parsal no is 0017500 kindaly help me .there is very important things on that documents
s lingrupa
Mar 28, 2017

Refund amount for train ticket cancellation still not received

I have done cancellation of my train ticket at railway booking counter, BDA complex, Koramangala, Bangalore on 23-12-2016, TDR #: 018773 in the name of Lingru Gurdak. However i have still not received the refund amount into my SBI account.
Please provide an update at the earliest stating when can i expect the refund to be initiated.
Mar 20, 2017

No water in the coach

While travelling from Bangalore cantonment to Trissur by Train No: 12257 (PNR No: 4847918362) In Coach No: G6 Berth No: 39, There was no water in the coach during the entire journey up to Trissur (TCR)
Jagadeesh Madhura
Nov 13, 2016

lost wallet in train

Hi sir,

I was travelling in train on 13-11-2016. In between 6.30-7.00 PM I lost my wallet. The train is running in between the stations after jolarpet and krpuram.In my wallet RS.7k/- cash is there and credit card and debit cards is there.Also my pancard,aadharcard, voter card,DL, duplicate copies is there. Since no guard is available in coach I told to TC and written one letter to him.He told me to give complaint in kr puram railway police station. I went there they told go to containment railway station and give complaint. I went to containment railway police station and described the incidence, but they didn't file FIR. They asked me to go to bangarpet police station. My train details is as below:
PNR no: 4325636231
Train no:22618
As my wallet consists of 7k, in that one new 2k note is there. The serial number of this note is: 6BS004401
As i heard that, There is new technology for tracking the new 2k note. We can easily track my wallet. Please search my wallet as early as possible.
Mob:7842377626/ 7406726010

Oct 18, 2016

Wrong Ticket Booking by staff

I submitted the reservation form for me and my wife with an infant for sleeper class in train no 12836 for DOJ 13-01-2017 at Yeshwantpur Railway station.

My PNR no is 6257622100.

230 seats were available at that time and the Mr. Venketsural issued a ticket with 2 middle birth. I asked why middle birth for lady.
He said only middle birth is available and for lady there is no such rule to issue lower birth. I went to enquiry office to know if lower birth is available. To my surprise he told many are available.

Knowing this i went to venketsural and asked to issue new ticket with lower birth. He said you have to cancel the ticket in arrogant voicet. As per my understanding, he has the right to issue a new ticket without cancelation, but he simply denied. I went to Dy Station master chamber to complain against him but to my surprise his cabin was locked.

Looks like Railway staff is fooling public & passangers.

Like me there are n number of public facing such kind of nuisance every day from the ticket booking staff. I therefore want strict action against Mr. Venkatsural from the concerned authority so that such mischievous staff should be given warning and punishment if they are harassing the passangers.
Sep 23, 2016

No information update

The train no 12552 starting from guwahati on 21st and supposed to reach Bangalore on 23rd around 6 am got its route diverted and is getting delayed. Its very sad to say there is no updation to passenger about the diversion prior to boarding. If its preplanned then m very sad to get about this service. Even now the train has not reached the destination neither there is a update about the time neither in 139 nor in your enquiry system. Pathetic service
Sep 4, 2016

Malpractice in Tatkal Booking

On 5th Sept 2016,I have been trying to book a tatkal ticket from Tiruvalla to Bengaluru.The moment IRCTC online reservation opened at 11 am there were 156 seats and as i have been waiting in advance,immediately entered the passenger details within one minute.But the page started not responding.
As I know this is going to happen,I had kept opened irctc online reservation page in another window as a back up but for my irony it showed that waiting list 93 in Tatkal.
The total time taken by me for all these stuffs is only one min and three secs.
From my end there was no flaw,net speed was 4G.
Now the question is how come all the 156 seats +93 WL seats booked within 63 seconds?How all the seats (aprxtly 750 seats including WL) in other trains starting from the same source station Trivendrum to Bengaluru got booked within 60 secs?
How come the seat blocked by me at exactly 11 am get cancelled and allotted to someone else?.
Baffled by these episode when I contacted one of my friends in the railways,he told me that the BABUS in the source station can block all the seats and usually does it if the tickets are in heavy demand(usually pre and post long weekend due to holidays).
Is the Indian Railways aware of it? or are they helpless as the corruption is the birthright of these sarkari Babus?
rajendra thorat
Aug 1, 2016

My job is missing

My mother is on duty expired on 31-7-2001
Name- satybhama shivaji thorat, safaiwala, nasik ,
The rule is if the mother died on duty c.g. appointment grant only to his son,
But in my case my step brother will joint on that duty,
So plz help me
My mo. No. Is 8888782572
Ramesh Kumar
Jul 6, 2016

cancellation charges not refunded

i was booked only ticket, my A/c was debit, ticket automatic cancelled, but i,m not got refund my balacnce.
Transaction detail mention below.
kindly refund my money

S.No. Transaction ID Transaction Date CancellationID /RefundID Transaction Type Trans.Amt() Refund.Amt() Bank Refund Status Refund Date
1 100000547781022 04-Jul-2016 100000109515467 CANCELLED 2043.0 1900.0 CB SENT TO BANK
2 100000546269931 04-Jul-2016 100000109541707 CANCELLED 2013.0 1870.0 CB SENT TO BANK

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