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West Bengal

Consumer complaints and reviews about INDIGO AIRLINES

[email protected]
Sep 3, 2019

Baggage items stolen

Hi Farooque,

We are sorry for the experience, As checked, our customer relations team has assisted you in this regard.

Team IndiGo
Farooque Ahmed Doha
Aug 24, 2019

Baggage items stolen

Today I travelled from Kolkata to Mumbai flight no.6E 318 and from Mumbai to Doha flight no. 6E 1709, while boarding time I asked that indigo customer service lady that small bag I will hand carry bcoz it’s no lock but she replied it’s being weight and don’t worry security check locked already there, when I reach Doha and checked my my hand carry bags newly purchased iPhone AirPods worth of INR 15000, first track watch and I kept 850 Qatari riyals in my sunglass cover which is also inside the handcarry outside pocket, all of the items has been stolen and security check tag also broken, first time I travelled from indigo airlines and it was a very bad experience, I request to indigo airlines find my items and return back and terminate that culprits who have done this, it’s not good for your image..very very very bad service

Baggage items stolen Baggage items stolen

[email protected]
Feb 15, 2019

Issues while booking tickets

Hi Iris,

We totally understand the discomfort you must have faced. We are sharing your experience with our IT team for future consideration.

Team IndiGo
Iris Anthony
Feb 5, 2019

Issues while booking tickets

I faced issues while booking tickets in indigo airline twice once on the night of 4th Feb, 2019 and another on morning of 5th Feb, 2019. On both the occasion my money got deducted and no ticket was available to me. On calling the airline on both incidence they said that the payment was due from banks end. The payment on 4th was made from an SBI account via net banking. On 5th the payment was made from Bank of India via net banking. The booking was made both times through the indigo website because the app of indigo kept crashing. PNR for 5th Feb ticket is CG11PW. I need immediate resolution for this. The people I am booking tickets for need to reach their destination asap. I do not have extra cash to make another booking for the flight ticket. Every time i tried to book the ticket the app kept crashing and the prices kept increasing.

Issues while booking tickets

[email protected]
Mar 23, 2018

Bag received in torn condition and tied with rope


We regret the inconvenience caused to you. Your luggage is as important to us as it is to you. Please share your booking reference/ PNR number so we can look into this matter.

IndiGo Team
Mar 23, 2018

Bag received in torn condition and tied with rope

As it is the baggage was not loaded in my flight and was delivered on the next day . I received the bag in torn condition and tied with rope

Bag received in torn condition and tied with rope Bag received in torn condition and tied with rope Bag received in torn condition and tied with rope

Oct 24, 2017

Complaint against Indigo Airlines for denying basic medical facilities on Indigo flight no-6E 634 on 15th October 2017 on Kolkata-Goa sector.

I alongwith my family consisting of my Mother,Wife,and a 5 years old Son were travelling by Indigo Airlines flight (No:6E 634) from Kolkata to Goa on 15th October 2017.We were booked for seat nos:6A-6D. The flight left Kolkata at 10.40hrs.
After take off and when seat belt sign was taken off by Indigo,my 5 years old Son nose started bleeding,for which i requested the Indigo Air hostess Ms Neha to give me some cotton and paper napkins-which was bluntly denied to me on the plea that Pilot has to go to toilet and she cannot provide me with paper napkins.In fact,i was surprised at not only the inhuman behavior of the Indigo Air hostess,Ms Neha,but was amazed that Indigo Airlines was not having any cotton at all.This is shear carelessness of Indigo Airlines since the First Aid Kit ought to carry cotton and bandages too.
My Son was bleeding and i had no options but to use my own hankerchief to help his bleeding from the nose.When some passengers raised their concerns seeing the plight of my little Son(Sukhmeet Singh),the Another Air hostess made a announcement of if any Doctor on board for a medical emergency.Luckily the Iraq U-17 Football Team was travelling on the same same flight and had with them their Team Doctor,who came and checked my Son and basic medical advice was given.
My complaint is against the Indigo Airlines Air hostess ,Ms Neha,who was very inhuman and lacked the basic decency of giving prompt help as was needed for my little Son,who had the bleeding nose. She denied the help to facilitate use of toilet by the Pilot on board. Later on when i asked and sought the Complaint register to lodge my complaint,i was not provided any complaint register or complaint book-and the other Air hostess,Ms Reshu was apologetic on inhuman and rude behaviors of her other colleague,Ms Neha.
Jan 28, 2016

loss of boarding pass but require to produce against LTA claim

Dear Indigo Customer Care Team,

I have lost boarding passes for the following passengers of my family and I want to produce the same for tax benefit against my LTA claim. Please refer the attached file and the below details :

Flight Number :- IndiGo 6E - 403

Passenger 1 :- (myself) Surajit Sarkar PNR no. V8YSHM

Passenger 2 :- (wife) Susmita Nandy PNR no. EB4K3N

Passenger 3 :- (daughter) Shalini Sarkar PNR no. E9DEPG

Passenger 4 :- (son) Shreyan Sarkar PNR no.E9DEPG

date of Journey :- 23/10/2015

Travel from NAG to CCU

My Email Id :- [email protected]

Please issue duplicate boarding passes (if possible) else a travel certificate stating that the above passengers were travelled, would suffice my requirement.

Sorry for the inconvenience may have caused to you.

I am looking forward to your kind response in this regard.


Surajit Sarkar


loss of boarding pass but require to produce against LTA claim

Pramod Bajoria
Dec 14, 2015

Non issue of Actual Amount Receipt against Amount rendered

Respected Sir,

I, Pramod Bajoria would like your attention towards purchase of snacks in Indigo Flight while travelling on 6th November’2015 from Bangkok to Kolkata vide Indigo Flight No. 6E 78 having seat nos. 1D, 1E & 1F along with Mrs Jaya Bajoria & Mr J Venkatesh.

During flight I had purchased 1 No. of Potato stick vide Invoice No. 20, Crew Id - 7656 having MRP RS. 100 per pcs printed on pack. I was asked to pay either in USD or Thai Bhat & not in INR whereas the MRP was in INR. As a matter of fact there was no price label affixed mentioning USD 2 per Pcs which was charged from me. I opted for paying in Thai Bhat wherein I was asked to pay 80 Thai Bhat against which i was handed over receipt of 71 Thai Bhat by Flight Attendant Ms. Priyanka Chakraborty (enclose find copy of said Invoice No. 20 for your ref.)

On asking why I have to pay excess amount of 9 Thai Bhat against actual payment of 71 Thai Bhat I was informed that this is Indigo Policy to Round Off any amount which is over & above 10,20, 30 or so ………….since they cannot carry coins to repay balance amount. Even if Indigo Airlines was supposed to round off then why not 70 Thai Bhat? (as per standard practice). For this there was no justified reply by Flight Attendant.

For a pack of INR 100 per piece I have to pay excess amount of INR 47.20 based on given calculation (i.e. approx. 47% higher)

Actual Cost Per Piece in INR : 100
Cost Charged in USD : 2 x 66.089 = INR 132.178 (conversion as on 6/11/15)
Cost to be Charged in Thai Bhat : 71 x 1.84 = INR 130.64
Cost actually charged : 80 x 1.84 = INR 147.20

When the matter was taken up with Indigo airlines (pl refer trailing mail) they had clarified that rate being charged by Indigo is part of Menu price list set by Indigo for sale outside Indian Territory. But logically Indigo is charging premium rates for Foods products being taken outside India. Even though if this is ethical practice then why I was not given receipt for amount being charged from me.

Request your help & support to get justice in the matter.

Pramod Bajoria
Emami Limited | 687, E.M. Byepass | Anandapur | Kolkata - 700 107 | Landline (D) : 033 6613 6596 | Board : 033 6613 6264 | Fax : 033 6613 6600
Email: [email protected]
URL : www.emamigroup.com

On 09-Nov-2015, at 2:06 pm, Pramod Bajoria <[email protected]> wrote:

Dear Mr. Mookerjee,

Thanks for your mail.

First of all pl be informed that till now I have not written any thing to Indigo regarding issue of Excess Amount charged to us while travelling from Bangkok to Kolkata on 6th November’2015 vide flight No. 6E 78 having seat nos. 1D, 1E & 1F

I was suppose to take up the matter for getting justice / clarity in the matter but due to preoccupied I was unable to take up the matter but anyway since I have recd your mail hence would like to recap facts……………..

First of all would like to make it clear that matter was not that why Indigo had not accepted payment in INR.

The fact is totally different which is being mentioned below -

I had bought 1 No. of Potato Stick having MRP RS. 100 per pcs printed on box. As a matter of fact there was no mention of USD 2 Per pcs /or any price label affixed which was being charged from passengers. Do not know if this is allowed or not & if same falls under Indian Weights & measure Act which is being evaluated by me. As mentioned by you that rate being charged by Indigo is part of Menu price list set by Indigo for sale outside Indian Territory, logically Food products being taken outside India at declared price are being sold at Premium rates.

On said purchase I was asked to pay either in USD or Thai Bhat. I opted for paying in Thai Bhat. I was asked to pay 80 Thai Bhat & I was handed over receipt of 71 Thai Bhat i.e. I got receipt of only 71 Bhat against payment of 80 Thai Bhat. On taking up the issue with Flight Attended I was informed that this is Indigo policy to Round Off any amount which is over & above 10, 20, 30 or so……………..bill amount i.e. against actual amount of 71 Thai Bhat on round Off condition I had to pay 9 Bhat extra.

My issue is why a buyer has to pay more on such ground? Why not Indigo got it rounded to 70 Bhat? This was unanswered.

Strongly feel that this is not part of any FEMA at all.

Hence I would request you to kindly justify for charging extra amount from passenger.

Await early response in the matter.

Pramod Bajoria
Emami Limited | 687, E.M. Byepass | Anandapur | Kolkata - 700 107 | Landline (D) : 033 6613 6596 | Board : 033 6613 6264 | Fax : 033 6613 6600
Email: [email protected]
URL : www.emamigroup.com

On 09-Nov-2015, at 12:30 pm, IndiGo Customer Relations <[email protected]> wrote:

Dear Mr.Bajoria,

Thank you for choosing to fly IndiGo.

On the same note, thank you for writing to us.

We would like to clarify that the prices of the products sold on board take into account the service provided by IndiGo to its passengers. Please note, that this was an international flight and the prices set out in the menu are only for sale outside the territory of India.

Please note that IndiGo’s policy of accepting only foreign currency on its international flights emanates from regulatory requirements prevalent in India and is not an internal policy of the Company.

As per the provisions of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 (FEMA) and Regulation 3 of Foreign Exchange Management (Export and Import of Currency) Regulations, 2000 as amended from time to time, a person (including any company) cannot take or send out of India or bring into India, Indian currency/ currency notes beyond Rs. 25,000/- (Rupees Twenty Five only).

Due to the above restriction and limitation as prescribed under FEMA, IndiGo cannot accept Indian currency for on-board sales on our international flights.

We trust this clarifies our position on this issue.

Once again thank you for choosing IndiGo, we look forward to serving you on-board.

Best Regards,

Siddharth Mookerjee

Customer Relations

InterGlobe Aviation Limited("IndiGo")

Level 5 Tower D Global Business Park

M G Road Gurgaon Haryana 122002 India


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Jun 18, 2014

Check in closed more than 2 hours before departure

My husband and I had booked tickets for Indigo flight 6E 78 from Bangkok to Kolkata for the 13th of June 2014. Our PNR numbers are as follows:
Poulami Mukherjee: H4HN4P
Bodhisattwa Ghosh: F6GJ7J
We were informed by text messages from Indigo that the flight was delayed. On arriving at the airport we found that the flight which was scheduled to leave at 1:10am was delayed till 4am. We reported at the check in counter a little before 2pm as I was informed by text message from Indigo that check in closes 75 minutes before departure, which implies that check in should have been open till 2:45 am for a flight departing at 4am. However we found that the check in had been closed and there was nobody at the counters. We contacted airport information desk but they were unable to contact Indigo staff at the phone number that they had as nobody was answering the line. Ultimately they managed to get through at 3.10am but only to be told that nothing could be done and we were going to miss the flight. In the meanwhile, some friends in India also tried to contact the Indigo customer care only to receive dubious information about check in and departure times and no help whatsoever. We spent the night at the airport to talk to the Indigo staff in the morning, but they could not help and we had to buy new tickets worth almost Rs 25000 for the next flight to return.
My questions are:
1. Why was check in closed at 1.45 pm (as informed by Indigo staff) when it should have remained open till 2.45 am, i.e 75 minutes before departure?
2. Why were there no Indigo staff available at the counters from almost 2pm (2 hours before departure)? Why could they not be contacted over phone?
3. Why did we not receive any assistance when they finally received the call at 3.10 am with 50 minutes still to go for departure time?
Sep 2, 2013

Worst flight ever!

Jaipu to Mumbai. Terrible flight, half an hour in discovered that the plane hadn't been cleaned, a leaking water bottle had been kept near my bag soaking it, which had my iPhone, camera and food. Food was ruined, iPhone slightly damp- no damage so far. When we talked to the flight attendant she said a quick sorry and carried on chatting and laughing with another flight attendant. Neither of which owned up to the mistake or ask about the damage or try to rectify the mistake by drying my bag.I spent the rest of the flight checking the damage and trying to dry my belongings. My bag ended up looking like it was left in a puddle. After going to complain at Mumbai airport one unhelpful IndiGo representative mockingly said she couldn't see the water damage to my bag after which I informed her photos had been taken. They offered no apologies- not even halfheartedly like on the plane instead I was made to feel like a nuisance. After making me stand around and ignoring me they handed me an email with very little hope anything would be done. And lo and behold customer services haven't gotten back to me. So thanks IndiGo for the horrible customer service, the stressful and upsetting flight and unresponsive customer service. I will never fly with IndiGo again.
Jul 1, 2011

Ticket Cancellation

Hi Moula Here From Bangalore
My father name is peera saheb
we Booked his airticket from Bangalore to hyderabad on 19th of june trw Agent. name-(somesh bro's Booking Center) at Hyd Sanath nagar PNR number is (6e4duqcn),
Agent mob number 09866173813
Due to emergency we cancelled the ticket trew indigo Callcenter on 18th of june the person informed that ticket is cancelled and 750 is charged for cancellation we agreed that,
But after the cancellation we walk to the agent he says there is no amount from indigo is credited to refund, , we had conversations several times but he says no such amount
plz contact the dealer and get our remaining amount refunded asap..

Syed moula
Mob no 09980899998
Sep 29, 2010


Very Well said
Sep 24, 2010


Myself : Mahesh Kumar Dora

Indigo Airlines, the worst airlines I have ever seen, I will share my worst experience with you all passengers. I purchased my air ticket at 2:15 and I boarded at 3 o clock to the bus, as the traffic was high, I called the Indigo people stating that I will be reaching little bit late, please make an exception for me as I am having a medical emergency as my aunt was in the ICU. The passenger boarded at 5:15 and I reached at 5:20, and I requested them to make me an exception, but the ground crew member who used to handle the position at evening shift behaved me in such a way that, I was shocked. Even I begged on my knees in front of them, but the lady hostess was doing her duty and told me that nothing can be done.

I then spoke to someone else in Indigo, she was a hostess who was issuing the Air Tickets. I requested her also to please consider my situation and make me an exception, she told me that she will allow me reaccomodation in another flight in the morning, but I have to pay 1800 Rs for that. I was fine with the terms she said, and she referred me to next cabin crew member, I was just waiting for my turn to talk to the crew member, when I requested her, she told me the additional fare rate, I was fine with the rates and asked for 1 and half hour time pay the amount. First the crewmember refused me and said that she will not be able to wait. But after requesting her, she talked to someone else and said that as my Flight has boarded I can, t reaccomadate to the other flight. I know it is something technical terms, which I also din, t understood at that moment. My flight number was 6E-343 AND TRIP ID WAS 1009244920.

Does the rules are more important than life taking situation. I know what I am paying for the delay of 5 minutes.

I know you Indigo people are going review this and going to delete all these stuffs. but does not matters I have given all these information to show you all people the images of your poor Customer satisfaction. As I am Software engineer I bet you people this article will be found within few days in all the forums.
Jan 3, 2011

Disallowment of Boarding Pass

I was having a valid air ticket by Indigo airlines from Kolkata to Pune. The schedule departure time was 18.15 hours. I reported to counter for my boarding pass at 17.35 hrs. Five minutes late was because of screening bags etc. My boarding pass was denied and not allowed to board the flight.

I was going for an emergency matter to attend my seriously ailing cousin at Pune. After all request in vain, I was offered a ticket on the next day at 11 hrs on 4.1.2011 at the extra cost of Rs6699.00.

This type of attitude was not expected from an airlines. I am a valid customer but now I have vowed that I shall never go with indigo airlines.


Oct 23, 2010

Ticket Cancellation


I had a Indigo flight out from Kolkata to Delhi at 7:05 in the morning. I reached the counter 40 minutes prior to departure, understandably the lady at the counter told me that I could not check in anymore.
She mentioned that the check in closes 45 minutes prior to departure, and I have received a message about this, which incidentally I have not received.

After this she told me that I can take the very next flight out to Delhi at 11:45 by paying Rs 1500 extra, and sent me off to the reservation counter. The reservation counter told me there are no seats on 11:45 and there is one in the night at 8:55, and I have to pay Rs: 8000 + Rs 1500 extra for this flight.

This is because they have forfeited my ticket approximately 40 minutes before the flight took off.

I completely understand the policy behind 45 minutes time restriction, but that the airline should proceed to rob the customer of Rs 4500 and expect them to pay an excess of up to Rs 10000 is unacceptable. Especially if the people are stuck in traffic and unavoidable circumstances. To not give a basic refund on the ticket before the flight has taken off is extortion in my view.

Aruni Bhattacharya
Sep 14, 2010


I purchased a ticket bearing PNR no. A2HYLX from INDIGO Airlines on 01/6/2009 at Rs.2230.00 and cancelled the same on 03/8/2009. The Airlines did not give me any cash or card refund and instead they kept the refund amount Rs.1480.00 (RS.2230.00 -750.00) as ‘’ credit shell ’’under their control for future booking within one year. I rebooked a ticket on 03.8.2010 at Rs.3782.00 bearig PNR no.M6SQBE by using credit of Rs.1480.00 & cash/card of Rs.2302.00. and cancelled the same on 11.9.2010. The Airlines has refunded me Rs.1552.00 (2302.00 -750.00) instead of Rs.3032.00 (Rs.3782.00-750.00) . The matter has been brought to the notice of the INDIGO Airlines and the Airlines has informed me that the amount Rs.1480.00 can not be refunded as the same has expired after completion of one year.
I do not agree with the decision of the INDIGO Airlines as the same are contrary to the citizen charter. Because I have already used the credit amounting Rs.1480.00 within one year for purchasing the ticket bearing PNR no.M6SQBE and therefore it did not expire. Further this amount Rs.1480.00 has been merged with the total ticketed amount (Rs.3782.00) of M6SQBE and losses its separate identity. When the PNRno.M6SQBE is cancelled, the refund is to be granted on the total payment of the Itinerary-M6SQBE minus the calcellation charge.
The Kingfisher Airlines (erstwhile Airdeccan) in a similar case refunded me the total payment of the Itinerary (PNRno. BLULLA) where ‘credit shell’ was used during booking but losses its time limit during cancellation.
So the INDIGO Airlines is bound to refund the total payment amount minus the calcellation charge (Rs.3782.00 – Rs.750.00) of the Itinerary –M6SQBE at the earliest.

Ashoke Thakur Chakraborty
E-mail:- [email protected]

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