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Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about INDIGO AIRLINES

Nov 20, 2015

Account debited for failed booking

I have booked a one way ticket from Goa to Hyderabad for Saturday 28th November 2015 through my SBI debit card today (12:00 AM, Saturday 21/11/2015).

I made the payment through my Maestro card, though my bank account have been debited for Rs 6200 INR. but i received an error saying the ticket have not been booked.

I contacted customer care and re-booked my ticket through my other debit card, which is confirmed and i received the itinerary as well.

Please suggest what needs to be done to get my money (Rs. 6200) to be refunded for the failed booking.

As per customer care person, he said it will be credited into my account within 3-5 business days.

Is there anything I need to follow up from my end or will be credited?

Please advise,

Thank you,
M. A. Waseem
Oct 27, 2015

Theft from baggage.

Travelled in indigo flight no 6E-487 from Chennai to delhi on the 25th of Oct 2015. I checked in one piece of luggage.

On reaching home , I realised that I could not locate some of my belongings , which I had kept in that luggage.

Its a clear case of theft , and it is the responsibility of the airlines as they are responsible once I hand over my luggage to them.

I do not know whom to approach .
Prashant Jha
Sep 30, 2015

Lost Earphone at 6E-349


I took a return trip from BLR-GOA-BLR on 23 Sep and returned back to BLR on 26 SEP-2015 via INDIGO.
On the way back to BLR, I kept my earphones(Sennheiser, black) in the front pocket but forgot to collect it while de-boarding.

Seat number: 26 F
Flight 6E-349

I would like to request Airlines to try to find them.

Contact : 888 411 0751
Aug 29, 2015

Luggage torn due to poor handling of staff

I RAJ KARAN NAYYAR travelled via Indigo flight 6E 247 from hyderabad to mumbai at 07 20 hrs on 29 Aug 2015. Attached is a picture of my luggage which was fragile marked and still has been torn apart due to very poor handling by the untrained staff. The bagagge has not been torn due to any manufacturing defect or poor quality or vice of product it is only because of unprofessional handling of the luggage. The matter was brought to the notice of baggage care of indigo at mumbai airport where the representative only expressed her helplessness and gave me the PNR no. S5PG5S.  It was my worst and probably the last travel experience with Indigo. It caused a lot of mental disturbance to me.


Luggage torn due to poor handling of staff Luggage torn due to poor handling of staff

joel thongousang
Aug 7, 2015

confirmation certificate of journey performed

I Joel Thongousang travelled from kolkata to imphal on 22 june 2015 vide PNR number K985PW, and back from imphal to kolkata vide PNR number VCR5JN on 20 july 2015. i dont have any complains but what i want is a certificate stating that i did performed the journeys for both the dates. As i have lost/ miss placed both the boarding passes. i would be very grateful and honored.
Jun 10, 2015

Theft from baggage

I was traveling from pune to chennai in indigo flight with my faimly with two checked in baggage out of which one trolley bag was containing 7000 rupees by reaching chennai airport I found that 5000 rupees was missing from my baggage

Flight-6E 529
May 7, 2015

theft from baggage

Travelled in indigo flight no 6E-646 from bangalore to vizag on the 5th of may 2015. I checked in one piece of luggage along with the rest of my luggage as it was in excess of my cabin luggage.
On reaching home , I realised that I could not locate some of my belongings , which I had kept in That extra piece of luggage.
Its a clear case of theft , and it is the responsibility of the airlines as they r responsible once I hand over my luggage to them.
I do not know whom to approach .
Apr 28, 2015

Flight delayed by 6 hrs

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Nikhil Dixit working with a private firm. I had a flight from Hyderabad to Bangalore with Indigo Airlines on 28-Apr-2015, flight no. 6E 265. The flight was supposed to takeoff from Hyderabad at 20:50. There was an update sent via SMS that flight is delayed by 1hr. Later upon reaching airport we were informed that flight is expected to takeoff at 23:30. Furthermore we received update that flight is delayed again and will land in Hyderabad at 00:45hrs. Now I am still at airport and airline staff is not providing any updates and not taking the responsibility and we were also told that, they don't care if we escalate further to Aviation Ministry. There are lady passengers and it would be difficult for them to travel in mid night by cab in Bangalore.

I kindly urge you to take a stringent action against the Indigo airlines.

Nikhil Dixit
Mob: 9739617773
[email protected]
Mar 10, 2015

Indigo Baggage Loss Complaint

Hi , I am Manohar Reddy from Hyderabad, I would like to complain on Indigo Airlines.

My parents flew from Vaarnaasi to Hyderabad on the 28th Jan 2015 on Indigo Airlines. They had checked in two pieces of check-in baggage. (a bag and a suitcase). On landing at Hyderabad airport, they was able to get only one bag and Suitcase was missing. On lodging a complaint with the Airline, they said they will deliver it to home. The Suitcase never came.

Since that day we keep calling the Airline number and talking to various people but to no avail. They never call to update us on the status of the search. And when I call they just say we are searching.

After 15 days, one lady from Indigo Customer care called and said they are unable to find my baggage and they would compensate us with some money Rs.5250.00 (based on some weight related calculation). I told them my empty Strolly cost is more than Rs.5250.00 and there was costly dresses in Baggage and I am more interested in getting my bag than any compensation!! Another thing that baffles me is that they decide the compensation based on the weight of the bag, which is totally ridiculous to me.

Now they are not answering my calls or replying to my emails. I want to initiate action against Indigo Airlines for negligence. Please let me know if this is not a right channel and guide me thorough correct channel.

Manohar Reddy.
Feb 15, 2015

Harassment by Call Center

Called Indigo Call Center at around 9.30am on Sunday 15th Feb 2015 from my registered mobile number 7658974400 to Indigo Customer Care 09910383838 after providing all the relevant details about my Flight Number, PNR Number Date and Time all the Call Center person had to confirm me was Flight No 6E 351 is travelling on time at 8.40am or not on 18th Feb 2015.
He asked my name, kept me on hold for sometime and wanted to check some more details and I did not appreciate that as a frequent flyer.

Call Center is supposed to ask details if in doubt but un-necessarily harassing customers is not good.

Please look at it and ensure Customer Care do not unnecessarily harass customers.
Jan 14, 2015

Not refunding the amount for unsuccessful transaction

I have traveled to HYD to Delhi and lost the boarding pass for the same. Called indigo on 09910383838 for the travel certificate.
As per their guidance i have paid the amount to indigo airlines through my net banking but it was unsuccessful. again called them and got the confirmation for the same and they informed that the amount will be refunded in 3 to 4 working days this was happened on 23rd Dec 14. till now i didnt get amount and if called them they are saying that the amount was refunded on 6th Jan 15 but ICICI is saying that there was no transaction was done from their end. I requested them to provide the transaction ID for the payment they did on 6th Jan but they are not providing.

I really hesitated on Indigo airlines services
Jan 9, 2015

INDIGO - Outrageous Negligence

Indigo have no system of even a random check of baggage tags for arrivals at their airport. A month ago on my flight from Bangalore to Delhi when I reached the baggage collection area I noticed another passenger leaving the area with my bags. I first thought it might be a mistake. I politely pointed out it was my bag, the thief dumped my bag and disappeared into the crowd. I complained to the Indigo staff who were unconcerned and indifferent. Today, my wife returned to Delhi on a flight from Pune with her bags missing. Once again no was checking baggage tags. Surely there is a legitimate legal case against Indigo for negligence and passengers should have additional rights in such cases beyond the token financial compensation. All airlines should also be required by law to declare the number of missing baggage complaints they receive, their success rate in retrieval and additional liability in cases of obvious negligence. [email protected]
Chandreyee Maitra
Oct 27, 2014

Refund of money

Mr. T. V.B. Reddy booked a ticket form Bangkok to Kolkata on 26.10.2014, Flight No. 6E 76. The usual departure time was 4:10 pm which has been pre-poned suddenly and he missed the flight. He has to book another ticket to reach Kolkata. He would like to get back his ticket fare which have been pre-poned.
sirajuddin S
Jul 27, 2014

Delayed / Missing Baggage

Dubai to Hyderabad Flight baggage not received. I traveled by Indigo Airlines from Dubai to Hyderabad on Flight 6E 025 arrival at 10: 50 Am on 25th July. About 50 passengers baggage did not arrived in the same flighr. The officer promised to deliver at home next day but still did not get my baggage. On calling the in-charge are giving all false excuses. It is very bad and irresponsible service I ever observed. I will re-think to travel again by this indigo airlines.
Mar 22, 2014

Refund of money

Sir , on 20 mar 14 , I was booking a ticket for 27 may 14 from Ghy to Jaipur for 4 adults. While making payment through net baking, transaction could not be completed due to time out, so PNR could not be generated. But after sometime I received a massage that rs 16396/- has been deducted from my bank a/C and same has not reversed to my a/C. Sir, I have checked and my ticket is not booked. My transaction Id is MSBI3292088113IGS24020. Sir, Please help. Thank you.
Rakhi Pareek
Dec 18, 2013


This is to bring into your concern regarding my missing luggage while travelling for BCP testing to Hyderabad on 12th Dec 2013.
I submitted my luggage at Kolkata airport however did not find the same when I reached Hyderabad.
I have spoken to Indigo people at Hyderabad airport and they told me that they need to check with Kolkata people. Hence they filled a missing luggage form and told me that they will revert back however they did not. Again when I checked at Kolkata airport when I returned back they checked the luggage list and found that it was already dispatched from Kolkata side and so the mismatch is from Hyderabad airport.

Contact details for the above are:
Hyderabad airport-Avankita 099-59-932226
Kolkata airport-Sanjoy 097-48-174446

I have given the baggage at the check in counter of Indigo Airlines at Kolkata Airport (CCU) they put a bar coded sticker and a counterpart behind my boarding pass
However when i landed at Hyderabad Airport (HYD) at belt 3 all the luggage for the Flight 6E354 was placed
We (8 Member team from Genpact India) was on a official visit and all the other baggages came except mine
I dont know where the baggage got lost as i hand over it to the Kolkata Airport Check In official of Indigo Airlines ( Akriti)
Now Indigo is playing with me and saying i will get compensation of Rs 200/- per kg lost having said that this is less than my bag cost

It would be really appreciable if you could help me with the above matter. Please find the attached documents for the reference.


Rakhi Pareek
Feb 14, 2013

Baggage Item missing :

Indigo is a bunch of theives
I travelled by INDIGO Airlines from New Delhi to Singapore on 11th Feb 2013, The travel details are as follows :

Flight : 6E 11
Seat : 10C
Seq : 154

While de-boarding the aircraft I left behind my white ipad 3 in the back pocket of the seat in front of me,
I realized this with in 15-20 minutes of de boarding and reported this to the lost and found cell at the Singapore airport (complaint slip attached)
Since I had crossed the immigration I couldn’t go back to the aircraft to pick up my left behind item.

But the airlines staff didn’t cooperate well, I kept waiting along with lost and found cell personnel for half an hour
to listen form the airlines staff. And after half an hour it was reported that the item was not found,

Not satisfied with the reply, I reported the matter to the flight management at the departure, but instead if lodging a formal complaint, there is no point chasing up and I can forget about my item, in case it is found I will be called.

Since then I have been chasing the lost and found cell at the Singapore airport but to no avail.

Here I want to complain that what kind of security mechanism does the airline has, even after reporting the matter with in half hour the item was not found
A formal investigation should be with the cleaning staff and other Indigo staff, those who are supposed to look after and clean the aircraft after the passengers have left.

There is good chance that the low wage contractual cleaning staff is involved, whose monthly salary is equal to the cost of the gadget

Nov 20, 2012

Baggage Claim

dear Sir, Good Morning, Today morning I came from New Delhi by flight no 6E 23 to Dubai, My pin no. LIDVLD, When I reached at airport dubai, terminal-1, I got my bag was half open and lock was broken and my digital SONY camera with cover were absent. Inside the camera I put 2000 USD, which is also missing. Immediately I went to NADA office as well as Dubai airport office to find out my things, No reply, and help. so, kindly look into the matter and inform me on my mail; [email protected] or can call me on my mobile after saturday sir (09868759217/09953611612).. Thanks.

Dr. Asif Ali Siddiqui
90/36, Malviya Nagar,
New Delhi-17.
Feb 25, 2012

In-flight experience

I purchased HITPLAY SHOWER RADIO on Indigo Flight No 6E205 Seat 19D from Delhi to Kolkata on 4th Feb 2012 vide Cash Memo No 9386575. I followed the instruction manual to switch on and this radio worked for one time and I switched off. Next time when I tried to switch on I did not work and snce then I am not able to operate it. This Peirce is defective and I request you to look in to the complaint and advise me for replacement of this item,

Yours Sincerely

Ravi Shankar
Passenger on Flight
EB 203 Maya Enclave
New Delhi 110064
Cell No.9818092128
Email :[email protected]
Feb 6, 2012

Not refunding ticket amount

Dear customer,

With reference to your post above, kindly share your booking ID in order to retrieve details. You are also requested to email the same at [email protected] quoting your booking ID in the subject in order to assist you better.

Our representative will get in touch with you after we receive your booking ID.

Makemytrip Care
Jun 30, 2011

Refund of amount

one ticket amount to be refunded
my mob number 9980899998
Ticket was cancelled before one day of dept..
Custcare person said it was cancelled from his end no response from agent..
Jan 26, 2012

Not refunding ticket amount

Airline: Indigo 6E-313
Departure: Hyderabad at 15.35 Arrival: Cochin at 17.05.Total fare -2 passengers is Rs.17,000.

On the 18th Jan 12, my in laws(both senior citizens) had to travel to Cochin from Hyderabad due to death in the family(Father in law's mother). We booked flight tickets the moment we were aware of the demise around 1PM - 1:15 PM IST from make my trip website. The earliest flight was at 3:35 PM IST and had booked it to reach the destination ASAP. Unfortunately due to travel delays, my in law's could reach the checkin counter only by 3:15 PM, however the checkin time was over and they were not given the boarding passes.The aircraft was still at the Hyd airport, however the airport staff could not help board the flight or atleast guide an alternative even after they were aware of our purpose to travel.Finally they travelled by bus for the funeral ceremony.One of the Indigo personal at airport said since booking was done by MMTrip if they are ready for refund then we can get refund. When we spoke to MMTrip they said that if Indigo is ready to pay the cancellation charges to them they can refund.After prolonged conversation with Indigo personal over phone they said that after cancellation charges and no show charges we are entitled for Rs.1392. Attached the response from Indigo Customer relations. Sad that human sentiments are given zero value and they talk about being a model for the other airlines.

"Dear Mr. Joseph,
Thank you for your mail.
With reference to your mail, we regret for the inconvenience caused in this regard. Further, as per policy failure to complete the check in formalities within the stipulated time
limit would result in forfeiture of the booking amount. The booking would be declared a “No Show” and the customer would not be entitled to a refund or a credit shell.Since the seats have gone reserved leading forfeiture of the fares and surcharges, we have refunded INR.442.00 towards passenger service fee and INR.950.00 towards user development fee to the agency account.Thus, adhering to above, we would not be in a position to offer you any more refund or make the desired changes in this regard.Trust this clarifies.Once again thank you for your mail and taking time to communicate with us.
Best Regards
Prativa Biswal
Customer Relations
Interglobe Aviation Limited ("IndiGo")
Dec 26, 2011

Cancellation wrongfully disallowed

I had a booking for the 7.35 pm Indigo flight from Hyderabad to Bangalore on the 24th of Dec 2011. The PNR number is YLE6DX. I was to take the flight with my 22 month old daughter. At 6 pm on the day of the flight (less than two hrs from the time of departure), I got a call from Indigo notifying me that the flight had been rescheduled for 8 pm. Knowing that flight delays can have a chain effect resulting in more delays and given that I had to catch a train from Bangalore (PNR #4136157360), I figured I couldn’t make the connection with my infant. So I called up Indigo to cancel my booking. I was shocked to hear that cancellations can only be done 2 hrs in advance.

While I understand that as a policy for flights that take off on time, it doesn’t make sense for flights that get rescheduled. The only reason I was cancelling the flight was because it got rescheduled. I got to know about the delay less than two hours from the time of departure so how could I have known about it two hours in advance to cancel the ticket that much in advance? This is another case of airlines taking customers for a ride. They can't penalize the customers when the fault is actually theirs. I request the authorities concerned to take action against Indigo and have them refund the booking amount.

Priya Nayak
Dec 26, 2011

Not allowed to cancel my ticket


My wife (Dr Priya P Nayak) had booked a ticket on Indigo for Hyd to Blore on the 24th of Dec. The PNR number is YLE6DX. She was to take the flight with our 22 month old. The flight was scheduled for 7.35 pm. At about 6 pm (less than 2 hours from the time of departure), she got a call from Indigo mentioning that the flight had been delayed by half an hour. Knowing that flight delays can have a percolation effect and the fact that she had to catch a train from Blore with the infant, she realized she may not be able to make it to the station in time. So she called up Indigo to cancel the booking and was shocked to learn that the bookings can't be cancelled less than 2 hrs from the time of departure.

The cancellation was solely because of the delay and that notification was received less than 2 hrs from the time of departure. So how could she have known this 2 hrs in advance to cancel the ticket. This looks like another case of airlines in India exploiting customers. Hoping for some stringent action against Indigo.

Sandeep Prabhu
Ph: 98499 02620
[email protected]
Jun 13, 2011

Baggage Claim

I travelled from ahmedabad to hyderabad(PNR noAC39CN)on indigo flight 6E 371 on 12th June,2011.I reached hyderabad at around 8 15 PM.
When i collected my baggage from baggage claim section,to my surprise,it was in utter bad condition.The trolley bag's handle was missing and even the base was broken.I faced lots of difficulties in dragging the baggage throgh the airport.
Its really disgraceful on the part of Indigo airlines which claims to be one of India's best airlines.I would never prefer to travel from Indigo again in future after this experience.

Anukriti Bordia

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