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Consumer complaints and reviews about Indigo

A Kr. Sharma
Mar 17, 2020

Request of issuing of full refund as confirmed by the airline officer

Dear Madam/Sir,
I am to inform you that as per information received from the customer service officer of indigo Airlines of rescheduling of my flight, and the corona virus disease threat I decided to cancel my flight (6E 945) on assurance of full refund of Rs.4,358.00 (Rupees Four Thousand Three Hundred & Fifty Eight Only/-). But as per information received from my service operator (IRCTC) they have only received a sum of Rs.1039/-. (IRCTC Transaction ID:2005024150)
In this connection, it is stated the IRCTC Officer has already given assurance and advice to me to register my complaint to the nodal officer. So that the matter could further pursue to get me the full amount of refund at the earliest. It is requested that please look into this matter personally and arrange to provide the full amount of refund of my cancelled flight due to the reasons as specified above. Dear Sir/Madam I have taken a loan from my close friend which I have to return to him on time. I don't understand why the even after the officer's suggestion the refund of full amount not transferred to me.

This will mitigate the hardship being faced by me.

With warm regards

(Arun Kumar Sharma)
Flight PNR :GFV5NS
Date ofJourney: 2nd, April 2020 from
Delhi to Thiruvanthapuram,
[email protected]
Nov 18, 2019

Loss of baggage

Hi Sulagna,

We understand what you must be going through. As checked, our baggage team is working on it and will contact you soon.

Team IndiGo
[email protected]
Nov 11, 2019

Loss of baggage

I had reached delhi on 7th Nov by flight 6E-3097 pnr- ME9KJV. I had future plans to visit Nainital the next day. To my utter disappointment, i didnot receive my luggage. I reported it immediately to the indigo support desk in the airport. Its been 5 days now and still have not heard any update about my luggage. On being called, the customer care executives are telling me to wait for another 24hrs while the bag is being traced. I feel mentally harassed. My trip to Nainital got cancelled due to this. All the further bookings were cancelled resulting in huge loss of money. I had expensive belongings in that bag. Who is going to pay for that? I have been a frequent flyer in indigo but never did i ever had such a horrible experience till date. I want a proper response from indigo on how they are going to repay for all that i have lost plus the mental agony they have caused. Escalate this issue . Find and deliver my luggage as soon as possible.
Jun 7, 2019

Baggage damage

My name is Himanshu and my PNR No is TY2GKB. My baggage was damaged and i was offered a compensation of 5250 rupees by indigo itself. I was also received a mail from indigo regarding bank details. I have replied to the mail and my refund was processed on 17th may but till now I haven't received the money. When I contacted the customer care they all were only giving me excuses and didn't provide any relevant information. I really disappointed with indigo because my bag got damaged and till now i have not received money.

Baggage damage

[email protected]
Feb 13, 2019

lost wallet

Hi Neha,

As checked with the concerned department, a similar wallet was found in lost objects. Kindly coordinate with the Airport Lost & Found department at 09958098651.

Team IndiGo
Jan 28, 2019

lost wallet

This is Neha i was flying on 25th JAN 2019 from Delhi to Dubai Flight no.6E21 I lost my wallet at scanning area i was trying to calling at customer care from 26th JAN 2019 Saturday from the morning but no one is responding my calls please help me in this there are some very important things in my wallet please do something please reply as soon as possible or you can contact me on 009710589306839 this number or 00917009447429 this number please help me please
[email protected]
Aug 11, 2018

Personal Information Leakage

Hi Pravesh.

We are in receipt of your concern via email. Please be rest assured that we try our best to assist our passengers in the best possible manner.

IndiGo Team
Aug 7, 2018

Personal Information Leakage

Please be informed that I have booked my spouse ticket via Armed forces quota as she is an Army Officer. However, today when I called indigo customer care, executive said it was a regular booking. I was completely shocked to hear this as I have entered all her Army ID details. This is a serious concern and I want someone to look into this matter as I believe her details have been misused or shared. To overcome this security issue I asked executive to change schedule for Departure only but he denied and asked for extra charges.
We Army people serving at Border so that everyone should fall asleep without any fear. However, getting no help from Indigo will make us feel very dissatisfied. Probably I must ask my superiors, colleagues not to book tickets via Indigo as it might raise security concern for us. Such lousy and irresponsible customer service was seriously not expected from Indigo. Thousands of army personnel still believes in Indigo blindly I might have to show them the reality. Hopefully INDIGO has not become bigger than its existing & future customers..!

Pravesh Kaushal
email : [email protected]
Booking Ref : GJIMQX
Prashant Singh
Apr 23, 2017


Dear sir/madam, this is to inform you that I booked a flight from varanasi to delhi on 21/4/2017. I had to book the ticket for the journey date 25/4/2017 but mistakenly I entered a wrong date i.e. 25/5/2017. To which I immediately called CLEAR TRIP (my travel agency) for shuffling my booking to 25th april 2017. They assured me of facilitating such a thing since I had called them within an hour after booking the ticket. They transferred my call to Indigo and made me talk to the Indigo agent. The Indigo agent denied such facilitation and asked me to pay reshuffling charges as well as the fight fare difference. The cleartrip agent told the Indigo agent of such a thing being done in past but the Indigo denied any such thing.(According to cleartrip if a fresh ticket is booked within an hour the airlines prepare a note and facilitate accommodation without charging extra except the fare difference which has to be paid). We asked the Indigo agent to connect us to his supervisor but he made us wait for nearly an hour to connect. After roughly an hour I talked to the supervisor Indigo and he agreed to what I and the cleartrip agent were demanding for but till then it was too late. The fight fares till then became high enough and so the fare difference which was more than what I had to pay as cancellation charges. We were left with no option but to cancel the ticket. Now my grievance is that I made a call soon after booking my ticket but the agent from Indigo didn't help me and wasted a lot of time that the fares became high and in this case I think I should get the full amount refunded what I paid and shouldn't be charged any cancellation charges.
I would be highly obliged if the needful is done.
Trip ID-17042122148
Mar 29, 2017

Lost my Kindle on flight


I lost my Kindle on flight while traveling back to Delhi from Kolkatta.

My PNR no. is HFY3QX

Name Ms Meenal Awasthi
From kolkata To Delhi
Flight No. 6E 906 Date 01Aug16
Boarding Time 06:20 Departure Time 07:05
Sequence No. 1 Class L
Gate No. Seat No. 23A

Name: Ms Meenal Awasthi
Flt No.: 6E 906
Seat No.: 23A
Seq No.:1

Ms Meenal Awasthi
From kolkata
To Delhi

Flight No. 6E 906
Date 01Aug16
Boarding Time 06:20
Departure Time 07:05
Seq No. 1 Class L
Gate No. Seat No. 23A

Where should I check if this was submitted to some lost&Found dept of Indigo airlines
Dec 19, 2016

Refund of Rs. 6189 + Rs. 14000/-, for declining boarding in Indigo Flight No. 6E 861 on 19.12.2016

I Miss Olivia Dasgupta, booked an indigo ticket on 03.12.2016 at 16.45 hrs for Delhi to Agartala via Kolkata for 19.12.2016 amounting of Rs. 6189/-. Booking Reference Z7SD2F.
I have reported and got my boarding card and accordingly after security check while I was going board the bus in the Gate No. 10B of Delhi Airport, security personnel told me that I have luggage problem. I rushed and contacted the security personnel of Indigo. They raised the point that I was carrying a portable mobile charger inside my luggage and I was held up there for security reason and did not allow me to avail my flight even after it was removed from my bag.
I am a 2nd year Medical Student of Lady Hardinge Medical College and a frequent flier of Indigo Airlines. Today I was carrying a wheel chair with me for my mother who needed it urgently today post 12 pm. I was held in the Delhi Airport and nor did they accommodate me in any other connecting flight to Agartala. I booked another ticket with Rs. 10000/- just to travel to Kolkata from Delhi and around Rs. 3941/- to travel from Kolkata to Agartala.

Hence, in total around Rs. 14000/- was spent and I lost the whole day, which hampered my suffering mother because of non availability of wheel chair.

So I think a strong action should be taken against them (indigo personnel) and refund of Rs. 6189 + Rs. 14000/- should be initiated immediately.

This type of harassment to a single female passenger at 06.00 am in the morning is not acceptable from Indigo Authority in the City of Delhi.

If I do not get my refund from the Indigo authority , I will be compelled to go to the Consumers Court for necessary action.
Anishek Kumar
Nov 13, 2016

missing luggage

I flied from Patna to New Delhi from Indigo flight 6E-678 on 9th November 2016. My baggage was missing and i lodged a complaint at the respective counter at New Delhi Airport. The tag of the missing baggage is 38037 and PNR is XCU4UG. I was told that the baggage would be found and sent to me within a day or two but it still haven't arrived. I tried calling the concerned department many times but their response was not informative. I was given this number 9717003731 to contact, but when I tried calling at that number, nobody picked up the phone and now it is switched off. The bag contained some importatnt official documents and also my medicines which i am not able to take.I am in Mumbai for an interview with no clothes and my stuff and my luggage,i dont know where it is and its getting difficult for me to do any work out here.

After searching a lot on the internet, I found that Indigo is very careless in this department and we are not the first one to be harassed this way.
Please tell me what should I do.

Anishek Kumar
email- [email protected]
Nov 3, 2016

baggage damaged badly

On 26 th oct 2016, we have departed from goa to delhi and when we collected our luggage from the airport we observed that our suitcase was badly damaged as its wheels were broken and then and there only we complaint to them , they have given me a complaint paper and told me that in 3 to 4 days the vendor will come at your place to collect that suitcase and repair it and after that he will return it back at your place only. But till today we didn't got any response. And now I have to travel which suitcase I will take with me. please give me the solution. Have I been mistaken by choosing to travel at INDIGO AIRLINES.
sandeep seth
Jul 20, 2016

booking twice

Indigo airlines has booked me twice for same day and are now refusing the refund for their mistake...Beware of manipulations done by Indigo to cheat customers by their faulty payment systems.
Jan 31, 2015

Request for issuing duplicate pass for claiming purposes

Request for Boarding Pass for claiming purpose

I have lost my boarding pass. I need same for claim.

Details are as follows:-

Travelling from Delhi to Bengaluru (BLR).

Travelling date: 29/01/2015
Flight Number: Indigo Air (6E) - 119
Passenger name:Virender Pratap Singh

Please send duplicate to my email id- [email protected]

I will be very thankful to you.

Thanks & Regards
Virender Pratap Singh
E-mail – [email protected]
Dec 9, 2014

Did not allowed to board the flight

Booking Reference No: H5PYSP

I have booked return ticket to vizag (Delhi-Vizag-Delhi) for 07-Dec-2014 and return on 08-Dec-2014. Initially when I booked the ticket the scheduled time from Delhi was 06:20 in the morning. Later they have reschedule to 05:45, after confirmed booking.

I have reached the delhi airport at 4:50, there was a big que for everything. 2 counters were closed. There is no separate counter for each flight. Same counter for all flights. Resulting all the passengers who's flight at 7:30, 8.00 all are in same que. I got my boarding pass at 5.20, after security check (again a big line), i reached the gate at 5.30. The staff said the doors are closed. I do not have any flight for the same day and my return ticket was for the next day, I had to cancel the return ticket also.

There is no refund for the cancellation of Delhi-vizag flight. and for return ticket they have refunded some money.
I have paid Rs. 7,386 for the booking in Sep 2014. I got the refund of Rs. 1,736/-. So I have paid Rs. 5650 for not flying. And I lost my hotel booking amount of Rs.2500 and Rs.1000/- for taxi. The total loss Rs.9150, and I lost my valuable project. This is due to Indigo staff, who cannot handle the passengers. Why can't they have separate counter for each flight? Indigo is completely mess and blood sucking parasites.

Now I am determined, not to fly with Indigo anymore and will recommend my office colleagues and friends NOT to fly with indigo. I will spread this using social media(Facebook, whats app) and every social networking where ever possible.
Jan 2, 2014

Duplicate boarding pass

I have lost my Boarding Pass for the following trip and I need it for reimbursement of the TA/DA claim

6E 302 - from Hyderabad to New Delhi on 17th November, 2013

Kindly send me the duplicate Boarding Pass or a Certificate for the travel to the mail ID [email protected]


Neeraj Verma
AGM (Engineering)
SFCI, New Delhi
[email protected]
Jun 25, 2013

Two months pregnant lady denied for blanket on INDIGO flight - ultimately lost her babies in the womb

This is to inform and request you to take measures so that it doesn't happen to any one again.

My wife Mrs. Deepti Pandey was 2 months pregnant and she had to travel from Delhi to Lucknow.

Doctor advised to send her by flight so we got the ticket in Indigo flight no. SE-312 on 30th May 2013, PNR- MT9PAX .

At the time of boarding she felt cold and was advised by the counter person to take medicine from the counter and she took crocin.

In the flight she felt cold because of the AC and cool temperature. On shivering and feeling fever she requested to increase the temperature

and to provide a blanket as she was shivering. On request the dignified representative of INDIGO said, "It is available on say only".

The situation worsened with time and by the time she reached home she had fever of 103 degree. By next eve fetus in the womb lost heart beat because of fever.

I request you not to jeopardize the life of people on flight. If this blanket is available on SAY ONLY what is the cost of a life?

Had they bought our lives for just Rs.5000?

Kindly do the needful. At least don't allow these animals to play with lives.

Viplav Majumdar


[email protected]
Zemneihoi Gangte Send email
Jan 16, 2012

refund my for my demage guiter

ibought it new fromdelhi soi would like to reephrase my guiter which is new was broken afterv reaching imphal so kindly looking intoit n arrange for replacement ...thankyou

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