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Consumer complaints and reviews about Indigo

[email protected]
Mar 1, 2019

Baggage damaged and ripped off

Hi Shradha,

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. Please confirm if the damage is reported to our staff at the arrival airport.

Team IndiGo
Feb 27, 2019

Baggage damaged and ripped off

Indigo flight from Jaipur-Goa via Mumbai flight no. 6E-965 and 6E-831 respectively. I had two baggages and both of them have been mishandled by Indigo staff. 1st suitcase chain has been opened / ripped apart from back side completely, seems like someone tried to open it. In the second suitcase the logo has been removed. The Indigo staff should handle passengers luggages carefully as we pay for the same. Please take action on this and help me with a refund of the damaged caused.

Baggage damaged and ripped off Baggage damaged and ripped off Baggage damaged and ripped off

[email protected]
Feb 5, 2019

Excess baggage scam


We are sorry to hear about this. Our airport staff has to adhere to policy guidelines and as per policy, necessary charges are applicable in case of excess baggage. It was never our intention to inconvenience you. We're are highlighting this right away to the Mumbai Airport Manager for necessary corrective steps.

Team IndiGo
Feb 1, 2019

Excess baggage scam

​Traveled by Indigo today, the 1st of Feb from Goa to Mumbai by 6E5097.

I used to think excess baggage was a serious operational issue in terms of a flight being overloaded, but now i think its just another money making process for airlines. My experience was with Indigo.

I did have 9 kgs excess baggage and paid the amount as demanded.

However, the shocking thing is while coming to Goa (for 4 months), i had loaded my cabin baggage in a similar fashion but no Indigo staff insisted on weighing the bags ever.

From Goa though, they insisted i weigh all my cabin luggage!

And so i had to rummage through my belongings and throw out stuff from both bags, and make two rounds to baggage screen at the entry gate. What a harrowing experience. Felt like i was being pursued. The woman at counter 7 was terrible.

On asking them why this wasn't the case in Bombay, the response given was: rules are different here in Goa. And they insisted i check in my baggage.

Does professionalism just extend to promptly levying excess baggage charges, or can it extend to uniform rules all over the country? Absolutely disgusted. Indian railways are kinder to People, and wallets.

Can someone from this airline address this?
[email protected]
Jan 16, 2019

Bagage cloth destroyed

Hi Akram,

We are sorry for the experience. Kindly share your booking reference/PNR number via private message so we may look into it.

Team IndiGo
Jan 14, 2019

Bagage cloth destroyed

When i received my baggage in kolkata it was half wet it oil.
Most of my cloths inside were destroyed and tomorrow is my meeting and i don't have anything to wear now
[email protected]
Jan 12, 2019

Missig Flight

Hi Aneesh,

We understand how delays can impact our customers and therefore we make every possible effort to minimize such delays and offer our customers an on-time and hassle-free flying experience. Please share your booking reference/PNR number via private message.

Team IndiGo
Aneesh Kuppachankundil
Jan 9, 2019

Missig Flight

I had booked flight in Indigo on 15 Dec 18 from Coimbatore to Bengaluru (6E 355) and a connecting flight in Air India on 16 Dec 18 from Bengaluru to Ahmedabad (AI 589). Due to delay in flight from Coimbatore to Bengaluru I could not catch the flight from Bengaluru to Ahmedabad. The Indigo official at coimbatore ensured me that flight would take off 1030 at any cost but it did take off after 1130 hrs. I had an Exam (DRDO Senior Technical Asst) at Rajkot and I could not attend the same because of the delay. Because of it my career progression came into an halt.

I request to get the full ticket amount back and amount of 2000 which was spent to reach Ahmedabad by train.
Dec 20, 2018

My Baggage is Missing

Dear Indigo Team,
I Traveled from Pune to Madurai Via Bangalore on 20th Dec'18
Flight No. for Pune to Bangalore - 6E681 & Bangalore to Madurai - 6E7214
Tag No. 0312181306

I Have not Got my Luggage Bag at Madurai Airport, & it has been misplaced by your end
I have discussed with the Indigo Staff, available at Madurai Airport but nothing happened.

My bag contains valuable items & my important Documents, which i require on priority.
Till now i have not get any response from Indigio Team, & only i am calling & following-up for the same since today morning.
This is very irresponsible behavior of Indigo Team and you should take responsibility of this Missing of My baggage & need to insure to find it and gave me back on priority.

This is leading to a lot of loss in my academics & professionally due to missing of all my documents & creating a lot of Mental Harassment, by calling Indigo team again & again and not getting any solution.

I Am writing this mail, as after several attempts, my issue is not getting resolved. Kindly resolve this on Priority & kindly return my baggage.

Priyanka Raj
08578975782 / 7004150831
Nov 26, 2018

Refund amount

My brother has booked a ticket by using a credit card . During the check in process . They asked me to show a photo copy of credit card . I showed it and then they said the card details are not matching. It was an emergency situation so i had to take that flight. The manager said that we cannot allow inside because of the card details isn’t matching. I have the proof the transaction was done with the same card which I presented at the check in process. The manager said you will get refund . At the time I booked a new ticket . He said the amount will be refunded within 14 days . Till now i haven’t received the amount.
I have the proof of the transaction from that particular card , but they are saying that card which i had used was different.
What should i do ? Should i file a complaint in the consumer court?
[email protected]
Sep 22, 2018

No refund for missed flight due to shutdown of Indigo services on 16th Sept (0:00 hrs to 9:30 hrs)


We regret the inconvenience caused. As checked, our team has assisted you on consumercomplaints website in this regard.

IndiGo Team
Aakash Mohan
Sep 20, 2018

No refund for missed flight due to shutdown of Indigo services on 16th Sept (0:00 hrs to 9:30 hrs)

I missed my flight on 16th Sept, 2018 from Delhi to Raipur, PNR - PBJZYV. I contacted the reservation counter to shift me in the next flight but the Indigo services were down on 16th Sept, 2018 from 0:00 hrs to 9:30 hrs, so I couldn't be shifted to next flight. Finally, after standing in the queue for 2 hours, I did a fresh booking at the reservation counter for the next immediate flight, PNR - ZIVMJA, of worth Rs 5000, which caused a huge loss to me. Since, I couldn't be shifted to the next flight due to the shutdown of Indigo services and consequently, I had to do a fresh booking at the last moment, I kindly request you to refund the fare of my flight, which I missed, PNR - PBJZYV.

No refund for missed flight due to shutdown of Indigo services on 16th Sept (0:00 hrs to 9:30 hrs) No refund for missed flight due to shutdown of Indigo services on 16th Sept (0:00 hrs to 9:30 hrs) No refund for missed flight due to shutdown of Indigo services on 16th Sept (0:00 hrs to 9:30 hrs)

Samrat Dubey
Jul 16, 2018

Refund and Fraudulent

Respected Sir/Mam,

My ticket pnr no is UJIQPK has been booked under armed quota that I canceled on the same day of booking. On 13 july 2018, when I called on helpline for refund then officials told me that cancellation was not processed and u will only get no show refund because u dont have any notification of cancellation.

On 2July 2018 I again have flight ticket OY5JKI and I reached at airport at 1am but they denied to give check in pass because I was too early, coz i was tired i slept and woke late so i approached them 25 minutes prior for boarding paas but they denied and charged me 1000 for next flight ticket and they didn't gave me any slip of that.

Sir, I would like to request you to take necessary action to insure the safety and interest of passengers.

Thanking you
Samrat Dubey
Jun 10, 2018

Luggage damaged

I have travelled recently from Delhi to Bangkok via Calcutta on 24 th May 2018 by your flight no 6E 786/ 6E 77 with PNR no D7DUGL. I have checked in my luggage at Delhi directly for Bangkok. When I took the delivery of the same at Bangkok Swarnabhumi airport I found that my suitcase was badly damaged to the extent that I had to buy a new one from airport itself. When I raised the complaint at the airport I was offered 300 Baht to settle the issue there itself or was told that I would get nothing. They were not willing to even file my complaint. 400 baths for a suitcase worth 10000 rs. Please look into the matter and rreimburse my damage.
[email protected]
May 18, 2018

Automatic Cancellation of ticket.


We regret the inconvenience caused. As checked, our Social Media team has assisted you on Facebook in regards to the raised concern.

IndiGo Team
[email protected]
May 18, 2018

Flight delay making life miserable


We regret the inconvenience caused. As checked, our Consumer Forum team has assisted you on consumer complaints website in regards to the raised concern.
Kindly let us know in case further assistance is required.

IndiGo Team
May 17, 2018

Automatic Cancellation of ticket.

New scam of indigo airlines

I have booked a ticket on 1st May 2018 from indigo counter at Jaipur airport for my 8 year old son from jaipur to Mumbai for 16th May 5:05 flight.His PNR No was PGPDXD-6E 218. When he reached at airport in the morning with his mausi whose ticket was already booked in that flight, they came to know that my son’s ticket was cancelled on 1st May itself just 10 mins after the booking of the ticket. My kid and her mausi was tried to convince at counter that we haven’t cancelled the ticket and we had no intimation of cancellation of ticket.But the lady at indigo counter doesn’t co-operate her and tried to frightened them that they are closing the boarding and if they want to fly , they have to book a new ticket which cost Rs 10600 .Both of them are very much frightended and cried over there itself but the lady at counter had no emotions and she harassed them as much she can.At last they booked a new ticket and then fly to Mumbai.
Now I just wanted to ask few questions from indigo airlines who has started this new scam to cheat the customers.
1. When somebody has booked a ticket at counter, how somebody can cancel that ticket online when he doesn’t have any login id with indigo.
2. They are saying that somebody has cancelled that ticket, should this mean that anybody can cancel some other’s ticket.
3. Shouldn’t they inform the customer if the ticket is cancelled either through phone or mail.
4. I insisted them that please share the IP address from which the ticket was cancelled but they haven’t shared that with me.
5. If my ticket is cancelled shouldn’t they call me to refund my cancellation amount.They told that created a voucher of that amount which they haven’t informed me.
At last I concluded from this whole scenario that to increase their revenue they have started this new scam to cancel the tickets themselves and at last moment the customer have no option but to book a new ticket with higher prices.Please register this compaint and take some strong decision against this airline so that some other customer would not be physically and mentally harassed by these airlines.
May 14, 2018

Flight delay making life miserable

My husband was travelling with my children from Kolkata to Delhi on 14th May 2018 by Indigo to visit Sweden consulate at New Delhi. Indigo PNR – JGZVKD. The morning flight was scheduled to reach Delhi at 9am in the morning.
But delayed 2.5hours and reached 11:30am. Sweden consulate is open from 8-11am only.
In the evening the flight was schedule to departure from New Delhi at 8:20pm; again it was delayed for 2 hours

This is an absolute disaster for the entire family personally and financially. There are millions of flight from Kolkata to New Delhi every day, much cheaper than Indigo and they all run on schedule. We have paid INR48,540 costliest among all of them, assuming great comfort and convenience Indigo will provide. Unfortunately this became a biggest disaster for us. Sweden consulate is open from 8-11am. The morning flight reached at 11:30am, by the time the consulate was closed. We had to take great hardship to get our work done. Again in the evening the same story repeated. This is a great punishment for us. My husband has recovered a major surgery last month, travelling with small children. I don’t think we deserve the treatment we received from Indigo today. I will never ever take indigo flight and make deliberate propaganda to my work and friends circle not to avail indigo any further.

I would request who is reading this mail, just step on our shoes and imagine the situation. You start at 4AM in the morning with small children without breakfast to catch 7am flight. The flight delayed 2.5hours. By the time you reach to New Delhi, 11:30am, the purpose you are paying a fortune, the office is closed. We never ever imagine, this could be the situation for a airlines like Indigo. Then again the similar situation in the evening. Again there is a 2hours delay. If would like to ask would you be booking Indigo for your personal travel, even it is free. It is not only Indigo which comes to New Delhi from Kolkata. There are many, much much cheaper than Indigo. But for Indigo, service is pretty poor
[email protected]
May 8, 2018

Irresponsible behaviour and cancellation of Indigo flight on 04/05/2018

Hi Vijay,

We regret to hear about your experience. As checked, our customer relations team has assisted you in regards to the raised concern.

IndiGo Team
May 8, 2018

Irresponsible behaviour and cancellation of Indigo flight on 04/05/2018

Hello there,

This is to inform you that I, vijay saini was traveling from BLR to Delhi and with connectivity of Indigo airlines from Delhi to BDQ.
There was a delay in landing from BLR to Delhi by Indigo which makes delay in connecting flight to BDQ. There was NO information or escort available from Indigo airlines to guide in a time of delay.
Opposite to that the Indigo supervisor collected all tickets of passengers , 10 in total who were flying to BDQ, and cancelled it without any consent.

Also this is to notify that at the time when we all 10 passengers were on gate , they updated us that the gate has been closed without any inquiry about those 10 flyers who are yet to board flight.

Furthermore, There was utter irresponsible behaviour of ground Staff Saveta (Assist. Manager) no facility has been provided.

We were at the gate to board BUS to catch flight, Indigo ground staff deliberately cancelled the gate pass stating that the flight gate has been closed. Wherein the delay has happened from INDIGO itself.
The question should be asked
Who will be responsible for their delay ?
Passengers? Of course not.
If there is flight connection provided be Indigo it is Indigo responsibility to make the necessary arrangements.

No ground staff was available to guide, in case delay in same Indigo flight. No proper arrangements has been made.

I urge you to take this matter VERY seriously . If not surely this will be forwarded with legal notice to Assist. Manager, ground staff, all Indigo personal who were responsible to provide connectivity guidance to their connecting flight passengers.

This is also to bring your attention that this matter is going to handed over with all legal formality to Airport authority and Shri. Shuresh Prabhu.

This kind of negligence will never be tolerated.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

The flight details are
6E 2064 - was actual flight which was cancelled
6E 2698- delayed flight post cancellation

Awaiting for your prompt response.

Vijay saini
[email protected]
Apr 9, 2018

missing of flight due to misleading info , ill treatment by indigo staff

Hi Anurag,

We have investigated the matter and would like to summarize our findings for you.
Passengers were booked to travel on flight 6E 469 from Bangalore to Delhi which was scheduled to depart at 17:15 hours on 7th April 2018. As per policy, boarding gate for our flight closes 25 minutes prior to departure. We have already notified via SMS and also mentioned on the ticket that power banks / portable mobile chargers, e-cigarettes are allowed only in Hand-Baggage and not in checked-in Baggage. Based on our records, power bank is reported in check-in baggage with which we are unable to load the check-in baggage. Therefore, our staff assisted passenger towards luggage department to remove power bank from the check-in baggage. As boarding gates were already closed for your flight our staff was unable to accept the passengers for the same flight.

Our endeavor is to assist our valued passengers at all times, therefore with an intention to help you reach your destination, our airport staff offered you re-accommodation as a customer service gesture. We'd like to clarify that re-accommodation is not followed as a policy, but with the intention to help our customers reach their destination at the earliest. Further, we have shared your feedback with our team to ensure that the concerned staff member is counselled to be extremely courteous, responsible and sensitive while assisting passengers at the airport. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we want the service at all levels to reflect that principle. Please be rest assured that we try our best to assist our passengers in the best possible manner.

IndiGo Team
Apr 7, 2018

missing of flight due to misleading info , ill treatment by indigo staff

This is regards missing of flight by 5 family members ( 2 Senior Citizens, 2 kids 1 female) ) as the staff gave misleading info before boarding . Boarding pass was issued and the luggage was checked in 1 hour before scheduled departure of flight from bangalore to jaipur ( 6E469) on Apr 7 . just 20 min before the flight departure the crew requested us to take out the data bank from checked in luggage . They should have checked in the luggage only after screening check to avoid such instance / The officer incharge reassured that the flight will wait till such time get this done and come back.there was delay from the crew in reissuing new boarding partuzpass and getting the luggage opened . still we were able to reach on time 7.05 at the boarding gate . Scheduled dep was 7.15 , still they did not allow us to board the flight . post this they mistreaded us , officer incharge was not behaving properly . We were told that we need to pay for new tickets and the next flight will be on next day morning . ref PNR LJ3Z7U, OKHM2B.

Can someone help as the passengers are still at the airport and the indigo staff is still misbehaving with no support .

Why did they allow the check in of luggage without screening for these items . my mother had kept it by mistake and she had go through pains . inspite o all reaching well ahead of time.

Request reissue of new tickets to the next flight and compensation for unruly and irresponsible behavior shown by staff,.
9783666643.. need urgent help.
[email protected]
Mar 5, 2018

Shifting of the timing of flight earlier than usual

Hi Abir,

We sincerely apologize the inconvenience caused to you due to change in flight timings. After reviewing the matter internally, we would like to inform you that flight was preponed due to operational reasons. We recognize the importance of maintaining our flight schedules and assure you best of our efforts to eliminate or minimize the causes of any change, which are within our control. We do realize the impact of preponing a flight on the convenience of our passengers and shall take your feedback into account to ensure a more hassle-free experience on your next journey with us.

Kindly visit http://bit.ly/1Xaz2Ul Clause 13.2, for more information in case an IndiGo flight is preponed.

Further, as flight was preponed you can choose a refund or re-booking onto an alternative IndiGo flight at no additional cost (subject to availability). As checked, you had opted for flight move option. Therefore, we are unable to process any compensation in this regard and are hopeful that you will understand the need for our policies and see this matter in the right spirit.

We look forward to serving you on board soon.

IndiGo Team
Abir Saha
Mar 5, 2018

Shifting of the timing of flight earlier than usual

I am a resident of West Bengal and have come to Chennai for check up with my family. Our flight timing was at 1:10 PM on 5th March 2018 (B7PCFY-6E) to kolkata, so we reached Mennam Bekkam International Airport at 11:10 AM. We came from Tirupathi to Chennai according to our previous time on 5th of March and received the message as we entered the airport, that our flight has been rescheduled at 11:50 AM. We was unable to board our flight. However we got our next ticket for Kolkata. Plz give us a hotel in Kolkata as we are out of money because we have got a fixed amount of money. This is our request from the airline to give us a hotel in Kolkata till 10 AM.
[email protected]
Feb 13, 2018

Boarding denied arrogant behaviour

Hi Sunakshi,

We understand you were unable to board 6E 464. Customer service is our top priority, which is why your experience is of extreme concern. We would like to inform you as per the policy check-in counter closed 45 mins prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. Our staff has no reason to deny boarding to passengers who report on-time. In fact, they try to accommodate passengers who report marginally late. However, as you had reported after the counter closure, our staff was unable to accept you for the flight.

Nevertheless, we believe this could have been handled in a better manner. Therefore, we have shared your experience with our Mumbai airport manager to ensure that the concerned staff member is counseled to be extremely courteous, responsible and sensitive while assisting passengers at the airport. It was never our intention to inconvenience you. We'd like to add that whenever complaints from our passengers such as you are received, stern internal action is initiated on the enhancement of our services. This may range from briefing the concerned staff to putting them under strict supervision.

Please be rest assured that we try our best to assist our passengers in the best possible manner. We sincerely appreciate that you took time to share your feedback.

IndiGo Team

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