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Consumer complaints and reviews about Indigo

Pradeep kumar jain1982
Apr 26, 2020

Amout refund

I made booking in indigo through make my trip

dated 13 [email protected] banglore to vadodra...for date 11 April..now flight cancelled due to covid19..now airline refuse to give refund ..pls help ..they are giving credit she'll by force which u dont want ..pls help
Mar 31, 2020

About refund

. PNR NO 1.YQSRHE ,2. TLLDYG 3. AQ51PR 4. QJPPXZ FLIGHT NO 6E 902 Bangalore TO Patna
gulab kamboj
Mar 20, 2020

Regarding rescheduling of flight and unprofessional approach of ixigo

R Sir/Madam,

This is to state that i booked a flight from delhi to bengaluru for today that is 19/03/2020.But due to the prevalent pandemic of Corona virus I had to postpone my visit and i made a request on 18-03-2020 for the rescheduling of my flight from 19/03/2020 to 15 april 2020..I sent the msg.called your customer care person on wednesday.But no action was taken by IXIGO team.No reply or rescheduling was done.Moreover airline kept on sending msgs regarding boarding and all.This is my request to see the matter.As I am government servant and was going on official duty .But due to Corona Virus even the assignment was postponed.It is very unprofessional,inhumane approach that ixigo is behaving like this during the pandemic.Kindly take proper action ,otherwise i wont be having any option but to complain the matter to health Ministry,Civil Aviation Ministry and Consumer Court.This is not a way of earning profit during this kind of situation.

Hoping for your co-operation

My boking ID-IF2003085834402

Kiran Kumar,

Sub Inspector,


Yamuna Nagar
Dec 11, 2019

Not refunded the registration amount

Client of indigo called me through shine.com and told that we offer u a job in Airticketing. But they asked for a registration fees of 1850 which is refundable if I don't get selected. But they never mentioned at the beginning that I have to 7600 for the second round. I had to quit the interview, and now they are telling that they will not refund the amount. His number is 7830245713.
Please do get in touch with him.

Not refunded the registration amount

viju Malimath
Aug 31, 2019

Cancellation of our trip flights due to Kashmir issue


We are 13 people and have our trip booked on 5th September to 13th September 2019. our trip is from Bangalore -amritsar-katra-Gulmarg-srinagar-bangalore . We have Indigo flights booked from Bangalore to Amritsar on 5th september , from Amritsar to Katra its roadway in car booked, and From srinagar to Bangalore again Indigo flight is booked. As per the trip on 7th september 2019, we are supposed to reach Katra . Since Jammu state is closed for tourists in this time and is not safe we are advice to cancel the trip .
Thus I request airline to consider this specical case and approve full refund for the same .

As the support, I can attach all the links for our trip booking , itinerary,hotel booking and transportation to ensure its round trip.

My PNR are :
PNR (10 pax) - ACBDYI/ONY88Y
PNR (1 pax) - LK8K8N/NGPW4J
Since its not in our hand to make this trip work out, I request Indigo authority to make the exception and refund the full amount .

Our trip booking links :

We have made our bookings with Tripfactory and contact person is Vijay GN ph : 9686391629
Hoping our situation is understandable and Indigo considers the exception and approve full refund .

Feb 14, 2019

Not allowed to board the flight


This is regarding complaint against Indigo way of treating customers.
Incident is on 14th Feb 2019, flight no 6E163 ( Bangalore- Lucknow) Morning 11:15 AM departure.

I had reached Bangalore Airport indigo counter at 10:40 AM( It was late as there was huge traffic), but as I am travelling by Indigo from last 5 years continuously. And I was travelling with my wife and my parents. Total 5 passengers.

I had already done the web-checkin. As I reached the counter, the lady at the counter started with the process, but then the manager came and he stopped her from doing the checkin.

I inquired with him, he said if you need on priority, then you have to go to counter number 33 and pay some amount, we can't checkin you on priority like this. When I said I can pay the charges he said that the counter is closed.

Then he assigned some other manager and he said him to look into the matter but don't process the checkin. Is this the way Indigo is treating the passengers.

When I said that we don't want to checkin the luggage and just you send my parents in the flight with hand luggage, me and my wife will come in some other flight, then his response was that you should have given this option at the start, we can't give you these options. Even then 20 mins were there for the flight to take off.

Just because he has to do some paperwork, as he said, he was not ready to take even 3 passengers in the flight that too with hand luggage.

I requested a lot to the managers to allow atleast my parents, but in the end they didn't agree. I have to attend the marriage and I was not able to attend that.

I want the full refund for my 5 tickets.

Is this really the correct way of cooperation and what about my loss of money which i born because of non cooperation

MailId: [email protected]
[email protected]
Dec 17, 2018

Regarding Refund

Hi Abhishek,

We are sorry for the experience. We believe that our customer relations team has responded to you. We regret to inform you that we won’t be able to advise otherwise from what has been shared in the email.

Team IndiGo
Abhishek Agarwal
Dec 16, 2018

Regarding Refund

Dear Indigo,

I had a flight on 12th Dec 2018 from Bangalore to Kolkata and due to unforseen circumstances reached boarding gate at 04:43 instead of 04:40 and the staff didn't allow to onboard the flight and was poi ting out again and again that I am 2-3 mins late.

To my utter surprise, They charged me Rs. 11767 for onboarding the next flight.

Due to emergency, I had to pay the same.

However, when I discussed the situation with Indigo staff today during my return flight at Kolkata airport, they informed me that for missed flights there is a provision to pay Rs. 1,000 and get a seat in next available flight.

Further, I got to know that one of my colleague also faced similar situation one week ago and she was helped with alternative flight for a nominal charges of Rs. 1000

It's not always possible for passengers to know all the policies of an airline and the staff should help the passengers to the best extent possible.
[email protected]
Nov 3, 2018

Asking security money for job

Hi Balmukund,

Thank you for your post, we would like to clarify that the attached letter was not issued by IndiGo and also, the email ID mentioned does not belong to IndiGo.

On the same note, it is also pertinent to mention here that the Company does not indulge in the practices of collecting any processing/enrollment fees from job aspirants/candidates.

It is advisable for you to approach competent authorities for a parallel investigation into the matter against such unknown errant persons.

Further, we would request you to please visit our Careers website and upload your resume at https://bit.ly/2hglmLT. If your resume gets shortlisted you will be contacted by IndiGo’s recruitment team.
We hope your query has been addressed.

IndiGo Team
Balmukund tripathi
Oct 31, 2018

Asking security money for job

The attached letter asked for security money Rs9600 whether it is correct or fraud

Asking security money for job Asking security money for job

[email protected]
Sep 25, 2018

Flight delay and mannerless staff

Hi Ayushi,

We sincerely apologise for the experience due to the delay in flight 6E 847 from Bengaluru to Lucknow on 21st September 2018.
After reviewing the matter internally, we would like to inform you that flight 6E 847 was facing a consequential delay from Bhubaneswar airport owing to operations reasons. We sincerely regret any inconvenience that may have been caused to you in this regard.
We recognize the importance of maintaining our flight schedules and assure you best of our efforts to eliminate or minimise the causes of delay, which are within our control. We do realize the impact of a flight delay on the convenience of our passengers and shall take your feedback into account to ensure a more hassle-free experience on your next journey with us.
However, we are unable to initiate any compensation in this regard and are hopeful that you will understand the need for our policies and see this matter in the right spirit.

IndiGo Team
Ayushi srivastava
Sep 21, 2018

Flight delay and mannerless staff

I had a flight on 21st September, Bangalore to Lucknow 6E-847, scheduled departure at 18:30. And from Lucknow i had to catch a train the same day night at 23:00. Indigo people delayed the flight first by 45 mins, then by 1 hour and then again by half n hour. Because of this delay I couldn't catch my train and i was not able to reach home where i was supposed to reach asap. When asked the indigo staff about it, the lady sitting at gate 21 at that time had an extremely rude response as if they are not responsible for the delay and the problems caused to the passengers.
I had booked train tickets for 2 people and all that money is wasted now. I would like the indigo people to atleast refund my money if they can't be sorry for all the inconveniences caused because of them
[email protected]
Aug 11, 2018

job fraud

Hi Shrihari,

We would like to clarify that IndiGo does not engage in any unauthorised person or mediator to secure an appointment of a candidate desirous of securing a position with IndiGo. All appointments and recruitment related work is handled by genuine and authorized officials of the Human Resources Department of IndiGo at its Gurgaon office or any location officially designated by authorised officials of IndiGo. We do not indulge in the practices of collecting any processing/ enrollment fees from job aspirants/candidates.
We would suggest you to please visit our Careers website and upload your resume at https://bit.ly/2hglmLT. If your resume gets shortlisted you will be contacted by IndiGo’s recruitment team.

IndiGo Team
Aug 2, 2018

Gate Closed

Indigo Airlines not responding our complaints, and last week i send a remainder its not reflecting in complaint board. Indigo airlines hide my complaints and till date not responding,
Jul 23, 2018

job fraud

my name is shrihari and am i am fresher we fresher don t have much knowledge about job agencies so we can t figure out which agency is fake and which agency is real and security deposit is not strange thing for us we pay security deposit for everything. they asked my resume and provide me phone interview then i paid SD they actually send me offer letter in that offer letter they mentioned job location and salary there was no reason to doubt them.
no one can tell the forms and offer letters they sending its fake.
suddenly one day the official number they been in touch with me that no and email id become invalid. they are fooling everyone in same pattern and am not the only one who got fooled 2000+ other peoples are also got fooled that means INDIGO is being little bit careless about this those fake agencies taking advantage of INDIGO and people like us.

I know this complaint is not going to help me but pleas if anyone reading this complaint from INDIGO pleas try to take some action against those fake agencies
Jul 9, 2018

Regarding job offer and taking money for the job

Myself Stephen v

This is what i received from them that i got shortlisted I'm INDIGO Bangalore international airport...9643210877 from this no.i received calls regarding job and took money over 40k...for interview,medical test,training processes...i have no idea weather it's true or not...now they informed me to pay 28000 for bond signing and insurance purpose...plzzzz try to help me whether it's true employment offer or not....i couldn't able to send still more file related to this due to large size...so plzzzz try to help me out weather it's true id of mine or not....

Regarding job offer and taking money for the job

[email protected]
Jul 7, 2018

Duplicate Boarding Passes required for settlement of my Claim

Hi Meher,

We understand your concern. We would like to inform you that the boarding pass can be issued at the time of travel only. Now, you may opt for Travel Certificate, which is INR 200 per passenger per sector by clicking on this link https://bit.ly/11v2V9b.

IndiGo Team
Jul 6, 2018

Regarding job offer nnd taking money

This is what i received from them that i got shortlisted I'm INDIGO Bangalore international airport...9643210877 from this no.i received calls regarding job and took money over 40k...for interview,medical test,training processes...i have no idea weather it's true or not...now they informed me to pay 28000 for bond signing and insurance purpose...plzzzz try to help me whether it's true employment offer or not....i couldn't able to send still more file related to this due to large size...so plzzzz try to help me out weather it's true id of mine or not

Regarding job offer nnd taking money

Meher Anusha
Jun 26, 2018

Duplicate Boarding Passes required for settlement of my Claim

Dear Team,

Kindly issue Duplicate Boarding Passes required for settlement of my Claim.

Flight Details
1)Visakhapatnam To Bangalore
Indigo Airlines
Flight Indigo 6E-216
Flight Date 10-June-2018 (Sunday)
Flight Time 19:00 to 20:45

Meheranusha V
Mobile No- 7092827975

Duplicate Boarding Passes required for settlement of my Claim Duplicate Boarding Passes required for settlement of my Claim

[email protected]
Jun 20, 2018

Lost of watch

Hi Ujjwal,

As checked with concerned department, a similar watch is found at Patna airport. Please carry your boarding pass copy and original I.D. proof to collect the same from the airport.

IndiGo Team
[email protected]
Jun 18, 2018

Lost of watch

Hi Ujjwal,

Thank you for bringing this to our notice. Kindly bear with us while we look into it.

IndiGo Team
Jun 16, 2018

Lost of watch

I Ujjwal kumar and my wife, taken flight from New Delhi to patna from Indigo flight no.6E 738 boarding at New Delhi at 8 am 9th june 2018,my seat number was 7D & 7E , during my travel duration I opened my watch and put it on front seat pocket. Today I realized that I forgotten to taken back thag watch from seat pocket.

Request you to help us out to find my watch.fasttrack watch with silver color chain.

Ujjwal kumar
[email protected]
Jun 1, 2018

Damage Baggage


We deeply regret the inconvenience caused to you. Our endeavour has always been to deliver bag at the destination in good condition. However, our airport team is in touch with you in regards to the raised concern.

IndiGo Team
kumar 981
May 31, 2018

Damage Baggage

Hi Team,

Yesterday I had boarded the flight from Kolkata to Bengaluru with PNR :-VL81FE
Flight 6E-342, when I received the baggage from belt it was completly damaged.

I cant understand why the ppl mishandle the baggage , this baggage are such expensive and the staff co-operation was not all as per expectation.

I have already raised the complaint and no response is being received so far.
May 23, 2018

missing luggage

My father (retired Army Personnel) & My son (9 years old) travelled from Trivandrum to Bangalore on 11th May (PNR no. SFJIMG) by Indigo flight. They had a check-in back of 11 kg, which contains, Honor smart phone with sim (5 months old), 10-12 pairs of my son`s new dress, Cosmetic bought from Dubai, Medicine & my father 2 pair dress. The trolley bag is from American Tourister. The approx. cost of all these valuables is around 18,000/-.

When they reached Bangalore, didn’t find the check-in bag and raised complaint to Indigo and mentioned all the above items in the complaint. They told us that we will get our luggage at 8am next day to our doorstep since this is connective flight to Kolkata so may be luggage is gone with that. I have waited till 10 am but didn’t receive any communication from Indigo and when I called, they said will get back to you by evening. Again, no response from Indigo, I called and asked do I need to send a mail or escalate to anyone, as mobile phone has many contacts, it should not be go to wrong hand and my father needs to travel back next day. They asked me to wait one more day.

As expected, no response from Indigo, when I called them, they said we got your bag in Trivandrum station and it will reach Bangalore in next flight. Will let you know the flight details, in 3-4 hrs. No response from Indigo, I called again and this time they say your bag not found, we have sent a mail to all the stations and will update you the status every day. As anticipated, no response from Indigo. In response to my calls, after holding call for 10-15 mins (in every call), I get the standard response from Indigo person that “Sorry for the inconvenience caused” and will let you know and call you. This is continued for 6 days from Indigo by false statement that will call you daily and update you the status, we are checking with station etc.,

On 7th day, I got a mail from Mr.Hammad, Indigo customer care, this is first time Indigo shown courtesy to contact the customer. However, it is mentioned that they lost my luggage and offering a compensation of 3800/- (350/kg). I have rejected the compensation since it is nowhere to my valuable costs, which is around Rs. 18000/- . Today, If I want to buy these items will be cost Rs.25000/-. In reply to my mail, Mr. Hammad called me and he also agreed that yes compensation is much lower than the valuables and asked why I didn’t raised a complaint to customer care. It was shocking question from Indigo. It was Indigo customer care, who are asking the dates and giving false information and didn’t had courtesy to call the customer and provide update. At last, he agreed that he will check and get back to me.

On 09th day, I got a mail that they can provide compensation only 3800/-. It is Indigo who lost my baggage. I need the compensation which is equivalent to my loss. Today is 12th day (23rd May) but no response from Indigo. They are checking the patience of customer by giving the incorrect information and showing no interest to find the luggage.
I would request Indigo to find my luggage or settle the compensation as the value of my luggage.

Mobile no. 8971303331/ Email id- [email protected]

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