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Consumer complaints and reviews about intex mobile

Feb 24, 2016

battery issue of intex aqua


my name is saket last month i buy intex aqua mobile but from day one i getting so much problem with this handset
and battery is also getting issue of this mobile,
i also went to service center ( ballupur chowk dehradun) many time but we did not receive any solution now i never suggest any one to purchase intex
handset kindly resolve my problem if possible

saket bahuguna
Feb 22, 2016

intex power hd

dear sir I bought Intex aqua power hd in30 December 2014 but this handset not completely work so handset replacement after 1 month same problem this handset
through local vendor in rudawli...from day one I m facing problem with phone...tried customer care centre and even service center...trust me in saying I have not seen any worst customer care service in world...worst ever experience with any product
..I HV filed an complaint with consumer cort and awaiting action on such a company..

Reply awaited
azeem siddiqui
Feb 19, 2016


Dear Intex Team ,
I have purchaseD a Mobile Intex Aqua Power HD 2GB RAM 16 GB INTERNAL MEMORY.


PIN CODE-244713
MOB NO-9837620123


Feb 18, 2016


I purchased Intex mobile on 24 aug.2015 model aqua star ll 16 GB . Battery on charging time battery show 100 % but after removing charging pin its show immediately 80% than continues low the mobile battery without working after 0-30 min mobile battery low and phone immediately off.I am really suffering form harassment since 4-5 months. Please look into the matter and solve my problem. Change the battery as soon as possible.
Feb 16, 2016

customer care executive did not give my phone after 10 days

firstly i gave my phone for software update after ten days when i get my phone back my front camera and back was not working properly . so please take immediate action against my complaint . otherwise i will complaint to your managing director of the company and they will take action against your customer care excecutives.
Feb 16, 2016

i m waiting 4 hours to open customer care

i m waiting 4 hours to open the customer care center , but no one open customer care center till 1 pm . today i feel why intex is poor in customer service . take action immediately on rohtak customer care . my mobile mike is not working properly
Feb 16, 2016

customer care did not pick up the call

my mobile giving charging problem from starting to till now it is not taking charge i am running again and again to rohtak customer care but no solution and when i call them they did not respond please change your system otherwise i am going to take action
Feb 16, 2016

not open your customer care till 12.00 am

dear sir my mobile giving charging problem from starting to till now it is not taking charge i am running again and again to intex gallary (lotus telecom Andheri( mumbai) . i think you should have change my mobile motherboard. give me the solution otherwise i am going to leagle action against intex comp. service center it is too much
Feb 14, 2016

not taking charge

dear sir ,

i mr. vijay thakur I bought intex cloud power plus 16GB item- code no: DC1371653, order NO. 9706607809 & mi no.
911442602159496. in month of of julay 28th 2015.

my mobile giving charging problem from starting to till now it is not taking charge i am running again and again to intex gallary (lotus telecom Andheri( mumbai) . i think you should have change my mobile motherboard. give me the solution otherwise i am going to leagle action against intex comp. service center it is too much
kindly reply me asap my email id : [email protected], mob no. is : 9594505274
duni chand
Feb 9, 2016

नया फोन खराब निकला

मैंने 11 जनवरी 2016 को शर्मा एंटरप्राइसेस, शर्मा शॉपिंग कॉमप्लेक्स, बी.सी.एस (BCS), न्यू शिमला-9 हिमाचल प्रदेश
INTEX AQUA STAR II 16 GB (CHAMP) दो/ तीन बाद पता चला की
1.प्रथम इसकी बैटरी आधा घंटा मुश्किल से चलती और बिना चलाये ही REDUCE हो रही थी1
2.दूसरा बात रात को CAMERA में कुछ भी दिखाई नहीं देता1
3.TOUCH भी ज़ोर से दबाना पडता हैंI
4. Speaker (speaker other music system are not sport)

अत: मोहदय मैंने 20 जनवरी 2016 को इस mobile को Intex service center, Manoj Enterprises, Shimla-1 को दिया जिसकी job sheet Number ############T001 created on 21.01.2016. कई बार फोन और खुद service center जाने पर जवाब आता है की टाइम लगेगा I

कृप्या मुझे मेरे रूपये वापिस दे दीजेय भगवान आप का भला करेगा, नहीं तो मुझे Consumer Court की शरण लेनी पड़ेगीI
मेरा Mobile No 09857530004
नाम दूनी चन्द
Feb 8, 2016

intex aqua power+

Sir mere mobile ka charging speed bahut kam hai.Mere mobile ka full charging 10-12 hours me ho raha hai
naru chou
Feb 8, 2016

intex aqua life 2

my name is naresh choudhary my mobile IMEI no 911441301573048 i have given my mobile 4times in service center of pali the same promble has created now again and battery cannot works longer
so i want to replace my phone and give me
another phone of intex aqua life2
the mobile 6
M.P. Jangid
Feb 7, 2016

IMO not working

M/s. Intex Technologies (India) Ltd.,
D-18/2, Okhla Phase-II,

Dear Sirs,

I had purchased one INTEX AQUA A2 Mobile handset IMEI No.911439500497258 from M/s. Shree Ram Computers & Mobile, Bhawanimandi, as per scan copy of bill No.2011 attached.

This is to inform you that while using "IMO" the hand set is not working that is the voice is not received by the receiver from this hand set. Due to this problem I contacted to the party from where I purchased this handset, they in turn, advised to contact service centre of INTEX-Bhawanimandi (M/s. Gupta Mobile Point, Bhawanimandi). Accordingly, I contacted your Bhawanimandi service centre and given this hand set for setting it right. They have collected the handset and given me job sheet No. ############T001 dated 27.1.2016 and told me to contact after a weeks time, as they will try to set it right at Bhawanimandi service centre and if there will be any problem remains then they will contact to Intex-Jaipur Office as well as Intex-Delhi Office.

I again gone to their shop on 3.2.2016 and again told by them that the problem not solved sofar, despite changing the plate of the handset and to contact them after two days.

Today (6.2.2016), I again visited their shop and they show their inability to set it right despite taking various trials and replacing the plate etc. Therefore, I request you to please set right the above handset at the earliest or to send me replacement of new one handset against this defective handset and oblige, else I shall have to proceed for further action in this respect on your cost and consequences, which please note.

Awaiting your quick and positive response in this matter.

Thanking you and best regards,

M.P. Jangid
Sutlej Textiles and Industries Ltd.,
unit: Rajasthan Textile Mills,
Mob. 09784596657
e-mail [email protected]

cc.to- Legal Department - for information and n/a.
Feb 6, 2016


i bought intex aqua turbo 4g on 29-09-15 at big c. on the first day onwards it automatically stops screen display suddenly and it again starts working itself in either 4 hrs or 10 hrs...... . i deposited my cell to service center at kakinada on 15-10-2015 they told that mother bord is problem and it will be given after 20 days but after 2 months they told your cell is replaced .when i checked the phone it is intex aqua hd, which is not in working condition so i dont agree and ask for intex aqua turbo 4g they told stock is not there wait for some more time after another 2 months they told intex aqua turbo 4g is not exist so take another phone(intex aqua power hd) it will costs extra money 1200.they told money is not repaid i dont know what to do.
Feb 4, 2016

not start

Yesterday night i am doing software update in setting option ,software for battery performance improve but after installing software my phone was not restart
Feb 4, 2016

hang frequently & headphone also not work proper

Dear Intex Team ,
I have purchase a Mobile Intex Aqua Power + 16 GB from snap deal.

I Facing some problems in this Handset like Hang frequently, headphone sounds are not hear proper, Heating problem also there so I called in customer care in Intex as they said you have to visit at our service canters. but there are all service centres are so far from my location up to 50 KM. & no any service canter is not open on Sunday.

if I go to service centre then its my totally loss. I want get 2 days leave for go to there in service centre.

am sorry but next time am not prefer to purchase any intex mobile.

if you not able to provide the service at door then please give return this mobile Free of cost.

Intex service is totally bad they don't support once sell the device.
Feb 4, 2016

my rear camera not working

when I open camera ..automatically open front camera .there is no any options in setting .... please help me .plz
replay on [email protected]
Feb 1, 2016

Battery Sweilling in 3 months

This is Nisha
I had purchased a new Intex Aqua Speed mobile from local distributor in Chembur , 3 months back & within 3 months its battery has been swelled. I had given this battery alongwith mobile for replacement to its Service Center 'Cell Care services' at Vashi. Jan -2 -2016 .That time they told me that within 15 days I would get the battery.But till date (after 15 days) I have not received the same.Whenever I asks for the battery they says battery hasn't come & asks to call customer care.Customer care also not firm on the delivery of the same.

My Jobsheet No. is ############T001 Date 02-01-2016
Pl. replace the same on urgent basis.
Amulya Ranjan Moahapatra
Jan 28, 2016

Blackout of Mobile

Mobile set hang and deposit your service centre 04.01.2016. The Engineer informed us the entire set is damaged and since the damaged parts not available so arrange to replace with new one.
But till date the service centre has not taken not initiative and mentally harassing,simply saying that some more days.This type of verdict for service centre may impact your goodwill badly.

Please resolve the matter immediately.


Amulya Ranjan Mohapatra
Jan 27, 2016

Intex Cloud pace (Battery issues)


I have purchased Intex cloud pace on 08/10/2015, there is issue with battery (Swelled), kindly replace the battery and provide the necessary approval to service centre for the same.

Details given below.

Seller :- M/S Blue seas international
Order date :- 08/10/2015
Order NO :- 20151008066386
Item code :- 153389/Sku

No response to mail send on 27-Jan-2016, mail send to below

'[email protected]'; '[email protected]'; '[email protected]'
raj sharma8102
Jan 27, 2016

Intex aqua trend


I bought Intex aqua trend in December 2015 through local vendor in chandigarh...from day one I m facing problem with phone...tried customer care centre and even service center...trust me in saying I have not seen any worst customer care service in world...worst ever experience with any product
..I HV filed an complaint with consumer cort and awaiting action on such a company..

Reply awaited
Raj sharma
Jan 27, 2016

512176170024T001 Intex Mobile

Hi Team,

I , Nandkishor Baandal, have purchased your Aqua cloud + h/s worth 8599/- something from online shopping in July
2015. In very first week charging problem has been encountered. I have submitted the H/s to Universal Enterprises at Mitra mandal chawk , patil plaza Pune. It was repaired on temporary basis. After that till Nov 2015, i have submitted the handset 6 time for the same problem. However the charging problem had not got sorted.
Finally Service center came to know that it was manufacturing defect, and I got replacement on 11th Dec 2015..
The replaced h/s was Aqua Power HD (Blue+Gold)WF DSIM. Serial No. 911428653143538. I have check with basic thing that network after inserting SIM ob the basis of my previous experience, as couple of time after receiving handset from service center the network was lost. then I went out of city.

After on returning on 16th Dec 2015, I have inserted my memory card in the h/s and I came to know that memory card is reflecting in the h/s. I could check photos, left memory in memory card and H/s, but was unable to play existing Videos from memory card. Again 8th time, I visited and submitted the same also I showed the executive that what happened with H/s. As usual I got cal from Service center that your h/s memory slot was physically damage and It will cost INR 650/- to repair.
I don't understand one thing that What service Intex is providing in mobile segment. From july 2015 till date I didn't use the h/s for 15 days continuously. Out if 6 month, more than 4 month my old h/s was with Service center.
I want some answers from INTEX mobile that,
why am I not approach to consumer forum for my complaint?
why am I not claim for the total loss from the date of purchased ? ( Intex Service center is around 40km away from my residence and I have visited 16 time(8 for submission and 8 time to collect) to service center.)
Who will pay my time behind that ? Who will pay my mental peace back ?
Give me all that answers, I will pay that 650/- to service center.
or else I want my all money back ASAP or I will launch consumer complaint against Intex and online shopping site for sure.
Jan 27, 2016

software problem

Dear sir,
intex aqua power +196787 handset was purchase 22.07.2015 friends mobile show room in rasipuram namakkal dt .mobile hang so many times and the software updating also time to time but the handset was not in condition to handle it easy. so please resolve my problem. and so many times contact in dealers but not response .
my mobile no.9443226929
Mail id [email protected]
Jan 26, 2016


My problem is when i calling from my recant call log list any no after 2,3 times cl not connected sawing only call not sent limited extent.why i cant understand..please solve my problem sir...
Jan 25, 2016

Third class customer service

Recently I deposited my Intex Aqua Q5 M_IMEI:911448150792157 to Yash Mobile service center, Dreams Mall. Bhandup (w) as I was experiencing some software problem with the hand set. It took them 1 long month to sort it out and in the due course of time there were no updates from their side to me regarding my phone. Finally I called them up and enquired about my phone. To my surprise, my phone was already ready. They didn't even have the courtesy to call me back and inform me about my phone. Just after 2-3 days now I am facing touch problems with my handset.

My sincere advice: Guys please don't waste your money for this SHIT. There are lots of options available in the market. Intex has a very bad product quality and on the top of it "A THIRD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE".

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