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IOC/Indane gas, Kochi.Kerala


Consumer complaints and reviews about IOC/Indane gas, Kochi.Kerala

Dec 18, 2014

Gas booked in October, not supplied till date

Respected Sir,
My consumer number is 4328. I am working in UAE.
Please note that my wife has been done online booking in October 2014 (almost 2.5 months back), but the agency not supplied the gas till today. So, she contacted by phone in agency, then they told to book again through online we will supply the gas within one week and she did as advised. Most of the time telephone in this agency is will be busy or they will not attend the phone.

Our Agency: Changaramkulam, Malapuram district. (Phone: 00914942656050)

My e-mail ID: rkrishna1965@yahoo.com

We hope that a positive action will be taken from your end to resolve my request.

Radhakrishnan Chanayil
Consumer no. 4328
Punnayurkulam, Thrissur district.
Dr. V. Mohan Kumar
Dec 17, 2014

Non receipt of Gas refill

Consumer No 16811
We Booked gas on 31 Oct, 2014 ( No. is 445912). It got automatically cancelled. It was automatically rebooked (Booking No. is 2000116393 and Booking Date is 15 Nov, 2014 00:00:00). We have still not received our supply of gas.
Premachandran Nair.K
Nov 29, 2014

Non getting proper gas cylinder

Respected sir,
I have received a gas cylinder on 13-10-2014.it is unable to connect in the regulator due to diameter variation of neck.I contact Nethaji Agencies in many time but not replace it till date. My consumer No is 26042.Kindly consider my prayer to replace unsuitable gas cylinder.
Manu Anand
Mar 20, 2014

Non Delivery of Refill Cylendre

My consumer number of IOC is 14501 , agency is Bindu Gas Agencies at Aluva... We have made booking more than a month before. On inquiry with the automatic answering system, it is intimated that the delivery is made on 19th of February. However till time we have not got the refill. Again on inquiry with the agency, it is reported that the bill has been created for delivery.

However till today even after a lapse of more than a month ( 50 days ), we have not received any refill. This happens with many customers, of the same agency. May I request you to please see into the matter and and take strict action on the agency, to avoid similar incidents and malpractices. Also make arrangements to supply with immediate effect.

Chandrika Nair ... Aluva.
Ph : 0484 2607549.
Mar 6, 2014

Subsidy not received

Sir, My Name is Mary John Consumer No.1483 HNL, Newsprint Nagar. I have not yet received the gas subsidy from November 2013 to February 2014.My bank is Central Bank of India, Mevelloor, Kottayam. I am verify my accounts in Central Bank of India only received gas subsidy of Rs.576.87 for the month of October 2013. Please sent me the balance four months gas subsidy. My Mobile No.9744841860.
Feb 8, 2014

Gas leakage

Consumer number CX 2831413 - the cylinder delivered on 07/02/2014 was leaking from the side of the valve ie from threaded portion of valve and cylinder. This was reported to emergency number but they could not do anything due to nonavailability of technicians and advised us to keep the cylinder in open air. Earlier thrice i got leaking cylinders due to nonavailability of washers inside the valve. A clear indication of poor quality of product and a total system failure. On 08/02/2014 by 10 am technician came and by 10.30 they replaced the cylinder. Now a days frequent reports are coming about cylinder explosions but situation continues to be worse. No proper system is in place to address emergencies. No one seems to be bothered about common people.

Hope immediate steps will be taken to have a proper 24*7 service facility and to supply quality products.

MOB: 09846036667
robert mampilli
Feb 3, 2014

not received cylinder neither subsidy to bank

Dear sir,
I had booked Indane Gas cylinder on 10.1.14 but I have not received any subsidy to my account Consumer No.21725 so far neither
has any cylinder been received so far. Booking no. 447739. There is no reply from the City Gas agency. They do not give a
proper reply . The sad part is that those who have followed Govt. instructions and have linked their Aaadhar no. to the bank
are sufferring heavily by way of money and booking of cylinder. The cylinder takes a long time to reach.whereas those who
have not bothered to link get their gas at the old priceof Rs.441/-. We are getting at Rs.1050/- and we get a subsidy only of
Rs.525/- The difference is understood. My Aadhar Card no. is ############.
I hope you will take some action regarding this. Next I will have to write to the Minister concerned.
Thanking you and hoping a quick action on your part.
Robert Mampilli
Flat E, Indraprastha,P.V.Lane, T.D.Rd.,Ekm,Cochin-682935
mercy c.j.
Jan 27, 2014

Did not get subsidy for the month of January 2014

Mercy C.J.
Consumer No.127949

M/s Indane Gas
Till December 2013, I had been receiving the gas subsidy amount into my bank account regularly.
But I have not yet received the subsidy amount of the gas into my bank account for the month of January 2014. The bill date and amount are 07-01-2014 for Rs. 1291 (Super gas agencies, Cochin -26). My Adhar number is ############. It is linked with South Indian Bank, Edappally. I have booked the next cylinder also. But I am afraid that I may not get the subsidy for February 2014 as well.
We find it very difficult to deal with the situation. The most pathetic condition is that we are not getting any response from you when we try to dial the complaint number.

I hope you will take necessary steps to solve this problem at the earliest
Thanking you
Mercy C.J.
Jan 27, 2014

Over charging

My delivery boy demanded Rs.36/- extra from me as delivery charges. On refusing to pay, he has mis behaved with me. The distributor is Captial Gas, Trivandrum. I am quite upset on his behavior and posting my complains here.
Jan 26, 2014

Non delivery of refill from Nirmal Indane,Venjaramoodu

I booked a refill against my consumer no-cx875570 with Nirmal Indane,Venjaramoodu,Trivandrum on 14th December2013[booking no-353074].I am in trouble as the refill is not delivered to me even after 35 days of booking.When I asked the distributor, they told that I did not do the gas booking.I tried to reach at IOC tollfree number for registering a complaint, but that number is always say busy. I doubt that they have sold it in black market and are misguiding me.The distributor generally don't pick up the phone call of the customers to say anything about the delivery of the cylinder.I complained in 9447498247, 0484-2310859 on 23.01.2014,but there was no response from there also. So I hope you will take an early action to get my refill soon.
Jan 15, 2014

fire due to gas leak through INDANE stove knob

name; meena. I.G. consumer No;306506. agency- sathyam indane services, ottappalam. on 11.1.2014 night at about 11 PM, when I switched on the gas, it caught fire, the fire engulfed the whole stove top from all around.we all ran outside, shouted for help. someone called sathyam gas agency ottapalam, & the fire service. the fire burned for about 20 minutes, by the time gas people came, one man braved the fire & put it out using an extinguisher. he told us that the gas had leaked through the faulty knob.luckily the cylinder did not catch fire.the fire men also came & surveyed the site.
luckily no one was injured . the fire was caused by faulty INDANE stove burner , which was sold by your agency on 16.11.2013. i do not wish to put my family's life at risk using INDADE stove any further. I want you to take back the faulty stove at the earliest & refund my money. I donot wish to use INDANE stove any more. pls advice the agency accordingly., Smty, Meena.I.G.
Nov 28, 2013

INDANe refill booking- IVRS failure

My Consumer number is 7419 and the gas agency is Sabari Indane Services.I have a double cylinder connection, but for the last two years one of the cylinder is kept idle because every time I get the refill supply only after repeated complaint. refill booking through phone is impossible because no body is kind enough to attend the calls. So I decided to book the cylinder through IVRS. So for my booking in September I received SMS three times on 3/10, 4/10 and on repeated inquiry at the gas agency the gas was finally delivered on 8/10/2013. the next day i booked the refill by IVRS. because the gas was almost empty i inquired my booking status I got the reply that it could not be answered now. So I made a booking on 24/11/13. and understood that my booking made on 9/10/13 was not registered. i made a vane plea to the agency for supply of the refill cylender. Now both my cyliders are empty and i may get the refill only when my turn comes for my booking on 24/11. Is there any time gap to book the refill ahter the supply is made?. when I tried ti book the refill through SMS, they are asking for the key word. i was not given any key word while i have registerd for SMS booking of refill cylinder.How can I get the gas supply?
Sivaji K R
Sep 21, 2013


My consumer Number is 7945. I had booked one cylinder on 28th august. my booking reference No. 266696, on that 12th September 4.32 pm I received a message from indane as the cash memo no. 3000022380 generated and cylinder shall be delivered shortly. But no one delivered the gas into my flat, yet i have received one more message from indane on 14th September 2.16 pm indicating the cylinder has been delivered against your refill booking 266696 with cash memo 3000022380. So I tried to contact the gas agency ( Mez Gas, Kizhakkambalam, Ernakulam ) more than fifteen times, but no one attend the phone. So I decided to contact Mr. Sunil, who is the delivery boy, but unfortunately he don't attend the mobile. This situation is not a first time, I have already complained the matter to gas agency. But I strongly believe that this is the play with gas agency and delivery boy.
Sir, I hereby request you to solve the problem at the earliest and please stop this much robbary.

Thanking You

Sivaji K R
Sep 13, 2013

Delay in Transfer of Connection

I am working as Sub Divisional Engineer in BSNL at Kalpetta,Wynad District of Kerala.I closed my working gas connection at Calicut on 07-09-2013 to transfer to Kalpetta. I approached M/S Kabani Gas Agency (04936-205489)at Kalpetta on Monday the 9th of september, but the agency did not accept the application for want of Residential Certificate from Municipal authorities. I produced the rental agreement of residence ,Copy of my joining report at Kalpetta etc.As per the Sales Officer,Indian Oil Calicut these documents were enough for transfer of the connection.
Again on Wednesday I submitted the application along with a Residential Certificate and they received it saying that still it may take three or more days to have the connection delivered.
As an officer of BSNL during the day time I have been very busy and I find it difficult to buy and serve food from outside to my family members .Still, this is being done for the last one week. I also approached the Sales Manager, Indian Oil Corp. Calicut Mr Paul (9446328889) but he also pointed out flimsy reasons of soft ware issue.
It is suspected that the agency is having different reason from the area Sales Manager.Any how the hardships faced by me is inexplicable.Hence I request to ensure sufficient amount of compensation against the failure on the part of the Company as well as the agency.
Aug 18, 2013

Transfer of LPG Connection in Family Members Name During Lifetime of Customer

Sub: Transfer of LPG Connection in Family Members Name During Lifetime of Customer
On 17/08/2013, I have approached Divya Indane gas agency, to transfer my LPG connection to my sister, who is not in possession of LPG connection from any of the PSU Oil companies in her Household or Piped Natural Gas (PNG) connection from any CGD company.. As per the information avalable in the Official website of Indane, I have submitted written request with documents , viz, KYC of the Transferee, Proof of adress , Proof of Residence along with Original SV. The distributor is supposed to make a new SV after verifying the multiple connection. But he insisted to submit an undertaking( indemnity bond in Rs.100/- stamp paper, prepared by a Notary, addressed to Chief Area manger, Indane Area Office, IOC,Cochin-682036, and obtain Chief Area Managers approval in this undertaking for effecting transfer of connection ( just like Regularization of LPG connection in Third Party's name,)
The relevance of such an under taking /procedure is not available in the website. As such I requested him, to go through the latest instructions available in website in this regard, and a copy handed over to him. But he is not at all interested in verifying these instructions and informed me that without the written recommendation of the Area Manger, in the indemnity bond/ application, he will not transfer the connection to my sister.
Sir , in this context, kindly clarify:
(1) Whether the argument of the Distributor is correct and according to the latest rules/instructions framed by Indane?
(2) If so, why these procedures are not intimated to the customers through your Official website?
(3) shall I abide the instructions of Distributor or the instruction available in the website?
(4) In such transfer of LPG connection, shall I remit the Differential security deposit for the Cylinder(s) & Pressure Regulator between amount in old and the prevailing rate ?
(5) Eventhough I request to register my compliant in the complaint book available in the Distributors office, he refused to hand over the compliant book, stating that nature of this compliant is not pertaining to his service?
Sir I request an early clarification to the above points at the earliest , to proceed me. Also give suitable instruction to Divya Gas agency.
Thanking you
Aug 16, 2013

not supplied refill cylinder and canslation refill booking

sir. I am P.Jagathamma consumer No;24876 Thamburatty Gas Agency Chirayinkeezh phone No:04702 640310 641310. I have booked for refill cylinder on 12-june-2013 booking No:294463.But not delivered refill cylinder till date. 01-01-2013 to16-08-2013 supplied three cylinder only.and another complaint I have booked for refill cylinder on12-june-2013 booking No:294463 use Indane automatic booking system but after 43 days to inform dear Indane customer, against your refill booking 294463 cancelled.date 23-july-2013. In which reason automatic booking system of my booking No:294463 is cancelled. Kindly inform me on which basic rule of this cancellation.My phone No;9495311507 email joymonjoy69@gmail.com
Philip Andrews Eliyas
May 3, 2013


my consumer number is 199, i have booked a cylinder on 22/04/2013 and received a message, booking for consumer number 199 is registered and the booking reference number is 289463 followed my another message on 29/04/2013, Dear indane customer, Against your refill booking 289463, cash memo 5316 generated, cylinder shall be delivered shortly. but on 02/05/2013 i got a text message telling that "dear Indane customer, against your refill booking 289463, cash memo 5316 cancelled".

sir may I know what the problem is, as I have not cancelled the booking its my right to know ?
Apr 22, 2013


I have received a mobile message on 9/3/2013; at 14.29
Cylinder has been delivered against your refill booking 241313 with cash memo 1333 .
But today is 22/04/2013 and till date the above said delevry has not been happened . Now situation is alarming and I am desperately required cylinder ASAP.
Nov 7, 2012

refill booking

I have received a message on 6/11/2012; 08.43 pm
Dear Indane customer, against your refill booking 337586 ,cash memo 1372 generated ,cylinder shall be delivered shortly.
I was waiting for my gas cylinder the whode day of 7th November.
The next message for me on 07.11.2012 time 12.40 pm
Cylinder has been delivered against your refill booking 337586 with cash memo 1372 .
Anoob N
Oct 11, 2012

Refill Booking





CONSUMER NO. IS 5927. MY MOBILE NO. IS 9446740166 AND MY EMAIL ID IS anoobnago@gmail.com
Unnikrishnan Nair P.G
Sep 21, 2012

Improper delivery of cylinders

I am one of your consumers. My consumer no: is 10581. I had booked for refill cylinder on 26Th july but still hasn't recieved the refill.
My mobile no:is 8547145588.
When I called and inquired about the cylinders to my gas agency they didn't give appropriate answer and cut the phone before listening to me.
Hope immediate action will be taken
K.M. JOHNSON Send email
Sep 15, 2012

gas booked before one month not supplied till date






CONSUMER NO. IS 2701. MY MOBILE NO. IS 9447090932.

Rajeev B Send email
Sep 7, 2012

gas booked before one month not supplied till date

My consumer number is 12799. I have done on line booking on 24 July 2012, registration No. 207058.till date I have not being supplied with the gas refill. Customer care complaint no. 605214 dated 28 Aug 2012.I have complained to Area office Cochin on 07 Sep 2012. I have not got any satisfactory reply or the gas refill till date. 45 days have completed after booking. And the behaviour is also very rude and telling to come and collect the refill if you are urgent. They distribute the cylinders in odd hours to some customers

Rajeev B
Consumer No. 12799, CAPITAL GAS, Karthika, Chalakuzhi Road, Pattom palace PO, TVPM 04, Kerala
Sreedharan Pillai Send email
Aug 25, 2012

gas booked before one month not supplied till date

Dear Sir,
I am a consumer of Indane Gas in Trivandrum Capital Gas Agencies. I have booked for refill on 26-07-2012. Booking no is 207859. .But not delivered till date in spite of several reminders to the agency .Two cylinders are empty. On this Onam days, without getting the Gas I found it no means to manage My Consumer number is CG 16739 and name M.Sreedharan Pillai
Sunny Parampil Send email
Aug 25, 2012

gas booked before one month not supplied till date

I am Elsy Joseph. My custermor No 3485 with Arjun Gas, Keezhukara, Kozhencherry. Last I got the refill on 08 Jun 2012. I booked for a new refill before 60 days. Uptill they didn't delivered the cylinder. When ever we contact they are telling we will send it today.On 5th of Aug the agency told we made the bill and sent it. I didn't go anywhere and waited here till evening. They didn't bring the cylinder. Last 17 olso happened the same thing. Yesterday they told they made the bill and sent it. When the gas vehicle passed in front of our house I asked the driver he told you don't have gas. Then I asked the agency they told they sent. I asked them you don't have any responsibilty about this. At least they have to confirm weather the driver delivered the cylinder. Then the office gave the driver Mob No. I called him and he told me he couldn't find your bill. Hence I couldn't get the cylinder. I waited here till evening. The driver asking more money (Rs 20 to 30) than in the bill. On duty always he used to drink alchahole. I refused to give more money. That is why he was not deliver the cylinder and the agency not taking any action against the driver or to confirm the delivery of the refill. So I humbly request you to take necessary action to get me cylinder in time.

Thank you, Sir

My email ID is "parampilsunny@gmail.com

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