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Consumer complaints and reviews about IRCTC

Mathew Joseph
Mar 16, 2018

Refund against failed booking

Refund against failed boking under transaction ID 100001173078651 is yet to be received despite several reminders to care@irctc.co.in . Please help in getting refund.

Joseph Mathew
Ph. 9413771644
Mar 13, 2018


Myself Nirmal Dey.I have booked one ticket on13/03/2018 for journey From howrah to nagpur by Gitanjali express train no:- 12860 on journey date 02/04/2018 in online .When I make payment from my debit card the amount RS 340.00 is deducted from my account and then after payment the screen shows that your ticket is not booked . The amount, 340.00 is deducted from my account and ticket is not booked and still the amount is not come in my account. After sometimes again i have book same ticket then same thing happend. RS 340.00 deducting from my account. Please give my money(680/-) back as soon as possible.

with faithfully
Nirmal Dey
Mar 6, 2018

Problem faced in train

Tain no 12659 (GURU DEV EXPRESS) on date 04-03-2018 from Trivandrum central I have traveled my ticket was in waiting list the TC's and squares are trying to fill there pockets by selling tickets to general ticket passenger's and the way treating the waiting list passenger's are too rude. please make action on this issue especially the squads in that train are completely focused only for money ,please consider my request sir
Sayyad Mehmud Kaadri
Mar 6, 2018

money not refund

I had cancelled the ticket on 22.01.2018. And Refund amount of 1750 has to be credited to my account. But after more 1 month it is not done.in the website it is showing refunded on 22.01.18 and bank name as payumpp. i did complaint to irctc many times not got resolve itself.
details is given below

Transaction id - 100001079172389
Refund id - 100000213166246

Please look into the matter.
my email:sarkarsaiyednapak@gmail.com

money not refund

Mar 6, 2018

TDR Refund not processed

Hi Team

With much disappointment towards the TDR dept of the Indian Railways, i need to say that my TDR refund has not been processed even after so many months have elapsed.

Please provide a contact number and refund the amount at the earliest. My email id for communication is

Email: jaiswal.amit22@gmail.com

Below are the details of the transaction:

TDR Transactions Details

Transaction ID: 100001006034125
Train No./Name: 04032/DLI BSB SPL
PNR No 2137435311
Date of Journey: 18-Oct-2017
Date Of Boarding: 18-Oct-2017
Date of Booking: 07-Oct-2017
Resv Upto: VARANASI JN (BSB) Quota: GENERAL (GN) Class: SECOND AC (2A)

Ticket Amount:1960.0
Ticket Type:E-ticket

Passengers Details

Name Age Gender Status Coach ID Berth No/ WL No


TDR Details

Reason For TDR: Train Late More Than Three Hours and Passenger Not Travelled.

TDR Filing Date: 18-Oct-2017 17:40:59 HRS

TDR Status CR Registered

Cancellation ID: 100000191956640


Registration No: ############
kalyan kumar goswami
Mar 4, 2018

refund amount not credited

I,kalyan kumar goswami, purchased e ticket on 27th. & 28th Feb '18 but till to date i.e.,05.03.2018 amount not refunded to my account although in the irctc refund history shows amount refunded. I do not understand where the amount refunded. Please make arrange to refund the amount to my account immediately.The details of my PNR NO>4242029692,4861909398,4761907444,4861905958.
Cancellation ID 100000220932765 refund amount for Rs. 965.00 Dt. 27.03.2018
-do - 100000220927183 - do- Rs. 4220.00 -do-
-do- 100000220952325 -do- Rs. 965.00 -do-
-do- 100000221567146 -do- Rs. 1570.00 28.03.2017
Hemanth panjala
Mar 2, 2018

Email verification

I am unable to verify my IRCTC account by my email address I have just registered with IRCTC I have got a mail with username ,password and verification OTP but when I tried to verify it seems to be not verifying it is saying that your mobile number is already verified when I put my email verification OTP

Feb 28, 2018

Non refund of railway ticket failed transaction

Dear sir,
I Following Transection refund due to Failed tickets booking online through IRCTCis due as has not been credited in my account.
1. TXN ID 100001166428547 dt 22 Feb 2018 for Rs 4640/
2. TXN ID 100001165808277 dt 21 Feb 2018 for Rs 735/

3. Request for needful at the earliest please.

Anil Bali
Mobile 9357096625
Feb 26, 2018

Refund amount not recieved

I booked a ticket through IRCTC app with transaction ID: but the payment got failed.
I paid via paytm app but i still haven't recieved the refund amount.
According to paytm, payment is still pending from your end.
Attaching reply from paytm. Kindly pay the refund amount back to my paytm wallet asap.

Refund amount not recieved Refund amount not recieved

Feb 24, 2018


I cancelled ticket but I did not get refund. I have regarding it but there is no response and even mailed but no reply. They are very awkward and I wasted lot of time due to it.
Please resolve issue.
My PNR no. 4654447658
Feb 23, 2018

I want myoney to be reverted back to my account

I want my money to be reversed back to my account..booking failed on IRCTC..money got deducted...my amount has yet not been reverted back to my account..please give response ASAP.. transaction I'd details are

I want myoney to be reverted back to my account

Feb 21, 2018

money deducted from bank account but air ticket not booked

while i was trying to book flight ticket on 9th February from New Delhi to Visakhapatnam for the date 17th April,2018 at the time of payment the full amount for ticket of 3229/- rupees got debited from account but ticket could not be booked due to failure of web server bridge. An window showing- "no backend server available for connection: timed out after 10 seconds or idempotent set to OFF or method not idempotent." date of transaction is 09.02.2018 and transaction id/ cheque no. is ############, description---irctcservicesbangalorein-09/02/18.. already 2 weeks have been passed but the deducted amount has not yet been credited to my bank account. so kindly respond to my complaint as soon as possible and do the necessary. thank you.
Feb 21, 2018

Money not added

Money Not Refunded for ticket
Hello Sir/ Mam,
I Dr. P.D. Agrawal started travelling from H Nizamuddin (NZM) to Raigarh (RIG) on
Date: 11/10/2017
Time: 03:20 PM
Ticket Details
Name: Dr. P.D Agrawal
Itctc customer care number 9026555677
Sex: Male
TDR Status : Y
Booking Class: Ac 2-tier Sleeper (2A)
Coach No/ Seat No/ Status: Confirm/A1/46/CNF/ Side Upper
Booking Details:
Railway PNR : 2817975661
IRCTC Transaction ID : 10000099742771
PD Agrawal
Feb 21, 2018

Money Not Refunded for ticket

Hello Sir/ Mam,
I Dr. P.D. Agrawal started travelling from H Nizamuddin (NZM) to Raigarh (RIG) on
Date: 11/10/2017
Time: 03:20 PM
Ticket Details
Name: Dr. P.D Agrawal
Age: 69
Sex: Male
TDR Status : Y
Booking Class: Ac 2-tier Sleeper (2A)
Coach No/ Seat No/ Status: Confirm/A1/46/CNF/ Side Upper
Booking Details:
Railway PNR : 2817975661
IRCTC Transaction ID : 10000099742771

But i faced the problem , the problem is that , by using IRCTC my ticket is booked in 2-tier as i mentioned above the full details, but when i reached to station and as i see the train i found their is no Ac 2-tier boogie attached. And I discussed with the TT regaring my problem ,he told me you sit in seat AB-1-19 , and I found its an 3 Ac rater then 2 Ac, then again I told to the TT that i booked my ticket in 2 Ac and I get seat in 3 Ac, as he is a very genuine person , he consult with his official and he gave me Excess Fare Ticket (attached) for returning my amount back , and told me you will get your difference amount back after or before 90 days days. Now its more then 120 days , yet know i have not received my amount back.
Try to clear my issue as soon as possible and refund the money to my agent account as soon as possible.
kindly find the attached document as a prof.

Money Not Refunded for ticket

naresh vaswani
Feb 19, 2018

refund of TDR FILED

I have filed a TDR for my ticket from habibganj to Mumbai due to train delayed more than 3 hours as under :

SNo Cancellation ID PNR Number FromTo Date of Journey TDR Status TDR Filing Date
1 100000180827387 2816634868 HBJCSTM 30-Aug-2017 CR Registered 30-Aug-2017 20:57:42 HRS

Although refund is approved by the appropriate authority on 22.11.2017 as per the detail available on the railway refund site, still I have not been refunded the claimed amount of Rs. 1500.00
Feb 16, 2018


PNR 8264805575

Cancellation Date

Refund Details
Refund Date: 10/08/2018
Refund Amount:440.0

Kashyap Rituraaj
Feb 10, 2018

Refund money

It has been 9 days.my refunded money still i dont get into my account.how can i get my money???
Kindly helpme out.

Transaction id- ################
mobile number- 9127567427

Refund money

Feb 3, 2018

Failed To Return TDR

Railway is the lifeline of our country which is used as a part of daily life by almost a large part of the countrymen whether its rich or poor. Govt of India in its initiative to eradicate black money encourage the people to have a cashless transaction while booking railway tickets. They are requested to use IRCTC website or many other means to use their credit/debit card/netbanking mode of payment while booking railway tickets. But, this initiative of the Govt. is not getting its expected platform because of the transaction charges which is levied from the customer while booking tickets on the website. Not only that, this transaction charge is also included GST which affects a lot to the very common man of this country.
IRCTC Customer Care Number 09026555677

Now a days price of a Railway Ticket already includes GST, so please remove this transaction charge+GST from the IRCTC Website to enable the common man to help the Govt. of India to eradicate black money and to save the country from a large sum of expenditure in printing of currency notes.
s k rastogi
Feb 2, 2018

Nonreceipt of Refund

Refund of PNR no 865485134 not credited so far for train

cancelled on 09.12.17, despite persistent follow-up, last

being ticket ID (IRCTC # 7949331)
Feb 2, 2018


I have raised the TDR on 25th June 2016 almost SIXmonth going to complete. Need your attention on this case.
Please find the PNR number 4233081702.

Kindly find the attached Screenshot for your reference.

Name: Ranjith Kumar P
Contact: 9976552262


Jan 30, 2018

Change in Date of Birth

Hello Sir,

I have entered a wrong DOB at the time of registration and would like it to get corrected. Please help me out with the same.
User Name : shivam7485
Wrong DOB : 07/08/1985
Correct DOB : 07/04/1979
Email ID : shivam.stap.123@gmail.com

Please let me know if any additional information is required.

Thanks & regards,
Mandarapu Shyam Prasad
Jan 26, 2018

Amount deducted for a failed irctc transaction


I have tried to book train ticket from New Jalpaiguri (NJP) to Vijayawada (BZA) by using IRCTC app on 25th January 2018. This transaction ( transaction number is 100001133088647 or 100001133088664 or 100001133088698 or 100001133088727 or 100001133150390) has failed but amount Rs 695/- deducted from my bank account. I have used BHIM app for payment. UPI reference number under which Rs 695/- was deducted is UPI/############/razorpay@icici.

Yours are requested to credit Rs 695/- into my bank account.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Mandarapu Shyam Prasad
Jan 20, 2018


My PNR no is 4438495193 and 8165670010. I canceled this 2 tickets.

Cancellation id is 100000210337539, 100000210337538 and 100000209423713
I have canceled before 15 days but till now I have not received my amount.
Jan 19, 2018



CORRECT NAME : KANU RANJAN GOGOI( middle name RANJAN to be added)

IRCTC login ID: kr_gogoi
email: kr_gogoi@yahoo.co.in
mob: 9428007433
Jan 15, 2018

my refund is not come in my Airtel payments bank account

I am booked my ticket thought IRCTC rail connect app
I cancelled my ticket but the payment is not given me.
My PNR no. is 2441343123. And train no.12230
Transaction id is 100001121796078.

And i received the mail from IRCTC is given below

Dear Customer,

We wish to inform you that your ticket against PNR Number: 2441343123 has been cancelled successfully as per your request. The refund amount of Rs. 210 will be refunded back to your respective account shortly.

For any problem please contact us 24x7 Hrs. Customer Support at 011-39340000, Fax No. 011-23345900, Chennai Care No. 044-25300000

Please help me
What can I do.

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