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Consumer complaints and reviews about IRCTC

Siddharth Sasmal
Jun 18, 2018


We were travelling from Haridwar to Delhi through a train booked at irctc. The train was yoga express - 19032. We had reserved 9 seats, but the train was overcrowded because the unreserved people were coming inside the train. The irctc had betrayed us. If I will see the irctc I will spit onto them. The irctc is ##!?$#.
Jun 17, 2018

online ticket booking

I just tried to book a ticket for 15th october,2018 from irctc website and it started today at 8:00 am only. It showed in kanchankanya express there are 190 seats available in the sleeper class and when i finished paying which was only 1 minute later because i had all me passenger lists saved beforehand it showed PQWL 45. Therefore, i shall be highly obliged if you kindly inform me as to what are the chances of getting a confirmed ticket. Is this any way possible? It's my honest query that would going to a ticket counter would help more than this? Because the way it is, it seems higly unfeasible for all the tickets to be booked within that amout of time unless these are dony by robots and not manually as i have done.

In addition to that, I also want to add even before it started on 8:00 am they showed us the number of seats available for booking in my choice of trains ans in some of them no of seats were as low as 5 even when the booking did not start. This is also of great inconveinece and i want to draw your kind attention to these issues too.
Jun 17, 2018

related to refund of deducted amount

I tried to book two railway tickets through IRCTC website from Patna Jn. to Vadodara Jn. on 15-06-2018 having cost of Rs.1220/- and I paid the said amount through BHIM app but due to bad network connection I couldn't book the tickets. but the net amount has deduced from my bank account request you to please refund my deducted amount .
Sanjay Sehgal
Jun 16, 2018

Ticket not booked in TATKAL and Deducted Rs2340

Dear All

my Ticket Id:-537745 but on Tatkal booking time Rs.2340 has been deducted without any booking.There are no PNR no provided by computer.

Failed Transaction History
* Refund of failed transactions where payment is deducted will be credited automatically in 3-4 working days.

All JourneyUpcomingPast
Sunday10Jun 2018Not Booked
Transaction ID: 100001302800340
FARIDKOT ( FDK) PALANPUR JN ( PNU) Transaction Date: 9-Jun-2018
Transaction Amount: 2340.0Payment Status: Amount Not Received From Bank
Failure Reason: Payment Failed

Train Name: JAT ADI EXPRESSTrain Number: 19224
Boarding Station: FARIDKOT (FDK)Date of Boarding: 10 Jun 2018 00:00 Hrs
No. of Adults: 4No. of Children: 0
Rahul Soni
Jun 13, 2018

E-wallet Renewal

I am unable to renew my e-wallet as the website is not responding, screenshot attached. I tried every browser in PC, laptop and cell phone too but, can't renew it. Requesting you to please register my complaint and resolve the issue as i will loose all money nearly Rs.2500/- as my wallet is soon going to be expired on 24 June 2018.

E-wallet Renewal

Jun 10, 2018

Money deducted twice but retiring room was not booked

I tried to book retiring room(non a/c) with the pnr number 2509489598. But Room was not booked and my money is deducted twice from my account .. total amount of 939+939 = 1878.

So please take my request into consideration and send my money back.
Account details are as same as.. train tickets booking details..
Jun 8, 2018

Premium Tatkal

I have been trying to use Premium Tatkal since a long time today.
Had used it before with ease.
Nowadays, it keeps telling that the booking is not allowed despite me using it after 11:00 am.
This is highly disappointing.
The helpline numbers are wrong.
The correct one is always busy.
They never respond to emails.
Dearest IRCTC members,
If you think that you have become the best company ever, please stay grounded. I had always been too happy with IRCTC but it has all changed. A company who doesn't know how to behave with their customers and be there for them when there is a need actually can't claim itself to be having a really good management system.
Sorry if I was rude but couldn't help.
I HOPE THAT ACTIONS ARE TAKEN AND I AM REPLIED (and not with sarcasms about how good you people are but with genuine solutions) :) !!!!
Jun 8, 2018

No refund of Cancelled ticket from IRCTC

MY IRCTC User Id is uttasaha. I’ve cancelled the ticket but still not received the amount.
The details are as follows:
Transaction ID: 100001271104783
Transaction Date: 02/06/2018
CancellationID/RefundID: 100000243071766
Jun 6, 2018

Amount not refunded

Amount deducted from bank.
Transaction I'd:-100001283228311
Booking date:-26/may/2018.
Kindly send the money as earliest.
Jun 5, 2018

Amount not refunded

Amount deducted from bank.
Transaction I'd:-100001283228311
Date of booking:-26/may/2018.
Kindly refund the amount as earliest.
Jun 2, 2018

Amount not credited in bank

Amount deducted but ticket not booked. No refund received.

Hi Team,

I had 1 failed transaction with IRCTC where the amount has been deducted from my account but ticket not booked on 15th May 2018. I send out a mail to care@irctc.co.in. on 22th May 2018. And A ticket has been assigned for this case. Ticket#309039. But till now I have not received any further information for this refund. Request you to initiate the refund process as I am in deep trable because of this.
Your Support will be much appreciated.

Transaction date : 15th May 2018
Train name : NZM TVC SF EXP. 22634
Faild Transaction/Refund Id : 100001270303949
Amonu deducted : 1990/-
Feilure Reason-Unable to perform transaction.

Please requesting you to initiate the refund process as soon as possible.

Harish Kesarwani
May 20, 2018

Poor customer service

I could never be able to make a successful call at customer care numbers 0755-3934141, and 0755-6610661.

When I lodge my complaint at email care@irctc.co.in, it only gives token after two days; and sometime some copy-paste reply which is irrelevant to the complaint.

It never resolves any problem of customers.
I had recently lost all my money to IRCTC eWallet, as I could not renew it in due time because of technical flaws of IRCTC.
Barun Kumar Bhattacharyya
May 16, 2018

Non refund of excess payment for booking a ticket on line.

I booked a Tatkal railway ticket on line through IRCTC via payment gateway PAYTM by SBI debit card on 06/05/18 of amount RS 1080/ with PNR no 6614432900. But due to some system fault I need to pay thrice for the same ticket. The transaction IDs are IRCTC txn#############, ############ & ############. Till date I have not received any refund as I have updated my bank passbook today. Please refund me the balance of amount RS 2160/ at the earliest.

Barun Kumar Bhattacharyya.

Ritesh Kumar
May 16, 2018

TDR Filed as train late more than 3 hours and passenger not traveled but T.T.E./officials marked it in the Chart as Passenger Traveled.

I have booked a ticket having PNR-6113744859 in Train No. 22405 of Shri Raj Kumar Singh, Age 50 years from Patna (PNBE) to Anand Vihar Terminal (ANVT), Journey date 17.04.2018. The train was late by more than three hours and passenger did not travel. I have filed TDR through irctc bearing TDR Registration No. ############.

Accordingly, I have booked another ticket having PNR 6513745865 in Train No. 14003 for Shri Raj Kumar Singh Age 50 years from Patna (PNBE) to New Delhi (NDLS), Journey date 17.04.2018 and the above passenger travelled in this train only.
However, the above TDR is Repudiate stating that “AS PER CHART, PASSENGER HAS TRAVELLED” but the passenger travelled in train No. 14003 on that day. How could be it possible for one person to be travelled in two trains on the same day. It might be the clerical mistake of concerned T.T.E./Officials.

Therefore, it is requested you to kindly verify the above facts & circumstances and do the needful for credit the amount of TDR claimed as passenger Shri Raj Kumar Singh, age-50 years did not travel in Train No 22405 as per reason reported in the TDR status.

Niteesh Kumar
Mo: 8797263242
Irctc user id: niteesh23
May 15, 2018

unable to log in to my account

Unable to log in to my account. I'm getting a message "your account is deactivated" Hence I am unable to log in to book my tickets Try repair and alternate password unsuccessfully Pls help me to reset my account
May 13, 2018

eWallet Renewal problem


I am trying to renew IRCTC eWallet and provided PAN number and First name as per asked, and clicked Renew button. But it logged out as an Error page, saying "Sorry. Please try again". The screenshots are attached.
There is no mistake in providing required details.

I checked my profile on IRCTC. I could see my Aadhar details there, but PAN detail column was not seen.
May be, there should be provision to update wallet by using Aadhar detail.

Please help, before IRCTC loot all my money.

User ID: amitiabt
email: akverma2009@gmail.com

eWallet Renewal problem eWallet Renewal problem

May 11, 2018

Refund not received

I booked a ticket with PNR No. 6614088933 and the transaction I'd was 100001246085531.
I cancelled the ticket on 28th April, 2018. The refund amount was 4940. The refund I'd is 100000234127203.
It has been more than 12 days I have not yet got my money refunded.
The most unfortunate fact is I wrote to IRCTC about my issue more than 5 times but have not received any response from their end. I even tried reaching their customer care numbers in vain.
They are nonchalant about the customers' concern.
I therefore​ request you to help me resolving this issue.
Syama Prasad Datta.

Refund not received

May 9, 2018

Refund not received

Trn id
I did above two transactions on 2/05/2018 paymemt got deducted and ticket didnt get booked its more than 7 days now and there are no signs of refund.Everytime i put a mail to ircts an new ticket with hopes for resokution but no updates
Also I am not able to see the above the details in refund history which i was able to see till 03/05/2018( from where i collected the details)
Kindly do the needful.
May 9, 2018

12321 Train running late

The Train 12321 HWH MUMBAI MAIL is running 09 hours late and still not sure when it will reach the destination.
That's a shame.

I want my full amount back in my account without any deductions because 9-10 hours means a lot.
This is not acceptable. I will not compromise my comfort.
May 8, 2018


Below are the details of the booking i did but till today i havent received my refund for the same but IRCTC website is showing that it is refunded on 17th April 2018 but i checked with my bank it has not come yet,so i would request you to look into this matter and get me my refund back
MY IRCTC User Id is alieus123
AndThere are two refunds of tickets i've not received the details are as follows:-
1) Date Of Booking:- 22/03/2018
Date Of Journey:- 14/04/2018
PNR Number :- 8203705376
Transaction ID:- 100001202940294
Amount Of Refund:- 3340/-

2) Date Of Booking:- 29/03/2018
Date Of Journey:- 15/04/2018
PNR Number:- 8603938071
Transaction ID:- 100001211198605
Amount Of Refund:- 3340/-


Suraj Kumar Prasun
May 7, 2018

Menu not provided by Pantry manager Tn 19306 near CNB

Wrong charged for fooding by vendors and Menu not provided by Pantry manager for day lunch and dinner at night near Kanpur tr no 19306, Guwahati INDORE Express
gopal satpathy
May 2, 2018


On 30th April I ordered A veg meal in 11020(Konark Express) the meal was with out curd,pickle and drinking water The quantity supplied are very less as per the Railway bd circular. In evening refused to serve dinner in IRCTC rate or to give the complaint book .My is PNR.6312488280 in A1 23,24.I traveled empty stomach in night the attitude of the catering staff are very adamant.The Tea supplied are also less quantity not 150 ml and they overcharging the tea and coffee.
Apr 30, 2018


Pl. provide the reason for suspension of my irctc account and arrange for activating my account.

Several e mails given in this regard and several calls made but till now my account is not activated.

Complaint references or ticket ids: 8658773, 8664617 and 78492

I use it for booking tickets for myself .I have only one Email Id.

I need to book tickets urgently. I am working for a Public Sector company and this kind of suspension is not fair.

Please do needful urgently.

My REGISTERED E MAIL ID: brindha88@gmail.com
User id: brindha88
Ravikumar Joshi
Apr 28, 2018

Refund of Rs.2820.00 due to Failed Transaction ID No.100001240609870

1. Booking of ticket for 2 pers tried on 23 Apr 18 from my IRCTC App for Journey on 18 May 18, by Train2123 Pune Ajni Ex. For the Journey From Pune to Ajni.

2. Amount of Rs. 2820.00 paid through debit card and and deducted from bank account accordingly. However during the process Ticket/PNR could not be generated due to sudden SERVER FAILURE reported by the system.

3.Failed Transaction reported to me vide Transaction ID 100001240609870 dated 23 Apr 18.

4. You are therefore requested to refund the amount of Rs. 2820.00 back to the concerned SBI Bank account No. xxxxxx5572 at the earliest please.

5. Request inform by my mail or SMS. Thanks.
Apr 26, 2018

Failed Transaction Money Not Refunded

my coplaint resolved.

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