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Consumer complaints and reviews about IRCTC

May 10, 2011

Blocked my used id without my fault

I booked a ticket (PNR 6441881197) for my dad from Secundrabad to Repalle which costs Rs110. But my dad has not traveled on that day due to some personal reason and I didn't cancel the ticket. The next day I filed TDR for that ticket. After few days, I got a mail from irctc saying that passenger already traveled on that ticket and they block the user id because of false TDR filing. I am working in a MNC in software professional. How I can do that for just Rs 40 ( which I supposed to get after filing TDR ).Earlier also I faced same issue when I didnt travel by train when the train got delayed by more than 3 hours from Rajmundry. At that time also, I got same response that passenger has already traveled.
We know how people offer bribe to TTEs and travel. Without my fault they blocked my user account.

Now I am facing problem in taking print out of the future tickets those I booked long back. I don't have them in my mails also. I already sent mail to [email protected] If they don't activate my account, what I have to do ?
May 6, 2011

ticket booking tatkal

lots of golmol is happening in railway booking the inside people (staff) will adjust with the local agents and collect hefty commission and get the tickets confirmed inspite the site will not open for booking the tickets get exuasted in 2minutes
May 5, 2011

Ticket refund settlement failed

Dear sir/mam,

From last 4 transactions i am getting the payament settlement failed for the cancelled tickets. Reason is "Payment Not Received From Bank" . Please find the details of the transactions as follows.
Transaction ID: 0282521837 Train No: 2780
Train Name: GOA EXPRESS From Station: (KPG) To Station: (UBL)
Date Of Journey: 30-Jan-2011 Class: SL Boarding: (KPG)
Resv Upto: (UBL) Date Of Booking: 07-Dec-2010 Total Fare: Rs 442.00

Gateway: HDFC BANK
Transaction ID: 0280315006 Train No: 583
Train Name: HUBLI PASSR From Station: (SBC) To Station: (HRR)
Date Of Journey: 07-Dec-2010 Class: SL Boarding: (SBC)
Resv Upto: (HRR) Date Of Booking: 01-Dec-2010 Total Fare: Rs 218.00

Gateway: HDFC BANK


Transaction ID: 0280184828 Train No: 586
Train Name: SBC FAST PSGN From Station: (HRR) To Station: (SBC)
Date Of Journey: 31-Jan-2011 Class: SL Boarding: (HRR)
Resv Upto: (SBC) Date Of Booking: 01-Dec-2010 Total Fare: Rs 218.00

Gateway: HDFC BANK
Transaction ID: 0280187532 Train No: 586
Train Name: SBC FAST PSGN From Station: (HRR) To Station: (SBC)
Date Of Journey: 31-Jan-2011 Class: SL Boarding: (HRR)
Resv Upto: (SBC) Date Of Booking: 01-Dec-2010 Total Fare: Rs 114.00

Gateway: HDFC BANK
Transaction ID: 0280315006 Train No: 583
Train Name: HUBLI PASSR From Station: (SBC) To Station: (HRR)
Date Of Journey: 07-Dec-2010 Class: SL Boarding: (SBC)
Resv Upto: (HRR) Date Of Booking: 01-Dec-2010 Total Fare: Rs 218.00

Gateway: HDFC BANK
Apr 27, 2011

can't open irctc account.

Hi, i am not able to access my irctc account from last month. i enter my correct user name & password.
but i dont know what the problem is. i receive one mail from irctc---
Dear Customer,

You had requested for refund of e-ticket with PNR No.4417830563 , which was booked using user-id "kedardare ". It is informed that the refund claim has been repudiated by Railways stating that the passenger has already travelled and has still claimed refund.

In view of the wrong claim of refund, the above user ID has been temporarily deactivated.

For further assistance, you may contact [email protected]

I reply the mail..but still not get any response from there..
please let me suggest for the problem.

Thanks in advance.
Kedar Dare.
Apr 20, 2011

TDR Complaints&User ID activitation

Respected Sir/Mam,
I claimed for my refund through IRCTC website but they didn't refunded me back.
Main thing is that they blocked my account now I am not able to access my account.
For tomorrow & for next month also I already booked 5 tickets.If I am not able to manage my travel.Three of 5 tickets are wait listed including tomorrows tickets.I am not able to cancel that tickets.
There isn't any help desk for IRCTC.We have to communicate through the mails.

So will you please take my complaint & do the needful.

Sandip Mahadik
Apr 12, 2011

no refund for failed transactions

Respected sir, madam,
While bookin tickets through IRCTC online i have had many failed transactions, for the refund of amount i contacted HDFC bank which is the bank for my amount deducted account, but thay say it has been approved by them and the IRCTC customer care should respond for the same.

I kindly request you to look into the matter and refund the amount deducted.I also give the transaction ids for the failed transactions along with the respective amounts.

03208072822 Rs 334
0312659195 Rs 418
0310283086 Rs 155
0304311080 Rs 302
0251961469 Rs 262
0237227328 Rs 258
0230760056 Rs 351
0230750873 Rs 351
Mar 15, 2011

repeated booking failures

I have been trying for booking a ticket for the journey date 30/03/11 since from 2 days 14 march and 15 march. Also the tickets are available for the booking date.
Everytime, the money is collected and there wont be any response. i have to wait for long time (nearly 30min) to get the response. and after that it just showed session expired.

This happend for not single time. It happened for 3 times, every time money got debited from my bank acc, Although i should wait for refund again.

The site performance is degraded. These transactions are done not even at peak time (morning 8am).
Mar 8, 2011

Unable to book e ticket

I am unable to book e tiket from Bangalore to Bellary (Train No 16592 - Hampi Express) despite my best efforts. The response is Sorry !!! No matching Trains. How can it be? Further it is not possible to contact IRCTC on line from their web site. Please look into it.

With regrads
Venkoba Rao M
Sr Citizen
Feb 3, 2011

Tatkal Ticket Cheating

Not Sure if anyone is facing this issue., When you try to book a ticket (anyplace,any train), it shows Crazy waiting lists even 4 weeks before the travel date. I am sure why.,A train which goes daily having capacity more than 700 seats..
Okay but still Tatkal is option., so when i try to book Tatkal tickets., I think it open 8AM 2 days in advance of journey date., so when we check at 8 AM, www.irctc.co.in website is down says Service Unavailable., so i keep trying finally in 5 mints i connect and shocked to see all 200 odd Tatkal Seats sold within 5 mints, HOW CAN THAT BE POSSIBLE..., and this is not first time or second time,this happened to me many many many times., as i keep travel between Chennai and Bangalore, or Bangalore and hyderabad.,
I think Indian Railways is running some kind of Scam which public is not aware of.,
How can 200 Seats get over in 5 mints cannot understand, once is okay, it happens everyday.,
Please Check this & take Action on Indian Railways, Its supposed to be Govt Sector and Public Transport.., Hope this is Cleared ASAP.,
Unhappy Citizen with Indian Railways Scams on Tickets.,
Jan 22, 2011

Refund of Failed transaction amount

Dear SIr,

I am santhosh reddy. Today morning when i tried to book a train ticket(tatkal) from Bangalore to Kacheguda, An amount of( 360.03/- ) has been debited / deducted from my HDFC bank account but the Ticket was not booked.Kindly credit back the failed transaction amount

My HDFC Transaction statement details

narration - 0299687668-INDIAN RAILWAYS
cheque number - 123083339
amt - 360.03/-

Kindly Credit back my failed transaction amount ASAP.
Jan 22, 2011

Amount deducted but ticket is not booked

When i was trying to book ticket from Banglore to kacheguda on 23/01/2011 , amount (360.03/-) from my bank account(HDFC) got debited but the ticket was not booked.Kindly refund my amount ASAP.

narration - 0299687668-INDIAN RAILWAYS
cheque number - 123083339
Dec 27, 2010

Amount not credited

Dear Sir/Mam

I was booking the ticket, I gave all my credit card details and submitted. The amount is deducted from my bank account but the ticket is not booked, It was showing processing wait, later empty white page came, my ticket is not booked and I dint get mt money back.
Dec 24, 2010

Unable to perform online booking for Tatkal

I have been trying to book Tatkal online since about a week. My internet speed is 3 MBPS. However when I access the site before 8 am (around 7:59 am) the site is very fast. But at around 8 am when I try the site goes out of order and gives me a "Service Unavailable" error. I personally feel that the consumers are purposefully manipulated so that the travel agents get the advantage. Otherwise how is that the site works perfectly well at 7:79 am but goes out of order at 8am? I will appreciate if you can kindly take actions so that the consumers can obtain justice
Dec 22, 2010

Tatkal Booking

I have been trying to book tickets from Bangalore to Chennai through IRCTC site on 23.12.10 and 24.12.10. Though the site says that booking is available from 8.00 am, it is impossible to gain entry before 8.45am. By that time, all the tickets available through Tatkal are already booked and only wait listed seats are available. I have faced similar situations before also. One would like to know as to how these seats are booked except with the connivance of railway officials especially in a computerised environment. The railway minister it seems is oblivious to reality and has no time for such trivials. I hope she gets elected to the WB assemble asap and vacates the seat in favour of some efficient minister. Is is possible to get an answer through this site?
Nov 23, 2010


I have booked the ticket on 23-Nov-2010 in IRCTC from Hyderabad to Bangalore (Yeshwantpur Express) for 19-Dec-2010, amount has been deducted from my account.
But I didn’t receive the E-Ticket to my mail ID or Booking History(IRCTC).

Request you to send me the soft copy of my ticket.

Bank Name:Axis Bank

Account Number 289010100110280
Transaction Date 23/11/2010
Transaction Amount INR 285.03
Transaction Type DR

Transaction Description ICONN/21801817/231110/INDIAN RAILWAY COR

Nov 10, 2010

Refund the Amount

Dear sir

I book a ticket from Vijayawada to Visakahpatnam PNR No 1413699201 and Transaction ID: 0267598962 on DOJ 30-10-2010.

I miss the train, so please cancel the ticket and refund the amount to my account.

PNR No 1413699201
Transaction ID: 0267598962
Oct 27, 2010


today i tried to book two tickets form Bangalore to kacheguda, pnr status was not yet came.. but the amount was deducted from my sbi debit card..

so please help me by sending ur information about the above stated..

my number 08880398204

or u can mail me at [email protected]
Oct 26, 2010

Gift e-mail


I received an e-mail from '[email protected]'. I chose cash on delivery, so I am safe for now. Are these promotions genuinely from IRCTC group? What will be the quality of the products. They will get 499 Rs for the watch which costs around 2500 Rs (as per the e-mail). Please clarify



Dear vinodh,

Fabulous News! You have been Shortlisted to receive a Reward - NUMERO UNO WATCH Worth Rs 2750 FREE!

This free watch has been reserved in your membership as a part of our special rewards program.

Shortlisted Entry :
[email protected]
Your Reward: A Numero Uno Watch
worth Rs 2750 FREE

Your personal link to claim reward: www.bagittoday.com/reward/[email protected]
(Click to claim your winnings)

Just cover our gift delivery, promotion and handling charges of Rs 499.

This reward is being distributed to fortunate few and will be handed over on first come first serve basis.

Oct 25, 2010

Refund case

I have filed for a refund of a ticket in 2009 & till date IRCTC has not provided a resolution. They're reply is just -"We have forwarded to indian railways". There is absolutely no ownership to resolve this. It is more than year now. Here is the last response received

Dear Customer, Sorry for the inconvenience.Kindly note that your refund case of PNR No.4522354147 has been forwarded to CCM/SER Railway on 11-Sep-2009 .We have already issued Reminders on 04-Feb-2010 and 10-Apr-2010 and 15-Dec-2009 to concerned railway to chase up the case.But despite reminders refund is yet to be received from the concerned railway.Now we have sent another reminder on 2-June-2010 with all the papers pertaining to your refund case to concerned railway to chase up the cases. As soon as refund, if any, received it will be credited to your card account.Personsteams contacted
With regards,

We have already mailed

1) several mails & calls to TDR team
2) Mr. Sanjay Aggarwal- GM (Operation)
3) Smt.Aechana Srivastva, Dy.CCM/C.I.& PIO

No ownesrship & resolution from any of the above

kindly advise

-- Anusha Sudarshan
Oct 24, 2010

not avaiable during 08.00 to 08.30

The IRCTC web site designed for online ticket booking is the worst unreliable site . Many miracles will happen like
A) amount will be deducted and you will not get ticket.
B) When u want to book tatakl ticket in the required time between 08:00 to 08:30 the site will tell service unavailble.
C) Some special train list it will not show in the list

Many online websites are almost 100 % avaialble and meeting the requirements of custumers. But IR treats consumers as beggers. I am eagerly waiting for the days of private trains entry in future the days to cut off the wings of IR like BSNL.

What else we can do apart for praying the god. !!!
Oct 21, 2010

non realization of ticket after deducting the ticket charges from bank account

Dear Sir,
I have launching this complaint against IRCTC ticket on line booking.
I have logged on to irctc for booking three ticket for my family.( Ernakulam to bangalore on 22 Nov 10)While in process after deducting the an amount of 684 from my HDFC A/C, I unable to get the ticket.
After cross checking in Booked history it is evident that no ticket is booked in the history.
Kindly do the needful to get the ticket amount refunded to my A/C.

KL Martin
[email protected]
Oct 19, 2010

Site of No Use; Never gets connected

This Site is of no use; then what's the use of providing the site-services to the Public.
Let them remove it.
Till last year it was OK;
Now the Site has become more of an AGENT-site rather than public.

whenever you log-in it never goes inside. (always displays msg "This page cannot be displayed")Then what's the use to common public. Remove it totally.

Let them make it totally an "AGENT-site", no public should be given access.

of late the site has gone down from better to WORST.

Will the authorities pls. look into & decide whether to make it public or Agent.

Oct 4, 2010

Refund on failed ticket transaction

I had tried to book two tickets from Bangalore City Junction to Trichy Junction for 17th Dec 2010 in Mailaduthurai express(6232). I reached the point till where I entered my card number and password details and clicked submit through the Citibank payment gateway. After this the web page showed service unavailable and Rs.392 was deducted from my account and the tickets were never booked. The seat availability before and after I tried booking was 150 and when I checked the failed transaction list the status given was ‘SETTLEMENT REQUESTED’ Kindly do the needful at the earliest and refund the amount ASAP. Herewith I am giving you the details required.

Bank Details: Citibank
Date of Booking: 04/10/10
Train No & Name: 6232, Mysore-Mailaduthurai Express
Reference Number: ############
Transaction ID: 0259098787
E-mail id (Personal): [email protected]
Sep 21, 2010

NOt providing teh berth which was booked already

Dear Sir,

I am Haritha .When I was travelling though bangalore exp(Train no. 2785) on 20th Sep,the Ticket collectors behaved very rudely and they have already given the reserved seat of mine to the people who are in waiting lists.I have a kid,when I reserved a lower birth and the TCR given that berth somebody else telling me tthat my ticket is upgraded.Without pripor information to me how this can be done.They didnot see me taht I have a kid and I have proper ticket still they spoke very rudely and behaved like.These kind of government empolyees should be punished severly.
Sep 19, 2010

connecting to PHISHING SITE while booking ticket from IRCTC. High priority


I tried booking ticket through irctc official website.

When I select "SBI Debit card" as mode of payment, this is re-directing to the site "https://securepg.fssnet.co.in/pgway/gateway/payment/payment.jsp?PaymentID=################"

This site is asking for PIN number along with all other information.

Please treat this as high priority issue and save SBI customers from this trap.

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