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Oct 31, 2017


Dear Sir,
I booked my tickets on 18 October for 3 people from kumbakonam to Chennai. My booking was unsuccessful but amount of 1020 was deducted from my account. I got a message like it will be refunded within 7 working days. But no refund is done yet. Your customer care people are also not responding properly. Iam calling them for the past 4 days nobody is giving me proper response. Kindly refund my money asap.

Thanks and regards,
Oct 28, 2017

Non refund of Payment made for "NO BOOKING": Reg.

Re: Non refund of Payment made for "NO BOOKING": Reg.
Today, 5:36 PM
Sent Items

Dear sir ,
This has reference to the trailing mail, its unfortunate to remind you regarding the non receipt of any reply to our below mentioned mail.
you are once again requested to refund our access payment of Rs 1355 made towards booking of our Railway ticket between Delhi and Lucknow.


From: VIRENDRA RASTOGI <vkr51@hotmail.com>
Sent: Friday, October 13, 2017 9:45 PM
To: care@irctc.co.in
Subject: Non refund of Payment made for "NO BOOKING": Reg.

Dear Sir,
I have booked Ticket on 15.09.2017 for travel between Delhi and Lucknow. For ticket booking, our two accounts were debited for Rs 1355 four times for two tickets. The wrong payment made by us has been refunded for account statement attached with the name "ShashiRastogi.jpg", and the refund has not been received for the account (statement attached with the name "bankstat.jpg") till date.

The snap shot for account statements from 15.09.2017 to till date are attached for both the accounts, along with the failed transactions list. You are earnestly requested to kindly look into the matter and arrange for refund of balance Rs1355/= at your earliest.

Shashi Rastogi and Virendra Kumar Rastogi
User id : vkr51
Oct 26, 2017

Allotment of confirm tickets to RAC

I have booked 2 tickets from mathura jn. To CSTM in punjab mail ( train no. 12138) in tatkal on 24th oct.,2017 for 26th oct. 2017(journey date) in sleeper class
Name of the persons
Raghav pareek - S4 70
Mridul mittal - S4 72
PNR - 2500206533

Sir what actually happened was that we got a bit late in reaching the station at mathura and we entered in the general coach. And after that next station was raja ki mandi on which halt duration was very less and mridul mittal went to find washroom before that station came and returned after it left from raja ki mandi. As we had lot of luggage raghav pareek was unable to go to his seat that was in S4. Then the next station was Agra cantt on which we shifted our coaches and came to our confirm seats in S4 but on reaching there we found that our seats were alloted to RAC tickets holders and TT who alloted these seats to them had his duty till mathura jn.

So, now the TT over here is not listening our grievance.

Sir, As you can see we have boarded our train on time and from right place so it is a request to you to inform the staff to allot back our seats unless it would be a great problem and inconvenience to us.

Looking forward for a favour response as fast as possible

Thanks and regards
Raghav pareek
Oct 17, 2017

Fraud in IRCTC

Hello I have booked two tickets from Indore to Gwalior in Tatkal from Train no.11125 (Indore Gwalior Express) for 16th Oct Jouney.
When i booked ticket on 16th oct i saw there is 80 seats available in tatkal i booked 2 tickets for my parents and when i booked ticket i got ticket in Tatkal waiting list and after ticket i go back again in booking systems and it shows 55 seats are available. So accordingly i got confirmation ticket instead i got tatkal waiting list and when i report on irctc. So i got reply from KanchaN Rawat and she gave me unproper response. This type of activity always happened. I don't understand if there is not seats are available then why you are not disable the links so that peoples not do transaction if seats are not there.

But you guys are always doing such type of fraud because when you return the money you always deduct your transactions part and you will get in crores in a day with such sorts of transaction.

And also the food quality provided by catering service is not good and they always loot from the passengers i really heard about the case from tejas express in which 250 peoples are suffering from Food poisoning and you guys blame to AC. How you could co-relate AC to food poisoning.

It should be stopped otherwise there is lots of things which come in social media and this is not good for you.
Oct 9, 2017

amount deducted but ticket not booked

Oct 9, 2017

amount deducted but ticket not booked

I bookde a ticket fro new delhi to jalandhar city on 04/10/2017 for 22/10/2017. The amount of Rs. 1081.70 was deducted from my account but the ticket was not bookded. i kindly request you that please refund me the amount deducted from my account. the transaction id is ################.
Sep 26, 2017

does not allow to update profile

does not allow to update profile. worst website.
Sep 26, 2017

does not allow to change email id

the website does not allow me to change my email id. once I get the OTP on my emali and try to swap page between irctc and the email ID the irctc website auto logs me out. Tried multiple times but not working. Much frustrated. Could this be addresed?
Sep 26, 2017

change in phone number

Hi, I use only 1 mobile number and I have already used it in irctc website and it is limiting me to only 6 transactions per month. I am now trying to register freshly as I cannot use the existing account however the website does not allow my only mobile number instead throws up error mobile number already used. I'm unable to register and neither able to book tickets online. Could this be resolved?
Sep 26, 2017

change in phone number

Hi, I use only 1 mobile number and I have already used it in irctc website and it is limiting me to only 6 transactions per month. I am now trying to register freshly as I cannot use the existing account however the website does not allow my only mobile number instead throws up error mobile number already used. I'm unable to register and neither able to book tickets online. Could this be clarified?
supriya shah
Sep 24, 2017

Amount deducted

While booking ticket for Mumbai from Pune, The amount of 142 got deducted on 22/09/2017 but no ticket was booked. Kindly I request you to do the needful and refund the amount.
pusuluri anand
Sep 1, 2017


As we are TRAVELLING TOGETHER the tickets are being issued VERY FAR.........
even though the AVAILABILITY of tickets are MORE the tickets are being allocated very FAR
SO it's a bit uncomfortable TO TRAVEL LONG DISTANCES. HOPE u allocate the seats CONSECUTIVELY...

Herbert Devadoss.J
Aug 28, 2017

Refund of cancelled ticket not received

I have booked ticket through IRCTC website for my journey from Chennai central to Bengaluru by train no 12027 of 21/8.The PNR no is 4547497406 Transaction id 100000946641045.I had it cancelled it on 21/8 while I was waitlisted till 13.15 hrs.I am yet to receive any refund in this cancelled ticket.
Strangly after I had cancelled the ticket I got a message by 3.30 pm that the ticket is confirmed.
Please look into and ensure my refund is made
mukesh ojha
Aug 25, 2017

ticket did not booked but ticket amount debit from bank account

i was booking e ticket from CST to Howrah. ticket did not booked but rupees 755.72 debited from Indian bank Sb account.i call to customer care 20 times but customer care did not came on line.customer always arresting from rail way system.i have so much time arrested.

kya ye hey make in india (Mr. suresh prabhu railway minister)
Aug 17, 2017

Missed flight due to four hour delay of train # 14311

I was travelling from Bareilly to Delhi on Aug 12, 2017 by Ala Hazrat Exp (Train# 14311). It was supposed to reach Old Delhi at 11:30 AM IST and my flight was scheduled at 4:25 PM IST from Terminal 3, IGI. This train was so pathetically late that it reached Delhi around 3:45 PM IST. And as expected, I missed my flight. I had to buy another air ticket worth Rs. 9642/- + cab charges of Rs.1000/-.

I would request the team to kindly refund the amount to me. It was a delay of several hours from your end and I ran into losses.

Below are the details.

Train PNR# - 2431458106
Missed Flight PNR# - GZFOEN

Please refund to the same channel from which I had booked the above ticket.

Meenu Sharma
Aug 16, 2017

TC not allowing to use middle birth for sleeping in day hours

I've boarded the train no. 15013 Ranikhet Express, from jaipur today 16.08.2017. I booked sleeper and was allotted middle birth and as my wife was not feeling well I asked TC to get the seat vacant so that middle birth can be opend for sleeping.

But the T. C Mr. Yogesh Kumar Barala told me not to do this as this is not allowed in regular day hours morning 6AM to 9 PM.

Can anyone tell me is there any such rule if yes then why I am been charged full sleeper fare rather than a 2S seat.

TC.: Yogesh Kumar Barla
Train No. 15013
Ranikhet Express

Pankaj Kumar
Aug 4, 2017


Hello there,
I m frustrated with the website you are maintaining...you have really worst website in the webworld.,.please make better platform for the passengers to book the ticket.lot of issues and bugs in website...cant book properly after clicking make payment..can choose the credit/debit card we have..i dont know why u want to maintain this worst sites still..please get rid of this site
Thank you.
Jul 25, 2017

Coach boy

The coach Boy is always missing and the toilets are not being cleaned .

Iam travelling in Train no 12477/jam SVDK EXP Coach A2 Berth 3 .
The toilets are not being cleaned and the coach Boy is not available .
Please look into matter.
Jul 1, 2017

Tickets available but confirmed in different Coaches

Sir, this is to put forth that just now ( 01.07.2017 at 10.30 AM) I have booked Two berths in the 2AC Coach of Shri Shakti Express from NDLS to Katra. Thought the requirements / preferences were given for Lower Berths, your system has confirmed both the tickets for UPPER Berths and that too in TWO DIFFERENT COACHES.[ Himanshu Agarwal-42 Upper/A5 & Ruchi Agarwal-2 Side Upper/A1] The PNR No is 2714322859) Kindly amend the error made by the system and help in making the YATRA comfortable.

Jul 1, 2017

Different Coaches for 2 Family members

Sir, I have just now booked Two Berths in 2A Class in Shri Shakti Express ( 01.07.2017 at 10.30 AM). Though Berths were available in the said Class and application was made for Lower Berths, the Railway site has instead confirmed BOTH THE TICKETS IN UPPER BERTH, and that too IN TWO DIFFERENT COACHES. The matter is surprising ? ( PNR No 2714322859) Please rectify the mistake by the system and help us in enjoying the journey (?)

Jun 17, 2017

for refund

i cancel my ticket 2 june & still i don't get my refund . i am everyday calling customer care nmber but they don't give satisfied answer. when i get my refund ?,very very bad service of irctc. irctc is a cheated site ,never book ticket on this site. they 9880 rps was not refunded to me.
can anyone in irctc office who refund my money or i go in court to file a case against irctc website.
my ticket pnr no.
my register id is golu.sharma31087@gmail.com
my register number is 8107383113
Jun 13, 2017


refund complaint
I book a ticket under PNR 2713236226, on 04-jun 2017 at 11:11:18 am from Haridwar-jn to Jammu Tawi-jn
which was in Tatkal waiting (TQWL/8,9 and 10) and then next day i
cancel the said ticket under Cancellation ID: 100000164993315 due to
bad conditions on 05-jun 2017 at 14:14:30, Hrs but i didn't collect my
refund till date. And i didn't get any true response from customer care and through mail facilities.
Refund my money i.e 1050.00 immediately ........
prem sarathy
Jun 10, 2017

account recovery

Sir,i am premsarathy from kollam. I accidentily deleted my irctc account. So what can i do for that.Can help me recover my account.
Naaz Sultan
Jun 6, 2017


PNR: 4850556375
DATE OF JOURNEY: 09-05-2017
BERTH NUMBERS: HA1 16 and 17

My husband and I traveled by Ajanta Express on 9th May 2017 from Secunderabad stn to go to Manmad.
However unfortunately from Nizamabad the train was diverted back to Secunderabad Station due to derailment of some other train after Nizamabad.
From Secunderabad Station the train left for Manmad again taking a different and a longer route.
Nothing about this was announced in the train.
All through the journey the train never stopped at big station platforms but was put on the loop. Hence there was absolutely nothing to eat nor even drinking water. Even the vendors could not supply water and eatables.
It is very sad that the railways never even bother to supply some drinking water to the passengers even in the hot weather.
Inspite of the TC making numerous calls to the concerned railway authorities to supply water at least to the diabetic patients and the children no steps were taken.

As such since my husband has some medical problems we were forced to deboard the train at Parli junction. We have a written note from the Station Master at Parli saying that we deboarded the train due to such unavoidable conditions.

From Parli we took a private car to Manmad and it costed us Rs. 5000/- .

As such my request to the railway authorities is to compensate us for both the financial and other
harassment that we suffered.

Hoping to hear from you as soon as possible.
Jun 5, 2017

high charge

i m in shanepunjab c1 coach ..a man wearing doon's company tshirt is selling veg bread sandwitch for Rs 30 but the actual price is Rs 15.....i had clicked the photo of that person ....and if any action will not be taken then...i had some other option .....

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