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May 16, 2019


I am very sorry to inform you that IRCTC website has become so worse that it does not work properly. Today from morning till evening I am struggling to book a ticket from Tirunelveli to Nagpur via Chennai. Every now and then it asks me to long in again and again and returns to the same position. I became mad of it. Normally only when we book the Tatkal tickets, the website used make such kind naughty to help the corporate agents to book tickets and we common passengers use to suffer. But now even for ordinary reservation the website is not cooperating to the common man. Will you set right the website to help the common man.
Nov 21, 2018

More price demanded

Hello there,
I am travelling in train no.13005 from patna jn.to jalandhar city jn.in train i bought 1l water bottle from pantry car whose price was 15 rs and he took 20 rs from me when i asked him to return my 5 rs he didn't returned me and start fighting i request u to take strict action against it my pnr no.6222135414
Seat no.20 21 22
Thank you
Nov 21, 2018

E catering

Hello there,
I am travelling in train no.13005 from patna jn.to jalandhar city jn.in train i bought 1l water bottle from pantry car whose M.R.P.was 15rs but he demanded 20rs from me .when i told him to return me 5rs back he started fighting and didn't returned me my money i request you to take strict action against this problem my pnr no.6222135414 seat no.20 21 22.

Thank you
sunil Singh bisht
Oct 3, 2018

wrong cancellation Fee Charged

I got charged Rs. 120 for the cancellation of my training ticket which was in waiting list on dated 2nd Oct'18. I did cancel it on 3rd Oct, Then how can IRCTC charge me for the cancellation fee. I had to get a window ticket to do this journey as my online ticket could not be confirmed. IRCTC should pay me for inconvenience instead of it they charged me cancellation fee against a non-confirmed ticket.

I need to go to consumer forum to file a complaint against this harassment.

PNR. No.- 4349360860
Transaction ID- 100001444971394
Cancellation ID.- 100000270759240
Aug 25, 2018

IRCTC.co.in site not working properly at the time of tatkal booking

My complaint is very serious in these day when we try to book tatkal tiket IRCTC.co.in site very slow and ask for log in again and again.
Jul 24, 2018


Dear sir,
My PNR Number : 2348945959. In this regard I want to say that I have booked rail e-ticket in 2AC in APAC for two passenger on i.e. 17.7.2018 at 11.00 A.M. from Lucknow to Jaunpur for the journey of 17.7.2018, for which an amount of Rs.1080/- due to train delay 3 hr above so i have cancel my ticket and inform to you before cancellation of ticket i have called so many time your customer care no but no buddy pic the phone so i am cancel the ticket after cancellation the ticket i have received msg no refund return on my account this is wrong kindly look into the matter and refund my amount i have send so many mails to irctc care mail id . kindly refund of Please reply me as soon as possible.
Amir Ahmed
Jul 3, 2018

Ticket did not booked but ticket amount debit from bank account So Plz Refund my 859.99

April 11 2018 My Amount is Deducted 859.99 and I am complaint For Union Bank of India Customer Care and Executive say me your amount Refund for after 45 working Days and 45 Days is over but my amount is not refund my complaint No. is 277289436 so plz Help for Refund My amount As Soon As Possible

My Register ID is [email protected]
My Register Mobile No. is 7895790605
May 11, 2018

Refund of amount Rs.1140/-

Dear sir,

Dear sir,
My ticket ID is 187887. In this regard I want to say that I have booked rail e-ticket in 3AC in APAC express No. 22415 for two pasenger today i.e. 11.5.2018 at 11.00 A.M. from Bhopal to Gwalior for the journey of 16.5.2018, for which an amount of Rs.1140/- has been detected from my account, but I have not received ticket /PNR number. Thus ticket was not booked, therefore kindly refund of Rs.1140/- to me. My transection Number POS irctc 1117198 and txn#############. When my transection was successful, why I have not received any information about my journey. Please reply me as soon as possible.

With regards,
Bhagwat Parashar
Feb 6, 2018

TDR refund not fully given

Two tickets PNR No.2822190644 and 2603073035 applied for TDR.There were 2+ 1 passenger .But got ₹390 +₹390.yet I didn't get another₹ 390.
Dec 27, 2017

ticket ID [IRCTC #7581513]-refund of not booked tickets

this is s. sandhiya, assistant professor, from chennai, booked tickets to travel from chennai egmore to mannargudi, but the transaction failed and money debited from my indian overseas bank account of rs. 962.83 on 6/12/2017, i waited till today to refund the money as you mentioned in the reply that within 3-4 days i will get my money back, still i didn't get the money back, then i sent mail to the concern department and they asked me to send the bank statement and sent it also. but they said that the money is not debited from the IRCTC and again they asked me to sent the bank statement in PDF form. what can i do sir? it gives me mental pressure and it disturbs me quite a lot.

an educated person like me suffer a lot because of the irresponsibility of the railway as it is considered as one of the largest institutions in the world. what is remedy for this? kindly reply otherwise it will force me to get help from the judiciary.

thank you,
with regards,
s. sandhiya.
Nov 23, 2017

Refund issue

Sir I booked 2 ticket on the date of 18/11/2017. One is confirmed and one is waiting . Am I eligible for the waiting ticket's refund ?
Oct 31, 2017


Dear Sir,
I booked my tickets on 18 October for 3 people from kumbakonam to Chennai. My booking was unsuccessful but amount of 1020 was deducted from my account. I got a message like it will be refunded within 7 working days. But no refund is done yet. Your customer care people are also not responding properly. Iam calling them for the past 4 days nobody is giving me proper response. Kindly refund my money asap.

Thanks and regards,
Oct 28, 2017

Non refund of Payment made for "NO BOOKING": Reg.

Re: Non refund of Payment made for "NO BOOKING": Reg.
Today, 5:36 PM
[email protected]
Sent Items

Dear sir ,
This has reference to the trailing mail, its unfortunate to remind you regarding the non receipt of any reply to our below mentioned mail.
you are once again requested to refund our access payment of Rs 1355 made towards booking of our Railway ticket between Delhi and Lucknow.


From: VIRENDRA RASTOGI <[email protected]>
Sent: Friday, October 13, 2017 9:45 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Non refund of Payment made for "NO BOOKING": Reg.

Dear Sir,
I have booked Ticket on 15.09.2017 for travel between Delhi and Lucknow. For ticket booking, our two accounts were debited for Rs 1355 four times for two tickets. The wrong payment made by us has been refunded for account statement attached with the name "ShashiRastogi.jpg", and the refund has not been received for the account (statement attached with the name "bankstat.jpg") till date.

The snap shot for account statements from 15.09.2017 to till date are attached for both the accounts, along with the failed transactions list. You are earnestly requested to kindly look into the matter and arrange for refund of balance Rs1355/= at your earliest.

Shashi Rastogi and Virendra Kumar Rastogi
User id : vkr51
Oct 26, 2017

Allotment of confirm tickets to RAC

I have booked 2 tickets from mathura jn. To CSTM in punjab mail ( train no. 12138) in tatkal on 24th oct.,2017 for 26th oct. 2017(journey date) in sleeper class
Name of the persons
Raghav pareek - S4 70
Mridul mittal - S4 72
PNR - 2500206533

Sir what actually happened was that we got a bit late in reaching the station at mathura and we entered in the general coach. And after that next station was raja ki mandi on which halt duration was very less and mridul mittal went to find washroom before that station came and returned after it left from raja ki mandi. As we had lot of luggage raghav pareek was unable to go to his seat that was in S4. Then the next station was Agra cantt on which we shifted our coaches and came to our confirm seats in S4 but on reaching there we found that our seats were alloted to RAC tickets holders and TT who alloted these seats to them had his duty till mathura jn.

So, now the TT over here is not listening our grievance.

Sir, As you can see we have boarded our train on time and from right place so it is a request to you to inform the staff to allot back our seats unless it would be a great problem and inconvenience to us.

Looking forward for a favour response as fast as possible

Thanks and regards
Raghav pareek
Oct 17, 2017

Fraud in IRCTC

Hello I have booked two tickets from Indore to Gwalior in Tatkal from Train no.11125 (Indore Gwalior Express) for 16th Oct Jouney.
When i booked ticket on 16th oct i saw there is 80 seats available in tatkal i booked 2 tickets for my parents and when i booked ticket i got ticket in Tatkal waiting list and after ticket i go back again in booking systems and it shows 55 seats are available. So accordingly i got confirmation ticket instead i got tatkal waiting list and when i report on irctc. So i got reply from KanchaN Rawat and she gave me unproper response. This type of activity always happened. I don't understand if there is not seats are available then why you are not disable the links so that peoples not do transaction if seats are not there.

But you guys are always doing such type of fraud because when you return the money you always deduct your transactions part and you will get in crores in a day with such sorts of transaction.

And also the food quality provided by catering service is not good and they always loot from the passengers i really heard about the case from tejas express in which 250 peoples are suffering from Food poisoning and you guys blame to AC. How you could co-relate AC to food poisoning.

It should be stopped otherwise there is lots of things which come in social media and this is not good for you.
Oct 9, 2017

amount deducted but ticket not booked

Oct 9, 2017

amount deducted but ticket not booked

I bookde a ticket fro new delhi to jalandhar city on 04/10/2017 for 22/10/2017. The amount of Rs. 1081.70 was deducted from my account but the ticket was not bookded. i kindly request you that please refund me the amount deducted from my account. the transaction id is ################.
Sep 26, 2017

does not allow to update profile

does not allow to update profile. worst website.
Sep 26, 2017

does not allow to change email id

the website does not allow me to change my email id. once I get the OTP on my emali and try to swap page between irctc and the email ID the irctc website auto logs me out. Tried multiple times but not working. Much frustrated. Could this be addresed?
Sep 26, 2017

change in phone number

Hi, I use only 1 mobile number and I have already used it in irctc website and it is limiting me to only 6 transactions per month. I am now trying to register freshly as I cannot use the existing account however the website does not allow my only mobile number instead throws up error mobile number already used. I'm unable to register and neither able to book tickets online. Could this be resolved?
Sep 26, 2017

change in phone number

Hi, I use only 1 mobile number and I have already used it in irctc website and it is limiting me to only 6 transactions per month. I am now trying to register freshly as I cannot use the existing account however the website does not allow my only mobile number instead throws up error mobile number already used. I'm unable to register and neither able to book tickets online. Could this be clarified?
supriya shah
Sep 24, 2017

Amount deducted

While booking ticket for Mumbai from Pune, The amount of 142 got deducted on 22/09/2017 but no ticket was booked. Kindly I request you to do the needful and refund the amount.
pusuluri anand
Sep 1, 2017


As we are TRAVELLING TOGETHER the tickets are being issued VERY FAR.........
even though the AVAILABILITY of tickets are MORE the tickets are being allocated very FAR
SO it's a bit uncomfortable TO TRAVEL LONG DISTANCES. HOPE u allocate the seats CONSECUTIVELY...

Herbert Devadoss.J
Aug 28, 2017

Refund of cancelled ticket not received

I have booked ticket through IRCTC website for my journey from Chennai central to Bengaluru by train no 12027 of 21/8.The PNR no is 4547497406 Transaction id 100000946641045.I had it cancelled it on 21/8 while I was waitlisted till 13.15 hrs.I am yet to receive any refund in this cancelled ticket.
Strangly after I had cancelled the ticket I got a message by 3.30 pm that the ticket is confirmed.
Please look into and ensure my refund is made
mukesh ojha
Aug 25, 2017

ticket did not booked but ticket amount debit from bank account

i was booking e ticket from CST to Howrah. ticket did not booked but rupees 755.72 debited from Indian bank Sb account.i call to customer care 20 times but customer care did not came on line.customer always arresting from rail way system.i have so much time arrested.

kya ye hey make in india (Mr. suresh prabhu railway minister)

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