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J&K Bank

Jammu and Kashmir

Consumer complaints and reviews about J&K Bank

mudasir qurashi
Jun 24, 2017

unprofessionalism of jk bank employes

The salary advice of HIGH SCHOOL BAHARABAD is pending in jk bank sumbal sonawari from past two days. Despite getting all the formalities done at the earliest ,the said branch failed to credit our salaries on eid proving their unprofessionalism
mir muzaffar jan
Jun 20, 2017

complaint against employ of Nallamar Road

MISBEHAVIOUR by j&k bank employe Nallamar road branch
Misbehave by Jammu and Kashmir bank ltd bank employee
Very disappointed to say that big bank brand Jammu and Kashmir bank has a very low quality uneducated employees in their branches...they are using very abusive language against their coustmer.we complaint against them time to time .but no one take any action on them plz solve this issue..or else close my accounts.......thanks

mir muzaffar jaan

Employee name .transfer cheques staff
Aijaz ahmed khan
Jun 3, 2017

Bank acc

hello you all
i want to open an acc in jammu basically i do not have my present adress i have permanent address but no one is here i visit all jk bank branchs in jammu they are not allow me to open an acc in jammu why this is .
i have made a affivdavet for address proof but they still sying me gwt an adhaar card or other bank acc no just tell me if you are allowing me open an account in jammu without address or not if not then iam going yo complaint on corporate or apellte authourity.
call me 9103191636.
Aijaz ahmed khan
Jun 3, 2017


hello you all
i want to open an acc in jammu basically i do not have my present adress i have permanent address but no one is here i visit all jk bank branchs in jammu they are not allow me to open an acc in jammu why this is .
i have made a affivdavet for address proof but they still sying me gwt an adhaar card or other bank acc no just tell me if you are allowing me open an account in jammu without address or not if not then iam going yo complaint on corporate or apellte authourity.
call me 9103191636.
Jun 2, 2017

refund from amazon

Sir my refrence no. from amazon is 7209702462464,but i am not able to recieve my refund.
Plz solve my problem.
Shahbaz Ahad
Mar 9, 2017

Unable to understand (SERVING TO EMPOWER.........)

A Humble Request To The Higher Authorities Of J & K Bank
Esteemed Sir,
I am a Teacher and a customer of J & K bank for last 15 years but still I am unable to understand your loudly spoken Slogan ‘ Serving to empower’ because I am unable to understand (WHOM TO EMPOWER?) on the following grounds.
1. I lost my Credit Card along with some amount in the month of February 2016 and on the very next day I informed the concerned branch in written regarding this matter and requested the bank authorities for necessary action, the bank authorities assured me for the same and for the new Credit Card. Sir it is amazing that till date new Credit Card has not arrived. Even in the month of May 2016 after visiting too many times to the branch I requested the bank authorities loudly that I don’t now need your Credit Card, but again surprising me I received the bill for the new card in the month of June 2016. I rushed to the branch and showed them the bill and asked them “ Sir what is this?“ but the bank employees forced me to clear the bill and I cleared the bill for the card that I had not received till date.
2. My younger brother started a small business and I advised him to open an account he was not interested but I brought form from the branch and forced him to open an saving account, after filling the whole formalities we got a pass book after some time my brother showed his interest in ATM card and filled the form for the same. When we received the ATM card I was shocked to know that the bank authorities had opened a MODI account instead of general saving account in my brother’s favour when I tried to inquire about it the bank employees told proudly that they don’t know anything about it and due to this kindness my brother is suffering a lot.
3. Two months back I visited the bank to withdraw some amount (When the ATM limit was only 2000). On reaching the counter the cashier informed me to wait as that was their lunch time I requested him that my students will suffer at school but the casher did not mind my request, I keep waiting in the same time another person arrived at the bank with a withdrawal and said casher handed over him the amount I asked the casher that what is going on in this branch that one is giving more importance than others. The casher proudly replied that this man is a Doctor. I would have dragged the casher out but keep quit because a great philosopher’s these words struck my mind (Where a Doctor is given more importance those people are mentally abnormal).
4. One day when the Govt. announced to deposit 500 and 1000 notes at nearest branches I also visited the branch with some amount and keep waiting at the counter after 20 minutes when my turn came the employee asked me to go to another counter I quietly rushed to another counter (because I was familiar with the behavior of the bank employees) there also when my turn came the employee informed me to keep on waiting as another employee is arriving here I approached to the Branch Manager and requested him that what was going on in his branch. The branch Manager came with me and forced the employee to take my amount. Sir how many customers had been asked for the same process? How many would have approached to the branch manager? Sir no doubt that the branch manager is a sincere person but how much can he handle alone? Because a body can’t function properly until all its parts will not support. Sir at last I quit myself from the J & K Bank quit in this way that I open new account with HDFC bank which is upstairs the J & K bank and kept depositing my amount there because my dignity is more dear to me than money. I kept my J K bank account alive at the branch only to receive my salary.
5. On the CELENDER DAY ( I mean the day when banks distribute calendars) I have always been asked to keep myself in line. Whenever I tried to know that why I have to wait in a line for a single calendar I was not satisfied by the bank authorities. Respected Sirs in a line more than one person of a single family can receive bank calendars, Is this justice? Sir how many things the bank make every year on the eva of new year to facilitate its customers but I am still unable to understand that why I am always being asked to be in line for a single calendar?
Sir if J & K bank has achieved heights it is because of the customers who trusted this bank but now a layman is treated inhumanly by some selfish employees of this rising bank and on the above mentioned facts I am unable to understand your loudly spoken slogan “ SERVING TO EMPOWER”
Abdul Ahad Kumar
email:- sahad216@gmail.com
Feb 22, 2017


Sir , I am Paras Nath Yadav. My A/c in Allahabad J&K Bank . Without Permission And No Signature Match My Account 12000 Thousand Rupees Withdawl . So Please Quary This bank Please.
Reyaz thoker
Feb 2, 2017

Debit card

I am Reyaz Ahmad thoker .my ac no is sb 39399 .from last 1 month my debit card is blocked .l cannot do any transiction online through my debit card.last time i unfortunately entered wrong email id.now i want to call jk bank helpline no.but all these numbers are useless. Plese guide me and help me.Thankyou
Bhat Altaf
Jan 19, 2017

Like God Father of jk bank Hr Shopian Branch manager

The Chairman shaib.

Sub: complaint against Manager HR Shopian.
Sir, with due respect sir that I taken loan cash credit and car loan in 2009 at branch Shopian Hr
Sir unfortunately my father have heart problem and doctors say oppration in heart in 2011 and then other problem creates my mother involved in CANCER in 2013 and died 2015
Sir I was not in position to liqudate the same amount in same time. In 2014 there was lok aadalat and manager says me to come here and we will help you in these cases and tell me in court to pay Rs 2.20lacs and after some time I paid Rs 2.20lacs at branch.
Now there iz a Manager Gh nabi Khan he is like a God Father of jk bank and told me to pay some money as corruption and then I take u Noc. He stop my garanters salary.
Now I request you sir plz take action against same manager i already send a written copy to Huriyat Gelani sb.

Thanks sir.
Altaf hussain bhat
Lone muzafar
Jan 18, 2017

negligence of duties

Sir, I had applied for the credit card on 27 of Nov. 2016 in JK Bank branch Kangan of district Ganderbal. Since then they have been saying me that it has not reached yet. But today when I asked for the Application No. as suggested by Helpline No. 01942486427 of JK Bank, i was surprised to know that they forgot to send my application form and it was remaining in the locker untouched. Sir I was very much disappointed.
Now I request to your goodself kindly take necessary steps to make the whole staff of JK Bank Kangan accountable so that no one could suffer by their prejudices unnecessarily.
Lone muzafar
Jan 17, 2017

absence of employee

Sir, on behalf of the people of kangan i want to bring this in your kind notice that the people of Kangan area of district Ganderbal are suffering a lot due to the poor service provided by the employees of JK Bank Kangan. An employee namely Mehboob who deals with the credit and debit cards usually remains absent from his duties. There is a long que of customers at his counter but they get very disappointed when they listen the familiar answer that he is absent. People who come from far flung areas suffer a lot. I can't provide any proof but all the employees in this bank are not accountable. Sir I can't express how do people suffer at the hands of these employees.
Sir I request to your benign self kindly take stern action against the staff in general and Mr. Mehboob in particular ASAP so that people could regain the lost faith in JK Bank.
With regards
People of Kangan
Jan 17, 2017

Wrong Date of birth

I mohd toheed khan having saving bank account no ################ branch mendhar jammu and kashmir bank my date of birth in my account no is wrong and i am unable to proceed for net banking
Jan 13, 2017

complaint against bank manager branch sadder court srinagar

please take action against the bank manager branch sadder cort Srinagar. his behavior is not good. he has hijacked the bank, from his behavior it seems like his is having absolute authority over the bank.
I have take a car loan of Rs 140 lac under car loan account no. car 140. my monthly installment was fixed to Rs 2390 while as the loan passbook shows it Rs 2400 per month but the irony is 2500 is being deducted from my account. I contacted the manager for correction of error on his part instead of ratifying he misbehaved used abusive language. not only this nothing is over due to my account but unfortunately when ever I deposit to my saving account money is being deducted that too can be seen from my account. I have a plan to liquidate the whole amount and will close all my bank accounts operating in your bank if your failed to take a strict action against the said reluctant manager. not only this I think jk bank will lose it refutation earned by the bank since its establishment in case the bank fails to take action against him....

hope you will take note of my complainant.

yours sincerely

Farooq ahmad paul


a/c no 4105

mobile no. 9697012595
Jan 12, 2017

unprofessional and uncivilized behavior by branch manager

I am writing to you as the customer of jk bank ,branch Sagam Anantnag(0158). My particular grievance is regarding the branch manager of the said branch. I want to apprise you of the unprofessional and unruly behavior of the said manager with customer on regular basis.He seems to think himself as an autocrat and despot doing favor to his customer.Many a times i ignored this fiasco but he has exacerbated the situation with his uncivilized behavior on daily basis now.Now if your really want to obviate bringing this prestigious institute into disrepute and fend off cropping up this fiasco in public domain i request you to rein in the said manager at early and earnest.
Thank you.
Jan 5, 2017


misbehaviour by the bank lady staff.
I was about to make a request for signature aurthorization at bank cheema chonk ludhiana branch. But the reply by that lady was... wait again when i said again wait and again wait she was talking with some one may be his friend or relative (and i see she was always busy with his friends or relative and i and other coustmer was waiting) please if you want you can check that day cctv footage. when i said again she said give me proper form when i give proper written request she said wait my luchtime start. after lunch time you have not attach your adhar card and pan card with your accont... how you open account? i said how can i said how can i open. because account open by your bank not by me.. she was talking with me like i am his servent. please my request please do somthing. i will close my account with this bank bacuse of staff like that. my account no is SB 866. if you want to talk to me face to face i will come in your bank branch. hope bank will take action. .

Yous faith fully
Mukesh Kumar
khursheed ahmed shan
Dec 28, 2016

jkb manager ,chanderkot disst Ramban,refuzed for cash credit scheme and not transfer b A/c

The chairman,
j&k bank ltd

Sub:-An application with regards to file complain against the branch manager jkb chkot Rbn and one of its worker namely Irshad Ahmed loan i/c.
Both refused me for cce cash credit when I applied for it.
Respected sir,
With regards to humble submission that both branch manager jkb chanderkot as well as loan i/c irshad Ahmed harssed me and misbehaved with me that u have taken loan and had given gaurtees. This u r not eligible for cce while my remaining service is 27 yrs & I m
permanent customer of jkb since 2004.I m permanent employee of govt Edc deppt as teacher I h applied for cash credit scheme but manager rudely refused me that u h taken loan & given guarntees in kcc this u r not deserve for this.After this,I requested him that Kindly transfer my A/C to jkb Batote he refused me.Now I m requesting u goodself sir that kindly pay attention and take serious action on my matter.My Ac no is 0240-3783 jkb chanderkot
With Thanks
khursheed Ahmed tr R/o Rajgarh Rbn
Shaik Waseemuddin
Dec 28, 2016

internet banking

Dear Sir / Madam,
my salf Shaik Waseemuddin.im customer of this bank. My SB account number is 07460100001553 [Write your full SB account number]. I want to use the service 'internet banking'. I don't have this facility since the day I opened SB account. Please arrange the internet banking facility for me so that I can able to use most of banking service online from were ever. I have provided here three optional user name. I have also filled a separate prescribed form for internet banking and attached along with this letter and requisite documents. Thanks in adv
mohd ilyas mir
Dec 18, 2016

misbehaviour by the bank staff

I was about to make a request to please issue a checkbook of 100 leaves in my favour.at bank branch tangdar. But the reply was we are not the servents .we are the employees.we will only give u wat we think.please redress the grievance.
Yous faith fully
Mohd ilyas mir
Sb ac no. ################
Muhammed Yaseen
Dec 17, 2016


Dec 17, 2016

Every thing is absent and fake with algebric lies.

I am mohd syeed teeli account holder of jk bank acc no. ################ transfered account on 8 july 2016 from yaripora branch to hazeatbal branch.i submitted my all documents like passport 'adhaar card'university card,state subject,police d.o.b 'international membership cards and much more but the hazratbal branch updated wrong d.o.b and i got problem in ebanking.then i applied for debit card internet banking and passbook in nov 2016.but the site is so much heavy not working properly and mostly the fake app of jk bank omg.i called to costomer care 1800220600 today more than 20 times but no one recieved the call.i called this no 01942713332 but they wasted my time and told sorry we can not forward the call and can not do anything.then i called 0194248130 they told same as above then i called 2451930 they not recieved i called so many other no but they just wasted time.THe two things are absent in jk bank but both are very important .costomer satisfaction and facalities.i dId not know what kind of workers u have .they are the draggers drawn for jk bank and OUR state.other wise they are doing like the captalists .same the jk bank workERS AND EMPLOYESS..i called the cmplaint no when he recieved i told register my cmplain and give me refrence no .he disconnected the call.i got lot of visual proves.it is last time if the workers/employess of jk bank will not respond or can not make changes. THEN I NEED TO FORWARD MY CMPLAINS TO R.T.I OFFICE NEW DELHI .HOPE UR GOODSELF WILL TAKE ACTION SOON AND WILL INFORM ME IMMEDIATELY


Every thing is absent and fake with algebric lies.

Suresh sehgal
Dec 6, 2016

Rude behaviour of staff

The Chairman,
J&K Bank,


This is to file a complain against the staff of one of the branches of J&K bank in Sonwar where things are becoming worse day by day and it is becoming nearly impossible to do any business with them.

I along with my wife have two current accounts - Monu Fibres and Mini Handicrafts with that branch since last 8-10 years. The average turnover of these accounts has been 3-4 crores and 1-1.5 crore respectively.

Our relationship with the branch had been very positive over the past years. However, things changed drastically in last 1 year since the time the new staff has taken over their duties.

These people don't seem to be interested in working. When my employees take the cheques to them for clearances (not encashment), they just don't accept all of these cheques saying that so many cheques can't be credited in a single day. Is there any such rule for a current account that I'm not aware of? I'm not asking for cash but only sending cheques for clearances. Moreover, these people only misbehave with my employees, talk to them rudely which ends up in their mental harassment. Please tell me if this is how your prestigious bank wanted to contribute to the society.

J&K bank has always been there for the welfare of the people. But few elements of the bank are just doing vice-versa and making things way too difficult for public. It is high time that such things are taken care of, serious action is taken against such people so that the glory of this bank remains in place.

With high hopes, I request the authorized regulatory to take necessary action against such personnel who need to learn respecting their customer and sincerely do their duties or else I'll be left with no other option but to look an opportunity to work with some other bank.

Looking forward to a positive reply

Thanks & Regards
Suresh Sehgal
(Prop. Monu Fibres)
Dec 1, 2016

Third party cheque

My name is Tariq Ahmad from Anantnag my request is if all j&k branch accept 3rd party cheque than why other branches not accept. It's very poor response .
ateeq malik
Nov 21, 2016

an application for Receving my money back my account

with due humblesubmission I beg to say that my ATM card has been jumped under ATM No 5049730556190057992 so I request to put my 2000 rupees in back my account
I shall be highly thankfull to you for this act kind Ness

thanking you
your obediently
Name ateeq ur riaz
atm no 5049730556190057992
account no ################
Farhan ul hassan
Nov 21, 2016

Mis behaving of staff member at j&k bank Achabal Anantnag

With great regards i Farhan ul Hassan visited the J&K Bank Branch Achabal Anantnag, for the purpose of issuing cheque book for my Account no ################. But the bank staff member namely Ajaz Ahmad shakshaz misbehaved with me please take an immidate action from ur end.
Thank you
Yours faithfully
Farhan ul Hassan
Account no ################
Lovish Bhagat
Nov 20, 2016

Not recieve Amount deducted from Atm .

Sir, today i withdrawl money from for HDFC ATM (20-11-16) Rupees 1900. Due to technical issue i didn't recieve money that i was withdrawl from ATM ... The cash is stuck in ATM AND ATM is gone out of service. I recieved message that the Amount is deducted from my account .. I therefore request you please Resolve my problem . My j&k Branch is talab tillo , Jammu ..

Lovish bhagat

EMail- lsigania@gmail.com


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