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Consumer complaints and reviews about JAIPUR BUS (LOWFLOOR BUS)

Keshav Agarwal
May 23, 2017

Add bus route

Please add bus route from Durgapura to Mahindra World City SEZ via Mansarovar. As we can see no bus available there, so local cab provider taking money minimum 80/- Rs., While it's sharing cab. If we use personal cab then it's take 400-500/- Rs. So that if you add a bus on that route and you will take 30/- then also it's will full from passengers. Because many IT companies, and Mahapura, Bhakrota passengers will used it. You haven't required to add full day that route. It's will be beneficial in morning and evening. So please add bus on that route.
neerja khanna
Feb 3, 2017

JCTCL Jaipur

Sirs, I have seen all your routes for low floor buses. Nowhere is Govind Marg, Transport Nagar Gurudwara Mod on mental hospitall road a bus stand for red low floor buses and for buseses of poornima college. What hassle you are making by forcibly using this road as bus stand. Please remove this bus stand or I as advocate will soon be proceed to court for seeking legal course against you.
Jan 26, 2017

Rash and careless driving

Bus number rj 14 PB 4792
Driving at above 60 kmph, jumped two red lights at Lakshmi Mandir and Kamal and company, at 8:30 pm on 26th Jan 2017
Karishma Pareek
Jan 11, 2017

charge extra fare

Today i was travelling in 6A bus route Malviyanagar to kirni phatak, time was approximately 6:45 am in the morning. I don't know the bus no. but it is the daily problem. When it is specified that students and females has been given 30% concessions in bus fare then why all the time bus conductor charge the amount of fare equal for all. Is they don't know about the Rsrtc rules. I have to go for tuition from malviya nagar sector 1 to tonk phatak, the fare charge is ₹8 and ₹ 7 for ticket of students and females with 30 % discount . A lady conductor charge ₹ 8 for fare when i refuse to take the ticket and amount she shouted and say there is no such provision for females. My stop was tonk phatak and i said to driver that stop the bus but he didn't. And i often pay ₹ 8 for ₹7 ticket and they didn't give me the ₹3 change.
Please it is request that charge the proper fair for tickets.

Karishma Pareek
Nov 26, 2016


i know... no purpose of complaint.. higher authoreties will not take any action.. still i complaint!!
i am complaining for a bus on route 8 in jaipur. the driver of bus highly misbehaved n not stop on the proper stopage. even i travel on daily basis n drop on same place everyday; ie, shyam nagar police station.it was redicilous!! he dont have any document to tell me about route stop , he tell v bad words to me. secondaly "MAHILA SEATS" no male pessanger vaccent any seat even i asked conductor and pessangers many times..REDICILOUS
Nov 2, 2016

Conductor & Driver beaten the passenger

Today I was travelling through Low Floor Bus No. 3 , registration No. RJ-14 PB 2993. One of the passenger asked for ticket and the conductor instead of giving the ticket starts beating the passenger and then the Driver stopped the bus and take two iron rods and start beating the passenger. Then, the other passengers stopped them somehow. During the fight, the driver and conductor even had hurt a small girl of around 3 years and a boy of around 2 years who were sitting in the bus with her parents.
Oct 28, 2016

conducter ne di dhamki

Aaj me 9A number - RJ-14 PC-7402 se ja rha tha mene ajmeri gate se SFS k lie 2 ticket lie or jb return change pese mange to wo bola ki baad m lelena me bola ki ticket ke pichhe likh do baad m dedena to wo bola ki chupchap beth ja wrna bus se utaar duga or usne mujhe baad me pese b nhi die so i want ki aap kuchh action lo us conductor k khilaf ya fir mujhe supervisor ya manager k number provide kraye me is case pe aage baat krna chahta hu meri kafi insult hui or mujhe thuga gya

Name - vishal prajapati
Oct 25, 2016

delay in bus service

bus no 14 bhut time lgati h chomu puliya se waps aane m 5 bus wha jake khadi ho jati h evening m bhut late aati h chomu puliya se please eski service pe dyan de .
Shilpa George
Oct 13, 2016

Increase the frequency of AC2 buses

Respected Sir/Madam,

This is a humble request that please increase the frequency of AC 2 buses between 7:50 am to 8:15 am from Chomu Puliya. Since for around half an hour there is no bus due to which the one which comes at 8:15 am is overcrowded; and ultimately they do not stop and leave us. This causes lot of inconvenience for people like me who are dependent on this one bus as it covers the maximum route.

Moreover, many times buses are breaking down in the middle, so I request you to please ensure proper servicing of these buses.
I hope you would consider my plead and not leave it just as a complaint.

Aug 27, 2016

corruption by conductor

I have monthly pass and today bus no RJ 14 PB 3818. S conductor called passengers from kumbha marg for dwarikapuri around 8:15pm. It was boarded of route no. 8. Conductor taken rupees 5 per passenger even though every one have monthly pass and he didn't give ticket to anybody that time I was in a hurry , I think everybody was in a hurry to reach home so every person paid him.

Kindly look into this matter and should be punished by deducting one day salary of both driver and conductor.

shalesh kr
Aug 18, 2016

No bus come at time

Hello sir,
I live in malviya nagar and daily go to jhotwara through 6A bus. i gov teacher in jhotwara so daily passeanger 6A bus
but last 1month problem bus not came to time 6.45am in calgiri mode.
so i request please manage bus timeing.
malviya nagar
Suman Ajay Swami
Aug 4, 2016

fast driving , hitting my car and run away bus in speed

On the main road near MNIT driver hitting my car from back even i horned he did not give me side and after this he run away speedily with bus with no regret. the bus no. is RJ-14 PB-4603.can the indian politician make some rules for fast speed of low floor , private bus, magic vehicle, auto rikshsaw, so that accidents will be minimize. As they always stop their vehicle every where even in mid road for swari and it is also the reason of accident. they always break the traffic rules, so please take it seriously.
parivesh khanna
Aug 3, 2016

Fast driving

Being a Citizen of india we have some fundamental rights given by constitution . Right to Life is also very important part of it. which say every individual has a right to live . Other thing we can say Being a human we are topmost creature of God, who gave us mind to think to behave in decent manner , so humanity Prosper . But Your DRIVERS So called Messenger God Of Death . Are Lack with all these points, they drive in such a manner that the left no chance to hit other vehicle or any pedestrian on road. .... And no body is paying attention to it . Daily we find in newspaper news regarding accident by bus... its My sincere request please make a system to watch these drivers. ... unless until you paid no attention to it hundreds of life will be lost... Please look into this....
shahrukh k
Jul 22, 2016

8no. low floor routewise nahi leke jate

8No. Low floor wale bus ko route se nahi le jate
My no. 9667704300
Bus no.-Rj14 PB 5091
Route se chalne k liye kahne pr conductr or driver misbehav b krte h or bolte h mt chalo hmari bus me hm to hmare hisaab se jayenge
Jul 14, 2016

Lost my purse

I was travelling from 6 a today from under pass turn to nandpuri. Give money to conductor at that time my purse fall down..when i came home not able to find it...please help me out as their were some imortant documents in it.
Jun 22, 2016

conducter behavior

I am deepak bhardwaj today 22 jun 2016 travling tonk phatak to bhatawala in 27 a bus. Conduter two times give me wrong ticket. First ticket gandhi nagr to tonk phatak and when i ask my exact ticket he give me again wrong ticket as a student ticket but i was pay for full ticket and also much wrong behave with me. Than i much told him that if flying meet i wll told the story then he use abusive words and give me my exact ticket its wrost experince and conducters are not professional and bad behaviours with other passengers.
Conducter name as he told me (PRAKASH CHOUDHARY) . Please take it as a serious issue and take required action for conducter.
My contact no. 97822301 For any further query.

conducter behavior

Damarunath bhardwaj
Jun 14, 2016

!अधिक किराया मांगने एवं दुर्व्यवहार के क्रम में

दिनांक 15.6.2017 को प्रात 8:45 बजे 6A बस में नेहरू गार्डन से. भगवान महावीर कैंसर हास्पिटल के लिए बस नं Rj14 PB 4496 या. 4498 नं़ था। कडक्टर महोदया ने वहां से महावीर कैंसर हास्पिटल के 12₹ मांगें मैने निवेदन किया कि नेहरू बालोद्यान से महावीर कैंसर हास्पिटल का किराया 8 ₹ है।वेबोली कि 8₹ किराया तो MNIT तक ही है।मैने किराया सूची दिखाने को कहा तो उन्होंने ना केवल दुर्व्यवहार किया, बल्कि अपशब्दों का उपयोग भी किया , मुझे मजबूरन MNIT स्टेण्ड पर उतरना पड़ा और पैदल महावीर कैंसर हास्पिटल तक जाना पड़ा। ठगा हुआ और अपमानित महसूस कर रहा हूं ।

उचित कार्यवाही एवं तत्काल प्रत्युत्तर का आकांक्षी हूं ।. टिकट जो मैने लिया , उसका नं़ ABK644590है। यह 8₹ का टिकट है।

साथ ही राजस्थान सरकार के टोल फ्री नं़ 18001806127 पर भी उचित कार्यवाही हेतु शिकायत दर्ज करवाया है । साथ ही जनअभियोग निराकरण विभाग,राजस्थान सरकार,जयपुर में भी निवेदन कर दिया है।

डमरूनाथ भारद्वाज
बी- 6' इंद्रपुरी कॉलोनी,
लालकोठी टोंकरोड़,जयपुर(राजस्थान)
फोन न. 9461617330
Jun 13, 2016

AC 2 Bus me se utar dena me viklgan hu

Me mahesh chand mahawar jo ki ak hundicapet (viklang) hu sir me ak barojgar student hu jo ki me dausa ka rhna vala hu or job krne sa liye me jaipur aata hu sir me narayan singh se AC 2 bus me rag jansion job ke liye aata hu sir ak din muje bus me se medon condektr ne utar diya us din me let ho gya job pr or muje job se nikal diya gya ab muje bhut presani ho gai sir me ye janna chafta hu ki AC vali Buso me hundicapt ka pass nhi clta h kya

my No 9887893296

please aap muje jrur se jrur btaya
May 26, 2016

Low Floor Bus Problem

Lalchandpura Low Floor Bus Problem
I Live at Bhagwati Nagar, Lalchandpura Road, Niwaru, Jaipur
Niwaru Low Floor Bus No. 10. Already 10 + 5 = 15 Bus
But Niwaru to Lalchandpura Nothing Low Foor Bus (Only + 3 Kms.)
So Many Problem Night suffer Very Problem. : Man, Woman, child, Girls.
(Lalchandpura Road : Near Gawala Baba Mandir, Bed College, Bhagwati Nagar JDA Approbed colloney (200 hundred + House), 10000 + Pepople But Nothing Bus.
Pl. Bus No. 10 on Root + Niwaru = (15 Bus) + Lalchandpura (Only 3 Km) Stay Lalchandpura.
Night Suffer Very hard on this Root Lalchandpura Nothing Bus. pl. request this bus Niwaru sa Badhakar Lalchandpura Tak Ker do.
Thanking you.

Pramod Jain
May 4, 2016

Daily breakdown of bus,,,

Hello sir,
I live in malviya nagar and daily go to jhotwara through 6A bus. I faced daily stupid prob. Like
1. Driver not check bus at bus depot that bus is good or not. Driver ko bus jaisi b mili utha k le aata h chahe wo kharab hi ho or phir wo itni slow chlata h ki jhotwara jane k 1.30hr lga deta even to reach jhotwara normaly time is approx 1 hr.
2. If driver or conductor want to purchase anything then he will stop bus at anywhere , if you have an urgent work and humble request to stop bus then he will told bus will stop only on bus stopage. Ok no prob. Its good that bus will stop only bus stopage but why those stop for own work
3. In each 2-3 days bus breakdown
4. No bus come at time. You wait for 15 -20 min after that 2 -3 bus together come.
May 3, 2016

bus not come right time

bus not come on time two ya more bus running with together on vidhayadhar root spcly after 7 pm create more prblm.... so request plz slove the prblm or i want to result soon
Anushree garg
Feb 27, 2016

Some routes are not covered

There is no low floor bus from mansavar to rajapark ...i have checked all schedules n all ...but i didn't find rajapark anywhere .. Well it is quite disappointing becoz rajapark is vry common place in jaipur n it is hub of education also ...!!!
dharmendra prajapat
Jan 1, 2016

miss behavior or student st problem

Ham logo k collages 1 January se open ho gyi h but ye log bolte h ki 11January se st lagega ..kyu lgega 11January se hmare collages to open ho chuki h ...and ye do do ghnte late koi buses chalti h kya ..please action otherwise me case krunga yr log student ko presan krte h miss behave krte h ..ye 5_5 rupy me passenger ko lekr jate h or hme st tk nhi dete h ye log ...please action ...
6A passenger
Jan 1, 2016

regards to increse buses no. 1A, 1

Dear Sir/Mam,
M aur mere kafi friends morning m coaching pe pedhne jate h hum sab bus stand no. vkia road no. 9 pe bus ka itnijar karte rhte h per jo 7:15am vali bus kabhi aati h tho kabhi nhio isse hamri padhai ka kaafi nuksaan ho rha h aap se request h ki morning ki 7:15 am vale bus ko continue running karne ka order de or is route per bus no. 1A, 1 ki buses increse kar de tho bhut kirpa hogi. M aasha karta hu ki aap is subject m jaaldi hi disha nirdesh dege.
Dec 23, 2015

Driver behavior and duty

Dear sir
The complaint is in reference to the RSRTC bus AC2 no RJ 14 7070 driver as the behavior of the drive was very rude as well as he didn't stop the bus even at the bus stop of durgapura causing me to miss my train..please resolve the problem so that no one else will not suffer from this kind of behavior of drivers.

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