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Jaipur Traffic Police


Consumer complaints and reviews about Jaipur Traffic Police

Dec 27, 2022

Traffic Jam and Traffic Mismanagement

I am a citizen of India and located at Jaipur. My residential address is in Nemi Nagar, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur. While coming from Gandhi path road and taking a turn to Gautam Marg, there is always traffic mismanagement and traffic jam. There is no traffic police located there because of which such a busy lane of Gandhi Path connecting to Gautam Marg goes unattended due to which the people take undue advantage of the same and do not follow any lane system and just to get through the traffic, place their vehicles in any direction suitable to them causing huge traffic jam.

Please look into it sir and help as this has become a daily scenario and nothing has improved yet, !

Traffic Jam and Traffic Mismanagement Traffic Jam and Traffic Mismanagement

Surendra duboliya
Dec 23, 2022

Wrong E chalan recieved

Dear sir,

One of E-chalan msg received by trafic police on dated 23/12/2022 while My Maestro bike do not come out on road on same date So how can be challaned of bike. this one is big mistake by traffic police person please correct the challan vehicle number i attached challen copy which is not my bike challan . It is wrong vehicle number enter in digital challan book please check n correct it

Wrong E chalan recieved

Dec 1, 2022

Red Light Jump

RJ45 CK 7669
crossed the red light at OTS-MNIT-Dainik bhaskar intersection on JLN marg, Jaipur
30th November 2022
10:07 Pm in the night

it could have collided in my car and caused accident

Please put due penalty on this vehicle as per motor vehicle act

you may check the cctv of that intersection
[email protected]
Nov 2, 2022

Traffic police Surendra Kumar near hawa Mahal is corrupted

Surendra Kumar taking action only against out of State vehicle he stopped me only however other vehicles are not wearing seat belt we are weared seat belt but only backseat a single person not weard seat belt he only stopped us
And asking money and the. He asking half of fine amount as a corruption
Coming from other state tourist are harrased by this type of traffic police

Police name- Surendra Kumar
Location- near Hawa Mahal Jaipur Rajasthan traffic police mini station
Oct 20, 2022

Goli chalane ki dhamki

Sanganer goshala pr 20-10-2022 ko sham 7:20pm pr 3 traffic police khde the m vha vatika Jane k liye stand pr aya itne m ek police wale n kaha ki yha khda mt rho kahi or chla ja fir mne bola ki lokshahi h sir tanashahi nhi to bole ki jada juban chlegi to goli bhi chl jati h . Aam insan road p agr khda bhi nhi ho skta to fir kya mtlb ese prashashan ka . Apse request h ki us police men pr action le .
[email protected]
Sep 24, 2022

Fraudulant cab driver

On 18.09.2022 I booked the Ola outstation from Jaipur airport to Cimmco, Bharatpur. The actual distance is 190-200 kms. The toll record shows travelled 181 kms.

First of all the vehicle number did not match the number showing in Ola app.

Then the driver asked me to cancel the trip from the app and to pay him Rs. 4500 cash for the journey. I refused and told him that I would take a different cab then.

The driver then recorded odometer reading of 411 kms. fraudulently and the final bill was Rs. 7500 instead of Rs. 3900 as was shown when booking the ride.

Also, the driver had taken Rs. 710 for toll charges from me whereas the actual toll fee is Rs. 660 only. He charged me Rs. 50 extra on toll.

Attached Ola invoice with driver and vehicle details and toll record of the journey.

Fraudulant cab driver Fraudulant cab driver

Sep 18, 2022

Traffic Mismanagement & traffic Jam

There is chaotic conditions on the roads of Jaipur especially during evening times. Traffic jams occurs at VT road, Mansarovar crossing particularly on Tuesdays & Fridays when there is vegetable market. The traffic lights are kept in blinking mode and no traffic police is posted there. Sometimes it takes hours to clear the traffic and if you call helpline no 100 there is no response. Kindly take immediate action.
Also, in the Agra Road following traffic violation takes place :-
1. Two wheelers are openly allowed to use tunnel way whereas these are not permitted. Sometimes the two wheelers are being driven on the wrong side on the one way,
2 The two wheelers are crossing the highway and these are crossing the road using the median thereby likelihood of a serious accident.
3. It is generally seen there is a apathy in the performance of duties of Jaipur traffic police because I have seen there is traffic violation by autorickshaw, e rickshaw and they are mute spectator.
You are requested to address the above issues,
Jul 11, 2022

malfunction of traffic light

near akshay patra mandir
jaipur 302017

11th July 2022

Jaipur Traffic Police

Dear sir/ma'am

I am a resident of Jaipur. I live near Akshay Patra Mandir Jagatpura. There is a chauraha near Akshay Patra Mandir which connects Mahal road and Goner road. There is a traffic light which unfortunately doesn't work ever since it has been setup. This is an accident prone area and i myself have seen few accidents happening. I am an 18 year old girl and I want to go to my tuition while riding my scooty but due to chaotic traffic and no traffic light working I'm not able to go. Yesterday I was walking and I wanted to cross the road but I wasn't able to. There is no zebra crossing and the traffic lights are not working as I said before. I was standing there for 15 mins just to cross the road waiting for the cars to slow down.

I request you to take this matter into consideration.

Yours Faithfully
पुनीत शर्मा
Jun 19, 2022

धमकी से पेसे लेने के संदर्भ में

सर में रात में 3 बजे सांगानेरी गेट से निकला था मेरे पास four vehicle थीं मेरे सारे डॉक्यूमेंट कम्प्लीट होने के बावजूद फालतू मे dipper का हवाला देकर 100 रू लिए गए और मेरे मना किए जाने पर मुझे टॉर्चर करके चेतक बुलाने की धमकी दी गई सर मे इस बात से बहुत ज्यादा असन्तुष्ट महसूस कर रहा हू और मुझे अब यहा की पुलिस जो देश की रक्षा करने की बात करती हैं वो अब भ्रस्टाचार हो गई है। इसलिए सर 18-06-2022 की रात कोन ड्यूटी पर था उसके ऊपर कार्यवाही की जाए।
पुनीत शर्मा
Mar 10, 2022

Regarding raising a unjustified Challan by a traffic policeman

Regarding raising a unjustified Challan by a traffic policeman

Rajkumar Mourya
to mukeshda6231
1 day agoDetails
Respected Sir,
I am Mukesh Kumar
I am a Cab Driver
Mob. no.-9785246537
Vehicle no.-RJ14TE5035
On date 08 Mar 22 I was driving on Road no.-12, Vishwa Karma Industrial Area, Jaipur-302032 from Chomu Puliya to Harmada Puliya.
I crossed at four-way cossing when it was just about to become Yellow light along with other vehicles. A traffic policeman especially stopped me and intimidated me to raise a challan for Rs.1000/-. I repeatedly told him that I was not at fault. Again he intimidated more by chanting the names of civil actions such as Court, Police action etc. He indirectly pointed me to give him a bribe for the same. Finally after a short discussion he issued me a challan of Rs.200/- against the false and self-calculated offence "Parking in no parking zone".
Challan no.-
Dated 08 Mar 22.

I was on cab service duty to a Flying Pilot Rajkumar Sir serving in Indian Air Force and presently in prestigious task and national commitment "Operation Ganga-Ukraine Russia War".
He felt too much shame on such policemen who are so much biased with the traffic rules-regulations, policies and the common people.

I am a poor person and my daily saving income rarely exceeds Rs.200/- per day after COVID. How can I feed my family with pride having such a Traffic Police Administration.
Kindly resolve my issue and let me get back my valuable money earned after 24 hrs hardship.
Thanks Sir.

Regarding raising a unjustified Challan by a traffic policeman Regarding raising a unjustified Challan by a traffic policeman Regarding raising a unjustified Challan by a traffic policeman

[email protected]
Sep 27, 2019

Complaint against the Traffic police without my permission pull my bike key.

Hello Sir My Name Wasim Usmani belong to Jaipur my Bike Number is [RJ-14 DW 0058] i was coming on 26-Sep-19 From Sanganeri Gate Road Jaipur traffic police stopped my bike and pull the key without my permission traffic police not authorities for this, this is totally illegal but he told me you jumped the red light but i was passing road on yellow signal i showed the driving license to traffic police officer than traffic police cut the Challan but i am not guilty and i didn't signature on Challan Sheet i have no any receipt traffic police office misbehavior with me so i request you please check the CCT Footage of Sanganeri Gata road Jaipur if i guilty so i pay the challan if traffic police officer pull the key in my bike so please take the action against the traffic police office i hope you look this meter on urgent basis.
Below mention my Personal details.

Name-Wasim Usmani
Bike Number- RJ-14 DW 0058
Challan date-26-Sep-2019 ( Sanganeri Gate Road Jaipur.
Mobile Number-8058688878/8003494254
Sep 12, 2019

Bina slip ke challan kata

Sir mere pass all documents hai aur helmet bhi tha but police ne rokar 1000 rs ka challan Kat diya aur slip bhi nahi di
Jai Prakash
Aug 11, 2019

wrong chalan

Worng challan
Today challanging officer mr Ramsing '(HC -903) and one more officer stop me after red light location Sanganer circle jaipur, Then ask me for document i show them all document my all document are complete. The mr. Ramsing tell me you cross the red light. I deny because when i am cross the light its green.he forcing me but i am deny i tell him kindly give me proof i jump the red light. They dont have the proof. He is angery on me i am shocked and afraid from them then i,m also talk to one more officer which is stand with him ,he said give 100 rupees as a bribe and go. I deny for bribe. As result non pay for bribe they challan me challan no. Is 0474047 ,i attached that chalan in this message. and he behave rude because i am from chhattisgarh and i have the right that i living in any place of india. if i am from chhattisgarh that not means i am naxlite . they just want to change there thinking ,when i ask about my mistake which i dont do then he say me you just go now otherwise i will put you in the jail.

I want to know for a ordinary men they can miss use there power now i need to go yadgar office because he keep my RC its only happen just for i dont pay the bribe to them. I also want to say that if i am crossing in red light then do the necessary action against me in that place cctv camera is working properly if police want to check that then they check on 6.20 pm to 6.30 pm footage on the date of 11 august 2019 place sanganer circle i. If you not provied me i also going to write a latter to ministers
Kindly look into this its a harassment of public.
My bike no. Is RJ 14 8226
MO.no 8112208438


wrong chalan

May 24, 2019

bad behaviour

phool singh traffic police at kishanpol behaves so badly. chalan kato but abuse to mat karo.
May 24, 2019

bad behaviour

phool singh trafic incharge at kishanpol behave so bad with every body.
chalan katna h to kato par galigaloj to mat karo. inko tamiz seekhne ki jarorat h.
Mahendra Singh Solanki
May 6, 2019

Daily Traffic Jam at Chitakoot marg

Its almost Daily Traffic Jam at Chitakoot marg, HT line road & sarthi marg. even traffic police is fad up with this. What i observed that this is because of traffic coming from Delhi & Ajmer. My suggestion is if an exit can be open(Only for Cars & Light vehicles) from Jaipur Bye-pass to Sirsi road(Khatipur Road) will help to reduce the traffic load at 200 ft road signal and chitrakoot marg.

My humble request to Traffic department jaipur to do some thing to reduce traffic at chitrakoot marg.

Jan 23, 2019


23 Jan 2019
Gopalpura mod Jaipur traffic police threats me 400rs fine
With seizing of my vehicle for not wearing helmet.
Fine is only 100 for not wearing helmet.
At last I have to give them 200rs. They refuce to give me any challan or anything.
Nov 16, 2018

i used helmet but they made challan for without helmet

i visited jaipur dt 13-11-2018. we are using bike for travel. we are two person on bike with helmet. traffic police stopped me and asked for licence I showed them. but they give me challan for no helmet which is using my friend. they told me my friend is using helmet not allowed anymore. he is using half shell helmet. they cut my challan and took my licence. and said me that come tomorrow and pick your licence from yadgaar. i am living in sawai madhopur. and that was my first challan for without any reason. they should warn me if helmet is not allowed anymore. but they make me in trouble cos i am living in other city. here i am including pic of challan and helmet.

i used helmet but they made challan for without helmet i used helmet but they made challan for without helmet

Nov 1, 2018

Traffic police asked for bribe near 200ft by pass jaipur

Today 1 nov 18 between 9:30am to 10 am, i was coming from delhi to jaipur on my delhi registration car.
near 200 ft ajmer jaipur bypass police stopped me on overspeeding car 101 km/hr. I gave them my licence but they refused to accept it saying that its not original. Unfortunately my RC was not with me. And i convinced them too much that this is my original licence you can check from anywhere. But they didnt listened any thing and asked me for 900/- or car sieze. I told them that my house is in front of asopa hospital i get my rc with my neighbour hand with in 10 min. But they threaten me and said HUM TERE LIYE YAHA BETHE THODINA RAHENGE
. after long argument with them finally they asked me how much money do you have. I told them only 500/-
He took 500/- from me and when i asked for challan slip he gave me only 400/-.challan mention on slip saying TU APNE AAP KO BOHOT SAMAJHDAAR SAMAJTA HAI. I demand for 100/- back. He replied HUMARA ITNA TIME WASTE KIYA VO KOUN BHAREGA..

i just want to ask how much corruption is running in indian officers veins.
we are already paying taxes for their salaries but still they dont have any shame


Nov 1, 2018

Traffic police asked for bribe near 200ft by pass jaipur

Today date 1 nov 18 between 9:30 am to 10 am. I was comming from delhi in delhi registration car, Traffic police near 200 ft ajmer bypass stopped me on overspeeding of 101 km/hr.
I gave them my licence but they refused to accept saying its not original and unfortunately my rc was at home. I convinced them too much that this is my original licence you can check it properly . But they threaten me and asked 900/- as cash.
Since i told them my house is near in nirman nagar and it will take around 10 mins to get my Rc with my neighbour
hand . But again they was not ready to listen and demand for 900/- cash or sieze of car. After long arguments he was ready on 500/- rs challan. But when i asked him for challan bill. He mentioned 400/- of challan. I asked them for 100/- back then they said ki police ka itna time waste kiya uska koun bharega.

I request you to look into matter and we are already paying huge taxes from our hard income. And this type of curruption is not tollerable


Shammy targotra
Oct 7, 2018

Performing Malicious activity

Today 7th Oct 2018 I crossed the signal in green at 4 seconds at sodala, Jaipur but still the traffic police Mr. Deep Narayan took my license and gave me challan for jumping red signal. I said him that I have crossed the signal in green light but he was not ready to listen and said to go to yaadgar to check the CCTV footage.
They are purposefully stoping many people with the wrong intentions
The department should look in this matter.

Amit Agarwal
Nijesh Dogra
Oct 3, 2018

Speed challan 183(1)

Hi Concern,
I visited Jaipur on 2nd of Oct 2018 with my family from delhi & took Jaipur bypass road & as per records my speed was @97km/h.
I slow down the car & stopped after signal of traffic inspector at the location.
he asked me to pay rs 900/- for offence of over speeding the vehicle under act 183(1), the amount of over speeding is 400/- as my knowledge. i requested the officer to take 400 & give my licence back. but he refused , he said if you pay 900/- here you can take the licence but if you wont then we will seize your licence .
unfortunately i was sort of money that day only i have 500 rs , i requested the main officer to let me go with licence & take challan amount 400/- but he refused.

hence my concern is, can they seize my licence even after i am ready to pay challan amount of 400 rs?

Nijesh Dogra
[email protected]
Aug 24, 2018


Hello everyone,

I do not know if someone reads this or not.
But I wanted to write this.
I was travelling to Udaipur with 2 male friends, and a policeman (a fat, lazy, money-eater) stopped us as our car's number plate was not from Rajasthan.
And their only job is to stop such people and eat bribe.
But in our case they saw a girl, the CHEAPNESS that he did was HE ASKED MY FRIEND TO CALL HIS DAD AND TELL HIM THAT HE IS TRAVELLING WITH A GIRL. MY FRIEND DID NOT. OF COURSE WE HAD NOT TOLD OUR PARENTS. AND THIS BAG OF SHIT got a point. HE SAID TO MY FRIEND THAT HE WILL THAT HIM TO POLICE STATION, cage him overnight and will be beating him. WE KNEW HE DOES NOT HAVE THAT POWER but we could not waste our whole night. FINALLY HE ASKED FOR 3000 RS. and at last settled to 2500.

Dear Modi,
Aug 3, 2018

Without helmet

Dear sir
I have valid driving licence and all documents of bike, but traffic constable make a challan of 900 rs with not draving licence . My challan only for not hearing healmet . This is traffic police mistake.so I request you that this challan make correct.

Without helmet Without helmet

abhishek godara
Jul 28, 2018

traffic light not working properly

Today I was coming from sindhi camp bus stand via vansthali chuaraha PS jalupura. The traffic light at this point was not working properly it was only showing red but not green or amber, I was behind the roadways bus and was not able to see the front top light and I followed the roadways, stopped by traffic police officer and he issued a challan of red light violation, but i explained the problem of malfunctioned light but he didn't paid any attention to my words. Please take necessary action otherwise many people will suffer the same situation and innocent people like me will be issued challan in the name of red light violation.

traffic light not working properly

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