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Consumer complaints and reviews about Just Dial

Oct 11, 2017

complain against just dial company pvt ltd

Cheated & harassed by Just Dial.
ECS continued inspite of the STOP request
I have been associated with Just dial since 21/Sept/2017 and premium plains .
they cheated with contract. they give false contract with me. when i check cross plan i found they did not complete my contract.
i paid one and half month advance. but i faced problem with in 7 day.
They refused to return my advance payment. however they Hit ECS on my Accounts on 04/Aug/2017.

However, this time I have been literally cheated and harassed by JD team. I was suggested a new plan where I paid 4000Rs everymonth for premium listing, however after using this service for a month, I decided to discontinue this plan.

Now for the same, when I called JD customer care team I was told that I have to pay amount for next 3 months if I have to discontinue. This is really surprising and literally cheating customers. If I dont want to continue why would anyone force me to continue for 3 months. There was no such communication done by JD sales team.

Further, I have been threatened and harassed by JD call centre team, calling me consecutively to make payments. I seriously have been thinking to discontinue with JD.

Also they have been presenting ECS continuously in my account despite of the fact that I had requested them multiple times to stop ECS
my cantact no 9717546615
kuldeep chhikara.
Sep 25, 2017

Cheated & harassed by Just Dial. ECS continued inspite of the STOP request

I have been associated with Just dial for a very long time and have been using their premium listing services.

However, this time I have been literally cheated and harassed by JD team. I was suggested a new plan where I paid 4000Rs everymonth for premium listing, however after using this service for a month, I decided to discontinue this plan.

Now for the same, when I called JD customer care team I was told that I have to pay amount for next 3 months if I have to discontinue. This is really surprising and literally cheating customers. If I dont want to continue why would anyone force me to continue for 3 months. There was no such communication done by JD sales team.

Further, I have been threatened and harassed by JD call centre team, calling me consecutively to make payments. I seriously have been thinking to discontinue with JD.

Also they have been presenting ECS continuously in my account despite of the fact that I had requested them multiple times to stop ECS.
City caterers & decorators
Jul 25, 2017

Ecs stopping and refund the extra taken amount

9843315596 city caterers & decorators

I sent a mail to chennai@justdial.com on 14/11/14 for cancel the agreement
But till now ecs hitting in my account
My agreement value 13000
But just dial taken 45000 and above from my account
I have all evidence
You have to stop the ecs and refund the extra taken amount within two days
Otherwise definitely I'll take a legal action on JustDial coimbatore
Jul 23, 2017

Just Dial promotes fake traders

Just Dial is a very big fraud company that promotes the fake business traders. I put a negative review there after having a bad experience with a cheating trader, but Just Dial removed my reviews. They called me and asked me to do a conference call with the trader. I told them that I have already talked to trader. As the trader is not having manners and he does not know how to talk politely and speak the truth, I don't want to talk to him again. But I just want to keep my review for the information for other people. They did not agree and removed my review. But they let the positive but fake reviews written by business owner without any question. Just dial reviews are totally non reliable and highly misleading.
Jun 7, 2017

fraudent activity of just dial employee

espected sir

i am writing this mail to you as a last resort to solve my problem as the concerned just dial representatives are not able to fix te issue further worsening the situation,sir i had subscribed for promotion of my buisness with just dial on being referred by a just dial representative mr vishal shrivastav in dehradun city details of my buisness are as follows business name jsa design tech
registered mobile no 9720928462
i was falsely promised to try the service for 3 months and that if i did not like it i could terminate is asap by your representative vishal shrivastav as he told me this was a special scheme this time he did not tell me ant details though i paid my first cheque in 22nd feb now after trying it for more then 2.5 months and the money being deducted every month from my ac almost 1500 per month instead of the decided 900 rs i decided to end it as i was not getting even a single rs business from just dial i contacted the authorities in just dial customer care where in i got to talk to one of your employees saachi yadaw and after listening to my problem she is instead trying to manipulate me to not end the service and keep running it for one year even after i had told her that i was falsely promised by your representative about the scheme she is telling me that i can do anything but they will not stop ecs and keep deducting the amount from my account irrespective of my will which is in itself very wrong practice i consider it as forcible extortion of money from simple people ..which should end immediately and she is arguing with me regarding the same and asking me to keep my voice low about the she is directly challenging me to anything i can and that i will have to keep paying like that without my consent for 1 more year ...this is very disappointing in context to the user friendliness of just dial being promoted on internet as this is just the opposite of what is being promised sir i am not a rich man and this month they have twice deducted money from my account on 1st and 6th of this month i.e 900 and 560 rs which is bad for me irrespective of my previous correspondence with the representatives earlier which is a act of cheating when i clearly mentioned i do not want the services anymore they are forcing me to continue with absurd lead unrelated to my business and keep paying for them too even when i just do not want to continue it ...i even tried contacting the representative who stated the service for me initially and he says i do not know anything i have left the company do anything u want i am not responsible and is threatening to physically assault me if i disturbed him about the same ,sir the account from which your company is extorting money belongs to my mother and it is her pensioner account so i cant even close it down i had no other options left but to tell you my problem through mail .i believe you are a very responsible person and u will look into the matter and help me terminate this contract with just dial immediately so that i do not have to suffer more .i will be highly thankful to you ..i am making a very polite request and you are my last hope please help me sir ..

yours sincerely
mohammad aarish khan
Apr 5, 2017


Dear Team

its is disgusting that even after asking to stop the ECS, the same is been deducted from my account this month and you are cheating the customers in the name of customer care. You can take out the audio of the converstaion with your executive where in i told to stop the ECS and you are sending me the mail of as per telephonic talk the ECS is Continued/. Stop playing smart and refund the balance money. Just dial will have to pay for it.
Mar 21, 2017

ECS Stop

i requested to justdial for discontinue of services because i am not getting business through just dial.
they are not terminating the contract and when i told them to stop the ECS then they denied to me.

They are really cheater.
Swapneel khavanekar
Mar 21, 2017

Our requirement not fulfill just dial

Our company name sreem it solutions llp.we have so many complain just dial please call director name swapneel mob - 8652102879
Mar 1, 2017


Dear Team

Greetings of the Day!

I would like to show my extreme disappointment towards justdial and the work culture. The Below mentioned issue is in regards with IML Travel Services Private Limited.
Let me tell you the story in brief how your employee Aman Kumar (Mobile 7387966147) Bluffed me just for his own benefits.

1) This Guy Aman Came to the office of IML Travel Services Pvt Ltd to offer a contract plan. I was working as operations head there in IML, at that moment of time he literally pleaded infront of me to buy his Annual plan worth 13800/- INR.

2) I took sometime and discussed his offer with my bosses, i later finalised to buy the plan. I informed Aman i need sometime to provide him the cheque for the contract. Still he kept on calling me to buy the plan asap.

3) One fine day he came to IML office with contract paper without informing me prior. Somehow we were running short of official cheque of the company. I told him that we cannot provide you the cheque today.
He requested and convinced me to provide him my personal account cheque just to login into the justdial systems, by virtue of which he could achieve his targets. I gave him a cheque of an unoperational accounts cheque leaf Bearing Cheque Number 445132, Acc Holder Name- Anand Kumar, Allahabad Bank Account.

4) I specifically directed him not to put the cheque for clearing, just replace the same after few days as soon as we receive a new cheque book of our company. he assured me of the same, that this cheque will not be sent for clearing. Ironically he placed the cheque for clearing just 5 days later.

6) I dont keep money in that account so the cheque bounced for the first time, i immediately contacted him for this issue. He responded with a sorry and said i will coordinate with my accounts and return you back the cheque and take a replacement of the cheque from us.

7) HE never turned up to pick up a new cheque i called him atleast a 100 times he never picked my call. Meanwhile i quit the company IML Travel Services to join another firm, and my cheque was bounced 9 more times. I kept on calling him he never took the reponsibility.

8) Yesterday i took a loan from my friend for some medical purpose and by mistake he transferred the amount in the sama allahabad banl account which i never use. Withing no time a debit of 13800/- happened to my account which is not for the services i need. That amount should not have been debited at any cost. I called him yesterday at least 10 time he did not pick up. When i messaged him on whatsapp with a threat of police complain the he replied once telling he doesnt work with justdial anymore that is why he abandoned me nowhere.

9)I request you to take stringent action against Mr. Aman Kumar and provide me with the evidence of the same. Otherwise i am going to drag this issue to the legal premises.

PS: Kindly look into the issue and provide me with full refund on high priority as the money is for a medical cause.

NB: I have attached some of the snapshot of our conversation with Mr Aman.

Warm Regards

Anand Kumar
Mobile: 8603732000


Feb 22, 2017

Justdial.com — Complaints Against justdial.com | Justdial limited { Cheated in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India}

Dear Justdial Team & Directors,

Myself Harihar Patra, proprietor of Patra Tours and Travels, We have paid Rs.12000 in form of cheque to JUST DIAL LIMITED For 10 fixed position I have given money. Your employee Mr. Vicky In a hurry manner called us By saying today is the last date kindly provide the payment so that you will get maximum leads and lots more thing. Mr. Vicky committed me that after clearance of cheque we will provide you the service. My cheque was cleared on 31st January as per my bank statement. After that I am repeatedly calling to Mr. Vicky he is not responding my call and using bad language.
In the name of advertisements YOUR STAFF Mr. Vicky mobile no. +91-8876635303 is a no. 1 cheater after taking Rs.12000 for advertisement. Now HE is not receiving my call and don't respond also, rather he is using bad language to us. We have given a cheque of Yes bank in the name of Justdial limited they have already withdrawn the money from bank. Employee Vicky is a cheater his mobile number 8876635303.

Kindly repay back my money. I don't need any service from just dial. Refund my Rs.12000. I m totally unhappy with justdial team for providing false commitment. Kindly refund my money.

Sombarna { 9051579275}
Vicky Babu Gupta { 8876635303}

Beware of this 2 Employees, Repeatedly not receiving my call, I cannot tolerate this malafide intention and I will carry forward this matter to a higher level and if required I will take shelter of Court of Law. Refund my Money Rs.12000 on an Urgent Basis.

My Sincere Request to all Directors of Just Dial Limited i.e Anita Mani, Anand Balasundaram, Venkatachalam Sthanu Subramani, Malcolm Monteiro, Pulak Chandan Prasad, Sanjay Bahadur, Ramani Iyer, Venkata Challam Krishnan. Please return my Money

Already mailed this message to below email id for Refund Process :-


With Regards
Harihar Patra
Manoj Chaudhari
Feb 17, 2017

Illegal/forcefully ECS deduction from my account.

I don't know why you are not reading my mails properly.
I don't want your services.
Old stop the ECS deduction immediately & refund the illegal deductions made till now.

Manoj Chaudhari
Feb 17, 2017

stop my pakeg

namaskar g aj apk custmar sarvis par bt hui the jinhoney yh kha tha ke aj apk pas jatin g a jaygey bt vo nahe ay c s dpartment cnfrm to krta h apk prob thk ho jayge bt esa kuch nahe hota pl ap mera pakeg aj s he bnd kr djy m just dial sey certify fy nahe ho pa rha hu bs mera tim vest ho rha h pl help me
Feb 14, 2017

Closing the ECS Services

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Trying for closing my ECS Services from long time for that i am calling and mailing on daily basis but your employees reply is that "our consult person will call you". But nobody is calling me. why are you end the call whenever i am calling. Please stop the services immediately..........

Still I have not get the any call from your company. Whenever i am requesting about stop the services.

Nobody is giving properly answer from your company!!!!!!!!!

Check my all call history in this week... How much i time i call in your company and your unresponsible employees feedback.

They are transfering the call to another department and anothere department person is saying our other person will call you letter. What should we have to do?

Give reply of closing the services with all details screenshots and all.

My New no.8411845391
Business Name : macilen edutech
Reg No : 7350612611

My previous mail :
I request to you for stop this services immediately. Please take seriously i have closed this business already and why you be continue this services and deducting the amount that another account. See Business is closed if you not able to close this account then let me know i will complaint in the court against your company.

I again and again requesting to you about closing the services.

Machindra Lendave
Thomaskutty mathew
Feb 8, 2017

Cheating for just dial sales excutive

Just dial sales executive told many things before registering. I complete registration they refuse everything they didn't attend the phone also.my ad has not showing on google same time my nearest shop address show them on Goole I pay money benefit will get my nearest shop.completely I was cheated from just dial .my experience no one can take registration just dial.
Jan 9, 2017

Unethical Cheaters just dial

One of the worst cheater ever is just dial the day looter.

1. All wrong commits no single call is directly provided all those goes multiple people
2. Till now only 20 leads of genuine customer that too 80% direct callers
3. Provide voice recordings of the marketing guy who spoke to me regarding this business (as per your statement this is one year contract but I have told when ever we don't satisfied with just dial it can be discontinued I have Vioce recording to Prove the same)

4. I am getting frequent mails & SMS stating that my contract is continued. Who are you to decide on this?
5. What ever the Advance amount & 1 extra ECS cleared that to be refunded.
6. I want some responsible person to clarify all the above issue immediately.
Jan 4, 2017

false promises

This resort are not provided any facilities as promised by this resort website
Dec 15, 2016

fake commitment

To just dial
i am sanjay singh, main just dial se 2 sal se juda hua hoon.or just dial mumbai se kam karwata tha or waha se mujhe kabhi koi problem nhi hui. nov 2016 ko noida branch se sakshi chaudhary(8006878058) ji ka call aaya unhone kaha 2nd position packers and movers ka place khali h. apko 2nd position k liye mujhe purpose kiya or apne executive saurabh(9455978894) ko bheja. saurabh se meri deal hui usne 2 check mange ek check 10,000 or dusara 8,945 ka tha deal 6 month k liye thi unhone 10 to 12 days main update k liye kaha tha 12-15 din nikalne k bad mujhe 5th position mili h. tb maine saurabh ko call kiya unhone kaha sakshi mam se bat karo mere hath m kuch nhi h fir saurabh ne noida main jo manager h M.r Deepak(8960333444) unka num diya. unse bat ki toh bole invoce mail karo uske bad koi reply nhi kiya aaj bhi bat ki toh bol rahe h ki area pin code dalo maine kaha jhansi lucation m mera 5th position bta raha h. fir bole sakhshi mam se bat karke btata hoon aaj 26-28 din ho gaye h mujhe koi response nhi mila main kisi ka koi bura nhi chata bus itna chata hoon ki ya toh mujhe 2nd position mil jaye ya mera paisa .

mere pas audio conversation ka recordind hai,aap k side se koi action li jiye nahi to mai ligaly court case karna padega.

star world packers and movers
p-no- 7052955666,7080825666
jhansi (up) 284003
Oct 17, 2016

Stupid company

For posting complaints y u guys me wants to register to call and disturb us stupids
Oct 17, 2016

Wrong information

Information that ur providing to customers are incorrect please give exact information don't irritate us otherwise close ur service
a.bhaskar kumar
Sep 30, 2016


This is to inform you that without my knowledge my name, contact no has been updated in your Mi mobile store site.
I don’t know from where your company found my data and updated. I am very much disturbed with this. Many times I have deleted the data, but again that was updated. I had received one call from your customer care & I have informed regarding this. Some customers are using slang calling to my number. This is a mental harassment to me.
Please delete my contact details immediately.

Sep 12, 2016

ECS continued inspite of the emails , Cheque bounces because of this.

I would like to bring it your notice sirs the following against Justdial

1. False promises regarding the leads by selecting many related options when I had suggested Preschool, Montessori, daycare, summer camps, tuitions and music classes only specific to Nehru road, Oilmill road and Kamanahalli ie Pin code 84.
100 percent sure of the business deal but fell prey for misleading and false promises regarding free installation of JD Omni immediately with the concerned team. But again in vain inspite of many reminders.

2. I would also like to know why the ECS clearance happened by 19th July when I have given the instructions for 21 st of every month. Due to which there was undue disadvantage for my other cheques already issued on those dates. I just ignored as it was the first time thinking of better business with Just dial. ( We are just fresh entrepreneurs and we are pooling and struggling to pay bills and here comes the bang ! Unpardonable)

3. The business agent Mr Venkata Subbiah BDE Code 10035505 doesn’t have the courtesy to even reply back when sought help as he had promised during the business. In spite of several discussions with the customer care there is no solution on this issue.

4. Though happy to listen from Just dial the happiness did not retain long.

Below is the email sent from Just dial to stop my ECS
As per your instruction, ECS of your contract has been stopped and the same will not get debited from 28-08-2016

5. There was another cheque bounce of Rs 33000 due to the submission once again on 22nd August. And the matter was taken to customer care once again seeking help.

6. In spite of sending the statement along with the email again on 1 September 2016 it was in vain. And I receive a message from Just Dial as below

With reference to your mail received regarding cheque bounce charges we tried reaching you but your mobile is switched off hence we request you to kindly send the mail from registered email id or call up to our customer service number 8888888888 to resolve your issue.
7. Finally upset with the customer care I have again emailed customer care and called the business agent on 10 September hoping for a reply. Since I wasn’t sure of better reply I have also emailed the CEO and MD of the problem.

I am seriously struggling to make up for the losses and the way Just Dial works with customers. Please don't fall prey for the rosy talk of the business agents. They really chat you with misleading details and made up business calls.

This is regarding my unaddressed case regarding my ECS. I'm very sorry to say that Just Dial just finds reasons to say that the mobile was switched off. But when it comes to deducting money nothing really hinders.

I would like to blame the executive Mr. Venkat mobile no 9035110110 who cheated with all wrong promises by taking unwanted signatures. It is a surprise for me that my account is being deducted for JD OMNI as well with out my consent. He actually promised for a month free trial and very recently it popped up on my mobile and now it is a surprise that without my knowledge it is charged . I just want to know who permitted to do all this. I want all the services to stand cancelled and return all my documents and cheques with which Just Dial is misusing the customer's signatures and any charges hereafter Just Dial will be penalised.

The issue already sent hasn't been addressed and Just Dial hasn't got the courtesy to address. As requested I have already sent the soft copy of the statement from my bank. as per my previous letter I'm waiting for my monetary losses to be addressed. I also want to bring to your notice that all useless database of numbers is forwarded in spite of the area specifications. None of the callers are authentic and they are definitely set up people by just dial to visit the branch and create a feel that customers are approaching but the branch is unable to convert.

Sep 2, 2016

Just Dial Ltd fraudulent way of operation

Just Dial, Mumbai, started a contract on 4 June, 2016, and had taken cheques in advance for two months, saying ECS will go live after 60 days since cheque payment covers the first two months premium listing.
Turned out to be completely irresponsive, and showed their fraudulent practices
- two separate cheques were issued, one for each month in advance, but they deposited both the cheques together in the beginning itself. Anyway since I made the mistake of putting the current date on both cheques, this could have been avoided by putting specific month apart dates. But shows the lack of ethics and integrity at Just Dial Ltd
- despite first two months paid for in advance by the above mentioned cheques, imagine my shock when I receive the bank statement showing the first ECS debit made within June (first month), followed by another within 19 days of the first ECS debit and then yet another 30 days following that ECS debit.
Have repeatedly written emails to them, they have an automated email acknowledgement without showing the trail mail complaint and nor generating a unique complaint number
- their sales person (one named Satyarth who came to get the contract and ECS mandate signed) just does not respond except to send an sms to say pl send email to our Mumbai email id.

Strictly stay away from these people!!
Aug 24, 2016

just dial fraud us Getting money from ECS even I close their service

Justdial dial makeing faud with us. Deducing money from our account since one year.
Even I stopped their services last year.
Amount of very smal 115 ;229 as bank not send sms to us.
Aug 17, 2016

Third class service form just dial

I register my business on just dial Chaitanya share market classes and pay rs 4500 for the registration charges. before registration just dial exicative mr girish 9545838009 visit my home and committed me sir register your business on just dial and after you received propare service from my side he continue call me and visit me after 15 day i give cheque to girish then i have lot of problem but when i call girish he not pick up phone and no any single reply from girish i call minimum 15 time then he add my no in black list.

So i call on 8888888888 for complaint purpose i complaint again girish and just dial service but no any call form website and no any action taken again girish.

Then i call found Girish Manager no but he also no give any reply or call and not taken any action each and every time say sir i call you back.........

So where i register my complaint and who is solve my problem......

Here i shared girish no and its manager no so please taken action agianst both.

Girish Pawar - 9545838009
Girish Manager no 9972568323
Vanraj Traders
Aug 16, 2016

Vanraj Traders : Name not getting deleted inspite of repeated complaints (complaint ID : 600621) and continuous harrassment by Just Dial Company

We have written to Just Dial on 20th June 2016 to discontinue our ad on their website and got a confirmation sms accepting this on 22nd June. Inspite of this every month we receive a call from them for the payment. They present payment request to our bank for ECS. Bank is unable to stop the payment, since as per the new regulation they do not have authority to refuse an ECS payment, even if we have given them an application for the same. We have kept minimum balance in the account to stop the ECS payment. But are penalised by the bank since the payment is getting presented by Just Dial and rejected by the bank.

We have tried all means to make just dial stop from presenting to the bank for the payment, but to no avail. We wish to escalate the matter to a serious level. Kindly advise.

V. Shanmuganandan
DIrector - Vanraj Traders

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