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Kalyan Jewellers

Tamil Nadu

Consumer complaints and reviews about Kalyan Jewellers

Vandana jaguri
Jan 14, 2022

Useless gold scheme

Hi, i have taken memebership from kalyan in which they promised that we have to pay an amount for 11 months then same amount will be paid by kalyan for 12th month and additionally they will give us discount on making charges and all. But when i went to buy the product at end of the year discount ia minimal. Also i oordered a bangle with weight 24 gm they said minor difference will be there but there are 5gm differnece also the product qas delivered after 1.5 month instead of 1 month that too i had to take followups. Now they are charging more 5gm price which i did not want to pay. Its mistake by kalyan that they have increased the weight so much. The scheme they provide is useless as we would get interest on our money of we would depisit it for months. I am really disappointed and feeling cheated. As now they are saying this is different scheme etc etc. Even not attending my calls. Kalyan is doimg scam through scheme to cheat customer.
Aug 28, 2021

Gold chain joints opens frequently

I have purchased gold chain from Kalyan Jewellers Jaipur but after some time one of joint opened and fortunately chain was not slipped .We visited shop and shown chain Salesperson told us that this type of defects should not occur and he repaired the defects and when we asked whether we can change piece he told us that making charges will be charged extra.
Again another joint of gold chain has opened .
Is this is quality of chain .
Please look into matter
Arun Sharma
Aug 28, 2021

बार बार गोल्ड चैन के joints खुल रहे है

मैने कल्याण jewellers Jaipur से गोल्ड चैन ख़रीदी थी । जिसका एक joint खुल गया । शाप पर गए तो बताया की joint खुलना तो नही चाहिए था , उन्होंने repair करके दे दिया अगर दूसरी चैन बदलवानी है तो मेकिंग चार्जेज़ और लगेंगे ।अब फिर दूसरी जगह का joint खुल गया । क्या यही क्वालिटी है kalyan jewellers है । चैन टूटकर गिरगई तो कस्टमर भुगते । अब बताये क्या करे
Mar 29, 2021

Highly Disappointed by the Billing counter employees - Coimbatore Branch

Hi Team,

I visited Kalyan last Saturday(27/03/2021) for redeeming the voucher to purchase some jewels, which I purchased one Ornament in Chennai Kalyan for last year using Paytm-Kalyan vouchers and the remaining amount has been added as a voucher.

When I made a request in Billing counter to check whether the Voucher amount is displaying, they literally not at all responding properly and telling me it gets expired. Due to Covid all the shops get closed for a while and it's a known thing. The Billing counter employees didn't even give any option and they made the conversation in a Sarcastic way by laughing at each other. It's like responding to a Beggar in a showroom. I have been maintaining the Gold Scheme for almost 2 years and still continuing it with Kalyan. Is it a way to respond to customers? Am I begging for someone's money over there? I was literally pissed out.

Before all this entire conversation I have already called Chennai-Kalyan employee(with whom I purchased the Ornament last year) and He clearly told that the Voucher amount is not in Paytm and Its with Kalyan only, so you can visit any Kalyan to use and Purchase.

The Next day I went to Erode Kalyan and they responded very Politely and sent an email to Kalyan Office for Redemption without any further arguments.

I almost lost the Kalyan privilege's and even with this kind of employee's Kalyan may loss its credibility as its dealing with the Customer
Aanchal arora99
Oct 2, 2020

Lost of helmet

Respected ,
Today at kalyans , Mohali I visited with my father to buy a birthday gift for my mom. At the entrance we submitted our helmets to the guard and after shopping when we came back , we got to know that our helmet was given to another employee of kalyans for his use.
Firstly , Belongings submitted outside shall be kept aside and are not submitted to make them used by someone else , and moreover we had to wait for our own helmet return for more than 1 hour, that’s really disrespectful and disgusting
Secondly, during this spread of COVID-19 , it is very harmful and dangerous to use something that has been in touch with someone unknown.
All this behaviour of Kalyans Staff was very irresponsible and careless. I have been a kalyans customer for years , but this time I am really disappointed with their behaviour.
Seeking a good action towards this incident from the authorities.
Jan 9, 2020

Poor Customer Experience

I opted for Kalyan Dhanvarsha scheme (15541211809900) and their Online payment gateway had serious problem with reliability, where payments were declined many times and irrespective of several written complain to customer care, we only received apology email without any solution.
When I visited to Kalyan South Extension -2 outlet they blamed us for defaulting payment and because of that we cannot get the benefit of the scheme. Email communication with customer care were shown but it seemed they were not keen in acknowledging their problem.
We also found communication inconsistency between one Kalyan outlet with another on the scheme maturity leading to confusion and big hassle for us.
I started my relationship with Kalyan from 2017 and based on the experience I had with Kalyan my whole family switched to Kalyan but I think Kalyan customer service is deteriorating over the years heavily where they started compromising on values which helped them becoming the big brand. It sad to see how quickly Kalyan started compromising on values when they became big.
Today I decided to end my relationship with Kalyan and switch to another Jewelry house but I want Kalyan management to seriously look into degrading customer experience because today probably it is me but if it continues like this I am pretty certain there will be many more like me who will decide to end their relationship with Kalyan.

With best regards,
Mamta Rani
Jul 19, 2019

scheme related

Had a very bad experience in one of your scheme (Dhanvarsha - Kalyan Priority). Was initially told if I invest 10000 pm then by the time of maturity I would be getting 37.5 grams of gold however during maturity I was only allowed to buy gold for 31 grams.
The sales guy Pradeep was missing in the store and I was informed he was shifted to other branch. Later the other sales guy who was attending me ,
forgot to add GST and other charges to my current buying ( this was not mentioned earlier ) Later he ( Sales guy Vinod ) himself apologized but whats the use, I ended up paying more around 2600 INR.
Disgusting experience ! They waited for all the customers to leave and I with my family was waiting for almost 4 hours till the shop was about to get closed. The store did not had the audacity to inform us about their irresponsible behavior. All this happened in the Thane branch.
Being a Keralite I was ashamed of their attitude and approach.
I did not create any havoc or scene thinking its not as per our culture, however these sales guys were really bad in their approach.
Ashamed of calling myself from the same Land these irritating, cultureless, senseless people are !
No need of a consumer court nor expecting any justice by anyone, Karma will hit back to you because you mentally harassed a family .
Dont need any compensation for this, however just wanted to remind things will not be smooth for you going forward.
Will surely inform all my contacts, colleagues, LinkedIn contacts, and also will post this everywhere including Facebook, so that normal people are saved from your fake schemes.
Kailash Purohit
Jan 11, 2019

Gold bond bad service

Gold bond scime par month 3000 Thousand rupees bad service & note for gold bond document receive .please your service not satisfaction .my Name is Kailash Chandra Purohit .Enrollment no. 15341695926870 ,Your branch comlaint your Agent & senior person not for Action. please fund realted issue solved me. My contect no.9784233898,8875028251( It Dept.Miraj Group)
Sep 15, 2018

Kalyan Jewellers have cheated me

I had invested in Kalyan Jewellers Rs. 5000 per month scheme for 11 months (Fifty Five thousand only). But they gave me benefits of only 52000 whereas I was promised 65000 (Sixty Five thousand only). And a sales executive there continuously forced me yo buy diamond bangle when I wanted to buy gold bangle. Please help me. I feel cheated.
[email protected]
Sep 2, 2018

Diamond Earring and pendant

I have open a monthly scheme over Kalyan Jeweller and i got completed in August 2018 and when i gone for purchase they have change the discount amount and 11 month installment amount over printed bill. I have received one hand made bill and post multiple reminder i got original bill and found fraud of 3000 which is marked as discount and reduced my installment amount.

Complaint number 21712 but no revert till now
Jul 3, 2018

worst things sold by kalyan jwellers

i just purchased silver chain from kalyan jwellers mohali phase 5, but they give me bronze chain with covering of silver water.this my worst experience ever by any jweller
Dec 24, 2017


Sold us a diamond bangle which had loose diamonds. Gave us two choices - either get 50% refund or buy something else for slightly more than half the amount and all this within guarantee period, within 1 week from buying.
Watch out everyone, these are real frauds...
Nov 22, 2017

Guidance to the Customers

Gold Jewelry Checking can be done easily by XRF machine, the process is non destructive and fast, can be done in a minute.
Sep 16, 2017

poor customer service in vijayawada.... cheaters

cheating behaviour.... bought bangles and the product was defective.... went for repair... in the beginning they said only they will charge for gold and get... later they ask to pay 24% making charges.... the staff behaviour is so rude.... the manager himself got careless attitude... thought of joining their gold scheme... fortunately I realized early that they are not fair..... be careful to business with them friends

arvind yadav
Aug 18, 2017

kalyan jwellers

1.sir,i purchased gold chain of 16.184 gm worth 51500. gold rate 26600Rs 22kt from 6/3/674/2 near Hyderabad central panjagitta Hyderabad 500081. tha staff behavior was so pathetic. he was not taking interest to show us gold chain.all time he explained kalyan jwellers money deposit scheme.and said us if I took this scheme he will get 3%discount as first customer .when I refused to take scheme, no discount. His behavior was so rude.after billing he did not give gold chain box.1.
   2.When I asked about MD or owner then staff person said there is no MD.   Hence the experience to puschase gold from kalyan was terrible,.
arvind yadav
Aug 18, 2017

kalyan jwellers

sir,i purchased gold chain of 16.184 gm worth 51500. gold rate 26600Rs 22kt from 6/3/674/2 near Hyderabad central panjagitta Hyderabad 500081. tha staff behavior was so pathetic. he was not taking interest to show us gold chain.all time he explained kalyan jwellers money deposit scheme.and said us if I took this scheme he will give 3%discount as first customer .when I refused to take scheme, no discount. His behavior was so rude.after billing he did not give gold chain box.1.
      Hence the experience to puschase gold from kalyan is terrible
Jun 20, 2017

Kalyan jewellers Dubai

Bought a necklace and earring of 49 gram .lI hardly wore it 2 time In a period of 1.5 years.I observed that the chain is getting tarnished and it's becoming copper coloured.I approached the outlet. and they told me for some testing.Really this is Avery disappointing situation and I feeling can't rely on them anymore
Shruti kuken
Mar 26, 2017

Behaviour of the staff

This is just to bring to your concern that I am a regular customer to kalyan jewellers and had just purchased a diamond nosering and chain just a month ago, but yesterday when I visited the vashi store the behavior of the staff was just very pathetic and he was very disinterested and rude.His name was Hakim Baig and he was just in a hurry to show gold,if this is how customers are treated then we will definitely drop down the idea of purchasing gold from this place....please do look into this feedback...

Thank you

Mar 6, 2017

Customer ko pareshan krna

Sanaz ji u r right..same situation in udaipur nd every kalyan showroom..customer is noting for him..customer ko offer nhe chahey phir bhe offer ki traf hi bhejna uska pura manas bigad dena k lena he nhe ab to,pani k leya b nhe puchna...even local market wale b tea coffe to puch lete hai subhe se..jese customer dubara kbhe aygha he nhe..more than 4 lakhs ki purchasing k badh b jese inhone humpr ahsan keya hai sale kr k ..koi reapect nhe or offer book krwa lo bhale 4 laks ki purchase mt karo 10000 ka offer book krwa lo bus
Feb 22, 2017

worst employees ever

I was forcibly made to open scheme... they said that there won't be making charges and after the terms is over straight 22% making charges were put on my purchase. when I asked, salesman was very rude. Worst part is every body rounded me and started shouted at me. Very worst customer service.. very rudely behaved men they act like bouncers. this is not the customer service. Kalyan gold is good designs are good. But the sales men are horrible. Kalyan has to replace these men. NEVER GO TO KALYAN. THEY NEVER RESPECT CUSTOMERS. SALESMAN SPEAK VERY RUDELY.

Feb 18, 2017


i have purchase silver ring size very small please exchange the i ask to sale man. irresponsible talk with me.i am so dis pointed customer service very worst in chrompet kalyan jewellers.
srinivasa raju99
Feb 11, 2017

High wastage price

Hi today I have visited Kalyan jewelary kukatpally standing 40 mins after that person came and explain about product 20 grams hand chain wastage charges 22.5 % .I was shocked..same waitage hanchanin I have Sean other shop they said wastage 11% 10 %difference Kalyan jewelary nd other shops really cheating cheating to customers. Nd gold scheme is very very cheating Name ;k.s raju 8897466999
Jan 29, 2017

Fraud kalyan jewellers

In the year of 2014 i buy the marriage jewells, at that time sales man tells one persentage of purchase amount always remains in your kalyan gold card but after some times again purchase some gold. And i say to salseman already this card contains more than 100 points use this card.but at that time salesman saying no points and next time you come with bill.next time i come with bill and explain this but salse executives says all accounts in kerala main branch next time rectify the problem. next time again explain the problem but the sales manager says we are updating the software and un wanted reasons ....now till date the problem is continuing .....
Karthik Nithin
Jan 23, 2017

Complaint Against Staff/Managaer

Worst service never ever had this kind of experience in my life...There is no proper communication from manager (Name : Munna) Bangalore very irresponsible person, he dont know how to explain the discount amount how he had given. no proper making charges % on price tag. My billing Value was 4lakh After billing i had paid amount 69,860/-by cash remaining through RTGS on next day waiting for reply for that person not even bother to call back & revert. After we call & ask for status he is saying missed UTR number. plz take care of these kind of person from your jewellers. im sure your brand name will get spoiled soon
Vidhya srinivasan
Jan 17, 2017

Kalyan jewellers

I m totally dissatisfied with the way the staff at Borivli west , Mumbai dealt with me. Non cooperative & arrogant staff who do not care to retain the customers. I told them if I go unsatisfied, I would never return to Kalyan jewellers. They said they said ok & fine. They do not want my patronage. Rude staff. No polite words. No options given to me. Sorry to say that it presents a very poor picture about your company.

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