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Kavitha Mehra's Online Profits Course


Consumer complaints and reviews about Kavitha Mehra's Online Profits Course

Dec 19, 2015

I was not understand the course

I P.SURESH Residing at visakhapatnam and i paid 4400/- (four thousand four hundred only) I was not understand the course . So please return my amount as early as possible basis on refund30 days policy.

Thanking You,
Anil Kumar
Nov 29, 2015

Totally fraud

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Anil Kumar
Nov 28, 2015

DPC is froud

Friends if you want to earn money from trusted site for free so you can go for
http://csl.ink/1bHy copy this url and paste into your browser and signup
1 payment method is paypal if you do not have paypal account you can create later but signup and and start your work when you create paypal account simply update i also do not have paypal account but i create it after 3 month later till i earn $33.04 and update it
so go for it
Nov 8, 2015

Digital Profit Course

Hello friends,

I am from Chennai.

I have seen this DigitalProfitCourse website a few days back only. Since I have been working online from 2006 I could guess what would be inside.

I won't call it a complete scam, but is it worth the money?

Though I have not joined the course, I can say that almost all the information they teach will be available online for free. But how many of us have the proper knowledge to search for it? At least they have taken the pain to compile all the relevant information and present it.

Yet I don't think in 3 months anyone can become an internet expert in marketing.

DPC has an affiliate opportunity too. So anyone who joins the course shall become their affiliate and earn by promoting the course itself. (Since their design is so well, they may earn some commission too.) But many people realise that it is not what they wanted.

The main issue is in our misunderstanding. Most of us seek a JOB online but end up in such marketing opportunities. And we cry "scam, scam, scam".

To my knowledge, there is no JOB that anyone can work from home online. (Even if there is one, nobody will be promoting it.)

This DPC cannot be called total scam, but the price seems to be very high. (For people who know how to search information, this course may not be needed at all.)

And I have written to them twice but they haven't replied yet, even after 20 days. May be they don't want to answer, because my question wasn't about joining the course.
Nov 5, 2015

Digital Profit Course

We are getting Emails about earnings from DPC . Is it True that so many peoples getting monthly 2 lacs and more .If it is possible than why peoples are going for MS and MBA if only 4400/- course can do it also they have not given any address or mail id on their website.What it indicates is it fraud or not ? Please think it over
Oct 21, 2015

Online Websites

These all emails which are coming from fraud sources you want to take action about that cyber crime cells are there to take a serious action against this on my email id also these type of fraud mails are coming regularly they are telling to pay 4500 rupees first then we will provide you some websites earnings bla bla and bla so please be aware of this types of emails and all lie things....

Thanks & Regards
Abizer Khan
Oct 17, 2015

www.digitalprofitcourse.com is Fraud

www.digitalprofitcourse.com is totally fraud. This type of companies are still doing fraud and cheating many poor people.
It is our Indian Government fault that they cannot stop the fraud.

Once your money is paid, it will never get back to you.

So, from expert advice, you can be confirmed this is fraud.

But, only for someone intelligent people we will be able to forward this message. Because, not all people come to check on google and complaint websites about the authenticity of those websites. They simply pay first with the hopes and later suffer suffer... That's it.

But, if Government of INDIA is serious, it can stop it. But, honestly our government is the worst in the whole world.

Just corruptions. Politicians making billions and everything is spent on unwanted things. HERE poor suffer suffer and die.
Oct 12, 2015

Digital Profit Course is Genuine

Taking Digital Profit course not only aided my knowledge about digital marketing but has also encouraged me to become an entrepreneur and start up my own online portal to sell funky outfits and accessories. Thanks a lot Digital Profit Course.
Oct 6, 2015

what a fraud

it is a fraud. dont pay your hard earned money to these fraudsters. i dont think any online work charges you money. now i work on online and i'm earning a good money.
check it out. its free and you dont have to pay any money to work-https://trafficmonsoon.com/?ref=sori1994
Oct 4, 2015

is this a froad?

i only want to knw is this true or a froud? i want earn money nd m strangling for that.
i knw there is so many online scam so m afraid plz advice me what can i do?
Oct 3, 2015


it's all fraud. no online works charge you money. i work online and they don't charge me a single penny. and i earn too.
checkout the site where i work- http://csl.ink/15cR
Oct 3, 2015

I took registration today

I took the registration today and paid 4400/- .
Please let me know if this is really genuine or fake.
Sep 30, 2015

digitalprofitcourse - BIG FRAUD

HI, Brothers & Sisters, i am Shivakumar. I am working as a digital marketer from past 3 years in one of the reputed companies in india. when i was doing some research online, i came across this website (http://www.digitalprofitcourse.com/) and understood something fishy is happening and then contacted them. After contacting them, they told that within 3 months i can start earning online. A person by name Ravi Sharma, has sent an PPT (which is related to course topics). with course topics i received this email.

Dear satish,

Greetings of the day!

Kindly check the details regarding Presentation PPT file.

Digital Profit Course is a 3 month membership which teaches you money
making techniques on the Internet. It also teaches you Internet
marketing, so that you can setup your free website, you can launch ads
on the same and then earn from those ads. It will also help you join
many affiliate programs around the world so that you can earn from
there. It is an easy step by step program.

Any further clarification please feel free to contact us via- 011-65253444.

After receiving the email, thoroughly read it, and called ravi sharma, again. Ravi sharma told me every alternate days he will send study materials to me for 3 months, then i said ok. After that i asked him to share study materials, on team viewer as well or on skype. For that he didnt agreed. Then i asked for SAMPLE CLASS, for that too he never agreed. I had a big arguement with him. THEN I CAME TO KNOW THEY ARE CHEATS. THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND NO PROPER MATERIALS WILL COME.


If anyone wants to make money online learn ( go to www.lynda.com - learn wordpress, seo, ppc, email marketing, social media marketing, google adsense and affiliate marketing courses).

these are fraud websites run by digital profit course


please dont get fooled by
92 Registrations in Last 12 Hours (which shows on their website)

Sep 28, 2015

Digital profit course is not fraud

Hi all, i had pursued digital profit course before 4 months ago and i found it completely genuine.
they have a very good customer support and have 30 days refund policy.
kusum dhingra
Sep 24, 2015

Regarding online course

http://www.simplilearn.com/ online courses totally fraud site. they will save your card details and will deduct the amount before any information.
Aruna kumar
Sep 5, 2015

really fraud ads

Recently I was visiting on web and sW there a ads about 'digital profit course' . Just I clicked and sign up. Then there are steps to entry my personal data with e mail. But the next step is crucial. It was to deposit Rs.4400 to join the 90 days course. Then after one can earn 4000 to 6000 from working online. A costumer care called me and replied my queries. I contacted herv by mail. But no reply received.
Then I think it is surely a froud business. Only poor youths can fall in pyey.
So , friends be aware of this information.
Aug 30, 2015

Jago Grahak Jago

Whenever you come to know about such offer, you get impressed and all the reasons find to grab the opportunity. Its not your fault, Its the time which compels you to fall prey.

But, whenever such thoughts strike your mind, Just give yourself 5 minutes. 5 minutes for being neutral and think unbiased.
Ask yourself a few questions, like,

In today's world, is making money so easy???
What about those who work 18-19 hrs per month to earn salary???
In today's world, who gives you things for free?? Have you ever given even a pencil to someone for free??
What kind of employer is this who demands money against job??

and above all, creating website for promotion and to earn peoples' confidence is few minutes Job. If they are genuine, offer me job, I'll do it whenever i m free, and pay me weekly basis. so that I can have confidence in you. As simple as that.

Those who lost their hard earned money and are in guilt of feeding the dog, Please start working hard in the challenging areas where you need to prove yourselves. it could be your own small business or a job. Stop begging your money from big beggars, it wont come back, that's what they do.
Aug 27, 2015


yes this is a scam..they giving you all the promises to convince people to register and invest but after they took your money they will not message you anymore and it is so sad that not even a reply from them.. there is a lot of scam website giving you promises but still same after they get your money they will not get back to you anymore unlike before they are convincing you to register and even they will always send you emails everyday just to convince you. right? Well that is the best part of them to convince people..But dont lose hope guys there is still LEGITIMATE ONLINE WORK FROM HOME which is not asking you any amount to start working online from your home... yes its totaly free just email >joycegagarin2978@gmail.com or click this link > http://www.sfi1.biz/15899043 and or visit my blogs > joycegagarin.blogspot.com...

remember ONLINE WORK FROM HOME will suceed if you put an effort!
shankar periyasamy
Aug 20, 2015

full forgery

Dear team,
My name is ashwini from chennai.
I have made an transaction on jun 2nd week for digital profit course of 4,400/-,but till now i didnt receive my money back.I borrowed tat money from my friend and now she is continously asking money from me.I have not told abt this in my home still.I sent nearly 50 msgs to them but still now i didnt get any proper feedback.How long should i beg on their legs to get my amount back.Do they all think iam a fool.Dont they all feel ashame of keeping my money.This is not at all fair.Finally becoz of this concern only iam going to die,but before tat i wil write a letter to the press and police tat iam killing myself due to this Digital Profit course.
Shri Omkar
Jul 31, 2015

other ways

Guys stop getting robbed there is no such kit that can make u earn . just contact me i work on free sites to earn online just contact me
Kalpana kumari alka
Jul 20, 2015

Confused regarding the digital profit courses

I am totally confused that shall I become member of this digital profit courses or not. Because I am new user of the internet.
Please help me out.
Jun 28, 2015

Money comes to those who work hard

thanks guys for awaring me from these internet frauds
Apr 25, 2015

Trust your hard work only!!

Hi guys when you will see to these money making sites In there testimonial area you will see you cant post a comment. Because these are all fake and anybody cant comment when he is cheated with taking money. So Be always get away from these sites and trust on your hard work.

Best of luck!!
Apr 19, 2015

Show the proof

Hey Kavita mehra.....if u r true then show us the proof of this website and show ur contact no. and address.......why dnt u post ur contact no with address...why
Apr 16, 2015

making it fraud

I lost the money for the follwoing sites.


They are all cheap people. I have lost 4000 and 15 days in this project. Firstly they have given the target to complete the task after completing the target said that TARGET NOT COMPLETED and asked me for the screenshot for the prove. My id has been blocked by this fake company i was asking for the original report but they always sent a wrong report for the other ID's. So please guy don't waste your time and money on this project. Still now i have asking for my original report but they didn't pick up my call.

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