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Uttar Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about KESCo

Adv. Suresh singh
Jan 14, 2021

Tree may cause break of electrical lines

Dear Sir/Mam,
We have a neem tree in front of our that can cause damage to the electrical wires which is not safe.

Kindly take actions to cut the tree.

Adv. Suresh singh
Contact no. 9839036700
Address- H-2/48 krishna puram kanpur 208007
Adv. Suresh singh
Jan 14, 2021

Tree may cause break of electrical lines

Dear Mam/Sir,
We have a neem tree in front of our house ( house no. H-2/48 krishna puram, kanpur 208007) and it can cause damage to electrical wires.
Kindly take actions to cut the tree.

Adv. Suresh Singh
Dec 29, 2020

Tree may cause break of electrical lines

Dear Madam/Sir
There is a huge mango tree on public land ( sadly it was encroached by Neighbour) which is pushing electrical lines and damaging my house MIG-1216 Ratanlal Nagar Kanpur UP 208022. Please take corrective action to cut these tree to prevent loss of y horse and damage to electrical lines which can cause human life.

Sheela Awasthi
utkarsh shukla
Dec 15, 2020

Wrong Bill provided by kesco


I have recieved wrong amount of bill for the month of December
And after requesting kanpur kesco govind nagar branch 4 to 5 times
No employee has taken any action against that false bill

This was a fault by kesco employee who has taken wrong reading of meter and because of him I am suffering from this issue

Such a bad service by government officials

I request senior officials of kanpur kesco to kindly intervene in to this as I am not residing in kanpur so It will be hard to visit kesco office kanpur govind nagar branch

My Account no:- 31151202
Name:- Vinod Kumar

I shall be highly obliged for the same

Thanks & Regards,
Utkarsh Shukla
MK advani
Nov 28, 2020


My connection number is 14142422 on the name of cp agarwal was disconnected by jawahar nagar kesco station kanpur without any intimation . No official come and update
I request to connected again electricity because this behaviour and service we not expected from kesco .

Prem Kumar Srivastava
Oct 28, 2020

Wrong billing a/c no 23134493

Dear Sir
Subject account no in the name of kiran srivastav. In the last month of Sep 2020 meter reader generated ADF bill for 310 units amounting to Rs 2053/- which is wrong as no any person at present in this house . We request you to please correct bill to eneble us to deposit the bill amt online.

Prem Srivastava
Ratanpur Coloney
Sep 27, 2020


Sir, My Account No 35147048 in name of my father Chhotey Singh, Village - 33A Mawaiya, Harjinder Nagar Kanpur. I m Shailendra Singh a Govt employee, my parents from last few month living with me and my Home is closed, still KESCO giving me electricity bill of Rs. 2880/-. As my only parents living in this home, sometimes they give the bill of 5100/-. I m surprised and upset also. Pl Resolve my problem.
Sep 14, 2020

meter not working

sir my account id is 35140712 in the name of P T Narayan Dandekar.
my permanent address is Hno-6 , Maheshwari Puram, Sanigawan Road, kanpur-208021
On 6-9-2020 , meter reader told me that my meter is not working and is needed to be changed. he gave us an IDF bill of Rs 4520. as i called to customer care services but no response was given.

Kindly consider the issue for changing the meter.

mobile no-9450129991

meter not working

nitin khera
Aug 8, 2020

Account Number-22146619

Please note my meter is working correctly. However, last month who has reading the meter & he has generated faulty meter & generate bill 3219/ . However, it should be common charge with out use of Electricity. Please note last two month i am out of city & no one is using Electricity. Request please correct bill at the earliest. My consumer number is -22146619
Jul 27, 2020

Interruption in power supply

We reside at Jajmau...n omg what kind of electricity supply kesco provides...hats off...power cut of every 10 minutes at night and for hours in day...we reside in state that speaks of uninterrupted power supply...but the reality is we can't even have an uninterrupted sleep because of electricity power supply because it is interrupted for the whole night....thank you so much kesco for your services...thanks to you many are going to suffer from depression in this lockdown because of lack of sound sleep...thank you so much...awesome work
Jul 18, 2020

fake bill created on 14.02.2020

I consumer Siya Ram Tiwari R/O AVYojna-1 kalyanpur was told by meter reader on 17.02.2020 that your billing has already done on 14.02.2020 for Rs.166340/.While actual consumption is only 348 unit as calculated.Actual current reading is 7581 unit & previos month paid reading was 7233 unit.
You are requested to make necessay correction in bill for july 2020 to enable me to deposit outstanding as soon as possible.
Thanking You.

With Regards
Siya ram Tiwari
A/c no: 16142798
Add: O-155 Keshavpuram
A V Yojna-1Kalyanpur
Kanpur-Nagar (U.P)
Mo No: 7291973648
email: [email protected]

Alim ullah
Jul 15, 2020

Paid Bill not get electricity

Paided my electricity city online amd did not get electricity my account number - AL17144129 Solve this issue please thank you
Alim ullah
Jul 15, 2020

Paid Bill not get electricity

I paided my bill and did not get electricity account number AL17144129 solve this issue please thank you..
Jul 9, 2020

FAKE Electricity Bill by KESCO Kanpur

I am Anil kumar verma Residence G 1245 Awas Vikash No-1, Kalynapur, Kanpur. I have paid all electricity bill of last 3 months (march - may) online (TransactionID - N2006091345057239435299) on date 09-06-2020, and Amount is 879 RS/- . while for this month ( june ) they have created the bill of amount 2015 Rs/- which is absolutly fake. while I am not using Television as well as Refrigrator which need to repair and due to lockdown I am not able to repair both of these items. I am using light and fans only.

So I request you kindly take a look on this matter and send me the actual bill for this month.

Anil Kumar Verma
A/C No. 16145715
G 1245 Awas Vikas No-1, Kalyanpur Kanpur

FAKE Electricity Bill by KESCO Kanpur FAKE Electricity Bill by KESCO Kanpur

Jun 30, 2020

FAKE Electricity Bill by KESCO Kanpur

I am Phool Chand Gond Residence M.I.G.2A Madhavpuram I.I.T. Society Kanpur After retirement I Have Installed a Solar Pannel at my residence of 3 KVA through NEDA KESCO has installed a NET Meter on Dated 28-09-19.Book No,1893Sr. No.94650 A/C No. 16154280 Sanyoujan No.051514.
Since that day, till today they never came to take reading and every time they send fake bill two times. I have submitted bill but every time my NET meter shows Negative Net reading.
Respected sir this my request you to kindly look into this matter and send me the actual balanced bill.
Last net reading is -365.

Phool Chand Gond
A/C No. 16154280
MIG 2A Madhavpuram IIT Society Kalyanpur Kanpur

FAKE Electricity Bill by KESCO Kanpur FAKE Electricity Bill by KESCO Kanpur FAKE Electricity Bill by KESCO Kanpur

Jun 28, 2020


Without the permission of the owner of the house kesco officers had given electricity connection in my house.
when I object to this connection then they are not disconnecting it and officers are saying we can,t do anything

Account No 13141830
ph no 7317584557
Vatika Singh
Jun 11, 2020

Low voltage and roasting

This to bring to your notice that we the people of Shyam Nagar who get electricity supply from Sujatganj Sub Station , are facing extremely low voltage problem. This problem has been occurring since the past decade ,especially during night.Dince the past few days roasting is also being done. Our ACs refuse to start at such low voltage. The voltage is below 150 during night. I request you to take immediate action because this has become intolerable for us.

Ram Kumar Singh
91 c block shyam nagar. 208013
Jun 5, 2020

sparking in main line

there is heavy sparkling is going on into my houses main electricity line where it is attached to the pole . due to the raining its sparkling very heavily. please repair it as soon as possible.


May 13, 2020

Electricity fault by line man

This is really disappointing to hear such an answer from one of the higher official of KESCO. Some of the lineman came today to rectify the line of some of the residents which they did but in the process electricity of our home(H.no.88 /Old 369 N-2 Road) was disturbed.
This was the case of afternoon(2pm approx.) In the evening when we realized that it is only our electricity that has been disturbed we tried contacting one of the officials of KESCO. He admitted that we came to get some meters done but we'll try to attend you soon. (7:30pm). One hour later when we called him he asked me to lodge a complaint on 1912. Since afternoom we've been suffering this problem and this was replied by an official of kesco.
Requesting KESCO to please go through our payment records, after being so responsible towards KESCO this is what we get.? I am pretty sure that we will be spending our night without electricity.
So i request to solve this problem.
Apr 28, 2020

Incorrect Electricity Bill without fetching actual Meter Reading

Today i paid my electricity bill through KESCO online payment facility as no one came in this month for taking meter reading at my home.In online bill receipt i found Rs.849.00 for previous unpaid bill amount and Rs.1949.00 for this month from 14.03.2020 to 08.04.2020 but in current meter reading it was same as last meter reading and consumed unit was also zero. Status was " Reading Not Furnished." apart from this no one came from KESCO department to give electricity bill and take meter reading then how they updated my meter bill in online portal. The amount which i paid was too much and not an average bill amount of last few months and surprisingly last month bill was not for 30 days it was only for 26 days . So i request to concerned authority to look into this matter as fictitious bill are being generated by officials in back office and it is not being sent to consumer, not even informed to consumer.

Details are as follows:
Account No-32128836
Connection No-32128836
Supply Type-10
Consumer Name-Pushpa Kushwaha
Division Name-World Bank Barra.
Address-MIG 74 Tatya Tope Nagar Kanpur
Contact No-9559179575
[email protected]
Apr 14, 2020

Recieved wrong bill

I recieved a wrong bill for electricity from kesco of Rs.79243 while i usually get bill of Rs.1000-1500.

My details:-

Name: Ganga Prasad Bhartiya
Meter service number: 13155983
Address:- E-149, E.W.S. / SWARN JAYANTI VIHAR

Recieved wrong bill

Vishwa Bandhu Dwivedi
Mar 30, 2020

Light not coming

Sir, my light is not coming, while bills are paid

Light not coming

Feb 21, 2020

Regarding cutting the Electric meter

महोदय ,
प्रार्थी एक गरीब व्यक्ति है ब्रम्हा प्रशाद पुत्र चुन्नी लाल निवासी 117/110 एम ब्लॉक रानीगंज काकादेव ने प्रार्थी के मकान संख्या 117/187 एन ब्लॉक रानीगंज काकादेव में कब्जा करने की नियत से अपनी पत्नी के नाम वर्षों के मीटर लगवा रक्खा है जिसकी मीटर खाता संख्या 22148378 है प्रार्थी ने है जगह शिकायत हेतु प्रार्थना पत्र दिया परन्तु कोई कार्यवाही नहीं हुई सब स्टेशन काकादेव के अधिकारी ब्रम्हा प्रशाद से मिले हुए हैं रानीगंज एरिया का जे ई मंगल सिंह प्रार्थी को धमकाता है कि कहीं प्रार्थना पत्र दिया तो उल्टा तुम पर मुकदमा कर दूंगा महोदय ब्रह्मा प्रशाद ने फर्जी दस्तावेज़ लगाकर दबंगई के बल पर केसा से मिलकर प्रार्थी के उपरोक्त मकान में मीटर लगवा लिया है प्रार्थी एक गरीब व्यक्ति है इसलिए कोई सुनवाई नहीं हो रही है कृपया तत्काल संज्ञान लेकर प्रार्थी की मदद करे और दोषी अधिकारियों पर कार्यवाही के साथ साथ प्रार्थी के घर में ब्रम्हा प्रशाद के द्वारा फर्जी दस्तावेजों के सहारे अपनी पत्नी शकुन्तला के नाम लगवाया गया मीटर कटवाए जाए।

Regarding cutting the Electric meter Regarding cutting the Electric meter

Anita visss
Dec 14, 2019

Fluctuation in power supply

Dear Concern...
We the people of 49B Ganges Villa, Chandra Na gar, all bangla, Kanpur 208007 have filed complain against the fluctuation in power supply before diwali.. Once they came from.kesco and did something but the problem is not solved till yet.. We are having a lot of problem and all the things are getting damaged, so who is responsible for that.. We have complained so many times but there is no one to look into this matter..
This is a humble request from all of us please do visit the campus and solve our problem.. Its been 3 months we are facing this problem and there is no one to look.. Government has to improve these things if u are charging so much of electricity .
Ram Ashrey
Nov 5, 2019

Pending of new connection request

We applied 02kw domestic connection on 11.10.2019. But it is long pending for sanction last 25 days, receipt enclosed. Hence you are requested please sanction request as early as possible.

Pending of new connection request

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