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KSRTC, Kerala


Consumer complaints and reviews about KSRTC, Kerala

May 15, 2019

Rude behaviour of conductor

Today15 th may 2019 i have travelled from aluva to north paravur.im a girl and the conductor shouted at me for giving the bus fare after certain distance and after that when i went to buy the change i need to get, he again scolded me infront of all the people,i was having fasting and i didnt tell anything except for asking my balance which he gave only after sometime and i missed my next bus to kodungallur..i dont remember the bus no. the bus started from aluva to north paravur at10.15 a.m on 15 th may 2019
May 11, 2019

Rude behaviour of staff

I have booked a ticket from chengannur to thrissur on 11 may 2019. The time to reach chengannur was 8.45 i have called the crew @9 but he answered. Ningalem kond mathre pokullu avda wait chey athil paranja timinonum oodi ethan patilla enn... Bus evide ethi ennu chodikumbol tharenda reply aano ith..?? Bus number ATC 35 from kottarakkara to KLR. ..

Contact : [email protected]
May 7, 2019

Did not give the change to many people including me

I had given 50 rs and I had to get back 11 rs. At first the conductor said he'll give it later, I waited patiently. But whenever he passes by and when I tried to ask him back my money, he started acting like he did not hear me. And then later I saw a guy asking for his change when he reached his stop and the conductor started shouting at him. That's when I realized my money is gone. However, giving change like 1 or 2 rs is never happening in ksrtc, but taking money more than that is unacceptable. This incident happened in the bus no. KL 15 A.1718 RPC 924 on 7/5/2019 in the morning (kasargod to Mangalore).
May 6, 2019

Ksrtc Driver supporting Private bus

Today 6 may 2019 i was traveled from kasaragod ksrtc stand to vidynagar bc road, normaly bus was running very slowly and only less than 10 people was there in that bus meantime at anangoor one private bus was overtake my ksrtc bus ,my bus was given a very wide gap for overtaking Private bus that seems unusual for me,the bus was running like following private bus , then before reaching kasaragod govt college the checker of private bus was showing some gesture to the driver of ksrtc to slow down the bus so in the next vidyanagar stop nobody want to get in to this bus then also the driver stop the bus some seconds... Normally the next stop bc road littile bit crowded area there should be some number of passenger can get in to this bus,that is why private bus showed this gesture ..I was getdown at bc road as I said no one get in that bus from bc road ,,, actually some of the driver s from ksrtc still supporting private bus that is only reason bad condition of ksrtc ... Meantime iwas complaint the lady conductor,she is from kollam and she was given lot of execuses for that....I forgot to note the number of bus but in ticket (old) it's mentioned 11806
Bus from kanhangad dili
Start 12:40pm from kasaragod to kanhangad
Apr 28, 2019

Not even having seat or chair for the passengers who is vaiting for bus.

This is just horrible . Am waiting here for a long time for bus, and atleast you should need to provide the passengers a place sit and wait for the bus.. Here you one enquire do meams ypu can able to understamd the peoples reaction for a long time to stand an d wait for the bus..atleast you need to provide some chairs for the passengers to sit and wait for the buses.
Aadil Muhammed M K
Apr 28, 2019

Poor service giving opportunity to private carriers

I had booked a ticket in bus bound to Bangalore from Kozhikode on 27th. Bus number- ATC251, PNR - K1079413. The scheduled departure from kalpetta was at 10:00 pm (22:00 hours), but the bus came late by 45 minutes at 10:45 pm even when there was no obvious traffic block in the ghats. The bus then parked Infront of a small restaurant (5star thattukada) at mananthavady for about 25-30 minutes for food. Then the bus went inside depot and parked there for about 15 minutes. Then bus left mananthavady around 11.50pm. the driving of the bus was like the bus lacked it's alignment even though the bus driver never informed anything problematic with the bus. He was driving slow like a local ordinary bus and almost came to stop whenever a vehicle approached from the opposite side. The bus was supposed to reach Mysore by 1.45 am according to the schedule given by Kerala state rtc. At 2:30 am (28th april2019) the bus was 45 km away to reach Mysore when again stopped at a restaurant at hunsur. The bus left after 20 minutes. The bus reached at Mysore sabarmati bus station at 3:30 am, 1.45Hours late than scheduled. I lost my fly bus by Karnataka state rtc from Mysore to Bangalore airport which was scheduled to depart Mysore by 3.00 am following which I had to catch a flight from Bangalore airport(giving 1 hour and 15 minutes link time was not enough for our kerala state rtc.) I haven't even seen a super express ksrtc going that slow giving way for others . And I have been going in this route for sometimes in the night time and Kerala state rtc always had proved me right in maintaining their schedule even if 30 minutes to 1 Hour delay can be negotiated. And the bus only gained speed after contacting the control room of Kerala state rtc to whum I had called and complaint about the issue. The bus gained speed after giving way for a private Carrier named PK travels going in the same route and then driver proved those humps in the Mysore Bangalore road to be really harsh, with taking bus roughly through the humps to create disturbance to passengers. Since I lost my bus from Mysore to Bangalore airport, I had to take a fresh ticket
from Mysore to Bangalore to catch my time limits.the bus reached Bangalore satellite station at 6.30 am. The intention of on duty driver is very evident to be giving poor service to the passengers so that passenger gets fed up of Kerala state rtc bus services and to opt for private carriers which swung in lots of numbers in between Karnataka and kerala. Services like these prove to passengers that kerala state rtc is not a good option to travel when we are bound to time. And these paves path for passengers to chose private Carriers in the route because they don't have an option they can trust upon.
A Well wisher for Kerala state rtc
Arislan m haris
Apr 24, 2019

Misbehaviour of conductor

The conductor in ksrtc super fast bus which is from trichur to mysor bus NO:090427 ATK307 conductor became angry towards me amd shouted loudly from the bus in front of all passengers.The problem is due to the change of money.......
Is this the way to treat the passenger....
The conductor made the driver to stop the bus and took me outside from the there only....
Apr 20, 2019

Misbehaviour of conductor

Booked a ticket in Kerala RTC from Thrissur to Sulthan Bathery. Bus details:
TPNR No.: K1045465
JnyDate: 20-Apr-2019
DepTime: 22:55
Bus Number :RSC 690,
Crew Mobile No:9526220504
Tried calling him in this number. But he was not picking calls. After 4 continues full ring he picked call and shouted saying he is busy in giving tickets and disconnected the call after i called again and asked when he ill reach Tcr. After he replied and confirmed that will be reaching by on or after 11.30. So i waited outside the stand and by 11.25 i called him back. He said will reaching by 5 to 10 mnts. At 11.30 he given a missed call from some other number. So i call back and he said bus is at stand. So I came from outside of the stand and entered into the bus. At that time driver said your booking is already cancelled. So i asked how can you cancel my ticket and raised my voice. After they accepted to enter the bus. To be frank behaviour of few drivers and conductors are very bad. So please take necessary action so that in future no one will get affected.

Thank you
Safa Navas
Apr 19, 2019

Misbehaviour from the conductor

We entered bus number KL 15 7555 from High Court to Paravur on 19/04/19 at 10:14 a.m. We gave a 500 rupee note to the Conductor present who replied that change would not be given for the same and would've to be collected from Guruvayoor, which is the last stop. Or else they would allow us to get off the next stop. It was not just us, many who were travelling were told the same. Kindly ensure that buses running early in the morning is packed with sufficient change so that passengers do not face such difficulties again.
Apr 18, 2019

Arrogant Conductor misguiding passengers and not stopping bus.

Boarded KL 15 A 406 at night 11:30 p.m from Trivandrum bus terminal..I got in after the conductor said he would stop at Vettu road and the bus would start in 10 minutes.The bus didn't start till 12.20 p.m. The conductor gave a ticket till Attingal and charged Rs. 73 .The normal fare is less than half in an AC bus to Vettu road..Then he said the bus would stop at Kaniyapuram and not Vettu road even though the bus didn't have stop at either place
.Refused to stop at Vettu road .Anyway he would have had to stop.Didnt understand why that aWhole was so arrogant. expecting any response from you guys will be hopeless..Replace such guys with some sensible people.
Amal rose
Apr 18, 2019

Consition ticket

We are students of DrSMCSI medical college hospital karakkonam oru consition ticket are not provide by the neyyattinkara dipo so kintly approve oru consition ticket.
Vishnu Vinod
Apr 14, 2019

Misbehaviour of driver and not stopping the vehicel

It was night with my family and the vehice was stopped in signal i requested to please open the door and they said thwy wont not only that they called me bad words and insulted me after opening the door saying i blocked the vehicle.....im going to complaint serioulsy about this because i even have the video proof
Apr 5, 2019

Misbehaviour of conductor

I booked two tickets in Scania from Bangalore which goes to Trivandrum on 4th April 1o'clock.The boarding was from Mysore satellite bus stand and destination was Sultan bathery. We already called and informed the conductor that we will be 10 minutes late and since we are going for an emergency situation that my Grand mother has passed away. The conductor refused to take us from the exit gate and he didn't even stop for two minutes to help us to board the bus

I think this is a purposeful thing that he wants to sell the two tickets worth 500 each to other persons. This kind of act has to be stopped since many are suffering due to the reselling ticket issues. I am including a copy of my ticket here.

* KERALA RTC m-Ticket * from: BANGALORE to: SULTHAN BATHERY PsngrName: RAKHI S TripCode: 1300BNGTVM PNR No.: K935641 JnyDate: 04-Apr-2019 DepTime: 13:00 SeatNo.: 43,44 Class: SCANIA MULTI AXLE BoardingPt: SATELLITE BUS STN MYSORE ROAD Platform: Txn Password: 0968 . Please carry your photo ID during journey. T&C apply. Visit www.keralartc.com
Apr 2, 2019

A suggestion and a complaint

Ksrtc (Kerala) is a state wide transport corporation.
And hence in a time of digital accomplishments it is sad to hear that KSRTC doesn't have a digital utility app to know bus timings from various bus depots or stations.

An app like it will only benefit ksrtc by letting the passengers to give preference to them.
(Like in situations where unavailability of trains or unfavourable timings of them).

The app can comprise the bus timings from and to
And also the fare amount. (Like in railways , ntes app)

Today is 02/04/19 at 4.00 am
And I'm sitting in tirur bus station, waiting to know whether there is a bus to ernakulam.Enquiry office opens at 6 am in the morning and there was a bus here going to manjeri(ksrtc) and i enquire to them though they were not in a mood to help .
They said to look in the flex board to know the timings though its in dark and i dont know whether the information given is reliable or not.
Mar 20, 2019

Bus Route Cancelled

There was a bus that used to ply from East Fort- Marathur in the morning, reaching Marathur between 7 to 7:15. This was the bus that many office workers and college students depended on to go to their respective office or college. For the last few weeks, this bus was cancelled. Now we find it very difficult to travel to our destination. Kindly do the needful to bring back the bus.
Suju k s
Mar 17, 2019

Don’t stop the bus

KL 15 A 93 bus the evening 08:10 pm.a lady stop the bus at asanroad the driver don’t stop the bus and he asked who said the bells and he mis behaving me plz check it
Mar 14, 2019

Rude behavior of ksrtc bus conductor

Iam a college student..

Yesterday (13-03-19 wednesday)., i was traveling in KSRTC BUS from kaloor to muvattupuzha [boarded from kakanad to Pattimatom](around evening 3pm).

Ticket cost was 13rs and i provided him 20rs....conductor asked me for 3rs change... I behaved so Politely saying I dont have 3rs change...
Conductor then shouted at me saying Iam not giving change deliberately....
I told him that i dont have change And he is still arguing with me as if I have not given any Paise to him....
Is this the way conductors have to behave to the passengers?
First of all... I have given 20rs amount for traveling cost of 13rs....and it's his duty to provide remaining balance instead of shouting....
As students are coming from home... They may not have any extra money Or changes with them...
Kindly take action against him..

Yours faithfully,
Diljith Suresh
Mar 14, 2019

Rude behavior of ksrtc bus conductor

Iam a college student..

Yesterday (13-03-19 wednesday)., i was traveling in KSRTC BUS from kaloor to muvattupuzha [boarded from kakanad to pattimatom] (around evening 3pm).

Ticket cost was 13rs and i provided him 20rs....conductor asked me for 3rs change... I behaved so Politely saying I dont have 3rs change...
Conductor then shouted at me saying Iam not giving change deliberately....
I told him that i dont have change And he is still arguing with me as if I have not given any Paise to him....
Is this the way conductors have to behave to the passengers?
First of all... I have given 20rs amount for traveling cost of 13rs....and it's his duty to provide remaining balance instead of shouting....
As students are coming from home... They may not have any extra money Or changes with them...
Kindly take action against him..

Yours faithfully,
Diljith Suresh
Feb 12, 2019

Bus service has been stopped

Hello, Respective Authorities,

I am a student travelling from Chirayineezhu to Kariyavattom(In TVM District)., Now recently the service of the bus has been reduced and we can't reach the college at right time, And we have to choose the private vehicles to reach the college at late hours.
Earlier one month before we have 3 -4 Chempazhanthy college bus starting between 8AM-8:30 AM from Chirayinkeezhu(In TVM District).
Now the service has been stopped saying due to low income and this causing, we the college students to miss the class and can't reach the college at right time.
So requesting you to do the needful to arrange the bus to reach to college at right time.

Request from on behalf of 100 of students studying in Kariyavattom and Chempazhanthy college.

Thanks & Regards,
Aswathy V
Anisha C L
Feb 5, 2019


My teady bear pouch has been missed in a poovar route bus today at noon time. I was seated at second seat left side,near driver's seat.It contains money and my photo, on backside my name 'Anisha' is written. Please, make the search if it is in any bus.
Yours faithfully,
Jan 30, 2019


This is to bring to your kind information that the Passengers of KSRTC Kaloor-Kakkanad-Muvattupuzha is facing.
Thousands of Passengers are using this route, but they are under great inconvenience now that a Bus Schedule was cancelled.
The Bus schedule which was functional (8.30 pm Bus, Kaloor-Muvattupuzha) is suddenly cancelled bringing much to the trouble of Passengers, especially Patients, Relatives, Nurses who are working and visiting many Hospitals (like Lisie, PVS etc) in this area .
It will be grateful if the Officials can look in to this and find a solution to reinstate the cancelled Services.
People of the Region will be Thankful to you.
Expecting a solution at the earliest.

Thanking you
Bibin K Paul
Jan 22, 2019

Miss behaviour of conductor

My name is alwyn.I am travelling from trivandrum to kazhakootam in FP bus morning 8.45 am.bus number is kl 15 A 849 . Ticket amount is 22 rs i gave 20 rs note and 1 ruppe coin then two 50 paise coin.i dont have any change other than that.for that he scolded me in front of other passenger and gave back the 50 paise and hurt me very much.please advise him that 50 paise is not withdrawn from market by RBI.Then that paise also i got from other conductor in ksrtc.
Jan 22, 2019

Bad behaviour

Not stopping in the designated stops. What an attitude! I say no wonder ksrtc is not making any profit. I say privatise this like kochin shipyard, or just shut it down! Just making more loss for public. More bad than good.
Anju AK
Jan 21, 2019

Cancellation of Bus

I am regularly complaints about cancellation of bus in manakala vazhichal bus. About one month in the morning at around 7am i was waiting for bus to kattakada from manakala. After 8:45 am one bus came and that too was heavily crowded. 8:45am bus came then bus will came 12:30 pm and 2 pm came bus will came 6pm there is no bus in 9am to 12:30 pm and 2 pm to 6 pm. And people of whole village have to face various difficulties to reach this village or to go out of this village at evening. Passengers including woman, school students, college students and old people are waiting for hours before taking taxi to go home abou 100 rupees. Cancellation of bus from the depote kattakada, vellarada, nd neyyathinkara. It is know that the trip is proposed to withdraw the schedule, due to lack of collection. But if you check the collection of the trip about one month or two months back, ie, when the schedule was regular, it will clear the truth. If we call to enquiry they will not give us a clear answer, whether the bus is or not. Please take some action against this as fact as possible.
Vishnudas O
Jan 19, 2019

Dangerous driving

KL 15 A 2034 the bus during the time of 4;00 pm on 19/01/2019 was driving very dangerously to the other vehicles on the road. I was riding a bike and the bus overtake me by touching the back side of the bus on my pillion seat passenger and the i lost my balance and fell away from the road. And the bus was soo fast and they dont even knew this. Must take some sort of action against this.

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