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Consumer complaints and reviews about KSRTC

Aug 15, 2019

Late coming

Bus came 30 minutes but this is not first time... Many time I he been done from this airavata bus.... If red bus has this problem this may be common because it has no timing... And price has negotiable..... But airavata bus gas standards and they should follow the timing and this can't be happened next tome.... If this happened next time.... I know how to raise the issues to further level.... Than you....
Aug 10, 2019


As today on 10/8/2019 we were about 4 people were waiting at the Lakeview corner Belgaum stop for nonstop HUBBALLI Bus.... we were there by 3:40 pm to 4.20 pm, about more than 45 min..... during this time just 1 Hubli bus passed through, saying that there are no seats without even stopping the bus....
i am very much surprised because around 4 buses Toward BAILHONAGAL & 3 BUSES towards belgaum gone in 45 min... but there were not a single bus to huballi had came.....
even Next bus No. ka25 F3020 came to that stop at 4.25pm and that too was full with passengers,
now whats the reason of HUBBALLI TO BELGAUM non stop buses do this with all passengers who will wait at LAKEVIEW STOP & next following stops?
need action.
Nishitha arun
Aug 8, 2019

Inconvenience by the passenger

Conductor has forced us to give a seat to other passenger by hearing that we have a 5 month baby we can't adjust here. And we have leg injured patients and 5 years old baby in 3 seater.
We were ready to take extra ticket.
But he was insulting us by telling if you want so much comfort you have to take a car and all.
Please take action against him .
Bus number KA 06 F 1168. Time left 3: 30 pm from majestic and date is Aug 8th
Unnimaya R
Aug 8, 2019

Bus is not stopped on bus stop.

I was standing in the bus stop during the heavy rain. I stretched out my hand and the driver also saw it. But he didn't stoped the bus . It was cherthala-High court bus via MLA road
Aug 5, 2019

KSRTC liesure stop on the way to Bangalore to shivmoga

I travel everyweek from Bangalore to shimoga and during that the intermediate stop is always given at the hotel near nittur which is not safe place for the woman passengers to get down. There is no proper washroom facility not good food. From my child hood I am seeing this hotel not even painted once. So you can imagine the cleanliness here. If we ask conductor or driver they say higher authority has given permission to stop here. Really this pathetic, not considering the passengers they just decide. I request not to give the permission for buses to stop here at hotel shivdarshini near nittur. It's worst ever hotel.
Aug 5, 2019

Delay in student bus pass

This year the pass is making in bus stand,though the timings are from 9:00am to 4:00pm ,the employees are not in time because of which lot of problems are faced by the students,the officers are comings from 10:30am and [email protected]:30pm,so my request to head department of ksrtc to take charge of the employees so that they can be on time and complete their work
Darshan N Nayak
Aug 3, 2019

Ticket not given by conductor

While traveling from pavatenagar to jubli circle i step up into a local KSRTC bus KA 31 F 2927. The lady conductor took 20 rupees from me and didn't gave the tickets even after asking 4-5 times. She kept money n didn't gave tickets till d end. It was too crowded so even I couldn't do anything . Plz take some serious action bcoz these things are happening regularly.
Aug 2, 2019

Not stopping at the bus stops

The bus is not stopping at the bus stops and if we ask the driver and conductor they were taking rudely in the route from gowribidnur - kgf bus on 02/08/2019 @ 07.45 am bus no KA-07 F-1662 . Kindly advise them and take action to severe the public.
Jul 31, 2019

Rash and reckless driving

KL 15 7378
Enroute:Kottayam and changassery
The driver was really driving in a reckless manner and would have met with an accident with our vehicle.
It’s really pathetic that kstrc hire these kind of drivers.
You guys may risk the life of innocents citizens by hiring these idiots.
Jul 30, 2019

Harrasment by conductor

I had booked ticket for my brother
A G Ranga Krishna from Chennai to Bangalore. Date
30th July 10.27 pm
KMBD Chennai bus stand
AC sleeper
PNR No. J78081876
Trip No.2227CHNBNG
He doesn't have smart phone so I had forwarded message as above to his number. He received the message for traveling from Blore to Chennai but while returning from Chennai to Blore he didn't receive the message from KSRTC As he was in a hurry to visit my sister admitted to the Apollo hospital Chennai he couldn't take the print out. The conductor of the above trip code, unnecessarily harassed my brother insisting to show the message which was not sent by KSRTC. It is the mistake of KSRTC for not sending the message. Without understand ing that the conductor behaved rudely not allow ing him to board the bus. Finally the driver intervened and allowed. Being a Kannadiga is it fair to behave like this. I am writing a letter to MD KSRTC to take stringent action against the sadist conductor.
With regards, A G Lakshmi, Bangalore
Jul 29, 2019

Bus conductor asks passenger to get down from bus during busy hours because of no change

Dear sir,
The incident occurred on a busy day , I was late for office. I withdrew cash ( almost all ATMs in the area provide 500rs currency only) . Hence I had no other option , I got into an AC KSRTC bus , once i told the conductor I had only 500 rs .he asked me to get down from my seat and told me get out of the bus if I don't have change .Then I had to waste half an hour more asking one shopkeeper to other for change . This may be a small incident but it has happened multiple times with my colleagues also . It's shameful that they ask us to get out of the bus when we are all on a hurry to meet our appointments . At least for me this is the only time I use cash and hence it's evident that I don't carry a lot of change . I know the conductors work hard all day , but I think it's time to introduce an effective cashless pay system in government buses for regular use of passengers.
Najma h
Jul 25, 2019

Ladies seats

I miss Najma traveling from agadi to haveri in harpanalli bus NO KA27f491 IF i ask about ladies which all seat accupaid by boys only conductor don't know about ladies he knows only his seat his name is mr Vijay Kumar kindly update hime about ladies seats we face harshment here am traveling daily from agadi to haveri we facing lots of problem in standing please take my request and solve the problem.
Jul 22, 2019

Bus Driver on Cell phone while driving

I Travel often between Hyderabad and Bangalore in Airawat club class. I see many times that drivers open driver side window though it is A/C and will be on cell phone while driving during night times. Administration has to monitor these 2 activities to keep bus and passengers safe. It happened with me last night while coming from Hyderabad to Bangalore.
Administration can do survey and find out if this is happening on daily basis. Accordingly, Drivers needs to be cautioned without any further delay.
Jul 19, 2019

Didnt get my change back

I am travelling from bengaluru to kumbakonam in airavat club class.Since I didnt book my ticket,I got ticket from conductor.

Actual fare is 810.I gave 1000.But he returned only 100rs. back to me.

When I asked for remaining 100rs. ,he refused to give it back and in addition he said he would have sold the same ticket for 1000rs. but because of good mood he sold it for 900rs.

I am writing this complaint right in my bus.Looking forward for immediate response from ksrtc officials.

Date : 19/07/2019
Time : 21:30
Jul 19, 2019

Didnt get my change back

I am travelling from bengaluru to kumbakonam in airavat club class.Since I didnt book my ticket,I got ticket from conductor.

Actual fare is 810.I gave 1000.But he returned only 100rs. back to me.

When I asked for remaining 100rs. ,he refused to give it back and in addition he said he would have sold the same ticket for 1000rs. but bcoz of good mood he sold it for 900rs.

I am writing this complaint right in my bus.Looking forward for immediate response from ksrtc officials.
Sathish A
Jul 15, 2019

Didn't get my change

I'm travelled from Bangalore to Mysore the conductor given ticket but he didn't given change he said while you leaving that time I will give you change but while I'm left the bus they not given my change this is not a first time I have seen most situations same as this , this is not the fuctuality very bad experiences in now a days in Ksrtc in karnataka never they will not providing change always written in the ticket back side that passengers will forget to ask for the change than ur staffs taking that money this is not the policy
Jul 13, 2019


Yesterday i.e(12-07-2019) my family wished to travel from Bangalore to Srikalahasti in KARNATAKA STATE ROAD TRANSPORT CORPORATION bus Iravath Club Class no.KA.57 F215, boarding at KEMPEGOWDA BS TERMINAL 1 MAJESTIC at 10.12 P.m .I got bookimg messages from my friend who booked the tickets in Abhi Bus App. While enter into the bus the driver cum conductor who asked ID proof as Aadhar but unfortunately I didn’t have it. I showed Income Tax Return e-filing ,epic and Bank Statement instead of Aadhar but he forcibly got down us from the bus and abused my identity proof
They illtreated towards my wife and kid.Finally they cancelled my tickets and demand to buy tickets on spot, I resisted then but my family suffered a lot My kid also threaten in the incident and became sick. Here I have a doubt my onlie booking tickets cancelled but again they demand to buy tickets at rs.1860 earlier it was rs.2223.Hence I request you sir why don’t they accepted my ID proof, later they need not my identity proof.For this I had lost rs 4000 and insecure.So I request you probe in this incident and give justice

Thankig you sir
Jul 12, 2019

No drinking water and worst toilet condition

Today 13 th July 2019 at 3.15am satellite bus stop has no drinking water in their filter.
Lacs of people come n go from here and there is no water to drink in the station
Toilet condition is like slum
You have the highest income compared to many companies in India and you are unfit to maintain an toilet and provide drinking water facilities to common man.

Shame on your part and shame on the transport minister
Charan H M
Jul 12, 2019

No proper behaviour, to conductor

Conductor is miss behaving with passangers, hae is talking roudly with passangers
No proper communication
Find him and give proper training that how behave with passanger
Bus number and date is mentioned below :-
Bus number is KA 07 F 1722
Date- 12th july 2019 on this date which conductor is loged in to this bus find him and give some tips thatvhow to behave with passangers.......Plz take action
Vijaykumar Ingale
Jul 8, 2019

Charged money for ticket but didnt gave bus ticket

0n 7 july 2019, at around 9.05pm to 9.10pm bengaluru to hosur bus, lady bus conductor charged money for ticket but didnt gave money, bus no ka 42 f 1203, at around garvebhavipalya to kudlu in between

Need to complaint for these.

Charged money for ticket but didnt gave bus ticket

Rahul Bhađřəćhæ
Jul 8, 2019

Miss behave

Karpur gt to attibele
There is 10rs but this person which works for government
But this lofer tokes 200rs from me and tell me to get off form bus
If there is any one please reply me
I want my money back

Miss behave

Murthym Klr
Jul 6, 2019

KR puram no stop complaint.

This is worst service form ksrtc we suppose to travel from Bangalore to kolar .. no buses available on Saturday 8:00pm and .. we as to dipo manager.. he said take this bus.. bus number...KA11 F484... date 6/7/19 But bus driver and conductor abusing.. in bad words not ready to give stop their is something gambling going on please find the issue...
Salma Kunjubeeran
Jul 2, 2019


Shortage of Kakanad- Aluva buses in evenings.
Sudhir Karpe
Jul 1, 2019

Yargargatti Bus stop

Overcharging by vendors/ shop keepers and canteen . They charge more than MRP..I complained to control point but of no use..

Sudhir Karpe, Belgaum
[email protected]
Sudhir Karpe
Jul 1, 2019

Overcharging by vendors/Shop keepers/ canteen

I am regular traveler from Belgaum to Bagalkot.I find that the vendors/Shop keepers and Ksrtc canteen charges more than MRP.There is no control of Depot Manager. I personally went to the control point at Yargargatti .At present,I am traveling by Belgaum to Ilakal bus No KA 42-F1562.I even informed to conductor in respect of the complaint..It is necessary to improve the quality of service..

Sudhir Karpe,
[email protected]

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