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Consumer complaints and reviews about KSRTC

Prashanth K P
Mar 18, 2020

Need with Non stop buses from mysore to Tumkur

Need of Non stop buses from mysore to Tumkur. Since more number of people travelling from mysore to Tumkur it is so much frustrating with so many stops in between, making it more than 4 hrs to travel around 165 kms. So it is required of some non stop buses too in the same route so that it will be helpful for people who need to make journey faster and save time.
Prashanth K P
Mar 18, 2020

Need of Non stop buses from mysore to tumkur

Need of Non stop buses from mysore to Tumkur. Since more number of people travelling from mysore to Tumkur it is so much frustrating with so many stops in between, making it more than 4 hrs to travel around 165 kms. So it is required of some non stop buses too in the same route so that it will be helpful for people who need to make journey faster and save time.
Mar 15, 2020

Rash behaviour of conductor

Hi, i saw a bus on traffic junction at kudla Gate and the distance bw bus and bus top is just 10 feets.
It was 2.50 pm and the have greate heat on road.. I tried to enter the bus at traffic junction but the conductor was refused and telling go to busstop by walk and get in to bus
I'm telling it is just 10 Feets, what is the problem. If I taken it now and the conductor telling don't argue and get down the bus, it is not ur bus like commenting without any comman sense and minimum respect on the passingers and I simply get down and walk 10 feets and enters the bus.

Here Cindy tor us telling next stop checking is there like how he saw the checking he is telling lies..

Dear ksrtc please give proper trying to the employees how to behaviour with public and with the situation
.. If the employees are behaving in rude and a suing manner with educators.. Not sure how they are behaving with ordinary people and elders..

Most of the conductors taking the money in buses and not gaivin tickets... Please take an apprkpriate actions

Rash behaviour of conductor Rash behaviour of conductor

Mar 4, 2020

Regarding rude inhuman behaviour

While travelling from Tirupati to Bangalore 3 pm from Tirupati bus KA 57F1719 3rd March 2020 they had stopped for a break at Nandi hotel. After having coffee I informed the lady conductor that I will go to washroom and be back in 5 mins to which she nodded. Within 2 mins after that they started moving the vehicle and my husband requested them to wait and both the driver and conductor started talking rudely and conductor came screaming near washroom. I was back within 5 mins. They initially started 15-20 mins late waiting for someone who did not even alight. But did not have the patience or understanding for some who has gone to restroom for 5 mins? Being lady conductor she did not support. If I was shopping or was in restroom for half hour that might still be understandable but 5 mins really?? What if someone or Driver or conductor itself had to go after they started from 20 mins break will they not stop??? Unacceptable inhuman behaviour Kindly request the supervisors to look into the matter and instruct the drivers and conductors to behave appropriately. It’s Airavata club class bus.

Regarding rude inhuman behaviour

Manikandan Indian
Mar 4, 2020

Behaviour issue about contractor

KA 42 F2164. 09.00 Am 04/03/2020 may I know there is any instructions which is given by this root incharge to condector colleges and school children only 10 per bus only allowed...really not acceptable need to take action against this issue.. If there is any loss BMTC transport...which u facing issues in school are college timings please arrange separate arrangements for them the contractor dening to allowed more than 6 peoples not allowing in bus for free pass... the government nothing is given by free we are the tax payers in every month without our tax amount you people can't do anything... and think about it the youngsters will make a bright future when they will get all in place please give a trading to the root incharge and also the contractor...Seriously it's too hurting to see like the childrens are not allowing by multiple busses if there is any sutivation comes to your family children u will do the same or what?????
[email protected]
Feb 22, 2020

Midway stop by Airavata


I am a proud kamnadiga who always use and recommend KSRTC as the best transportation provider in India.

I have noticed that the Airavata non-stop bus from Bangalore to Mysore always stops at this Midway restaurant by name Annapoorna Hotel after Maddur.

The food choices in this hotel almost none
Taste is horrible
Service is pathetic
Service provider s are not friendly and arrogant
Restrooms are not clean
Bottled water is the only welcome resort for the hungry

On enquiring with the conductor, they say they are mandated by the authorities to stop by this hotel by order.

I do not understand the logic because it is a private hotel where prices are not controlled and exhorbitant, given variety, taste, hygiene and service.

I request the authorities to look into the issue and resolve in benefit of the poor customer who when hungry is forcefully made to eat non tasty, unhygienic food from a person who is a very bad service provider.


Chitra Bhure
Feb 20, 2020

Rude behavior of conductor

Bus no:KA.22 F 2215
I Ashwini booked ticked from Belagavi to Humnabad i am showing ticket photo and msg in my mobile but still the is not allowing me to get into the bus. He made me to pay the money again for the ticket. He doesn't even know how to talk with a girl he is continuously shouting on me and scolding me. This is how they treat the public and i paid double money for the same ticket and seat. Please make the people to behave properly and runfund my money back.
Atul Chandran
Feb 20, 2020

Service issues

The driver of bus F-3895 starting from Shantinagar leaving to Thrissur on 19th February 2020 did not announce when the bus reached the destination nor announce any alighting point. Altogether, he was rude and uninformative. Kindly look into it.
Krishna Umesh
Feb 16, 2020

Irresponsibility of KSRTC driver

The driver of KL-15 -9973 was driving at very high speed and also it was about to hit about 5 vehicles.He was also very sleepy .All the passenger shouted at him and even then he was not reducing the speed.
Plssss not play with many peoples life.
All the passenger requested not to keep these type of drivers
Feb 12, 2020

Rush behaviour of station master


My name is Shijo, I have book a ticket on 12 the Feb 2020 to Bangalore at 10.30 pm. When I reached the bus stand, I enquired about bus arrival but the station master was rude in behaviour and not responded politely.

Finally 10.30 pm bus arrives at Perinthalmanna at 11.30 pm. I am employed at Bangalore, have to report on duty without fail. This type of employees are curse of ksrtc.
Please instruct them to do proper customer service.

[email protected]
Sourabha M G
Feb 6, 2020

Usage of washrooms

The one who recieves money for using washroom is chargiing double than mentioned rupees. It is clearly written no money should be taken but also they are charging. washrooms at bus stands should be made free for usage.I kindly request the respected officers to look at this matter as soon as possible.
Jishu Joshy
Jan 30, 2020



Am travelling Ernakulam (South) to Cherthala. After 5pm KSRTC bus service is not available properly.Wait for bus more than 35 minutes am going to Thoppumpady Bus Stand for bus.Please arrange more bus.It is a common Issue..After 6pm the same issue ..Have lots of problem.Reached home too late.It is a humble request...

Please take action against this problem.
Soundarya. L
Jan 15, 2020

Conductor behaves a rude manner

I am travelling marathahalli to bommanahalli. I ll give 200 rupees. I was asking change he scold and through the money. His behavior is not gud to treat public.

Conductor behaves a rude manner

Jan 2, 2020

Parcel not delivered yet and also all the items

Tow parcel sent on 1st July from Bangalore to Imphal. One box received but all fabrics inside the box has lost but a dozens of magazine for same July 2017 called "Journal of the association physicians of india JAPI" and dirty pieces of box found when opened the box for Consignment No. - CK047948526IN. Request you to find out who has stolen whether courier person or in the train as the same has lost for so many people whenever they sent parcel to North- East as Post office manager said when I sent to post office to inform them. I believe same person is keep stilling as there is no action taken from so many years. This is quite sad.

The another parcel is not yet received but usually it took 12 to 13 day to deliver parcel from Bangalore to Imphal. Please help to trace to deliver my another parcel soon as it has 25 days completed but not delivered yet.

Below is current status :
Booked At Booked On Destination Pincode Tariff Article Type Delivered At Delivered On
KORAMANGALA VI BK 01/############ 489.00 Register Parcel
Event Details For : CK047948512IN Current Status : Item Bagged to PH IMPHAL HO
Date Time Office Event
02/07/2017 11:38:22 PH BENGALURU Item Bagged to PH IMPHAL HO
02/07/2017 07:49:35 PH BENGALURU Item Received
02/07/2017 07:49:35 PH BENGALURU Bag Opened
02/07/2017 07:49:02 PH BENGALURU Bag Received
01/07/2017 16:23:08 KORAMANGALA VI BK Item Bagged to PH BENGALURU
01/07/2017 16:22:39 KORAMANGALA VI BK Bag Despatched to PH BENGALURU
01/07/2017 11:51:17 KORAMANGALA VI BK Item Booked

Thanks and Regards
Bidyabati - 9739632508
Jan 2, 2020

Amba Bajaj worst service and sales


I am saketh- purchased bajaj V15 last mid-year. While purchasing and paying amount, they are very humble and pleased. Once the payment is done, they made a delay of more than a month in delivering the vehicle. i still remember the executives working in the sales department, who are least concerned to customer thoughts and only look over target. Their inner feeling is let the customer die in vein.

Finally after a month, when bike was delivered. the executive suggested me not to speed more than 40, which was weird to me and stunned. New bikes have to be checked in regards to pick up, but they said me not to. after only a week, i see that the rear tyre was shaking and when the speed touches 40, vibrations are coming all over the vehicle. I immediately went back and asked them to check the issues, they said that to bring for first service. After first service, complete bike was into problems. (It is not first free service, it is first paid bull shit service).

Here i started the list of problems from first service to now:
1. Bearings problem in engine- which will never happen to any new bike (Here itself it proves that they cheated me).
2. Bike having vibration all over the rear, engine and gear shift.
3. Carburetor was gone at third service
4. Bike has no pick up at all.
5. No correct service is done till now.

When mentioned all these, manager came in and said- everything will be repaired within 2 days. After 2 days, when i have taken the bike and started off- only to that night it was fine. to the next day, when started to office- bike stopped and was not all starting though petrol was full. A local mechanic checked and said that the carburetor was spoiled.

Moral: Amba bajaj and bajaj both fooled customers.

I request the authorities to please help me in providing justice, i came from very far away to work. The first bike purchased on hard earned money is really making my heart break.

If any of the officials want to discuss over this with me, please contact me on 8892128919.

Simran V
Dec 31, 2019

Last Minute Change In Airavat Bus

This is to inform you that I, Simran Varghese had booked an Airavat 'Gold Class' from Dharwad to Bangalore on the 29th and when the bus finally arrived it was 'Club Class.' The reason why I booked Gold class was because of the rather congested 'Club Class' buses. I have paid extra for the same. Therefore I request a valid reason for the last-minute change in the bus type. 
A snap of the SMS has been attached for your reference.

Last Minute Change In Airavat Bus Last Minute Change In Airavat Bus

Harshitha K J
Dec 30, 2019

Non stop buses are been stopped everyone

There are no proper board and timing maintained...heights of irresponsible conductor and driver ....worst service ever seen.Bus no KA 17 F 1753..told as non stop bus but stopping at each and every local place and more than normal time expected to reach destination.
Dec 29, 2019


Ksrtc bus stand people who are mainting toilets are collect extra amount... i.e, if the cost is 5 rs they are collecting 6rs or more than that even though on the board it's 5 rs.. Action should be taken as it about cheating passengers.
Dec 27, 2019

Delayed 2 hrs

bus No KA23 F946.. date 27.12.19 driven on phone while driving and delayed more then 2 hrs... from Bangalore to davengere it will take only 5 hrs and he took 7 hrs... Bangalore Hubli bus... waste service
Dec 27, 2019

Bus are not provided

There is no proper bus between route Nagmangala to Mandya. Bus is not provided atleast one for 1 hour gap. Please alert the, one bus for every hour. Today I will waiting for bus from 3:00 pm but still 4:19pm bus is not arrived.
Dec 15, 2019

Transportation timings

The travelling timing is exceedingly very badly because drivers of KSRTC buses drive at 10 km/ hr which is very inconvenient to passengers
Dec 8, 2019

Bus break down, waiting for more than 3hrs

I have started from cuddalore to Bangalore on 08dec2019 at 7.30pm.
Bus started at 7.30pm after 10minutes, bus stopped due to some battery problem.
They said alternative bus is coming but still not yet. We have waited more than 3hrs.
No proper communication worst driver and conducter.
Dec 8, 2019

Bus break down, waiting for more than 3hrs

We have booked ticket from cuddalore to Bangalore on 08dec2019 at 7.30pm.
Bus started from cuddalore, after 10mins bus stoped and not able to restart the bus.
They said battery problem and planning to change other bus. We have waited more than 3hrs, still bud not yet come. Worst communication driver and conducter.
Dec 3, 2019

Lost bag

I lost my bag during my journey from Bangore to Mysore in virajpetta bus and contacted the bus authorities and they told that you have to go to kolar for collecting the suitcase and I told them to keep it virajpetta because it is somewhat near place to me but they told it is not possible.
Nov 18, 2019



The worst driver of bus number KA40F1399 travelling from Rayachoti to Bangalore on dated 17/11/2019, he used very bad language with us. We took ticket from Raychoti to Bangalore, got seat in Rayachoti. When we reached Madanapalle one of his relative entered into the bus, driver forced us to leave that seat for his relative, and when we said no he started using very bad language and he said this is my bus who are you to ask me, get down from bus i can give seats to whomever i wish. Finally we also started arguing because how can leave a seat in which we were sitting from Rayachoti. Finally he made big shouting in front of all passengers because of his relative. We felt very bad and did not expect that from KSRTC. We have respect on GOVT that is why always we prefer government buses only but after this incident we realised private drivers and conductors much better than KSRTC drivers it seems. Finally bus conductor also supported driver and he also started shouting. Kindly take an action on this Driver, he doesn't even know how to talk to passengers. If you allow him like this he will create negative feeling in passengers with his bad attitude.

We need to hear from you about the action which you have taken.


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