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Consumer complaints and reviews about KSRTC

Jun 12, 2019

Neglegence of driving

Dear sir we regret to inform you The KSRTC driver driving negligible we must accept the govt buses for traveling for going jobs Colleges the driver are driving not good because they're need more urgent anybody to have anything they're died thy don't care today incident for KSRTC Kanakapura to Mysore bus one of the lady getsdown in the bus the driver moves the bus towards the lady hd accident knee wound I'm asking to the conductor the response very rudely and I said thm to complaint to ur head of the department the said go and tel anybody like this the bus number KA 09F 5226 Kanakapura to Mysore please advise them and take action and I must need your reply to my complaint

Apr 15, 2019

Changed the bus route

Bus number KA42 F1977 travel date 15/4/19 time 7:7 from dasappa circle. I took ticket to Lakshmikant nagar and this bus didn't go to Lakshmikant nagar n conductor said get down 2 stops before only we are not going to that area . Is this the way Mysore provide bus service ?
Kavya k
Apr 13, 2019

Made wrong ticket and receive extra amount

Myself and my friend's travelled from Mysore city bus stand to mall of mysore in KSRTC KA 09 F 4537. WE ASKED FOR 5 Tickets but he charged for 9 tickets. When we asked him the details he doesn't respond. Please take necessary steps to avoid upcoming mistakes in the future.

Made wrong ticket and receive extra amount

Harshita B Patil
Jan 30, 2019

Lost buss pass

Request For a Duplicate Pass
Respected Sir/Madam,
I under-singedHarshita B Patil.I am studding in B.E, GSSSIETW ,metagalli industrial area, vikrant,Mysore. Lost my Student Bus Pass during traveling in KSRTC Bus on 29.02.2019. So I bring this incident to your notice. I am requesting you to issue an acknowledgement to take a duplicate pass.
Jan 16, 2019

Buss not in time

Dr sir

Iam degree student I stadying HD kote and I complianting saraguru TC is not controlling the staff and he not give up the buss at time so will you please take the action and we hope you have received this message

Murthy Minku
Dec 12, 2018

Left the customer on platforms

Hi ,

We are booked the tickets for Hornadu from Mysore on 12/12/2018 & tickets are booked with KSRTC bus no ka-10-F-0290(Gundalpet depo bus) ,while we started by morning 9:15am conductor never checked our reservation or he never call us that are we in as it's reservation then the conductor given us time of 30 mints to take up meals at chikkmanglore by 2:15pm but he left left us on platform and he went before 30 mints of brake time ,when we called him he says he left the place because of his bus got full as he need to check whether the all reservation passengers are in not but simply he lest us ..then when we called to his mobile number he says come to KSRTC depo near by auto so that we can catch the bus so we took auto & reach the depo again he says come next to depo then at last we catch up the bus by paying extra 100rs to auto ... As per the guidelines a conductor need to check whether all his passengers are in on not before he leaves the bus stand so I request KSRTC team to take straight action on the conductor and request to return the money which I have paid to auto driver if not I will file a complint on KSRTC.
Busy Details as Bellow

KSRTC Journey Reminder Alert: PNR:J73902617, TripCode:0915MYSHAO, DOJ:12/12/2018, DepTime:09:15, "Org"MYSURU, "to" Desn:HORANADU, BoardingPt:MYSURU, Class:KARNATAKA SARIGE, Seat:16,17, PassName:Murthy Narayanaswamy.

KSRTC Bus : PNR :J73902617,Journey Date :12-Dec-2018 09:15,Trip Code :0915MYSHAO,Bus Number :0290,Depot :GUNDLUPET,Crew Mobile No:9845099838 .

Thank you

Left the customer on platforms

Oct 17, 2018

Bus condition

Today I traveled by KSRTC bus from Mysore to Bangalore. I boarded the bus KA09 F4870 Rajhamsa at Mysore around 3.15pm with 2 of my family members with tkt no.009219 to 9221. Two of us were senior citizen.
It was heavily raining at Mysore and also on the way. But to our surprise the bus was also leaking from the roof. In some window side seats it seemed somebody pouring water.
Please do take some corrective measures and that too during this dasara season.
Oct 10, 2018

LED Not working

LED(bus arrival time) system adopted in Mysore.But in VVMohalla 2 bus stops it is not working since from last 5 to 6 months
Sep 28, 2018

Lost Bus pass

Request For a Duplicate Pass
Respected Sir/Madam,
I under-singed Shreyas.R I am studding in 8th Marimallappa high school, Seetha villas road Mysore. Lost my Student Bus Pass during traveling in KSRTC Bus on 1.09.2018. So I bring this incident to your notice. I am requesting you to issue an acknowledgement to take a duplicate pass.

Name: Shreyas
School Name: Marimallappa high school, Seetha villas road Mysore
Address: #21 KEB qtrs, Near neharu park, Udayairi, Mysore.
Sep 28, 2018

Lost bus pass

lost buss pass
Respected sir/ma'am,
Myself Shreyas R studying in 8th std, Marimallappa high School. I lost my buss pass while travelling . I dont remember the exact details of buss pass.

Name: Shreyas.R
Father's Name : Ravi.H
Phone No. : 9980413746
Address: # 21 P&T Qtrs Near Neharu Park, Udayagiri, Mysore.
School : Marimallappa High School, Seetha vilas Road Mysore.

I shall be thankful to you. Kindly consider my complaint and allow me to issue a new bus pass.

Thanking you

Date: 12/11/17

Shreyas. r
# 21 P&T Qtrs Near Neharu Park,
Udayagiri, Mysore.
Nicky Sarah Mohan
Sep 4, 2018

Unprofessional and rude behaviour of the staff

I boarded the bus F5360 from Infosys gate to Sankranti circle on September 4,2018 evening 8:20pm. As I did not have change, I had to give 100 rupee note. Despite having change , the driver cum conductor of the bus asked me to get down. I borrowed 10 rupee from a friend and gave. As I got down ,my friend and l asked if we can get our 2 rupees back politely. The staff raised his voice and started lecturing us, stopped the bus causing inconvenience to all passengers to argue with us. We can understand if he says he doesn't have change to give us back ,but insulting a lady in a public place cannot be tolerated. I hope this issue with attitude of the staff can be rectified.
Nanda S
Jun 18, 2018

Bus driver throwing plastic bottles in platform

Place of incident: Mysore ksrtc bus stand
Time: 4:50PM
Bus number: KA-57-F-2886
Issue:Bus driver throws plastic bottles & other garbage on platform itself instead by using dustbin.

Bus driver throwing plastic bottles in platform Bus driver throwing plastic bottles in platform

Feb 28, 2018

Conductors are rude and arguing to provide stops at alloted stops

Conductor of the bus KA-10F-0224 traveling from Mysore to gundlupete on 28th February 2018 on 4.30 pm refuse to provide stop at alloted stop (nanjangud) and argues that he will no provide the stop and challenge to complaint as if KSRTC will not take any action on them. He argues only to the student pass holders only but be polite with others. Stop the discrimination between the student and others. If u do so what is the need for providing student pass and acting as we have done any mistakes. Please take some on this person .
He is really irresponsible and argues with us and provide the stop at unwanted stops for non student pass holder. This is very bad.

Conductors are rude and arguing to provide stops at alloted stops

Feb 16, 2018

Regarding bus service from kr nagar to hassan/holanarasipura


Iam a employee of public sector, working in holenarsipura but hometown of kr nagar Daily i and my colleagues {4 in numbers} go to holenarsipura from kr nagar in between 9:00am to 9:30am. The problem is that only one bus which come in between 9:00am to 9:30am from mysore .where the bus was already pack with public so we have to get that but by standing only or wait till the other bus came, this is daily problem i and my colleagues facing in kr nagar busstand. And the other major problem is that after 9:30 am mysore _hassan bus will come approx 9: 45/ 9:50am from this we are not able to go on duty time our office day begin is 10am. And I request ksrtc management to take my request seriously and take necessary action and give atleast two bus service in between 9:am to 9:30an from kr nagar only

Kindly do the needful

Some more points i wish to put in front of ksrtc management
1. From the above i describes about my issue against bus service but where from 4 to 5 months teachers ,bank employees ,other public sector people are facing same situation because all private and public duties day begin from approx 9:00am to 10:00am
2. Almost 30 to 40 working and mens are making up and down daily from kr nagar to bharya,holenarshipura,hassan and vise versa
3.only one direct ordinary bus from kr nagar to bharya @9:35am which moves after making full seats moves on 9:50 am

I request again kindly put new 2 sevices from kr nagar to hassan/holenarsipura to give employees and normal public a safety and stress and strain less morning journey

Kindly consider this issue as serious matter

Thanking you
Abhinav ks
Jan 13, 2018

Misbehaviour and negligence of conductor

The conductor of the bus number 72 charged me the ticket for the price of two people for me instead of one. and when asked about it he don't even care about my matter. The bus registration number is KA 09 F 4673

Misbehaviour and negligence of conductor

Sep 8, 2017

Regarding timing

I have booked bus for mysore to thiruvananthpuram. Details given below

KSRTC Journey Reminder Alert: PNR:J66146344, TripCode:1805MYSTRI, DOJ:07/09/2017, DepTime:18:05, "Org"MYSURU, "to" Desn:THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, BoardingPt:MYSURU BUS STAND , Class:AIRAVAT, Seat:20, PassName:MANOJ A.

Dep time 18.05 and arraival time is 6.00
And the bus is still not reached.
I am writing this complaints in the bus itself.
Now the time is 13.40.

I had an appointments in thiruvanathapuram. Everything has been collapsed.

I request to take this complaint and arrange for compensation of my loses.

Manoj A
Aug 29, 2017

Shortage of buses

There is a shortage of buses to vijaynagar 2nd stage kd circle customer used to wait formore then one hour please resolve this
Surendra S
Jul 27, 2017


On 12-07-2017, at 11am, KSRTC, K R Pete depot bus with reg.no. KA-11-F-0171 & with driver Mr.Santhosh
D.R., Mob.No.8970942242 with rash driving hit my Maruti Swift Dzire car and smashed left side mirror and for some time caused panic in my heart.
I have enclosed herewith quotation for the cost of mirror from Mandovi Motors.
I request your kindself to ask Mr.Santhosh to bear the cost Rs.5914 of the mirror.
Jun 20, 2017

regarding complaint on (ksrtc)express bus is changing settle bus it's takes more time

Sir ,I am requesting you has that from kanakapura(depot)route no:77, kotevooru ,to kanakapura bus , actually this was out of station traveling(kartl)bus, while it's travelling past of20 years as express now it ,was suddenly changed as settle according ,rule it has (red board) their is no more stop except limited stages ,but they were giving stop to every where,so please ,stop of ,making ,express to shuttle,it will take more time ,it will traveling(around 60km,@onside)instead of 2hours traveling now it will take more than 2:45 hours please help us
Apr 29, 2017

Ladies seat given to men

I booked ksrtc bus from mysore to Mangalore on April 29, 2017 at 10:15 Ka 01 F 9054. I booked the​ bus online but it showing seat 11 and 12 as booked . I board the bus to see men sitting in ladies seat. On asking the conductor said there is no concept of ladies seat.
In college ksrtc had a reputation for being safe and respected but sadly today it is a joke and waste if tax payers money.
Does the government have any control on its employees? In past 5 years has ksrtc taken any disciplinary action on its employees? Coz all I see is an attitude of total irresponsibility and entitlement in the employees. . They will get their salary no matter what. The government is just a hazy concept which doesn't exist.
Apr 29, 2017

Delay in departure and rude behavior

On 29 April 2017 we booked an Airavat to Mangalore at 10:15pm. The bus departed at 11:00pm and misbehaved with a senior citizen who requested the driver to turn on the AC as it was getting stuffy inside the bus which was filled with passengers.

1. How can a bus booked for 10:15 depart at 11:00pm? This lack of discipline is evident in many other instances observed before

2. AC will not be turned on 30 mins prior to Journey time. The senior citizen requested the ac to be turned on at 10:15. It was really hot and stuffy. Lack of training among ksrtc employees is a major issue. Total disregard for senior​ citizens. Management make the decisions but employees in ground should know how to handle the situation.
Transport is service based industry and Ksrtc needs to step up and take charge of things and change it's reputation . It's time the organization stopped being lazy and took some action in a good direction
Chethan Shetty
Apr 16, 2017

no safety in ksrtc mysore and conductors looting public money

Bus no KA 09 F 4198
I boarded bus no 116 on 1:30 PM to hebbal citb choultry, I asked for ticket for citb choultry but conductor gives me to L&T stop, it costs rs16 but to my stop costs rs 15, i give 20 rs they dont give change they told i give in your stop, in my stop they give a change of rs 5 but they dont give my ticket, that ticket only given to other for more money, it shows conductors looting public money.

Another issue in that bus only. Bus conductor and bus driver interchange their work means conductor starts drive and driver starts conductor work, it take place from surya bakery stop. It shows how much safety to public in mysore ksrtc.


Emiail: [email protected]
Vishwanath P
Apr 15, 2017

Cancelled ticket Amount not refunded

Dear sir .
I have booked ticket in Ksrtc bus on 29th March. I have made payment through free charge App.
And I have cancelled ticket on 2nd April.
I have contacted Ksrtc Customer care they have processed cancellation amount of Rs.690. BUT in my free charge wallet it is not reflecting . So pls do the needful . Free charge ref no. 28407339
My mail id [email protected]
Jan 13, 2017

Ride behavior of lady conductor

Hi,I m frequent traveller from Hubli to BIJAPUR.ka 25 f2967 conductor's behaviour is rude towards passengers.so PLS take the corrective measures.

Nov 7, 2016



I tend to travel from Dvg to mys got a bus from dvg at 10:30 PM, Bus was suppose to be new, but they gave some reason and not yet released and so on...

Online it was showing 44 seater and when boarded it was 45 seats.

Worst part of the bus is dust comes inside the bus at the last seat ,and Driver keeps of turning of the AC.

Please repair the bus or get a new bus for this route and because of dust people kept on suffering all night .Its not the service expected for the ticket price they charge.

Bus Number: F4458
Route: Dvg to Mys

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