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Consumer complaints and reviews about KSRTC

Mar 14, 2019

Rude behavior of ksrtc bus conductor

Iam a college student..

Yesterday (13-03-19 wednesday)., i was traveling in KSRTC BUS from kaloor to muvattupuzha [boarded from kakanad to Pattimatom](around evening 3pm).

Ticket cost was 13rs and i provided him 20rs....conductor asked me for 3rs change... I behaved so Politely saying I dont have 3rs change...
Conductor then shouted at me saying Iam not giving change deliberately....
I told him that i dont have change And he is still arguing with me as if I have not given any Paise to him....
Is this the way conductors have to behave to the passengers?
First of all... I have given 20rs amount for traveling cost of 13rs....and it's his duty to provide remaining balance instead of shouting....
As students are coming from home... They may not have any extra money Or changes with them...
Kindly take action against him..

Yours faithfully,
Diljith Suresh
Akhil Francis
Feb 1, 2019

Non availability of ksrtc

Respected sir / Madam,
This complaint is to inform the authorities about the unavailability of public transport (KSRTC) in Angamaly Chalakudy route. It's creating a lots of difficulties for the passengers due to the improper timings maintained by the KSRTC buses.There is no ordinary bus service during the morning session via Angamaly to Chalakudy from 7.45 to 8.30....8.45 and 5 to 6 at evening ; during which a lots of passengers are waiting for the bus. When it was informed to the Angamaly KSRTC stand...,they behaved like they are not at all responsible for this and also showed an attitude like they don't care anymore. I request the authorities to do the necessary so that it could minimise lots of difficulties.

Yours faithfully
Akhil Francis
[email protected]
Jan 31, 2019

Careless driving

Jan 31 - 2019 Chalakudy to pushpagiri plantetion bus morning 8.35 time fast and careless driving sport palatikundu near pushpagiri palli the driver don't care about public
Dec 30, 2018

Non stopped in main stop

KL 15/A 1397 (30/12/2018) 11am, the ksrtc Thrissur route bus didn't stopped at kathrikadavu stop, for an old women and child. Please verify and do needful
Oct 12, 2018

BEhaviour of the conductor

SIr, we are in journey from thrissur to kothamangalam. I forgot to take the ticket. I was talking with a priest who next to me. When i got a seat i have taken the money for the tickets. But the conductor gone away. I know the travel without the ticket is punishable. But the journey was'nt over. He said that he told me to take ticket many times. After that the priest got down at chalakkudy. And my come and take the seat next to me. When the bus is over angamaly the ticket checker have entered the bus and asked me for the ticket. I told i dont have it. Then he told me to give the fine for that. After that the conductor said that this is his duty. He asked me many times to take the tickets. To get ticket it was my duty and i failed in that. Its right, can i ask a question ? Is that the duty of the conductor? He know that i dont have tickets. If i was busy in talking with that person , he was gone in chalakkudy. And there was time to give me the tickets. There is any law that saying a person must take the ticket after entering the bus?please note sir the journey was'nt over. We dont have any thinks to travel in the bus without ticket. If he has the duty he have to check that all the passengers have tickets.in my views the concept of ticket checker in ksrtc buses instead of the conducto is a foolishness. This is because the ksrtc got law income. The duty of a conductor is not only to give tickets to the passengers but also check that they have one. HE told he got tally as per his records. How can its possible sir? If me and my brother dont have the ticket then how it will happen? He said he have seen two of the passengers have got down before and whe he looking at his records and he is right in counting the heads. Dont you feel this childish sir? There was only sitting passengers . And all the seats are not filled. The conductor told how can he check the passengers have tickets in this busy bus? Whats that busy? I have told there was only sitting passengers and all seats are not filled. Anyway if all the seats are filled and there is some people standing; how he look his duty? His duty is to make sure the passengers have tickets. Our country have the second largest population in the world. The bus was not containg india's population. So why dont he checked it out? I think it was a long journey. So i thought will take the tickets before get down. There have no rule regarding pay before you get it. There is my fault too. If a person who sitting in the front seat and he told to the conductor that i have a person with me and he will take my ticket ( not he have taken ) ; is the duty of the officer have all done? If he have common sense he will ask that who is that person . I have paid for it . I dont have any problem. But take some people for jobs who have some commonsense. And who is not like the politicians. Thank you sir.
Aug 1, 2018

misbehaviour of conductor

Today I have travelled in Super fast from Angamaly to kalamassery . I have given Rs.100 to conductor . I got ticket and rs 50 back. ticket amount is rs.39. He did't give me balace 11 rupees. when i asked him balance amount after aluva station he told me he had already given full balance to me. Again and again I have asked him the balance . But he did not give me balance. In front of other passengers he insulted me by telling he had already given balance. Even a lady I didnt get any respect from him for a genuine case. I dont know how to prove my innocence.

misbehaviour of conductor

Aswathy Asokan
Jan 14, 2018

Sudden stopped facility ofLow floor bus from aroor to ankamaly at 7:45am

We are regular customers of aroor to ankamaly ac low floor bus from 7:45am. For more than two weeks the bus is un available in this locality.. When we enquired about the matter the authority said "we will arrange facility from very next day".. But the bus is not available after that also.. We called the authority and complaint about it.. But no respond or any action is taken against our complaint.. We people really struggling in the morning because of the stopped journey of ac low floor bus from aroor to ankamaly at 7:45am.. Please take necessary action as soon as possible..
Aug 12, 2017

Delay of special bus from Bangalore to kottayam

It is highly ridiculous,that special bus from Bangalore to kottayam has still not passed Thrissur, when I am lodging this complaint. The bus no Ka01f- 8476,from Bangalore to kottayam on 11 August is far behind the scheduled time.The crew behavior is extremely pathetic,they drive slowly and is engaged in their own talks.it is disgusting they do not know the way.Why shld passengers suffer because of their ignorance.Never send such morons in bus.Very bad service......never believe in special bus services.In name of airavat..di not know what they have given
Uma Sagar
Jul 27, 2017

Unethical behaviour

I boarded a KSRTC SUPERFAST bus to vytilla from moonnupeedika on 27/7/2017 at 7.04 PM.i.e BusNo:Kl 15 A 129.The bus charged me Rs.34. and it ws from Triprayar to North paravur, when i asked the justification for why they have given a ticket for a distance which is of 10 km more than my stop,they told me it can be done likewise only I have asked them for a ticket to vazhykulangara Stop,which they refused, telling that the bus doesn't have a boarding stop there.HOWEVER, A RULE HAS BEEN DECLARED BY KERALA STATE GOVERNMENT, THAT ANY BUS SHOULD STOP WHERE,THE LADIES ASK TO , aftr 6.00 PM.KINDLY RAISE THE ISSUE AS ITS A MATTER OF CONCERN FOR ALL LADIES.
Yours faithfully
Uma Sagar
Asst Manager
Federal Bank
Apr 25, 2017

Bus leaves earlier than the time

I am regular passenger in ksrtc (ksrtc InfoPath to kothamangalam evening 6:10). Bus used to take at 6:10 pm everyday when it started andI now it leaves by 6:5 pm or before. We work in a company which is infopark and we will need a minimum of 4 to 5 minutes to reach the bus stop. Everyday we have to run after the bus to catch it and sometime we miss it too. Either we have to take an auto to kakkanad or run after the bus till I get it. Please do something as we can travel in the bus on time.
Rathish V
Feb 25, 2017

Rash Driving of KSRTC Driver and Tried to make an accident

Dear sir

I am writing this mail to inform you about the misbehavior and rash driving of KSRTC driver and his intentional attempt to create an accident with our truck, Lucky both vehicle and driver escaped with some damage in our left side tyres.

Today (25.02.2016) early morning (12:30 – 12:40 am) my 20ft triple Axil trailer KL 40 N 19 was travelling to Palakkad from Vallarpadam Container terminal. During the said time Trivandrum - Manippal Scania Multi Axil bus with registration number KL 15 A 1452 bus tried to overtake my truck initially through left side near Desham after Aluva town. During that time KSRTC Driver couldn’t able to overtake my truck and my driver immediately after getting a space given space and allowed the bus driver to overtake through his right side.

Then the Bus Driver Intentionally came across with the bus and my driver took a sharp left and somehow controlled the vehicle and escaped from a big accident. The driver running the bus was least bothered about the safety of passengers inside the bus.

I writing this mail not for any compensation for damage / loss but for taking strict action against the driver. If you have any mechanism to track the bus speed or camera visuals, please check that and give max punishment to the driver. This type of driver is a shame to the organisation.

Please accept this mail as complaint against the driver and hope you will take favorable action in this regard.

Also note this incident already reported to Angamaly Station Master and as per his instruction we are sending this mail

Warm Regards

Rathish V
Neil f george
Oct 12, 2016

Not stopping the bus on bus stop

After the inauguration of pipeline over bridge, superfast and ac volvo buses are skipping the pipeline stop. Am a passenger who is looking and travelling on those ksrtc buses to reach on time. Today 12 oct 2016 thrissur malappuram superfast bus and thrissur ac volvo bus didnt stop and they gone through over bridge.
Sep 11, 2016

Rude behaviour of conductor

Hi Sir,

This is with regard to the rude behaviour of a KSRTC bus conductor. I boarded on a bus from Tripunitura bus stand and wanted to travel to Kakkanad on 12th September 2016. I gave the conductor a 100 rupee note for ticket fare and had no change. The conductor immediately asked me to get down and board another bus as I had not given the exact ticket fare. He was very arrogant and rude. I had to get down the bus owing to his ruthless behaviour. This was not expected from a public servant.
I hope necessary action will be taken so that this wont be repeated to other passengers.
Bus no : KL 15 8479

Sep 11, 2016

Rude behaviour of conductor

Hi Sir,

This is with regard to the rude behaviour of a KSRTC bus conductor. I boarded on a bus from Tripunitura bus stand and wanted to travel to Kakkanad on 12th September 2016. I gave the conductor a 100 rupee note for ticket fare and had no change. The conductor immediately asked me to get down and board another bus as I had not given the exact ticket fare. He was very arrogant and rude. I had to get down the bus owing to his ruthless behaviour. This was not expected from a public servant.
I hope necessary action will be taken so that this wont be repeated to other passengers.

[email protected]
Aug 23, 2016

Ladies seat concession- not followed

In the KL15 A 1199, RPE 392 KSRTC (MPM) superfast bound to Trivandrum,
the 3 seats mentioned as ladies- preferable, was found to be occupied by 3 men.
As today (22.8.16) was Monday , a lot of ladies were standing !!
1. When I asked the conductor, he said the seats were not LADIES ONLY- but Preferably Ladies.

2. The same conductor on different occasion says the same reply.

3. The other day, most of the LADIES seat was occupied by men . When inquired , the same conductor told it was RESERVED !!.

We are daily travelers, we don't find problem with other conductors.
Can you kindly take necessary steps to ensure seats for Ladies.

Jul 2, 2016

Missing gold chain

Myself CR Vijayamma senior citizen travelled from kottayam to moncompu on 3rd jully 2016,ticket no:287015 10:41am by venad bus .During my journey I have lost my gold chain If any information about the same has got please inform to the below contact number

Contact no: 9539011023,9539011013
Expecting quick reply

CR Vijayamma,sreeragom-moncompu-thekkekara p.o alappuzha 688503
Bala Mohan
Mar 19, 2016

not gaving balance

sir,iam travelling ernakulam to kuzhalmanam in ksrtc kl_15-9739 in 19.3.2016 after noon.conductor is misbehaving when asking balance by me and passengers .so i didnt get my balance money
Nov 24, 2015

Bus not stopping at Paravur Stop

KSRTC fast passenger buses to Thrissur side are not stopping at Paravur Kavala bus stop. Even if passengers are waiting at the bus stop to board the bus, if the Paravur junction traffic signal goes green, buses wouldn't stop there to avoid the waiting time at the traffic signal. Please look into the issue.

Bus No: K.L. 15 A 784 (Thissur FP)
Time: 8 : 10 am
[email protected]
Aug 8, 2015


Dear Sir,

I Had Travelled from from Edappllay Lulu MALL To Kumbalam by A/C lOW FLOOR BUS @10:15 am on 09/08/2015.I got a ticket of Rs.32.I think, its a wrong cost,that i told to conductor.But condutor argued to me,this is right by point system.so Kindly Take necessary action against him and give back the extra amount.

09/08/2015 10:23:12
Included CESS RS:2

Jun 30, 2015


I Syama Viswan working as Lecturer in Amrita Hospital, Edappally residing at Ramamangalam, traveling daily by KSRTC.

I had traveled from Edappally to Vytilla (via Bypass)by KSRTC, Alappuzha LSFP on 27/06/2015 at 25.56 hrs. The conductor gave me a ticket of fare Rs.22 including cess.
(It was from Aluva to Ernakulam) For all other LSFP bus the fare is Rs.11. (VOLVO has only RS.20) .But the conductor told me that the bus has no point at Edappally. Also in that ticket Ernakulam means Vytilla.

On behalf of all employees who daily travel in KSRTC bus in this route, I request you to kindly consider my complaint and give me a clarification about it.

Syama Viswan
Mob: 9656881956


[email protected]
May 19, 2015

Misbehavior of KSRTC Conductor

I am a woman working at Infopark. Today, on 19-05-15 between 9.30-9.45 I got a bus to infopark. The bus registration number is KL 15/8444. I gave him 10rs for the 7 rs ticket. He won't give me balance. I told him once. But he won't give me. Just went to back side and sat on his chair. Once I reached at infopark. I asked again for the balance. But he ask for 7 rs. But I don't have. He gave only 2 rs after scolding me. On the same day at evening I got the same bus. He asked for 7 rs. But I don't have.. The conductor misbehaves and won't give me balance again. I asked him and he gives only one rupee. One rupee two rupees doesn't matter. But a public servent should not behave like this. This is the very bad experience in my life I had ever got. Ashamed of the conductor. Please take any action against this woman harassing.

Apr 5, 2015

FP bus not stopping at Paravur kavala

I travel daily(all working days) from Paravur kavala to Chalakudy at about 8 am. I take Fast Passenger KSRTC buses from Paravur Kavala, Aluva to Chalakudy. Unfortunately, all FP buses do not stop at Paravur Kavala bus stop even if we wave hands and try to stop. This I think is due to reasons below.

1) When bus is running late
2) To avoid the Paravur Kavala signal

If the traffic signal is red, the FP buses usually stop behind the vehicles in queue at the traffic signal. The passengers waiting at the bus stop have to run towards the bus stopped at the signal to board. But passengers who are old aged cannot opt this way.
I have also asked some bus drivers after I board the bus at the signal why they do not stop at the bus stop. But they have no answer.

Please take necessary action because its difficult for me reach Aluva bus depo in the office hours to submit a written complaint.

Thank you.
Jul 1, 2014

Insufficient buses from ALUVA to INFOPARK and vice-versa

I would like to bring to your notice that the number of buses that ply from Aluva to Infopark and vice-versa during the peak hours is very less. This is very troublesome. Also, when any trip is cancelled, no alternate bus is arranged. This causes huge inconvenience and loss of time for the passengers.

Kindly request the concerned authorities to look into this matter and take immediate action to stop this inconvenience.

Nimmy Mondly
Nov 28, 2013

Conductor refused to enter the bus to Aluva bus stand


I have traveled from Ernakulam Vyttila Hub to Aluva on 29/11/2013 by a KSRTC Super Fast from Parassala depo( bus no. KL 15 9400, RNE 893) .
As it was 4.40 am, I requested the conductor to enter the bus to aluva bus stand. But the conductor refused to enter the bus to aluva station. I had lot of difficulties to go to bus stand in that time. I request you to take necessary action in this regard.

Thanking you,
yours faithfully,

Deepu Thomas
Moothedath House
Moothedath Lane
Nethaji Road
Ernakulam (dt)
Kerala. Pin- 682 308
Ph. 9895223339.
Sep 6, 2010


Hi team,

1)Bus 119, after 11 most of the bus not go to infosys, ther will many passenger for ther but they will go to cancer hospital only.
2)many bus not stop bus in front of bus stand, they stop bus after bus stand and then drop passenger, and then we cant go pick up bus, bcz when will go ther bus go from ther.bcz they know if they will stop bus ther they have to go infosys .
3) Let me know when bus will full and will go then we always paid full ticket, then if passenger is not much then they have to go ther.
many time we not get any set but we paid na then they have to go...

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