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KSTDC Airport Taxi


Consumer complaints and reviews about KSTDC Airport Taxi

Nov 21, 2022

Driver left one the road and grabbed money

On 21-Nov-2022 at 11:15 AM, the KSTDC cab bearing Vehicle number: kA 03 AF 4429 picked up from Airport and came around 2 km and stopped the vehicle at silence place and threaten and took the money and went off. I called to KSTDC customer care and they are saying we will investigate and update you. Very scary travel agency, please be careful when you go alone in KSTDC cab.
Oct 6, 2022

Driver ask more money than bill

First ride with airport taxi- driver said he will give discount - airport to bellandur- he said usual charges are 2000 he will charge 1900 as discounted rate . I insisted on bill paid around 1550.
Second time same route, driver said bill is 1800 without giving printed receipt. I insisted then he made calls and printed receipt and it was 1545
Third time now , same route , i told i want bill before taking the taxi. Throughout the way he is telling me give tip over bill rs 100.
Oct 5, 2022

Charged more for transportation

I traveled from kempegowda Airport to Apollo Hospital Bannerghatta today (5/10/22). In KSRTC airport taxi they said there is no prepaid taxi. Only as per meter they will charge it costed me 1565Rs/-, I used airport polo airport taxi for pickup they charged 1000Rs on 1/10/22. I told the cab driver it was charged only 1000Rs he kept on arguing that charges differe for drop .

Charged more for transportation

Oct 4, 2022

Unsafe driver for a lady traveller

I had booked a Airport cab for my daughter through MMT app on 1st October to drop her at Airport early morning at 5am. She got a call from the driver at 440am saying there is another lady who requires a drop and to share the cab. My daughter got scared and I cancelled the ride immediately through MMT Customer care. I was promised a full refund and escalation of complaint on the driver but have got no update. Please contact me on 8889577790 immediately as I am going in for a police complaint
Seetharam NSR
Aug 16, 2022

Driver sleeping

On 17th Aug, used Airport taxi and had a very bad experience.

Driving at speed of 100 KM/HR driver dozed off, because of this we would have banged right into a heavy vehicle ahead of us, if I hadent given a shout out at the right time.

Driving negligence from the driver continued, he was on phone for sometime and later had the phone on his lap and was using the navigation map, without his eyes on the road speed breaker were not noticed and bumpy ride continued. It could have been avoided if the driver had a phone holder.

Please action such negligent driver are dangerous.

Vechile Number: KA 04 AC 1163

Seetharam N
[email protected]
Ramamohan Shetty
Aug 7, 2022

excess fare charged

I travelled from Airport to Brigade Gateway near Orion Mall Bangalore 560055 at around 8:30 pm on 6th Aug 2022. Usually the fair comes to about 1,300 and a distance of about 40 KM. The driver charged me 1,636.94 and the distance shown was 62.50 km. Apparently there is some mistake. Either the meter is rigged or the driver has used a wrong road to increase the fair. He also whent to an offside Petrol Bunk and made me wait for 11.33 minutes. Appreciate if you could investigate and the driver is warned. Here are the details:
1. Cab No KA-03-AE-2349
2.Dist travelled as shown between Airport & Brigade Gateway - 62.50 instead of normal 40.00km
2. Name of the driver -Ramamurthy Golla.
Contact of the driver - 080-44664466, mobile no - 98453 98248
H R Shetty
Mob - 9341235899
G-201, Brigade Gateway, Near Orion Mall, Dr Rajkumar Rd. 560055

excess fare charged

Jul 31, 2022

Aggressive and Foul mouthed Drivers in Airport Taxi


Today I had a very bad experience while using the KSTDC Airport Taxi service.

I was travelling from Airport to Akshayanagar(South Bangalore) and the driver took the longest route possible. I urged to go via the route shown by the map but he told me very rudely to close the app and let him drive. He took me via Marathalli which is at the other end of Bangalore.

Throughout the journey I kept on telling him why he did not go via the route suggested by Google maps or me, but he didn't listen to me at all. He went aggressive and started shouting and hitting the steering wheel. Myself and my family got very scared and at that time.

I had small kids with me and because of this guy, it took twice the time it usually takes from the airport to my place. And obviously he then charged twice the amount of regular fare.

These kind of people don't deserve to work at the airport taxi. He is ill-mannered and aggressive.

There should be a strict action taken against him as soon as possible.

Cab Number : KA 03 AE 1299

Roli Rathore
Jun 19, 2022

Over Charging

I travelled in KSTDC Taxi from Bangalore Airport at around 12 in the afternoon to my home which is 35 km away from airport and I was charged 1550/-. Which almost double the amount which I should have paid.
I have uploaded the picture of the cab with the cab number.

Over Charging

Vedika N
May 30, 2022

Day light robbery in the name of Airport taxii service

Meters are tampered and it won't show correct distance. For 30 KM they charge Rs.1400. Never ride with KSTDC Airtport Taxi
Apr 25, 2022

Possible rigged meter

Rode from KIAL to ESI hospital near devanahalli and the guy charged me 1200. As per the fare calculation it's about 400. Never using KSTDC again and will never recommend it to anyone.
Mar 30, 2022


Hello All,

I would like to bring down to your attention that most of the taxi drivers from your service are looting customers by giving any explanation and overcharge. One of the drivers did to me.

Last evening i took an airport taxi from bengaluru airport to NCC Urban Ivory heights apartment located in Mahadevapura, just see how much the driver charged me ?? I took the cab around 9 PM, he refuelled where he took almost 10 mins, his fastag was not working, where he took almost 10 mins and who bare the cost, me ??

Is it even legit ? I tried to call on 080-44664466, no one is picking up the call ? Can someone please take an action and see to it ??


OverCharging OverCharging

Mar 28, 2022


I travelled in KSTDC airport taxi from Airport to my house located in Chamarajapet in Bangalore on 23rd March night . I boarded the taxi in airport around 1055p.m. The driver issued the receipt after reaching my destination . Unfortunately I lost my receipt which I needed to claim to my company . Please can you issue me a duplicate receipt ?

Jan 31, 2022

Charged extra for my service

I travelled around 38kms and I was charged Rs. 1986.

Charged extra for my service

Jan 17, 2022

Enquiry : do we also have to pay for their return journey back to the airport

I travelled from Bengaluru airport to Harlur road. It comes upto 52 kms. The meter showed it has 81 kms. When asked for an explanation he said me if his car should go to the airport for free.

Is this correct? I had to pay 2269. This 1000 rupees more than other options. Was a very bad experience.

Enquiry : do we also have to pay for their return journey back to the airport

[email protected]
Dec 23, 2021

Cheating by KSTDC taxi driver

I travelled from Bengaluru Airport to IIM Bangalore campus last night. The driver overcharged me. The distance from airport to IIMB is about 50kms, while the meter showed 59.7km. There was no waiting but the meter added almost an hour of waiting time. I tried calling their helpline number @ 44664466 but nobody picked up. There was no option of giving any feedback on their website. This is very poor service. Please penalize the erring driver (taxi owner: Manjunath S K / mobile : 9902698233) and have the meter checked. Since I am from Bengaluru, and travel regularly, I could understand he was cheating me. Visitors to the city will not understand. This is the reason why India in general gets a bad name regarding its service / tourist sector.

Cheating by KSTDC taxi driver

Nov 21, 2021

looting by KSTDC Airport taxi services

On 19/11/21 i travelled from Bangalore Airport to Jayanagar 3rd block near south-end circle by taxi KA-03-AC 9935. My start time was 4.28 and reached home at 5.30. He took some village road, and it was so deserted and dark without any streetlights. My fare as per the meter was Rs.1139.60. He included toll charges 95.05 which he never paid. Trip charges of Rs.118/=. CGST of Rs.33.81 and SGST of Rs.33.81. Totally he demanded Rs.1420.22 and additional tips. All together he collected Rs.1500/=. As it was very dark, and I was with my wife I did not argue with driver. This is really looting your customers. Will someone explain how all these are being charged when you are advertising taxis are available from 599 to 899.

Will some responsible person interfere and take steps to loot customers, who will be helpless during night times? A line of reply will be highly appreciated.

looting by KSTDC Airport taxi services

Oct 13, 2021

Overcharged and bad behaviour

Vehicle number KA05-7020's driver had a very bad behaviour. Was in a rush and had put the trolley in the taxi without finalizing anything. While starting the cab he told that for my location, the charge is approx 1800 and it will not cross Rs 1800. After reaching here he showed the bill of Rs 2492. This was supposed to be charged for 2 people as he came as a shared cab.But he charged Rs 1800 the other person and then after reaching at my destination he strated asking for Rs 2492. He was not ready to listen and started shouting.
Kindly take action against him. its not safe to have such drivers for your company and for customers as well.
Driver's phone number - 6361005434
Sep 2, 2021

overcharging and wrong bills issued


I have hired a KSTDC taxi at Bengaluru Airport on 31.08.2021 at about 7.45 pm to be dropped at my residence in HSR Layout. Like many other drivers he bypassed the toll gate near the Airport and reached the destination at about 9.10 pm. On asking for the fare, he claimed Rs.1803/- and I told that it cannot be that much; it is usually about . Rs1300/-. Anyway, I paid the amount by cash as per his insistence, and asked for the receipt. He took my number and said that it would reach me by Whatsapp citing Covid reasons and hurried away.. After calling him a couple of times, he sent a receipt, which did not belong to me. Then after several calls, he then sent me another receipt, which also was a wrong one. Basically, he charged me 50% more and cheated me without issuing me a bill.

Is KSTDC contemplating to take any action against such erring drivers and do justice to the affected travellers?

With Regards

Surendra Nath

overcharging and wrong bills issued

Dec 16, 2019

Abuse, Threatened & Rash Driving by the Driver

My drop was pretty close from the Airport. Once i boarded the cab, The driver asked me the location and o told him it’s Shivas Galaxy Hotel after Sadahalli Gate. The guy was angry and drove very harshly and when we asked him to slow down he started threatening and abusing us. He also had an argument at the Toll plaza with the toll guy. Me & my colleagues normally rely on state run Airport Taxi for all our transits to the Hotels. With this incident, i will never take the taxi from Airport. Bloody scoundrels have no right to threaten, humiliate and jeopardise customer’s lives. The guy was very abusive and harsh. Thank god, we kept silent and took all his tantrums just to save ourselves.

KSTDC should take actions against such goons. A big shame if this complaint is ignored. The state government should implement and take strict disciplinary actions against such guys.

On top of it, on the feedback number no one responded. It was ringing though.

Reach out to me in case you have any queries against this complaint.

Email ID - [email protected]

Abuse, Threatened & Rash Driving by the Driver

Dec 6, 2019

Unprofessional and misbehavior of driver


My mother took a airport taxi from Bangalore airport today to Ejipura. Upon reaching the destination the driver refused to drive the car inside the lane saying its a narrow road, which is okay but just to point out trucks come inside the lane and go out. My mother who is unwell told him to just help with the bags in that case and she she will walk. But this driver kept yelling at her, my mom called me and i tried to talking to him to say its okay you do not have to come inside the road just take out the bags from the car dickie as she has nerve issue and cannot lift heavy items. But he just kept sitting and yelling for no reason. I went down from my house and took the bags and when i told him at least try and listen what the customer is trying to saying he said don't talk to me, go raise complaint if you want, i don't care.

I have attached the receipt of the taxi which has all the details. He is not doing a favour by dropping the customer its his job and we are paying for the service. This kind of rude and unprofessional behavior should not be encouraged, some action should be taken against this kind of issue so that he knows there is consequences as currently he has a damn care attitude.

Manashi Hazarika

Unprofessional and misbehavior of driver

Nov 25, 2019


Dear Sir,

I took an airport taxi from the airport to Horamavu yesterday at 10pm. I paid the toll of Rs 135 for which no receipt was given, Then I was shocked to see the fare of Rs 1065 demanded by the driver for which again he did not provide a receipt. The cab no was KA 03 AF 3160. The driver said night charges are applying.

This is a clear case of cheating for which action must be taken and the excess fare refunded to me.

May 27, 2019

Over charge and toll

Today I happen to take kstdc taxi (KA.03 AC 9935) from airport to raja rajeswari nagar

First ugly encounter: Driver asks us to pay the toll fees of Rs.135. For which we said, our journey is one way and paid rs.95 and for which he did not gave us toll receipt.

Second ugly incident: At the end of the journey we requested the trip bill, we were shocked to that the fare included toll charges and driver insisted that we pay the toll charges again to him.

Third ugly incident: driver asked us to pay extra as the night charges as we boarded the cab in the night.

I am an frequent traveler and this is the first time I have come across this. In fact I took Uber from raja rajaeswari nagentomaiport and paid rs.1013 including the toll.

Please stop cheating the customer and screw up the rapport. I would never take and will not recommend KSTDC taxi. Such a patheitc service.

I know this complaint will not be auctioned upon. However, I am doing my part to ensure nobody else gets cheated.

ashwini mehra
May 1, 2019

Overcharging and misbehavior by driver

Dear Sir,

I traveled on night of April 26th from Bengaluru Airport to my residence, near Tin Factory on Old Madras Rd in KSTDC Airport Cab no. KA03 AB 2515 during 10.15-11pm.. The driver first asked me for Rs.135 at the toll plaza, whereas the one-way amount payable by the passenger is Rs90. However, on his assurance, that he will adjust the amount at the final bill stage, I ignored it. On reaching my residential complex, he showed me a bill of Rs.1739 on his phone. When I told him that I have never paid so much and I make the journey from the airport every week around the same time or later, he advised me that the fares have gone up by Rs5 per km after the elections in Karnataka (which is blatantly false). Since I usually pay Rs 950-Rs 1100, I told him that even with the increase, the fare should not exceed Rs 1200 approx. To justify his position, he showed me a list of the fares he had charged that day (which, to my mind, were all prima facie excessive). I however, told him that, since the screen shot does not show the name of the cab company or the regd. no. of his car, I will wait in the car for the email of the bill and pay him the full amount and also lodge a complaint of excessive charging. He then offered to take Rs1200 and close the matter; I paid him Rs1100 + 135(toll) and told him that I will nevertheless bring it to the notice of the cab co. as is my duty as a socially responsible citizen. As I started walking off, he started shouting at me in Kannada (which I do not follow) and moved towards me in a menacing manner with a raised hand. I turned around and dared him to hit me; he continued shouting and leaned his body against mine. Fearing an imminent threat of being hit by him, I slapped him a no. of times. He then tried to grab my suitcase and apparently indicated that, since I plan to complain, I can also complain that my suitcase has been taken away by him. In the meanwhile, a couple of residents and guards arrived on the scene and tried to cool him down, while asking me to leave with my luggage. As I was doing that, he broke free from the guards and pushed me on the stairs I was ascending. I was caught unawares and fell to the ground on the stairs. At which point in time, I overpowered and forcefully subdued him. He feigned as if he has been badly hurt but when everybody saw through it, he realized that he had been exposed. I came home, changed and discovered that the cab was still at the porch. The guards came up and told me that the driver is badly shaken and wants to apologise, as he fears a loss of job. I went down, took his muted apology and also told him that I also was sorry about the fracas and gave him a handsome tip to end the matter. I think the driver’s name is Chandu and carries a mobile bearing no. 9108317158. He also lied to me that the vehicle is from Meru cab service.

I am lodging this complaint as I feel that he has brought disrepute to the Co. If he is left unpunished, he will continue to dupe passengers, many of whom may be unsuspecting, first timers to the city. I do not know since when he is doing this and whether there is a gang of drivers who are using this fake software to cheat. You may like to investigate this in your own interest. Incidentally, even as I write, the supposed email of the bill is yet to reach me. I am a 63 year old man, retired as a DyMD of India’s largest bank and do not remember to have ever engaged in any physical action to defend myself after the 7th or 8th standard in school. It has been personally very embarrassing to have engaged in something like this in front of the residents and guards who hold me in high esteem as a role model elder in the residential complex, but I was not left with any choice.

I will await your advices on the action taken and also seek your help for an invoice for the amount I paid.


Ashwini Mehra

C 1201, SS Magnificia

Nr Tin Factory, Adj HP Petrol Stn

Old Madras Rd

Bengaluru 560016

Sudhindra Bindagi
Apr 7, 2019

TAXI receipt not received

I travelled from Bangalore International Airport to my residence on 4th April 2019 at around 6 45 PM by a KSTDC AIRPORT TAXI.

After reaching my residence he collected Rs. 750/- from me and did not issue me receipt. On enquiry he said i would get it in my mobile and e mail within half an hour. But so far even after 2 days I have not received the receipt.

Taxi driver name is Anjina reddy (Mob No 9000615479) and CAB No 8931

Kindly issue me the receipt as it is needed for claiming for reimbursement and also take action on the Driver.

Hoping an early action,

Sudhindra Bindagi
mob 9449350996
[email protected]
Devanand Bobby
Mar 1, 2019

Taxi fare charged extra

Dear Sir/Madam,

Yesterday 28/2/2019 I have travelled from Bangalore airport to B-Narayanapura, Near KR Puram.
I have travelled from your taxi Registration No: KA03AF2076.

After dropping me, the driver asked me to pay the bill of INR 1,080/-.
But in the bill it is showing only 950.20/- INR. Then I asked the driver why you are charging more, then he said including toll fee 130/- INR.
The toll fee the driver has taken at 8:00pm, but I boarded the taxi at 9:30pm.
Totally I paid taxi bill of 1,100/- INR, he didn't return that 20 rupees balance also. The driver misbehaved with me and cheated me.

But I didn't notice that the toll fee is already included in the bill of 85/- INR.
After driver leaving the place I came to know the toll fee is included in the bill.

Request to please trace the driver and enquired this matter and do the needful in refunding the excess amount of 150/- INR which I paid extra.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.


Taxi fare charged extra

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