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LG Electronics

Uttar Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about LG Electronics

G K Sabapathy
Feb 17, 2020

LG Fridge Failure. Model GL 368YSQ4/ 2012

We have purchased a LG Fridge of model … in the year 2012.
Last week due to low voltage in the night the fridge stopped working. LG personnel came and checked and told due to mother board Relay failure it stopped, other systems and compressor are in good condition. The mother board spare is not available neither locally nor in Noida and told us to scrap the fridge.
May we put a question before you. Due to a small relay in mother board failure the entire fridge is to be scrapped. Why can’t a safety system circuit have included or MCB like that to safe guard it.
There are lot of fridges scrapped due to introduction of IC and electronic circuit. Some 20 years we bought a electrical circuit Fridge, which is still working.
The idea of introducing electronic circuit when there is no benefit to customer is a mere waste. And also, it spoils the environment by increasing the e waste. However, we bought another LG fridge of 400 lts for our urgency
[email protected]
Feb 2, 2020

Horrible customer service and cheating

I have had a horrid and conning experience...
I had my TV repaired by one of your technicians I was told that my led panel was spoilt hence had to be replaced.he charged me 500 for first visit and then took my TV and got it replaced,asked for a bill he didn't give me saying booklet was over so said will come and give it in 2-3 days.. Now my there are these lines showing up on my tv When I called that technician named farhaan.he is asking me for bill.. Also saying that now my screen is spilt will have to buy a new one. How hideous is the LG customer service.. I called the customer support at andheri there was a guy named Mustafa who hung up saying call back in 10 mins..when I called back a lady spoke so rudely saying talk to the technician.. Now iam stuck with no one to offer help plus 10,000 already spent and people asking to spend another 15-18000 more on screen.. What the hell is this .. Is this how LG offers customer service to people buy their products..
Sravanthi Alajangi
Oct 30, 2018

Defective LG refrigerator

I have purchased brand new LG refrigerator which is making huge compressor sound. LG team is not able to resolve the issue. The response is very poor inspite of followup. Thinking of next steps
Oct 31, 2017


I bought TV LED 109cm 43LH600T on 16th October 2016. On 23rd October 2017, my TV stopped completely. I lodged the complain on 24th morning with your customer care centre. My call was attended on 26th night. I was told that one of the main board has conked out and needs to be replaced. I fail to understand how can main board fail in such a short time.

I wrote to your care centre, and got prompt reply, but actual service remain pathetically slow. Today I was told from your Mumbai centre, that my case is taken under priority cases. But your Surat office informed that they will get the board only on 2nd November and can be fixed on 3rd.

I have been buying most of the LG products, but now, during my next shopping trip, I have to think twice before buying LG products.


Mobile No. 9898040310
complain No: RNP############
atul makharia
Oct 25, 2017

defective fridge

i have purchased a fridge two month back but have complained n number of times in lg site but ro response overtime they say ok we will find a solution but till date nothing happen . what should i do should i file case in consumer forum .
atul makharia
Oct 25, 2017

defective fridge

i have taken a fridge of Lg two month back and its defective product , i have complained atlas 40 times but no solution three time different people came saw it and promised for a resolution but no reply again i have to complain but this time no one even bother to reply .
Hitesh Puri
Sep 23, 2017

Nexus 5X Bootloop issue

I had bought Nexus 5x in Dec - 2015. My mobile went in to Bootloop in July 2017 and has been dead ever since.

When I checked about this issue, I came to know that this is a manufacturing issue that Nexus owners are facing since past 4-5 months on a mass scale. World across, the mobiles are being repaired free of cost. I hoped that similar policy will be followed in India, but despite my continuous attempts to contact the customer services team and resolve the issue, i have only received a negative response from LG India. Service center in Noida told me that the mobile is now out of warranty and thus can't be repaired free of cost and total cost will be more than Rs 10000 (almost as much as a new phone).

Its been more than 2 months now and i am really shocked at the absolute lack of empathy to customer issues, exhibited by this company.

I have been having LG phones for the past 6 years (Previous one was Nexus 5, again a LG Phone), but never faced such issue from the product, but finally when i did, the company has not supported me in any which way. In USA, customers have initiated class action lawsuit against LG, but laws in india have been lenient which allows such companies to continue their ways of ignoring the customer plight.

Can anyone please suggest what can be done in such a case where the company is not ready to owe their mistakes and repair manufacturing defects.
Sep 12, 2017

LG Air conditioner

I am very disappointed about LG Products and service of this company and from Last 4 days and I am call along Complain for AC Problem but still no solution from Consumer Care Team and Still AC under Service but no Bodybhabe Give solutions

Sep 9, 2017

Troubled by the technician

Dear Mr Kim - Despite repeatedly calling your service helpline team to share the no of the senior to share my grievances - the no shared with me was wrong . How can your customer service team share wrong nos of CCO of the region and that too multiple times ..
I have called your technicians multiple times , they have completely messed up the door of my washing machine and they now refuse to come back and have a look !
My complaint no was RNP############ and this complaint has been going on for some time , with multiple complaint nos! I need help with immediate resolution . This is the first time that I am so upset with the standard of your service that I had to specifically search your email id and write to you
Aug 29, 2017

LG nexus 5x not working after system update

Dear Sir
Let me start by introducing myself, I’m Arpit Agrawal who is an avid fan of your products. I am a firm believer in the nexus series. Each model has amazing specs and continues to be number one on the list of best buy phones. Needless to say me and my wife both are ardent followers of nexus series.
I purchased nexus 5X in November 2015 and somewhere during April of 2017 is where my phone got completely switched off suddenly while i was travelling and after that it never switched back on again. I have hopelessly charged the phone innumerable times and even went to the repair store only to find out that the motherboard is not working. Now the problem is that it has not even been 2 years and the phone refuses to work. This is not the kind of service i was expecting from nexus 5X specially when the earlier model was a hit, as my wife is still using nexus 5 for the past three years and the phone is still going strong.

I would really like to believe that this is a case of model dis-function rather than the entire product not being up to the mark.
Expecting a positive response from your group on this case asap.

IMEI number: 353627-07-175945-3
model number : LG 5X LG-H791
phone: NEXUS 5X

Arpit Agrawal
Sharmi Halder
Aug 23, 2017

Unethical and unprofessional Service by LG

I purchased my Nexus 5X on 10th December 2015.
I never had any issue with my phone until I received the notification for the latest system update.
Few days after updating my phone,my phone suddenly shut down on 15th August 2017 .
I went to the service center and I was told that my phone shut down because of the system update which has been a prevalent complaint post the latest update.
However I was told that like others I was not eligible for a mobile replacement as mine was not in warranty.
This is an absolutely ridiculous explanation. I have taken good care of my phone and have ensured that I never face any problem.
The only reason it shut down was because of a manufacturing or software upgradation defect from your end . Why should I be asked to pay 10K for repairing my phone when it was first of all destroyed because of your software update.

I expected a logical and fair resolution to my query by writing to mail to serviceindia .However they responded giving me the no. of area service manager Mr Chandra Shekhar who has not been picking up my calls at all. I am highly disappointed by your unprofessional behavior.You cannot cheat and harass your customers like this.

I have been continuously following up with service India and every time I get a standard auto generated message ..we are attending to your query and will revert at the earliest. 1 week and still no revert. I never expected such irresponsible and horrible service from such a reputed brand like LG.

My Job Sheet No RNP############
Jun 1, 2017

Grievance regarding LG 43" LED TV Set with complaint number RNP170526084060

This is in regards for complaint number RNP############ for LG 43” LED TV.

I would like to inform you that I am facing a problem on the above mentioned TV set from the day of purchase, it never detects pen drive whenever I put the same in USB slot, but one strange thing is happening whenever I put the hard disk in the USB slot it works, moreover, after removing the Hard drive I insert the PEN Drive it works. Therefore now the solution is whenever I want to excess the pen drive I have to put hard drive in it then remove and put pen drive. didn’t it looks strange to you?

Now come to the solution, I have filed a complaint on this where the engineer from your authorized service centre came and does something and told me now it will work properly. Post that also this problem came again, I filed a complaint again for the same, where the engineer opened the TV set and told me that we need to put one IC in the mother board and it will work properly which is not available right now, after departure of the engineer my TV remote wasn’t working, I called the same guy and he told me he forgot to put the remote censor cable which he fixed. So this was the second time my TV set opened and closed.

Now after 2-3 days engineer called me and said that he got an IC and will come to fix it, which he came and opened it and fixed it, after 2-3 days I found the problem is still not being solved, I filled a complaint again and now this time they are saying that we need to change the motherboard on the set.

My point here is I have paid the full amount for the TV set where is the important function is not working and engineer is coming every time giving me different story, they even told me that they are facing this problem on this particular model. They opened my TV set 5 times and couldn’t fix the problem, now I am refusing to get this repaired, I had given enough chances to LG but unfortunately your engineers are failed in fixing the problem, also why should I wait at home every time and allow people to open the set.

Now my patients are over and I want my TV set to be replaced or my money should be refunded, I am the loyal costumer of LG but this time I am disappointed with attitude/behavior, why LG is trying to sell the TV set which has manufacturing defect and doing trails on my hard-earned money? My TV set is still under warranty period and I want you to replace it on immediate effect.

Please let me know how to take this forward, otherwise I will be left with no choice than going to consumer court and file a case against LG India.


Jitender Kalra
May 6, 2017

Product defect and awaiting for replacement since last 7 days

Kind attention Mr. Kim Ki Wan.

We have purchased a LG 1.5 ton AC from the dealer Great Eastern Trading at Khadinamore, Chinsurah, but unfortunately that was a defective piece. When approached the dealer he directed us to the service manager who was responsible for the installation. I was told to raise a request for installation (RNP ############). When asked for how long it would take for replacement, there was no firm answer telling it may take some time between 15 to 30 days. Unfortunately the dealer is also not supporting us for the replacement.
Since the summer is peaking up we are desperately looking for an AC, especially for my parents who are senior citizens.
Under this circumstances, I have no other option but to write to LG. I hope that the LG team under the leadership of Mr. Kim Ki Wan would help us to resolve the issue at the earliest.

Thanks and look forward to the resolution of the problem at the earliest.

[email protected]
Feb 3, 2017

Disappointed with LG product

Kind attention Mr. Kim Ki-Wan,

I purchased a mobile phone LG stylus2 dual just 3 weeks back however had a bad experience with LG product. This is my first LG product and I regret my decision to go for LG.

Mobile phone is getting switched off very offen, say twice or thrice. I have to every time remove battery to again restart the device.

Battery drains really fast without even any usage.

Need your intervention and request you to kindly help and resolve my problem.

Its my hard earned money, please value my decision to belive in your product.

Need resolution asap.
Sajit CP
Dec 21, 2016

No Spare part and poor Service

It is really unfortunate that an established company (LG) like yours has failed in their duty to provide a proper service to the customer.
I bought a microwave oven (784OUL) 28LTR, in October 2011. I had a very limited use of the product as most of my cooking was done on gas. The product was also working well without any problems.
But there was a complaint few months back when the touch panel did not work properly. However the oven still worked for certain menu.
I took the oven and gave it to your service centre in Kannur, Kerala in October 2016. Initially they told me that there was complaint with the panel, then about a month after they informed that the board has been found with defect. All these time they kept me telling that they have ordered for spare part, which has to come from Mumbai.
It is really unfortunate even after more than two months of wait neither the spare parts have come, nor the oven got repaired.
Now I am told that the company has stopped manufacturing the product and there is no availability of spare parts anywhere in the country.
I bought the product believing the good reputation and proper servicing that the company provides. It is a very unfortunate experience that I had by purchasing your product.
Going by the claims of service centre, It is even more surprising that such a big company like yours have stopped manufacturing the spare parts. This has put customers like me into a real trouble.
Now I am forced to take back the product, citing that they cannot repair it or I have to purchase a new oven.
With this kind of experience I would certainly not recommend your product to anyone. I would share this experience with people and friends in social media and other medium to ensure that this does not happen to others and they rely on companies that are capable of providing best services.


C P Sajit
Senior Correspondent
The New Indian Express
Mb: 8547099699.
Vikram Javeri
Oct 3, 2016

Refusal to service

Dear Sir,

I am an ardent LG customer and all my white goods are from LG.

This time around am a bit disappointed with your service

I have a flatron television which is out of warranty and it was turning on due to a problem with the mains cord. Your technician Mr Sudendra contact number +91 97-39-986637 came over to repair the product. However the problem still persists.

On my repeatedly calling him he has refused to attend stating "you can complain to who you want am not bothered"

I request your kind intervention in this trivial matter else such responses would lead to lack of faith and goodwill of loyal LG consumers like me.

Awaiting your response

Old complain
Lg complaint number
RNA ############
Technician : Sudendra
Ph : +91 97-39-986637

New complain
Lg complaint number
RNA ############
Sep 19, 2016

Problem in newly Machine

With reference to my complain no. RNA############ towards repairing of LG washing machine, which was purchased 15th months back from M/s. Vijay sales.

Now, clothes are being struck and going to behind the rolling pad the washing machine at the time to washing clothes

It has been created bad impression against your product & company

Your service engineer saying such problem is routine & normal issue it will be come on future
Lauv Lahoti
Sep 9, 2016

defective product

i have been facing issue with the product from the time i purchased, i have raised a lot of complaints but none of the time it got solved
RNA ############
RNA ############
RNA ############
RNA ############
RNA ############
RNA ############
RNA ############
we need replacement of the product,

we had purchased it it on 24-09-15 lg fridge d/d 285 ltr GL-D 302JGFL
I have attached the invoice and the complaints registered . please get us replacement of the product or else we might have to take legal action..
Aug 19, 2016

Poor Demo process - Disappointed at the start

Sent this mail to their Director Sales as well as snippets to Mr Kim Ki Wan. As at the time of this post, no reply or call from senior member team is received.

I purchased a Microwave MJ3283BCG. Sad state was by LG Home Appliances (India) on the engineer allocated for Demo.

The Engineer called me while fixing the appointment that he is coming to #check_the_machine_whether_it_is_working_fine 😫😫😫 Does LG sells more failure machines to check after delivery 🤔🤔🤔, #Disappointed.......Never stops..

He visited my home and just took the photograph of S.No Nothing else. When I asked for a demo, I understood he had no clue of the machine, as he started telling me that if you keep pressing buttons it will show on screen what menu to choose. Even the option and the way he handled the machine to heat a cup of water during #LG_check_process he carried out was rough and incorrect. Not knowing even to the basic extent of what I knew that these are direct menu choice buttons and no need to keep pressing multiple times, as jog dial does the job. Few other questions I asked him clearly exhibited the poor process & training by LG Home Appliances (India) leadership team.. The engineer said he is a Direct Employee for 8 years ????.... #disappointed... never stopped......

The engineer had no clue of the cooking classes venue and he only said call the numbers listed they will tell where & when it happens or they will even come home for classes. He told two areas that is just 2 km away from each other (one in Adambakkam Chennai and another Velachery, Chennai). I am sure no sensible operations will have such limited classes in metro city so close to each other, with only 3 classes mentioned in the city. #Disappointed.....It never stopped......

The engineer spoke to the leading dealer Chain operates for 2 generations, I purchased on some clarifications I wanted on warranty that was stated as magnetron has 1+4 years as displayed with a LG Home Appliances (India) company flyer at PoP. He spoke in such an authoritative (arrogant) tone that even the owner of that dealer chain won't speak like that, to their staff. Finally he said dealer has to get the warranty card for me and I have to followup with him. Somethings he told about how LG dealers operates, I donot want to post here, as I owe lot of respect to the Dealers.. Am I beginning a relationship with you to protect my interest or you guys wanted to throw your brand weight on me too to chase the warranty card with dealer.

The engineer gave me a feedback sheet and asked me to "#read_well" before I fill !!!! 🤔 when I wanted to give honest feedback on some points, that are to be negative, he only went to justify to me, what it means (Probably he thought, I donot know to read and understand basic English) forcing me, I should only tick Yes 🤔🤔and keep repeating he has to only come for servicing me if I have any problem .🙄🙄🙄🙄 Huh..... (I am sure you can equally understand what it means, Does these guy donot know of consumer protection forums in case of such attitude on service with genuine claims) Inspite of me asking him about the process mentioned in the manual by company for Demo, he went on to say confidently that this is the process he does is as directed by his Regional Service Heads & I can give my feedback to them when they call. Does he justify such a demo process as directed by his seniors.. Pls donot axe this guy and make him a scapegoat, as it is the leadership to take the collective responsibility for not finding his skills / product knowledge mismatch for 8 years on what I found out in less than 8 minutes he spent with me during this checking_process" I left a message to him, that his TAMILNADU / Regional Head of Service must call me yesterday, as I wanted to share feedback. Till this message is posted by the end of today I did not receive any call. LG Claims 2.1.1 Service in their brochure ???? Is LG Home Appliances (India) now living in the era of doves for communications while selling digital products thru their other division, is my serious doubt, or LG Home Appliances (India) want to take this feedback so lightly, in spite of same posted in their website and FB page and other online portals.

All I can say is LG Home Appliances (India) disappointed in the first experience with this High end model. Now, I am no more keen to discuss or share feedback with the Branch / Regional Level Team. If LGEIL is keen they can connect with me thru their National Head who can understand the gravity of my feedback.

The heights of it is, they remove the feedbacks that are not in their favour in their LG HomeAppliances page of FB. I kept posting and they keep removing clearly showing the leadership direction to show artificial brand satisfaction score, otherwise why should they cover it under the carpet instead of taking such feedback as an opportunity for improving on their process.
Abeer Naqvi
Jun 20, 2016

washing machine issue

washing machine issue call back required for visit of engineer

Sarat Pattanayak
Jun 9, 2016



Please read my original complaint appended below.
LG is top in enterprise but bottom in integrity.
Its service people are a bunch of arrogant daredevils.
They give a time but don’t stick to it.
What is downright offensive is their devil-may-care attitude.
There is not even a hint of regret for not keeping the time.
A bad situation is made worse by the LG staff’s attitude.
Susceptible to the siren voice of LG’s high-pitched sales, I bought a very expensive refrigerator from them but regret to say that I am left holding the baby.
Their advertisements are wilfully misleading.
Customer service is a pathetic joke with empty hype as its only punch-line.
Sarat Chandra Pattanayak
F/102, Jyotshna Enclave
Jaydev Vihar
Bhubaneswar – 751013
[email protected]
(M) 9437962121
10TH June 2016; 6.30AM



I bought one 470-litre LG refrigerator from Gupta Sales, Bhubaneswar, yesterday.
I was told a mechanic from the LG’s Service Centre would come today morning to show the demo.
Somebody from the Service Centre called me in the morning. When I told him to come between 10.30 and 10.45am, he expressed his inability.
I told him to come at 4pm. He agreed.
It is now 6.10pm but nobody has come nor telephoned to me.
LG’s promise of customer care is a shoddy fiction.
LG is an ossified bureaucracy.
If this is not incompetence, then the word has no meaning.
Why is LG so brutally indifferent to customers after selling its products?

Sarat Chandra Pattanayak
F/102, Jyotshna Enclave
Jaydev Vihar
Bhubaneswar – 751013
[email protected]
(M) 9437962121
9th June 2016; 6.10pm

ps – one mechanic came at 5.30pm. When I asked him why he could not come at 4pm as promised by him, he was arrogant enough to say he was busy elsewhere. When I asked him why he didn’t telephone, he was stumped. I refuse to accept service unless LG man expresses regret for not keeping time.
Dec 1, 2015

NEXUS 5 Mobile

Hi Team,

I have given my mobile to LG service center for 5 times and the issue still persists.
Now in addition to the old issue many additional issues are also there for my Mobile.
Given mobile to service center on 28th November and service center guy *Manohar* told me that will update the status of mobile and issue with in one day through call
But no one has called me back, When I am trying to call them no one from the service team is Picking the call. I have Manohar
contact number also he is also not picking the call. After some 7 to 8 trials some one from service desk picked the call and was telling they are not sure about the status of the phone as Manohar is on leave they were telling like only Manohar knows the issue and no other technical team has any idea on the issue. my latest job sheet number is RNA############
Is it sin for customers to buy LG products?
How many times you want customers to roam around LG service centers.
Deeply disappointed with LG service.
contact me if you really want to provide ethical and reliable service.
Suresh : 7204744044
Oct 31, 2015


dear Sir,
I am purchasing a LG brand 42 inches 3D LED TV costs 82000/- in Nov,2012 . After some months I faced lining problem in its screen panel which is not addressable due to auto disappear and again appearfor few seconds only. I locked a call in your service center , your engineer visits and check the unit but not found any problem and told me that it may be its setting problem. Now after line is not appear again for some days and again I faced same problem I again called to your service center and engineer visit and address the problem.It is 100% screen panel problem, but he opened the unit and refix all connections again the line disappear and unit is fine. At that time I humbly request to your service engineer to replace the panel as this problem occour again and it gives problem in future. But your service engineer convience me and said that in higherend products no such panel problems occur and no need to be worry a lot.LG is a good qulity brand and you select a higher end product never get fails. But after 2.5 years it agains give same problem, due to screen fault and now this times problem is increase on same place.If my screen panel is replaced at that time, I hope so that I not face this same problem again.
Now when I called to your service center they called me that now your unit is out of warranty and you have to pay for its screen costs approx 29000/-.
Means when I purchased the unit of costing 82000/- has only life cycle less than 3 years and after paying 29000/- additional my unit costs goes about more than a Lakh. This is truely cheated by LG support team and its products are of very low quality used faulty products also.
Request to you plz provide some positive solution or provide me a way to get solution on this.

95/2, Nehru Nagar, Indore, (M.P.)
[email protected]
Oct 28, 2015

Unavailability of Parts

Often customers like us tend to buy one of the best brands on the perception that the product they are buying is not only Best in Class but they also assured of that they will be getting better after sales service from the company .
Indeed a reverse trend has been witnessed from one of leading brand- LG Electronics.
This is what happened with me, when I decided to buy LG products like LED TV, Music System & Air Conditioner few years ago:
1. LCD TV (Model No: 26LX2R- Serial No: 703SRYJoI922) :
Issue Facing: Supply part is not properly functioning.
2. Mini Home Theater ( Model No: FB162 – Serial No: RNA############)
Issue Facing: CD Lense requires replacement and Display is not functioning properly.
The problem occurred in the above models over a period of time. In the past, I have also got my LCD repaired twice from your authorized service centre.
Recently, When I would like to lodge repair work for both of my electronic goods through your customer service call centre. The complaint calls were lodged but later I receive call from your representative that they can’t visit and repair the instruments since the products mentioned are out-dated. They mentioned very categorically that company has stopped the production of the parts long time back and at the same time they insisted me to sell the items at lower cost. They emphasize me to buy new products (of LG or some other leading brand) with better features.
I’m fail to understand , Why the customer should buy a product of a leading brand when they stop the production or even parts after a period of 5 years ?
I would like you to acknowledge my grievance on poor after sales service standards. Please address my complaint with utmost seriousness and provide immediate resolution.
Else, I would not be having any other option but to approach Customer Grievance Cell / Consumer Forum for necessary legal action.
I have paid the visit charge to your representative last time when he visited. I’m not willing to pay any further service charge till the time both of my products are fully repaired and start functioning.

Puneet Khurana
[email protected]
Nov 28, 2014

LG Microwave Oven not working & no response from Service centre

I purchased the convection Microwave oven Model No: MC-7649DW.BAMQEIL & Serial No: 003AWVW004359 on 30/06/2010. The touch pad was not working & I made a complain around 3 months back. The service engineer came & after taking photograph he left assuring he will come back next day, but never returned. Same thing repeated for 3 times with 3 different engineers & every time the status of the complain showed "'Completed" while checked on LG website. After several calls & mails to customer care, one Mr. Pravakaran (Mob No: 9176671129) told as the model is old, there is no change part is available & asked me the go for a new one. While called him again to get some clarity, he never received the call. I am really frustrated with the LG service & will never purchase any item from them.

This is to aware the people who are thinking to Buy LG product. NEVER GO FOR LG

Complaint Ref No: RNA############/ RNA############

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