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Consumer complaints and reviews about LG

Jun 29, 2020

No Action on Service Complaint


The complaint was raised on 30th May & it has been a month now but still the ac is not yet repaired.

There is no communication from LG about delay and also not confirming when it will be repaired. When ever I call at the service centre, they mention the part needs to be reolaced and is not in our stock.

I have taken the AMC for the AC for which it seems to be complete loss to me since already a month of summer has passed and the product is not operational yet.

Such poor service is not at all accepted from a reputed brand like LG.

Please do the needful at the earliest.

Conplaint no: RNP############

Sep 1, 2019


I complained of my TV malfunction on 20/08/2019. Service engineer visited and told that a particular part needs to be replaced. I agreed for the charges and he raised a request for the same. I was clearly told that time the said part is active and will be replaced in a very short time.

However, after more than 10 days of waiting, when I enquired with the customer care, I was informed that my complained has been cancelled and the reason given was that my TV is more than 10 years old (Which is completely baseless and false) and hence it can't be repaired.

How can LG refuse to service a product which was purchased at a cost of Rs. 75000/-?. What am I supposed to do now?
Oct 24, 2017

Brand New product defective

I bought a LG microwave from Flipkart and it is defective out of the box. LG technician visited my house and found it defective. He recommended replacement since it is a Brand New product. Flipkart refused to replace it as it was out of their 10 days policy.
We contacted LG helpline and service center and they are just giving us run arounds and aren't willing to replace it.

It is a brand new product, out of the box not working. This shows us the relability of the product. And since 1 week we can see, how LG treat their customers.

We are looking for a replacement. Not refund. So let me know what can be done from your side.

Jun 10, 2017

Part not installed from last 2 weeks

I made a complaint regarding my refrigerator and a person visited to check the problem and he suggested to change the part as it has been burned. But the part was under warranty and from past 2 weeks he is continuously saying that the part has not yet come and sometimes ignores my call.
[email protected]
Jul 9, 2016

cooling issue

Hi Team,

This is to bring to your notice that we had purchased a LG refrigerator Model No GL-B292 on 09-April-2016 from Samrat Electronics in Gurgaon. We started facing issues with the cooling of device only a month after the purchase date. After following up multiple times with customer service team I got the refrigerator serviced in 10 days. At that point in time we were promised that if the issue resurfaced again we would be given a replacement for the faulty product.

Now after using the product almost a month after the service we are facing the same issue again. It has been horrible experience using this faulty product in the summer months. I think I am done with this faulty product and I want it to be replaced with a new one as promised earlier by your customer service team.

I have attached the copies of original bill and service receipts in the attachment.

Looking forward to an immediate resolution to my complaint. If my concern is not addressed asap then I would be forced to move down to consumer court for the same.

Thank You.

Shailendra Singh

cooling issue cooling issue cooling issue

May 2, 2016

Ref : Complaint No. RNA 160422055734

Dear Sir,

I made the most unfortunate decision of buying my first and last LG Product on the 07/04/2016 a 1.5 M.Ton Window AC Model No. LWA5CP3A which was installed on the 21/04/2016 and found defective on commissioning. We complaint on the 22/04/2016 and your representative visited on 23/04/2016 who found the compressor defective and informed our staff that he will come and fix the compressor tomorrow. When we opposed that we would not get the new AC repaired your Mr. Lakhan agreed after much ado on the 24/04/2016. We sent him the AC Serial No. & Model No. on the 24/04/2016 and were promised that the complaint would be resolved within 2 - 3 Days and AC would be replaced, after continuously following up for the replacement Mr. Lakhan stopped answering our calls and after calling your Customer Care we were given the No. of Mr. Manoj Chauhan who is your CCO ( Customer Complaint Officer ) on the 26/04/2016. From 26/04/2016 we have been trying to contact Mr. Manoj who has not picked up our Phone even once. The attitude of your staff resounds the attitude of your company which delivers defective products as new and then refuses to fix them. What we cannot understand is what kind of Quality Department does your company employ in which defective products are allowed to enter into the market, and the icing on the cake are your Employees who turn a deaf ear towards the customer and then refuse to pick up the calls. You have the best CCO who would not have a single complaint because he doesn't pick up his phone in this week we have placed more than 50 Calls from different numbers not a single of which was picked up by Mr. Manoj, what is nice is the fact that LG is not prejudiced against us LG's has trained its staff well to ignore all the customer.

I have low hope that this email will do much to change you or your staffs attitude, but if it does then arrange to get this defective AC replaced immediately barring which I will initiate legal action and will publicise your defective product to the world.

Rishab Taneja
+ ############
Jun 5, 2014

LG Smart TV sold with International Support Card but Smart TV function Premium Content not working – Money waste!!

Dear Sir/Madam,
I bought Smart TV on 10-May-2014 at Dubai and brought to India for Use. It has got LG International Warranty with India Support Toll free number 1800-180-9999.
From day one, ‘Smart TV function Premium Content not working but LG is committed for LG International support and Warranty with India toll free indicated….all useless…no solution and no support.
It is big flaw in the LG system that this product is sold under International Support but the same not able to support from INDIA (other country).
My Hard earned money is wasted as this is just normal TV ………..NOT SMART TV because of LG’s Own System Fault and Country access issue.
This is very serious matter and LG need to provide solution to the valuable customer….as I have invested my money in LG product or else arrange to return the money as you are not able to support Internationally.
Cell no 9910827055
Sep 14, 2012

rust in washing machine

Dear customer

We regret the inconvenience that is caused to you. We have transferred your complaint number and details to the concerned branch service center. Our representative will get in touch with you at the earliest and help you out with all the product related issues.

Thank you.

LG Service Team
Jun 21, 2011

window ac not work

Dear Customer,

We apologize for this. We have transferred your contact details to the concerned branch service center.
Our Representative will attend to your issues shortly.

Warm Regards,

LG India
Mar 4, 2011

No response on Complaint Made

Dear Customer,

Your LG Washing Machine issue has been resolved and the same has been confirmed with you.
For any further queries/Support, please call us on our 24X7, toll free no - 1800-180-9999 or write in to us at [email protected]

Assuring our best support always !!!

Warm Regards

LG India
Dec 16, 2010

Lack of Services

Dear Customer,

Apologies for such an experience .Thanks for highlighting this to us. Please send us your complaint number and contact details at [email protected]

Warm Regards
LG India
Sep 4, 2012

rust in washing machine

Dear Sir,

i have purchase a washing machine from csd canteen in name of
Sub Ishwar sing malik dated 170808 lg auto model no 850283th cap 5.5.
Same year problem started coming in washing machine . After that the
timer problem came in the machine and water sipage was their. the
machine was sent to your workshop and it was told to us some acid was
will be done it take a whole month time and every thing is conduted
through your lot free no.After that the rust started in the machine.
your enginer ask us to take amc for the washing machine as thier
would be problem in machine as whole machine was open in workshop. the
plan was offer us with comitment that if anything happen in washing
machine it will be cover with rust also.
Regular check will be thier so that it will last long . Their
where no check done by you only when we call tollfree the person comes
. althought in last two year there were six visit were there. every
time it was told to us that it is normal.
On160812 when water stared coming from door . we were surpise to
see that internal area was having whole . we have intimated the same
to your tollfree and enginer came ask us to change the front complete
area will be change and it is not come under amc it cost 1100 rupees.
we have given approval of same after regular follow up 15 day the
person came give excuse the part was not avaiable . They started
changing the part onther surprise came to us the when they ask why
we have put a local wire is fixed . when told them the machine was
sent to your worksop for big repair it may happen.He agreed the same
some time part is not avaiable we put the same.
Big shock he said us that there is no use if chaning as the
interal body is also rusted that need to change . he was blank why
internal area is rusted but we will discuss from our company and
reply .There were no reply again we have to call and answer was no. On
020912 the machne was send to your workshop for change the part.

My question is this
1what amc means and why local parts are fitted in the machine when it
was under warranty.
2 If it was regularly check and why such huge bill of replacement is my side.
3.what is rust policy as i want to know so that i can persue legally.
4.reason of time taken to resolove the problem for every visit.
5.what company will thing for machine of rs 16495 . I am spending rs
3838+ current bill that means more than 50% with 4 year of life of
your product.
6 It was installedby your person ,Stand was purchase and fix by
person.why it happen.
7. No guidence was given after regular check up and their is no
gurranty that it will not happen. That mean after three year we should
ready for same expenditure.

please revert.

Best Regards,

Ashok Malik
Jun 20, 2011

window ac not work

Dear Sir,

Window Air conditioner (LG) not working.i have coplain to costamer care but they not rispons.The LG dear come to my office they service ac and next week the have same problem.it not work ac give hot air.so i have copllain to you.do some thing.

Basant Sharma
III plot no.95,phase no.-1,
udyogvihar Gurgaon
Mar 2, 2011

No response on Complaint Made


i had made a complaint for my faulty LG washing Machine on 27th February 2010 , at which point your customer service told me i would be contacted in 24 hours, no one has bothered to contact me and i have had to call your customer service twice post that and told the same thing you will be contacted in 24 hours, the last conbversation with your customer service i was told to call another number if not contacted in 24 hours
Complaint Number RNA ############
Jan 15, 2011

Poor Service

This is Shlok Jalan here and my washing maching needs to be repaired. I made request for repair on 13th Jan and was promised repair within 24 hours. Inspite of 10 calls after and 72 hours no one turned up for repair till now. Still the same old answer " sir somebody will get in touch with you within 24 hours."

I am disgusted and irritated..with LG service. I have even spoken to ASM (+91 999 907 4013) and another Guy Mr. Utsav whose response was since we have backlog we have not sent the technician.Not sure how to go about it becuase most of the people are rude, ignorant and outright liars who do not know even how to talk with their customer. Area Services manager (ASM) insists on calling me "Boss" inspite of being told repeateadly that my name is Shlok and not "BOSS".


Shlok Jalan
Sec -56
+91 956 089 3096
Dec 12, 2010

Lack of Services


It gives me immense displeasure in stating that despite your claim to fame of 100% after sales service etc...you nowhere stand near your market competitors (from your part of the world) Samsung when it comes to delivering promises a stark example of which can be gauged from my recent expeirience....I had purchased a Samsung refrigerator and a washing machine and an LG LED TV on the same day from Reliance Lifestyle in Ambience mall where by I was told that the installation will be done the following Saturday, which never happened even after registering a request with your call centre, I did get a call from your service engineer that they will be coming on next Saturday and I have to give a call 24 hrs. before as they will be closing this call in the system, as told I did register a request again and as expected nobody showed up on the this Saturday also (11/12/10). Again I gave a call to your service centre who instead of arranging for a fix up gave me a number of some a service centre and asked to speak to a service engineer(the number is perpetually busy). Anyways it comes as no surprise to me as I can see from the number of complaints copied below from the consumer complaint site, what state of affairs your consumer service department is in.

It is a grave mistake which I committed by buying an LG product and am sure I will not be repeating the same ever again.

Thank you!
Aug 29, 2010

Defective microwave clubbed with pathetic service

Hello All,
I am Anubhav.
In May 2010, I bought an LG microwave.
Till date I am unable to use it.
Reason being that the circuits of the microwave has been faulty.
Initially when we switched on the microwave then the MCV used to trip and the electricity of the whole flat would go off.
I thought that MCV is not taking the load so, I went ahead and replaced it.
Still the problem persisted.

FInally, I registered a complaint with LG service center as on 14th August.
Request ID no: C1081403222.
Firstly, they made a false promise that someone will attend you within 24 hrs.
nly by repeated calling that they come day after.
The service engineer opened the microwave and confirmed there is an issue with the circuit and will come and change it the next day.
He did not come back.
Apparently, some other service engineer from LG had come to my premisis for resolving issues and thought to visit me as well.
Like the previous service engineer, he also opened up the microwave and did something.
He mentioned that the fault still exists but he has repaired it temporarily.
This further needs fixing. I have also requested him to express my distrust in the appliance and for sure demands a replacement since its under warranty and that I am yet to cook my ifrst dish in 3-4 months.
Since I was to go out of town, I had mentoined him to come back on 25th August.
I called him on his mobile and he would not respomd.
I had to finally rasie a customer complain again with LG.
Request ID: C1082528510 on 25th Auguts itself.
Its 29th Auguts as of today and I am still awaiting response.

We donot trust the Microwave which has created electrical hevocs in our flat in the past and demand an apology and replacement of the microwave.

Microwave Model: MH-6549QS (25 lts)

Aug 13, 2010

AC not working

AC not working
Jul 13, 2010

phone is not working

i purchased lg GD 510 about a month ago. just after 20 days it started restarting itself frequently. i have been to service center twice they are not able to diagnose the problem.they just replace some things and it operates properly for 2-4 hours then again it starts restarting again so please i request to convey my problem to higher executive.and please contact me soon on my ja[email protected] and my contact no. 9999948409.
May 11, 2010

Defective refrigerator Sold

I have purchased a refrigerator on 02nd may 2010 from one of the dealer based out in sadar market, gurgaon who is running the shop for LG products.

The first piece which was delivered to us was carrying dent and we immediately asked the vendor to replace the same, the second piece which was delivered was ok and working fine for next 3 days and after that we observed that the cooling was not there. We raised the same to the shop owner and in return he raised the complaind to LG. LG person visited and changed something in the machine but still the refrigerator is not providing adequate cooling. We called up the vendor to replace the machine as it is defective and in return he replied that we cant do anything and please get in touch with the LG company.
When we purchased the freez, the shopowner guaranteed that if there will be any problem he will take care of same but now after selling he has changed. Would sincerely request to help us

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