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Consumer complaints and reviews about LG

Nov 29, 2021

Faulty microwave delivered and no replacement offered

Inspite of repeated complaints also matter is still not resolved.

I had bought a LG microwave in Aug 2021 and suddenly on 16th Nov ,the spider plastic ring on which the glass rotates had melted and the microwave stopped working .I had been experiencing excessive heat during the operations since couple of weeks . I had called their customer service on 16th Nov , 18th Nov and 24th Nov and given the complaint again and again . I had escalated the matter to customer service head too twice and got calls from them on 24th Nov but no resolution till date (############ dated 18th Nov and ############ dated 22nd Nov )

Their technician finally visited on 27th Nov and assured that this piece will be replaced since there were multiple parts which were faulty through LG itself ,The wiring was also not done at one place .He had taken the photo of the same too. Today he along with his senior is calling and telling me it cannot be replaced but only repaired . I have got all the phone recordings wherin he has accepted that the piece will be replaced and delivered by this week

I am really disappointed to see that an LG product has worked just for 3 months inspite of being brand leaders in microwaves and truly bad services ,None of their seniors are interested even to respond to the mails too. Why do customers have to suffer due to their negligence.
Jul 29, 2020

I don't have remote

I need LG LHS616W Remote
Aug 28, 2019


Hi Team,

I have been LG customer since long almost for 15 years for now.But currently issue which i faced with LG support made me re-think about it.
Its really frustrating and unfair from LG end.I am using LG AC(Himalaya Cool) since 2014.On March 26th 2019 my LG split AC's compressor was changed by LG support team for around 7000 rps.
Post that AC was working fine for 2 months and since June 2019 i facing issue with Cooling .I rasied 2 service requests and did several followups with support team and in july end 2 teams visited my location .Initially they were not able to identify issue and just refilled gas and left.In aug again i faced same issue and team which visited now told me that compressor is not working and i need to pay again for its replacement.

This is straange i paid around 7000 rps in march end and again whyshould i pay same amount again if fault is with companies product itself.This is really frustrating and not acceptable.

Seeking help from LG management to help me in this and get faulty product replaced .Why customer should suffer if company product is faulty and how can such costly component have oly 3 month warranty as told to me by service engineer.

Ticket Number:CCN-20190324119834
Serial Number:409NATK008601
Siddharth Shankar
Jul 23, 2019

Pathetic customer service

Dear Team

I am following up from last so many days for resolution of my complaint of washing machine in warranty period.

Request your intervention to get it resolved as all customer care people are fooling around. Below is the customer complaints no raised which is also not reverted yet

Such type of service is not acceptable from a world class company.

In future will refrain from lg products for sure.

Siddharth Shankar
Reg mobile with lg
Dheeraj malpani
Jun 1, 2019

My complaint not solved from last 15 days

Respected sir I received these text message on 19th of may 2019. Dear customer RNP############ is given to CARE ELECTRONICS. These problem is not sort out till 1/6/2019. And the service centre is not receiving the call and not even diagnosing the product. And I hope that you will help me out of these as soon as possible.
Oct 6, 2018

Poor customer service

Today morning I had raised complaint to LG call center pertaining to my AC issues.
I was given the no of aircon ur autorised vendor. I called him. He said three hundred visit charge. he said engineer would come between two to nine pm. He sent his guy at one fifty pm. Unfortunately my mobile no was not reachable at that time since I was traveling. I came back at two fifteen pm.

I called shahid from aircon to tell him I am back at my house. Shahid was extremely rude in his conversation He tells me all cx asks him to wait. He is asking me do i know how hot is it outside in October. He tells me I don't know how to treat service engineers and that we are irresponsible. He refuses to send his guy back And is extremely rude. He takes his guy on concall, just confirms with him that if he has signed the society register. That's it. i am sure AC is mostly used in heat condition and not in monsoon. If ur vendor has issues to send his engineer in Oct he should not take appointments. This is very poor example of cx service. As if the vendor is just doing a tick mark activity of sending his guy to our place.

why is he charging three hundred for his visit then???? It's common sense if a cx is not available in first instance, we reattempt to contact him or try his no after some time. Puts LG in bad state in cx Mindset. I would certainly escalate this in public forums and social media. Coz this is cheating a cx.

Expecting an affirmative reply.
It's been little more than a year since my purchase , my AC stopped working.

pronab roy
Jun 6, 2018

Water leakage

Lg 1 ton dual inverter bought in May 2018 and within 15 days observed issue of water leakage when called the store from where i have bought it they registered complaint on behalf of me and told that technician will be visiting shortly .. why technician i need a replacement .. this is a brand new piece and why should i compromise.
Hiren Mehta
May 26, 2018

Over charged

I registered service request for my refrigerator as it was not cooling property. Service engineer visited and asked Rs.3800 for replacing defrost sensor which actually cost very very less. So I have asked him not to replace it as I was he was looting me. He charged RS.300 for service and told I will receive bill by email which I have not received. I request action against this service station who is looting customer and spoiling LG brand. Also refund my Rs.300
Hoshi Press
May 12, 2018

Shoddy treatment

I wish to lodge a complaint about the shoddy treatment of your service depart ment. I may mention here that I am an old customer having three window a/cs, two split a/cs and two refrigerators of LG at my house and so am surprised to be treated this way.

Some time ago I had asked for a vegetable box cover for my fridge. You man came, took service charges to see it but did not deliver the piece for a very long time and that too after a lot of follow up on my part.

This time when I needed a new filter for my a/c your man came and simply took down the model number I told him I would pay the visit charges when he delivered the part. Subsequently I received calls from LG to confirm this.

However, I have now received a message that the service request has been closed as the visit charges were not paid.

I find this most unprofessional and insulting. It has changed the good opinion I had of LG. Obviously your contractors do not care for the consumers.

For your information the reqyests were RNP############ and RNA############. The technician who visited me was Shailesh mobile number 9082842650

You may like to take up internally

H K Press
mob 9820029016
Aug 16, 2017


My name is libin babu.i stay at thane mumbai.i had purchased an lg led tv in the last year.unfortunately i got the motherboard issue.i had complaint to them and the engineer came in the second day.i felt very happy that time.but since its been a month that i didnt get my tv repairs at this time.i am very dissapointed with your services.no follow up from your side.your service center at sanpada navi mumbai is very bad service from the staff.i have to call everyday.but they will never response to me.thay are giving time and time postponing the days.i am very fed up and i want to check to this matter very soon.and i want a positive reply from your side.and i want my tv to be repair very soon.waiting for your reply


[email protected]
May 16, 2017

Phone got automatically closed

While working the phone automatically got shut off and not working now since last 3 days
May 7, 2017

LG refrigerator

I don't even know if the complaints here get a patient ear... I have called the call Centre like 18 times... Everytime I tell then the issue n they send someone who doesn't know anything about the side by side door fridge that I made a mistake buying....they say there is a sensor needed and when I say please get it done no one seems to know what or how to do it... And your contact Centre refuses escalations and don't transfer to supervisors..... I have never seen such pathetic service before... Even prestige has a call Centre better than yours... It's been 3 weeks we don't have a working fridge after paying 80000 and all u guys calm is life's good????
Pratiksha Shelatkar
Apr 20, 2017

Faulty air conditioner

I purchased LG-SAC JSQ12TUXA air conditioner from kings electronics pvt.ltd, kharghar on 2/4/17 and as they gave me the promise to deliverd A.C on next day i.e on Monday 3/4/17 but it doesn't came on time also again and again I was reminding them but they didn't delivered in next 3 - 4 days.I was calling them everyday for 5-6 times for asking what is the reason behind late delivery of A. C but they refused to attained the call and at last they received the call and said that we are trying to deliver your A.C by tomorrow but next day also A.C was not delivered. All this kind of bullshit happened for 3-4 days after that I personally met them to ask the reason but that time also they said that we will definitely deliver your A. C by tomorrow but as usual upto Thursday A.C was not delivered to me. On Thursday evening Mr.Alpesh one of the employee of kings electronics from kharghar branch called me and gave offer to deliver another model of A. C of same company i.e LG. With voucher of 1000rs. But I reject that silly offer and requested to return my money and suddenly after sometime again Mr. Alpesh called me and said that i have arranged one A. C Of LG-SAC JSQ12TUXA for you and it will be delivered to you on next day and after long time of waiting finally A. C was delivered to me on Friday 7/4/17. installation also done on same day. From the first day of installation i was facing many problems related to A. C as:-
1)Flip of AC not working properly
2)High cooling option is also not working
3)after 1hr from turning on the A.C it makes some noise
4)Power on button of A. C remote has to press more than 2 times to switch on the A. C.
5) black insulation cover of AC pipe is totally damaged at the time of installation.
I complained for all the above reasons to kings electronics on 12/04/17 to MR.ALPESH and that time he said that don't worry i will launch your complaint but as usual upto next day no message came for any services. Again on 13/04/17 I met him to remind and that time he said that he has already launched the complaint and on same day upto night servicing man will come to resolve my issues but upto 18/04/17 no one was came to resolved my A. C problem so again I called to kings electronics on same day for 5-6 times but as the habit of kings electronics they refused to received my call and last after long time of waiting they received my call and said that no any kind of complaint has launched yet of your name then I ask for LG customer care number and called to LG customer care and launched the complaint on 18/04/17. My complaint no is RNP-############. Yesterday two service man was come to resolve my all the problems related to AC but i don't satisfied with their work and after that also problem with that faulty A. C is there.I want replacement of A. C so please seriously look into the matter otherwise I have to take further action.
Prakash Sudam Shelatkar
Ph. No-9869726705/9769224429
Email [email protected]

C. C to consumer cort.
C. C to Editor of Times of India.
Nov 24, 2016


my name is ashok khandelwal residing at c-16 indu chs plot no 12 & 13 sector 14 vashi navi mumbai i had purchased a refregrator from vijaya sales in the month of mat 2016 . since the day i purchased this refregrator it is not working. some parts has been replaced thrice. still it is not in working condition. since last 4 months i am making complaint on customer care no & also visited shree electronics sanpada. there is no response in this cirmantaces i want replace of the product. my mobile no is 9833258940 & mail id is [email protected]l.com
Oct 27, 2016

Worst customer service

Worst customer service provider

I lodged a complaint on 17th Oct 2016 - number RNA############ that leakage problem with my washing machine..On 19th Oct 2016 afternoon LG technician came to our house and need to replacement of pipe and technician will do it tomorrow.
Since 4-5days they are giving me false promises that someone will come and replace and nobody came .Everytime I call them they say tomorrow we will do it at so and so time but no body comes .
I was not expecting such an attitude from a company like LG .
Aug 2, 2016

LED FULL HD 42LB5820 TV Back light Issue

Dear LG team,

I have purchased 42LB5820 led tv on 17 Aug 2014 and faced back light problem in just less than 2 yrs. There are two small light glowing which is vertically in the center of the screen.
I called to LG customer care on saturday (30/07/2016), she lodge a complaint and told I will get call from service engineer, its 5th day and I did not receive any call from any LG service engineer.
I am very unsatisfied coz it is an horrible experience with TV, no body can except to buy such a costly TV (55K) and it is giving problem in just less than 2 yrs.
Please arrange a service engineer ASAP.

Ravi Shanker Alok
Date OF Purchase - 17 aug 2014
contact no - 8879334571
Neena Asrani
Jul 1, 2016


I purchased LG led tv nd faced back light light problem now I have to change led strip within two years off purchase first one u call lg company tget say it's just moisture problem and it will be fine then their mechanic come and he says that its back light problem nd the strip should be changed I think we should buy dabba box tv our we still living in this world but rather have box tv t5han having lg led
Oct 22, 2015

No cooling

I bought an AC - LG INVERTER on 2/04/15. Its not even a year and my AC is not cooling.it gets on for ten seconds and then it stops cooling. I called the customer care and they sent a technician. He instead of solving the problem, started arguing that we do not know how to handle the AC. We have been using Hitachi AC since 10 years but never felt any problem. When we are keeping the main power of for an hour, the AC works fr sometime and again it stops. So when the technician came it was working. After he went, we again started facing the same problem. We want our AC to be replaced ASAP as we are suffering even after paying such a huge amount. But LG is not taking any action.

No cooling

Oct 8, 2015


Worst worst experience ever...
we had purchased invertor based refrigerator last year around March 2014 from vijay sales approx 42000 rs.
Since last 10 days it's not working..initially we were told that circuit is damaged and needs to be replaced and since circuit has only 1 year warranty And we bought 18 months back so we will have to pay for it.
We agreed to pay which repair person told approx 1500 to 1800 rs would be the cost for new circuit.
After 4 days we got a call that the circuit will not cost 1500 but it will cost approx 4000 rs since it's a different circuit.
so we thought of re confirming with some outside repairing agency and now we have found that the circuit is absolutely fine But there is problem in compressor.
We are really dissatisfied and need to urgently sort the issue as soon as possible..please pass the email to the highest authority and sort the matter in 24 hrs or we will have to go for some legal action.
Not only this when we try to submit the complaint on lg.com/in and send the message it shows some error..so we cannot even submit complaints..pathetic service.

My contact details : 09820756465
Email : [email protected]

Kind regards
Saumil shah
Aug 8, 2015

Non Durable, irritating product



CONTACT: 9156059130

Non Durable, irritating product

May 24, 2015

Bad product and service

I purchased 560 Litre LG refrigerator 7 years back. The refrigerator is not giving the cooling effect.
I raised the service request on LG portal.
No one is bothered to look into my service request even after 40 days.
I am deeply disappointed with LG products and their service is worst.
Feb 25, 2015

Lg led display warranty

I recently had a nightmare experience with LG product: LG 42LB5820. I bought the led TV in Oct 2014 (it is still under warranty). I was so happy with the TV that I shared my happiness with my friends. In fact, two of my friends purchased the same model within two weeks. But, two days back, when I slightly moved the TV to connect hard drive, the TV screen got a crack inside. I called the service center immediately (the customer/complaint reference number is: RNA############). But, when the engineer visited, he asked me “what did you throw on TV?” I was so amazed that the engineer from such a reputed and popular company would ask this as his first question. I explained him that I moved the TV to connect hard drive, but something went wrong with the display. He then kept on insisting that something had hit the TV very badly. After several attempts of explaining, he clearly indicated that it is a physical damage and it cannot be covered under warranty. These words shocked and puzzled me so hard. I bought this TV with the extended warranty from my savings of 2 years. Now, I’m unable to repair it. This is highly stressful for me.

I did not know that LG uses such a cheap material that even slightly moving will damage it. I was told by many people that only buy Sony or Panasonic TV as their TV are of best quality. They charge high but the quality is best. I was so stupid that I bought your product. I am now certain that LG is made with a poor quality parts and company always tries to get away with warranty and scam the consumer. I feel very sorry for myself and friends. But, I will ask them not to touch TV till it lasts as it is very fragile.

I know LG will not get repair without taking money. But, I will warn everyone not to buy any LG product. I will be happy if I can save as many people as I can from the scam.

I have a request to make– if LG cannot repair my TV then please take the remaining product back free of cost. This would at least give me some relief.

Feb 1, 2015

pathetic customer service

Pathetic is the word to describe LG customer service , they register complaint on toll free and nothing happens my tv is down for almost a month now and they just keep adding complaint nos ...

its time u guys think of addressing customer complaints on priority

would definitely not buy LG products . in future from this experience

ceo of LG pls look into this issues .....

sunil 9920416535
Manisha mankar
Jul 16, 2014

No of problems

We had purchase lg Gc-l217bsxv side by side refrigerator within 6months cooling was not proper ice melting, ice creme melting, we call lg and its technician visit he said everything is ok. After i complaint again regarding cooling senior technician visit he said it need recharging gas. During these day my refrigerator section stops cooling again registered complain they visit and said its due to faulty compressor. They order the parts to lg and after 10 days they repair my refrigerator after repairing no problem then after 3 days no ice was produce in automatic ice machine even i kept a small cup to make ice it take whole 30hours to make ice. After compliant they visit again and said it was their fault ice dispensary was not reset. After 2 days every morning i see hell lots of water under refrigerator now frequency has increased and i have to keep clothes around my refrigerator to soak water which is coming from it. I made complaint its no RNA############. The technician again visit and said its normal. What the hell water is dripping he checks and say normal. Lg this is not my first refrigerator in life so don't give me nonsense answer that dripping water is normal. If someone falls from that water who is responsible? Now my refrigerator has again stop cooling and i am fed up of calling technician i want full refund or else replace my product. I wont allow ur technician to ruined my refrigerator more. Sir i request u to pls look in this matter n help me get refund or replace. I have invested my hard earn 90000rs in this refrigerator. N for lg i m having washing machine and microwave u will loose ur loyal customer.
Jun 17, 2014

Harassment caused due to LG service for refrigerator.

Harassment caused due to LG service for refrigerator.

Compliant No: RNA############

I have made Compliant for LG refrigerator (Cooling issue) on 8th may, still call is open.

I called on LG toll Free No (18001809999) for registering compliant however they told me to call Nearest service center (02265023079), Mira Road for Help (Service). I got good response earlier, One engineer came initially, he took hardly 5Min for observation (so much in hurry). And Informed “GAS leakage issue” , another Engineer will come to replace GAS, However Engineer didn’t came on next day, After so much follow-up Engineer came and he Found Compressor issue.
Now after that No one came till date.

I called LG service center more than 15 times to follow-up, still my issue is open.
After call I am getting same answer “Tomorrow engineer will come for sure” “We are sending Engineer right now”. Still the same.
Once I got call after so much escalation that “Engineer is on the way”. But he is still on the way.

This is really frustrating and spends lot of mental efforts.

We have a family of 12 People, and had lot of issues during these periods. I need compensation for this unsatisfactory/bad service form LG.

Email ID: [email protected]

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