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Consumer complaints and reviews about LG

padmaja bhame
Jun 6, 2016

Very Bad experience of LG TV set

Hello Sir/Madam, I am loyal customer of LG. All my house hold products are from LG. I was very happy with LG product quality. In July 2014, I bought LG 32LN5100 television set. While getting product from dealer, we heard different features from dealer. We are using stabilizer for TV. But on 31st Dec 2015, my tv video is disappeared. I registered complaint about it. After continuous follow up, I got appointment of your technician on 3rd Jan 2016 afternoon . He told us that TV panel needs to change which will cost around Rs. 13000-15000. I was very much disappointed with this. After less than the period of 1.5 year only, if I got this kind of quality, then this is not acceptable. After continuous follow up, i got it repaired from LG service center in mid of Feb 2016. For 3 months, it worked fine. Again on 2 June 2016, video of TV is not working. Please get me out of it ASAP. I am not happy at all.
May 13, 2016

Customer Service

I have given my LG G4 for motherboard replacement at the following LG Service center
(Mr. Prashant Nagre,Shop No 93,Patil Plaza, Opposite , Pudhari News Paper Office ,Mitramandal Chowk , Swargate Pune [email protected] 411009
020-41202425 9970365661, 9028967788)
The phone was constantly rebooting and the service center guy said it had to go for motherboard replacement and will be delivered in 5 days. I had given the phone on Thursday and it was supposed to be done by next week Tuesday. I called on Tuesday at first they didn't pick up, after calling all day they finally picked up and said it will be done end of the week Friday. I called on Thursday again to confirm if it will be done by Friday and they said to come in evening and collect. On Friday they didn’t pick up the phone all day and then I had to call on Saturday. Now they are saying that the Phone will be delivered on Monday. How can they be so careless in their service. The employees behave very rudely and they are taking the customers for a ride. The service is Pathetic and they don't even have the courtesy to call and inform the customer that there will be a delay in the service. No reason is provided as to why there is a delay and on top of that their bad behavior is appalling. I have bought this phone for 50K hoping LG is a good brand but the pathetic service has made me to think whether I made the right choice buying an Lg product.
Apr 5, 2016


I bought LG LCD TV model - 42LH60 on 25/6/2010 (Bill no 9006267) for Rs 60,700 (with extended warranty ) from Croma,Pimpri,Pune-18.Due to video issue I launched a complain on LG customer care on 29th March 2016. Mr Balaji Suryawanshi visited my location and inspected my TV and communicated that there is mother board issue and we have to replace it with new mother board and will cost Rs 5000.On the same day we have given the confirmation to replace the same.Mr Balaji raised the request to LG for new mother board.On 1st April 2016 Mr. Mahamuni from Pune LG service center called me and informed that mother board is not available and LG has discontinued this model. He conveyed me that based on year of purchase we can give you Rs 9000 for your TV as exchange value.I personally visited LG service center and discussed that how in 5 years span LG stopped furnishing spare parts.I spoke to senior team of LG Mr. Viplav and Mr Vinayak on this issue and requested them to arrange the mother board. To be very frank there response was not on positive note and also message they were giving that we are least concern about your issue. Mr Vinayak said that you have used the TV for 6 years and that is enough. I want to ask to LG top team if my 60K TV get scrap in 6 years,my yearly investment on TV is 10k and I hope LG will also agree with the fact that investing 10K in TV is too high. We are from middle class and investing 60K in just 6 years with a yearly investment of 10K is not at all affordable.If we have to scrap our TV in 5 years of span,why anyone should opt brand like LG.Local brand will perform much better than LG. I was never expected this kind of services and team approach from LG. Surely it was my wrong decision to choice LG product.I heard from my other friends that this mother board theory is very common in LG and they are asking their consumer to opt for commercial replacement.This kind of practice from LG ,surely spoiling your brand name in market.Please look after this matter on priority ,otherwise I have to knock the door of consumer forum.My mobiel number is 9325060005 and email id - [email protected]
Mar 15, 2016

refrigerator repair elusive

Since saturday 12 march 2016 , the repair technician is coming for repair of the refrigerator , today he has said that a heating element needs to be repaired. can he not give estimate for repairs require at one go .on 12 it was drainage, on 14 it was a sensor and today heater.
he has come on sat , mon ,tue and will come tomorrow as well. , when will he repair it, when will we get an estimate of the cost.
The fridge is 2.5 years old and down time is 4 days already . this is more than my last godrej fridge which i used for 12 years without any down time.
I i am at one static location now , while my last fridge moved with me in my army postings at least 6 times but no problems ever.
The fridge if made such that repair estimate is immediately given one can plan what to do. this uncertainty of 4 days is bad (dont know how many more days )
who can help.
Santosh G.
Jan 18, 2016

Freefund code not received

Hi Snapdeal,

It's been more than 15 days and I haven't yet received the Freefund code as promised. I raised the complaint request on [email protected] and the Customer care even promised to provide me the freefund code. It's been 4 days from the time when I had last conversation but, no one has replied to this.


Visha c.gaikwad
Dec 23, 2015


Dear Sir/madam
I have purchased a LG LED 4k tv bearing model no. 42UB820T and product code 42UB820T-TH.ATRWLJL from your dealer Memorex Kothrud Pune on 6th May 2015. After the installation the TV was facing display problem. At that time i was been told by your installation technician the problem is of setting up the TV. Few days after when i have complained to customer care, the TV is repaired by changing its mother board. But problem could not be solved. Since that the mother board is changed for 2 times. As the problem with TV was still persisting I have complained to Customer care with complaint no. RNA############ and requested to replace my faulty TV. Your technician has surveyed my TV and sent a request for approval of my demand of replacement. This request is pending with your concerned department for atleast 2 months and no action has been taken so far.
Please give me replacement for the faulty TV delivered to me at the earliest as it has been repaired for 2 times for same problem and problem is not rectified. The people with whom i was communicating till the date are not giving me proper information.
Please give me the proper information regarding my request of replacement.
Please treat this as important as i am now feeling cheated from LG and will have to initiate the procedure of getting help by legal means.
Dec 14, 2015

Split AC (Poor after sale service)

Poor service of Air Conditioner in spite of a regular follow up from my end.My first complaint was registered on 8th Sept with call centre (RNA ############) followed by second complaint on 24th Oct (RNA ############)and a third on 30th Nov ( RNA ############) all for the same reason "COOLING ISSUES". None of the technician is able to solve the issue and complaint is pending from last 15 days. Really dissatisfied with the way I am treated since last few days. AC is open in the balcony and the concerned technician is dragging the issue. I am using all products of LG but first time such a poor response. When called the customer care they have given the contact of customer relation officer (Sarika Bhosale) who had promised to get back to me by 5 pm today, i tried calling her multiple times but she is not showing any courtesy of receiving calls. No one is ready to take any kind of responsibility.
Oct 27, 2015

Oven taking much time to repair under AMC

I have registered complain about my oven. complain # RNA############ which was made 23-sept-2015
it stopped working and when engineer came he told it's PCB which needs replacement.
then after 2 weeks they told that the PCB is not available due to the model has expired.
whereas my model was of year 2011 - MC2844EB.

I got shocked that in 4 year LG has stopped this model, then service center engg. told me to send the oven to their shop.
there it stayed for another 15 days and now they are saying it's part can't be repaired.
in this case I was told that your old oven will be replaced with new but it will take time to process it.

Today more than 1 month passed still it's in process.
Now tell me who is responsible for 1 month suffering with oven.

Please let me know if have to knock door of consumer forum against LG
Oct 12, 2015

LG Service


I had registered my complaint to LG customer care 3 times about refrigerator. Two different LG technician came, checked the refrigerator and came to conclusion that board went bad and need to replace. Both told me that after 2-3 they will come and replace the board. But as of today board has not changed, refrigerator is still not working.

My first complaint no is RNA############ dated on 24th Sept 2015. 24th Spet 2015 to 27th sept 2015, i was getting message from LG customer care that "Your complaint is in process(Reason: PJP/apooinment fixed with customer).
On 28th sept 2015 - i got message that "Your complaint is in process (Reason: Parts have been ordered to LG)
On 20th sept 2015 - i got message that "Your complaint is in process (Reason: Part pending (Re-allotted))

I called customer care dated on 13th Oct 2015 about the status of my complaint and service, i got message that
RNA ############ is assigned to someone.


Sep 15, 2015

Back panel damaged

I had given my LG Nexus 5 to the service centre as it was not turning on . They said mother board should be replaced . Well they have replaced the mother board and the phone is working but they have not handled the phone with care . The phone's back panel isn't fitting properly now and there is some damage near the sim slot . please take this case seriously and help me with a replace .
Service centre details .
LG service centre Chinchwad Pune

My contact ; 9167735985
Jul 13, 2015


LG REFRIGERATION REQUEST NO RNA############ I Call many times in last 15 days there is no response from your side. Please check my all phone call recording of my no 8975250127 I book complain for REFRIGERATION REPAIR but they book for washing machines demo. every time I talk with different persone and they are getting different answers. Even I call back to your tecnition on this no 8380817551, he replied please book another complain. again I call on toll free no and I request that I want to talk to your manager. call is on hold more then 45 min, your manager is too much busy that they don't have time to talk to customer. Is this a right way to solve customer complain. every time I have to spend 1 hr for complain and whole day wait for engineer. your service is very poor. I never purchase LG PRODUCT in future. This is very shame ful that your employee is not proper train that how to talk to customer. Till date there is no resolution. Very BAD EXPERIENCE with LG.
Jun 23, 2015

Service cost

My mobiles (NEXUS 5) power button was not working....there was problem to switch it on ....so I visited lg service centre satara road pune ....they kept my mobile for inspection ....next day lg service person put a helarious option in front of me ...to change entire motherboard of mobile ( cost around Rs 8000).
I doubted there outcome ....and visited one of the private mobile expert and he solved power button issue in just Rs 500.....
My mobile is really working fine ...

Don't believe on these dum people from Lg service....
Jun 15, 2015

Complaint for npt working of refrigerator

I have an LG Refrigerator . Its been about 3 to 4 years i have the product . I had faced some problems with the refrigerator so I called the service guy after that i come to know that product is discontinued and the parts are not available . What should i do now ?
Jun 8, 2015

Fridge Issue

The smartest thing that service centers are doing today is to just close the complaint and make the customer call again and again to repeatedly open the complaints.
Hats off LG - the sucking service center of Pune - and can you imagine they even come and try and sell counterfeit products and tell you that you wont get a bill for this.
I have registered my complaint 4 times now - and every time these idiots have closed the complaint. And its a very small issue - just a fan motor needs to be replaced. Its over 20 days now. What a company, what a product, what a service.

Would not recommend any LG product, because if we spend 40 to 50K for these items, you expect some after sales support.

If companies cannot provide after sales service, their products should be banned or heavily penalized. Thank God, I didn't end up buying a LG TV.
Harish Agashe
May 27, 2015



I bought a lg lcd in the year 2008 from bajaj finance.. suddenly after 7 years I get a call saying that in one of the month some cheque got bounced.. I don't even remember. All the emis are cleared... but every day i get a call for the bounce charges. .. I don't know what to do.. and the people who talk for recovery are very rude... They Don t have the sense to even talk.
Apr 27, 2015

Nexus -5 mobiles malfunctioning

I’m a Google Nexus 5 user since almost 1 year. I had purchased my mobile from Radhika sales corporation Nigdi on 9th of Feb 2014.Everything was working well with the mobile till Friday the 24th of March 2015.On Friday suddenly the mobile switched off without a warning inspite of the battery being charged sufficiently. As this had happened for the first time, i tried plugging my charger to the mobile and try to switch it on. But the nexus just wouldn’t start and it continuously blinked “Google” on its screen and was rebooting on its own. I took my mobile to the nearest Service center on friday which is in chinchwad at Thermax chowk. The service personnel there after listening to the description of my problem advised me to change the mother board without even touching or examining my mobile. Is this the type of customer service LG provides??Customers who had come with the same problem to this service center told me that the customer service executive adviced every person to change mobiles mother board. And quite a few informed me that if the phone starts for sometime and if you degrade the software, the phone might work properly.
All that apart, after this i travelled all the way to swargate on Saturday 25th of March 2015,to check for my problem at the other authorised center near swargate. Here the service center executive told me to submit my mobile and assured that he will get back to me with the solution by Monday evening. They didn’t revert to me by evening. When i called them to take a followup of my mobile repair i was told that mother board has to be changed.
The point i would like to state here is, at swargate service center i had around 4- 5 customers with the same problem that i was facing. Some had their phone under warranty and some unfortunate ones like me had finished the warranty period a short while back.
When i called up LG customer care to complain about this issue i was informed that they are receiving numerable such complains on the same lines. After i told them that this might be due to the update which was launched recently, the person at customer service told me that it was your wish to download the update or no. You could have ignored the update. (Though its not possible to do so, as the update keeps popping on the screen till it is installed.) In other words they were blaming Google for this problem. Loosing my hopes with LG customer service i tried at the Google service desk. They cannot help customers if the mobile is purchased from LG. They advised me to contact LG cuatomer care.
After going through all these hassles, my only concern is why isn’t LG taking this problem seriously??? Isnt it the company's responsibility to assure customers with best of the service??
If so many mobiles of the same brand and model are crashing in such a short span of time it is definitely not the faulty of the customers who are using the phone. Everyone is facing the problem after the android version was updated lately.
We trust LG as a brand name. When a comman man shells around 30 thousand rupees to buy a LG mobile, he doesn’t expect that it would crash within such a short duration. It is definitely surprising that such a costly mobile with such great reviews(previously) is facing such a serious problem and neither Google nor LG are taking responsibility of this. Rather they are just convincing the customers that its their (the customers) fault and they should get the mobile repaired by spending a huge amount.
Replacing the mother board of every other mobile is not the option that you give for such a problem. Mother board costs us half the price of Nexus. Why would someone spend such a huge amount in repairing a mobile which has just 3 months warranty after replacement of mother board ??
Request you to kindly escalate this issue and take care of it at your end.
Farhat Bobde
Apr 1, 2015

Non Response of LG Service PERSON

I have a two door LG refrigerator bought 3 years back . Its stopped for past 5 days . The problem is the poor service I am getting from the field service staff.
I made calls to the customer center they registered the complaint number RNA############. One representative visited and mentioned the gas has leaked and needs to be refilled and another person would come and do so . I have been following up for the last 4 days but I am not getting any response. The service person who was supposed to come and fix the gas leak issue does not pick up my phone .Its very very frustrating . He said he will send someone else to fix it.
The most surprising part is when I call the KG customer care to seek help they have mentioned that your complaint number RNA############ is cancelled .
Chayan Chadha
Mar 12, 2015

Pathetic customer service

I bought a lg fridge and within 2 months it started giving problems. I made a complaint for replacement of fridge. But company only replaced a part. It took 1 month to replave part. They replaced the part four times and still the fridge is not working well. Customer service is pathetic. I would not suggest anyone to buy lg refrigerator. Customer service does not pick up phone .
Priyashi Srivastava
Dec 25, 2014

LG Nexus 5 not fixed but charged more than 8000 INR

Dear Madam/Sir,
My LG nexus-5 was not starting so i went to Pune LG support center. After 2 days follow up, i came to know that mother board will be changed. Support person told me that he will call me when fix. I was again waiting for another 2 days and did not get call. I again called up and person said it will be fixed by next. When i went to collect next day ,support person told me that it is fixed however when i checked there was problem of network due to fixing done by support. Again i came back without mobile and support person assured me that he will fix and test thoroughly. Today i got mobile and now it is not charging at all. when i remove charger mobile goes off.

I am frustrated with type of service an quality offered by LG. I need to leave Pune tomorrow but my phone is not fixed and wasted my money. Looking forward for positive response.

They took 8488 INR but still phone is not fixed.

ServiceTax Regn No : ASFPN8732KSD001

Invoice No : 042823

Service Center :
APK Technilogy
Shop-93 ,Patil Plaza ,Mitramandal Chowk
Pune 41009


Ashtosh Srivastava
[email protected]
Oct 24, 2014

Worst service ever - washing machine didnt get repair

Pathetic Response: RNA############
I would recommand no one to buy LG products due to pathetic service centre where you keep calling and they dont even care care to provide a service for a product.
I had a LG-DD washing machine which is not even 1 yr old. I was getting issue that it was not getting started.
I called Customer care(1800 180 9999(Toll Free)) more than 1520 times... first i called on 6 oct, then on 8 oct, then , 11 oct, 20th oct,21, 22 oct and again today 3 times from morning.
Every time they told me that they dont have any complaint registered with my calling mobile no. and the complaint with complaint no : RNA############ has been closed. i dont understand how can they close the issue without providing the service. Also each time i called them they told me issue will be resolved in 24 hr.. Damn it is more then 20 days ... dont know how they count 24 hrs.
They provide me area manager no. I called that person he also gave me same stuff.. issue will be resolved in 24 hrs.. but nothing happen as such.

I also called Pune LG service center people more than 10 times to come and resolve the issue.. but AGAIN NOTHING HAPPEND!!!!!!

My issue is still not resolved. Dont know wen it will be. Never Ever i will buy any other LG product . which provide such BAD, PATHETIC SERVICE.
Sumit Kaul
Oct 6, 2014

No Turnaround & Response from Customer Service

Dear Sir / Madam,

This is probably a classic example of how a simple issue can be made so complex with poor customer service. I had logged two requests (RNA############ and ############) with LG Customer care on 9-Sep-14 in order to get an AMC done for my LG Washing machine and Refrigerator. The engineer who turned up had no clue about the procedure and was from some outsourced vendor of LG. He did not even had the list of prices/rates for various AMC types. Needless to say this visit of no value add and that was the last I heard from LG. My request was closed without even taking my feedback whether the same was completed or not. And I even replied 1 for DISSATISFACTION, but it replied saying that this was an invalid reply. Probably the survey system is not even functioning any more.

Since then I have tried to contact senior members from the LG team in Pune, Area Sales Manager Mr. Balaji and Mr. Vilas however they are not even picking up my calls and there is absolutely no support provided to me on my LG products. Now, if my warranty gets over which is very close now, they will put the blame on me that I did not get the AMC done well in advance and not provide the applicable discount from the company.

Hence, this letter to you is the last resort in order to resolve this issue in a timely manner.

Sumit Kaul.
Apr 17, 2014

LED TV- Bad products backed with extremely poor and outdated quality of Service

Reg: RNA############

I'm pissed off with LG's buggy products and backed by extremely poor and outdated quality of service.
After logging complaint using various modes (email, phone, LG site), the "Mr Service Advisor" is still busy with work and hence has not responded even after 24 hours.
After replying to email, i get a response from LG customer care, to contact Mr Area Service Manger.

My questions are;
1. Why are we asked to contact Mr from LG, why aren't they asked to contact customers ASAP? is this quality of service after logging complaint?
2. Why didn't Mr service advisor contact me and mentioned about visit time? I had to waste my whole day waiting for his call rescheduling other personal works
3. Even on dropping email, why didnt customer care call back me on cell no instead of relying on responding via email, do you think customers are available 24X7 on internet, checking emails, isn't this unfair as you ask customers to contact area sales manager but not the other. Funny !!!
4. I have register the product online and was surprised to see no complaint was tracked.

Ask you service advisor to come and solve the issue ASAP, ask him to contact me on cell before doing any visit.

Please note you are not doing anything for FREE or any social welfare activity. We are already paying it.
Sep 24, 2013

Refrigerator not working


We had bought a LG refrigerator in 2011 Oct.

Since past 6 months the fridge is giving several problems like sometimes excessive cooling in freezer and no cooling at all in the fridge portion.

We had registered a complaint for refrigerator on 14th September when it stopped working completely. (Complaint details: Sankalp Jain : 9881399560)

One engineer came on 17th and said that another service engineer will come and check the gas leakage and will refill the gas

After calling up service engineer 3 times, another engineer came on 20th sept and said that the refrigerator will be required to be taken to workshop and all parts will be replaced and no charges would be taken for same as fridge is 2 years old.
They said they will come and take the fridge by Saturday 21 sept and will return the fridge back by 24 or 25 Sept.

Today Is 24 sept and we have been following up with the representatives for past 3 days. No one has come till now to pick up the fridge.

They keep saying that they do not have a vehicle available now so they cannot pick the fridge.
When I called today at the service center again , the representative told me that the status of request is “ PARTS HARD TO REPAIR. NOT replaceable”.

It has already been 10 days since I registered the complaint and till now no resolution has been provided.
No communication is provided to us until we follow up daily and every time we get to hear new excuses.

This has been really a lot of inconvenience to us. The fridge is new and only 2 years since we bought it and has given us so many problems.

We had heard a lot about LG products and thus went for it.But the kind of customer service provided by LG is really not what we expected. Moreover, now not sure about the quality of products also.

May 5, 2013

An Untorrable Service

As Priya Said a worst service in indai tahts true i had buy 4 items on 20th april'13 of LG brand 2 spit a/c one LED and Refrigerator,they have told that by next day 3 items vill be deleivered and for refrigerator it vill take 7 days its ok with me ,on next day instead of three items there were 2 items deleivered and we called them up that one item is not deleivered they told that we have told in one day it vill get deleivered as they earlier told on morning time all three items vill be deleivered but after scolding them they made deleivery in 2-4 hrs,after that it comes on refrigertator 7 days had been passed till there was no deleivery aagain i called up they said no stock is there it takes 4 days more i said ok after that 4 days past again i called up and ask about the same they told by 2 days it get deleivered they give their words so i said ok, 2nd was gona to over in mid day of second day i call them and they said sir stock had been arrived but want to do paper work and tomorrow is sunday so godown vill be closed we vill deleivered by monday they just give me mental harrashment...its a past group i just want to tell that please dont buy electronics item from this worst place i got fed with them ...they dont even inform us of delay in deleivery ...all thing we have to manage it....very poor ...want to tell many badwords but if i'll then it cant be submitted ....
Nov 6, 2012

Not providing any services

Dear customer

We regret the inconvenience that is caused to you. We have transferred your complaint number and details to the concerned branch service center. Our representative will get in touch with you at the earliest and help you out with all the product related issues.

Thank you.

LG Service Team

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