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Consumer complaints and reviews about LG

Aug 10, 2018

Spares not available with lg for newly washing machine

I have bought LG washing machine in mid 2017 and is under warranty .the machine started giving trouble and made complaint service engineer visited but same reasons given parts not available from 7 days . Who is responsible if the parts are not available for such newly machine . Why customer has to suffer for the same and will LG pay has the charges for laundry which we are doing outside . No person has proper answer nor the customer care is willing to share the email or phone numbers of there authority


Umesh Sharma
Muruganandhan Balasubramaniam B
Apr 1, 2018

LG cheating customer?

Hi LG,

I have raised a service request for repair of my refrigerator on 1st march 2018. The request number is RNP############. For that a service engineer attended that and informed me that a spare part is failed for which there is no spare parts available LG(Discoutinued part), hence LG will replace the refrigerator or return the invoice value. Post that there is no update from anybody.

Hence I called again customer care on 15th march 2018. That time another service request registered for me. The request number is RNP############. For this request I got an update from service agent that I will get 55 percent of invoice value only due to 3 and half years old.

Why should I bear 45% loss due to a part discontinued from LG?

And the condition to get the 55% I have to buy again LG product. How can I trust LG product anymore? What if the same problem arises in another 3 years? LG expects their customers loose 50% every 3 years.

I am not asking for a replacement. I just requested for a repair service. How can you expect your customer to bear a loss because LG stopped a spare part support.

Is LG cheating their customer?

And moreover you are giving 10 years warranty for compressor. What is the use it if only the compressor is working and other parts are discontinued by LG.

Is it fair to treat your customers?
jaashif khan
Jan 2, 2018


hello, i am Jaashif Khan from Hyderabad. I brought LG SMART TV with this I got a gift PH2R which is a DUMMY piece. I complain to customer care executive & also to complain to LG manager of shop.. But didn't get any response from them. I feel to sorry myself to believing on LG . . worst service I got from LG team, which make me to fell never ever go to buy any LG PRODUCT. .
Apr 19, 2017

Poor service by service centre

we had given online complain for LG Refrigerator model GL-368DMQG request no. CNP############ on 11/04/2017 for leakage.
Mechanic visited and told to keep refrigerator down for 1 day and next day he replace part and completed the call.
Next day again same problem occured of leakage, so we log online compain request no. CNP############ on 15/04/2017, on 17/4/17
same mechanic came and inform that due dust it was giving problem. while attending he broke wheel of refregerator, we told him
to replace the same but he inform that wheel is not available from company.
what we should do now? it was mechanic fault, he broke the wheel. and if problem was of dust for leakage why he replaced the part
and charge on us. kindly help us on this matter. regards
nisith mehta
LG Customer Support
Feb 7, 2017

Failed LG Phone Motherboard

Dear Customer (Shanmukarajan),

We regret the inconvenience caused to you. Please share your contact details with us and we will get in touch with you soon to address your concern.

LG India
Feb 6, 2017

Failed LG Phone Motherboard

Respected Sir/Madam

I Bought Nexus 5X(32GB) from Flipkart.com for Rs.30,000 on Dec 2015. At Jan 2016 (13 Months) it gets hang and shut down and thats all. Its Dead now. Approached Customer Care and went to Thanjavur(613001) LG Authorized Service center and they don't have even basic Mobile Flashing Equipment for Nexus 5X then why LG is Selling Nexus 5X across India. Again I visited next day Trichy() LG Authorized Service Center after making call and confirming the presence of Techician(Service Engineer). When I approached their, they simply said Service Engineer is on Leave so Come tomorrow. Then I Realized that LG is Just Placing Service Center in Various Places for Namesake. I left my Mobile there(Trichy) and instead I got Job Sheet without any Reference number and Date. Three Days after I got Call stating your Mobile is Dead and you need to Replace Motherboard with a cost of Rs.13,000.(Half of Mobile Prize). They Said Software update will result this issue. Then why Google is releasing such updates and waste our Money for this kind of service. First of all LG is not at all fit for Mobile Industry. Because of this Software issue only they are still failed one in this Mobile Market. There is no any kind of thing which done my me and there is no problem happened from My Side. No Water Splash, No Battery and no Falling/Hardware issue. Updating Android Software will result in Motherboard Replacing in LG means why updates are being pushed and why they advertise LG Mobile with Latest Software and all. If they advertise with Latest Software updates then its against advertisement policies and LG must be Fined for that. I Want my Rights to be preserved. I lost all hope on LG and I marked LG the worst ever Manufacturer in Smartphone market. I want my Mobile Phone to Repaired at Zero Cost for Product Replacement else My final Decision in going to Consumer Court.
javeed akhtar
Jun 25, 2016


Dear Sir

I live in lahore at 6 A TECH Society Canal Road. I have in use an LG split AC that has been with me for a number of years. recently it developed a prob. Its blower started giving an unfamiliar sound. I contacted LG center at Faisal Town Lahore. A mechanic attended and the inside unit was taken to its workshop in Faisal Town. It was reinstalled yesterday, and apparently at that time it looked like working normally. However when proper use was made during the night it was discovered that Unit did not not stop working all the night ie its compressor was running all this time although the required temperature was obtained.. It was perfectly well before in this regard. I paid Rs 5000/- including cost of the blower element. Today went to the center in Faisal town and told them about the problem. So far no one has attended. such an attitude by the local team is badly spoiling the image of the Company. They have charged Rs 5000/- on account of a new blower element and the installation. My mobile mo is +923334459722.
May 8, 2016


We have purchased one LG Inverter AC from RAINBOW TV CENTER SALEM TAMILNADU ON 04.04.2016 Vide Invoice No. SI/2O - MODEL NO. BSN18IBE.

The said AC was not functioned from second day itself. We informed the same to dealer that AC is not working properly. Later we booked a service call no.############. Still we are not satisfied with the product sold to us.

We running three restaurants over here and all our electronic products is LG only where we believe the brand reputation and performence and now we totally upset about the product.

Hope the necessary action will be taken.
Stanis Laus
Apr 22, 2016

Poor respons


I have not satisfied for the service response action , the service representative again saying the same statement, So I don’t want your service , hereafter I am not going to use any kind of the LG products of myself and my family members & friends also , so I am going to do the service in outside person, I was called him & he checked unit hardly 2hours in my house and he told me the cost of service Rs. 1000 only instead of Rs.10,000. I was totally unsatisfied for service response team, Especially the female representative was not understanding the customer requirement ,They are acting just like a recorded voice.

Apr 18, 2016

Water purifier

Contact no.9500084861
[email protected]
Venkatesh kumar.S
Mar 26, 2016

Worst service

I have bought a new LG air conditoner on 23rd March today's date 26 still now I didn't get the installation I talked to agency's number 3,4 times but I didn't get proper response same thing I have experienced from lg customer care now I thinking why the hell I bought this product from this agency and this brand my friend bought bluestar ac yesterday now he enjoying the summer
Mar 23, 2016

Poor service and no response

I have been chasing LG customer care for our AC problem for last 6 month, The AC was serviced 3 times by LG in the past and i have paid around 10000 for the service, but still i have the same problem which was raised in the first ticket.

21/3/2015 i have opened new service request RNA############ but it is not yet attended by LG as of now, i am calling the customer care daily and getting the same word that the the tech will call in 24 hours, but i don't know how they are calculating the 24 hours ?

The worst service centre GURU BALAJI COOL SYSTEM repaired our ac in the past and the issue still persists but again the call is going to the same service centre, i have requested escalation contact and got the numbers , but no one is picking the call on those numbers , it is fully cheating the customers.

I am really worried of my choice of LG products.
subhadra ghosh
Feb 27, 2016

240 Ltrs Double door LG Refrigerator Freezer is cooling but refrigerator not cooling

I have purchased 240 Liters Double door LG Refrigerator Model-GL254VH4/2013 on 27.09.2013.From May 2015 Deep Fridge is working but Refrigerator compartment is not cooling. Complain Lodged and Timer was replaced on 4th May 2015 and after that also problem was not resolved. After so many complained and so many visits by LG Representative problem was not resolved. Again Bi metal relay was replaced on 31.01.2016 and after that also problem persist. Again technician visited on19.02.2016 after several complaint but result is unchanged. LG customer service people are not properly trained.They are just applying Trial & error method and replacing parts one by one and after that also problem persist. Such a big company they are unable to solve the small problem. I thing Company is not taking the matter seriously, hence poor customers are suffering. Next time definitely I will not purchase any LG product. Now I am planning to take service from third party. I am requesting to my all friends not buy any LG products. My last complain no is RNA############
Feb 15, 2016

LG NEXUS 5 Coverage Problem

Hie there. I own a Google LG Nexus 5. The phone has
served me well for 2 years now till the recent u
pdate of Android Marshmellow 6.0. I lose
my line coverage very often and people cannot reach me
during this time when my line coverage goes down. This
problem only started to occur after I upgraded to 6.0.
I then had to downgrade to Android 5.0 Lollipop because
the phone was of no use when people cannot reach me.
Even now on 5.0, the line coverage is intermittent
and all this was due to the upgrade. I cannot even run
on 4g LTE and i have to choose a lower setting of 2g if
i want to get coverage. When i turn on my WiFi, my line
goes missing again. This has nothing to do with my
service provider as i have lodged few complaints and they
confirmed that there was no problem with the coverage
they were supplying to me. I hope you take my complaint seriously
and reply me as I had so much of trust in this phone till this had happened.
Vishal Samson
Jan 23, 2016


We bought 2 ton LG ac before 2 years. But still we didn't get proper after sales service. Whenever we called they didn't gave proper reply. No 1 fraud company
Oct 3, 2015

LG 32LF553A LED poor picture quality

22/09/2015 I'm parchased online LG 32LF553A LED tv hd ready 23000 rupees... poor picture quality comparing to another brand led tv so..
Sep 4, 2015

LG 42" LED TV - PCB defect

LG 42" LED TV which I had bought in mid 2012, started giving trouble from May 2015 onwards and it stopped completely in July 2015. Registered for LG service on 2nd Sep who visited today (4th Sep) and informed us that 'Main PCB board' has to be replaced. and he told that it is due to Aging, I am shocked. A brand like LG manufactures TV with spare part that can work only for 2 and half years. This is absolute loot of customer money by selling TVs which will not work after 2 and half years. Another Biggest shock was that i need to shell out Rs. 7500 to get the replacement PCB. This is absolute non-sense...after having bought an expensive TV, this overhead within 2.5 years is atrocious.

I am going to take it up with appropriate person in customer service and take them to CC if required.
Sep 1, 2015

I will never buy LG again

Dear All
kindly I would like to explain that the problem that I face now with a LG Egypt, where we bought a new refrigerator 24 ft. (GN-M722HSHL) since about three months and since about a week a malfunction occurs refrigerator where it has stopped the cooling and I connected to LG customer service in Egypt on No. 19 960 on Friday 28.08.2015 (order no 01004964498) and I explained to them that refrigerator new and worked for a short period not exceeding three months and it's 10-year warranty and that we cannot dispense with the refrigerator at this time due to the hot weather ,and the technician came after 3 days on Sunday 30.09.2015 after checked he told me the problem me be in compressor power card , and he'll requested from the stores and it will be up within 48 hours on Tuesday 01.09.2015 but I mentioned to him what the meaning of his words the problem it possible be in compressor power card ,does that mean he is not sure of the problem, and it is possible after change This card does not end the problem he mentioned to me that this is a possibility and assured him that a refrigerator of the most important devices in the home and each passing hour we no refrigerator make us regret the choice of LG refrigerator, especially since we've chosen from big group of products, manufacturers and we were expecting that does not happen the failing after less than three months and also we were expecting with big company like LG if a malfunction occurs will be resolved as soon the suspended and not wait for all these days in this hot weather and unfortunately after 48 hours on Tuesday 01.09.2015 I didn’t receive any calls from LG Egypt and this indicates a lack of interest and lack of customer respect and lack of appreciation of the company to the problems of customers that are the main cause of , so contacted LG customer service in Egypt but they told me that piece parts is not available in their stores in Egypt and they will go back to the stores to find out the planned arrival of Part and I told them we cannot dispense with the refrigerator more than and LG company is supposed to bear the responsibility regarding and replacing the refrigerator by new one , but they refused and called me after several contacts from my side to tell me the power card will arrive after four days any day 05.09.2015 and he will be replace on 06.09.2015 but they did not answer my question what will happen by LG company if the changing of power card did not solve the problem that as I told before me and all family regretted every minute pass on our selection of the LG refrigerator and we now recommend all friends not to buy any LG device due to the lack of interest of the company to the suffering of their customers ,and finally I will never buy LG again.
Mohamed Abdo Mohamed AL-Kady
8 Abn AL Garah St. Clopatra -Alexandria –Egypt
[email protected]
Apr 3, 2015

continous problem in Lg Tv LCD/LED/OLED TV ( 33" Under )/22LN4055

Ref: complaint letter Dated 17/02/15
I forward my complaint on 17/02/15.Till now you did not take care of my problem .why you didn't take care? you are unable to rectify my problem please inform me.I will register my complaint to consumer court at the same time ,I sent this message to magazine and police station .I will waiting for your valuable reply soon.
Thank you
Jan 16, 2015

Not Satisfied with Costumer Service

I have been owning several LG electronic products for the past 15yrs. We have been professing about LG products to everyone around. But I think it is high time I put a halt to this. The Reason is as follows.

The Television I have is just 3yrs old and still the Power board got fried.
Complaint #:RNA############.
Complaint Date: 30thDec 2014

The complaint was registered around 15days back on the 20thDec 2014 and we have still not been taken care of. The attendant visited on the 2nd Jan 2015 and informed me that the Part required was not available in India and that it had to be ordered from abroad. It has been 15 days and each time I ping them I get back a text(SMS) that the parts have been ordered. the RNA has been changed to RNA############ .

I have been unable to view any programs this Holiday season because of this Careless behavior of LG. This is probably the last time I ever buy a LG Product. If this goes on in the same way there wont be any difference between the operation of any Government Office and LG.

An Angry Costumer.
Ramanathan Gangadharan
Jan 8, 2015

LG Nexus 4 Digitizer Hardware Issue

To whomsoever it may concern,

I bought LG Nexus 4 back in the month of August 2013.

Right at the stroke of completion of the August 2014, the soft keys stopped working. Slowly, several ghost touches appeared, increasing the area of non-responsiveness. As it is, half of the touch screen on my device is not working. I contacted the service centre within first week of September 2014 and they asked me to pay 5100/- to get myself a new digitiser, admitting that it is a common problem with this model.

As was mentioned earlier, I'm out of warranty and ironically the problems started appearing a week after my warranty expired.The worst part is that this issue is apparently like a slow growing carcinoma that makes the phone unusable. Using Nexus 4 as a paper weight now.

1) There is something wrong with the hardware of this phone. Knowing that warranty was over, several developers flashed their stock ROM and tried fastboot, cyanogen mod but the problem persisted. I believe this issue to be a hardware malfunction of the digitizer because re-imaging all device partitions did not solve anything. This proves that it is not a software issue and has been tested out by many fellow developers in the community. It is not fair for the thousands of people who bought this phone!

2) I know many users who have got the same issue even after going for the screen/digitizer replacement. Most of them could not make use of the 3 month warranty that came with the spare part, since the issue mostly came up after the warranty was over. Why should I bear the cost of a phone that had faulty hardware.How does LG expect its customers to pay money for replacement, knowing that this issue might relapse?

3) Mr. Kartik, an ASM with LGE Chennai, assured me that he would reimburse the full cost of this digitizer reassembly if the problem relapsed within 3 months of the spare part warranty. Why is it that LG cannot reimburse the cost this time, given that the issue came up only 7 days after the original 1 year warranty expired.

4) On the other hand, the spare part is not available for 45 days now. It is in demand because this problem is widespread and getting out of LG's control. Even if it was available hands on, I would not be buying it because of the reason I mentioned earlier (point 3), and I have had to buy another phone because of it. Now I am asking LG to replace the screen at free of cost for a fault of this phone.

It is ridiculous for a product to suddenly stop working for no apparent reason after only a little more than a year. If this is LG's way of attempting to force people to buy a new phone, they're going to do more harm to their reputation in the coming months.

There are potentially thousands of Nexus 4 users who are disgruntled by this experience and may never buy another LG device and suggest others not to do the same as well. The least you can do is tell us that you are working on it. Not responding like this is really not going to make our problem go away.

Finally, If LG is not ready to bear the cost of the replacement of the digitizer/screen, I am going to have to escalate this issue to higher authorities. Please provide me the contact details of a nodal office that I can address the complaint to formally. I want my case to be addressed individually, and I am totally unhappy about how LG has handled this, let alone solve the problem.

Nov 2, 2014

defective LED TV

My new LG LED TV Model 24LB515A bought at Chennai is defective. I have registered complaint number RNA ############which is pending for the past one month. Repeated calls to LG customer service phone line have not yielded any results.
[email protected]
Oct 29, 2014

Service Not Done after repeated followup

Registered a complaint on 27th October,2014 Afternoon (Ref No : RNA############) they said the service is scheduled at 11:00 to 12:00 Hrs on 28th October, 2015 and asked us to be present., but there was no call or any response from Lg side again called them they said they have changed the category to Most priority but no updates late and again i had called LG CS they have said the tech people will call before 8PM which they dint, today (29th October,2014) when i called the same thing is being repeated stating elevated the issue etc...

They can say will it be possible or not so that we can check out for alternative and opt our self from buying LG product which is unable to provide service to his customer.


Oct 18, 2014


Full Name Deepak Roy

Email Address [email protected]

Address C/o Shri Jaihind Roy Tola-Dharampur, Village - Habibhouar Darbhanga, Bihar 847233

Mobile Phone 9910680400

Subject Issue in Repair the LG TV

Dear Sir, With reference to above subject, we have color Television the Model No. 21FU8VGE and Serial No. 901NLHV002161. We have logged a complaint regarding the repair. The request reference no. is RNA############. In this regard I would like to say that the LG technician (Mr. Manoj) has visited our mentioned address and he find the fault is in the Integrated Circuit (I.C.). The Part No. is VCD4924RP080. Now the Mr. Manojhas (technician) denied the same part will not be available in our service centre, Darbhanga. So, you are requested to kindly arrange the same part available in this service centre and make installed the same as early as possible. We have paid the visiting charges to your Technician Mr.Manoj. So you are requested to kindly do the needful.

If the issue has not resolved within stipulated time, we will take a Legal Action.

Thanking you,
Deepak Kumar Roy.

Mobile No. 9910680400
Jul 8, 2014

Washing Machine Problem

I have purchased a top loading washing machine from LG the washing machine shaking more then usual .sometimes it seems falling down i registered a complaint on 6th-july-2014 my complaint number is RNA############ they have scheduled me an appoinment on 7th-july-2014 at 5 pm to 6 pm.But no response i have received from them and i have contacted their customer care more than 3 4 times and also tried a lot to reach local service that too not responding ,i am totally disappointed by LG product and their service.I dont want that product anymore because of the way their treating the customers.Am not going to pay my next EMI for this.

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