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Uttar Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about LG

May 11, 2011

Installation of ac

Thanks a lot for writing such apologizes. I have heard it 5-6 times from your customer care and
at least 3 mails which I got from LG service department.

After so much of frustration, On the 7th day, I called a local guy, gave him 600 bucks and
got the AC installed. The time between calling the guy and installation was less than 1 hour.

It would be great if instead of putting so many people in customer care for writing such apologizes,
LG would put some more people in service department and STOP harassing its customers.

I will definitely think twice before buying LG products.

Madan Kumar Nath
May 11, 2011

Installation of ac

Dear Customer,

We apologize for this. We have transferred your complaint number and details to the concerned branch service center. Our Representative will attend to your issues shortly.

Warm Regards

LG India
Mar 14, 2011


Dear Customer,

We apologise for this. Please send us your details and your complaint number to [email protected] This is essential for us to be able to help you out of this situation.

Warm Regards

LG India
Mar 4, 2011

LG 32" LCD TV : In 7 months not repaired or replaced

LG refunded me back with a cheque of INR 36, 000 on 24.02.2010.


by: spanisheyes.rahul
Feb 16, 2011

LG Services

Dear Sir,
i have purchased LCD 26" TV on 04.11.2010 having model no. 26LD340, srno 010LPMP011819. Before lodging mine complaint, i want to putforth my humble request that i have purchased every consumer durables from LG only and never before i have come accross any problem related to services or quality of the product.

My LCD as detailed above is having peculiar problem and it leaks oil where speaker is fitted. regarding this i have lodged complaint through toll free no 18001809999 and i got complaint no. ############ dt 13.02.2011 and i was assured services within 24 hours but of no avail. again i contacted and i was reassured the services within next 24 hours.
sir, after elapse of nearly 96 hours after registering my complaint, i could not get any significant response from your side resulting sorting out of the problem. i, therefore, request you to kindly look into the matter and keep my confidence alive with the seasoned company like yours.

yours faithfully,

Prabhash Jha
Maharaja Estate, Block B, Jeevan Jyoti Colony, Satna-485001
email id [email protected]
Mob. No. 9827184866
Feb 15, 2011

LG Services

Dear Manish,

We understand your concern and thankyou for highlighting the same to us.

Kindly send us your contact details & Service Request number at [email protected]

Warm Regards

LG India
Dec 30, 2010

LG PRODUCT: M/S FB 16211500


We apologise for this. Please send us your details and your complaint number at [email protected] This is essential for us to be able to help you out of this situation.

Warm regards
LG India
Dec 16, 2010

Inardent delay in services

Do not buy products from ACE Electronics Noida. They are very rude towards customers and selldefective and damaged goods.

Horrible customer services == ACE ELECTRONICS Noida
Pathetic Products = LG
Dec 16, 2010

Inardent delay in services

Dear Miss Mahalakshmi

Apologies for such an experience .Thanks for highlighting this to us. Please send us your complaint number and contact details at [email protected]

Warm Regards
LG India
Dec 26, 2012

Washing Machine Replacement


I have been trying to get a washing machine replaced, because it was delivered with a dent. But its been two weeks and all i get is:
- Customer Care always say they will call back in 24 hour, they never do
- Area Manager Pooja Mathur never picks up call? This is the worst manager I have ever came across
- Other Executive's keep giving false promises, that problem will be solved in a day or two.

The problem is still not resolved and problem number is : RNA-############..

Dec 8, 2012

Washing Machine

Complaint regarding LG Washing machine.

Pls contact 0-9250922887
Jul 22, 2012

No response inspite of repeated reminders

I have registered a complain for change of outer body of my LG Top loading fully automatic washing machine at LG customer care no. Date of complain was 14July2012 and complain no.is : RNA############. On 16 July 2012 a representative from LG service center, sector 63 visited for assessing damage and told that the machine has to be sent to the service center in sector 63 for repair and for which will pick it up from my residence.( Which is just one kilometer away) and the repair work will take 4-5 days. Since then I have been calling people at the service center (phone no: 0120 4177550) but the machine has not yet been picked up. LG claims that under its 211 service the response to complain is given within 2 days but seems their this claim is fake. Every time I call up the service center I am assured that the washing machine will be picked up in within 24 hrs but 6 days have gone and nothing has happened. PLEASE HELP.
Vatsala Tiwari
Jun 30, 2012

AC under AMC not getting Service

There is gas leakage issue in my AC since 12 June 2012.
Since Last 3 weeks I am struggling to get GAS filled in AC.
Unfortunately my AC is under AMC , may be this is major Issue I am not getting any service for LG.
I am constant touch in Mr Sameer Dhiman which picks up call after every 500 Missed calls. Since last Many days My only task is to call LG persons but nobody has manner to pick call be it Sameer Dhiman, Pooja Mathur , Gaurav or even a mechanic or driver in LG all are trained in same way.
I have never seen such a poor call center of a company , which do not have any answer other then "we will arrange a call back within 24 hours" even that don’t come never.
Since Last three days in evening Mr Sameer sends me a SMS that AC will be delivered tomorrow. Compliant number is RNA############.
I hope I will get my AC after your intervention, but I sincerely make a request you to get LG service improved , Since Last 3 weeks I am only making calls to LG. and never experienced such a worst service even from a local shop.
Jun 29, 2012


I have register lg complaint no.RNA############ for washing machine repair on 23.6.2012 and a person visited my home on 25.6.12 till date i am trying to contant this person and ms. Pooja mathur both person not receiving my call nor machine has been repaired
Vedprakash sector 71 noida
Jun 23, 2012



Hi to all Future LG air conditioner Users.

June 2012 experience.

This experience is being shared for the benefit of future LG air conditioner users and my suffering is as fresh as June2012

Subject - Do not get LG air conditioner serviced from Sector 63 , Noida and better do not buy LG AC for their pathetic after sales service.
1) you will suffer on account of Poor service
2)ill mannered staff
3) fake transportation cost slips.
4) Unresponsive LG customer care

1) you will suffer on account of Poor service

I recently suffered at the hand of this service center. My Ac was taken up for repair and not returned for untill a month.
My calls were met with rude staff at LG sector 63 noida, who do not respond to status of your AC for weeks.You will almost feel helpless.
A job of 3 days was done in 1 month.

2)ill mannered staff
You will most probably be dealing with rustic illmannered and rude mockery of staff named Pravesh, Pawan or Maninder , Mahinder.
If you get them, forget your ac. They work under complete support from Manager named sameer to overlook all complaints and fleece money.
No staff can create such a havoc as you will see here untill top management is not involved.
Rest assured you will be dealing with staff barely Graduates and Non Delhites who would make sure you pay each time you call up.

3) fake transportation cost slips.
you will be given fake Pink reciepts showing that you have to pay transportation cost on AC repair.Whether you AC is under AMC or not , you will be charged
roughtly 300 rupees as of (2012) to deliever repaired ac to your house.You will asked to make the payment in cash and not by cheque or other means nor in the name of the company (LG)
Meaning it will go straight in the hands of corrupt LG staff at sector 63.Be ready to face the music when they come to your home next time.

4) Unresponsive LG customer care
when facing these problems from the LG customer care sector 63 , and feeling held hostage with your AC being deprived to you , having paid the full money to enjoy a cool air during the hot

months , you will eventually turn to LG customer care. Each time you wil be given a complaint number and response would be - "we have forwarded your complaint to the appropriate person".
by now you will have realised there is no luck with being a consumer in India and will regret having bought LG.

Dont do the mistake , I did.
G Rajesh
Apr 29, 2012

AC Repaire

Respected sir/madam,
I G.Rajesh, no:4/3, jai balaji nagar, nesappakkam,Chennai-78. (mob:9952931214) purchased a split AC in LG show room,Ashok nagar on 03/05/2011.I have 2 more free services, Now water is tripping from AC inside the room.i filled a complaint to the customer care centre on 21st april the complaint no is RNA20421018345 but no response. I remainded them again through phone, but still no response. They gave me another phone number there i got a fake information some one technician had already made a service, but nobody came home to rectify the fault,so i need a service immediately. kindly do the needful.
Thank you
Mar 11, 2012

WORST MOBILE and no service

I purchased a mobile handset of LG on 10/07/11 from mobilestore. After some time mobile stopped working. After full charging battery get exhausted in seconds. When I contacted their service center M/s Kumar services at Sector 15 Noida, they refused to repair the mobile and even behavior was very rude.Being in warranty period, they told so many contradictory sentences. For me this mobile was not a matter of wasting my time arguing with them. But one thing I got the lesson as LG mobiles not to purchase in future.
Feb 17, 2012

LG service waist of time and money !!!


On last Friday (10th Feb 2011) , I logged a case via customer care for my Front loaded fully automatic 7 KG washing Machine which is having some issue. A technician visited my place on Saturday and told me that sub parts needs to be replaced and hence machine should be send to service center, He also proposed me for AMC. I took the AMC for all my LG products ( WM, Fridge and WMO). He told me that machine will be called back to service center on Monday.

On Monday when there was no follow up till after noon, we called the technician and then he told that vehicle is getting ready and machine will be picked with half an hour. When there was nothing happened after 3 hours we again called technician and he then told it will be picked in next 1 hour and same story continuous till evening.

On Tuesday morning he finally told that previous case has been closed after AMC , hence I again need to raise a call with CC (customer care) for WM ( Washing Machine) call back.I again raised a case and it was told be CC executive that there will be a follow with next 24 hours which was not made. Then I again called same technician on Wednesday and again the same story continuous that machine will be picked within half an hour, an hour .... and the day passed with no result.

On Thursday, I again called CC to log a complaint against service center they told me that they will re forward the case again and but they are not authorized to log any complaint against service center. Finally they provided me a mobile number which is of CCO (Customer Care Office) I am calling the number since 10 AM in the morning but no body picked the phone till 11 AM and after that the phone is either busy or on Call waiting. Its almost 1 PM now and I am continuous calling that number but no response.

Now finally it seems to me that I have done a blunder mistake in purchasing a LG products and after that purchasing AMC for those products.

I would have got my WM repaired on the same day by paying the same amount that I have paid for AMC.

I have dropped many mails to LG complaint email id but no response.

Not sure what to do now.... Please assist.
Jul 5, 2011

Non rectification and poor service

Complaint No ############ in respect of washing machine owned by Javed Beg

Lg Customer Care,
I lodged a complaint on 25th July in respect of washing machine. I was advised by the customer care to keep a photo copy of purchase documents and show the originals. Engeneer visited us next day. He checked the machine and informed us that some part was to be replaced. He promised us that it would be done next day. He saw the purchase docs and told us that a pohto copy would be required when the part is replaced.
Since then I have been following with your customer care and service centre for rectification of the fault. It is very difficult to get service centre number even then I talked to them thrice. The last interaction was yesterday(4-7-11) on tel no 9811354252 at 2.39 pm. I was told that part has been requisioned and likely to be replaced tomorrow. Since it was not installed today(5-11-77) also, I telephoned the customer care. To my utter surprise, I was informed that the case has been closed as the purchase docs has not been shown to the engineer. Since the time the engineer visited us, I have been interacting with both service center and customer care almost daily. I was never told that we have not shown purcase docs.
It is crystal clear that story is being concocted to hide the grave lapses, inefficiency on your part. I have records of the conversation.
Do you think any body would like to purchase your product if you harass your customers like this.
I request you to take immediate action against the concerned officials and rectify the washing machine immediately.
Javed Beg
B-44, Sector-39, NOIDA
Mob 9810740114
Jun 27, 2011

Poor Service

The complaint reference is RNA ############. We have originally logged in the complain on 23rd June.

The engineer visited our residence and identified Gas Leakage as the issue and committed to have the Gas filled by 24th June Morning

Unfortunately nobody turned up. We have done multiple follow ups with customer care since then
On 25th June we contacted your CCO Ms Nikita Lohia (9811354152) and was reassured that the gas will be filled on Sat

We were also contacted by your head office on Sat 25th June by Mr Srikant ( 0120-2323406) reassuring that the gas will be filled on Sat itself
Unfortunately nobody turned up.
On 26th June we were contacted by Mr Pradeep (7838651619) assuring that the gas will be filled on 27th June between 11 to 12 in the morning

Unfortunately nobody turned up. Finally when Mr Pradeep was contacted again he again took the details of the entire case and gave us the number of Mr Saifi( 7838651688) for fixing up a time for filling the gas

Now Mr Saifi says the gas will be filled up today 27th Junebetween 4 to 5 P.M
God knows if it will happen today
We have paid LG AMC charges and in return LG harasses us with the above experience.
The refrigerator is hardly three years old and the gas leakage has occured thrice. LG is poor in products and customer service and our entire colony of Noida is ready to boycott them
May 3, 2011

Installation of ac

I brought an LG ac from E zone NOIDA. Even after five days no one came to install the AC.
I am fed up with calling LG customer care number.

Now it has been 5 days, calling the customer care of LG and no results. Now every day
I am calling them at least 2 times. I have tried all means , writing mails , registering online
on their so called "online complain system" and of course calling their zonal office at Ghaziabad.

I purchased LG, as friends told that their service is good. The complain no is : rna############

God knows when will these companies stop harassing customers !!
Mar 11, 2011


I was purchase a window air conditioner in the month of oct,2010 after two month.i will open the cartoon there is remote missing .i had also complant on customer care complaint dept. they was give me a complaint no. but nobody resolve the problem

my 16000 Rs a/c is now like a kuda kurkat
please help me
Feb 14, 2011

LG Services


I bought LG television, LG refrigerator, LG DVD player , LG washing Machine and LG microwave owen.

The customer case services provide for each of these electronice appliance SUCKS big time. I am so pissed off from the customer service provided by LG that I have decided that I will never ever buy any LG item.

The most recent issues has been with a service request for LG washing machine. As per the customer care the SLA is 25 hours but it has been 4 days that we have been following the LG people. The service engineers are such big &&(*& holes that first of all they take time for coming the next day and never show up and when you call up and ask why he didn't show up , he denied committing any such time. They will tell someone will call you and come and then suddenly in your office you will get a call that I am coming in an hour. I mean what are these guys thinking they are the only busy people in this world and we will wait for them all throughout the day and whenever they confirm we would greet them with like a celebrity.

I will never ever buy a LG product and will recommend anyone else to do so. LG is undermining the power of customer feedback.

Feb 4, 2011

LG 32" LCD TV : In 7 months not repaired or replaced


I purchased an LG 32" LCD on 11-03-2010 (from KAY DEE AUDIOVISIONS PVT. LTD. NOIDA, Sector-18 Invoice no. 4893) with a 1 year warranty and in next couple of months it started showing display problem.There was "no display" in lower part of the LCD (a inch size line).

I registered a complaint on 24-05-2010 (complaint no. C1052408794). LG guys responded back, checked the problem and went back assuring that in 1 week or so they will get back with the required part (LCD display panel/module, i am not sure). After that no one came back and no response was there on tonnes of call i made. One day i got a message on my cell from LG that request has been closed without mentioning any reason.

I again tried my luck and for the same problem registered a new complaint on 12.11.2010 with a complaint no. C10B1216362/rnilabsc10b120107. LG visited my placed & this time they disclosed the issue about non-availability of the required part & said "a part needs to be replaced and we don't have that part right now as company had stop manufacturing this model, so we will be taking 15 days time and respond you back". On continuous calls/complaints after 2 months of registering the complaint they took my TV on 14.01.2011 to LG ASS (Digital Service point, A-56, sector-6, Noida).

My TV was there for 20 days and then only they figure out they can't able to repair it, in these 20 days i talked loads of times with concerned LG officials (Nikita-HR 9811354152, Manish Gupta-Service Manager 9811354534, Rajiv-Service center supervisor 8860611011). The whole time they tried to convince me that they will get the matching display module (part which needed to be replace in TV) in some 2-3 days and so, and afterward they use to say that we haven't got the matching one from company, they will ask for a new one but matching this time. Repeated this for 20 odd days.

Yesterday (01.02.2011) after a fierce conversation b/w me and 'LG ASS supervisor' they returned me my old TV back at home but all dead. May be they are not even bothered to put back all the parts of the TV and returned it back in the same condition as it was. TV is not even working now, its all dead. When i asked to Rajiv-ASS Supervisor about this he said that LG will replace your TV and collect your old TV from home that's why we send it to you.

Now nobody is picking up my calls except customer-care, who don't have anything to say except "we have sent a reminder to higher officials, someone will respond", but no one did.

A LG equipment of 36K failed in two months and against the 1 year warranty, in 7 months they haven't came with a part's replacement. Are these guys trying to spend next 2 months time in which my warranty will be over or what? If LG stopped manufacturing this model that is not my problem. I don't care if LG replaces the part or the whole TV but i am not gonna waste my hard earned money like this. I am looking forward to file a Fraudulent-mental harassment case against 'LG India' & 'KAY DEE AUDIOVISION NOIDA'. Please guide me in right direction.
Dec 21, 2010

LG PRODUCT: M/S FB 16211500

We bought a a LG Music/DVD system m/s fb16211500 on 6th Jun 2010 from Kaydee Electronics Noida.

the system worked ok for around 03 months, however September onwards we are facing lot of problem with regards to the Radio in the system . as the tuning goes away and no body in Lg is able to figure out what is wrong. Also we are shocked they way the people at LG have attitude towards after sales service.

We request you look into it! we would like the product to be changed oir atleast the problem to be sorted!

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