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Consumer complaints and reviews about LICHFL

Dattatraya Borhade
May 23, 2020

LICHFL not reducing ROI after reducing rapo rate

Most of the banks reduced their ROI but LICHFL is the only finance company not reducing ROI. To increase it do immediately. Since last year RBI many times reduced repo rate but Lic HFL not reduced rate for single times also.
Mar 8, 2020

Subsidy not give under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna.

Hi ,

My loan number is :- ############

Can you please clarify why subsidy is not given under PMAY to me. I have send many mails to delhi nodal officer [email protected],[email protected], [email protected] but not getting any reply from them.
Nov 1, 2019

Non return of balance loan amount after doccument submission and follow up for last three month

Dear Sir ,

Myself continuing a housing loan of rs 11.00 lacs from LICHFL -Durgapur ( W.B) office and my loan account number is ############ . The loan is taken for my Own Flat at Sugam Park Asansol ( W.B) .

The loan amount disbursed by LICHFL to Sugam Park is 10,45,000.00 and balance amount rs 55,000/- yet to disbursed to me by LICHFL as the registration of my flat is compleated on October -2017 .

For getting the balance 55000/- refund from LICHFL myself submitted Original Possession letter of my Flat and in follow up your concerned since last three months on alomost regular basis .

I request you for immidiate disbursement of balance loan amount for rs 55,000/- to me .

Kindly help .

with regards
koushik Chatterjee
Oct 31, 2019

Regarding Sudden increase of the intreast rate

I am Sandeep reddy taken LIC HFL loan amount 30L from sec bad branch intially loan intreast rate was 8.5% now increased to 9.7% with in 3 years span. where other banks are providing 8.4%.

These sector is huge crises and debt. base. please dont approach these people. they know how to play with people
Oct 12, 2019

PMAY apna ghar Benfits

I, Mr.Garaga MahaLakshmi Rao & Mrs. Garaga Veera Naga Venkata Lakshmi I have taken the Housing loan from LIC Housing Finance from VIZIANAGARAM Branch ( Loan Account No. ############) in Dec-2017. I Would like to bring to your notice that. this is our first home, I have already applied for the PMAY ( Pradhan Mantri avas Yojana LIG) benefit under Cover.
I have been requiarly taking follow up of my proposal for PMAY But up till now I have not received the refund of the adjusted loan amount 16,20,000/-
I have personally contacted fort office Branch, But your representative failed to give me proper information renegading my file.
As i have not received the my due benifit under PMAY, I have to pay more EMI amount for my loan amount.
I am hereby requesting you to look in this matter and do the needful to process my proposal of PMAY As earliest.


Mr. Garaga MahalakshmiRao
(Loan Account No. ############)
Mob. No. 9948531019)
Aug 24, 2019


Hi, I have taken a loan from LICHFL which no. 11240000817 of Rs. 1800000/-. Due date of this loan is 10th of every month, but till date EMI not deduct from my account.when I visit in LICHFL office at agra.he is not response satisfactory in this regard.while I already deposit sufficient cheques in lic office.

Sachin Kumar Gupta
Aug 7, 2019

Dont take loan from LICHFL

I'm one of the unsatisfied customer of LICHFL .

In the name of floating interest rate , this guys are fooling people.
Right now present interest rate is 8.40 % and I'm paying 9.5 %.
The complaint board is shit (https://grids.nhbonline.org.in) I tried to log complaint , but the web portal is full of error.
the drop down wont work and due to which no one can log complaint.
Jun 11, 2019



Just want to know if anyone faced issues like this. Last year Oct 2018 I got 33L home loan from LICHFL and the sanctioned amount is 32.8L in which they agency transferred 32.5L and they delaying to provide me 30K without proper detail. Anyone can help me to proceed further, please.
Gopal Kisanrao Kale
Jun 6, 2019


I, Mr.Gopal Kisanrao kale & Mrs. Alka Gopal Kale have taken the Housing loan from LIC Housing Finance from Santacruz Branch ( Loan Account No. ############) in Jan-2018. I Would like to bring to your notice that. I have avail this loan facility for flat in Deep sivam Karanjale, panvel Being this is our first home, I have already applied for the PMAY ( Pradhan Mantri avas Yojana) benefit under No. 6119002572.
I have been requiarly taking follow up of my proposal for PMAY But up till now I have not received the refund of the adjusted loan amount 22,49,000/-
I have personally contacted fort office Branch, But your representative failed to give me proper information renegading my file.
As i have not received the my due benifit under PMAY, I have to pay more EMI amount for my loan amount.
I am hereby requesting you to look in this matter and do the needful to process my proposal of PMAY As earliest.


Mr. Gopal Kisanrao Kale
(Loan Account No. ############)
Mob. No. 9769406768)
T Ponnan
May 24, 2019


Respected Sir,

1. Reference of my LIC HFL Home Loan Application No 5401017407 and login on 22 March 2019.

2. I am ACP Naib Subedar T Ponnan is presently serving in Indian Army (Corps of Signals) since 13 July 2000. It is intimated that I have taken a housing loan for Rs 3,00,000/- since 2007 for ready made purchase and another loan for Rs 4,00,000/- since 2010 for altration of house at LIC HFL, Madurai (TN). The EMI of said loan have been going on continue through ECS from SBI, Thirumangalam, Madurai (Dist) (TN) A/c No 30377622714. After few years a housing loan taken from SBI, Mellur Branch for Rs 38,00,000/- for the yr of 2017 April. This contents of EMI loan have been going on ECS from SBI, Madurai.

3. Now I have applied for housing loan for Rs 15,00,000/- Top up at LIC HFL, Madurai (TN) on 18 Feb 2019. All relevant documents have been verified by LIC HFL, Madurai and they are login my housing loan on 22 March 2019 loan Application No is 5401017407. I have paid for Rs 8850/- to account number of Mr Jagadeesh LIC Agent of LIC HFL, Madurai on 21 March 2019 Transaction ID P1903211351230331846696 Oriental Bank of Commerce A/c No 10892191001983 at Madurai Branch.

4. After few months LIC HFL, Madurai intimated that my housing loan could not been eligible for Rs 15,00,000/- from my salary, which is not understood. They are all documents verified but now not eligible and could not proceed my loan application till date and not response. However, all my pay slip and other income of my housing rent of agreement submitted to LIC HFL, Madurai also. This type of incident is very insult me and missing of all my future planning. Somebodies are not eligible and timely not deposit of EMI, but their loan have passed. I am a central Government Servent and enough payment get to me. The same was verified by LIC HFL, Madurai for the month of March 2019. My total income approx is 82000/- per month.

5. In view of the above, you are requested process my loan application and sanction of my housing loan (Top Up) of my existing loan at Para 2 above please. It is also requested which is possible loan of amount may please be sanctioned at your end.
May 21, 2019

correction on portal

I had make a number of times follow up for correction under my mobile number and email id on the customer portal. No reply received till date.
[email protected]
May 10, 2019

Delay in Loan Disbursement

My house construction is almost done,by keeping debt in all material shops. And still i dint get my last cheque (1050000/-). when ever i ask, they are delaying saying staff unavailability, holidays or some other reason.

Even the LIC complaint portal is not working, I think purposely they made it down. I am planning to send mail directly to National Housing Bank.

May 8, 2019

Fixation of rate of interest for house building loan

I took house building from lichfl of a sum of Rs.1700000in November 2014. Thereby the rate of interest for the repayment remained fixed for 2years.
Then I shifted to floating rate of interest .
But surprisingly I found out recently that while I'm paying a rate of 9.5% as interest the same rate for the new borrowers is 8.8%.
When I went to enquire about the matter at your North Kolkata regional office I was informed that such discrepancy is inevitable & I'm supposed to pay a higher rate of interest than those who will apply freshly.
This policy I find quite ridiculous.
Other banks duely revise their rate of interest & they don't discriminate between old & new borrowers.
Do you want your older customers (inspite of having a good record of repayment)to shift their loans elsewhere?
Please let me know your view within 7 days.
Thanking you
Sangita Chakraborty
May 7, 2019

wrong decission of committee

I am an agent of lic hfl of vizianagaram branch i heard that you tranfferred Mr K Murali krishna to vizianagaram branch as you know he is not active in work and i also not recieved good feedback about him. he have almost 2-3 years for retirement he have problem of bp too. He is not the right person to motivate us and run the branch which is running in present situation As you know vizianagram branch opened four years back and is making good profit and good name now also we have to work hard to make it customer satisfied and much more profitable which is not possible if you transfer Mr K Murali krishna to this branch may be we loss customers too because of his behaviour
So, i kindly request you to please think once again and send active manager who is mentally and physically fit person and save vizianagaram branch for getting loss
Apr 30, 2019


I had applied a house loan of 5 Lakh and got sanction of 4.5 lakh on December , 2005 with 7.5 floating interest rate against my Mother property in Dankuni , West Bengal. Due to my busy work in India and Abroad, I did not look into current interest rate. While looking into last month through internet, I observed that LIC housing finance is charging 11.95% interest rate per annum. Don't we think that this is too much. All banks are charging now 8 to 9 percent whereas LIC housing Finance is charging 11.95 percent. I know that 8 to 9 percent interest can be charged only for new loan. But 11.95% can be charged.. Whenever I met with Area Manager Soumitra chatterjee and Employee Sourab Bharadwaj and requested them to reduce percentage, they told me that I have to pay 11800 Rs to reduce from 11.95% to 9.70% .... Do you believe that for such a public sector LIC subcidiary company they are charging 11800 Rs for reducing interest 11.95% to 9.70%.. Second, I visited two times and lastly I got to know that I have to bring my other who is widow and not able to walk properly. Without her , I cannot submit my cheque.

My question is
- For 4.5 Lakh amount starting EMI from Jan,2006 , stil 1.38Lakh is pending as outstanding. Monthly EMI is 4635. Can you please have a look into this ? I believe that LIC housing is cheating customer...
- Why 11.95% EMI today ?
- I have moved from Kolkata to Bangalore ? Can I do a follow up from Bangalore
Ravi Kumar 007
Apr 24, 2019

Without releasing loan amount EMI deducting and demanding for register documents

Dear sir

I have applied for home loan finally approved with long process, and got a message of Nach Mandate for Loan Account Number ############ has been approved by Bank in 27 March 2019, and till now they are not released the loan payment and other way EMI has been started and deducting the amount. Now to release the payment asking for property register documents because project is not approved by Lichfl.

I am not understanding what is my mistake in this process.Lichfl started to collect EMI without releasing loan amount and builder is sending reminders continuously for payment with interest. I am not understanding what to do. If Lichfl confirmed in starting it self we will choose other banker. In this process I am loosing huge money and precious time without my fault. Please kindly look into matter urgently and give the solution please,and help me any one in this regard

P. Ravi Kumar
Mar 15, 2019


Dear Team,

Now They advertise their web site to offer 8.7% ROI for home loans , but they provide 9.1% ROI to current customers , iam complaint against that lot of time , But iam not getting proper feedback.
Feb 5, 2019

PMAY Status


I had applied for PMAY on 27 October 2018 in LICHFL with Account No ############
I had not received any acknowledge or status of the application even after contacting many people from LICHFL
Can you please provide me the status of the application
Please let me know if you need any info or documnets related to the application.

Jan 30, 2019

Non receipt of check

Sir, Mera ek check RS 350000 ka 8 Jan ko Aya tha. Jo mujhe abhi Tak nahi Mila. Agent one month se bahane Raha hai . Abhi bol Raha hai check gum ho gya .Mera application no 1111010113 hai . Please do some for this.
[email protected]
Jan 26, 2019

Home Loan — delay/ No giving any information

Home Loan application 6109012067 ..I got my sanction letter on 29/12 which took a month and now there is delay in the getting disbursement cheque and no one is giving me any reason why the delay ... they keep asking for bank statement but don’t know why...this is very poor customer service ... when I try to track the application status on lic website ... no record is found... don’t know what’s going on..pls help!!!!!!

Mobile no 9867418884
Sunil Kumar Anand
Jan 24, 2019

ECS service not activated

My monthly installment not being paid timely through ECS. While already agreed for this service during processing of the loan. Due to this, I am paying penalty fees in every month without any my fault. kindly redress my above problem at the earliest. My loan no. ############
Contact no. 9452462318.
Dec 11, 2018


Dear All ,

With this indecent i am not only spreading awareness to stay away from LIC HOUSING but also seeking help /advice to resolve my problem from expert as well. 2yrs before i had transfer my housing loan from DHFL TO LIC HFL with term 2 yrs fixed rate of interest ( ROI ) of 9.25% and then floating as per market. As during 2 yrs already i had occurred heavy loss due to high roi charge by lic( 9.25% than to 8.50% market roi ) . Repayment done without single bounce

However in completion of 2yrs when i contacted branch i was shocked to here as they can't offer me current floating rate which is 8.70% instead they are start charging more than fixed roi ( EMI JUMP FROM RS. 23422 TO RS.27580 ) and asking to pay sum of settlement amount further to reduce rate of interest as current roi which they proudly advertise is for new customer and not for old OR existing customer , i am sure many people those who taken loan from lic has face this issue.

As cost of emi is too much high along with roi charges done with wrong ethical way. i hereby seek help to not waste hard core money earn to this kind of peoples.

so hereby i would like to address to those experts people to guide/advice me and many people like this those who have been fool by such kind of finance companies. your suggestion, advice , recommendation are welcome .
[email protected]
Oct 3, 2018

Delay in PMAY subsidy


This is in regards of non receipt of PMAY subsidy with LICHFL. I have been following up since more than 5 months and haven't received any update yet apart from lame excuses. NHB or LICHFL not taking ownership of the issue and now it is getting difficult for me to pay extra amount every month because of their fault.

Loan is under the name of Rutuja Harish Waykar.

Kindly look into the matter as t the earliest.

Aug 11, 2018

Agent Driven Company LICHFL

So sad to notice very poor customer service from LICHFL.
I am an existing client of LICHFL with an existing loan with Excellent Track Record for last two years & CIBIL Score above 800.

Two years back my loan was approved and disbursed within 1-2 weeks but this time the Area Manage has diverted me to an agent who has taken more than two months but still my loan is not disbursed. They are simply a bunch of crook, they overcharge, taken 11000 Rs. from me to process a loan of just 8lac Rs.

The customers are left to the mercy of lathargic or too busy Agents who take the customer for a ride and don't keep any commitment of time.
Now I want to cancel this loan and refunding of all processing fees 11000 paid by me.
As per automated message, the cheque has been handed over to me on 31-07-18 but not in actual.
As per Agent he has deposited the cheque in my account on 6-8-18.

Also request you to pls look into very high processing fee which is more than 1.3% of my home loan amount.
What's the fun in showing 8.4 % IR to customers when you charge more than 1% fee upfront?

Now I don't want to receive this loan disbursement and want my paid money back.

I'll be highly obliged on your justified action.


Aug 3, 2018






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