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M.C.D commissioner, North Delhi


Consumer complaints and reviews about M.C.D commissioner, North Delhi

Jul 20, 2017

Damage footpath

Sir, a footpath near my house no26/10 shakti nagar is damage from last 9 months....Plzzz take appropriate action as early as possible.......Thanks
Ritesh rhta
26/10 shakti nagar
Ranhit Singh Verma
Jul 16, 2017

To complaint against MCD worker and officer

Dear Sir/Madame,
We are the resident of Friends Enclave and Friends Enclave Extn., Mundka ( near Railway Station) ( Old ward No. 31 and New Ward No. 36) Delh 110041. We are hereby Informing you about the problems.

This colony is set up at 1972 , and now there is about 1500 houses But still there is no any basic amenities for the public such as no garbage vechiles, no MCD worker doing proper work here. Roads and Nalies are filled with garbages. Peoples are dependent on the empty plots for dumping the garbage which makes the area condition worst ( Photo Attached) . Even the nali's and dirty water are found In the street.Garbage Collector Vechiles doesn't come her which create this problem.

We complaint about this matter many of times to the Area Sanitary Inspector , Area Councillor, MLA's, Narela Zone Office and North MCD call center services But no action has been taken till date. And when we confirmed about our complaints, it is said to be solved at the office level But there is no any work done by them.

Peoples are forced to live in very unhygenic conditions ( photo attached) .Please help to remove ths dumped garbages by providing Garbage Collector Vechiles door to door at the earliest Because there is risk of having severe diseases by mosquitoes breeding like Dengue, Malaria, Chickengunia , etc.

We would be always be greatful to you for this help .

Thanking You

Yours faithfully
Ranjit Singh Verma.

On the behalf of all resident of colony
E-44, Friends Enclave Extn.(near mundka railway station )
Mundka, Delhi-41
Contact No.: 8447851905
Email Id: ranjitv24@gmail.com
sanjay 1963
Jun 27, 2017

dumped vehicle,,,& malba lying on mcd land

Respected sir,
In front of my house number 151. Bharat nagar a big land of mcd lying.the locality people throwing garbage packets in ground.i request many time to people but they not caring about . in this area some locality people dumped there old vehicles unconditional parked. lying from long time. dead animal body lying in this area. we told the local MCD staff but they not bother about all those thing.
i may request good self to intervene in this mater and do the needful.
sanjay sehgal
mobile number . 9873764454
e mail. sehgal_happy@hotmail.com
Jun 23, 2017

Reg. Covered the sewarge main hole in swtanter nagar narela and remove the dump of garbage.

With due respect and humble submission it is stated that the some sewerage are without covering in the area. Due to unfortunatly invites avoidable accidents.and some dump of garbage in empty plots may please be removed at the earlist because it may be causes of generation of mosquitoes of serious dieses such as Dengu, Malaria, Chikangunia etc. I am sending here some photographs of the area where the requirement of the above said.

Yours faithfully
Arun Kumar
H.No. 793,Gali No. 9/B,Main road Swtanter Nagar Narela, Delhi-110040. Mob. No. 9868720393, 9717533393.
Raghuraj Singh
Jun 3, 2017

गैर कानूनी तरीके से आधा रोड बंद करके फैक्टरी का माल रखना

सर मै आपका ध्यान वार्ड 72 वजीरपुर मै स्थिति औधोगिक क्षेत्र की फैक्टरी ए -78/5 की और दिलाना चाहता हूँ

महोदय इस फैक्टरी के मालिक ने आधा रोड कब्जा करके चीन से स्टील के रोल मंगाकर उनकी कटाई का काम करवाते है जिसकी वजह से रास्ते मै आने जाने वालों को काफी तकलीफ होती है जब हम बोलते है तो वह लड़ाई झगडे पर उतारू हो जाता है इस मालिक की एक फैक्टरी भी illigal तरीके से बन रही है निर्माण कार्य अभी भी जारी है यह काम बिना mcd के कर्मचारीगण की मिली भगत के बिना सम्भव नही है

अतः आपसे विनम्र अनुरोध है इसकी जाँच करवाकर उचित कार्यवाही करे आपकी अति क्रपा होगी
रघुराज सिंह
M -9211532753
Naveen Kumar
Jun 1, 2017

poor condition of the silver

Dear Sir/Madam
I want to draw your kind attention to the fact that the condition of our mohlla is very poor bad. Heaps and rubbish are laying here and there. The Siver are full of smell dirty water and breeding mosquito.The main holes of siver breaked and open.
The main problem is for children and old people and night going people.we compliant no.780. but no responsive answer.
You are requested to take a personal visit of our mohlla and take the suitable action.
your faithfully
Khubi Ram
home no.795, Pana Udyan Near Balmiki Mohlla
Vijay Chowk

Pushp Raina
Jan 7, 2017

Please clean Drainage properly in BLOCK-A,Anandpur dham Karala-ndelhi-81

M.C.D Commissioner,
Narela Zone.

Dear Sir/Madam

I Pushp Raina Resident of 91,Block-A,Anandpur Dham Karala New Delhi-81.

I Request you to take Some Urgent action against the water Drainage in colony Due to this Drainage we are facing so many problems and disease all drainage is now over flow.
Jan 5, 2017

गेर कानुनी 5 मन्जिल

महोदय, विषय:- गेर कानुनी 5 तल प्रताप नगर (अन्धा मुगल) के मकान न. 10788, गली न. 16 जो की पहले से 3-4 मन्जिल के कारण एम. सी. डी. की बुक मे है! उस की चौथी मन्जिल के ऊपर गैर कानुनी ढंग से 5 पांचवी मन्जिल का निर्माण किया गया है जिसके कारण साथ वाली ईमारतो को खतरे मे डाला गया है! निवेेदन यह है कि जल्द से जल्द मकान न. 10788 गली न. 16 प्रताप नगर (अन्धा मुगल) सदर पहाड गंज जोन दिल्ली-110007
madan 670
Sep 15, 2016


The Commissioner,
North Delhi Municipal Corporation,
Civic Centre, Dr. Shyama Pd Mukerjee,
New Delhi-110001.

about dengu @ maleria chikungunya
Dear sir from many days mosquito to are growing more & more no any mcd employ throwing medicine not throwing fogging (dhoova) & other thing which can break on growing mosquito pls arrange as soon as possible in my society ant dose of mosquito

Madan Rawat

On the behalf of resident of village Malikpur
Ward 12 kingsway camp Delhi-110009
M. R. Aggarwal
May 16, 2016

Cleaning of drain(removing gaad from Nalah)

The Rainy season is very near. I have to inform you that the drain alongwith railway line Near and behind 5-C Block, New Rohtak Road is full of garbage and gaad, The nalah has not been cleared to cater the rain water. In these circumstances, the rain water may come back in colony, if the drains are not cleared immediately. Therefore, the concerned Dy. commissioner and other Authorities are requested to pl. take necessary steps for cleaning of this Nalah which is flowing with the Jhuggis near railwayline.

Thanking Youu.
Mar 28, 2016

Parking issues

Karampura main parking issues bhut bad rahe h .wese to Puri Delhi main parking issues h .ye ake complaint na hokar sajetion h
Please residence k liye parking charge lagye or 24*7 k liye day wise or month wise charge applicable Hona chaiye .kyu k har ghar main 1 se Zada 2wheeler or 4wheeler h .jis se ghar ghar main ladaiye Jhagda Ho raha h .aap s request h k jald s jald hi parking issues ko solve Kare .
Thank you

Karma pura residence
Nov 16, 2015

दुकानदरो का सामान दुकान से बहार होने से परेशान आम लोग

नमस्कार सर जी
मेन मार्किट कमल विहार बुराड़ी दिल्ली 110084 के सभी दुकानदार दुकान के बहार अपना अपना सामान लटका कर और बहार रख देते है जिसके कारण हर रोज मार्किट में जाम लगता रहता है और दुकान के बहार कपड़े लटकाकर रखते है अगर किसी दिन कोई बिजली का तार टूटकर इन कपड़ो पर गिर गया तो कोई भी अनहोनी होंने का खतरा हमेशा बना रहता है आपसे अनुरोध है की आप इन सभी दुकानदारो का सामान दुकान के अन्दर करवाने का कष्ट करे ।।
संजीव कुमार
mail id
vijay hira
Nov 11, 2015

unauthorised construction

Sir, I am resident of Madhubacn Chowk and want to bring to your kind notice about the going on unauthorised construction on war level at Flat No. 507 and 511 Pocket C-8, Sector -8, Rohini, Delhi, sir, I have made the complaints in this regard to the concerned authorities including the MCD and to the Chief Minister of Delhi and Hon'ble Lt. Governor and also sent the copy of the same to the local SHO PSa Sector - 7, Rohini, Delhi but even after making the complaint to the authorities no action has been taken over the complaints and only thereafter I personally visited the office of the AE (MCD) and JE(MCD) at Rohini who instead of taking any legal action against the unauthorised construction started telling me to approach the Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal who is sitting for the people like me and ignored my request to take legal action on my complaint and to inform me about the status of complaints. I have also made the complaint about the said unauthorised construction to the CM and LG and also to the SHO and also met with the SHO concerned who asked me to approach the MCD and openly told me that it is not his duty to stop the illegal construction over the site and he asked me to get out of his office and approach to the concerned authority. Sir I am filing the present complaint with the hope that necessary legal action will be taken on my complaint failing which I will have only option to file the writ with the High Court of Delhi and also request the HOn'ble High Court to pass necessary orders for the erring official who failed to perform his official duties. Hoping for a strict legal action against the erring officials and unauthorised construction.
joginder chauhan
Sep 17, 2015

regarding fogging

It is requested to provide fogging at & near h.no.85 dhaka village near g.t.b.Nagar Delhi 9 to avoid Dengu.
Joginder chauhan
85 Dhaka village
Aug 1, 2014

unauthorised encroachment.

Respected sir,
It is intimated that NMCD has made footpath from Pahar ganj red light to Sadar Thana chowk (Sadar thana road) on both side.
Sir, Most of the people has occupied the footpath by making shops, dhaba etc. People are not able to use footpath. they use the road. so many times accident has happened. Daily DC of SP Zone goes from this area, but he don't do anything in this matter.

You are requested to kindly intervene in this matter and instruct to concerned DC to vacant this foot path immediately in the interest of public.
thanks and regard,
sharwan kumar bairwa,
Jul 9, 2014


Overflow of drains at jharoda ward no 8. There are to schools in the street one is m.c.d and other is private and the drains are jaam since 26 may and no action is took till today so it dangerous for school students and public also it is my humble request to take a fast action and give releif us from this problem as soon as possible..
shivpal singh dabas
Feb 11, 2014

Big Municipal fund loot in various road works now executing in project division Narela Zone.

Ref.:- GRV/NLZ/2014/000017 Dated 04/02/14
Ref.:- GRV/NLZ/2014/000021 Dated 12/02/14

Respected Sir,

I am presenting in front of you, a big Municipal fund loot in various road works now executing in project division Narela Zone.In these road project the works of RMC is not laying with paver items. Reinforcement is not provided but the scheduled items of work is executed with reinforcement. The thickness of RMC is not as per detailed drawing passed by the department. A big adjustment of money is involved in this games.Assistant Engineer Harish Chander play Main Star role in this corruption game with the help of Mukesh Meena.He is sheltered by some political Neta’s. The Contractural cost of these projects is nearly twenty crores. The quantity of Cement & Admixtures is not proper provided in RMC Grades.

Details of projects are:-

1. Providing RMC and Raising of outfall drain on phirni road of Sawada village.
2. Stg. Of road by pdg. RMC from RUB Mundka to road no.3 via Madanpur dabas in Narela.
3. Const. of road by pdg. RMC from Jharoda road to Neelwal road on phirni road of village Tikri in Narela.
4. Providing & laying RMC Ganpati Dharam kata to delhi jal board land and near DMRC casting yard on phirni Road of village Mundka.

So, I am requesting you please, immediate Check & Set up Vigilance Enquiry against above mentioned corrupt Engineer’s for all these above works.

Shivpal Singh
( Volunteer )
Aam Adami Party.
May 1, 2013


Respected sir,

With all due respect, we the citizen of Karam Pura, New Delhi-110015 wants to draw your attention towards a mobile tower installation in the residence C-72 Karam Pura, New Delhi 110015.

Karam Pura is highly populated area and we all are aware of the consequences of having a mobile tower in the locality.

As we all know that the mobile tower emits highly harmful radiations which cause multiple mental and physical disorders to humans as well as other living beings, Disorder such as persistent headache, brain tumor, cancer and infertility.

Moreover the owner of C-72, Karam Pura, New Delhi 110015, has not received any clearance or NOC from any Governmental agency i.e. MCD, Delhi pollution control board, State Government, Delhi fire service, Delhi Health Department, Telecommunication Department Government of India.

The neighbours are against this installation and requested the owner a number of times but to no avail.

Your due interference in the matter is highly requested.
Thank you,

Yours faithfully,

(Residents of Karam Pura)
(New Delhi 110015)
kumar vinay
Feb 20, 2013

Dangerous,Illegal and unauthirissed construction

Dangerous, Illegal and unauthorised construction at BH-723/C, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi. Encroachment on road and pillars for lentor of illegal construction are on MCD Road. It is very Dangerous construction.
Oct 22, 2012

U/C at village Pehlad pur Banger

moti nagar ward no 99 mai avedh nirman ky bara ky baar shikayt karne per bhi nahi ho rahi koi action d c sahab karol bagh jone mai mila bhi unho ne action hoga per nahi ho rahi koi karyahi property no a8/95, 96 or 5/8a third flor or 3/24a third flor or sudarshan park mai to sekdo building 100/ cover or bina koi map j e sara din vahi per dekh kar anjaan banty hy ee je sahab ko ky baar phone dawara or mil kar letter bhi likha per koi action nahi ho raha ji pl sir take action manoj saluja r t i karykarta samaj sevi
Oct 18, 2012

U/C at village Pehlad pur Banger

91212950907: 91212950919: 91212950928: 91212950928: 91212951013: 91212951218: 91212951288

i have made the above numbers complent in this matter but
Still the Building metriel supllier (JP Sharma Address D1/74, sector-11, Rohini Delhi )has been stock the Brick, scree, rubble on the road.and he has Captured the road.when the staff came to take action one local leader mrs.Anita Rana give threat of Pravesh Wahi (councler of sector 11 rohini) to your staff and the staff go back empty.you are requested to see the matter on side and picture will be clear.
Sep 18, 2012

U/C at village Pehlad pur Banger

Karan Building Material Supplier
101 zaildar enclave
Mohan Garden-110059
The Commissioner,
North Delhi Municipal Corporation,
Civic Centre, Dr. Shyama Pd Mukerjee,
New Delhi-110001.

Sub: awarding the tenders is wrong manner.

In tender no. 165653 of EE(M CLZ)-I, yesterday on 17-09-2012 at around 6O’clock this tender is awarded to karan building material supplier of user id nsr NDRL-2011 but today this tender is awarded to some other company. By this tender we have got L1 capacity to buy tenders due to which we are not able to buy any other tender. How could be this possible? This shows that vipro company is not working properly. Please cleck this matter and solve this problem.

Thanking You
Aug 5, 2012

U/C at village Pehlad pur Banger

RES:- 26/87, SHAKTI NAGAR DELHI-110007
PH:- OFF:- 01127832321-22 RES 01123841626-27
FAX NO:- 01123841627 Mob 9811211523, 9910368225
E-MAIL ashokgupta1962@hotmail.com

The Commissioner,
North Delhi Municipal Corporation,
Civic Centre, Dr. Shyama Pd Mukerjee,
New Delhi-110001.
The Police Commissioner of Delhi,
I.T.O. New Delhi-110001

Sub:-1. Encroachment of Road & Footpath in front of House No-F-18/59, sector-
15, Rohani, Delhi-110089.
2. Illegal Laundry workshop for washing the cloth on Ist floor, House No F-
18/59, Sector-15, Rohani, Delhi110089.
3. Encroachments of roads & Footpaths by shopkeepers by fixing iron gates
In D Block, Sector-15, Rohani, Delhi-110089.

I am submitting few following lines for your information & necessary action.
I am journalist, So, I was going for news coverage, Then I was surprised & shocked to see that unauthorized activities, which was found in Sector-15,
Then I contacted to the local residents of this area for knowing actual facts. Then I was informed by local residents, that, Area Corporate has also approached many times for stopping these activities, But, he is ignoring these activities continually, because, he is also indulged with Engineers of this Zone & police deptt. All’s are getting share regularly from these shop keepers & goondas elements, who are giving protection to these activities. This is an open violation of law & order through these activities in the capital of India.
They have also got/collect information through vide letter No D/EE(M-RZ-I)/989 dt.09/12/2011. That letter was signed by EE(M-RZ-I) & A.E-I. Forwarding letter of this R.T.I. has been signed by Supdtt.Engineer Rohani Zone on 12/12/2011. They have admitted/accepted but feeling incompetent to take legal action. In this regard, one letter has already written to Hon’ble Commissioner M.C.D.by Mr.V.K.Gupta, H.No 66, Poket-6, Sector-24, Rohani Zone. No action was taken by M.C.D./ Police to till date. So you are requested again to intervene immediately to remove this illegal laundry/ encroachment on this roads & footpaths of Sector-15, Rohani Zone.
I hope you will take an early action against this illegal activities & also arrange to punish corrupt staff of this Zone for giving protection to illegal activities.

Adv Ashok Kr Aggarwal

Asstt.Editor India G Today.
Jun 3, 2012

U/C at village Pehlad pur Banger

No. Date: 03.06.2012
Sh. P.K.Gupta
The commissioner
North Delhi Municipal Corporation
Civic Centre
Minto Road, Delhi

Sub: Complaint of U/C going on at Khasra no. 52/2 village Pehlad Pur Banger Delhi-42 (ward no.-26) Near Ambedkar Park by Sh. Devender KaushikS/o Sh. Chader Bhan Kaushik.

It is brought to the notice of the authority that the unauthorized construction is going on at khasra no. 52/2 in village Pehlad Pur Banger Delhi-110042 near Ambedkar park in the shape of Oil factory by Mr. Dvender Kaushik S/o Sh. Chander Bhan Kaushik. This unauthorized construction is in progress on about 1500-2000 sq. yard (approximately). And the construction on ground floor ,first floor and 2nd floor have completed without any sanctioned plan /approval from the competent authority but no action /efforts done by any department neither by Police nor by M.C.D to stop this unauthorized construction. Factory owner, Mr. Devender Kaushik also laid a sewer line in front of his factory and constructed the same at his own while that street/road is a government land and only government agency is applicable to laid any sewer line/water line or prior approval of govt. concerned agency required to perform/laid sewer line and water line but Mr. kaushik done the same without taking any prior approval from any agency. During laying of sewer line objection was raised by the villagers and a FIR was registered against factory owner (Mr. Devender Kaushik) in Shahbad Dairy Police Station and as a punishment he had to stayed in jail for three days. Besides registering the FIR Police done nothing because father of Mr. Devender Kaushik is a retired Halwadar of Police Department.Mr. Devender Kaushik have excavated 2-3 big wells for placing oil which may be harmful for nearby resident in case of fire. I also made a complaint in Rohini zone control room in month of February 2012 on Tel. no. 011-27042700 for this unauthorized construction. A demolition squad has also visited the site but they went back after taking bribe from Mr. Devender Kaushik. It’s prove that both M.C.D and Police authorities are well aware about this unauthorized construction which is still going on. I also send a e-mail to Deputy commissioner of M.C.D, Rohini Zone and to Superintending Engineer Bldg. H.Q M.C.D on 17th April 2012 (copy enclosed). But all my effort to stop this unauthorized construction is going to be wasted because this U/C is still going on without any fear.
It is also interested to know that this u/c comes on the way of Police station Shahbad Dairy but no Police man ever tried to stop this U/C. But if any poor man construct his house both Police and M.C.D reached their to stop that construction as all these acts D.M.C act and I.P.S act are made only for poor peoples.
I humbly request you to for the save of the life of residents of village Pehlad Pur Banger and to save the environment and earth please instruct/order concerned staff to take action against this unauthorized construction as per Delhi Municipal Corporation act .
With these words that my efforts will continue till action will take place. And I am not telling my complete identity because of my safety.
Thanking You.

Your’s faithfully
On the behalf of resident of village pehladpur.

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