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Consumer complaints and reviews about Maa TV

Apr 3, 2021

about all serials

Please stop casting logic less serials which making people think what you show in serials is real/ people out have the same character and our parents stopped sending us out or trusting people. In most of every serial mother-in laws character is bad and literally people who watching thinking that people are same in real world.

Now lets talk about Intinti Gruhalakshmi: People in this serial don't have or use their brain. characters in this serial won't talk they shout like dogs. ***Content less, logic less serial.

I'm tired of seeing the negativity spreading through Maa TV and I request you to please please stop content less story showcasing through the channel because I don't want people to think reel life is real. I'm a person trying to save humanity.
Manasa goli
Mar 16, 2021

Karthika deepam serial

I want to talk abt karthika deepam if u want to drag the serial make some changes r else kill that karthik and end the serial there will not be any change in the serial I'm sure ur serial trp will some come down
Siri kanamarlapudi
Feb 27, 2021

Kartika deepam drag

I want to share a review about Karthika deepam. If u want to drag the serial drag but. This is not the way to drag. Hero is jocker all the time n heroine n soundarya r strong fighters but r real fools. If u want to continue the same trp to yr seriel pls consider this n make respective changes or else I sure in a month ur trp will definitely go down. The same repeated story no change. Deepa n soundarya plans some thing but every time Monitha hears n tells Aditya the same n changes him. Since more than an year it is happening. Waiting for some good will never happen in the serial. Try to make Karthik think a bit. Pls don't drag it more n make ur trp go down.
Feb 25, 2021

Regarding serials

I am watching all maa serials. In every serial you people are degrading women's character linking with someone else, its too bad. And all vilans character also women's, why so?And that kumkum povvu, really a women fate is such really bad always crying please end it. And karthika deepam making hero as a fool and treating him as serial hero also is a funny joke....please end it soon.
Sowmya Pithani
Feb 21, 2021

It is not a complaint it's just my request to shoot some serial which which shows our customs and traditions.

My humble request to StarMaa Serials broadcasting Association. Please shoot and encourage serials which shows our old customs and traditions like Agnisakshi Serial(Completed). This type of serials are very important to present generation. It is really well-directed. Please encourage such type of serials which represents our roots. This is my sincere request.
Jan 5, 2021

Manasichi Choodu Timings

Manasichi Choodu is one such serial in Star Maa with good story line, realistic, relatable characters and their natural performances. I didn't understand why is it still in non-prime slots. There are some serials which are logicless, storyless and yet are in prime time slots. I recently got to see Mansichi Choodu getting good ratings and near to top 10 position. I would say the only thing it is lacking now is prime slot. Please allocate prime time slot to it, somewhere at 7 or 9 as the serials at these timings Guppedantha Manasu and Kasturi respectively at these slots are not performing well in terms of story, ratings and story wise. It would be better if the timings are changed as it can fetch good TRPs to the channel as well.
Dec 29, 2020

prema yuddham in hotstar

i don't why you only uploaded only half part in hotstar...!!?? its just awesome serial among all..when im stressed depressed it really worked on me...i loved it....please i request you to release the other half....please....also my friends love watching this show...so please upload the other half of serial in hotstar #wewantfullpremayuddham #premayuddham #ishqbaaz
Nov 20, 2020


Dear MAA,
As a telugu audion watching over all the serials telecasting in MAA channel since long time, i felt serial "RADHA MADHU" was touching, sensible with limited episodes, more over it filled more positivity in audience which is lack in so-called famous serials telecasting now.
I am feeling MAA is nowhere separable in terms of the serials it has been telecasting, MAA has to re-check its quality of serials. I have seen lot of complaints/requests from other people to telecast "RADHA MADHU", other channels are also started telecasting serials again, why MAA is not considering people's request? please consider it & telecast the serial. As RADHA MADHU has already telecasted with 123 episodes, at least continue it.

Again i am uttering MAA is nowhere differ with other channels in terms of cruelty showcasing in serials. Better be a solo-competitor, encourage sensible serials.

At least consider people's request & telecast RADHA MADHU serial. Writing this complaint on a hope that MAA will consider common audience opinions....
If you find any difficulty to telecast the serial, at least upload the remaining episodes in HOTSTAR...

Thank you...
Nov 6, 2020

Bigg boss 4

High boss 4 Telugu is the overall good but how to bring Amma Rajasekhar he is the wast performer in the whole house and pleases to every audience don't vote/support Rajasekhar he is a wast opponent I'm getting full anger about him why he worthless thing in house I can't understand I'm really unhappy to safe rajasekhar I'm saying my friends as well don't watch Bigg boss 4 Telugu if rajasekhar eliminate I'll be supported to bigg boss 4
Nov 6, 2020

Intinti Gruhalakshmi

How can a serial have such a story? It is not even close to reality. Serials can influence people and I don't want this serial to influence anyone. No ethics. It may encourage younger generations to behave rudely with no moral values as shown in it. I request starmaa to stop this serial ASAP.
Just a viewer
Nov 3, 2020

Big boss 4 - worst

Hi nag sir nd big boss.... I'm sorry for keeping msg lol this but I hope you ppl can take care of it... Big boss4 is really getting worse from past week ... Big boss you always give orders like wear mask , etc but why don't you say to contestants to keep their anger in limits ... Its really worst to see those shouting , their way of conveying matter especially avinash ... He just made mistake in fact of accepting it he made it another level controversial issue ... I'm just hating this show now... Hope nag sir you can say to contestants that while nominating ask them first listen to the person who nominated nd then they can speak for them self .. These ppl always interpret while others speak ....

Hope it changes from this week onwards
Nov 2, 2020

Overaction of Devatha rukmini charcter

I dont know who designed the charcter of devatha serial rukmini..

Kanipisthe vadi mukhaaravindam lo na padaraksha pedatha....

Entha palletuurulo perigina ala undaru...

Adi kaka begging lo anni telisinatlu chuupinchadam..ipudemo serila nadipinchadam lo kosam emi telini danilaga chupinchi saagadeeyadam....parikshalu pichollanega ne yedava feeling

Vadebba....a jaffagadu direct cheathundi....

Public sight kabatti inthe antunna..ledante...imagin my buthulu...

Itlu ,
Hurt ayyina thappaka chudalsi vasthunna oka prikshkudu...
Chala mandi feeling ide...
Oct 20, 2020

Intinti Gruhalakshmi

Assala intha galeez serial ekkada choodaledhu nenu. Family relations, emotions hurt ayye vidhamga undhi ee serial. Very bad story. No ethics. Women empowerment antaaru ga. Ippudu em ayyindhi aa power antha. Feminists should be the first to protest on this serial. Em ayyaru meeru antha. Oka vela evaraina ee review choosthe, plz respond. Even media kooda jokyam chesukovatle. I beg @starmaa to please Stop the serial ASAP.
Oct 12, 2020

Bigg Boss 4

Nagurjuna sir,
There is a lot of stuff going on with Monal garu... tell the viewers not to insult women.. same thing happens in Bigg Boss 2 with Tejaswi garu( may be the reason is different) . In the end it is her life her decision, she is doing nothing wrong for others. In the same house harika is seen very close to Abhijeet, why the same question is not raised to her . Ariana to Avinash and divi amma garu. Abhijeet was also so close to Swathi.. only after Swathi he was talking again to monal... if monal garu is not sharing the exact information.. no one is also sharing the exact information. They just talk and see and remember what they like and point out the same . And they are questing and blaming one person..if she comes out of the house I guess she cannot face the comments she received.. please convey this to housemates and viewers..
Thanking you
Oct 3, 2020

Telicast last episode of Mahabharatam

Why didn't you telicast last episode of Mahabharatam which has to telicast today?
Oct 2, 2020


I just saw a new serials promo named c/o anasuya.
There these people talk about going to a filthy rich family and how she teaches her kids to live after going there..
“Koteswarulu” intiki velthe ela undalo nerpistunam ane conversation..
what kindoff bullshit is this..
what kindoff serials do they produce and direct..?
What lesson are they trying to give the people?
Any serials or movies should be in such a way that they influence people and make sure peoples perspective towards things change..
How come such narrow minded concepts come in and people still watch those..
please makesure u come up with proper serials line before u broadcast
Harika. Ch
Oct 1, 2020

Biggboss 4

Sohel and mehaboob over aggressive avthunaru. Vallu rowdylla behave chesthuru. Robo task lo vallaku nagarjuna thittalsi unde. Kani nagarjuna emanaledhu. E coins task lo valla game chala over confident ayyindhi. E sari nagarjuna vallanu thittakunte nen biggboss e kadhu starmaa ne chudanu.
Sep 13, 2020

Changing of timings

Why timings of jinn mayajalam and manasu maata vinadu serial timings are changed? Please don't change their timings sir. Please telecast them in their original timings.🥺🥺
Sep 13, 2020

Changing of timings

Why the timings of jinn mayajalam and manasu maata vinadu serial timings are changed? Please don't change them. Keep them in their original timings sir . Please please please 🥺🥺
Sep 8, 2020

Worst stories

All the serials are worst. Not just mama tv every Telugu serial in every channel. Y can’t you encourage new stories. Seriously I just can’t bear unending sorrows of actresses and unending crimes of vamp characters and the worthless hero characters. Can’t they be more sensible. Same plastic surgery, amnesia, cancer patient who never dies although The patient is declared with a death date. Mama tv used to air good serials in its early days like ammamma.com and radhamadhu, and there’s no comedy serial with some decency, only thing we get to watch is hero always doubting on heroines character. That stupid Karthika Deepam is just running one simple statement . If Karthik takes DNA test all the problems are solved and the serial is done. This is no way empowering, entertaining. Why don’t you people try to work on famous short stories like By Ruskin bond and try something Malgudi days. I’m telling you you will be in top of trps if u try something differently. It has been proved every time. And where is empowering of lower status people and women. All the serials have this extra marital affairs. Not even a single serial is watchable with children. Y don’t you go for mythology short stories from Amar Chitra katha kind of stories. It really helps the kids to inculcate the morals. Some innovative stuff for children, housewives. Personality developmemt, budget planning. These things help the audience most of these extra mRital affairs. It’s possible to gain good amount of audience as well as positive response for informative shows. Please try to encourage new talent. I don’t want these serials but I’m forced to hear the dialogues as my mother watches it. What can she do she just watches what’s there. You have responsibility towards the society and you are at very good place that can easily bring change to society.

Be the first to change and claim your price earliest.
Sep 3, 2020

Not telecasting jinn mayajalam

Why maa TV is not telecasting jinn mayajalam on Saturdays. it is very interesting. Please telecast the show jinn mayajalam at 4 :00 pm instead of gruha Lakshmi repeated episode. Please please 🥺🥺🙏
Sep 3, 2020

Not telecasting jinn mayajalam

Why maa TV is not telecasting jinn mayajalam on Saturdays? It is very interesting . Please telecast the show on Saturday alsoo......... please please please
Aug 27, 2020

Upload all maa tv serials on YouTube or hotstar

Please upload all maa tv old serials especially sasirekha parinayam,pavitra bandham,asthachemma
Full episodes on YouTube or hotstar
Jul 30, 2020

About serials and advertisements

Entandi aa serials....entha worst ga unayo telsa...oka channel anedi entertain cheyalandi...anthe Kani chiraku tepinchakudadhu...Ina nelaki dabbulu kadtu dish pettinchukundi e daridralu chudtanikaa..aa serials tesevariki buddhi lekapoyina at least mekina maturity undali kada...madyalo aa advertisements...asalu miru ma tv Ani kaadhu advertisement tv Ani petkovali.. correct ga saripotundhi...mi trp kosam chestunara idantha...konchem brain vadandi...trp kosam mad ga behave cheykandi...pls dayachesi ilanti murkathvanni encourage cheyakandi...ivi chusi chusi people antha ila murkamga tayaraye avakasam undhi....pls konchem matured ga channel nadapandi...oka e channel a kaadhu Anni channels ilage unay..
Jul 28, 2020

Intinti Gruhalakshmi

Worst serial chala bad ga vunyi characters asla em tisthunaro nto chala worst ga vundhi serial please MAA TV serial ni eliminate cheyandi

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