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Consumer complaints and reviews about Maa TV

Jan 26, 2016


The way seshirekha parinayam was projected initially was great, my entire family started taking time out of their schedule tho watch it.
Agreed that the title of the serial states the wedding and that might be the last bit however, the way it is been exhibited offlately is frustrating.
Jaanu is behind the show to stop the wedding. She does things one after the other. I think any human being will b frustrated after some point of time. She is anyway married to another guy, yet she wants to stop seshi's wedding with Abhi.

I think this serial lacks a proper directorial skills. Kindly give it an end.
Lets not keep decorating seshi as a bride for no marriage that is happening.
Jan 25, 2016

Sasi Rekha parinayam

Hi viewer's one thing e serial director yevado name lekunda jaagrata paddadu aayana entha crime e serial ni chooste ardamautundi ye popular serial aina 1/4 th bad choopistaru kaani edi matram total bad and all are good actors but he is utilising in a worst way especially Jaanu character irritating unnecessarily epudu eyes peddaga pedutundi acting sariga raada??? "Sasi pelli but sister undadu abhi pelli but father or mother undaru "and "hero is abhi but marriage is dummy" e director oka vedava at least complaints kuda patinchukodu e serial ban ayyevaraku, valla image damage ayyevaraku sagadistadu. Pelli ni value lekunda choopadu " ni pelli ela jariginte bagundu" and Jaanu ki mrge aindi but abhi house lo enduku undi atleast couples madya feelings petandi adi kuda prolong vaddu. Society lo Andaru cunnings and crime ni choosi feel ayyi visiki mi serials choostunaru atleast kindness ni choopinchu ni intelligence ni crime lo vadaku, crimes public andariki knowledge undi nuvu choope serial kanna. "Try to full it with love" without prolonging.
Jan 21, 2016

about serials

Plz stop tv serials on saturday and sundays
Keerthi Kiran
Jan 21, 2016

susi rekha parinayam

The worst serial in maa tv till now
Jan 20, 2016

shashirekha parinayam

wt the nonsense is this asalu story track vadilesi ekkadiko thisukeltharu , asalu inka enni years avuthundhi
abhi dream girl reveal cheadaniki...........serial koncham happiness, comedy nimpandra babu
eppudu edupu mukallane......okkati matram nijam shashi pelli matram abhitho thappa inkaveruthonina jarigethe
matram ............malli e serial joiliki matram vellanu..
[email protected]
Jan 20, 2016


Waste of watching seetamalakshmi now. Initially it was really good and the story was interesting. After rajshekar's death (dont know whether he is alive or dead in the serial), the johny character is very very irritating. The way johny talks, his attitude, his behaviour, everything boring and irritating. We think nagababu has gone mad with the character. We like the one and only one seethamalakshmi serial in maa tv, but even that has become worst now. Like every serial, initial episodes will be good, and going on it becomes worst. Johny's character is very vulgar and his assistant, he doesnt have any dialogues, he only says, avu anna or emichepinavana. This is becoming worst ans waste serial.
jyothi kona
Jan 18, 2016

Please dub nagin serial

Dear sir,

Please dub nagin serial in telugu.it is telicast ng in colour s. Please sir it is nice story line. Please telicast it in telugu.it is my humble request.

Thank you.
Jan 16, 2016

sasirekha parinayam

This serial is going beyond the limits day by day it is entering in a worse track..please add some self respect to hero and heroine. U r just showing them totally dumb.its better that director should use some common sense atleast now..actually what is the moto in this...just waste of commenting even...i think its now d wrst serial in maatv.y do janu always stay in sashis house even whn shez married...y do sashis sisz husband cant help her from his evil minded brother..if abhis father is left alone in varalus house who would give medicine nor take care.logicless serial....initially its gud but nw waste of time watching it..
end d serial or take a different concept instead...d serial is stil running just because of sashi n abhi.
Jan 16, 2016

sasirekha parinayam

hello director sir,
intially d story is gud. but u r making it worst day by day.almost 4-5 mnths nunchi oka marriage ane concept tho sagadeesthunnaru. marriage isint life. its just a part of life.n seshi character ni chetha chesaru.shez a gud actor. nka enni days dream grl n marriage ane concept tho untaru if u cant better end up.d nly way to increase rating is by making abhi know that his dream grl is sashi n dey getting married.
Jan 16, 2016


This is hearty request for you please dub
It is wonderful serial sir.Gemini tv do a great job by dubbing it but it fails in getting of good trp rating.In your channel which type of serial is came it will compulsory get good trp rating. So please dub this serial it is Amazing serial.If you dubbed,it will definitely got excellent trp rating. Sir,please dub it sir this is HUMBLE request for you.please give this wonderful serial to TELUGU audience.Thank you.
Jan 14, 2016

Janaki Ramudu

Janakai ramudu serial ni at least one hour ayina telecast cheyandi.. Meeru vese 30min ki story asalu.move avvatam ledhu and interest kuda ledhu.. Idhemi normal serial kadhu ga ala 30min edho story lekunda telecast cheyataniki... Please one hour telecast cheyataniki try cheyandi..
Thank you..
Jan 12, 2016

sasireka parinayam-abhi

Babu Abhi garu (hero of the serial) mee opika ki hats off..meedi hero character a.. or comedian a andi? asalu ryt from start of the serial okkasari aina director garu count cheskunnaro ledo abhi character ni pelli kodukuga alankarinchaaro..yenni sarlu pelli decoration chesaro serial lo..n abhi pelli yenni sarlu aagipoindo...asalu abhi hero or comedian aa serial ki? ultimate comedy andi..hero ni fool ga chupinchina ghanatha mee serial ke
Jan 12, 2016

sasireka parinayam-worst storyline

dear Mr. Director of Sasirekha parinayam, there is no more nonsense that u can add up into this serial, too many unwanted characters being introduced, unwanted dragging and irritating story line, horrible dialogues in an abnormal language. initially the serial was cute and interesting, now it has become a nonsense. so please instead end it before it could gain even more bad name. as it is nothing much is happening in the serial these dats except irritating face of lady who z playing janu character and irritating slangs of unnecessary characters entered these days. espaecially woman playing jaanu,s character, her face n expressions are very irritating..by the ways janu is married but still she z eyeing on abhi..wat a character. please put an end to the telecast as soon as possible.
Jan 11, 2016

Ramayan serial

Siya ki ram Telugu lo vastundante Chala happy feel ayyam kani first episode ni cut chestu vesaru, so sad. Meaning leni serials estaru, elanti mythology serials cut chestu este ela. Pls serial ni manchi ga veyandi. Hindi lo 3 episodes epudu Telugu lo 1 episode lo estunaru.
Jan 7, 2016

upcoming ramayanam

we want it on sunday who can see by all pleease
Dec 31, 2015


kotta characters entra babu unde characters chalaknda chetta chstnru tokkalo serial
evdra babu director serial ela teeyalo telida ila champutnru ba teeyadm chetagakapte serial twaraga complete chyndi ila endku ma pranam teestaru pls me serial lo violence ekkva aipoyndi tagginchndi vishadm ekkva aipoyndi ila aite asalu chudalru evru
pls story maarchandi e kotta character lu entra babu endo me serial chetta ga undi mundu la ldu fun ldu anta vishadame ilane unte madichi pettukondi serial ni ............mundu abhi dream girl ni reveal chyndi .....e jatakalu tokka nti .........chandalm chstnru anta violenceeeeeeee pls meku dandm serial maarchndra
Dec 30, 2015

Sasirekha parinayam

This serial is going beyond the limits day by day it is entering in a worse track..please add some self respect to hero and heroine. U r just showing them totally dumb.its better that director should use some common sense atleast now.feeling like throwing this director.actually what is the moto in this...just waste of commenting even...
ramu rao
Dec 26, 2015

rama yana

sir, most ppl waiting for when ramayana telecast in maa tv tell me sir. we are waiting for ramayana serial. thank you sir.
ramu rao
Dec 26, 2015

hara hara mahadev

sir, please continue the hara hara mahadev. thank you sir......
ramu rao
Dec 26, 2015

hara hara mahadev

sir, hara hara mahadev in maa gold, it is very interest to see in our village ppl. most of ppl like that type of serial. but y r u sir disconneted that serial? sir, please continue the hara hara mahadev serial. thank you sir.......
Dec 19, 2015

Ramayana incorrectly told

This is written to bring to your notice that you have been encouraging dubbing serials from hindi channels.
A new serial that is advertised to start telecasting is JANAKI RAMUDU..IN HINDI IT IS SIYA KE RAM in channel STAR PLUS

I request the producers ...of MAA channel that we have sufficient potential in our telugu industry, we have sufficient producers and efficient directors to make our Ramamyana to teach the principles of life as per the original ramayana to the new generations..wht is the need to depend on dubbing for the same.

Please check the content before telecasting..RAMA and SITA are our idols ..we need not show them as lovers..or to prove their love is eternal no one has right to change the text of the great epic Ramayana.

I have been following Siya ke Ram…Though the idea of presenting Ramayana through Sita’s point of view is good. But the writer and producer have no right to play with the actual story line. There are several instances which are shown are in correct. If the production house wants to guide the youngsters to Our history then please please do it in right way.
The more annoying aspect is the title card shown on 15 dec ..where Rama and sita are shown as a love couple as others couples of routine love stories. Please do not spoil images of our idols in our youngsters eyes.
There is one instances that shows Ram and sita met before sita swayamvar which is not true. Ram fighting Subhahu and marich is also incorrect. If the production house follows Tulsi das Sri Ramcharit manasa.. Please read thoroughly as these instances come only when BrahmaRishi Vishwamitra takes Sri Rama and Lakshmana with him. Kindly guide the new India with the actual Ramayana as the epic Ramayana shows how to lead life.

In 19 DEC2015: In this episode...it si shown as ashwamedha yagna performed and Rama standing by Ahimsa. there are well instancessc in Ramayana to support his virtue but need not a one created. It is shown that Rama knows abt Sita and meets her before Swayamvaram ...please chk before mis guiding.

If you want to shown it as a love story then please remove the title and do not show it as “ramayana through Sita’s eyes”…
Ramayana is not a love story it is the journey of life on the path of truthfulness, dedication, affection, adhering to family values.

Please correct the story and do not mis lead the youth.

Expect that at leas telugu new audience will not get carried away by the new ramayana ..which is showing it as ordinary lovers story and instincts..

Please take action
Dec 18, 2015

Sasirekha parinayam

Again problem in their marriage..oh god please give some common sense to this director..enthamandhi thittina sense ledhu meeku.anavasaramga me chetha story tho serial lo andarni thittisthunnaru.medhagara story lekapothe serial end cheyandi.atleast for 1 week show something good in your serial.criminal ideas thappa medhagara emundava...asalu manishena meeru...meeku theliyakapothe ma complaints aina chadhavandi..pending lo unna track dreamgirl sasi ani abi ki theliyadam.aa main track vadhilesi ee trash antha entasalu..chee..u people will never change
Dec 17, 2015

Sasirekha parinayam

Director sir,
Please give some respect to marriage.It is too much your are always stopping the marriage after all preparation,jovial sasi character has become crying sasi.we used to see serial because of that sasi's naughty character.If you don't know how to continue the serial please end it,don't give unnecessary twist.
Dec 17, 2015


serial inka enni rojulu continue chstru.500 episodes aipotndi epdu end chstru. enti serial epdu edo okate edupu inkem lda.abhi dream girl ni inta varaku chupinchaldu asalu.chetta aipoyindi serial mari.epdu edo oka edupu mundu twaraga end chyndi pls.chudalekaptnm .
Dec 17, 2015

sashirekha parinayam

First lo bavundedhi...picchi picchi Ga teesthunnaru...asal vaka episode Ki inko episode Ki sambandham ey undadhu..viewers emaina verri vaala la kanipisthunnara enti...eppudu vilanisame na sashi Ki positive Ga vakati kuda jaragadha..eppudu jaanu,and Ajay vilanisame na..panikimalina serial...hindi serials are the best...teesthe baa tee and lekunte windup cheyandi serial no nashtam ledhu..enni sarlu pelli aagipothundhi...madhyalo eeyanki cancer enti ah gola enti...happiness ey ledha serial lo..vaka roju jail antaru inko roju accident cancer all nonsense....ippudu hero heroine pelli cheskunte hero chanipodam enti jaffa vedhava evadra director Thu...maa tv paina Unna impression pothondhj...kanipinchina vaalandharu dream girls eyna asal dream girl Ni hero Ki eppudu telusthundho....stop the bloody serial...

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