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Consumer complaints and reviews about Maa TV

rekha done
Dec 16, 2015


Worst judgement in Super Singer 9. both the teams MALLI as well DEEPIKA are cheating KALPANA.....
Kindly banned both the teams on immediate effect they are not suitable for professional singers.

even they are not giving the right scores and cheating with talented signers. Kindly do some thing to stop this politics was playing by both the wife and husband.

Wasting viewers time. This is not reality show its completely partiality show. I am stopping to watch this show
Dec 16, 2015

telecasting a serial

Please telecast beintehaa serial in telugu
Dec 16, 2015

please telecast beintehaa serial

Please telecast beintehaa serial in telugu
Dec 14, 2015

super singer

Dear Sir

I download in super singer 9 every episode for youtube via but not play in the video from youtube. how to download please help me
Dec 10, 2015

Sasirekha parinayam

Asalu meishtamochinatlu theshunnaru serial. Me pichi peaks ki vachindhi. Aa precap enti ajay tieing knot to sasi.. Wat the hell u want to show. Make that precap as jaanus or ajays dream. Pichimohala kanipistunnama views meeku. Em chupinchina pichi janalu chusestharu anukuntunnara. Use some common sense. 500 episodes dhatindhi dream girl evaro thelidhu. Avasaramaina vaatimedha concentrate cheyandi. Hindi serials ni chusi nerchukondi. Telugu lo fashion aipoindhi okarni preminchadam inkokarni pelli cheskodam. Hindi varaku endhuku manjula naidu serials chusi nerchukindi. 1000 episodes thestharu minumum. Story line chaala clear cut ga untundhi. U people are fit for nothing ane maata anipinchukokandi. Just stop that precap. Make it as a dream.. Dream.. Dream
Dec 10, 2015

Sasirekha parinayam

Chala kashtam tho aa jail track end chesaaru. Thanks to uu. Kani aa precap entandi antha worst ga undhi.again ajay is tieing a knot to sasi... Wat u people are thinking i really don know. Please make it as ajays or jaanus dream... If it is true tieing a knot to sasi then that jail track is 100% better than this. Think in a creative way. Superb artists unnaru metho.try to use them perfectly with good story. 500 episodes ainai abhi ki dream girl evaro thelidhu.. Chala funny ga undhi. Inka ee criminal ideas tho story aapandi please concentrate on their love story. Chusevaalaki mentalosthundhi. Rojukaka criminal idea nerpisthunnaru. I do have a doubt.. Meru asalu ee complaints chadhuvuthara.. Chadhivithe views ki emana panileka raasaru anukuntaara.. complaint box lo more than half me serial gurinchi. This is my favourite serial but now this is one of the worst serial i can say. Sasi and abhi forever. Love u both. Good bye for this serial...
Dec 9, 2015

Sasirekha parinayam

Director Sir , koncham story meeda concentrate cheyadaniki think cheyandhi inka enduku ajay and jannu characters ki chance istharu chetha laga valla criminal ideas ki , alanti vallu unnaru kabate ila undi mana society meru inka serial lo vesi mari nerputhunaru first stop that stupid ideas from ajay, jannu,darani, kavitha , these four are the useless characters in this serial , okka limit untadi mari inta darunam ga chupinchakudadu .....
meeru inka dream girl abhi ki chupinchaledhu anuko this is the worst serial in Maa TV ... i am telling ..
u dont know how to concentrate on the story of the serial ..just ala saggadistunaru anthe edo jannalu chustharu ani , meru ilane chesthe asalu me serial ki asalu rating radhu endukante chetha serial kabati ... try to direct in good way ....
kostha abhiruthi
Dec 8, 2015

sasirekha parinayam

sasirekha parinayam serial mari laagesthunnaru.. chiraag puttesthndhi.. mundhu chaala baagundedhi ee serial.. and now a days serial is getting dragged and draaaggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed in a way that people are hating it.. its my kind advice for the director to either take the serial in an interesting way or end the serial... after so much of complaints..? y dont you turn up to make it into a good one ? arent you seeing up this complain forms or is it that you are least bothered.?? remember director.. this serial had achieved top rankings and ratings.. dont spoil it .. you have good actors and actress.. better hear our voices and change it to good..
Dec 7, 2015

seetha mahalakshmi...the worst serial

how do the director expect a story like that......

Chi....chetta story....chetta heroine....they r trying for long lasting serial...no concentration on story lines.....how do a celebrity like naga babu sir acting on that worst serial....it ruins his reputation.....sir please dont make that type of worst serials.......the heroine of that serial actually suits to mother character how can she be a heroin......
Dec 4, 2015

retelecast mahabharatham

plz re-telecast mahabharatham serial. we missed starting episodes
Dec 4, 2015

Super singer 9

Worst and wrong jedgement about raghu's team elimination because ramya song jedgement.... now the program is not correct
Dec 4, 2015

Super Singer 9

Worst judgement in Super Singer 9. Small kids can say who is trying to give there best. Experienced judges don't know to how to judge
Production house should select proper people to judge

Wasting viewers time. This is not reality show its completely partiality show. I am stopping to watch this show
Dec 3, 2015

SesiRekha PArinayam

Director Sir ,

I am not understanding why are u making the serials as Criminal serial dont u have common sense , making herione as criminal no one will watch every one will stop watching the serial such a non sense serial ..either do it in proper way to make others interest otherwise stop directing this serial atleast try to learn from Hindi Serials how to make the story and how to concentrate on the story line ...

we are not understanding what exactly u want to direct this serial such a interesting serial now a days u are making as non sense & dabba serial

I am suggesting the MAA TV team , dont telecast this kind of dabba serials and actually this serial is giving criminal ideas to society this is the right way actually ...
suresh palepu
Dec 3, 2015

super singer 9

Super singer 9 judges are not fovour to Raghu riders
Compare to Gopika team Raghu's team is the best,
But we don't know why Raghu team got eliminated from super singer 9.

Please kindly request to give good judgment for the further rounds.

Don't disappoint to the viewer's.
Dec 3, 2015

serial is irritating

enti serial podigistnru knchm kuda enjoyment ldu serial chustnte bore kodtndi knchm kuda interest ravatldu oka episode sentiment tho ne aipotndi story em jaragadu e serial twaraga complete chyndi endi e jail case lu ivanni sodi ga undi mundu serial lo story maarchandi epdu edupe na sentiment lu inkem lda me serial lo knchm kuda entertainment ldu
Dec 3, 2015

on sasirekha parinayam serial

Sasirekha Parinayam serial is once upon a time an interesting serial for youth and family. Now, it has lost zeal and is a liability to MAA TV. There is no entertainment, always zealousy, no self respect to ladies, always conspiracies one against other and no end. But, one coincidence is more no. of movies of Annapurna Studios are failures due to dragging and non creation of interest (ZIDDU CINEMAS without tempo). Latest example is AKHIL. Selection of stories is also not done properly. Slowly Maa TV is losing viewership with the nuisence twist serial of Sasirekha Parinayam. Once reputation lost, it cann not be gained against. BY selecting good looking heroine, not utilised properly. Everybody though it will be good love story with family bonding. But it has lost that track and became a chikaku serial. Please change the track with entertainment or stop the serial in the best interests of Maa tv.
Dec 3, 2015

Sasirekha parinayam

Sasirekha parinayam serial is degrading day by day. Serial full of sadistic thoughts and criminal ideas. Worst human values. Stupid direction
Dec 3, 2015

sheshireka parinayam

Pls stop this sheshireka parinayam serial ... never expected such dumb serial from annapoorna studios .....This is getting out of hand ..

To director ,
If you are really a director with creativity ..then before directing just think whether will the story happen practically ... Just for some sake of suspense don't play some dumb and non sense scene ....

I really appreciate serials voice dubbed from Hindi
Dec 2, 2015

About the movies!

All the movies telecasted on ur channel is of no sense. Because u cut down all the songs and even scenes sometimes.
When you dont want to play the entire movie y do you want to telecast them?
Its better for u to continue with ur serials rather than fooling us.
Dec 1, 2015

Sasi rekha parinayam serial

One line description about Sasi rekha parinayam serial: This serial is just to teach criminal ideas to the society.what is the use of posting complaints in this complaint board?iam seeing horrible complaints on this serial from last 6 months but not seeing any action from MAA tv team.
Dec 1, 2015

worst serial sashirekha parinayam

koncham hindi serials chusi nerchukondi atleast week oka twist and ekkuva navvu koncham badha untayi . mana telugu serials edchinatuntayi. oke twist 10 years lagestharu. adhi dream girl ani world mothaniki thelusthadhi kani dhaniki thelidhu. asala ela direct cheyyalanipisthundho kuda ardham kavatam ledhu. anavasaranga nagarjuna gari paruvu thesthunaru. starting lo serial edho bavuntadhemo ani chusam . ippudu aa tym lo aa channel pettataniki kuda chiraku vesthundhi.
eppudu oka story ena . andhuke telugu industry ilane undipoyindhi.
better telecast apeyandi inka konni rojulu ilane sagadhesthe evaru chudaru .
oka seriallo oka bomma ni pattukoni 2 yrs chesesaru dhaniki ending kuda ivvalekapoyaru valla pillalu ani start chesesaru.
ee serial lo vadiki oka 30 times pelli agipoyi untadhi inka avvadhu kuda 2 yrs ilane sagadhestharu . mere society ki leni poni alochanalu ccreate chesthunaru .
ee serial nenu 6 months mundhu chusa ippudu chusa pedha difference ledhu akkade undhi .
maa tv lo telecast avthuna dubbed hindi serials ke craze ekkuva undhi than mana telugu serials
asha peruri
Nov 30, 2015

sasirekha parinayam

worst serial
Asalu enti mee uddesam ?
Ee serial dwara meru em cheppali anukuntunnaru?
Meeku anna thelusa?
Serial saagadeeyali anukuntunnaru anthe gaa.. vere twist lu leva me daggara?
Enthasepu abhi sasi pelli ela aapaalaa ani villons vese chetha plans medha pette focus kastha story line medha pettandi..
Pelli dhaka thecharu kanesam ee pelli anna cheyandi.
Pelli mandapam settings veyakapoyina gudilo chesina parla.. mundhu asalu pelli cheyyandhi.. chetha twist lu petti aapakandi .. chasthunnam chudaleka.. .. meeku anthaga saagadhiyali anpisthe pelli chesi aa tarwatha istamochinattu chesukondi gani just pelli ni edho pedha issue la chupinchakandi. Indhulo characters ki unna value thi polchithe... abhi sasi pelli ki antha value ivvakkarledhu.. asalu audience evvariki intrest ledhu valla pelli gurinchi .. inka meru suspense lu pettina waste.. so pls concentrate on story line.. ledha ee chetha serial ika aapeyandi ... pls...
vinay chary
Nov 30, 2015


Sashirekha parinayam wat a bullshit serial
Over action of sashi
Acting,expressions ivvadam raani abhi
Motham serial lo unna anni characters overacting a
Asal story a ledu
Enni sarlu pelli aptarra naina plz stop this serial or finish it fastly
Nov 27, 2015

Sasirekha parinayam

Hi Director,

This is especially for you director , please dont make the serial as boring to the others , such a nice hero herione u have , u can make the story in beautiful way why dont u show the dream girl sasi to Abhi how long u will take to show . Now a days story is irrating and headache is cmng , why are u supporting jannu things and making sasi as criminal, dont u have a sense and brain if u dont have then stop the serial and do some other work otherwise do it properly . there will be a limit to drag the story but not the entire story ..
try to direct and create the love story between sasi and abhi otherwise dont telecast the serial. Remove that dharani character and kavitha character

If sasi is in Jail it self no one will watch serial such a dabba serial keep that in mind first concentrate on the hero and herione based on the serial name instead of concentrating on the criminal things done by jannu

if u really checking these complaints and taking into consideration then u will be the director for this serial and it will be the best serial in future .
Aravinda renuka
Nov 26, 2015

Super singer9

SS8 is better than 9.judjing is also better in SS8.and not understanding how SS9 is finding new talent in 9.even though they didn't win in 8 some good singers r singing in movies.In 9 who are the new singers u r bringing talent in the finals.All I could see is a team leader,2 mentors who r singing mainly.what is this kinder joy round.there is no competition in 9.and the judges choice is also not that great.
Hope 10 is better.

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