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Aug 28, 2015

shesirekha parinayam

Day by day janu characters chala cruel ga chestunaru......really that girl acting is very good in onamalu movie and other serial lo maradalu ga act chesindi....chala baga chesindi..but e serial lo chala violence chala ekkuvaga pettaru...pls stop that serial...
[email protected]
Aug 27, 2015

Sasirekha Parinayam

Hello Serial Team,

Please stop encouraging or advertising the supernatural powers(trying to kill a person using some mantra's etc). It is spoiling the people's mind and giving false alarms about such creepy things.

The fight between them is ok but prolonging too much and not giving any importance to love is making the serial to loose many viewers. Please showcase the cruel mentality of Jahnavi and her Supporters. It's good to value family, but not at the cost of not revealing their likes or interest in their opinion.

Hope you take care of this issue and make Sashi bit powerful not too much loyal to everyone even the enemies. It's degrading the character of heroine and make Abhi bit heroic rather than being like a dummy character.
Aug 25, 2015

Borewater issues_Penta Reddy Colony, West Venkatapuram


I would like to bring to your notice regarding the water mafia which is operating out of Penta Reddy Colony, West Venkatapuram - Alwal. The amount of water being extracted from these bore wells has left the entire area dry. We did complain during summers, to which they stopped because obviously the water levels had depreciated drastically. Now they have started again and this has led to no water in the area again.

I'm not quite sure if these are operated by local leaders or politicians but this is causing a lot of trouble for the residents who are helpless and are living without water as there is no proper manjeera water line to this area as well.

I request your channel to kindly take an action and put an end to this troublesome guys who even get down to rowdism when questioned.

I don't have any pictures to attach but a TV footage will be greatly appreciated.

Karthik Pkmjsrkhkrsrt
Aug 25, 2015

Puttinti Pattuchira Serial(MAA TV)

Asalu ento e puttinti pattuchira serial at afternoon 2:00 pm on maa tv harassing & torturing an innocent girl(Rukmini). Andaru daya chesi e serial chusi meeku entha kopam vastadi antey chiraku dobbi champi narikedam anipistadi antaa torture serial lo.Girls serials lo kada anyayam jarugutundi. Tammudu maata kosam nilabaditey chutupakala vallu harrasement & torturing, please BAN this serial immediately.
Aug 24, 2015

Ramulamma serial

Worst serial I saw in my life till now. No story, every day dragging, worst direction.worst imagination.totally the worst serial in Maa TV.
Aug 19, 2015

Shashirekha parinayam serial...

Seriously this serial is becoming worst day by day.Always shashi will dream about something..there was no reality at all.and Hero character was literally dummy who always thinks about dream girl. Even though he sees her daily he don't know that she was the dream girl which signifies that it is not a sign of true love.and totally there was no plot at all in the serial except with some twists,simply extending the serial with stupid arguments between shashi and janu.it is making the audience to lose interest to watch.my sincere request is to change the story or please stop telecasting it..
Aug 18, 2015


Asalu em jarugutundi....enty aa godavalu complaint board lo ....pls maa tv members somebody chala worst ga matladutunaru ...y vallu personal ga tisukuntunaru ..ex:sree...and others ....adi serial adi only acting nijamga kadu ani telusu kada kani veellu matram serious ga fight chesukuntunaru....hello miru tittukovalante mi personal mail lo chat chesukondi ...ikkada kadu ok...maa tv evergreen channel ...miru dani viluva nu pogatakandi..nuvu emaina kid va ala common sence lekuda behave chestunaru ....
Aug 11, 2015

Ramulamma serial

It is good if you change the artist who playing the role of rudramadevi in ramulamma serial..
Aug 10, 2015

Sasirekha parinayam

Hello Ms/Mrs, could you please check your English before replying. Else go back to school first and then start commenting.

And you have told " it's upto people opinion" and why don't you think it's up to me.

Still I can tell that I support Sasirekha Parinayam till end.

Okay, team !!don't worry about a these things. U just go ahead rocking...

There are many people who can support you and I may be first one..

All the very Best Maa TV as well...
Aug 8, 2015

other complaint

Will you stop it...u don't have sence...y are u replying to others opinion... You like that serial like somebody didn't like that OK...don't do like that..audience are not complaint to u OK they are complained to maa TV not Sree OK ...they are complaint to u at that situation u only reply to that complaints.. U are doing very wrong way.u know maa complaints means anything complaint are there u will complaint otherwise u like that serial y are u coming to complaint .goto fb and like that serial don't come to complaint box OK.don't spoil others opinion.....
Aug 7, 2015

Sasirekha parinayam serial

Whoever following this serial since first episode will say " Abhi and Sashi should get married or Abhi should know that Atleast his dream girl". And few people from in this board were commented that Abhi and Janu should get married. I can understand how cruel people think like that.

Please don't change any character and any story. The story was awesome, but to make people more enthusiastic, reveal Atleast one suspense but not as a dream.

Everyone reached to the audience expectations.

Love the serial. Thanks a lot for such an ultimate story.

Note: no one can make a serial in one week or month. If so, it won't bd a serial at all.
If you don't like it, stop watching it. Who cares whether u watched or not. There are 1000+ channels in India. If you don't have money to spend for that, unsubscribe the channel and go with cable tv. Don't crticize any program, unless it is such cruel and vulgar to watch.
Aug 5, 2015

Stop telecasting morning shows

Dear maa tv, if you are struggling to adjust timings between the programs, please stop telecasting morning shows instead of removing songs.. You know what, a movie with out songs is like a temple without prasad..
Aug 5, 2015

sesirekha parinayam

Asalu patinchukora audience ichina complaints ni patinchukora ???Sesi slang enty anta asahyam ga undi...pls change her.... At least Abhi ki jaanu ki ayina marriage cheyandi...balaramayya mataki viluva ichinttu untundi .........em jaanu kada first Abhi ni love chesindi...e maa TV serials lo ammayilaki marriages kava eppudu ante e serial lo aina Ade story marriage daka vochi agipotundi....memu chala visugochesindi maa serials chusi chusi boring ayindi ..same stories kakapote hero and heroins ni change chestatu....
Aug 5, 2015


Makenty e torture pelli chests cheyandi lefante ledu OK....enduku saaga distaru serial ni...evariki istam ledu...audience ki visugu vostundi chusi chusi....pls change that serial...emaina ardam unda???e serial ki..evariki valu ededo chestunaru....worst ga undi...Sesi heroin or rowdy enduku anta rechipotundi...emaina bagunda a ammayi..first change her..apudu serial hit avutundi.
Aug 4, 2015

sesirekha parinayam

Asalu emjarugutundi serial worst ga undo...pellipitalu daka vochaka inkenty voddu and am Sesi Abhi kochem kuda family ante respect ledu.....pls marriages chesesi shubam chepandi.....emaina bagunda ......pls y miru ila change chestunaru serial ni.....Sesi character nu change cheyandi....dreams tone serial ayipotundi.....last min lo enty mrg voddu anadam...first lone chepochu kada Sesi.viluvale ledu pedda Nana anedi anta kanna ledu Sesi ki...emaina ardam vunda....ante andaru girls parents chepinatlu kakunda ila cheyalanamata last lo istam ledu ani chepala??
Aug 4, 2015

Sesirekha parinayam

Sesirekha pariniyanam serial nte asalu starting lo interst ga vndi . Epudu chudu godavale story m lekapothe happy ending evvandi bt sodi kottakandi audience ki headache kakapothe eka sesi epudu chudu bava bava ani champuthundhi jannu avthy chala violent abhi character avthy dummy dream girl anntadu sesi ni gurthupattadu sesi love chptha anntaru adi kalaga chupistaru sodi public ni pichi valani chestunaru eka jaanu tho vnde aa batch avthy mari goram vaalu chese taapulu m kanipinchav family story laga vndha asalu epudu godavale violence revenge nte saga tistunaru sesi true love kabbati abhi sesi la ne kalapali abhi janu marrge ayyaka story m vntndhii ndhuku andi twist lu suspense lu eka marrge episode start ayenapudu nundi adds kuda 5min vestunaru story m leka saga tiyadanki plz ma matalu kuda pattichukondi stry end anna cheyandi ledante sesi abhi ni kalapandi sesi acting gud vry bt apudu apudu ovr action eka sesi atha character epudu vntundho epudu vnnadadho ardham kadu balaramayya abhi avthy dummy plz edho oka conclusion evvandi 9 avthy okkapudu maa tv serial kosam pettalanipinchedi bt epudu visku vasthundhi plz dnt play with public emotions , story marchandi
Jul 31, 2015

sesirekha parinayam

Menu ma viluvaina time no waste chesukovadaniki msgs pampatledu...pls noted my complaints ...audience ni encourage chesela undali..serial ni chusi bad things nerchukokudadhu...eppudu Sesi ki violent ga untundi...heroin character is so bad..pls change her....
Jul 31, 2015

sesirekha parinayam

Pls stop that serial ...sesirekha parinayam is too bad.....Sesi character no change cheyandi...she is doing very over reactions....serial common ga undi anni serials no copy chesinattu....oka hero iddaru heroins okarito engagement and inko heroin to marriage .jaanu to marriage ani fix chestaru kani last min lo marriage Sesi to chestaru enduku ematraniki ....so boring serials audience ni enduku ibbandi pedataru....alage madyanam vostundi kada 2 o clock ki vostundi puttinti pattucheera e both serials are same story .....so seserekha parinayam stop that boring serial...
reshma sulthana
Jul 28, 2015

chinnaei pelli kuthuru repeat episodes

Why did you stop the repeat episodes of chinnari pelli kuthuru in MAA GOLD?? I didn't watch many episodes since I stayed in hostel and now I have got the opportunity to watch it and I have been following the serial since 1yr ( repeat) but suddenly you have stopped it since 10 days it is so disappointing.. please do telecast chinnari pelli kuthuru in MAA GOLD stop that irritating pandaga chesko repeat episodes.. instead telecast chinnari pelli kuthuru please...
Jul 18, 2015

kalise unte kaladu sukham

Don't end it please show this serial in maa TV
Jul 18, 2015

kalisi unte kaladhi sukham

we like this serial why are you closing the serial please don't end it
Jul 16, 2015

mahabharatham serial

mahabharatham serial mali starting nuchi eevadi
Jul 14, 2015


Jul 14, 2015


Jul 10, 2015

views on maa tv programme

Sasirekha parinayam : The serial has generated some interest in opening episodes, but it slowly became worst to watch scenes between Jaanu & Sasirekha and the characters Abhi, Balaramayya became dummy and serial became a nuisance to watch. "Seetamaa lakshmi" serial is running on the same line without creating zeal. We observe that maa management is not observing the pulse of the people and telecasting the serials and the tv is becoming unpopular in families minds. Previously MEK season I created interest that was lost in 2nd season because the contestants are genious, upper middleclass, high income group people, employees who are having very much access to mobiles, high technology products. Movies are so many times repeated, Video songs, same CDs are running in maa music. It is better to review the programmes of prime time i.e from 7.00 PM to 10.00 PM. We hope that our views will be taken care of and some interest will generate in coming weeks. Wishing all the best - BALU

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