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Consumer complaints and reviews about Maa TV

Nov 24, 2015

sesi rekha parinayam

worst serial in the world,stop the serial from broad casting,who is this story writer, dont kill the people by making such worst serials
oka manishi ki eni sarlu engagement chestharu,eni sarlu apestharu,apeyandi idi chala neat ga rasina reply,leka pothe story aina marchandi.
Nov 17, 2015

Sesi Rekha parinayam

Mostly the complaints are on Sesi Rekha pariniyam plz take urgent decision I can't wait its so horrible now wexed for waiting to postive to Sesi character!!?? Plz take urgent decision to change serial
Nov 17, 2015

Sesi Rekha parinayam

Plz change story read the reviews if not u will get the bad name change the story line plz plz plz plz
Nov 17, 2015

Sesi Rekha parinayam

Y dnt u make serial in positive to Sesi frm beging we jaanu who making ideas and keeping in negative.... To day the serial is most worst becoz now also same thing is going on....y dnt u keep now love between Sesi and abi and dream girl matter!!! Ela negative lo undi ipudu Sesi jail ki velthey evadu serial chusaru!!? Day by day making worse!!!! Work up for love between them.... Edo serail nadavali ani kadu andaru chudalani cheyandi... Ela Sesi jail ki pothey nobody will see!!! Should get positive reviews meku ela thelusthundi serail bagundi ani memu chepthey kada story line change karo na y dnt u make serial in good way thesthey manchiga cheyandi lekunte change the serial plz take it serious.... Thank you
Nov 10, 2015


What strikes out about this serial is that this whole story takes place in Gadwal which is in Telangana.But, the zamindar and his family have the andhra accent and Ramulamma and the other common people have telangana accent. Director of this serial is either a brainless moron or he is spreading a false propoganda that one accent is for rich and the other is for poor. This is an affront to the telangana people, Maa TV should remove this serial right away before we decide kick the director's ass.
Nov 9, 2015

sesi rekha parinayam

Chi worst serial stop that sesirekha parinayam pls. Andari ki istam leni marriages chestunaru asalu emaina ardam unda ?? Serial ki. Chiraku kopam visugu vostundi chustunte.pls stop that serial maa TV ni request chestunamu apeyandi.andariki marriages chesi serial ni stop cheyalani anukuntunamu .inka extended cheyakandi pls.eppudu godavalu tagavulu chudalekapotunamu.time waste serial pls pls pls stop that worst serial.
Nov 7, 2015

Chinnari pellikuthuru

Hey guys

Y did u stop telecasting chinnari pellikuthuru in maa gold..we missed watching it..Actually the one in maa tv is very advanced one...maa gold CPK was awesome which got us to see all the old episodes byt suddenly u guys stpoped in between where gauri entered jagdish life..pls do telecast it if its the time problem remove other stupid serials..y the nonsense ones are telecasting..in hindi the serial is way advanced and in usa we dont even get opp to see in youtube or other links.
Nov 2, 2015


In maatv evening 6 To 9:30 Getting a worst serials.for thier profits and earning money.rattings only telecast.serials are useless.they didnt get knowledgs.in real life also family members facing probleums just like serial happening.plz bang serials. can telecast a good knowledable programms quizz they may be help full for us.serials are worst.
Nov 1, 2015

cid timing

hiii maa tv im the huge fan for cid I never don't sleep with out seeing the cid I like that much ....but now I misssss the cid a lot becoz of timings 11 to 12....I misss it sooo much soo plsss change the timings of cid atleast before an hour at 10 to 11 im not inly one person sooo many of them are missing to watch it sooo plssss accept the request and telecast the cid at 10 in the night thanking you
Oct 22, 2015

Sashirekha Parinayam - WORST SERIAL EVER

This is to the entire team.

This SERIAL started of with good and decent love story and no clue where its going to end.. This is THE WORST serial I have come across.. Proved to be no less in comparison with the vulgar serials in other channels. To my knowledge people generally carry good impression towards maa tv serials. But this has created a disaster to that image.

All the characters are dumb enough to drag the story with unnecessary expressions which doesn't depict emotions but clearly proves to be overaction. Not even a single character is worth watching.

The heroine SASHI is a big dumbo. Despite of playing the lead role she drags the story with unusual expressions and overaction towards her aunt family. Aunt in any house can be pampered but not as much shown in this serial.

The first and the most irritating character is the role of JANU. As everyone rightly said she needs lot of improvement in acting. The kind of filthy words used by her is rediculous. Her family would surely slap her for taking this dirty role.

THE MOST DIRTIEST ROLE IS DHARANI. We are vexed up with her overaction in the serial... Not sure what this lady wants to prove.. We are of her show off in every scene. Why the hell this character is created. Kick her out for sometime like her brother's character who was sent to abroad. How did you'll take this girl for acting. Her face has no charm instead it is irritating to the core.

The ABHI'S character... is another dumbo who acts on the tips of others. The most funniest thing is he would share every thought with shashi except the video of his dream girl... Isn't this just not to drag the story??? He is so close with sashi and can't even realize that she is his dream girl... Pathetic

Abhi's mother... THE MAJOR ROLE AFTER THE HEROINE... She would sense everything correctly except her niece love.. In every scene in the conclusion of the discussion she would realize that her husband is far away.. OMG!!! EVERYBODY WILL BE IN LAST STAGE WITH VERY CRITICAL CONDITION BUT CURES IMMEDIATELY... Very funny...

BALARAMAYYA is another big headache in the story. In fact the entire family along with the old lady... They are meant for crying nothing else.

I was so frustrated... So I googled alot to share this complaint against this serial... Finally found this page.
If u'll are not the right people plzzzz pass this mail as it is to the team.
Oct 21, 2015

shasi rekha parinayam

Sir story leka pothe apeyandi pls. Logic leni story, endhuku thisthunaro mekaina telusaaa,headache vasthundhi serial chusthunte.
Sudheer naidu
Oct 19, 2015

Request sir

Why dont start maa tv hd channel i family is big fan of maa tv not only me also my friends and many other as maa tv fans sir why dont you start maa tv hd as like as gemini hd i want to enjoy me and my family of maa tv in hd experience recent super films and blockbusters are telecasted in maa tv so why dont you experience audions on maa tv hd as well as gemini hd
Oct 14, 2015

About Super Singers 9

Dear MAA TV team,

I (infact our entire family) have been watching the Super Singers series since beginning. This time (series 9), the interest in watching the show is coming down episode by episode. There are several things which are making us disappointed, After seeing today's episode, I could not resist my self in writing my feedback on any TV program / TV series in my life.

First seven to eight episodes were fine and interesting, also appeared to be genuine from judges as well. In latter shows, we could see lot of prejudice & bias in the judges' marks and comments.

We could clearly remember the judges in series 8 ( Chitra garu, and Keeravani garu), how decent they were, and of course how genuine and unbiased they were. This time, we are strongly feeling the judges over there are technically sound and competent in their professionals, but they are appearing with prejudice and egos( we could exclude Venkanna garu as he dwells in his philosophy and treats all the teams more or less the same).

We felt in the 10th episode, the scores were so biased just to ensure Gopika's team gain huge margin in single episode so that they will be in better position than Parthu's team in grand score. After this, we are almost lost interest to follow the series. The reason is the same judges who gave 100 marks to both the teams 9th episode, and also behaved too sporty to their decency.

Some how we managed to watch the further episodes, hoping that it will be fair as series progresses.However, after today's show (14th Oct), we lost that confidence, and got frustrated with the way judges were behaving, and anchor as well this time.

Super Singers has been a very good TV show and it had been improving it self show by show till 8th series. I wish show management revisit's the direction of show and makes it better again to ensure it retains its values, viewership, and entertainment.

Note: Apart from the show, we are huge fans of all the four judges in their disciplines.

Thank you
Oct 9, 2015


Hi maatv
plz meeru cid serial repeat vestunaru arthamavutundi, kani meru repeat vasavi old epidodes telecast chayandi i mean rajat vivek unavi epudu meru telecast chasivi last 4 or 5 mnths back vi avi bore ga unai chala episodes hindi vi telugu lo telecast chaya ledhu abjeeth cid entry alanti vi plz ava vayandi. cid kakunda memu nidrapomu kani epudu off chastunam a episodes recent vi kaavadam vala. meru old episodes repeat chayandi recent vi vadhu. plz consider it.
Oct 8, 2015

Sasirekha parinayam


Sasirekha parinayam is very interesting in first episodes now its boring with unnecessary twists and turns, please stop lagging the story..

Every character is good but CRUELTY and CUNNING are highlighted more.. Day by day episode is becoming worse , i don't understand why director or the serial team is not understanding it.. You are loosing viewers .. Don't treat your viewers as some senseless people who can see anything whatever you show. END IT or DO IT GOOD.

If you don't have the story end the Serial atleast we will remember it as GOOD LOVE STORY.. if not we have to remember this serial as REVENGE AND CRUELTY show.

Serial Team there is No LOVE and FAMILY in this serial but title is for love which doesn't justify.
Oct 8, 2015

Super Singer 9

Decision of Non-playing team captains giving marks is completely a wrong decision. The captains who are giving marks stingily are on the high position and the captain who are giving marks liberally are in the bottom position.
bujji ma
Oct 8, 2015

sasirekha pariniyam

yeni days mari chusthunam ani ela podigisthara serial malli yenti janu re entry yenti asalu story ni ala sagadhisthunaru ala ani memu climax adagadam ledhu kastha lag thaginchandi
Oct 7, 2015

Sesirekha Parinayam

Andukura babu serail ni ala podigistaru. Poni serail kabatti podigistunnaru anukovachu, kani panikimalina twist lu, panikimalina direction lu andukura nayana janalu adho relax kosam tv chustunte meeru inka talapotu teppistunnaru. E okka serail ane kadhu chala varaku serails anni elage unnai. Hindi dubbing serials better Telugu serails kante.
silpa satish
Sep 29, 2015

Ramulamma worst sereial

Hi maa team,

You are doing a really good job by telecasting dubbing serials, which are very good and have nice subject. But please stop telecasting ramulamma serial,characters action is worst and there is no story. It is spoiling maa tv reputation, instead of that please telecast a dubbing serial, we are happy to watch it. Costumes are also very bad, please take an immidiate action on ramulamma serial and stop telecasting that non sense serial.
Aditya A
Sep 23, 2015

MEK Season 3, Audition candidates not allowed???

Dear Sir/Mam,

I have been a regular and an enthusiastic follower of KBC for a long time and I have been waiting for a regional event which is on the lines of KBC. I was very glad when MEK was launched and though I did not register for MEK Season 1, I was closely following the program from the day of its inception.

For MEK season 2, I made sure, I answered the daily questions aired on TV, answered the screening questions, and ultimately made to the auditions. I was not selected for the FFF round , which is a different scenario anyways.

But my dream to make it to the show cannot be fulfilled, because of the new rules that you applied for Season 3, saying that people who attended the auditions before cannot participate in Season 3. It is not only my dream but many people who wanted to make it to the show answering the questions and being shown on TV. I understand that it's fair to ask people who participated in Fastest Finger Round earlier not to apply for subsequent seasons.

But why restrict enthusiastic contestants from entering the show setting up a bar on the audition round. For reference purpose, the Narula brothers who won 7 crores in KBC have been applying every year and never got to the FFF round. They were screened multiple times and not selected many times untill the last season. If this were to be the case, They would have never got a chance to be a part of the show.

People like me have an undying attitude to participate in your show☺☺ . Is it fair to curtain my enthusiasm just because I have attended audition last season.

Please give it a thought and kindly lift the ban on rules which says that audition round participants cannot be a part of the show. More over there are 7000 people who attended MEK1, MEK2 and could not make it to FFF round. Why would these 7000 people have any interest to watch the show when they cannot participate in the show for sure. And also taking monetary aspects in to consideration, the revenue that is generated from the 7000 participants would be high in the form of answering questions, sending IVR's and messages.

There are positives looking at the larger picture. Kindly consider my request and allow, even participants who have attended audition round and for some reasons not able to make it to the FFF round.

Mani Rajeti
Sep 22, 2015

SasiRekha Parinayam Serial

Hi Maa TV and SasiRekha Parinayam Serial production Team,

The SRP serial is really degrading our family values and culture. It was nice at the beginning but later it is dragging with unnecessary cultural brutal scenes. how come an educated Girl approaches a black magic person to take revenge on family member. this way you are encouraging teens/kids to realize that black magic is real and any person can approach to do it. How come there scenes accepted in sensor board. for sure i will complaint to sensor about this serial if these scenes gets repeated. It degrades the values of the Maa Tv programs.

And one more point, the main characters in this serial always gets abused each others. This way you are teaching teens how to abuse each other. I did observed ,vulgar language is used by main lady characters always.

One of our niece watches this serial along with her mom. she started using this Vulgar language at home these days. Seriously i dont understand what are you trying to show the good to the Telugu society from this serial.

why does the main lady character always get slaps from everybody in the serial. is that's so common in the families in our culture. If that's true in our culture , then its your responsibility tell society not to do through your serial.

Hope you take this suggestion seriously to bring up the good values to our society.

Mani Rajeti
Sep 22, 2015

chettha twistlu chettha direction


Sep 21 episode is an utter waste shown on Sasirekha parinayam on Maa TV.

Is the director thinking audience as stupids? one one side, these dumb people went to Burial ground without knowing whereabouts of Arjun prasad. Otherhand Janu is admitted in hospital by villians. no one knows whose deadbody are they burying.

Is Balaramayya stupid enough that he could not identify who died in accident (Janu or someone else) and started burying her dead body?

The direction and screenplay department is really making fools of audience by dragging scenes and showing unnecessary twists and bad language by teenage girls. Violence and black magic is also shown as ways to take revenge on cousins in the same family. These kind of scenes make a lot of negative impact on teenagers.

This serial is losing its charm among households who used to watch it regularly.
lokesh reddy2
Sep 15, 2015

dont stop the eetharam illalu serial

plzzzzzz we love the serial eetharam illalu a looot plz sent stop plzzzzzzz ,don't heart the audience plZzzzzzzzzz and plz change the timings as ,how the timings are before plzzzzzzzzzz
lokesh reddy2
Sep 15, 2015

dont stop the dubbing serials

hai ,I would like to get a notice to maa TV that not to stop the eetharam illalu serial ,plzzz we love the serial aaaaaaloooooot plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don't stop the serial and plz change the timings of the serials ,kodala kodala koduku pellama to 6:00 and eetharam illallu to 6:30 plz change the timings ,because we r in the work so that we CNT see the serials at that time plz change the timings to before time only plzzzz,and don't stop the dubbing serial's and the serials are soooo intresting ,and plz consider the audience feedback plzzzzzzzz ,don't stop the dubbing serials plzzzzzzzzz
Sep 14, 2015

Sashirekhaparinayam loosing its base


We were following the serial from first as we thought the story line was interesting with good family values.

Off late there is lot of negativity being highlighted. The portrayal of Janu and her cunning ideas is going beyond limits which doesn't impress much audience. The positive characters need to be showcased in more better way and in par with the negative. I just hope this is taken care. A good serial should always be inspiring and thought provoking.

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