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Oct 2, 2018

Bigg boss 2

Bigg boss season 2 in telugu is the biggest disaster reality show..we are so disappointed with the result..first time in the history of reality show contestant and his family controlled entire show..

I have a question to Bigg boss team, do you have guts to take back the trophy and the price money if it proofs that Kaushal won with payed votes..Star MAA played with audience emotions..

What strategy Star MAA followed regarding voting system for contestants.. When Nutan Naidu eliminated he was in second position as per voting.. Still you eliminated him considering as fake votes.. same thing happened with Deepti Nallamotu.. as per voting she should be the runner up.. You didn't consider Deepti Nallamotu and Nutan Naidu's votes why can't the same logic applied to Kaushal?

Why don't you take any action on Kaushal.. on what basis you made him winner? when you know that you are going to make him winner considering his fake following why did you ask us to vote for our favorite contestant.. you don't have any value for genuine votes..who ever wins it doesn't matter to Nani and team.. you did your job right? No ethics at all..

Nani said at least now leave negativity which is creating so many doubts..Is Nani and team scared of Kaushal fake army trolls? just to avoid controversies you made him the winner.. if he loose again his fake fans will start trolling Nani. Do you think no one is there to support other contestants and question Star MAA on their behalf.. if they also followed same strategy like Kaushal then you should have taken right decision.. anyways star MAA lost audience trust.. we realized there is no value for genuine audience voting..for sure we will never vote for any contestant in future..we understood that who ever can hire people for fake voting and to troll others by using abusive language will be the winner for coming seasons...
Oct 2, 2018

Bigg boss 2

Shame on you Star MAA.. just to prove your credibility you announced Kaushal as winner and made audience fool.. you people have no ethics.. you will degrade to any extent to earn money? when you can't control contestants self respect it's better you close the channel..what did you prove with big boss season 2.. looks like Kaushal won Bigg boss season 2 because star MAA is scared of Kaushal army trolls in social network.. for next season contestants will follow his strategy and keep payed groups before coming to the show..

Kaushal will start marketing business with bigg boss season 3 contestants..he is pure business man.. he didn't stop playing sympathy drama after finishing the show also.. who knows just to avoid taxes he has taken another step for free publicity.. people who watched Bigg boss 2 completely, will never trust Kaushal cunning acts.. he won't do anything without having any gain for him.. Such a cheap character...

Star MAA encouraged Kaushal cunning acts..it might be your strategy for TRP.. but you should remember one thing.. you cannot feed your family by making other contestants life hell..just because of your ignorance today other contestants were abused so badly.. instead of teaching Kaushal and his payed army a lesson you encouraged his cunning acts by making him as a winner..

Still his bajana continuing in payed you tube channels.. Already Megastar and Super star called him to congratulate, next all tollywood stars will stand in line to congratulate him...looking at his craze endemol team will ask him to host Bigg boss season 13 in hindi.. enti maku ee karma.. vadu vadi dappu kottinchikonudu..

Apart from having millions of fans still a famous celebrity like PK is struggling to get funds for his party meetings.. who the hell this Kaushal, what he did for the society..who will organise a party for his success meet...cheeeee what a cheap character he is.. still he didn't stop criticising other contestants.. at least one house mate is genuinely happy for Kaushal ? infact all are shocked when he announced as winner.. no one is there to wish him heart fully.. is this a success? he didn't leave PK to get fame.. PK fans are most sensible and helping nature people.. looks like he might be dreaming to get craze like power star..he can buy you tube channels and become over night hero ..but not genuine fans love..

What this cunning fox wants to be part of comedy show in Tejaswi place? do they really have guts to boycott the show? if he really has guts ask him to compete genuinely with Tejaswi / Tanish without his payed groups.. talent is not something you can buy like Bigg boss title.. these people are barking at her who is scared of her re entry and played all cheap tricks.. Star MAA should be ashamed for selecting him as season 2 winner.. for sure Nani and entire endemol team will regret for making him winner..
Oct 2, 2018

Bigg boss 2

Star MAA should understand there are people to question when something goes wrong in your channel..

Bigg boss team has taken a wrong decision for title winner.. one way happy that you didn't announce Geeta Madhuri as winner..Kaushal cunning acts are visible where as Geeta Madhuri is a silent killer in the show.. At least now she should realize whose cunning acts she supported to eliminate strong contestants.. initially she supported Kaushal and all his cunning acts for which the game has completely became one sided...

Bigg boss team's favorite cunning star Kaushal has already started campaigning for season 3 hosting through his payed people..make him host for next season so that Nani will live happily without abusive trolls..

Instead of surrendering, if Nani would have taken a serious strand on trolls about himself and other contestants definitely his carrier will be in next level..he might have struggled initially with bad trolls but truth will always win...look at Junior NTRs anchoring.. very clear and transparent..really liked his anchoring in last season even though I am not his fan..I like Nani movies and respect the way he reached to this level.. some how lost respect on him after seeing his poor judgemental skills in Bigg boss 2...

Among eliminated contestants real winners are Tejaswi and Babu gogineni..others don't have guts to raise voice against bad trolls.. appreciate Tejaswi gut feeling and to stand for what she believes.. she has no family to support or bank balance to survive.. still she didn't compromise like other contestants.. But Nani is a good actor and well settled in life.. still he is thinking about his carrier and has no guts to question Kaushal and his fans.. Nani please learn something from Tejaswi..
Oct 1, 2018

Bigboss 2

Winner of bigboss 2 telgu is disgrace... to the show,to the society has mob mentality.. look at the way he gave speech after winning the title.. total disappointment . Bigboss 2 is total failure.hope there is no season 3
Oct 1, 2018

Bb 2 winner

Dear star maa..
After watching bb2 I disappointed alot..votes anevi tesukoni meru chala tappu chesaru..enti asalu andaridaggariki velli phones tesukuni votes vesestara...ina meru em chestaru votes kada consider chestaru...ina meru all other contestants nu bakaralani chesesaru..kaushal ekkadaiba nyayamga adinattu kanipinchadu?geetaha ,deepti ,samrat and tanish win avvakapote adigevadu undadu ..Kani kaushal gelavakapote mimmlni beatakanivvaru..Kathi Mahesh cprrect ga chepparu kaushal army kosam..enta darunamga bhanu nu,teju nu tittaru..evvarni i vadalledu vallu..nandini gogineni andarni evaru atanni support cjeyakapote andarni..meru big boss nu run cheyaledu seriouly..kausha n her wife n kaushal army bb2 nu run chesaru..vallu adinde ata..padinde pata..inka meru chi adalu em matldina its wast of time..but na asahananni teluputunnanu..enti other contestants ku vachina prayojanam..?lanjalu lmbidilu ani tittadama?inka darunam ga tidutunnaru vallani..enti ladies bayatiki vachi bratikite vallu tappu chesinattena..?asalu bharinchalekapotunnamu e kaushal army nu..but idi genune kadu..vaadu peedddddddddda wate fellow...

Vaadu gelichadu..really shame on u big boss team...really...next season's kuda ilanti army lu puttuku vachi other contestants down cheyakunda ina dayachesi dayachesi plz .........plz dayachesi audince votes nu consider cheyakandi.....no one worst contestant show la Tatar cheyakandi..leda memu kuda one army nu create Chesi meku chukkalu chupistam..idi matram guarantee..
Enduku audince poll tesukunnama ani chestaru meru..waste bigboss team members...worst show..no 1 worst winner...gadi telugu kosam edutivallato anukunna one scyco gadu ..
Sep 29, 2018


This show BigBoss2 is totally a manipulated show by MAA tv channel if Kaushal wins this game. Kaushal is such an ethicless and low morale guy and is not a role model for any future generations. Kaushal Army is such a lunatic organization and bunch of idiots and parasites who wants that rogue Kaushal to win by any means. Shame on MAA television for not kicking him out of the game for so long.
Sep 28, 2018

Bigg boss 2

If Kaushal wins Nani should feel regret for his safe anchoring.. Nani is the one who made Kaushal hero by making other contestants villians by his immature anchoring...Nani don't have guts to question any of his stupid acts properly..he might have scared for trolling.. throughout the season he didn't give strong warning to flip star..but targeted strong contestants and he is the reason for Tejaswi elimination..Nani should learn from Tejaswi.. he don't have guts like Tejaswi.. Poor girl till date she stood for what she believes.. audience really missed her power pack performance in the show just because of flip star and his payed groups..you guys made her life hell still she didn't step back like other contestants..

We understood that top 2 will be Geeta Madhuri and flip star Kaushal who don't deserve to be in that position.

I really pitty for Samrat and Tanish.. after playing a genuine game still you guys couldn't be in top 2.. you both won genuine audience hearts.We like you as human beings who gives respect to relations..that's more important.. you are already winners..

One thing our flip star to understand that he don't need to make others down to get fame in shortcut.

Kaushal may win the title but he cannot enjoy his success as he knows that he forcibly took some one else's victory by payed votes.. unfortunately our society believes such culprits rather than kind hearted people..

One thing I didn't understand that why other contestants are still in Bigg boss house knowing that Kaushal will be the winner..

In front there is crocodile festival for Kaushal.. really wanted to see what he is going to achieve in life with this fake success. if he is really talented he would have proved by now and talented people don't need any titles to prove themselves...

Lastly shame on Star MAA and entire Bigg boss team for encouraging such a cunning contestant just for TRP and making audience fool.. it's better you stop Bigg boss for next seasons..
Sep 26, 2018

Bigg boss 2

We are totally confused whether to vote for other contestants or not? in unofficial sites our flip star is in top position.. till date contestants are eliminated as per the results in unofficial sites..after getting so many complaints against Kaushal fake voting till date star MAA has not taken any action against him... if he is going to be the winner it doesn't make sense to waste our time by voting other contestants..

If Kaushal wins big boss title for coming seasons he will be the dictator and contestants will follow his foot prints for negative publicity...I think this is going to be a very dangerous act for Bigg boss show..

Just because of his cunning acts most talented people in this show didn't get much recognition..I really pitty that Star MAA failed to convey a good message to the audience like Samrat & Tanish friendship, Tanish Deepti mother and son relation etc.. Unfortunately show has became completely negative just because of one person..if you are going to encourage such arrogant cunning minded people please stop Bigg boss in telugu after this season..

If a person like Tanish / Samrat wins we can give strong message to the society about human relations..if Kaushal wins youth will attract to negativity.. I don't even support Geeta Madhuri & Deepti.. initially they are cunning like Kaushal.. now they have changed according to the situation.. there is so much negativity in our society.. please don't encourage youth to choose shortcuts for success by making Kaushal as Bigg boss winner..

And also a rumour going on Tanish may not win just because people may feel Nani is biased as he is a good friend to Tanish.. Tanish is not my favorite contestant still the way he played the game he genuinely deserves to be a Bigg boss winner..
Leela Bhavani
Sep 26, 2018

Bigg boss -2

Dear Star Maa,

Please don't consider this fake Kaushal army vote and announce Bigg boss 2 winner as Kaushal. If this cunning player wins the title there is no value of this Big boss show. Only seeing the votes of the people (creation of fake army). should not take in to the consideration. He should win the housemates heart also then only it will be correct.
Sep 24, 2018

Bigg boss 2

Nenu epudu meetho enta close avvali ani try chesina meera kavalani barrier create chesarani cheppina Deepthi ki mana flip star Kaushal answer.. Nenu evaritho close avvali anuko ledu, andhuke evaritho ee bonding pettuko ledu, nenu ikkadiki vachina reason veru naa target veru ani cheppadu..so kavalane house mates andariki dooranga vuntu andaru tanani target chesarani audience lo oka sympathy create chesukunnadu..

Again nannu evaru target cheyaledani adhi naa game plan ani Nani daggare oppukunnadu.. atuvantappudu payed youtube channels and payed groups atanipayina create chesina sympathy lo ardam ledu kada..

intavaraku mana flip star ki votes vestunnade papam okadine chesi andaru target chesarani.. so atanni evaru target chesaranna matalo vastavam lekapothe intavaraku atanu adinidi fake game kada .. so oka fake player ni ataniki vache fake voting ni meeru ela consider chestunaru..on what basis Kaushal deserves to win Bigg boss title?

if you consider his fake voting arhata vunnavallu winner ayye chance miss avutadu..
Sep 22, 2018

Nani's anchoring

Hi Nani garu,

I have been watching the bigboss show from the day 1. Initially i thought that the show was ok.. slowly i started watching it regularly just not to judge anyone who are there in the bigboss house but to analyse what kind of games that the bigboss was asking them to play and why was that game and how the housemates were reacting to the situations around it.

Despite of all that I watch it for you handling and addressing the misunderstandings , disputes, arguments etc.. among the housemates. i was neither your fan nor follower and not anyone's fan though , but I like your movies and I watch them too.

But now here i am to tell you that how much I was impressed by the way you speak. i couldn't really stop myself to put this comment as i started liking you as a person than a hero. The clarity you have while you talk and the spontaneity that you have is pleasant. The most important thing is being able to listen to the housemates with your atmost patience level.

I personally believe that Telivision has power to impact the lives as it has become part of our day to day life. I am happy to see you doing anchoring and making us understand , experience that clear communication build better relationships.

My complaint/humble request is that please try to speak in telugu as much as you can. I know that it is a rule in bigboss house not on the stage but this show had been watched by many village people and very old people also , so keeping that in mind avoiding english while speaking to housemates would be great thing.

Sep 22, 2018

Nani's anchoring

Hi Nani garu,

I have been watching the bigboss show from the day 1. Initially i thought that the show was ok.. slowly i started watching it regularly just not to judge anyone who are there in the bigboss house but to analyse what kind of games that the bigboss was asking them to play and why was that game and how the housemates were reacting to the situations around it.

Despite of all that I watch it for you handling and addressing the misunderstandings , disputes, arguments etc.. among the housemates. i was neither your fan nor follower and not anyone's fan though , but I like your movies and I watch them too.

But now here i am to tell you that how much I was impressed by the way you speak. i couldn't really stop myself to put this comment as i started liking you as a person than a hero. The clarity you have while you talk and the spontaneity that you have is pleasant. The most important thing is being able to listen to the housemates with your atmost patience level.

I personally believe that Telivision has power to impact the lives as it has become part of our day to day life. I am happy to see you doing anchoring and making us understand , experience that clear communication build better relationships.

My humble request is that please try to speak in telugu as much as you can. I know that it is a rule in bigboss house not on the stage but this show had been watched by many village people and very old people also , so keeping that in mind avoiding english while speaking to housemates would be great thing.

Sep 22, 2018

votes are hacked

Bigboss team,

My votes are hacked and voted for kaushal without my notice. Please look into it and take appropriate action against hackers who are trying to fake votes for kaushal.

Team try to validate the votes.
Sep 22, 2018

Big boss 2

Dear bb2
Dayachesi kaushal nu vin cheyandi...atanu padinanta struggle evaru padaledu including season 1...kaushal army inka kastapAdindi...2k run chesesaru..youtube Trieste mana kaushal Anna goppataname..abba ladies nu enta gouravistunnaru...kaushal andarito super ga behave chestunnaru...asalu bigboss team n nani garu atanu chese manchipanulu vivarinchadaniki meku words ravatledu...memu chala chala peasants ga untanu a usual vin ite..kaushal Anna valla lady contestants nu baga satarincharu..vallu inka e programmes chesukovalanna e kaushal army abhimananni vallu bharinchalekapotunnamu.. meru e kaushal army chestunnavatini silent ga chustuunaru kani etuvanti action tesukoru...asalu bigboss chuddam manesi chala rojulu iyndi..Just waiting for bb2 winner...chudali meru bhayapadi decision tesukuntara?leka correct person nu choose chesukuntara ani...sagam bb2 e kaushal punyama ani dobbindi...ippudu I winner nu kaushal army meru ivvakapote ganuka mimmalni tanani ina tesukuvellela unnaru..kaushal army same like kaushal...witout sense they are targeting other contestants...vaallu kuda kaushal lags vachinavalle...kani vellanu enta bad cheyagalaro anta chestunnaru..pani bootulu tidutunnaru..don't encourage such kind of people
.Just take action who are abusing other contestants..
[email protected]
Sep 21, 2018

Bigg boss Show

Dear Team

Looking forward for your response on Bigg boss Show about the favoritism on the contestants Geetha maduri and Tanish . Everything is going positive for those contestants from your side. The only man(koushal) is fighting on his own weapons and people's blessings that will enough for him.

Bigg boss you will look after those celebrates Geetha and Tanish why because they won't win with your support and favoritism let's continue the same very good keep rocking.

Even biggboss also afraiding about koushal thats the power of attitude and Perfection . We biggboss have to learn that from koushal because koushal is playing without any relationships and favoritism he doing his work perfectly but biggboss won't. How pitty biggboss ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†
Keshava b
Sep 21, 2018

Unable vote to my favourite contestant(Kaushal) by telephone

Unable to vote my favourite contestant via telephone is it planned.
Saikrishna Reddy26
Sep 20, 2018

Kaushal anna ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Kaushal anna ni target cheyadam asal m baledu
Including host nani
Two Telugu states chustunia
Elaney repeat aythe
Bigboss nka undadu maa rating zero chestam
Set set a lepestam
Jai Hind
Jai Telugu states
Sep 20, 2018

Bigg boss 2

Bigg boss team biggest mistake emitanta only audience votes winner ni decide cheyatam..dani valla fake voting ekuva ayipoyindi..inta gelichi raccha gelavali antaru peddalu.. intlo vunna house mates ni geluchukoleni ee cunning Kaushal bayata audience ni ela geluchukunnadu?

ayya Nani garu aa title edho flip/cunning/sympathy/disgusting/pyscho ayina Kaushal ki icchi pampeyandi.. ituvanti pyscho ni Inka one week show lo barinchatam maa valla kadu.. andarini keliki irritate chestadu..malla nannu corner chesarantu vedava dramalu adatadu.. vadiki thaggate ee gorrelamanda.. vadini evarayina oka mata anta maa cunning star ni corner chesaru/ bad words use chesi tittarani bayata publicity.. adhe aa pycho tappuga matladithe veravallu matladaleda maa vadu ante tappa ani reverse lo question chestaru.. emiti ee darunam..veedini support chesa vallu oka visayam gurtu pettukovali.. veedini bad words annarani personal ga abbuse chesi torchure chesina ee gorrelamanda ipudu vallu annaru kada, maa vadu ante tappu enti, ayina emotion lo annadu, saradaga annadu, sorry cheppadani vedava covering.. Mee vadiko nyayam migilina vallako nyayama? mee cunning star ni thittinanduke vallu andaru eliminate ayyarani elagu free publicity chesi sympathy tho mee vadini inni rojulu show lo vundettu chesaru kada. Mari ipudu vadu pycho la behave chestu andarini tidutunnadu, so ee cunning star ni eliminate cheyali kada? andaru kalisi veedini target chestunara? house lo okaru iddaru tappavachu.. Kani akkada vunna ee oka house mate ki veedu nachatam ledante problem ee cunning star lo vunda leka house mates andarilo vunda.. intlo vunna ee oka house mate ki nachani vadu bayata intamandiki ela nachadu.. you tube channels ki dabbulicchi fake publicity chesukuni, payed groups ni petti votes veyinchukuni winner avakalademo ee cunning Kaushal..

3 months kalisi vunna vallalo ee okadiki nachaledante adhi oka gelupena?

entertainment kosam TV chusevallaki ituvanti irritating people ni show lo petti anavasanga audience time waste chestunaru..

Win avvatam kosam akariki family ni pillalni addam pettukuni sympathy kosam try chestunnadu..

ayya Bigg boss yajamanulara dayachesi ituvanti vadini winner ni chesi society ki wrong message ivvakandi..Porapatuna ee cunning Kaushal win ayithe Inka enni darunalu chudalsi vastundo...
Sep 20, 2018

Bigg boss 2

Today's episode was too good.. nijanga manakosam okadu nilabadithe ela vuntundo race to finale task lo chusamu.. especially Tanish and Samrat friendship is too good..god bless their friendship.. relations pettukunte meeru game ni sariga adalerane oka mahanubavudiki tight slap today's race to finale task.. Today Samrat won the task just because of his good relationship with other house mates..

andaritho kalisi vunte vallu mana payina chupincha abhimanam ela vuntundo ee cunning Kaushal ippatikayina telusukovali..Title win avvalane tapatrayamlo padi tanani tanu corner chesukuntu he lost living those moments with other house mates..

House lo andaru nominate ayyaru.. okadu tappa andaru genuine ga ee roju Samrat ki help chesaru..Nenu nadhi anni nake kavali, naku dakkanidi evariki dakka kudadanukune mentality vunna Kaushal ki nammina vadi kosam edayina cheyataniki siddanga vunna Tanish ki enta difference vundi.. I am not Tanish fan.. but tanu friendship kosam genuine ga nilabade vidanam nachindi..

Nijaniki Roll / Samrat lo evaru finals ki vellina danger zone lo vundedi Tanish... Still genuine ga iddariki help chesadu.. I wish this guy should be in finals..

ippativaraku naku kuda vallu winner ayithe bavuntundi veelu win avvali ane oka confusion vundedi..

100 days bigg boss house lo Tanish journey chusaka tanu friendship kosam enta dooramayina vella vidanam naku chala nachindi.. same with Samrat.. after today's episode I strongly wish Tanish should Win big boss season 2.

Evaru emanna kani Bigg boss 2 ante gurtu vachedi Tejaswi, Samrat and Tanish friendship.. vallu game kosam friends ayyarani nakayithe anipinchatam ledu..

Relations ni takkuva chesi matlade vadiki oka lesson teach chestu edutivadu gelupuni tana gelupu anukune Tanish/Samrat lo okaru win avvalani hearful ga korukuntunna..

I hope Bigg boss will take a right decision..

All the best Tanish and Samrat ๐Ÿ˜Š

Ayya Nani garu finals ki Inka one week vundi.. dayachesi ipudanna Tanish ni target cheyadam apesi tanu snehaniki icche viluva, icchina matakosam nilabade vidanam ippatikanna gurtinchandi..

lost respect on Roll.. anta adavidi chesi Kaushal support chestunna anagane tanakosam anta kastapadina Tanish matani kuda vinaledu.. Kaushal taruvata intlo maro oosaravalli ee Roll Rida..
Sep 20, 2018

Groupism is very bad

First of all the recent task(sand task)is not a group task...y all 5house mates attacking kaushal...Geeta and thanish are unbearable in the house...such a cunning fellows...it s up to u people to decide whether to warn or not such insane people.
[email protected]
Sep 20, 2018

bigboss2 telugu


meeru me show dwara emi cheppalani anukuntunnaro teliyadam ledu....entertainment show antaru kani andulo emi entertain chestunnaro chppandi godavalato entertainmenta... memu anta morning nunchi work lo busy ga undi relaxation kosam mee show chuste andulo emundi mere cheppandi.. meru voting system to contesent ni save chesanani chepataru kani voting rulues patincharu alantapudu janalani pichhollani cheyadanika mee show... e show dwara evari to ela godavapadali,ela okarini criticise cheyali,evari gurichi ela back biching cheyali etc... anni nerchukovacchu...meru entertain cheyalante tokkalo task lu,chetta rules pattakandi...chala unnai cheppadaniki kaani example ki okati chepta... meku recent ga jarigina sand task lo 1 st day okarivi damage cheste emanaledu kani 2nd day damage cheyoddu ani rulu pettaru... 1 st day game loss aina person paristi emiti? person person ki me rules maripotaya..tappu anipiste adi kuda me favorite contestent ki vartinchadu...edi anta endukandi me favorite contenstent ni title winner chsukindi ishtam leni vallani dayachesi torcher pettakunada eliminate cheyandi ....

ee show pilla meeda enta prabhvam chupistundo tekusa meeku... daya chsi stop the nonsense show....
[email protected]
Sep 20, 2018

Big Boss [email protected] action [email protected] Maduri,Tanish.

Namasthe Big Boss Scripted Show ki,

Memu ante we audience are seriously became fools by ur scripted show.. Meku memu picholaga kanipistunama??Asalu Akada matladthae Innocent anae Tag petindi potundi ani bayapade Samrat, Akada akuva matladesthae avarki negative aipotanu anae Anumanam tho Roll.. Ila avarki valu originality ni dhachukuntu Game play chestuna kramanlo.. BIG BOSS Garu entha Barosa tho Script ivakapothae antha gorathi goramga koncham kuda Humanity lekunda Kaushal medha arustaru??? Babu fans of other contestants nenu A contestant ki ikada fan kadu Kaushal Army asale kadu.. Mali Nenu oka KAUSHAL ARMY ani inka Naku TAG icheyakandi.

Simple andi aa Kaushal alantivaraina kanivandi, Atanu single GA matladtunapudu, face to face matladtunapudu,meku dairyam vunte adhae cheyandi kani Andaru okati aipoye okari paina padadam entha varaku CORRECT??? Hello Samrat sir, Rey ani direct GA athani face medha anadanki Neku Akada vundi right??? Inka antha over chesestava??๐Ÿถ Tanish sir Garu meru gate bayata aithe adho chesesevara?? Gup chupu ani moham medha Velu peti athani anapudu vetakaralu chesinapudu, maku kuda anipinchendhe Idhae nvu gate bayata vunte ala vundedho anj..endhuku boss over action ikada cinema Lo kadha nuvu cheyali ikada avasarama?? ๐Ÿ˜ ...Babu roll madhe kuda Telangana memu kuda Galli valame kani ne antha Performance memu aithe cheylemu, adho inka talent vundi kadhae dhani express cheskuni paiki ra kani inka dorkindi chance ani chepe andarki own publicity cheydanki try cheyaku through other ways ,Goda medha pilli LA vundevadvi, nuvu kuda amina thagava Asalu bale rachipoyavga..๐Ÿฑ..

Inka asalu sesalaina MADAM JI... Geetha Madhuri garu..๐Ÿ‘€ memalni chustene sudden GA abbba anipistundi Malli vachindra babu ani.. Avo Nethe sutralu chepadam kadu madam.. Manam avi paatinchi apudu avatala valaki chepali.. Tamarikosam Asalu Akada start cheyali end cheyali ardamkaka inka Sangeetham medha gauravamtho inka matladam ledu.. Aa Nandu vachinapudu athani reaction lone ardamindi maku kani merinka 100 sarlu cheptaru maku maku telsu Adhe idhe ani.. Ikada janalu picholu kadu madam.. Sare meku oka ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

Chevarki enti ante Big Boss chusaka night happy GA padkovalsina audience diff different feelings tho nidrapovalsi vastundi.. Ilanti Game manaki avasarama ani anipistundi..cha..
Sep 19, 2018

About Koushal

BB2 show going very worst...why all the people targeting he is genuinely playing game..why all are targeted Koushal he is single army in BB house all are shouting at a time on Koushal. no one is there to support him he correctly said like dogs ..Samrat,Tanisha,Deepti didn't talk on that time.. when he says like dogs all are came and shouted on him like dogs it's 100%true... Even BB also not supporting to Koushal to stop the conversation .. starting onwards Geetha targeting Koushal she mentally fixed to target Koushal...we have a doubt she didn't behave like girl.. even standing position talking in high pitch .. really she is very dangerous candidate in BB house..
We are heartly requesting to BB please send back to Koushal...he can't Mingle with that cunning team members...every time all are murmuring about Koushal only..very disgusting game from starting on wards all are targeting him...
Sep 19, 2018

kindly stop the shoe

sir kindly stop your nonsense show...we watch Tv to forget our problems but not to double it..
every one is targeting one single person..every one is cornering one single person...nobody is understanding the problem and mental trauma he is facing..even host is useless...no command on contestants ..can't honestly host the show...Geetha pedda takkiridi nippu antinchi nelu challutundi ...vele scene create chesi pakkana valani champutaru
Sep 19, 2018

Insuting dog

Koushal was insulting all dogs and showing them down by words. This makes the laws effect. Aren't dog's a part of our environment ,then why to insult them. Are the very shameful for koushal??? ๐Ÿถ

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