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Consumer complaints and reviews about Maa TV

Arjun reddy#
Sep 18, 2018

Kaushal - an arogant , who will always wants to bring down others

Except Kaushal house lo vunna prati contestant payina edo oka time lo valla situation chusi ayyo papamani anipinchindi..ee 93 days lo oka kshanam kuda Kaushal correct anipincha ledante enta arrogant behavior.. Nijanga bajana batch annatu Kaushal game correct ga adi kuda odipothe daniki atani behavior oka reason ayithe rendodi ee gorrela manda other contestants ni abuse cheyatame..I hope Bigg boss will teach a lesson to Kaushal and his payed groups.. so that no one will dare to do this in coming seasons..
Sep 17, 2018

bigg boss 2

kaushal is playing excellent. why other constants are targeting kaushal in each and every time. Nani also targeting kaushal. this is not correct.
Sep 17, 2018


All the teams, host contestents are trying to blame Kaushal. But unfortunately if you do like that, the sympathy will increase. Why host read the game script, and explained, why not he did always like that. If Kaushal is doing mistakes in game, why bigboss warned him upfront. In the today's show all the contestents are attacking Kaushal, it is appearing us like a planned script. Bigboss game is about to end 2 weeks but at the end the game not like a climax story, it's like very boring story. Why don't you try for interesting games. Seems in the Bigboss2 season bigboss is mainly concerned on controversies rather than entertranment, hence you are loosing more audience. Plan games which can craeate healthy environment in the house. Hope u understand me, u will made the show is interesting at least at the end.
Sep 17, 2018

Big boost 2

Why you guys are targeting Kaushal all the time?? Big boss 2 this is not a fair game, play genuinely bb2 and Nani....if you are not taking any good steps further then nobody will watch your shows and Nani movies... Make a note of it!!!watch Kaushal and learn from him BB2 and disaster host Nani
Sep 15, 2018

Bigg boss 2

200 test matches adina Sachin Tendulkar kuda century chesa pratisari tension paddadu.. I am already proved batsman kada ani Sachin epudu careless ga game adaledu.. atuvantidi mana cunning Kaushal wife nuvu already proved.. ee two weeks inka relax ayipo ani antha confident ga cheppindi.. genuine fans opinion change avvataniki oka incident chalu.. Atuvantidi nuvve winner annatu avida antha confident ga cheppindante mundhe antha pre planned ani bayataninchi chustunna audience ki crystal clear ga ardamavutundi.. lopala vunna contestants, bayataki vachinavallu kuda Kaushal mundhe anni plan chesukuni vachadani cheptunna Bigg boss team & Star MAA enduku action teesukovatam ledu..

Mana karma entante great legendery ni ituvanti cunning player tho compare cheyalsi vastundi.. emm chestam.. ala ayina ee Bigg boss team and cunning star supporter Nani ki ardamu avutundemo anna tapatrayamu..

Papam genuine game adutunna house mates kastam chusi ayina ee cunning star ni eliminate cheyali anipinchatam ledha..housemates andariki ipudu bayata emm jarugutundo ardamayindi.. inka vallu game emm adataru.. ee cunning Kaushal valla game credibility mottam poyindi..

rumors spread chestunarani winner ayye arhata vunna strong contestants ni ignore chesi arhata leni vallani winner cheyakandi..

ayya Nani garu show inka ending stage lo vundi.. ipudayina bayam vadili aa Kaushal ki serious warning ivvandi.. we are not against to Kaushal but he is playing cunning game which is not acceptable..

most irritating player in Bigg boss house award ni aa Kaushal ki ivvandi.. inni rojulu audience and other contestants ni torcher chesinanduku.
Sep 14, 2018

Bigg Boss2 about Kaushal army atrocities

I just have one question..weather we have to watch Bigg Boss or not. Please if you are concerned on your contestants stOp the show give title to Kaushal or eliminate Kaushal and let others live. Emitandi asalu aa Kaushal army, eavarandi aa troll enti asalu ingitham emaina vundha..oka public media lo ela behave cheyyalo teliyadha to some extents it is ok to troll others to support their contestant but...they are targeting each and every contestants in the show..abusing about their character, using unparliamentary language. I dont have any relation with the contestants I am somewhere in the US I am watching Bigg Boss in other languages too but this is too much. How can one person take over the show its really fishy and I think your production management should enquire about it.If I open You Tube and type Bigg Boss Telugu then all I can see is Kaushal army posts, videos abusing other contestants abusive comments but nothing else and the same in face book and twitter. If you encourage such type of things then you will have no control over your show in future episodes. This same Kaushal army,the same people will choose any other contestants and repeat the same. First of all what did Kaushal do..nothing but irritating inside the house he is controlling the house with his own rules and outside the house his people. So why do we have to watch the show, are we stupids, what action your channel is taking to protect your contestants from defamation inspite they are just simple people came with some hope to your show. either eliminate kaushal and repair the damage caused to other people and their families or give up dont try to create any future seasons when u cant control such situations with your strategies. Kaushal army chese kutralaku Kaushal baadyatha vahinchali so eliminate Kaushal.
Sep 14, 2018


Worst contestant in the show z only kaushal...it z very hard to stay wt this kaushal in the house..I hats off to all contestants in the house for brearing this fellow...i already stopped watching bb2 bcz of this kaushal over action..bt i cant stop vedios favoring kaushal on ytube..N i felt wonder by watching kaushal army made him a super hero...in my family n frnds group nobody liking him..N whenever he coms to screen they start laughing saying came headache person..no need to try anything to get headache.. if u watch his behaviour then we vl get easily irritation...I appreciate geetaha madhuri mam for taking out logics for him..at least she has courage to argue wt him..I really appreciate her..she at least dint feared even she heared abt this worst kaushal army..kaushal army is blind to see struggles of other contestants..N it is always ready how to praise kaushal without any logical reason..they publicly abussig other contestants..N they are not leaving any single mistake of other contestants..n showing thar they did a big mistake..so bb team dont encourage this roudy n fake kaushal army..if u support them then it vl continue in next seasons also..everyone like kasuhal may come by arranging outside...then wt z the use it z like a reality show...then ur show vl bcm big failure..i
D. Sai Naveen
Sep 12, 2018

Regarding Kala bhairav rahasyam

@Star MAA why did you stopped the kala bhairava rahasyam series suddenly which is held at 11pm, please continue the show. Also did the same thing to Chandrakantha series suddenly stopped in the middle.
I request you to continue this kala bhairava rahasyam series
Sep 11, 2018

Bigg boss 2

Nijanga Cunning star Kaushal ki genuine fans vunte payed anagane anta kangaru enduku.. genuinity prove chesukotaniki gorrelamanda bala pradarsana kosam roads ekkaru..papam bala pradarsana chesi memu payed kadani prove cheyali anukunaremo.. okabiryani packet iste janam vacche rojullo bala pradarsana chesi emm prove cheddam anukuntundi ee gorrela manda...nijanga bala pradarsana valla okadu win avutadu ante Inka ee show ki intamandi technical team enduku, contestants ki task lu anni kastalu enduku..

oka strong reason cheppi edayina organizer ni consult chesta valle event ni organize chestaru... inta chinna logic janalaki teliyadana ipudu road ekki memu genuine ani prove chesa prayatnam chestunaru... Kaushal kosam enduku vastarani adagacchu.. ivvala repu janalaki show mottam chusi opinion cheppa time ledu..elagu publicity ki payed media vundi kada..100 times chepta abaddam nijamavutundi antaru.. roju social media lo sympathy star bajana chusi janalu influence avvatam goppa visayam kadu.. sympathy videos nalugu chupinchi andaru corner chestunarani chepta ayyo papamani jalipade sentimental people mana vallu..

ee Kaushal valla game spirit mottam poyindi.. ituvanti arrogant person ni winner ni chesi cunningness vunte edayina achieve cheyochani society ki message iddamu anukuntunara.. Kaushal win ayithe it's a failure to Bigg boss team and entire Star MAA.. ippatike show atani control lo vundi.. do something..

Ayina Bigg boss taluchukunte evarinayina epudayina eliminate cheyocchu.. but Bigg boss endukani Kaushal ni eliminate cheyatam ledu.. TRP kosama? leka eliminate chesta payed groups troll chestayani bayama?

Except Kaushal house lo vunna prati contestant payina edo oka time lo valla situation chusi ayyo papamani anipinchindi..ee 93 days lo oka kshanam kuda Kaushal correct anipincha ledante enta arrogant behavior.. Nijanga bajana batch annatu Kaushal game correct ga adi kuda odipothe daniki atani behavior oka reason ayithe rendodi ee gorrela manda other contestants ni abuse cheyatame..I hope Bigg boss will teach a lesson to Kaushal and his payed groups.. so that no one will dare to do this in coming seasons..
Sep 11, 2018

Bigg boss 2

ee week nominations chusaka psycho Kaushal ni Inka house lo baristunanduku house mates andariki rendu chetulu etthi dannam pettali anipinchindi.. Dhayachesi ee pyscho ni urgent ga show ninchi eliminate cheyandi.. lekapothe ee pycho chestalaki migilina house mates andaru picchi vallu ayyetunaru..

Sambandam lekunda Nominations time lo madyalo matladatadu.. argument start chestadu edutivallu cheppedi vinakunda sarcastic ga navvutadu.. nijanga Kaushal pakkana vunte kottali ananta kopam vachindi.. housemates kopam ela control chesukuntunaro papam...ee picchodiki Tanish ee correct..relationship peru marchi game adamani salaha icchina pyscho ki tight slap Icchadu Tanish...Akka ani cheppi game aditha ok na akkani kodatara ani adigithe sound ledu papam Kaushal ki..

I respect any relation equally whether it is friendship or relationship ani baga cheppadu Tanish..entasepu edutivallu tappu Nena correct ani prove cheyataniki try chestadu..

Deepti ni Tanish Amma ani pilisthe madyalo ee picchodi problem enti..Amma ante mother ni pilichinatte kadu kada.. Chala families lo sister/ daughter ni kuda amma ani pilustaru .. ante amma ni enta respect ga chusukuntamo adavallu andarini ante pavitranga chudalani, gouravanga/ premaga piluchukune oka goppa padam amma ante.. Adavallani gouravinchalani mana peddalu epudu cheptuntaru.. atuvantapudu amma ani pilichi push chesta tappu pilavakunda push chesta correct ani logics cheptunnadu.. game lo rules both genders ki same kada..Bigg boss already konni rules petti gender difference ledani cheppi iddarini oke intlo petti game adistunadu.. andaru istapadi participate chestunaru.. madyalo ee psycho tana own rules petti ila pilichi push chesta tappu ee relations lekunda push chesta oppu, asalu game lo relations vundatam tappu ani atani own rules petti audience ni influence chesta ela..
Nijanga task lo Deepti ki concern vundi vunta tanu apude cheptundi kada.. tanaku nachakapithe withdraw ayyedi kada.. Deepti ki problem lenapudu madyalo ee psycho ki emm problem..adavallatho physical tasks adakudadu annapudu blame Bigg boss.. task pettina Bigg boss ni vadilesi Tanish meeda padi edavatam enduku..Tanish place lo psycho Kaushal vundi vunta push cheyakunda vuntadu.. Sunayana ni push chesi munduku vellalsindani Syamala ki salaha ichinapudu gurtuleda Kaushal ki tanu ammayi ani.. vadu vadi chetta logics.. vadiki favor ga rules vundali ante ela..

call center task lo Ganesh visayam Geeta Madhuri adiginanduku maa iddari visayamlo nuvu enduku involve ayavani adigina ee psycho Kaushal ipudu sambandam leni visayamlo endhuku involve ayyadu.. Basic ga ee candidate ippativaraku evaro okarni recchakotti vallatho thittinchukuni aa sympathy valla ippativaraku show lo continue avutunnadu.. papam last varaku show lo sympathy vallane continue avudam anukuntunademo...

As usual weekend Nani vacchi recchakottina psycho Kaushal ni vadilesi Tanish ki class istadu..

Mee trolling kosam inka ee psycho ni show lo continue chesamundu papam house mates parisditi okasari alochinchandi..

Ippativaraku game one sided ayipoyi bayata lopala Kaushal domination chusamu.. Bigg boss 2 ayyelopu without Kaushal fair game ni chuse chance audience ki ivvandi..
Ajay Diy
Sep 11, 2018

again Telecast Kaala Bhairava Rahasyam Serial

If you want remove average serial like "KAARTEEKA DEEPAM" & replace with "KAALA BHAIRAVA RAHASYAM" serial. With in a short Time this serial became famous and both Boys & Girls are interested to Watch this serial.
This is a rare Serial because of its Mystery & Suspence. Don't let this serial stopped. Sure your TRP will get down if you stop this excellent serial....
Ajay Babuji
Sep 11, 2018

Removal of Kaala Bhairava Rahasyam serial

Please Telecast this serial. After a long time we are watching this xlent serial. All my Family & Friends are fans of this serial. We are feeling suffered after we realized this serial is stopped. Atleast Telecast on Maa Gold or change this Serial Timings. But please telecast this serial even late night.
Ajay Babuji
Sep 11, 2018

Removable of Kaala Bhairava Rahasyam Serial

Please Telecast this serial. After a long time we are watching this xlent serial. All my Family & Friends are fans of this serial. We are feeling suffered after we realized this serial is stopped. Atleast Telecast on Maa Gold or change this Serial Timings. But please telecast this serial even late night.
Sep 10, 2018


Your bigg boss show feels biased because who ever r nominated every one should be there u have sareer tanish name why u people r picking and why at the last relations r allowed in the house so that game is change d at last kaushal is lucky to be nominated for whole season so that he is ready for finale and by now u cannot tell fake id by cheating nutan so that only I feel kaushal army is showing they reality to show that we r not fake by conducting programs so that maa bigg boss will not.cheat telling money is paid and wrong id and all nonsence
Sep 10, 2018

Monday Sep 11th 2018 Not telecasted Kalabhairava rahasyam

There are so many dumb serials that slog or changes instant stories based on TRPs but Fast moving story oriented nice serial kala bhairava rahasyam ties whole of my colony members even though its a bit late night. but what is the reason this serial is not telecasted all of a sudden today ? The story is good and in suspense and one can not stop it so in the middle.
Sep 10, 2018

Burning Photos

In most of the religions .. burning photos will treated as person would like to make the person in photo reaches to near to physical death. I's violation of few of IPC codes. I didnt like this. You have simple options like throw the photo graph in dustbin or pasting on a wal or etc etc... but you chooses burning a photograph of physical person. Stupid idea of idea creator..
Watch out MAA TV.. Provoking unnessesary things by hurting sentiments og religions.. before elections... CYber act also applicable for you infact..
Episode : 10-09-2018...
Sep 10, 2018

Bigboss 2

Dear star maa

Big boss 2 trolls n vedioes youtube lo chustunnamu...e okkarigurinchi polite ga kaushal army matladindi ledu...contestants nu interviews lo chala darunamga chupistunnaru..valla opinion cheppadam kuda tappapotundi...meru audience poll ichi tappuchesaremo anipistundi..kaushal nu hightlite cheyadaniki entakaina teginchela undi paristiti...kaushal starting lone geeta n deepti ku cheptadu emani in future vallu eliminate ite ganuka vallaku support chese group form chesukunte a group vallani save chestaru ani ...idi kaushal alochinche vidhanam..n tanaku emotions n frnds vaddu ane take edutivallato kalavadu...inka alochinche manishi bayatanunchi emi arrange chesukokunda vachesada?
Ante kadu enduku other contestants go valla past vedioes kuda teesi vallu ilanti vallu ani chupistu kavalani point out chestunnaru..emotionally vallani down chestunnaru..idanta enti asalu?idi game show Kani deeni politics chestunnaru...game shows lo ila undadam correct ?first nunchi a kaushal tedagadu...veedu pedda talanoppila tayaru ayyadu show ku....dayachesi not season ku Matram ilanti egosit n arrogant person rakudadani korukuntunnamu..dayachesi vaadni Matram win cheyakandi..inkevaru win ina no pbl...Amit,roll samrat tanish geetaha deepti anyone no pbl..e kaushal gadu win ite ganuka inka andaru veedanta arrogant ga untaru...adento vedhavalaku ku bhayapadalsostundi...my humble request don't encourage this type of cunning fellows..
Sep 9, 2018

Bigg boss 2

Ayya Nani garu ippatike mee half knowledge tho anchoring chesi strong contestants ni bayataki pampicharu.. Tanish eliminate ayyevaraku nidrapoyela leru meeru..emm matladatunnaru meeru .. Ticket to finale task lo Tanish ki meeru icchina feedback emiti.. Cunning star first ninchi relations lekunda okela vunnada.. koncham venakki velli gurtu chesukondi.. Kaushal nuvvu naku house lo ee relations levu annavu again friends antu why you are expecting favor from others ani adigina Nani garu ipudu Cunning star first ninchi okela vunnadani statement istunaru ...

Mee nijayiti prove chesukotaniki Tanish emm chesina tappu annatu payed groups comments ni Tanish ki cheppi confuse chestunaru..

Tanish winner ayithe ekkada biased antaro ani payed groups trolls and comments ki bayapadi Cunning star ni lekapothe mee ego satisfaction ki arhata leni Geeta Madhuri ni winner ni chestarani ardamayindi...

Nenu Tanish abhimani kadu but tanu relations ki value istu game ni adutunna vidanam naku nachindi.. he is one of the strong contestant who deserves to win..

Nani garu oka ganta kalisi prayanam chesa vallathone manaku teliyakunda edo relation develop avtundi.. atuvantidi 3 months oke intlo vunapudu evaritho ee relation lekunda bratakatam impossible.. ala evarayina vunte vallu Mara manusulani ardam.. atuvanti vallatho Tanish ni compare chesi game kosam materialistic ga bratakamani ataniki salahalu ivvadu.. Tanish chala clear ga cheppadu meeku Nani garu, Nenu enta varaku support cheyakalano anta varaku chesta nuvva Nena anapudu I have that clarity ani.. he is right kada..

Mana intlo Anna thammulayina anthe kada.. sadyamayinanta varaku okariki okaru support chesukuntaru..anthe Kani vallu odipoyi naa Anna/ tammudu kada ani vallani gelipinchataniki adaru kada..
Sep 9, 2018

Bigg boss 2

Bigg boss team ki Cunning/ sympathy star Kaushal and confused lady Geeta Madhuri tappa house lo Inka evaru kanipinchatam leda. Day start ayithe evaritho godavapadi ela sympathy techukovalani chustadu sympathy star.. oka task kuda serious ga adakunda intlo evaru strong vallani ela bayataki pampichalani bathroom lo ammalakala muchatlu petti Bigg boss team and audience ki reviews istundi Geeta Madhuri..Nenu naa intlo pani manishi tho ayina ilane vuntanani statement icchina Geeta Madhuri oka common man pakkana top 5 lo ninchotaniki siggu chetu anna cunning star thappa show lo Inka evariki winner ayye arhata ledanukuntunda Bigg boss team..
Sep 9, 2018

Bigg boss 2

Ayya Nani garu cunning star ante maree inta bayama meeku.. valla payed group trolls ki bayapadi cunning star thappulni kuda chakkaga cover chestunaru meeru.. cunning startho 2 months kalisi vunna housemates ee barinjaleka papam valla avida ela baristundo ani ante andulo emm tappu kanipinchindi meeku.. ayina family topic matladatam tappu anipiste telecast cheyakudadu, meeku TRP kavali kada andhuke telecast chestaru.. cunning star wife topic Deepti matladatam tappu ayithe mari Babu gari wife and son topic cunning star matladinapudu cunning star ni enduku strong ga question cheya ledu Nani garu... payed media cunning star ni evarayina aha oho thopu ante chusara house mates maa cunning star goppatanam ela cheptunaro antaru adhe house mates atani tappulu chepta maa cunning star ni corner chesaru antaru.. positives ni consider chesinapudu negatives ni accept cheyali kada.. adhe house mates vera contestant ni negative ga matladithe chusara neekosam neetho vunna housemates enta negative ga matladatunnaru ante nuvu enta bad person ani publicity chestaru.. enti ee darunam teesukunna dabbulaki nyayam cheyataniki ee payed people cunning star ki oka nyayam migilina vallaki inko nyayam ante ela.

House lo vunna ee okkariki cunning star behavior nachatam ledante problem atani lo vunda leka house mates lo vunda.. atanu nijanga manchi vadayithe okarayina support cheyali kada.. 24hrs kalisi vunna vallalo okariki atanu nachatam ledu ante genuine audience cunning star ki ela support chestaru..papam payed batch publicity ki influence ayina vallu Inka second week kallalo karam episode daggara agipoyaremo..

other contestants ni anta darunanga troll chestunna payed groups ni cunning star family maintain chestunadi nijamayithe vallu oka visayam gurtu pettukovali.... adavalla edupu evariki manchidi kadu..adavallu ani lekunda vallani ee payed groups troll chesina vidanam not at all acceptable..
Sep 9, 2018

Big boss 2

Dear star maa

E kaushal valana show chudadam manesamu...youtube Trieste e kaushal gurinche ...atanu em chesina correct..migilina contestants nu enta darunamga chupinchalao anta darunamaga chupistunnaru..Big boss 2 tvaraga iPote sagam godava taggipotundi..vellu migilani audince nu valla trolls n vedios to baga influuence chestunnaru. Evaru win avvalo velle cheppi chesystunte inka bigg boss team enduku..kaushal win kakaopte daranalu jarigipotayata..bedirinchi win cheynchukuntara ?
Ide nijam ite ganuka rabaoye seasons paristiti enti?
Ante bayata evarno set chesukoni groups form iyyi win cheynchukuntara?kaushal behaviour very very worst in the show..ilantivallu bigboss ku correct kada..individual shows untay andulo e kaushal saripotadu..dayachesi dayachesi dayachesi e kaushal eliminate cheyandi sir.. bharinchalekapotunnamu...eppudu roudisim clearga untundi e kaushal army...babu gogineni sir Edo chestaru anukunnamu..bt atanu spandinchakunda unnaru.ante denibattu asalu ardham chesukovachu....dayachesi a kaushal garini encourage cheyakandi..he z no one rude n arrogant person in the house...I like Gretna attitude..bcz tanaki kaushal army gurinchi telisina still she z fighting wit kaushal at she feels gud at least geetaha gariki unna courage meku kada nani2 garu...kaushal coins tasklo coins anni first dongataanm chesesadu..pooja correct ga fight chestundi.. bt nobody support her in that situation...kaushal ela coins anni tesukuntadu..atanu Istam vachinattu rules marchi adite meku tappu anipinchaleda?asalu meru enduku kaushal nu question cheyaru?ade inka evaranna cheste kaushal urukuntada?meru em game show nadipistunnaru?contestants chetilo meru unnara?meku emanna ardham avutundi?Me chetakani tananiki hats Off?at least try cheyandi fight cheyandi?meru react avvalani korukuntunnamu..

Thank you..
Sep 7, 2018

BIGG BOSS regarding

Dear Sir/Madam,
బిగ్ బాస్ 2 తెలుగు అరాచక, అసభ్యకర దృశ్యాలకు నిలయమై పోయింది. ఆహ్లాదాన్ని పంచాల్సిన గేమ్ షో అసభ్యతను అనాగరకతను ప్రోత్సహిస్తుంది. ఈ రోజు (7 సెప్టంబర్ 2018) నాడు అయిన కార్ టాస్క్ లో తనీష్ అనే సభ్యుడు దీప్తిపై చూపిన కండబలం సమాజానికి ఏం సందేశానిస్తుందో! చూస్తానికే భరించలేకుండా ఉన్న ఇటువంటి దృశ్యాలకు సెన్సార్ అవసరం ఉండదా!.అదే టాస్క్ లో కార్ లోనే ప్రక్కన ఆడవాళ్ళు ఉండగా కవర్ లో మూత్రవిసర్జన చేయటం అతని ప్రక్కనున్న వారికి, వారి భర్తలకు ఏమనిపించలేదేమో గాని, చూసే వీక్షకులకు భరింపశక్యంగాకుండా ఉంది. ఎటువంటి నియంత్రణకు గురి కాకుండా టెలికాస్ట్ అవుతున్న ఈ షోను తక్షణమే నిలిపి వేయాలని కోరుకుంటున్నాము. దీనిని ప్రసారం చేసిన టీవి వారికి, బిగ్ బాస్ కు, ఇటువంటి అకృత్యాలను చేసే వారికి తగిన శిక్ష విధించాలి. ఈ దరిద్రపు షోను ఆపి వేయాలని కోరుకుంటున్నాము. దీనిలో పాల్గోని BIGG BOSS ఇంటినుంచి బహిష్కరణకు గురైన, మానవ హక్కుల గురించి పదే పదే మాట్లాడే బాబు గోగినేని లాంటి వారు స్పందించాల్సిన అవసరం ఉంది.
Anny Mila
Sep 7, 2018

Bigg boss cheating

BIGGBOSS 2 is a completely cheating game! How can you support such stupid Kaushal just for your reviews and TRP rating. He is so rude and never worthy of being a human too and how can you even keep such people on shows! Such a cheap fellow he is! Humans do have feelings and such rascals should be eliminated in the beginning it self. I had respect for Biggboss 1 but never for 2 because of Only person Kaushal. Do eliminate him. He might be a great person or familiar personality but the true heroism lies in his behaviour. Aadarsh from season 1 was a true person and season 1 was successful as there we no such people! Please eliminate kaushal idiot.
Leela Bhavani
Sep 7, 2018

Bigg boss -2

Dear Maa,

How long this Kaushla dominates in the house. He is waste for this entertainment show continuing with fake army votes (No sense, guts, dare, enjoyment only having quarrel with others this what his game). He not suits for this show he is suitable only for Arguing debates shows.
Sravya seelam
Sep 5, 2018

Change timing of mahabharath

Pls change the timing of mahabharath to either back to 8:00am or to 7:30am, as we are missing the epic story

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