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Maruti suzuki


Consumer complaints and reviews about Maruti suzuki

Sep 21, 2017

Car parts stolen in service center mathura

This is regarding Case Number-3923917064 Title-Service Complaint of UMA MOTORS PVT. LTD._H801_H8_01,

Our car has got some minor accident, dropped car for repair to UMA Motors Mathura (UP) on 17 july 2017, Mr Sanjay Sharma (Workshop manager) told us there would be repairing cost of Rs 12-15 thousands in which Rs 4000 would be labor charge and near about Rs 10000 for to replace a single component, we had requested to wave off service charge as car is in under warranty. We have raised the complaint against dealer for their very poor response and rudely behavior, as we had not received approx estimate for repair till more than one months. after so many intervention of MR Sunil Prabhakar, he had send socking approx estimate of Rs 42,000. again we had requested to Mr Sunil Prabhakar to intervene in this matter as fake estimation was given to us, prepared high intentionally by Mr Sanjay Sharma. I mat to Mr Sunil Prabhakar in your vasant kunj office. He has committed me to pay Rs 32,000 only to collect the car. But Mr Sanjay sharma has denied to wave off any labour charges. and added around Rs 3000 charge for parts which was not covered by insurance, informed us on last stage. as intention of Mr Sanjay Sharma was very clear to make the fake bill as high as possible.
Now today my bother has received the car without number plate, speaker(01 nos), handle cover, approx 25 ltr petrol, without processed toe charges Rs 8000/- which was paid by us etc.
My concern are following.
1. How 12-15 thousands estimate reaches to Rs 42,000.
2. Why Sunil Prabhakar like peoples are the part of service team, because a dealer personnel not able to hear/ clearly deny his committed request, which he has given to us.
3. Where is our stolen parts.
4 Kindly let me know any other parts stolen/ replaced new part by old part by Sanjay Sharma intentionally.
5. Did i mistaken to purchase Maruti car.

Please need your immediate intervention regarding above.
Sep 20, 2017

3rd Rated Speech from your out sourcing agency

Dear Maruti ,

I got a call from some out sourcing agency stating that calling from Maruti and Maruti had arrange for a feedback call. The conversation was ordering and worst to the core. Not even know how to speak with the customer . The agency name is AD Research Solution and the executive name Selva sudha. So kindly take action on that agency. And pls tie-up with a Professional agency in future . This make spoil your brand . I felt very , very irritated by the way she spoke.

Vehicle details : TN 12 T 9412 - New Maruti Dzire

Naveen kumar
Sep 18, 2017

Poor design of new swift (not protected from Mouse /Rat)


I am sohan dal from pune, i have buy new swift 2017 model from MY CAR wakad, pune in the month of February.
My complaint is about maruthi design is of new swift is not protected from mouse, every day mouse in coming inside the car, and damage something, it is very costly for me to protect from from mouse.
Why this is so poor design and how I protect?

Sohan dal
Sep 18, 2017

Very poor design of Car (not protected from RatMouses )


I am sohan dal from pune, i have buy new swift 2017 model from MY CAR wakad, pune in the month of February.
My complaint is about maruthi design is of new swift is not protected from mouse, every day mouse in coming inside the car, and damage something, it is very costly for me to protect from from mouse.
Why this is so poor design and how I protect?

deepak keshari
Aug 22, 2017

Taken so much time for service

Hello,this is RAJAN KESHARI-BHARATGANJ ALLAHABAD,Veh. no-UP 70/CR-5840.I had registerd for service my vehical due to accidential case in service workshop at GREENLAND MOTOR LUKARGUNJ at 20th March.It had taken so much time for repaire,I recieved my veh after 3 month in very incomplete service condition.when veh cover the distance approx 500km,there was a very critical problem.There was no GARE OIL.Due to absence of GARE OIL,at the 2nd no gare it becomes very noisely.I complained in service workshop at GREENLAND MOTOR LUKARGUNJ.Firstly they were no accepting my complain.Any how they accept,they recieved my vehical at 25th July.Till now, they are saying that part are not available.It is taking so much time and very bad behaviour by GREENLAND WORKSHOP EMPLOYEE.
I request you to interfare in my complain as soon as possible without any loss of time.
i'm not a roboat
Aug 21, 2017


Dear Sir,

Our new vitara breeza having problem of "FOG" in front of the glass at the time of rainy season driving soo difficult and its dangerous too it may cause accident also please help how to avoid this.

yours faith fully
Harish Komath
feel free contact 7558057766 or 9633387766
state kerela
kannur dist
sudhir t
Aug 19, 2017

rattling sound in the engine

sir,this is to bring to your kind notice, that my swift dezire KA-04-ML-8901 vehicle regularly serviced at mandovi motors, krs road Mysore,has done 68k and on 20thjuly,2017 my vehicle stopped due to cam shaft breakage, my vehicle was towed to the show room and necessary repairs was carried out after replacing the required spares.At the time of delivery a rattling noise was noticed while the engine was running and according to the showroom people ,to rectify the problem the engine has to be dismantled at an approximate cost of one lakh rupees. I have discussed this problem with many experts and i learned that this kind of break down occurs very rarely in any automobile. since i have not completed even one lakh kilometers,i regret to tell you that a sub standard material was used in my vehicle causing me to under go sever hard ship. Hence i kindly request you to bear the charges and rectify the problem .
Hope MSIL will keep up to their words of quality and service.
Arun Kumarl
Aug 19, 2017

AC not cooling

Name:Arun Kumar
REGN DT :01/04/2017
My Vehcl not cooling I am in complaint in service station not in repair please respond in my letter in my request
My mobile no:7291955747
Aug 1, 2017

non isuuance of gst invoice

stan autos Ludhiana is not issuing gst invoice.
Bhumika sankhla
Jul 18, 2017


Maruti Suzuki Breeza ZDI+, which was purchased in July 2016, has run 9000 KM only, but due to repeated oil leakage in it, more than 2 times in the Krishna Auto Sales Jodhpur, after correcting it, the problem is still in place.

Jun 15, 2017

ComplainRegarding booking of new car

Regarding booking of new Dzire zdi plus ags,as on 20/5/17 I had booked car in Kataria automobiles,dariyapur dealer,at that time the sales person says me that zdi plus ags bookings are not more so u Will get the car in 2 to 3 weeks and I said to sales person that I want my car before g s t applicable.

They r telling that Maruti company not giving detail of your car my booking order no.SOB17000786,on the name of Sushila Motilal Kothari
I m really frustrated what to do I m not getting answer from any body from dealership

So please update what is going on I want my car as early as possible
Raj Shaker
Jun 14, 2017

Registration doccument issue

Hi Team,

I Rajashekhar from hyderabad. I bought new car maruthi suzuki vitara brezza zdi+ on may 4th 2017 from Saboo RKS motors ECIL Hyderabaf. After couple of weeks i got a call from saboo and they asked me to collect the Registration doccuments. I have collected Ali the doccumenta from Showroom and day before yeaterday i booked a slot i.e. 12 06 2017. I have completed all the process but at the last when they are going for inspectipn of my vechile front and back tyre jo were not matching with the given records hence they rejected my registration and they asked mw to gwt in tpuch with Showroom. Showroom has given me R215/60 size for all the 5 tyres but they mention on doccuments as R 205/60. Just because of this small issue my registration has been stopped. When i had a word with showroom they say it is not there responsible we get all the details from maruthi manufacture . i asked them to get in touch with manufacture or whom ever it is concern then they say just for your vechile why manufacture department will get in touch with us its very small mistake try to pay some money to agent and he will help u out.

I was not expecting thia kind of response from Showroom . if this is the case im sorry to say this please take ur vechile back and return my complete money . i was trying to reach customer care but that number never works. I am full irated now woth the situation its been 3 days now but this showroom guys ia never tut ing up. Request you to please help me out from this situation.

My mobile no: 9885984887, 9000772834.

Thanks and regards,
Gulab Singh dahiya007
Jun 9, 2017

Service and repairing

I have own maruti ciaz car. its 2nd service was carried out on 08.06.2017.
1.In service they use cream in the interior, but the cream was not rub properly hence it looks very ugly when sitted inside the car, if service centre employ have problem in rubbing the cream then why they use the cream. It looks more worst then before.
2. There was some tape on the outside body, they dont remove the tape. On complaining them about the tape they said that it would take extra charge of Rs500 to remove it. If i would pay the charge then what is the use of service in authorized service centre? why company given free service coupan.
3. I have made some repairing on the driver side gate, they dosent make it properly. it have some white patches on the paint.
4. The employ left a dirty cloth in my car behind the rear seat. Is there was no inspection of the car after service before deliver to the customer.
5. In free inspection coupan they were using tick at the place of abbreviations, I dont understand the meaning of tick because there was no abbreviation given as tick.
6. In service centre they wash my car when i were reach there to take delivery of my car, If you wash the car on delivery then why you take car for one or two days on the name of service.
ravikumar v
May 27, 2017

ciaz car suspensing

to me
Dear Sir
Complaint Language Tamil
சார் Ciaz Car வாங்கி ஒரு வருடம் கூட ஆகவில்லை ஆனால் எனது வண்டி சஸ்பென்சிங் மிகவும் மோசமான நிலையில் உள்ளது நான் மோட்டார் தொழில் செய்து வருகிறேன் ஆனால் இந்த வண்டியை விருப்பபட்டு மிக மிக ஆசையா வண்டி வாங்கினேன் ஆனால் வண்டியின் சஸ்பென்சின் மற்றும் டோர் பீடிங் சவுண்ட் வருகிரது. இதனால் எனக்கு மன உளச்சல், மற்றும் மன வேதனை அடைந்து உள்ளேன் சார் இதற்க் தகுந்த நடவடிக்கை எடுத்து தருமாரு கேட்க்கொள்இ றேன்,
வண்டி என் TN84 C2426 owner Name R.makeshwari
May 25, 2017

Delay in delivery of VITARA BREZZA

Dear sir,

I have booked and paid an advance for purchase of VITARA BREZZA ZDI+ (Premium Silver colour) vide contract ref no.BRZD16000591 on 6th March 2017 and further I was assured orally that I may be getting delivered by end of April 2017. But as of date there is no confirmation for delivery from Khivraj Motors, Mount Road, Chennai.
Kindly confirm when I will get delivery and If I not get confirmation by to-day or tomorrow, I may be compelled to go for Hundai Creta.


Abdul Azad
May 10, 2017

Celerio VXI car breaks are getting failed whenever we ascending from steep hills, putting our life's at stake


I have a Maruti Suzuki Celerio VXI 2014 model car, we happened to go for a trip in 2017 to Ooty, which is a hill station. While coming back car breaks failed, break was not working, we had come down by using hand break. Which had put our lives at risk. After coming down we waited for almost half an hour and break started to work as usual. After that I gave my car for service and got the break bleeding also done. Not sure what could be the reason. Same situation happened again. Looks like the break system in petrol vehicle of Celerio doesn't work, if the road is steep, which is a defect, which has to be corrected. Otherwise, people who are driving the car, if they get panic, don't get any idea of hand break and if any vehicle come front they will meet with an accident for sure.

Can you guys please get this defect corrected in my vehicle and check the scenario in the new Celerio vehicles also.

Thanks & Regards,
Nirbhay Khulbe
Apr 27, 2017



i bought wagon- r lxi of silky silver metallic colour on 22-02-2013 from TR SAWHNEY MOTOR AMAR COLONY DELHI.car no is DL3CBS 7526.it's been only 3 years using car and we drove it just 37000 km till today.we were using it gently throughout the years but it has started rusting.the rust is visible now.i also written mail to the suzuki three times but no action should be taken from your side i also attached some photos of my rusting car in my first mail.over 3-4 times i also talked to customer care they just said that we can only draft your complaint but we have no authority to take any action over it.you can find all the details of my calling and emails from your records that how many times your trustworthy customer faced problems from your side.even your mail dept. can't reply anymore.i also contact to the dealer TR SAWHNEY from where i purchased my car.they said that it was an manufacturing fault and advised me to contact to their OKHLA BRANCH.some of contact no. given by your customer executive is 01146150291, 01146781000 they said that higher authority will help you.i serviced my car from your registered MOTOR CRAFT INDUSTRIAL AREA SITE IV SAIBABAD AND FAIR DEAL PVT LTD. INDUSTRIAL AREA SITE IV SAIBABAD.its a serious matter of rusting which is increasing day by day its look so dirty from outside.i can't get any action from your side till now a day.plz take my complaint seriously asap.its not just a matter of rusting its is matter of relation between you and your customer."GOODWILL" OF THE COMPANY ALSO.AS YOU CAN DEAL IN "WHOLE INDIA".plz atleast contact to your customer.
CONTACT NO- 8586975915.
Apr 25, 2017

Rattling noise in celerio amt

I bought a celerio Amt vxi from Varun motors Begumpet last year. After the first three free services promblems started with the clutch. Very shaky and non responsive. On fourth service it was replaced under warranty.

Since then there is a strange rattling noise coming from the bonnet (or engine ) when vehicle slows down and gear shifts from 3 to 2 or 2 to 1. The minute it lower shifts and you accelerate the noise is heard.

After four visits to Varun service Begumpet, they are still unable to detect the reasons even though the sound is clearly audible.

They first thought adulterated fuel so changed tank and drove, same noise. Then all plugs change and drove, same noise!

Now they are saying they don't know exactly and need to keep vehicle for few days to check.

Please help!!!

Apr 8, 2017

Leaking coolant

Maruti Suzuki brezza bought in October 2016..engine coolant started leaking in March 2017. couple of visits to workshop it was apparently identified.. Later ..after two weeks problem returned... Causing me considerable anguish... Mainly service centre unable to fix it.. As the problem wasn't faced earlier...
Ganesh Lolage
Mar 21, 2017

Facing problem of front wheel caliber noise in Stingray VXI model

Dear Sir / Madam,

I have used Maruti Suzuki Stingray Vxi model from last 3.5 years. From last one year i have facing problem of front wheel caliber noise, for this i have repair twice but problem not resolved completely. Due to same I am very disappointing on Maruti Suzuki Wagon R product.

After discussion with Maruti Suzuki Showroom Manager (Pagaria Auto, Aurangabad) he told we are not able to resolved this problem permanently. This problem is related to manufacturing and design.

I request to resolve my problem permanently.

Vehicle Registration No:- MH20CS7101

I am waiting for your positive reply.
Mar 19, 2017

Fake data created

this is complaint about my service. fake receipt was created by ganesh motors at vellore tamilnadu. my second service yet to do. without my knowledge thy enter wrong data in my account...yesterday i went to do second service in maruti service center in palakkad kerala state.thy said ur vehicle s already did second service in 12feb2017 itself.so i got problm in doing my second service..plz help me to do ...take action for that
Mar 10, 2017

Mruti Ertiga Car colour issue


i have purchase maruti Ertiga VXI model on 11 Oct 2016, and last week i have seen colour was melt due to heat. and Services center people told me to claim with the insurace. i dont want to claim with insurance.

i want to highlited here whitin 4 months colour going to melt hence how it will sustain till over the life. i want to claim full color of body without any cost from Maruti suzuki services center with long lasting warranty.

car purchase from Sai service Palghar branch.

let me know if any information required.

Nandkumar Gokhale
(Palghar Maharashtra)
Mar 6, 2017

Maruti AAA service centre


I need to share a very interesting service experience shared at Maruti AAA motors Okhla.
My car was due for its 1st service of 1000 km so i drove it to the service center for the same on 13th Jan, i know i am late in writing this mail but thought its better if i could highlight the issue to maruti so that you can improve the service standards and keep hygiene at the service centers.

Once my cars service was done i was taken to inspect the car now during my inspection there was an Ertiga parked ahead of my car which the service attendant was reversing a banged into my car, so u can imagine how i would have felt when Ur car is just 1 week old and u get a scratch on the bumper . I was calm as they said sir would get the touching done .

Now the most shocking part is the service advisor walks down and states that sir

"koi baat nahi yeh tu hota hai gaadi sadak par chale gi tu lagti rehti hai."

Now i have bloody bought a car worth 9.5 lacs and u put a scratch on it and give me this shit excuse how would i feel.

Then when i got a bit furious they said we would get the touching done which they did with some other color which was highly visible when i was not satisfied they said we would get the bumper painted.

NOW i want to know why should i get my 7 days old car bumper painted for someone else silly mistake.

Now the biggest challenge is my next service is due and i don’t trust the service center anymore and i am helpless that where would i take the vehicle.
Dr. Khagen Kurmi
Mar 4, 2017

Non-Release of Loyalty Bonus on my vehicle SWIFT ZXI


I have already lodged a complain to Any Time Maruti after several communication with the dealer.Please go through my communications.

K. Kurmi
Dated 04.03.2017

Jan 25, 2017 4:09 PM, "Khagen Kurmi" <kkurmi7@gmail.com> wrote:
> Thank you for your quick response. My contact number is +919435350675.
> On Wed, Jan 25, 2017 at 3:39 PM, ATM Queue <contact@maruti.co.in> wrote:
>> Dear Sir,
>> Thank you for contacting Maruti Suzuki Customer Care.
>> We have received your communication regarding the concern shared about Maruti Suzuki Swift ZXI.
>> However, we request you to send us the following information, to expedite in this case.
>> • Your contact number

>> Thanking & assuring you of our best services at all times.

>> Regards,
>> (Call Us- Toll Free: 1800 102 1800 and 1800 1800 180)
>>> Please visit us at http://www.marutisuzuki.com
>> C02
>> =========================
>> From: kkurmi7@gmail.com
>> Received: 1/25/2017 1:07 AM
>> To: ATM Queue
>> Subject: Non-Release of Loyalty Bonus
>> Sir
Please see the attachment regarding Non-Release of Loyalty Bonus by
>> your dealer M/S Anamika Motors, Jorhat, Assam.

>> K. Kurmi
>> This mail is governed by Maruti Suzuki India Limited's IT policy which can be referred
>> at http://www.marutisuzuki.com/email-confidentiality.aspx
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Officer Incharge
Customer Care
Maruti Udyog Limited
Sub: Non-Release of Loyalty Bonus on my vehicle SWIFT ZXI

Ref: 1. My earlier complain submitted on Wed, 09/11/2013 - 13:09
2. Customer ID 1311352764 & invoice No. VSL 13000538 dated 13.09.2013 against order No. SOB 13000485 dated 05.08.2013. (Booking Dealer G901)
I purchased a SWIFT ZXI (Silky Silver) containing Chassis No.MA3EHKD1S00502383 & Engine No.K12MN1298880) on 13.09.2013 from your your dealer M/s Anamika Motors of Jorhat, Assam. As per scheme available at that time from the Maruti Udyog Limited and invoice number mentioned in the reference there was a Loyalty Bonus on my new vehicle. But, despite my several approach I have not been given that benefit till today. As per the documents the total cost of my vehicle including Extended Warranty and Registration Fee becomes Rs. 6,39,130.00 (Rupees six lakhs thirty-nine thousand one hundred thirty) only. But, I have paid Rs. 10,000.00 (Rupees ten thousand) by cash vide Money Receipt No. AM-944 dated 05.08.2013 plus Rs. 6,45,960.00 (Rupees six lakhs forty-five thousand nine hundred sixty) through RTGS No. UTGS SBINH 13248332814 (Money Receipt No. AM-1167 dated 06.09.2013) totaling Rs. 6,55,960.00 (Rupees six lakhs fifty-five thousand nine hundred sixty) only. Therefore, there was an excess payment of Rs. 16,830.00 (Rupees sixteen thousand eight hundred thirty) only details of which are mentioned below statement. At the time of delivery of the vehicle I had been told that the balance amount will be returned after settlement of the Loyalty Bonus as there was some problem with the Loyalty Bonus which was resolved after my previous complain on 11.09.2013. But, despite my several approach I have neither been returned the money nor informed about the settlement of the Loyalty Bonus even after three and half years.
Therefore, I hereby cordially request you to look after the matter and release my refundable money along with interest due on that.

Yours Faithfully

Khagen Kurmi

(A) Amount To be Paid Document Amount (Rs.)
(a)Price of the Vehicle Invoice No. VSL13000538 dtd. 13.09.2013 541058.42
(b)Less Loyalty Bonus -do- -13215.85
(c ) Accessible Value (a-b) -do- 527842.57
(d) Add VAT@13.5% -do- 71258.75
(e) Add Handling Charge -do- 4500.00
(f) Sub-Total (c + d + e) -do- 603601.32
(g) Add Extended Warranty Invoice No. 10706705 dtd.13.09.2013 8005.65
(h) Add Registration Charge Receipt No 3705640 dtd30.11.2013 27523.00
(i) Total Amount (f + g + h) 639129.97
Round off Total of (A) 639130.00
(B) Amount Deposited
(i)Booking Amount (by Cash) Money Receipt No. AM-944 dtd. 05.08.2013 10000.00
(ii)By RTGS RTGS No. UTGS SBINH 13248332814 & Money Receipt No. AM-1167 dtd. 06.09.2013 645960.00
Total of (B) Paid (i + ii) 655960.00
Refundable Amount (B-A) as on 13.09.2013 16830.00
Rupees Sixteen Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty Only
Feb 28, 2017

Grievance regarding performance of maruti suzuki celerio

Ref: Car no. MH-48-S-6159, with chassis no: MA3ETDE1S00145336. and Engine no: K10BN1782184 . Martui Celerio, AMT.

Above mention car was delivered to me through sai service in Aug 2014. Ever since these car is in operation on number of occasion defective things were noticed and due to that we experience difficulties in getting day today service.
This car is just 2 and half year old and has completed just 15000 kilometre in a above period and also vehicle has been serviced regularly at authorised Service Station (Sai Service Pvt. Ltd) as prescribed schedule in owner’s manual. This car is used only as a family car and being run on good condition roads in city area. From last one month car starts jerking while shifting gears and making some unusual noise from engine compartment. At this stage now the car is with your authorised dealer (Sai Service Pvt. Ltd. Virar west) for a couple of weeks and it seems that the dealer has Until Now not been able to detect the fault and put the vehicle on the road smoothly. They already replace many parts from transmission but engine noise problem remains as it is. The dealer now suggest that engine will be required to be open to see if the fault can be overcome.
At the moment the my vehicle is under extended warranty even though on opening the engine and transmission certain parts not covered under the warranty, will be charged me as dealer said. This will become a financial liability to me even when my vehicle is used very less and with extensive care. Further beyond warranty period if this is going to be the same scenario it ultimately resulting in a big financial liability in the time to come for me.
By all these means it seems that vehicle is brought out having manufacturing defects. When Maruti Suzuki claims to be a number one brand in customer satisfaction, deserve to be call back the said defective vehicle for safer transactions.
I earnestly request you that the needful is done at earliest to enable to get rid of these difficulties.

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