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Maruti True Value


Consumer complaints and reviews about Maruti True Value

May 11, 2019

regarding true value persons

True value Sherpur chowk Staff is not cooperative, I buy Ciaz car from True value Sherpur chowk on 27.12.2018. there were some problems in car when I buy. but still he is not resolving my problem & not take me serious. I am really unhappy to his services specially his True Value Manager Mr. Manmohan. he is totally ignore the person when any person go with him for problems. yesterday I visited there & he is not give me any solution. I send my car his service center 3-4 times, But he is unable to give me any solution.
Apr 17, 2019

Request to cancel as booking when they open login for name transfer

I had booked on 08 April suzuki celerio 2015 TN30 BC 6064
Paynent mode option I told cash payment, SAles man request to cheque, same full payment on same day given
But I followed for everyday to check the status. Also my online accounts, amount got debited on Thursday April 11 but Salem man called me on Friday afternoon finance dept confirmed today we will submit papers on Monday for name transfer
I call on Monday to check status, same confirmed that login open for name transfer but cheques fees not paid

Same day evening I to cancel my booking and transfer amount to new car department to go new car
Head of depart promised that today you can get deliver my car
I told I going for new car with your company itself
I request him to cancel my booking
same I had checked with RTO still they can cancel my booking
but all staff not cooperative in any case

Pl kindly give me a solution for this
Name : sangeetha gopibath
Mob 9965798909
Heaf of dept:,Mr. sudhakar
Tata Steel
Mar 14, 2019

No Attentive with the Costomer's


It has been a very bad experience been ever got from a True Value Satya Motor's Sirgitti Bilaspur CG.. Showroom by the Agent they only entertain over phone, but once the Customer reaches the True Value Showroom they won't entertain the customer and 1) Asks Irrelevant questions. 3) If customer want to go for a test drive to know about the car condition they won't offer the same 4) They don't even bother that the customer's are going out of there hand.
So would like to inform the higher management to rectify these issues and take good Agents and Employees like and make it real TRUE VALUE section the Maruti Suzuki Company .

Rajdeep Banerjee
Tata Steel
Mar 14, 2019

Worst Service given by True Value Executive Mr.Happy.

It has been a worst experience been ever got from a True Value Pebco Motor's Adityapur Industrial area Jamshedpur. West Singhbhum Showroom by the Agent MR. HAPPY. They only entertain on the phone, but once the Customer reaches the True Value Showroom they won't entertain the customer and 1) Asks Irrelevant questions. 2) Very Negative and rood attitude towards the customer. 3) If customer want to go for a test drive to know about the car condition they replies that once the deal will finalize then only will allow for a test drive. 4) 90% of the car's in True Value section found no Air in the wheels. 5) They don't even bother that the customer's are going out of there hand.
So would like to inform to the higher management to rectify these issues and Sac on immediate effect the Agents and Employees like Mr. HAPPY. Or else the day is not so far when not only TRUE VALUE section the Maruti Suzuki Company will going to face a big challenge in today's market & it may sick like Chevrolet from India.
Oct 12, 2018

Regarding Insurance Transfer

I Sanjeev Gupta purchased an Omni Van UK07DD5484 from the true value DD motors Saharnpur Road Dehradun on 23rd of August 2018.I have already paid them the money and the check of amount Rs225000 in the name of DD motors check number is 173303.After mailing the concerned authorities I have received the NOC after 43 days but still i am not able to utilize the Van as now they are asking to bring my Van back to True Value for insurance transfer .As i have mailed you earlier i have already suffered a lot of loss as it is on rental basis still i am not able to put to use of my Van because of insurance transfer.I have suffered a lot of mental agony.They have not committed me proper time.I am looking for compensation and will be sending a legal notice to True Value looking for compensation.I will be taking a legal action against True Value for mental agony and the losses I have suffered and will ask my fellows too to not purchase any Cars from the True Value.

Yours Faithfully
Sanjeev Gupta
Apr 10, 2018

Irresponsible & untrained staff

My name is Kunal ,
i visited the true value at lovely autos jalandhar today in morning to buy a used car . i was entertained by staff names Mohit ( exe) & Kulbir( manager )& krishna ( exe) . Alto k10 Amt
due to some issue the deal was not finalized but was in touch with Manish over on the call ( after i left the showroom ) to check for some discount & so but nothing happens so i returned back at 11am but at 11:45 i called up manish & told him any solution he said that he will update me in a short while but again was on hold lately i again called up the exe manish at 12:45 he said he will confirm back .

kulbir ( Manager) told us that they will give us a call before showing it to some other customer as we were 99% finalized to buy the car but we have asked some discount so was on hold .
they did not called us & shown the same car to some else not even bothered to ask us for feedback as are we willing to buy the new car or not . now there deal is finalized & they just apologized saying choose something else from this but not this one .

is this the way this organization work .
Suhas K97
Mar 3, 2018

Regarding my car which I bought through true value

This is Krishna,I'm so unhappy to inform you that I feel I'm cheated by True Value, Kalyani showroom BG road.
I bout a Grand i 10 for 5,10,000 from true value,the executive manager here (Mr Naveen) had assured me that the car was free from accidents and made certain promises during the deal. The promises where that he'd buy me a new touchscreen music system with Bluetooth connectivity. However at the of delivery he even didn't give me the owner's manual. Even on requesting him regularly to fulfill his promises,he fail and then by the time he gave me the owners manual it was two months past. I went to an authorized Hundai showroom and gave the car for service,then I came to know the car had been dealt with an accident and few parts were replaced. I'm feeling that I've been purposely cheated cause the manager himself assured me that the car was accident free. I even returned the car to him and asked him to refund my money,but he's not responding in a positive way.

Hoping that you'll resolve my complaint soon and refund my money back
Nov 21, 2017

I feel Cheated - Shivam Autozone Kandivali

Dear Maruti Suzuki Officials,

With an absolute regret in my heart and with no option left I am writing my grievances to you. Hope you shall be able to address and resolve the trouble causing state, I am going through.
I recently purchased a vehicle – Maruti Wagon R CNG (MH02 CP 6833) from Maruti True Value – Shivam Auto Zone (Biggest Mistake of My life).

All went well during documentation and signing and the sales official Anitha helped me get the best looking vehicle in the showroom.
With all trust and the name of Maruti true value I booked the vehicle and paid the full amount of Rs 285000 on the same day so that I can take the delivery of the vehicle.

When we went for the test drive before taking the vehicle it was observed that the AC was not working when inquired it was informed that sorry that the compressor is faulty and we shall repair and give the delivery.
My question here is if you say that the vehicle is certified, which kind of certification is done.
It was an absolute put off and felt like I made a mistake, later on the same day the vehicle was sent to the garage and I was informed that the delivery shall not happened on the same day.

I took close look at the vehicle with a doubt in my mind just to ensure that I am making a right choice and observed that the seats were not in good shape and deformed to which I was told Wagon R seats are like this only. i should have checked the other vehicles, which later I did and found that my vehicle seats are faulty, I felt cheated.

Post taking the delivery of the vehicle and after using it for a few days the vehicle engine started to give a whistling noise - loud one , when I went to get the same at your miraroad workshop I was informed that the problem shall be resolved however even after keeping the vehicle with them for 24 hrs they were unable to resolve the issue and the vehicle was delivered to me.
When inquired about t the same I was informed to go to the Charkop work shop, while at the workshop some technician check and told that there was an issue with the release clutch bearing and the same needs to be repaired , again I felt cheated I gave the vehicle for servicing and the problem was resolved – technician Anil Amin.

Since the time I have taken the vehicle I have been complaining about the clutch not being smooth and the first gear pick up is an issue , there is noise while driving which comes from the engine and when the compressor is switched on there is a snoozing sound which comes in the cabin. My seat makes noise when you even an inch , the side seat cap covering the driver’s seat is faulty and not fixed. The vehicle vibrates too much than expected , it makes a lot of undercarriage noise even while going through little crevices on the road, my bike shock absorbers are much better that the faulty shock absorbers fitted in my vehicle.
The only answer I get from your so call adviser is that the same is normal in all wagon R’s. Let me tell you it is not the same in other wagon R’s , the vehicle given to me is faulty,
I was getting many better deals however I decided to go with MARUTI TRUE VALUE only because of the trust.
However everything went in drain.

Request you to kindly look in to the above matter and help resolve the same, if the same is not possible kindly take the vehicle back and return my money.

Hope you shall be in a position to do the needful.


Alok Godambe
Jul 4, 2017

problem resolved

I just wanted to share my current experience. Last time when I put negative feedback, I was really struggling with my car. There were several issues primarily, which were getting resolved gradually. But really wanted to mention that the person who really helped me a lot during this tenure and helped me to keep my faith on your brand is Mr. Amit who has taken lot of pain to resolve those issues and extended as much assistance as possible. Mr Arun also has been very kind and helpful. They have truly assured me their assistance whenever required. Maruti True Value Outlet located at Dwarka Sec 5, is highly recommended due to people like Mr Amit and his team.People can make differences. All your efforts towards my problem are appreciated.


Kunal Boxi
Jun 6, 2017


Maruti true value does not check or road test any car before they sell it. after some time you start facing problems and you keep on take rounds of true value work shops. your every single holiday or off days gets screwed. when I purchased the car I found the ac is not working and there is no coolant. I visited the Motinagar workshop. Then after few days I visited again for first servicing, that time do not check anything. As a result within a month i started facing problem with ac and starting problem and so on and so forth. in second servicing they kept the car for one week, they said they had done so many things in the head of the car and changed the fan. but within few days the ac stopped working i found the fan was not changed. Again I visited the workshop and got it rectified last week on tuesday. Now within one week today I am again facing problem with the clutch. It is sounding like error when clutch is pressed. Now I am frustrated with the services.
I purchased my car from Maruti True Value sec 5 dwarka.
Sales representative name- Amit and Arun-9910490767
my car no- DL9C4991- ALTO LXI GREEN

MY NAME IS KUNAL- 9717567096.
Apr 25, 2017

RC Not Transferred

It has been more than 100 days the Registration Certificate not yet received from the dealer; Neither we have been asked to visit the local motor vehicles office till now to start the name transfer process.

I have been asked by the traffice police twice and got warning on this. Now I'm not able to use my vehicle.

So many follow ups have been done with Auto Hitech, but they have postponded the same after 5 days - 7 days everytime and have kept on lingering the date to visit the local motor vehicle office till now (100 days passed).

Vehicle No: WB 02 AD 2632
Name: Arupa Chowdhury
Manjunath H.D
Apr 12, 2017

Maruthi ZEN had issues with AC condensor

Hello Team,

I bought a 2005 Maruthi suzuki zen from true value bangalore (near nayindahalli)

issues we faced
1. Door locks were not working
2. issues with head lights
3. speedo meter was not working
4. AC was not working when checked condesor was damaged
5. Car Clutch plate was not working and had to replace it
6. when tried changing the insurance name we faced issues (Maruthi guys reported that engine number and chassis number are different hence spare parts cant be ordered and insurance name cant be transffered)
5. Sales person pushing and convinced us to give the service to outside people and explained us that maruthi will unnecessarily charge high

Trusting the name Maruthi True value we bought the car ( i always presumed that you people are trustworthy and the team which you have in the outlets are also trustworthy)

* spent 11 thousand rupees on the car service
* Replaced the AC things from maruthi Service centre (maruthi charged 10 thousand approx)
* Sales person promised that he will pay us back 8 thousand rupees and gave us a cheque and till now he requests us not to go to bank to withdraw the amount
* now his official number is switched off.

Why do you promise when you can't make it happen

Now i'm seriously pissed off with your service so i want you to take the piece of shit out of my garage.


Sales Persons Name: Jagadish.
his official cnt number: 9686445408

Car number : KA01 MB 1520.

in order to contact me
Suresh Kumar.R PH: +91 8095011695
Manjunath H.D PH: +91 99860333733
Feb 22, 2017

cheap service pandalam true value.cheating

cheap service in pandalam popular true value . cheating
Jan 26, 2017

Not get true Value certificate still...

I m Prakash Chennai Puzhal bought maruthi Suzuki Alto 800 vxi 2013 model in kapico motors koyambedu on 28.10.2016 but still they didn't give true value certificate for the car. The executive said that we try to give ur certificate before one month but still I can't get true Value certificate for my car.
So, kindly process and take action for this.

Car detail:
TN 10 AL 8338, ALTO 800 VXI 2013


S. Prakash B.E.,
Jan 18, 2017

RC not recived

Hi ,
I purchase a car on 9 oct 2016 and not getting RC till now. My CAR No is HR 27 E-3608. I am taking followup on regular basis .At the time of car delivery they told me to give RC in 60 days but now more than 90 days has been passed .

Ajay Kumar Gupta
Abishek vm
Jan 4, 2017

Misselling by Team leader and executive

I have taken a Maruthi 800 car from trivandrum pongamoodu dealership.
Executive was biju.
He convinced me in the way that car has no complaints and it's 1st owner vehicle.
At the time of cash receipt I found mismatch in address and registration no:.
Biju has given signed paper stating 1st owner vehicle
At the time I found its a second owner vehicle.
That's major cheating .
Second Biju and team leader told that retest it will cost only 3000 or maximum 5000 but they have not mentioned tax payment.
So finally from my hand 20000 extra gone for which I have got the bill.
Again front shaft, silencer and shock absorber is replaced.
So not only biju team leader also cheated me and I will definitely go to consumer Forum for my rights
Thank you
Dec 25, 2016

Miss bihaviour and fraud by sells manager

We had gone to Pragati maidan for purchase a car . We had saw the Toyota car (Etios liva Dl 9c AE 0264). Manager (mr.dharmendar Tiwari )said to car is running only 67000km and we check service record we found the 107000a km.service status and not attent properly to me after that he avoid me.
Atul Sota
Dec 18, 2016

Feeling Cheated - Car Colour is Mismatching

Hi Team,

It's been almost a 1 yr i had bought one pre-owned car from Maruti True Value - Rana Motors, Tis Hazari - Delhi.

In the transmission on this car had never ever faced any problem, engine is truly smooth & up to the mark ... Really wants to congratulate team Maruti True Value for the quality they offers to their customer & keep their interest and trust in the product & services.

Beside i have an issue which i had highlighted earlier as well (you can refer your past records to have a glance of it), that is regarding the colour of the vehicle.

During my deal i had saw this car which was in bad condition as far as colour on the body is concerned. It was also had some dent & colour stain at the bonnet too henceforth i agreed to get the entire car re-painted from bonnet to diggy / up and down for which i had paid an additional 20-25k and opted for maruti true value services as well which appended in this package.

Now due to my exhaust daily schedule i didn't get the time to bring this matter to Maruti often.

Car colour is totally messed up, colour at doors, car roof, bonnet & diggy is mismatching which clearly reflects without even putting much efforts ... Hope i have not paid 20-25k for touch up only ??? Trust if i would have got my car re-painted from a local vendor costing could have came down to 10k i.e 50% of what i had actually paid to Maruti True Value however 20-25k is not worth it in this case ... Where is quality & service got vanished this time.
Does it mean that Maruti is ready to compromise on quality for the sake of making more money by making their customers fool ???

I am planning to buy an another buy car (New Car) in this Dec'16 but this heartbroken deal has turned my decision, now looking to buy I10 rather WagonR as i got cheated by Maruti.

Would request you to just send a quality expert from Maruti True Value / not from Rana Motors and get my car inspected again...you yourself will get to know about the glitch.

Hoping to hear from you well within TAT.

Thanking you in anticipating !!!

Atul Sota
9953853933 / 7428343784
Car No # DL9CW4604
Maruti Alto LXI 10/12/2009
Dec 10, 2016

Not satisfied with Second hand car Bought through True Value Keelkatalai


I have bought Alto 2012 model for 2.2L in Keelkatalai TrueValue. I know the price is high but I went for it because I love Maruthi Suzuki service as I had A star vehicle for 5 years and the promise then have given for my old vehicle.

After I bought I felt the issue on the vehicle remain same which complaint during the test drive before buying. I even tried to return the vehicle to buy the new one but they said I will be losing around 35000 in five days. I have escalated the issues to the AM and M of Keelkatalai True Value. They did hear what I said but not exactly because thy are trying to convince me. I took my vehicle again after several running repair check but still not to the fullest satisfaction. I would have bought better vehicle outside of this true Value. I lost lot of my hard fought money to these people. I lost my trust with them now.

They promised something and they did something. Can you buy Alto 2012 for 2.2L which ran for 42000 KM with old tyres? If you buy how the condition will be?

I sincerely urge all the readers not to buy the cars through True Value because you will be cheated for warranty and free service which you will get it outside for cheap.

I usually don't write feedback but I am writing now because of the pain that I gone through.

The issue still persists is: Gear box tight, Power steering not fully functional, Central lock was promised but not delivered since 20 days, Name transfer they said its done already when I try to return back but till date (25 days) I have not received the documents.

May be they tried their best to fix it but I never accept this car for 2.2 with this condition. I can quote car number for your and true value reference.

Alto 2012 model Black color, TN 22 CB 3823

Feeling very annoyed and disappointed
Dec 6, 2016

Meter back maruti swift

True value Ramadevi cheating custome as they shows maruti swift which 62000 km reading when im going to give token money fortunately i had seen it was ran about 114000 km which is written in file.Many time asked for cars history bt they they r giving excuse that dns server not working. Finaly i managed to be cheated by. Plse do sth so that next time they couldnt make fool to others.
Inki sikayat kaise aur kisse kare kya ye top se bottom sab mile hai ya chand log hi karrahe hai jo upper leval ko pata nahi hai.But plse be very very cautious n donot by used car from true value.
Jul 2, 2016

Transfer of Vehicle

I exchanged my Tata NANO vehicle with a Maruti ALTO K10 , in the year April 2013 through TRUE VALUE of SHAURYA MOTORS, Jammu.

At the time of exchange of vehicle I was asked by the Maruti Dealer, namely TRUE VALUE of SHAURYA MOTORS to sign the transfer documents and hand over the original registration certificate of the vehicle to them and in return was given a delivery receipt which ensured that the responsibility of the fair use of the vehicle, insurance, road tax , any traffic irregularity etc. shall be the responsibility of SHAURYA MOTORS and the vehicle shall be transferred from my name to the new purchaser.

I am pained to convey that even after a lapse of over three years the vehicle continues to be in my name. This is highly unprofessional and amounts to cheating.

Before I take any further action in the matter , I thought it prudent to bring this information to your notice as SHAURYA MOTORS are refusing to accept any communication in this regard which may be due to the fact that they are no more handling the MAURTI vehicles but are dealing with HUNDAI vehicles.


The matter may be taken up on priority and the response sent to me immediately.

Surrindar Sapru
Jul 2, 2016

Lot of problems faced after buying car

Dear Sir/Madam

My name is Harsh Bhatia & i am living in Ludhiana. I was looking for a 2nd hand car & after doing so much search, i found 01 car of my choice at Stan Autos, Sherpur chownk, Ludhiana. I bought RITZ VXI for INR 2,55,000 (2010 Model) on 14-03-2016. As per negotiation, 2 tyres of car were not in good condition for which it was negotiated that the same will be replaced by me & i agreed. After buying car, i replaced 2 tyres with new one (cost Rs 5500).

As this is my first car therefore i took the delivery & after driving i realized there was some noise in steering & bonnet for which i complained to Stan. They told to bring car to the showroom & after inspection they told there is major problem in suspension & steering for which estimate given to me was 8,000 Rs. When i fought with them that i would not pay anything as this is something technical & i am not a well known person in terms of car that's why i bought from True value. After so much arguments, i had to pay 3000 Rs. After that i asked for papers which include Insurance for that True value people answered that they didnot have insurance from previous owner. After having so much arguments, i had to get new insurance costs me 7400 Rs in total. 10 days back there was puncture in old tyres & i asked mechanic to repair them.He told that 01 tyre was having stitches which is dangerous & immediately need replacement to avoid accident. Then again i had to replace 2 balance tyres for Rs 5000.

Now yesterday i gave car for service & asked to replace front glass on which there is breakage due to stone. Maruti Insurance team confirmed to replace the same under insurance for approximate Rs 1600 for which i agreed. Today i got call that this breakage is before insurance policy & cant be claimed under insurance. I told that i didn't get any information for previous policy & yesterday you confirmed to replace under insurance & now you are saying it cant be.

If you will calculate all above then you can assume that above car costs me more than INR 2,80.000 just because of manipulations done by True value team & because of being first time having car. I am really pissed off from this deal & i don't know what to say. Because of there marketing tacts, i had to face so many problems & to incur so much money then what is the fun of buying car from true value in which you people called 120 quality checks. From above facts you can realize that how many quality tests are being done by True value team & how much i have to suffer. It is looking like that True value team is bunch of crooks which main purpose is selling car at any cost to people like me who are not much known about technicalities of car.

Can you please look into this matter as this is really bad experience after buying car from true value & i will not suggest anybody to buy car from true value which is expensive from regular market & even 01 quality check is not done by true value team.

Best Regards,
Harsh Bhatia
[email protected]
Jun 15, 2016

RC Not Transfered

I purchased vehicle from TRUE VALUE outlet of FAIR DEAL CARS Sector-8 Noida on 18/Oct/2015, and we were feeling proud that we got my car from TRUE VALUE.

It’s approx. eight months has been passed but RC could not transferred to new owner name. I am following up your team continuously but could not get my RC.

After meeting on 7th May with a responsible executive, I was expected that I will get my RC till 25th May as you had committed. After that they raised request to wait for one more week, I also accepted that but nothing happend.

Insurance of vehicle has already expired, and it is really difficult to drive a vehicle without RC and insurance. You are not realizing that I will be punished due to your incomplete homework.

Now I am here to find appropriate solution
Ashok [email protected]
May 28, 2016

I parchge. A car swift daziar stan auto. 416000 swift vdi model no varintey

I parchge a car murti swift daziar tru value stan motor sherpur chowk near applo hospital sherpur chowk ludhiana Punjab my complete I parchge car swift vdi 2011 tru value 416000 no any grentee no service the car no tyre wheel alinment old tyar they chrge me 6500 hunderd vat tax extra buts no wreenty your product to tru valve se parchge karna ka kya benfit
Your ashok Kumar mobile no 7696575416
May 6, 2016

Name transfer not happened over 2 months from sales

Good Day,

This is in reference to the sale of a car reg MH-12-KE-4405 to me on Sunday the 27th March 2016. From Choughle Industry your designated dealer in Pune.

Its been over a mont from the sale and I haven't heard from your team on the xfer of the car, the run of giving various documents has been a regular affair for me, only to hear from your team for more documents.

At the time of sale it was agreed that with the list of document that I have and can be furnished will suffice for the xfer of the car to the Pune care off address and not my Mumbai permanent address. This is one of the terms on which the sales was to proceed.

Unfortunately this promises has not been kept / honored, and the delinquency still continues from your team.

Please conclude sale as per agreed terms as registration of this vehicle to my Mumbai home address beats my purpose, else let me know when i could drop in with the vehicle to cancel this sale and take my money paid.

Look forward for your revert.


Samir Kuraishi
98204 18389

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