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Matrix Cellular


Consumer complaints and reviews about Matrix Cellular

Nov 24, 2018

Fraud Matrix

I took this matrix number for USA at New Delhi Airport last week Nov 2018. I had mentioned USA at the kiosk, and I was provided a sim...But it didn't worked at all...After taking a new US phone, the call says its a UK number.

This is fraudulent behavior..I could not contact my family members and had to spend tonnes of money to reach my destination safely....This is very serious matter especially for old people traveling abroad... They do not have a support system as well
Nov 9, 2018

Frauds, Thugs , and the biggest cheaters

I took a sim card for USA with a 5999/- plan for a period of one month from 12th May 2015 to 14th June 2015, they have falsely been charged for the internet which I have not used as I was on WiFi all the time and even after paying a whopping amount of approx 70000/- 2 months after the payment made they are demanding another 38-39000/-.
Made several complaints in the past to
Their executives asking them to explain the bill in a logical manner but all in vain , half their employees have left the job.
Fraud and a cheater company
[email protected]
Jan 14, 2018

Fraud billing and charging credit card by Matrix Cellular

I was offered a SIM card for one week usage in France/Belgium with bundled calling 500 mins anywhere is Europe and back to India. Also, 3 GB data was bundled. When I came back, a bill of whopping 63,420/- was strapped to me in which 50,000/- was illegally charged too in my credit card. On query I was told there was some inflight data usage. I confirmed that my phone was in airplane mode during flight, but still they said their system is correct and my usage was there. Despite of innumerous email on this subject, finally Matrix has denied and asking me to pay the balance amount. It's a real predatory behaviour by them and I am really disappointed. I have also taken the credit card company to task asking that how without any CVV, PIN or OTP shared, the transaction could be made by Matrix Cellular? Waiting for response. Planning to approach consumer court for the whole.cheating.
sandip sarkar
Jul 24, 2017

Matrix international calling

I have been using Matrix network to speak with my parents in India for more than a year while my stay in United States.This month 07.07.2017 I recharged before calling to my parents and found they have stopped international call service for me .When I called Matrix customer care .They answered Matrix network is not rechargable .

I asked them then how did I recharge for last 12 months and how did I speak with my parents with Matrix cellular service for last 12 months. All of a sudden why they stopped the service without any notice .They answered please speak with higher authorities .
May 22, 2017


They are just frauds. They sold me a plan. Then 2 days prior to my visit told me that the plan has been discontinued and thus they are giving me another plan. The new plan was nearly 2.5 times expensive than the plan earlier agreed with me on mail. With no time left to look for other option, I had to agree but also lose money.

Cheap guys. Frauds. Will never avail their services again. Bad experience.
Apr 27, 2017

Captain Rakesh Walia, Broken Crayons Can Sill Colour

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I just couldn't stop reading chapters one after another. We so give up on our struggles but after this read now, a fight back spirit takes over.
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Captain Rakesh Walia, Broken Crayons Can Sill Colour
Jan 27, 2017

Matrix Fraud -- illegal swiping of credit card

Matrix is looting , for 90 MB data they charged me 9000 INR , they wrongly added two bill cycles for duration of 20 days. and claimed that it is correct as it is "SYSTEM GENERATED". finally after communication and so many emails they agreed that it was a mistake and reverted one cycle charges. But again no resolution of charges of 9000 INR for 80-90 MB of data. this also is claimed by them as "SYSTEM GENERATED". they are not sharing details on when and which website i downloaded the data.

The data charges are huge and on top of 7000 they changed 2000 as surcharge . is this some kind of joke ?


Account Code: 1581617
Your Matrix No.: 27817095238
Country: South Africa
Bill No.: SA5800351

Please correct the bill before illegally swiping my credit card again.
Dec 13, 2016

Fraud Billing by Matrix

I took matrix cards while on visit to Singapore during Oct-Nov this year. I was back on 4 Nov and bills were settled by 1st week of Dec 16. To my horror they have again deducted some 1900 rupees from credit card of some extra usage charges. This company is cheating customers by not settling bills in one go. I hade taken plan with data and had used them minimal. You donot get consolidated bills from them. Do not take their sims, its better to go with Airtel Voda and other with their international plans.

[email protected]
Oct 11, 2016

Matrix Charging for Data that I never Used

I took an international sim card for Germany in April 2016. I had stated very clearly at the time of purchasing the sim card that I do not want Data services. When I got back from Germany Matrix sent me a bill for Rs. 5800 out of which some 2500 rs was for data that I never used. It has no been close to 6 months now. I have sent them several emails and called their customer care but all i get is the usual courtesy email with no resolution or justification for the charges. Matrix will supply you a voice only sim and then charge you a huge sum for data services that you never used. This is a scheme employed by MATRIX to overcharge their customers.

My humble and sincere advise is please be wary of this Company MATRIX and never ever purchase a sim from them. The easiest and safest option would be to reach your destination country and get a prepaid sim card.

There are several cases already registered against Matrix. (_http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/customer-dissatisfaction-grows-against-matrix-cellular-over-inflated-bills/1/457120.html)

Aug 16, 2016

Numbers don;t work once you reach your desitination

Took 4 numbers from them US (+17759848623 & +12057195244) and UK(+44-7452177455 & +44-7452217861) for my senior citizen parents and was assured that these will work once they land from period 9 to 20 Aug. No connector was given, once inquired they said we can pick up from Airport (Delhi); now once we reach the airport the cheapskates told us that there is only converter! Can you imagine such a big company on international airport and just 1 connector...liars!!! Once they land neither UK nor /US sim in respective countries.

They give paid India numbers to contact them if Sim doesn't work; how stupid an you get, the whole idea of carrying your so called 'Sim' is to use for international dialing, And in most cases it doesn't work and customer spends a fortune calling your useless and pathetic customer care/harassing department....!!

Repeated mails to even Nodal officer (not sure if he exists!!) were happily ignored.

My suggestion....don't buy Matrix ever...!!! totally unreliable service
Jul 4, 2016

Wrong Bill

Hi Rahul,

The bill for your connections has not been generated yet. Hence, you are requested to contact us after the bill generation of your connections so that we can further discuss the issue with you. The tentative bill date for your connection is 12th July 2016. However, if there is any usages found after 29th June 2016 then there will be one more bill generated for you dated 12th August 2016 tentatively.

Jul 3, 2016

Re: Matrix charged on 1-800 number calls in US and Canada

Hi Surat,

Having read your post, I would like to look into this and address your concerns. Request you to contact me directly on [email protected] and let me know the details of the connection taken. I will ensure this is looked into on priority and that you have a resolution as soon as possible.

Jul 1, 2016

Matrix charged on 1-800 number calls in US and Canada


This is Surat Kumar from Agra. I took one Matrix calling card for Canada. I made toll free calls using AT & T as carrier to a bank and airline. These toll free calls were shown in my bill for almost Rs. 3000. I was never told about that 1-800 toll free calls will be charged. Secondly, I checked with carrier company (AT & T), even they said, call will be toll free. I requested Matrix when I came back to India and even sent them my chat with Amazon.com where they resolved the issue in less than 2 minutes over internet chat (they has also charged a membership fee which I did not authorize and used). The membership was refunded by Amazon.com after realizing even after 1 year and the membership had expired.

But with Matrix cards, everything is in vain. In this country of Canada where I used Matrix card, these calls are absolutely toll free. My experience with Matrix was very bad.

I request this forum to help me get my money back for those calls. Matrix carrier (AT & T) is not even charging them or their own customers.
Jun 27, 2016

RE: Wrong Bill

Hi Ankit,

We are having this checked on priority. Hence, you are requested to allow us 24-48 hrs so that we can provide you a closure on the raised issue.

Jun 26, 2016

Wrong Bill

Not sure what is the thinking procedure of the people working with Matrix. Even after showing the proof that the bill they have generated is actually false, they fail to help with it and go on saying that the bill generated is true. Really disappointing experience. Have travelled abroad so many times and this was the first time thought of trying Matrix, as they boost up to be the best connection for international calling. First of all they did not specify that only calling up with prefix 01991 is free and calling with prefix +91 would be chargeable, deceived us on the first step itself. Second, there were very few calls done by me with prefix +91, and the rest were with prefix 01991, instead of charging just for the calls done with prefix +91, they have also billed the calls done with prefix 01991, even after showing them the screenshots of the calls made in right manner, they are not ready to agree.
They have stamped me with the bill of 10000/- INR, for nothing. This is highly disregarded and I would like to take the matter as much high as possible and all the people who are being forced with bills which is not correct, request you all to keep complaining, and publish in social media so that others think before taking Matrix SIM. And please don't think that escalations help, they senior officers too are same.


AcCode: 1464263
Mobile No.: 96581035

Not at all a satisfied customer....

Email: [email protected]
Mar 2, 2016

RE: Fraud Company MATRIX

Hi Anand,

We would like to look into this personally. To investigate what went wrong here, request you to contact me directly on [email protected] and let me know the details of the connection taken. I will ensure this is looked into on priority and that you have a resolution as soon as possible.

Mar 2, 2016

Fraud Company MATRIX


This is anand from pune. I have a very bad experience with MATRIX CELLULAR. I have traveled to South Africa last year in july 2015. One of the executive gave false commitment, stating your bill will not exceed the limit that you have got. Moreover i have paid them 2500 INR cash so as to activate the service on my international sim. When i landed in South Africa i have started using the sim. I have paid the amount for DATA usage and not for calling charges. Few days after, i got a message on my number stating a bill of 9000 INR. I have called the executive straight from South Africa and shared the message i have received, he also said , SIR "MATRIX GIVES FALLS BILLS". The guy who gave me the sim, he is not working with the company any more, moreover the money that i have paid to the executive , he has not entered it in the system. I have done plenty number of conversation with them regarding this but always they say this is system generated bills, we cannot do anything.

02-03-2016 i got a legal notice in the name of JAIDEEP SINGH SETHI from legal knights law firm , regarding the bill generated, 16671.5/- and asking me to pay the bills.

Anybody is facing such issue ??

Dec 14, 2015

RE: Matrix is a complete fraud company

Dear Valued Customer,

Having read your post, I would like to look into this and address your concerns. Request you to contact me directly on [email protected] and let me know the details of the connection taken. I will ensure this is looked into on priority and that you have a resolution as soon as possible.

Dec 11, 2015

Matrix is a complete fraud company

We have been badly cheated by MATRIX CELLULAR ..... Their charges are all wrong, What kind of cell phone company is this to charge Rs 10000 per day... They charge multiple times for the same minute. It is a very fradulenty billing system. Datapacket was off and still we got a bill of around 70000 for data. And now we receive calls from them that they are going to send a legal notice. Did anybody face the same situation... What did you do ?
Nov 18, 2015

RE: Cheating

Hi Avik,

We would like to investigate the issue and get back to you with an appropriate resolution. Please send the details of the Matrix Connection taken at [email protected] and I will ensure you get a resolution at the earliest.

Nov 17, 2015

RE: Huge bill amount

Dear Valued Customer,

Allow us to look into the issue, if we are at fault we would be glad to rectify the same. Please send the details of the Matrix Connection taken at [email protected] and I will ensure you get a response ASAP.

Nov 17, 2015


I have been cheated by the matrix cellular company.. The Business Development Executive from kolkata had told me that i donot have to made the payment for the next 1 year as I have made a 1 year contract with me.Now they have given me a bill of 75000 INR. and giving me threat..They are a complete cheater..
Nov 16, 2015

Huge bill amount

I purchased Matrix SIM for my US visit, and Matrix executive communicated that your calls to US/Canada and 1500 minutes to India will be free with Rs. 5999 plan.

They raise first invoice when I was in US of Rs. 9K+ and charged my card. Second invoice was of Rs. 18K+, which they kept trying to charge to my credit card. But, luckily my card had limit of Rs. 10K only and they failed to charge that huge bill amount.

I tried reaching the executive who sold me Matrix SIM without any luck, even wrote emails to their support and answer from them was not satisfactory.

Now after 2 months, their executive called me asking for payment. I asked them to tell me a reasonable amount that I can pay and settle the bill. They keep saying the invoice is correct and I have to pay full amount. Not sure where to go ahead from here. But, at least I can post it around internet and save others by opting for alternatives.
Oct 27, 2015


Dear Valued Customer,

We would like to investigate the issue and get back to you with an appropriate resolution. Please send the details of the Matrix Connection taken at [email protected] and I will ensure you get a resolution at the earliest.

Oct 26, 2015



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