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Consumer complaints and reviews about max hospital

Raman gupta mundia
Oct 9, 2016

Patient admit at 4 am and room not allowed to 2 p.m.

My wife admit at 4a.m. on 09102016 and delivery successfully done at 8 am and from then they are not able to shift the patient in room because they admit patient without availability of rooms and this cause huge inconvinience even staff not clearly discuss the situation with the clients. On every fallow_ up they misguide the client that in 30 minutes room will be available.
Sep 25, 2016

Pathetic nursing staff & not at all cooperative

Hi Team,

Pathetic nursing staff and no cooperation when requested for help from other departments.

My mother went under critical spine surgery, there is no one to look after her in room. Nursing staff is not educated to handle her.

when asked for help from ICU team, they always replay that staff is coming... but no one reach to help her from last 5 hours.. she is in pain..

Please share managment number as i need proper care as i m paying for that... Manager on duty number is switched off..
SS Narula
Sep 21, 2016

Violation of corporate arrangement

As per CWC HO New Delhi letter dated 01.04.2016 renewal contract was approved for the period 01.04.2016 to 31.03.2017 under direct payment system.

As per above approval, the employees and their dependants will be referred to your hospital for indoor treatment with an authorization letter issued by the Corporation. If it happens to be a holiday, or in an emergency case, the patient concerned can be admitted immediately on the strength of their identity cards and authorization letter can be produced on the following working day by the employee. Further, as per clause '14' the hospital would not to take any cash deposit or any deposit of any kind or advance from employee and their dependants who is to be given treatment by the hospital and shall strictly adhere to the understanding.

But I am sorry to inform that despite the above clear-cut approved terms and conditions and accepted by the Max Group, we have been harassed by your Saket Hospital and were forced to deposit the payment in cash in the emergency admission case as under:-

1. Myself Shyam Sunder Narula, Aged 61 was admitted on Ist September, 2016 at SKTE-GNDFLR-EMERGENCY, SSN NO. 070-32-5623 with ACUTE FEBRILE ILLNESS. After admission, as the condition of the patient was very serious and he was not able to move an inch, concerned hospital doctors/officials were requested on number of times for a room so that proper treatment could be given but with no response at all from any corner. A letter in this respect from the Corporation was also produced to the hospital.

2. I was given treatment in the waiting area for the guests which was converted into emergency cases.

3. As proper treatment was not available and room was not given, I was forced to get discharged on 2nd September, 2016 evening. Further, in spite of letter from the Corporation, I was forced to make cash payment of Rs.18,969/-, which was made accordingly.

Under the above background, I wish to know why hospital authorities are not adhering to the approved and accepted terms and conditions and harassing the CWC employees/their dependant. Who are the officials responsible for this and is there any system of taking action against those officials so that such incident should not be repeated in future?

Now I am also facing problem for getting refund of payment as certain information is not available in the discharge papers, which are still required. As such It is requested to refund the payment to me and get the payment directly from the Corporation.

SS Narula
sanjay kangra
Aug 26, 2016

doctor bheave

aaj hum apne bhai ko lekar max pitam pur gaye jha se unka treatment chal raha hai raju paitanet name hai jo doctor treat kar rahe dr mannu bhatia orthopdic
ek ghnta to humne wait kiya mr mannu bhata nahi aaye unke sathi dr satya narain joki dr kam gunde jayda kyoki wo rohtak ke rahne wale hai mujhe to wo kisi bhi trah se dr nahi laga humari repot apne aap uthakar bola bhai ye kyp mri X-ray karwa rakha hai kisi ache figision ko dikha maine bola hum dr ko hai humse dr na kha wo karwa diya aur sir aapka kya matlab hai kisi aur dr ki report dekhne ka fir to kya aise kar raha jaise humne max me naho kisi sarkari hospital me ho khata gard ko bulo dhamki deta me dr hi nahi guda bhi hu aue admin aaye unhone bhi koi sorry nahi bola aur ye bole wo rohtak ke rahne wale hai aisi hi bolte hai aise to hum bhi haryana ke plz kuch kijiye
Aug 25, 2016

Delay in cash back

Dear sir,
It is reference in Patient Mr Sunil Rana who's death happened of Monday. We as a family supports made cash payment 2.26 lac at mid night because TAP final amount approved would be came in Tuesday Morning.We got commitment that as soon as we got approval from TPA,They would arrange cash by my RTGS on nex day but till this time we are not getting any satisfactory response.And when we make Fallon Hospital They are totally giving false commitment of making payments back by RTGS.
Plz do the need full because My family is facing sorrow of death of my patients and finance chalanges.
Help me to get my paying amount back.
Avanish Pathak
Aug 22, 2016

regarding doctor and update profile of doctor

I taken online appointment after searching Qualification, designation but sinior most doctor say that I not handle any panel patient I refor to my fillow doctor next time not take appointment .That fellow doctor have not shown any Qualification,destination ,experience how many year.so please update all doctors profile ,Qualification,experience and streamline to guide all senior doctor to take all empanelled hospital patient.
Ravi Gautam7017
Aug 16, 2016

Pathetice nursing & bad panty services

My daughter (Peehu Gautam) was admitted in room no. 3203 on 12 Aug 2016 for operation but very bad services & no coordination between doctor's & nursing staff.
Completely poor services
Apr 18, 2016

Pathetice nursing, pediatric and pantry services

My room no is 2203 and we are here for treatment of my son Aarush. This is one of the pathetice experience of Hostipal which i have ever seen.

1. Nursing staff is pathetic in every way be it behaviour, treatment and they are also very rude. I am not able to understand how hospital like Max Health care dealing with their patients with untrained nursing staff. They don't have knowledge how to take care of babies. Recent example of today at 9.30 P.M. doctor had prescribed thrombophob cream for my son as his right hand had been swelled due to canula. After a long followup at 11.45. P.M. we have got the cream.

2. Pantry and Pediatrician....oh my god for only 2 rupees packet of Biscuits they don't have authority to povide the patients in bulk 2 or 3 packets in one go which was required by my Son in today afternoon.

We are here only due to our baby doctor who is very helpful and have excellent knowledge but going forward i will not suggest anyone to take treatment from Max Healthcare -Patparganj...

I am looking forward for positive response of Management/Administration.

If i will not receive any response till 12 P.M of 19th April kindly be ready for higher escalation. My next level of complaint will be health ministry.

An unsatisfied customer.

Akhil Kapoor
Ameeta Alter
Nov 19, 2015

Delays inefficiency at OPD

I called on the 18th to check if i could go in for some blood tests, and an esophageal barium test on the 19. I gave the lab the list of tests my doctor in Delhi had suggested, and checked whether any required me to come in 'fasting'. Yes, I was told, so come in first thing, and be here by 8:00am. I could then see a gastroenterologist.

Main purpose to get to MAX was that I live in Mussoorie, and am hoping this will be a better option than having to go to Delhi......

I arrived from Mussoorie, on time, but there was no one at the OPD counter. One person arrived at 8:15, and it was about 8:30 when after trying to get the tests paid for, I was told to go to the lab to verify which tests they could or could not do.
At the lab, Dr. Bhatia was great. Helpful, and clear. And it turned out an empty stomach was not necessary.

Then to radiology.....no one could help as the designated person had yet to arrive. No information on what the barium test would involve, how much time it would take etc. Nothing. The young woman at the desk just kept telling me I'd have to wait.

Then back to OPD to pay blood tests. Then to have blood drawn.

Back to Radiology. 9:00 am, Still no one in. I left that dept at 9:30, and decided it had been a bad idea to opt for the MAX experience in Dehra Dun. Is no one expected to be in on time? An hour and a half to have some blood drawn?? Is the hospital short staffed?

The person at OPD didn't really know what he was doing. I think I was charged for ESR when it is already included in the complete Haemogram.....but who knows how long it would have taken to work that out....?

Certainly if I was truly sick, I'd have waited, and waited.....but hopefully I won't have to test that possibility.
Aug 9, 2015

Dr.vandana garg

This is about

Vandana Garg is one of the worst doctor seen in my life. She is available in max noida. I meet her on 8th august 2015 for the pain in joints. She has written all possible test available in max noida sector 18-19. I won't recommend any one to visit this doctor. Now a days she is in not treating, she is fulfing her target set by max.
May 24, 2015

Management rules

I had sugery last week and got striches behind my ear. so when i visit after one week for opening striches as consulted. They were asking me for doctor fee which was the their procedure before consulting doctors. Surgery procedure means you have to open the striches after healing and it come under the normal process. Why pay extra once you have taken the huge surgery fees. Then no meaning to charge for opening also.
Apr 1, 2015

insufficient arrangement for attendant staying at night in economy rooms

Our patient got operated on 01/04/15 and one attendant need to stay back at night with her and to the surprise there on simple chair for attendant. It unjust and inhuman expecting to spend whole night on chair. Not forget attendant is with the patient since 7.30 am and it took more than 12 hours to operate her and attendant is standing with her. Now it is expected from attendant to stay whole night and spend the night on chair. Please see to it how justify it is.

Rajesh Sharma
Jul 26, 2014


No management of queues due to the inefficient staff at billing counters..I went for my wife's check up was waiting patiently in queue when a guy jump the queue when the billing lady stopped he started fighting with me there was no security guard to stop him. It always happens because of their inefficient billing staff and management has no control over it
Mar 21, 2011

kind of support and treatment we have received from the Doctors and support staff of Max Healthcare Pritampura

You dont trust doctors..why dont you go to AIIMS
Dec 29, 2010

kind of support and treatment we have received from the Doctors and support staff of Max Healthcare Pritampura

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Dec 21, 2010

kind of support and treatment we have received from the Doctors and support staff of Max Healthcare Pritampura

This is in reference to the kind of support and treatment we have received from the Doctors and support staff of Max Healthcare Pritampura and I want the concerned person to review following in the whole case:
1.Why Dr Vineeta Taneja consultation fees increased form 400/- to 800/- ?
2.Why Dr Vineeta Taneja visited 3 times a day when she was no role to play ?
3.If Dr Vineeta Taneja consultation is 800/- why Dr. Rajinder Yadav is charging 480/- ?
4.Eco done on 20th as per hospital (as per me done on 18th) till date no report after 4 visits to hospitals ?
5.CAT scanning done on 19th Morning and reports was not available till 20th 1500 (received that too after escalation to Medical superintendent) ?
6.Dr Ramesh Jain, recommended Dr. Rajinder Yadav on 18th however he didn't visited till 20th why ?
7.What was the role of ICU, in the treatment provided to the patient ?
8.Why was Endoscopy done when it was clearly visible from the Ultrasound report that the issue is in Urinary bladder ?
9.Why the 50% room rent has been charged when patient was only shifted to room from ICU for 1hr before shifted to Medanta?
10.Why thing are working like we have admitted our patient in Nursing home rather then Max Hospital Super Speciality.
Summary: My father In Law was loosing appetite so planned to take him to the nearest hospital i.e. Max Healthcare Pritampura, got a appointment for 1130 however our turn came at 1300 that shows I does not matter at all if you are taking appointment in advance.
Then we met Dr Vineeta Taneja(Internal Medicine), she advice please get him admitted immediately as in this age we should not take risk we did the same. the consultation charges were 400/-
Now we have admitted him and as usual room was allotted, started doing the test eg ultrasound, BP, Blood Sugar etc... after review the reports they found that K+ is high they immediately transferred him to ICU, he was in ICU for 3 days and not sure what they have done except testing, where as if you read the Ultrasound report is is clearly saying its a clearly Urology case and Internal Medicine has nothing to do with this, however no Dr want to release the patient as usual Dr Vineeta Taneja did the same, however till we said that we want him to be shifted to other hospital, Urology Dr didn't came to see him. We then got Dr. Rajinder Yadav from Urology to see him, however he was in some other mood and he planned Cystoscopy for next day however we were already fed up of the system and we left for Medanta.
Apr 29, 2010

Wrong Treatment

Dear Sir, Ref. a patient Mr. Gautam Bali, S/o Smt Renu Bali, a CGHS Benefit Holder, Card No. 360953, residence of 365, Pocket-C8, Sector-8, Rohini, Delhi, who took treatment of his injury by fall on 27th April, 2010 by Dr. Amit Suchdev, of Max Hospital, (empanelled under CGHS), Pitampura, Delhi, DMC Reg. No. 3728, on recommendation of CGHS Rohini, Dr. (Ms) Gupta. The treatment, given was below-standard and I doubt, it was not required also, as the X-ray-Report seems normal. The Dr. un-necessarily, have put a full-Kachha-plaster to a 14 yr of old child, who can’t go to school for 10–15 days now. Apart from Registration, I paid advance of Rs.1500/- (Receipt No.HBDP394) (Max ID : NHWZ244785). I have to pay the rest of the amount. I have already informed about it to the Hospital by phone. I have been trying to make contact with Max Hospital by email, but failed. I request you to kindly look into the matter and help in this regard. Regards. Rajesh Bali. 9250320245

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