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Consumer complaints and reviews about MCD

Jan 3, 2018


We are residents of B block Jangpura B. There are more than 30 stray dogs in pour colony who are a threat to everyone. They attack children when they go to the parks to play. Please remove them as soon as possible.
Dec 17, 2017

Unauthorised Construction

The house no B- 8/12 Vasant Vihar New Delhi-110057 situated on 600 Sq yard plot is under construction. Generally plots of this size are required to leave set backs on all 4 sides of the plot, however in this case, there is no setback on one side (towards house number B-8/13). It may please be ascertained that the construction is as per sanction and also why no set back has been provided/ left. Thanks
Dec 8, 2017

Sewer blockage

It is inform that there is a continuous overflow of the dirty sewer water due to chocked sewer line in front of my house , B-83, Dada Dev Colony,Sector-7, Dwarka, New Delhi-75.It is making life of resident miserable and hell.
Therefore it is our humble request, kindly do something in this regard as early as possible, otherwise this dirty water can spread chronic disease in this area and plz clean sewer line .

Yours faithfully
jaiveer Singh
Dec 3, 2017

severe blockage and overflowing trough

I m residential of pusta road aali village sarita vihar new delhi.
my locale is fully overflowing of troughs and drains from which the streets are smelling very bad and we all are can't walk simply. We have complaint many times to personnel officer but not a single action is being taken by Department.
So please take a action as soon as possible, because the people are really in big trouble, all severe, trough and drains are blocked.

Gaurav Sharma
Nov 24, 2017

havoc created by stray dogs

Hi sir,
My name is Gaurav Sharma, a MBA student of DELHI UNIVERSITY, South Campus, putting up in satya Niketan.
Exam days are on their way and we need to study a lot to pass our exams, but the dogs in Satya Create too much noise be it day or night , they don't let anyone pass through streets , chase running vehicles , try to bite everyone and there are too much of them. There are atleast 25-30 dogs in Satya Niketan only. They are letting anyone live their normal life. They are shitting on street, actually they do shit everywhere.

Please send dog catchers as soon as possible in Satya Niketan and get these dogs away in jungle area , far away from satya Niketan.

Gaurav Sharma
151- satya Niketan, New Delhi
Gaurav Sharma
Nov 24, 2017

havoc created by stray dogs

Hi sir,
My name is Gaurav Sharma, a MBA student of DELHI UNIVERSITY, South Campus, putting up in satya Niketan.
Exam days are on their way and we need to study a lot to pass our exams, but the dogs in Satya Create too much noise be it day or night , they don't let anyone pass through streets , chase running vehicles , try to bite everyone and there are too much of them. There are atleast 25-30 dogs in Satya Niketan only. They are letting anyone live their normal life. They are shitting on street, actually they do shit everywhere.

Please send dog catchers as soon as possible in Satya Niketan and get these dogs away in jungle area , far away from satya Niketan.
Nov 7, 2017

Drain pipe exploded two week ago

Hi Sir,

I am Rakesh from Shyam Nagar, Okhla phase-3, near Chandiwala hospital. I am staying at Pipal wali gali (locally called). Two week ago one Drain pipe exploded in this gali/street and we all facing problem and Due to this even you can enter this gali with really bad smell and all mosquito and other worms are moving towards inside rooms. It is very pathetic situation we are facing. Please help us to get it clear.
Vivek bhatnagar .20
Oct 25, 2017

Road occupied by street seller which causing jam

Sir i would like to draw your attention towards the increasing in the number of streer fruit seller as well as there are many eatry shops on thela on the road of khanpur due to which there is traffic jam on road always and local people face many problem due to this.
This street seller occupies the road on the street due to which there is about an hour jam in evening as well as in morning.
Kindly draw your kin attention towards this. We will be very thankful to you.
Thanking you
Your truly
Oct 14, 2017



gauri suri
Oct 13, 2017


6 cases of dengue ve been reported continuously one after the other in the last 2 - 3 weeks in oyr C block alone. pls get fumigation done in our block . request immediate action. C block friends colony east new delhi
Sep 24, 2017

Garbage/ Waste Management

This is to bring into ur notice that some restruants are disposing their waste/garbage in front of our house, which is really creating a lot of trouble.
Due to the garbage there are mosquitoes coming which can cause dengue n other problems
Request you to please look into this matter asap.

Urvesh Satija
122/Satya Niketan
Moti Bagh
New Delhi

Garbage/ Waste Management Garbage/ Waste Management

Sep 3, 2017

Worst condition of mehrauli streets

Respected sir,
I want to draw your attention towards the state of mehrauli streets. As mcd staff is not collecting garbage from households , therefore people are disposing garbage on roads and streets. Because of it Mr. Modi's swach bharat abhiyan can not be successful.
Please take a necessary action.
All mehrauli residents will be greatful to you.
Thanking you,
(A mehrauli resident)
Aug 28, 2017

Height of Encroachment

Dear Sir,
This is to bring in your information that C-1, Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar-4, New Delhi -110024,
Here you can check these people have just made a challenge to MCD, they have encroached 5 ft x 60 ft on the road towards Temple (Raghunath Temple side) by making stairs.

20ft x 40 ft Road in front (as parking but never parks there vehicles inside) and 6 ft x 20 ft in the street, it becomes very congested and gets blocked by traffic most of time, we as resident are very much surprised that no government body is taking action on them,

They have made their drain pipe open from balcony to mandir side (on the road ) if any one is crossing by has to be careful as free fall of dirty water can flow anytime, as a result water gets collected on the road

Now they are planning to sell the ground floor by making shops in coming days it will create more mess.

We request you take some strict action against
Jul 23, 2017

Pruning of Tree Leaning towards electricity high voltage wire

MCD commissioner - South Delhi

Dear sir / madam

I am a resident of B 6 Lajpat Nagar - I New Delhi, there is a tree in front my house dangerously tilting towards the high voltage wire coming from electricity pole to property no B 7. Tree is more than 60 years old and doest not have strength. In the past also partially it came down due to its load and leaning towards one side.

It can be disaster if precautionary measures are not taken in time, there fore requesting immediate corrective action i.e pruning to reduce the load required.

Kindly advise the concern to take the relevant action


Deepak Bakshi - 9911182177
Jul 20, 2017

Dangerous Tree

Dear Sir
There is a large tree behind HN 126 Sukhdev Vihar which is tilted in precarious manner Iron rods have been fixed under it to stop it from tilting any further and falling on the HN 119.
It is very dangerous and can fall if a storm comes. Kindly do the needful and remove the tree

Poonam Bhatia
182 Sukhdev Vihar
Co ordinator
Sukhdev Vihar Residents Welfare Initiative

Dangerous Tree

Jul 19, 2017


Good Morning Sir.

Sir i am leaving in C-block Dakhshin puri new delhi 110062. Actually in main road have one dustbin. but its not clean regularly. there is one person to clean and collect all garbage and he is doing his duty but garbage vehicle not coming regularly to pickup garbage so many dogs and cows throw all garbage in main road. and one thing more sir if any one build his house that guys also throw all his dust there only. near is one runnel its also not clean. some pig also there. so much bad small is there and no body doing any thing.
Sir please do something and help us.

Garbage Garbage Garbage

jatin panwar
Jul 10, 2017

straa cows damage vehicles and injured people

Sir there is a man who buy cows by unauthorised way and use only those cows for milk removal from them.Then they left the cows , and he is also not feeding them , they survive by eating pants or tress leaf of park or the other people give them chapati.But these cows was not control by any one and they damage the vechicle or also some time they attack to peoples.The who buy this cows cow they were also not listen any one and abuse with peoples.

i kindly requested to you sir please take a action as can as possible .

Thank you
Bram prakash
c-112 ,Katwari Sarai
New Delhi -110016
Jul 3, 2017


The condition of IGNOU roads south Delhi couldn't be more drastic. The roads here are so bumpy and jerk full that the it causes fatigue to people but as we live in a haste they have taken this as their fortune. Traveling through non shockers vehicle is a myth,on every meter of road you can see the pits, obstructive uneven layer of road that curbs the speed of vehicles to 10-15kph. The roads are only taken care of during the election sessions which come once in 5 years,meanwhile the roads are neither the part of concern for politicians nor the EDMC. so please,don't be so unkind and understand that smooth roads are the basic amenities for us.
Make sure new roads are built ASAP.


Jun 14, 2017

Please remove illegal construction.

illegal construction and commercial activity in residential area
He had put his two Pillar on Drain Wall ( out side from his boundary wall )and constructing is outer wall out side his premises on Drain Wall also , nearby


I REQUEST TO CONCERNED OFFICIALS TO PLS DEMOLISH ILLEGAL PART AND STOP OTHER ACTIVITIES,It also infringed upon my right to air and light. It is giving me a lot of mental stress and had taken peace out of my life.

I pray, please give me justice. And I pray, please remove this illegal construction as soon as possible.
Aashish Meena
Jun 9, 2017

dogs gone mad

There are 2 dogs in our area and they are creating a lot of problems
These dogs are found always troubling everyone
Such as,when children are playing and cycling they start barking and bites.
one lady has expires after bitten by dogs.
Every children is scared of dogs.
I request u to please send the dog catchers to take them,away from our street
Thanks and regards
22/657 dda flats madangir new delhi 110062
near brt corridoor
Jun 6, 2017

About late pension cum pension not paid

Sir or madam.i am birma Devi resident of south Delhi and I was getting the pension of my husband who was employed as a MALI in MCD department since his death in year 1997 in AC no ################ and PPO no is 2497-z but I did not get the pension in last month i.e in the month of may and the pension of June month is also started.i don't knw for how long u people will make me wait as only pension is my last resort to survive ....it is my humble request to you please look in to the matter and credit the pension in my account so that I can survive my old age.
krishna negi
May 27, 2017

stray Black dog menace in our locality

We are a resident of East of Kailash b block.

This is regarding stray dog menace in our locality. We have already complained about this. Today the MCD people came but they did not take the black dog who terrifies passing people. Not only this dog also bite people due to this walking on the road has become really scary and painful and this often leads to serious injuries to people around .
This dog bites any strangers, childrens and vendors. There is hardly a day when we don't hear a dog bite case in our locality.

I would request you to take immediate action against it and help us to resolve the same asap.

Thanks and regards
b-49 east of kailash
new delhi 65
mobile 9910611723
Shambhu Nath Chaturvedi
May 18, 2017

बदरपुर में पानी सप्लाई बाधित है

माननीय महोदय,
मेरा नाम शम्भू, मैं पटेरा बदरपुर दिल्ली-४४, से आपके पास शिकायत दर्ज करा रहा हूँ। आज हमारे मोहल्ले में पिछले १- हफ्ते से पानी की सप्लाई बाधित है। म्युनिसिपल कारपोरेशन की तरफ से पानी का १-टैंकर भेजा जाता है जो की उपयुक्त नहीं है, और इसमें कुछ स्थानीय बदमाश लोग अपने घरों में मोटर लगा कर पानी भर लेते हैं और दूसरों से लड़ाई करके उनको, पानी नहीं भरने देते हैं। इसमें आपके टैंकर लाने वाले लोग मिले हुए हैं और पैसे लेकर उनके घरों की टंकिया भर रहे हैं। माननीय लोगों से गुजारिश है इसको संज्ञान में लिया जाय और भविष्य में इसकी वजह से अशांति का माहौल ना हो इसकी कुछ उपयुक्त व्यवस्था की जाय। धन्यवाद।
Apr 11, 2017


Hi Sir,
I am living in Ber Sarai, near Old JNU Campus.
This area is facing mosquito problem, As we know there is always cases of Malaria in Delhi but MCD never resolve it at the time.
I know sir this the time of election, but on what basis they are asking for vote.
Sir, please inform them our problem and make sure it will resolve.

Thanks & Regards
Prashant Kumar
Jan 18, 2017

Municipal Corporation of Delhi — Complaint against illegal changes in old construction risking the entire building

Hello sir,

This is to bring to your kind notice that in F block, batla house okhla (f19/1, nafees road, batla house. Okhla), some doctor has bought the top floor and without any legal formalities or the other three floor owners has initiated big changes in the building like new stair case for terrace, shifting of water tanks on terrace which is a serious risk not only to the building but neighbouring residences also.

All the three floor owners and ground floor people tried to explain him the risk and resisted, but he starts fighting.

MCD officials are requested to take stringent action against this new top floor (4th floor) owner, kindly stop nd demolish this unwanted and high risk changes he is incorporating.

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