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Consumer complaints and reviews about MCD

Oct 3, 2022


Sewer overflow

Sir / madam

I am resident of RZ - 19-20/231-232, J block near shakuntala hospital , west sagarpur, new delhi - 110046.

Sewers of our street got blocked from last week, because of that we have to face a lot of problems like bad smell, mosquito breeding and water lodging on main street.

So , kindly solve this problem as soon as possible

Thanking you!

Rajendra Singh
[email protected]


Aug 3, 2022


मैं आपके संज्ञान में लाना चाहता हॅू कि सफाई कर्मचारी दूसरे तरफ से झाडू लगाते हुए मेरे बिल्डिंग के सामने गली में लाकर जमा कर देती है और उसे उठाती नहीं है। वो कचरा लगभग 15 से 20 दिन तक ऐसे ही पडा रहता है जिसके कारण मक्खियां भिनभिनाते रहती है और बदबू भी आता है। यह एक बीमारी फैलने का कारण बन सकता है। हमलोगों ने उसे बार-बार अनुरोध किया कि कृपया इसे उठवा लिया भी करें लेकिन वो सुनती नहीं है। फिर यह कहने पर कि इस संबंध में आपकी शिकायत कर दी जाएगी तो वो बोलती है कि जहां शिकायत करनी है कर दो।

अत: अनुरोध है कि कृपया मामले को देखते हुए उचित आदेश जारी करें कि सफाई कर्मचारी हमारी गली को साफ-सुथरा रखें न कि गली में गन्दगी इकटठा कर दे।

अरविन्द कुमार सिंह
ए-59ए, मोहन गार्डन, लैंड मार्क मदर डेयरी,
उत्त म नगर, नई दिल्लीं 110059


May 25, 2022

Broken Road

महादेव अपार्टमेंट द्वारका सेक्टर 23 के सामने द्वारका एक्सप्रेस काम चलने के कारण एक तरफ जाने वाले पूरे ट्रैफिक को सोसाइटी के सर्विस रोड पर मोड़ दिया गया है जो रोड टूटा फूटा पड़ा है तथा जिसके कारण यहां उड़ती धूल ने सोसाइटी के लोगों का जीना दूभर कर दिया है. दिन रात उड़ती धूल के कारण यहां रहने वाले लोगों का बुरा हाल है. कृपा इस टुटे सर्विस रोड को दुरुस्त किया जाए जिससे यहां के लोग चैन से रह सकें.
आनंद राणा
मोबाइल नंबर :9873587381
May 23, 2022

Sewer blockage

Sewer blockage
respective sir
i am the resident RZ 19/231, J block west sagarpur near Rajput Store 110046
we are curently facing sewer blockege in front of my house, in last 7 days.
pls solve this issue as soon as possible

Rajendra Singh
windsor export
Apr 8, 2022


My house no. is C-88, InderPuri New Delhi - 110012. Sewer lines are blocked of our street . Old sever line is completely choked, resulted Water logging and latrines are over flooded and foul smell is spreading in area. The entire sewer line needs to be cleaned.
Its a humble request to you, to take this up on priority basis.


Tushar bindra
Apr 5, 2022

Sewage blockage

There is a sewage blockage in our area due to this dirty water flows on the road. It also increases the danger of mosquitoes and leads to several communicable diseases...kindly solve this issue as soon as possible....Regards
Address- D- 1 extension mansa ram park near royal green garden uttam nagar-110059
Contact no- 8700182668
Jan 14, 2022


Dear Sir, I am residing at Block C sector 8 Dwarka and I have found that Sweeper is cleaning street. Street cleanning is not done here and one day i found one street cleaner and asked him that why he is not coming daily to clean the streets, he told me that " madam jab jis gali ka order milta hai waha safai karne chala jata hoon". the MCD incharge is Yash Pal Ayra. One more thing i came to know that my opposite street is cleaned everyday ... and its because a party member stays there. The garbage Van is also not coming daily to collect the garbage. In a week it keeps on leave for approx 4 days. and only three days it comes to collect the garbage. Each and every person is frustrated but no one is coming in front to make the complain. Kindly take appropriate action to make our delhi clean and green. Regards,
Jan 11, 2022

Sewer overflow

Sewer overflow
Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to inform you I am living in C-42 bindapur ext near talab Uttam Nagar-110059, in our back side sewer is overflowing from past few days but their is no action regarding this problem.

May kindly look at our problem and resolve.

C-42 binda pur extn near talab
Uttam Nagar
New Delhi-110059.
Jan 4, 2022

excessive tree growth

My house at C-6 Westend, New Delhi 110021, is surrounded by excessive tree growth with the result sun does not reach the house and it is very cold and unhealthy, especially for my mother who is a super senior citizen.
I request you to kindly get some branches trimmed so that some sun can penetrate through to the house.
Thank you very much.

Amrita Singh

excessive tree growth

[email protected]
Nov 2, 2021


I would like to draw your kind attention towards an illegal construction of STAIRS and unnecessary sitting site OVER GOVERNMENT DRAIN by Pt. Jai Prakash (Owner name). His home situated at Shyammi Mohalla, in Surhera Village. He is making illegal construction by making stairs or acquiring area of street over road. Please stop this act immediately because he is acquiring the Govt. road or minimizing the area of the street. You are requested to take urgent action as public interest for the convenience of public.

Thanks & regards
Oct 11, 2021

Mcd garbage van is not regular

Mcd garbage van is not regular . It comes twice a week.
Sep 26, 2021

Mosquito problem dwarka sector 18A

Dear Sir/ Madam, there are lot of Mosquitos in the Sector 18 A Near Samrat Ashoka Apartment.These are prone to dengue and Maleria. The area is very sensitive to these diseases as there is no spray or fogging to control mosquito spread and there is a high risk of spread of deceases due to Mosquitos. Hence, ​kindly request you to take up some pest contro system /fogging treatment from the MCD Dwarka side
for the health of people living in Sector 18A, Dwarka
Feb 18, 2021

Unauthorized breakers

Dear Sir
This mail is regrading unauthorised breakers in najafgarh which are recently constructed .
That are not according to govt norm regarding breakers.
My car also got damage due to the breaker there .

Address are mentioned below with pictures.

Aggarwal colony near new anaj mandi najafgarh
one side colony and the other side of road colony name is
393Indira market new anaj mandi .

Kindly take necessary action regarding this.
Daily commuters will be always thankful to you.

Address proof is attached


Unauthorized breakers

Rajni Sharma 367
Aug 22, 2020

Pruning of Tree

I am Rajni Sharma residing at quarter no. 367 Sector 4 R K Puram New Delhi - 110022. I have an urgent request for trimming /Pruning of the tree in my back side of my house. A large Neem tree is hurdle in the sunlight to my house. Branches spreading in all directions which covers sunlight.
I shall be grateful if you kindly look at the above problems and sort out the same to direct your concerned horticulture department for cutting/Pruning the tree.
Thanking you

Rajni Sharma
R/o quarter no. 367 Sec 4
NEW DELHI - 110022
Aug 9, 2020


There are so many Mosquitoes around and MCD has not taken any action against it. I have been trying to call 24x7 toll free complaint phone number but nobody picks up. During this pandemic it would be worse to see people getting dengue also.

Would request to take action against MCD or suggest them to star foaming sprays in shubham appartments sector 22 dwarka new delhi 110077.

Feb 9, 2020

Drains not cleaned by MCD worker

I am resident of prem nagar najafgarh..... Drains in my area are not cleaned and if somehow they clean it.....the staff doesn't clean off the material.
Dec 7, 2019

Sewwrage problem

sewerage problem

SUB: Sewage Problem.

I am resident of Vinay, Rz- 93 street no 07, Sukhi Ram Park, Uttam Nagar. There is problem of sewage. The problem is house sewage line is not connected to main sewage line. After every 15 days we need to clear sewage but some time sewage water spilled in the road and this it is cause of fight between neighbors.

so my request is please inspect the area as soon as possible and suggest best things to all resident living in this street.

thanking you,
Date: 07.12.2019

Sewwrage problem

Ruchika Mazumdar
Nov 17, 2019

Fumigation for mosquitoes

Dear Ma'am/ Sir,

This is to inform you that there is an increase in mosquito in Sector 4 Dwarka. Mosquitoes are a carrier of several harmful diseases and everyday rise in mosquito is leading our health and lives to danger. It is difficult to even sit for a few minutes without being bothered by the mosquitoes. Every year, fumigation already takes place by this time. It has not happened this year till now. Request you to please take action at the earliest.

Thank you!
Oct 17, 2019

Sewage Block

Dear MCD,

I am Sunil kumar (Aam Admai) from Palam colony, I want to redressal my complain. Front of my house one sewage (gutter) is come to overflow please repair it asap. More details mention below :-

Gali no - 32, Pradhan chowk, Sadh nagar, Palam colony, Pin- 110045

Sunil Kumar
Sep 30, 2019

street dogs issue

very fed up with street dogs . We are facing a lot of problems due to presence of Scray dogs in the Muthu Nagar . These dogs are often seeing chasing/playing each other openly and Residents of nearby this area are really afraid of these dogs and want to get rid of them. Nearly 21 dogs in single street , kids are totally afraid to go out and play, its become very difficult to sleep at night by street dogs they can kill child, before this happen to my street kids please take action ASAP..

Shivshakti road
Amar Colony ODS
Lajpat Nagar 4
Kishore Gupta
Jun 24, 2019

Encrochment and illegal construction

Dear Sir,
This is to bring to kind notice about the encroachment & unauthorised illegal construction
at house No. 9225 in pocket C9 of Vasant Kunj, at the back side they are covering even the drainage as well.
I have bough this to the notice of MCD area incharge Mr. Monu Ji, Mr. Ahuja JE, Mr. Dabas SE also DC Najafgarh.
but of no use, so I thought I must inform you.
Photograph of the same is attached herewith.
Hoping for an action now.
Best regards,
K.K.Gupta, 9810105577
May 9, 2019

Unauthorized and illegal construction

Unauthorized and illegal Construction

Respected Sir/ Madam,

This is to inform as a good citizen of Delhi that building no. RZ-681/3/B-2 and B-3, Gali No. 27E, Sadh Nagar-II, Palam Colony, New Delhi-110045 in parking Mr Ranjit Verma have illegal constructed one room set and he has rented this. Because of this, people living in that house stand their cars/motor cycle on the road outside, so that the problem of jam in the street continues every day. Therefore, there is a humble request from you that please be able to take strong action as soon as possible so that people living in that street can get rid of jam.

We again requested to you kindly take a necessary action urgently.

Citizen of Delhi
Jan 25, 2019

license given by corruption

a recent complaint was made which bought in attention that HOTEL HIRA PALACE , at main market madan pur khadar was granted license of 12 rooms.
The property has 38 rooms out of which 12 rooms license is been given. its a 6 story building which cannot be granted license at any cost.
on immediate licensed has to be evoked, however i have filed a RTI too for the same and evidence is there too that how can mcd grant license with corruption.
simply shows the officers were corupted anf license was given by taking money , a immediate action has to be taken for the welfare of society however copies of this complaint is attached to cm house and lg house for looking in the matter
Sumit air force
Oct 21, 2018

Road in very bad condition

Sir, i am a resident of dda pkt 13 palam condition of road below dwarka flyover in palam is very bad from last year due to which dusty environment is formed causing breathing problems to kids and old age person and person like me having asthmatic problem it's not easy to survive over here please allocate the work to concern agency to repair the damaged road as soon as possible so that life which became hell here comes to normal
tyagi shivani
Oct 5, 2018

no mcd garbage collection van in area

Sir/ Madam ,
i would like to draw your attention that there's no garbage collection van visiting our area . causing us a lot of inconvenience regarding where to dispose off . Untreated and Useless garbage also causing disease and sanitation threat , hence making normal life hard for us . it's a minor issue but neglecting this has major adverse implications . kindly look into the matter and help us

thankyou .

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