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mediHope Hospital


Consumer complaints and reviews about mediHope Hospital

Pradeep Niranjan
Nov 5, 2014


I have been a regular customer (Yes that is the word. Patient is too kind) for this hospital even before it was inaugrated.
So far I have visited this hospital more than 50 times since it is nearby. I always prayed that this hospital do well so that I do not have to run too-far.
But every single time, I have to run post-to-pillar , shout at people to get basic things done. Staff is very rude.
Hospital does not care for patients and zero empathy.
Doctors are not punctual, 1-2 hour delay is normal and doctor cancel their visit at last moment leaving patiens waiting.

Very very unprofessional.
Their rates are also very high so I do not see why I should not go back to Manipal.
I get better doctors, a prior appointment (Yes time is very important to me), punctual and more competent doctors and yes parking space to park my car.
And while doing so, I still save my time than visitng medihope which is 500 Mtrs from my house.

I am sad to say, if the hospital management does not improves, there is no way to go.
Aug 18, 2014

very good paediatrician

i want to share you a good experience with a paediatrician there, there is doctor named dr.rajesh , he is a young doctor but have good knowledge, he treats the child as his own daughter or son. other thing is her cares for the child and never go for investigations unnecessarily .he has lost of patience and is very explanatory. I met him for my daughter who is suffering from cough on and off for more than 1 year , had just 2 consultation with him , he assessed her clinically and with only minimal investigations he treated her. Now she is perfectly alright since 1 month.i suggest this doctor to others too.. thanks for dr.rajesh and medihope hospital tooo.....
Mar 10, 2014

Medi Hell

Hi All, I am writing horrific experience of my own here, because life is very important and noone has right to play with anyones life.
I had such a bad and scary experience here. 'MediHell' suits well than 'MediHope'. Few doctors are really good and they have good knowledge, rest they should not be called as 'DOCTORS'. They just want to drain money from you and leave you to hell.
They diagnosed(correctly or not. god knows) my family member and started treatment and at end of 4th day we got to know from sources that they are giving wrong treatment. They literally said we cannot gaurantee the life of a patient and when we fought(because we knew what was wrong with the patient) and called correct doctor, this doctor started right treatment and patient was fine in just a day!!!!!!!!!
So here is the conclusion : they want to take all the money from your bank account, till then they will keep your patient on ventilator and finally when they are satisfied with their pockets, they will say take your patient to some other place(if the patient is alive).
We are educated so we know what is going on there, what medication they are giving. Just think about poor people who does not have medical background. All of them(except few) are dogs and they can do anything for money.
Please listen to me, if you care about your family members, do not take them to that place.

Mar 31, 2013

Medi Hope - High Charge

Medi is only for Rich people and need more patients for each treatments

Consultant charges are too high for even 1 min, they charge 300/- 350/- for even similar repeated issues

Few consultant just visit for 10 sec after admitted and will be charged 350 * x ( daily 2 times )

Hospital don't have process in place and we need to work on behalf of each dept to communicate each other.since nobody aware of each of their contacts

Nurses don't facilities and communication issues in understanding and leave in shifts without proper handover to next person

Insurance dept is very worst and management supports their delays and not even thinking about proactive or improvements

Finally I paid 40K for 24 hours in hospital and made me to wait for 8 hours at the time discharging

Again Surgery report summary is not given and asked to come next day to collect it

Insurance dept works only 10AM to 5PM. so help out of hours and need to pay from our pocket even with insurance

also insurance company will not approve for high charges by hospital, hence we need to end up paying 60% after wasting 2 days for insurance purpose

If anybody want to take risk and ready to spend 30K fees each day can try

Mar 19, 2013

ENT Specialist

Has any one know about the ENT specialist doctor in Medi Hope Malleshpalya bangalore

Planning for minor surgery.. Looking for advice and experience about this hospitality
Mar 19, 2013

About Modi hope

Not sure, which comments to believe,, due to many gusy says not service not good and few guys says good,
Mar 7, 2013

Testing rates

I went to Medihope Hospital malleshpalya Bnagalore for LFT Test , They charged 900 rs which is just double from any other Lab .
really its too much when i complaint with management they told this is our rates
Mar 2, 2013

medihope service

Overall good and the treatment given is faster than other places which is very much appreciable and excellent attitude and attention given by doctors. We liked the hospital very much and all the staff took great care
Nov 21, 2012

good service

The hospital workers are very cooperative. The doctors and nursing staff are not only caring but very helpful too. Certain areas could be improvised like more steam food/vegetables can be supplied for diabetic & heart patients. Canteen food is very tasty and healthy . I was satisfied with the treatment given at medihope hospital Although its a new hospital ,treatment and facilities are excellent. The doctors gave personal care which helps us to recover faster. Thank you to all in Medihope hospital. I recommend people staying in marathahalli, whitefield,domlur,indiranagar to try medihope for their medical needs.
sudhir sharma
Nov 20, 2012

excellent services

Everything was done excellently and very carefully. Everyone was taking care of the patients and we are very happy to have this kind of hospital towards Indiranagar. It is good that an excellent hospital such as medihope has been started in this surrounding. The treatment was smooth without any confusion which usually happens in a hospital environment. I was very impressed with the way i was taken care of.
Nov 13, 2012


The hospital is provided with good infrastructure and good doctors. Even the senior doctors are very efficient and reliable. My child was admitted and I was quite convinced about the treatment given. The most important factor about the hospital is proximity to my residence. It will be nice if more variety of food is provided in the canteen.
Nov 13, 2012


The hospital is provided with good infrastructure and good doctors. Even the senior doctors are very efficient and reliable. My child was admitted and I was quite convinced about the treatment given. The most important factor about the hospital is proximity to my residence. It will be nice if more variety of food is provided in the canteen.
Kerigowda Send email
Nov 2, 2012

overall service

I agree with you Mr.Gowda. I too have been there a couple of times due to my family members falling sick with viral fever. I liked the services of medihope hospital and this is very close to cv raman nagar. All amenities are there and becoz of 24 hour pharmacy makes it very very convenient to buy medicines in emergency. The doctors and nursing staff are good in experience.
kerippa gowda
Nov 1, 2012


The treatment and care towards the patient is ultimate. The exuberant spirit of nursing staff is remarkable & i expect the same towards all the patients of Medihope Hospital. I was in the icu for 5 days and the treatment given was excellent. Great job by Dr. Agarwal.
Hellopushpak Send email
Oct 20, 2012

Very bad treatment provided by nurses and doctors and management was not interested for providing any kind of support

I have a very bitter experience as well.

In very simple words I can define Medihope hospital - Unprofessional doctor and staff, money sucking and above all extremely unhygienic.

I took my wife there for a very minor surgery. The doctor we consulted was speaking in a way that he is the one and only doctor in India who can perform this surgery.

The casualty ward where the surgery was performed is situated just next to the main road from where gallons of smoke and tons of dust keeps coming in inside the casualty ward. During the entire process of surgery doctor was keep wearing his blazer like he never had one of these before. He was keep sweating and his sweat was dropping on patients face...isn't it disgusting? Any tom, dick and harry (some ward boys friend, some women staffs boyfriend) was keeping coming inside the casualty ward and watching that surgery and the height is during 20 minutes surgery doctor received 3 telephone calls and he literally attend all three calls which is ridiculous.

Later, I inquired about fees for the same surgery in Manipal hospital which is around two and half to three thousand, Medihope charged us all together five thousand. Post surgery, when my wife went to the hospital after taking an appointment with the doctor for stitch removal she found that doctor has not reached to the hospital by then and not only this doctor did not show up for almost 2 hours. When my wife asked the staff about doctors availability, she had been told to go and get the stitches removed by some staff in the causality. They removed the stitches, I don't know how? One day my wife found one peace of thread while changing the bandage, don't know if there are more threads under the wound.

Its my request to every one please gather some information about the doctor whom you are going to consult and also make yourself aware about the treatment suggested by the doctor. Above all never forget to ask question to the doctor about the treatment they are providing. Since we are paying consultation fees we have the right to take their time and have complete discussion.

Don't forget to search on GOOGLE if you have any doubt about the treatment or the medicine advised by the doctor.

Now the most ridiculous experience we had in that hospital, When my wife was waiting for the stitch removal one hospital person approached her and asked 'are you Chinese?" she replied no "I am Korean" In return that fellow said "Can you get me foreigner patient, I will pay you commission for every foreigner patient"

Can we expect good treatment from the doctors who are working in this hospital where every moment only one thought will be running in their mind "I need to get more money from the patient else I could not meet my target". Doctors profession is no more a noble profession. Hospitals and doctors are doing marketing business, they are nothing more than salesman.
Oct 9, 2012

services of hospital

I am a heart patient. Lately i was admitted in medihope super specialty hospital and it was my first experience there. My family was initially not happy because we have been going to chinmaya all these years and now trying medihope was a new thing.After 2 days everybody felt we have done a good thing by going to medihope. Now i am referring to all my relatives.
We were getting proper response from nurses and attenders, reports came immediately. No need to wait. Doctors also respond properly. Service is good. Congratulations to the medihope head and the whole team.
Oct 9, 2012


The doctors and sisters attend the patients and respond to the treatment in a well mannered way. The behaviour of the staff is cordial.My tests were done quickly, and the whole process was neat Even the insurance was covered well. Only if the hospital can take care of pharmacy needs it will be fine.
Oct 8, 2012


The doctors, management staff, canteen facilities and nurses have been most considerate and kind, very polite and pleasant attitude. Please keep up the compassionate attitude. Exceptional service, along with a compassionate attitude of every person from housekeeping to nurses. The hospital itself is spotlessly clean.
Oct 8, 2012

medihope services

You are doing excellent as far as the doctors are concerned. Lab technicians are too good (Dialysis dept.) Concern to the patient is excellent. Housekeeping is fine; the place is neatly maintained.It is a rebirth to the patients especially because of the doctors and staff in the ICU of medihope. Heartfelt thanks to them.
Arunsingh_001 Send email
Oct 8, 2012

Very bad treatment provided by nurses and doctors and management was not interested for providing any kind of support

The hospital is well connected and is in the city. I come from Hosakote. The senior doctors are very good and professional. Patient care, room services, food, billing, insurance, nursing towards patient and many more services are indeed appreciable.
Nayaskhan Send email
Oct 5, 2012

Very bad treatment provided by nurses and doctors and management was not interested for providing any kind of support

hi, first i like to thank for all my friends and relatives who had refereed the name of Medihope hospitals which is been situated at malleshpalya due to the following reason.I am basically from north India i do not know the local language, i had an knee problem for which i had lost my sleep for many nights.so i was been advised by an well known orthopedics doctor to go for an magnetic therapy where the cost was landing for about 2 lakh and at the same time the doctor said me that my knee cartlidge has torn which i was not able to understand .At one time l felt like am not able to stand or walk this was the time that i was been referred by my friends and relatives at Bangalore about medihope hospitals. I went to the hospital where they are following the exact rules and regulations in all the procedures which is excellent job . They fixed an immediate appointment with on of the doctor called Mr.Amith agarwal who checked me completely and solved my total problem in small weekly consultation i.e he made me to move around and small physio therapy by which i am recovered with very less amount of consultation where i was about to loose lakh of rupees.At the next i came to know that DR.Amith agarwal is the Md of that hospital where i was shocked that know where in bangalore an MD of an hospital is so polite or have the time to meet others finally i would to thank an other physio Mr.Arun who has helped me in knee problem . Being an ortho surgeon Dr.Amith Agrawal would have given me an false report and he could have asked me to go for an surgery but DR.Amith never did this i am thank full to him for ever and his staffs.
Sep 25, 2012

MediHope can kill you for money

Medihope is a horrible hospital which can kill you for money.I am Sibasis Panigrahi went to Medihope with a sore throat, where i had pain in my throat.I had little fever the day before and the same day i was ok. The attending doctor in OPD advised me to go for a blood test citing reason that in his patient history he has seen patient with throat pain can be a symptom of Dengue. Then after one hour i met him again where he called the pathology department in front of me and behaved in such a way that i am in the last stage of Dengue.he has suggested me for immediate hospitalization and said you are suffering from Dengue NS1.For three days they did treatment their with heavy doses of antibiotics and few other IV injections.Whene ever that doctor visited me in my cabin i asked for report he never shown that to me.Then i asked the nurse for my blood platelet count and it was pretty good on the first day itself it was 3.2, second day it was 3.6.then i grew suspicious and to my surprise my discharge summary said something else.I had enteric fever or typhoid, that to of small intensity(i check with other hospital about this).Then i tried to raise this issue with the hospital management, i met the MD and spoken this. they were not agreeing to my statements and said they will go by their record and everywhere that bloody doctor has mentioned enteric fever. But i had a proof my initial investigation report where he has suggested for hospitalization and had written i am suffering from dengue. That clever MD , very cleverly wanted to keep that proof with him, but i have learn my lesson by that time.
For a small fever and throat pain i ended up spending 25K.Along with that my wife struggled with my small kid between home and hospital. Now my insurance provider is not ready to reimburse my money as it was a minor fever.Due to high dose of antibiotics i struggled for almost 2 weeks to get strength and of course i had to be on leave from office. i am going to drag them to different courts with various charges like harassm, fraudulent treatment, life threat due to wrong treatment, over billing etc.

So please create awareness and do not visit this hospital where there is a threat to life.if somebody need proof to believe me then shoot me a mail at sibasisp@gmail.com i am ready to show them.
Jago grahak jago.
Lohitheddy Send email
Sep 24, 2012

Very bad treatment provided by nurses and doctors and management was not interested for providing any kind of support

I to went for the treatment @ medihope hospitals for my fever which was suspected as dengue.By seeing the media i was totally worried right from the day one i found their nurses support was good and total hospital staff were good and kind till i got discharged .yes i found small problem like housekeeping .But i feel there is no other hospital that can treat for the above said diseases in fact i my self had been sent back by an well known hospital in Bangalore which i don't want to name. now i like to thank for the director Dr.Amit agarwal and the total staff of medihope hospitals for my care they had taken .I feel the price should not be considered while it is for our health why i use this because they allow all our relatives and friends to visit and they are transparent in treatment where as in other hospitals they will not allow any one with out bribe and false version called tight security
at the last i like to quote this words that the lab is superb in case of suspect ion and identity of the diseases my special thanks for pathology and team

Mr.Lohith Reddy
Jibilobo Send email
Sep 11, 2012

Very bad treatment provided by nurses and doctors and management was not interested for providing any kind of support

Dear Divyaji
i fully agree with u. i too had a very bitter experience with them.
do u think whether our complaints will reach the concerned?

nurses are very bad. they neither understand English nor Hindi nor Kannada. they speak Malayalam/Tamil/Telugu. Very difficult to convey our problems. This delays the treatment and increases our panic.

my boss was admitted to this hospital and was treated very badly.
we took ddischarge on our own risk and went to Manipal hospital. There treatment was good and bill was less than what we paid in Medihope.

Billing section is very worst. Employees are very rude and have no manners. The one calls herself in-charge is very rude. speaks very harshly. Initiallyy while admitting, we were told about room charges and accordingly were admitted in ICU. we were told that we will be charged on hourly basis. we were there for 6 hours but charged for the whole day @ 7000/ . When contacted her, she started shouting at us. she behaved very strangely. she started hiding all papers and escaped. so we contacted MD .When met MD, we were told to go to charity hospital. we were shocked and asked for ddischarge. they refused to give ddischarge. after much hassling, were given ddischarge, which they gave after 4 hours.
you may not believe but they charged exorbitantly. for medical records they charged rs.750/-

to get ddischarge summary we had to fight again.The girl who was supposed to give it was using delay-tactics.
each time, i asked her for summary, i was told to come after 15 minutes. the reason behind this was the girl
does not know spelling of even simple words!. She was asking others for spelling. So to avoid further delay
i had to type our ddischarge summary .

If a patient comes they are ready to suck money from it. they en-cash patients weakness. i saw, simply creating panic, they make patient to get admitted.

I advise not to go to this hospital
Report Send email
Aug 27, 2012

Very bad treatment provided by nurses and doctors and management was not interested for providing any kind of support

the new hospital is new in all aspects. there is no male attenders for male patients and the nurses will just wipe the hands and face and say its body wash for the patients who are admitted for days together in hospital. I was admitted for burns and my doctor will come to visit me the time he is about to go home. the nurse will not carry the reports and even if she carries she will not stay until doctor checks me completely as she will be running to see other patients so wht ever test dr recommends there will be no one to write it down. then dr will say i will inform them. the duty doctors who come along with senior doctors will come to the room only with senior doctor other wise he will nto bothered to see him but you will be charged Rs 1000 per day for that. there will be frequent power cuts even in night. the housekeeping people will not clean the floor then will clean once in a day and they dont even change the matteres or empty the dustbin. there is not proper administration, not proper operations management. the pharmacy people will not give you change if you insist they will write it in paper and next time you show that paper they will say claim the amount from the person who wrote it. so ridiculous. it will take years to improve if this condition persit.

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