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Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation


Consumer complaints and reviews about Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation

Oct 17, 2019

Stray dog rotten in our society

Pls take the rotten dog away from the society ..
The entrance is stinking and too many mosquito due to the same....

Sec9,b/28 Mira road
Sep 24, 2019

Stray dogs in Miraroad- Goldstar Decent Home


Goldstar Decent Home
Survey no 104, Hatkesh Nagar
Opp GCC club, near NG Paradise

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to highlight and register a complaint against stray dogs living in our society. There are very dangerous and aggressive stray dogs living in our society Campus. Now a days its become very difficult for us and our children's to walk down safely in this area. Recently I have observed that whenever any person or kids passing from that area they attack randomly on any of the kid/person without any reason.

Stray dogs had already bitted many people

Hence my humble request to MBMC officials to please take note of these incidents and send someone to catch all these stray dogs at earliest from our society.

Please take them away from our society before next victim gets catch by these dogs.
Hope you will understand the importance of human life and corrective action will be taken from your end soon.

Expect your kind co-operation in this regard.
Sep 24, 2019

Stray dogs in our society


Goldstar Decent home
Survey no 104, Hatkesh Nagar
Near GCC club, opp NG Paradise
Miraroad East

Dear Sir/Madam

I would like to highlight and register a complaint against stray dogs living in our society. There are very dangerous and aggressive stray dogs living in our society Campus. Now a days its become very difficult for us and our children's to walk down safely in this area. Recently I have observed that whenever any person or kids passing from that area they attack randomly on any of the kid/person without any reason.

Stray dogs had already bitten many people.

Hence my humble request to MBMC officials to please take note of these incidents and send someone to catch all these stray dogs at earliest from our society.

Please take them away from our society before next victim gets catch by these dogs.
Hope you will understand the importance of human life and corrective action will be taken from your end soon.

Expect your kind co-operation in this regard.
Shiraj Ahmed Khan
Sep 11, 2019

Air pollution

As par many complaint given to all the concern authorities like आरोग्य विभाग, fire brigade, ward officers no 6, and mira byandar municipal corporation against polluted Air create by adarsh bakery but still today we didn't have any relief against polluted Air
So it is humble request to you to take any action against bakery

Air pollution

ankit lad
Sep 2, 2019

garbage not picked up properly

Address: Gokul village, shantipark ,opposite lane of St xaviour high school.

Garbage is not picked up correctly by employees.

Due to this there is bad smell in area.
Mosquitoes has increased in our area.

Timing of garbage picking should be changed truck arrives between 12 to 12.30 which is exact time of leaving of school due to this there is lot of traffic on this road.

garbage not picked up properly garbage not picked up properly

fedup citizen
Jul 29, 2019

Blockage in Drainage System of MBMC

This is to inform you that there is a blockage in the Municipal drainage system near Sector-6, Shanti Nagar, Phase -3, Mira Road, near Dena Bank, as a result of which sewage water enters into the ground floor bathrooms and Commode's everyday in the morning at 7:00 am and drains out around 9:00 am. This is dirty stinking water. We are unable to use the bathroom or the toilets during this time. On flushing the commode the water comes out of the commode. The water in the bathroom also comes out and the entire house stinks. The society has checked the society drainage, there is no problem with the Society’s drainage. The neighbouring buildings are also facing a similar problem. Request immediate resolution of this problem. Please note this is the time people have use the washrooms and also high chance of getting infected with disease.
Immediate action requested.
Jul 1, 2019

Water logging

We are also humans, at ramdev park mira road east water has entered the house almost a feet please understand we have small kids, we pay property tax, income tax all on time, have some mercy and start motors here to pump out water please
Nikhil Naik3
Jul 1, 2019

Water Logging

Water logging in BP road during rains
Jun 14, 2018


Dear Sir,

I would like to draw your attention regarding some anti social people always (24*7) sitting at park developed on "Gatar" between kasturi park and sai baba nagar at Navghar Road in Bhayander East.

These kind of people sits there from early morning to late night. they drink any kind of alcohol there and many times fight to each other. as it is common wayfor public it is really embarrassing for people specially for ladies and kids.

I request herewith to MBMC officers please take necessary action to stop these anti social activities.

Please remove the benches from their so people can only walk there but can not sit there whole day.
[email protected]
Mar 1, 2018

Stray Dogs Biting/Attacking Children and Women


I live in Vasudev Sky High, Opposite Bhairav Residency, Near Cinemax, Ramdev Park Road, Mira Road(East).

There are many stray dogs in and around our society compound that bite children and drag the children as well. It is a major threat to the safety, well being and lives of kids. There have been multiple instances of dog bites in our society compound. Further, these pack of dogs also hunt and kill pigs in our area almost on a regular basis.Hence, it has become their tendency of spotting, singling out victims and then attacking and killing them. We have also witnessed grown up women being attacked and dragged by these stray dogs and hence being severely wounded.

Request you to kindly take prompt, urgent and decisive actions against these stray dogs to avoid any further mishaps.

Thanks and regards,

Abhishek Srivastava
Rakesh Sharma
Jan 29, 2018

Air pollution due to Non veg cooking outside restaurants in Jangid Enclave

Dear Commissioner

I am living in Jangid Enclave Mira Road. In our complex due to cooking out side restaurants we are having severe health issues due to air pollution and bad smell even at home vehilcle parking outside restaurants makes the traffic issues leading to noise pollution , waste management is very poor leading to stary dogs and mosquito issues , water logging issues due to water drainage ,
They have encroached the common passage by putting chairs and cooking equipment.
Sir in home old parents have become the breathing issues and children have cough issues and also there chances of any time any mis-happening.
Due to all above issues i request to take immediate action against all such restaurants on urgent basis due to health hazard issues
Oct 5, 2017

Tree Damage -Request to cut tree

On 4 th of July complained to Forest Department Bhayandar West Muncipal office regarding the damage due to Coconut tree located in the back lawn of the Row House no 5 Laxmi narayan appartment Jesal Park Bhayandar east. Municipal officer asked for the pictures of trtree and location and the same was provided.
Muncipal officer asked for the NO OBJECTION from the owner of E5 Laxmi narayan owner to cut tree which was also provided.

Municipal officer GANESH KADAM came to inspect the tree and location and over one week back promised to send file to commisoner.

Until now no action has been traken to cut the Coconut tree which is posing dangerous to owners and caused damaged to water tank and had to be replaced.



Tree Damage -Request to cut tree Tree Damage -Request to cut tree

Jun 6, 2017

Gutter not cleaned in uttan Alibag

I am staying in Uttan area all gutters are full of waste and mosquitoes are increasing due to coming monsoons all dirty water from gutter may entry our home.
Pl do the needfull within a week
Rikta Sejpal
Apr 16, 2017

OC is pending with the Municipal Corporation

I have purchased a flat in nine galaxy, B block, ramdev park, mira road. Builder has applied for OC in Dec 2016. He has completed all the work as per rules and he has provided all the NOC like lift, fire, garden,etc. to Municipal Corporation. Now he is saying that everything is finished from his side. He said that OC is pending with Municipal Corporation. And due to demonetization they people are not able to eat black money so they are not providing OC. Please guide us how to deal with this.
Feb 12, 2016

Mandap blocking road

The roads of Kasturi Park in Bhayander East have been blocked last two days by some Mandap put up there. The entire road is blocked with no space for even a cycle to pass by. Senior citizens and the sick are being inconvenienced.
Feb 6, 2016

Dumping Of Garbage In Residential Area

I am a resident of Kasturi Estate,Near hanuman mandir,phatak road, Bhayandar East. There is an acute problem of garbage waste lying openly in the area. This creates a lot of problems to the people living in this locality. A very bad smell comes out of the Garbage and unused food is being dumped this making the place unhealthy due to which there is heavy mosquito problem and inviting lots of rats in this area.The stench inside our house is unbearable because of this Member of the family are falling ill due to Viral fever and developing joint pains

i request you to make the arrangemnt of garbage box near every building or there is an open space is there few distance from our building,Request you to either shift the dump to that place

Kindly take necessary action immediately so that our society people can live in clean environment. Thanks in advance.

Mobile: 9321117747 Thakur

Dumping Of Garbage In Residential Area

Feb 4, 2016


Dear sir,
mosquitoes are big issue in Mira road. I have not seen any step from municial corporation like fogging or somwthing since 10 years I am living here. I would like to request you to please consider it.

Anurag utsav
Subhash Masterpc
Oct 31, 2015

Violation of Building Law

Dated: 02/11/2015
The commissioner
Mira Bhayanar Municipal Nagar Corporation
Bhayanar West,Thane.

Sub:-Ostwal Height Building No.2, survey no. old 287 new 65 Hissa 4
Dear Sir,
I am Mr.Subhash Gulabbhai Master(B.COM,II Year LLB),age 44 year,Occupation Business,Rented residence in 602/Sonam Pushpanjali,Building No.8,Old Golden Nest,Bhayanar west, I am belonging to Hindu Mahiyavanshi samaj (State of Gujrat), and Belonging to Schedule caste.
I herewith inform you that,I have legal despute with M/S shree ostwal Builder ltd.,under Consumer Protection Act, as case id CC/13/99 Related to above refer building flat no.805, case is yet to decide and pending under the judicial order. As per the document I have, it’s creating some question in my mind related to violation of development and building law.
Please investigate documents of this constructed Building on survey no. old 287 new 65 Hissa 4, this builder have part OC no.3327/13-14 dt.09/12/2013 in year 2013. This building have Commencement Certificate No.1924/12-13 dt.24/7/2012 and against their application dt.31/05/2012.
As per my knowledge this building is contracted, structure and bricks 14th floor as before on 10/10/2012 as per attached image and proof. Copy of a video proof also for contracted floor inside of 8th floor before May 2012. My question and query about how this certificate issued by MIRA BHAYANDAR MUMNCIPAL CORPORATION on 24/07/2012 while entire floor constructed before this date? If the building is constructed 14th floor before 10/10/2012 and CC dt. 24/07/2012 is question to note and investigate. also Proof of demand notice dt.16/08/2012 from the builder demanding 87% before this date with architect report.
It is important to investigate the Builder has not violated any constructing building rules and regulation and duty of government officer against the verified or inspection for this building before giving this certificate. Request to check and investigate all bellow listed documents.
• First Commencement Certificate No.3453/2010-11 dt.21/12/2010
(Please investigate who has signed this where and when, check entry in the outward record book. This document might be back dated sign by previous authority (Very important))
• II Revised Commencement Certificate No1924/12-13 dt.24/7/2012 and point 30
• Copy of a video proof also for contracted floor inside of 8th floor before May 2012.
• Verified and investigate date of project started and section plan, Revised plan and documents, Check 1st Floor Plan and 8th floor plan, plinth certificate ,section ,all approval from the MBMC, Day by day inspection report, Architect report and their status, character ,Reputation of architect and certification report ( Leads construction)
• OC no.3327/13-14 dt.09/12/2013 in year 2013- Need to investigate CRZ area
• Sub Registrar Registration documents no.8080/2012 page no.36/53 typical floor planned With Registration documents no.8080/2012 receipt no.2,Buil up area 74.72 sq.mtrs, Please compare this with section plan layout area for flat no.805 8th floor of building no2. Market agent and investor are selling as per attached image and proof. is 1005sq.Ft. (Please investigate any violation of Government Tax), investigate and check Government fees paid accordingly or not. Please examine below stated calculation.
1. As per Approved Plan dt.24/07/2012 for 8th Floor.48.81 sq.Mtrs=525 Sq.Ft. Builtup area.
2. As Given at time of Booking Flat No.805 /March 2010 showing 1005 Sq.Ft=674.36 Sq.ft, 67.10Sq.mtrs Builtup Area
3. Sub-Registered Suchi No.2 showing 74.72 sq.mtrs=804 Sq.Ft.Builtup area In Regd Doc Ref.No.############/2012.
4. Building Plan Copy Submitted with Registration Documents No.8080/2012/Dt.22/11/2012 Sub-Registered Thane-7.
• Collector N.A Document No. 1700 dt 11/11/2010.
I herewith request concern authorities investigate on this and if builder under violation of any building Law take urgent legal action for same.
Hope I will get some satisfactory investigation and feedback against this complaint as soon as possible and oblige.
Subhash Master( 9324773468)

Enclosed above list of documents

Violation of Building Law Violation of Building Law Violation of Building Law Violation of Building Law Violation of Building Law

Sep 5, 2015

Stray dog

To Municipal Commissioner
Dear as I passing from ideal enclave to ramdev Park there was a stray dog dead in the bushes when I saw a mbmc vehicle had come to take the vaist from the society I informed the man to lift that stray dog but he refused and now it will cause unhygienic to all the people staying surrounding area
Please take the action on the workers who were in the vehicle of mbmc who carries the waist materials
Please do the needful
Yours Sincerely
Resident of Mahavir nagar
Jul 14, 2015

Mosquitoe Mennace

This is regarding the open Gutter that is in the big Playground at Sector -6, Shanti Nagar, Mira Road (East). This Gutter is filled with stagnant filthy water throughout the year and is full of mosquitoes. Even during daytime there are mosquitoes in that gutter. As result there are so many mosquitoes in the house. They are there even during the day time. Mosquito repellents are also not helping. It is quite some time since that gutter has been fumigated. Even then the effects last only for a day. The only solution for this problem is to cover the gutter as is being done to the roadside gutters. This ground is being used by United Sports Club and others for prayer meetings, Garbha etc. Please take action immediately to have this gutter covered up before someone gets DENGUE.
poonam sagar
Mar 2, 2015

Heavy Leachage upper floor's Sandaas may cause Dangue, Maleyria, Swine flu may dangour for Public Health

मैं Soni , सी-८ , ००४, सेक्टर-२ , प्रतिकशांति नगर मीरा रोड ई. mobile 9969188756 में मेरा फ्लेट है जीसके उपर वाले फ्लेट सी-८, १०४, प्रतिक शांति नगर, सेक्टर २ मीरा रोड ईस्ट ४०११०७ के संडास से हमारे फ्लेट में भारी लिकेज हो रहा है, हम पिछले ६ महिनो से मिरा भाईन्दर महानगर पालिका व सोसायटी को दिनांक ११/०८/२०१४, २२/०९/२०१४ व ०९/१०/२०१४ को फरियाद पत्र दे चुके है, लेकिन अभी तक कोई कारवाई नहीं हुई और समस्या बढती जा रही है, संडास के गंदे पानी के लिकेज से हमारे फ्लेट व कम्पाउन्ड में भयानक बदबु फैली रहती है, छत व बिल्डींग के स्ट्रकचर को भी नुकसान हो रहा है, भगवान न करे छ्त गीरे, हो रहे नुकसान से, गंदकी से मलेरिया, डेन्गु, स्वाईन फ्लु जैसी बिमारीया फैली तो कौन जिम्मेवार होगा ? क्रिपया तुरन्त कारवाई करें
आपका ही
Sep 1, 2014

water collected in and out of the building

We live in Pooja park, SILVER sarita, RNA VIVA. water enters our houses , in and out of the entire premise. Society has taken so many steps, but no use. Because of the drainage system, water doesn't get drained , it comes back to our area from the main drainage system of MBMC,near RNA VIVA, Pooja park. Whenever there is non-stop rain, we , the area people, like SILVER SARITA BUILDING A, B, C D1 and D2, E, SREEJI TOWERS......People not able to have sleep whole night peacefully. Our children not able to go to school. We don't go to do our works. Our daily life is getting disturbed these days very badly because of dirty water enters our homes and premises. Furniture get spoiled.children not able to go to washrooms for emergency. This is not our problem of one or two years, since last many years. We request you to make a solution for this prolonged problem. At least provide some motor and pumping system to evacuate or pump the water collected as fast as collected. On behalf of the entire area people....Aditya Mhatre ,building secretary and Murugan......

water collected in and out of the building water collected in and out of the building

Aug 18, 2014

Bad roads

This is in reference to the bad roads along the strech of Cinemax towards Gaurav Residency. There is a mayors bunglow in that area which leads me to believe it is a well looked area, but that is not the case.. There are big potholes on the road...Someone has to look into this and make a concrete road.. It is very inconvinent. Feels sad that one pays taxes, municipality bill and this is the kind of road we get to see
May 12, 2014

Nala construction at Silver Sarita _ RNA Viva

Its to bring to your notice that the recent NALA constructed in SILVER SARITA and RNA area of Kashigaon, Miraroad by Municipal contractor are not as per healthy and safety norms. Refer attached photos. The breadth of Nala which is uniform from KALA MILL compound till Balaji Hill view bridge then its srinks at mouth of RNA made NALA.

Also the depth of NALA constructed by Municipal contractor still mouth of RNA made is more than that of RNA Nala due to this the water is getting logged in Nala for 3-4 or more feet.

This has lead to increase in mosquito and it will also lead to flooding like suitation in Silver Sarita as the RNA Nala breadth is much small then the Muncipal design.

Also the contractor has not still constructed the safety walls around society , refer photos. This is a risk for children and society's security is on toss.

This should be brought to the notice of Muncipal body, Health department.

Nala construction at Silver Sarita _ RNA Viva Nala construction at Silver Sarita _ RNA Viva Nala construction at Silver Sarita _ RNA Viva Nala construction at Silver Sarita _ RNA Viva Nala construction at Silver Sarita _ RNA Viva

[email protected]
Mar 10, 2014

Property Tax

I have paid my municipal tax against bill no 2785663 for property no E############ through online transaction P52D36F7E63102 for Rs 3436 on 13/01/2014. To confirm, I have checked with my bank and the payment is made.

The online receipt was not proper, it reflects zero amount. Eversince I have been following uo through e mail but no reply till now. I have sent 5 reminders but all in vains. Contrary they have sent a recovery notice for non payment threatening to cut water supply.

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