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Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation MBMC


Consumer complaints and reviews about Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation MBMC

Aug 25, 2019

Garbage thrown outside the society

We stay in Sant jalaram nagar Bhayandar west, and there is garbage all over the road outside the society. No vehicle is there to collect the garbage. The society people are suffering a lot. I ask u to take immediate action
Kirti Dudwadkar
Aug 4, 2019

Water logging

Water logging near help
Add Gaurav Sankalp Phase 1 GCC club Hatkatesh
Kirti Dudwadkar
Aug 4, 2019

Water logging

Water logging near help
Jul 1, 2019

Water logging

We are also humans, all the waters from other localities comes in ramdev park, water has entered the house and has reached almost a feet, with small kids how do we manage, u take tax peoperly then please start the extra motors to pump out water
Nikhil Naik3
Jul 1, 2019

Water Logging

Severe water logging in BP Road of Bhayander East. Potholes are also visible near Bhayander East Railway Station Auto Stand
Jan 25, 2019

Vegetable Vendors hawking on narrow road

Opposite / Front of Ostwal Darshan, the road is very narrow and to top it there are vehicles parked and in front of them the hawkers are standing with their carts.
It is difficult to move from this road in the evening.

They have been creating nuisance and day by day they are increasing
Ravindra gurav
Nov 16, 2018

वाहतुक कोंडी

नवघर रोड परिसरात रोज सतत होणाऱ्या वाहतुक कोंडी मुळे येथील जनता त्रस्त झाली आहे.नवघर रोड हा ना फेरीवाला क्षेत्र असुनसुध्दा अनधिकृतपणे ठाण मांडून बसलेल्या फेरीवाल्या मुळे मोठ्या प्रमाणावर वाहतुक कोंडी निर्माण होते.नवघर, तलाव रोड प्रभाग कार्यालया समोरच फेरीवाल्यांनी बस्तान मांडले आहे.तरी माझी आपणांस नम्र विनंती आहे की या फेरीवाल्यांना अन्य ठिकाणी स्थलांतरीत करुन होणारी वाहतुक कोंडी दूर करावी.

वाहतुक कोंडी

Jayesh D Panchal
May 15, 2018

Illegal cirket match on public road + haresment to the residential

Today on Tuesday 15 May there is an illegal cricket match happening in kasturi park near Cambridge high school, the team members are arogent and scolding on the residential mainly there is a boy named Lale name written on his T shirt is very arogent . please help needed immidiatly for the residential. Thanks.

Illegal cirket match on public road + haresment  to the residential

May 7, 2018

Unseen Garbage

The road next to Thakur Mall, Dahisar Checknaka, is very dirty. People who come to visit the mall, park their cars here and throw garbage here as it is a quiet road in late evening. People who comes for morning walk suffers. Please look into the matter and take necessary actions.
Feb 16, 2018

Illegal construction on terrace of the building


Illegal construction on terrace of the building

Jayesh D Panchal
Feb 2, 2018

Shop owner Illegally occupying public trespassing area

Respected Sir/Mam, In our area opp. Cambridge high school in Kasturi park One shop owner is Illegally occupying trespasser area. His shop is just at the entrance of our building and puts all his utensils on the footpath which is our way out and in to the building. We have been requesting him to remove the utensils from our for last 3 years but he does not listen. He is not afraid of police too. Please help us to clear our way. Thanks.

Shop owner Illegally occupying public trespassing area

k kothari
Dec 20, 2017

Shanti Nagar ground 8 days function Mira road (east)

Mira road (east) Shanti Nagar sector no.4 ke ground me 8 din ka function Kiya hai aur 95 besibal tak voice kar rahe hai aur time sham Ko 7 baje se 10.45 tak voice chalu raheta hai usko bolte hai to vo log koi jawab nahi dete hai aur bolte hai ke hum Ko mbmc me se permission diya hai to Aju baju 30 building Ko harresment ho Raha hai aur building ka window bhi vibret ho Raha hai uske organiger political power wale hai to koi jawab nahi dete hai aur hamara Nagar sevak bol Raha hai mere Ko mallom nahi kabhi permission le ke aye hai to usko liye mbmc ya police Ko request hai iska rasta kar ke hum Ko harresment cum ho ye Aisa kuch kare.
Oct 8, 2017

Garbage not getting picked up properly in balaji complex


I stay in Balaji complex,150 feet Road, Bhayander.
I want to complain about garbage vehicle not picking up
Complete garbage. Most of garbage is lying on the road and getting rotten due to heavy rains. Due to this, there is mosquito menace in the society and people are getting sick.
Also dogs are playing with garbage and carrying it on entrance road.
Please take necessary action for the same.
Apr 23, 2017

Road construction

Hi. Near Jangid Complex and Silver Park there had been digging of road for some reason. After the work was completed, the road was not levelled and there are big stones everywhere making it very difficult to walk. It has become a jungle. Also the street vendors have taken up more than half of the road. Now only one car can pass at a time. There is heavy traffic always. This used to be the best locality but now it is getting worse. If you government take up a job then please ensure that it is completed. We don't pay taxes to see such things happen. Start working on this as soon as possible.
Santosh Vishwakarma
Jul 23, 2016


Bhayander east m footpat p shop walo n kabja karrakha hai hame mein road p chalna padta hai
Jul 13, 2016

Dirty water producing mosquitos colony in my area.


I am residing in Murdha village.
There is one fallawn house near my home. The owner allowing some peoples ( Kamathi's ) to stay there with minimul rent.
But these peoples are really screwding the society.
Living like jungle. Throwing water n there garbage everywhere.
This garbage n gutter water becames a factory of mosquitos.
I personally request muncipalty to look into this.
Otherwise because of this only maleria will start in city.

Please take some action imediatly.
Else I have to take action from myself.

You can see in attached inage how many mosquitos are laying there eggs for new production.
Will you help us ?
Jun 4, 2016

Society constructing illegal staircase and creating problems for ground floor

Respected Sir,

I am residing in Shanti Nagar , Sector 6, Avtar CHS. The society has elevated the ground by 1 feet. My house is more prone to floods now. They are saying it is passed in AGM. I was present at the AGM. It was not passed. They have not given me the Minutes of Meeting for the past 3 years.

We do not receive the maintenance receipts on a regular basis. The whole functioning is being exclusively done by the Secretary. He does not allow others to do anything .

They are also planning to construct a staircase directly from the first floor. They are saying that all the buildings in Shanti Nagar, have constructed staircase from first floor. is it legal? If it is legal then will the law take care of the market value of the ground floor which will get further reduced by 25lacs

They are trying their level best to reduce the market value of the ground floor. My house is residential.

I am staying alone and they are taking advantage of it . I am saying that if the staircase is constructed from the first floor then to retain the market value of my flat, make my flat commercial.

But they are saying that they will construct the staircase without fail. They have not taken any approval from the Building Proposal department. But they are not giving in writing either.

Please help me fight this battle with the society and make them adhere to MBMC norms

Lata L Bhambwani
May 5, 2016

uncompleted gutter and road work for 3 months causing mosquito menace

Dear Authorities

The RCC road work around beverly park was started 4 months ago and now seems to have come to a complete hault half way.

The gutters were broken down for repair work and roads were dug up. These have already become a mosquito breeding ground especially the road around RBK school and Gaurav residency. With monsoon less than a month away is only going to add to the woes.

Please act before it turns monsoon or else there will be an epidemic. Not to mention the traffic woes and accidents caused by this dug out.

Please ACT.

Gleeson D'Souza
Mar 21, 2016

Roads left under construction

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am a resident of Mira Road N. G. Galaxy near Mayor Bunglow (Triveni).

We were informed that RCC road shall be constructed instead of Tarcoal although the condition of tarcoal road was very good. Now one side stretch of half road is dig and all big stones are there so even walking by foot is not possible. Not a single person is coming to see from Municipal Corporation to investigate the same.

Even sometimes, there is traffic jam of all cars and truck and all are honking and creating mess in front of our society.

The road is so bad that we are ashamed to call any guest at our place as the road condition is so pathetic. The work started in Jan 2016 and there is only 2 months left for monsoon and we are afraid if road condition will be same or shall improve.

I don't know if this is the right place to post this issue. If someone can assist to post this to right person or website then this will be really helpful.

Sincerely Yours,

N.G. Galaxy Soceity Team
Feb 7, 2016

Bhayander east Khadi

Day by Day the crowd in Bhayander east Khadi is going very bad. There is police-station in khadi but they dnt do anything no round up been done by the police. there are kids without licence, triple seat riding fast bikes police never ask them any thing. Gang war goes on every day on girls issue.
Drugs are been taken openly Im the eye witness which include white,joint etc i dnt know much EVEN GIRLS ARE INVOLVED.
The crowd is not of the nearby area(Jesal Park).Most of them are from outside jesal park.Jesal park crowd is good. Couple doing adult thing more then just kissing.
The main problem is the youth sitting with the bike passing comments, starring and more.
I got sister girl friends. having trouble roaming around because of this and when we stop them they all attack together in groups they are in big groups
Police are just sitting and doing nothing even the CORPORA-TOR haven't done anything they just are us less.
Jul 11, 2015

Racing Motorcycles on the toad

I stay on the new developed road in Pooja Nagar (opposite the railway tracks). This is where we have the MONDAY MARKET now.
Everyday, a gang of quite young boys come with their bikes to enjoy a DHOOM sequence. We see them everyday, racing accelerating their bikes to the ma and chasing the wind.
I personally don't care about the well being of these boys. They are young (under 18- seems so), riding without license. Their families should worry - Not I.
The problem is the sound that their bikes emit. It is ferociously loud.
Please imagine, everyday, right from the evening, there are bikes continuously running on your heads with a terrible sound...its irritating to the core.
The entire locality is being harassed here.

If you can get hold of these boys, it will be very helpful, not only for us but also for their families.

Thank you.
Vinod Kalburgi
Dec 15, 2014

illegal hutment of a Blacksmith

Hello Sir

We the members of the Padmanabh Darshan want to bring to your notice that a Blacksmith (Lohar) has illegally raised a tent in our proximity area (outside our compound wall opposite to Axis Bank ATM), since past many days and there is a need to take action on such activities which is dangerous to our surrounding. We the members who are residing towards that part of the building who are incident to that area have noticed the daily bold activities of that lohar which are listed below:
• Illegally residing with his family cooking and littering by washing utensil, clothes and throwing garbage in the surrounding.
• Illegally blowing the furnace (Bhatti), making sound by heavily hammering for shaping metals and running his business in residential area.
• He is nuisance and chaotic and starts his activity any time in day either it’s early morning 6.30 am or even late in the evening 8.00 pm. His hammering has disturbed the relaxing afternoon hours of household ladies, students and elderly people.
• Often quarrelling and fighting takes place and the scene becomes worst.
• He is so shameless that he uses the compound wall for urinating and even his visitors do the same and not bothered if any women are standing to the window side.( His Kids shit along the compound wall)
• He has started gathering and raising the relations with other local deceits and even heard that he is involved in selling and in taking of drugs.

We feel that as a responsible resident it is our duty to keep our inner and outer surrounding clean and should bring such activities to the notice of concerned officer or department.
We strongly appeal you to take an appropriate and immediate action before it becomes worst and critical. An online complaint is already been launched to Superintendent Police thane Rural.

Vinod Kalburgi

Dec 10, 2014

Bad road opposite RNA Liberty

The road opposite RNA Liberty is in very bad shape, there some big pot holes on the road. Left hand side of the road in covered by the hawkers. The speeding motorists suddenly bring their vehicles to left hand side to avoid the pot holes. It is very dangerous and there are chances of pedestrians being hit by the vehicles. It is a humble request to the municipal corporation to fill the pot holes on a very urgent basis to prevent any accident in near future.

Thanks You,

Dinesh Kanchan
Dec 10, 2014

Pigeon feeding on roads

I would like to complain against feeding of pigeon on Silver Park road.It is often seen people feeding pigeon on road outside the kirana shop.When we pass thru that area the pigeon starts flying and there are chances of being hit by the pigeon on the eye.It is nuisance for the people living in the nearby residential buildings because of the shit of the pigeons. I would request the mbmc to take some action and advice people to feed in open grounds.
Vid Indian
Jun 25, 2014

Burning Of Garbage

The problem of garbage still on in mira road... and upon that the famous St. Xaviers School :P is polluting the air by burning a lot of garbage in its campus. This is having a very negative effect on the residents surrounding the school. This is harassing that the a school which teaches not to pollute the air is itself making it bad. This happens often and im fed up of this. The black smoke which emits from the burn is very injurious to health of each and every resident. I have just passed my eleventh grade and I don't know much about the local laws but I would like the municipal corporation to please take some action against this asap.

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