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Mobile fraud call


Consumer complaints and reviews about Mobile fraud call

Sep 23, 2015

Fraud 7091766764 asking ATM card details

7091766764 calling and asking for ATM card details
Sep 23, 2015

Fraud calls regarding ATM (SBI)

On 28.08.2015 at 1831 Hours, I received Mobile call from No. 7033941727. "I am Harish from ATM Br. SBI Bandra, your ATM code has not been got changed since long time, we have also send messages on your mobile but you have not complied, now we are going to block your ATM, however, today is last chance in case you like to change then give me the detail No of ATM card and to avoid blockage." But I replied " you are cheater person, very soon you will be behind bars of Jail". The caller again said ok, You will not get Alert calls from today, you can verify it- and that person cut the call. After some days I withdrawn the Money by using the ATM and found that No alert message of said withdrawal came to my mobile, than I attended the Bank Br. SBI Nalagarh and met the staff & narrated all what happened, But the official said that our Bank's system is being upgaraded that is why alert messages are not coming, you will get withdrawal messages very soon. But today is 24.09.2015- I am not receiving any alert message of withdrawal money after making use of ATM. It is very serious and not understandable mod-us operandi. From where the Fraudulant caller has got the detail that I am having ATM of SBI; 100% involvement appears to be the source of leakage from SBI officials. SBI ATM management should crack down on this virus. From Randhir Singh.
Sep 23, 2015

Unknown number calling and asking bank details

I got a call from "7549188144" asking for my bank details. He claimed to be from RBI. Please beware of such people.
Sep 23, 2015

Fake caller enquiring debit card details

i got a call from number 09102177431 telling me my debit card is blocked, posing as a SBI employee from mumbai head branch. he wants details of debit card to activate it.
Be careful about this caller call is from bihar.
p suresh kumar
Sep 23, 2015

Credit card fraud call of HDFC

Hi, I have got my credit card two days back. Today i got call from some number and they told me that they are calling for verification if i received my card not. I told them that yes i got my card.
They told that they called me for giving of new payback card and i will get 20% off on each purchasing and they have asked my card details for verification purpose.
First they asked me about my card number and expiry and what kind of card it is. I was bit hesitated told them the details and for the final verification they asked the cvv number.
Then i got doubt and i told them that i don't need any card and cut the phone.
Please suggest me what should i do now because i shared some information to them.
Please revert my request
Narinderjot Singh
Sep 23, 2015

Asking for adhaar card & Atm card details

Got a fraud call from 7033019931.he said he is from RBI branch mumbai and said that your bank account is going to be closed.he asked for .adhaar card number and atm card details. Please take any action on these type of frauds
Sep 23, 2015


Dear Mr. Raza,

We confirm you that, the call you have received has not been made by ICICI Bank. ICICI Bank never asks personal, account or financial information from the customers. Please do not reveal your financial details or passwords to anyone. We request you to write to [email protected] with your contact details incase you receive any such calls. Further, we have made a note of the mentioned contact number and will get it investigated.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team
Sep 23, 2015

Fraud call asking for credit card details

I got a call on 23rd September 2015 from number :+91-9310830117

The caller said that she was calling from Kotak Mahindra Bank. She said that the reward points on my credit card have expired and they need to issue a new card on which the reward points will be added. I asked why am I being informed AFTER the expiration date of reward points (is there any such thing? I don't think so). She dodged the question and said the new card will be issued and my credit limit will also be increased by 75% !! Wow. Tempting.

She said this call is for IVR verification and all the details will be recorded in my voice only (This was supposed to be reassuring apparently). She asked if my card is a Visa or Master card. I asked when she already has all the details, why is she asking for this?
She said that it is important to have these details in my voice. I told her that I cannot tell my card details over the phone, and that I will contact my Bank relationship manager and confirm this. She got a little edgy at this point, insisted that I reveal the expiration date of my card or my card will be blocked in next 2-3 days. HUH?

I said I am not comfortable discussing this over the phone, I will come to the bank and sort this out. She got the point I guess, and cut the line in haste.

Just DO NOT give any details, however small it may seem to anyone over the phone. Even if they say that they are calling from your bank and have the correct information about the type of card you carry, No bank will just block your card like that. Especially over something like "Expired reward points". Every call asking for card or bank details IS a Scam. Be safe.
Sep 22, 2015

Fraud Call asking for debit card details

I got a call from 9534139207 on 18th sep 2015. The guy on the line stated that he was calling from Govt ATM card department( never heard such a govt dept) and he asked whether i use a debit/ATM card. I told him directly to keep the phone before i loose my cool. He still insisted and asked me to provide my card details. I told him do you think i am a fool, then the pathetic man started abusing like a physco and disconnected. I called him back and he didnt answer.
People never ever give your banking details to anyone. No one has the authority to ask for this info.
It would really help if the banks or Govt setup some functional body to take strict action against such disgusting fraudsters. These guys know that the law is not interested in protecting people and out of 1000 dial calls they wil get one unlucky victim to scam.
[email protected]
Sep 22, 2015

Fraud Call from 7210011088

Today at 5:30PM i got a Call from 7210011088 and she told me "I am Calling from SBI Bank. Bank will renew you card with new Features. so she was asking card details. Then i said if you are calling from SBI bank then you have all details regarding my Card. Then she transferred that call to her senior(Amit Srivastava).
Rizwan Raza
Sep 21, 2015

ATM Renewal Fraud Call

Today at 10:30AM i got a Call from +919102256428 and he told me "I am Calling from ATM Card Department [don't know which bank :D] from Mumbai Your Card has been blocked If you want to Renewal then Provide me your Card Number & CVV".
I asked him to which bank's department are you from. He was silent for 30 Seconds then i Asked "FROM ICICI" [lol i don't have any account in this bank] He Said yes ICICI Bank.

Just a Second later I Started Abusing Him Before he start :D
Sep 21, 2015

Fake Call seeking ATM card details

Today, i got call at 7:30 AM regarding ATM card block and they would unlock if i provide bank details. Caller details as below

Phone no: 7542968250
Name: Manna Klutz
Location: Bihar

Please beware and cut the call without giving any details.

Can we register these kind of calls on cyber cell
Sep 21, 2015

Fake call asking for Credit card details

I received a fake call from the number +91-9560630424 and +91-8826733517 telling that she is calling from Visa payback department where I have got 5000 points expired. So, as a prestige customer they are offering to convert these points against the bill or for some online shopping. She asked for card expiry date and other details. When I ask them to send the mail, they told after I provide the details it will be sent. Then I asked them if you are calling from a recorded line then why I get different different numbers, after hearing this she cut the call. This happened three times - twice on 19/Sep/2015 and once on 21/Sep/2015...
Sep 21, 2015

Fake Call for ATM Card block

I got a call from the number +919940941457, the guy spoke to me in Hindi and asked for the card details. He said my card will block if I don't provide the details.
I told that I will not provide the details and inform this to Bank and also Police if I receive the call again. He spoke some bad words and disconnected the call.
Sep 20, 2015

Fake call asking for ATM card details

I received a fake call from the number +91-8294185746 telling he was bank manager from SBI. He asked for card expiry date and other details. When I refused to give, he told he'll block my card for six months and all my money will be transferred to Govt. account!

I could hear a lot of other people behind him on similar fake calls.

Please take action against these people immediately!
Sep 20, 2015

Fake call about ATM Verification

Hello its really strange, today morning i got a call from +917545985458 and told me that my SBI ATM card is being blocked for non verification. He is asking me for SBI card 16 digit number. request you to take action against it.
Sep 20, 2015

Fake call about ATM Verification

I got a call yesterday from Mobile no.9572246465 and told me that my SBI ATM card is being blocked for non verification. He told me he is Rahul Sharma calling from SBI ATM card verification office Mumbai H.No. 221, gali no. 40, Bandra Mumbai. He asked my card expire date and other detail for ATM Card. When i refused to provide him card expiry and cvv, he started using abusive language and threatened me blocking all accounts be it whether any account. than he cut the call. i have call police helpline no 100 and giving call detail about him. Please check this no and caller . his language tone was Bihari.

request you to take action against it.

Shubham Agarwal
Sep 20, 2015

fraud call

I got a call from number 7079909088. He said what banks ATM i have? I said SBI. Then he said he is calling from Sbi atm card department. This is ridiculous as he became the representative of a bank of which i told him i had a card of. Then he said i havnt filed KYC norms hence to update the info i should tell him my card details. I said ill not give these details on phone. He said now all the money will be debited and transferred to government and the balance will be brought to zero. I said give me all this in writing by sending me an email. Ofcourse i was collecting proof to file a case. Anyways he didnt understand the email part and said aapki kismat hi kharab hai and then cut the phone. So guyz its a fraud be careful and appropriate authorities pls take action.

CA.Shubham Agarwal
Sep 19, 2015

Debitted 100000 through fraud call

My father got a fraud call from mobile number 7407054195. Caller told he is employee of sbi an asked sbi card details for renewal. My father unfortunately provided the details cheater made a purchase of 100000. We tried to file FIR but police just collected the application and didn't provide the receiving. Even though this fraud mobile number is still active and cheater abuses us on calling, police is least interested in solving the case. With the abusive behaviour of cheater it seems there is large level of corruption involved in this. I request the concerned authority to look into this issue

S K Dixit
Sep 18, 2015

Fake call seeking ATM card details

A person calling from phone no. 9135426140 . Spoke Hindi in a predominantly Bhojpuri/Bihari accent. He was insisting that I tell him my bank card details. Sensing the fraud I asked him his employee ID. He hung up then.
Sep 18, 2015

Atm call centre

I got call from mp khagon je ask me i call from atm call centre and ur atm is blocked so i help you and i told u know in which bank my ac and he cut the call the no is please away from fake cal dont give any private details to others 7280909672
Sep 18, 2015

Credit card fraud

I got a call from +91 95-07-179538 , he told his name as R.K Sharma ( bank manager STATE BANK OF INDIA ) he asked about my credit card details on pretext of saving my account from freezing , I said I'll not give any details on phone and said that I am coming straight to the bank , on hearing this he fumbled and his family tone changed and he repetey asked me not to come to the bank and give details on phone instead , i got suspicious and sensing this he cut the phone
I searched his number and was directed to another case by the same number
. So please look into the matter and get hold of him and bring justice to the victim ( in the news script )
Sep 18, 2015

ATM Cards

I work for Bank of Baroda. Today at the closing hours, a customer came in a really tensed state that he got a message on his mobile phone of debit from his account an amount of Rs 10000/- and then Rs 5000/-.. On further questioning from him.He said that he told his ATM card number to an anonymous caller who claimed to be a BOB staff. He even gave his CVV number. The moment he hung the phone. He got those SMses in series regarding deduction of the balance.

I however have lodged a complaint in my BOB software and blocked his ATM for further safety of the remaining balance.
When i dialled the anonymous no from his phone ,it was busy. and then the phone rang.I picked up the call nd asked for the person. I said"kindly tell your EC no " The fraudster words were " ATM card Number plz ..then i will tell u my EC number. "
I threatened him on phone that i will file a cpmplaint in police. and the next moment he cut the phone .

It is my sincere request to all " Kindly do not get trapped yourself in such calls " . and do not ever share ur details with anybody ever.....
Sep 18, 2015

fraud call

I got a call from number no 9771316835 saying he is from airtel service center . he told his name as kuldip sharma .he was asking for ATM card details . When i denied to give the details he said that my ATM card will be blocked and the account would be debited.
Sep 18, 2015

ATM details asking to update

I have received a call from mobile no- +919507571529, and the person was asking card details for verification,
And he said he is calling from patiala bank.
We know as we live in good cities and know the value of these king of details but what if they call the person who doesn't have the knowledge of value of atm card details. as bank is giving these cards to everyone for their comfort any these kind of callers are taking wrong advantage.

Request you to please take action to these kind of fraud callings.

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