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Morphy Richards, India


Consumer complaints and reviews about Morphy Richards, India

Oct 6, 2019

Regarding installation and demo

I purchased morphy richards microwave suffering till now to get its installation done . the customer care is worst and the team who come for installation and demo is worst then all of them no response on calls even after 5 days of purchase the guy didn't visit for the installation and demo i called his supervisor and the call center .multiple times but no response have not seen this type of services in my life . really pethatic
Nidhi Gupta Verma
Jun 25, 2019

Company is asking for money for repair of the steam iron

I purchased the steam iron of Morphy Richards last year.tge warranty is for two years....the product is completely useless...no support from the company... asking money for repair ...took long time to report back....I want to file the complaint against....and need the result...
Jun 4, 2019

Very bad Customer Service

I purchased 2 MR Europa Coffee Makers (one for us and parents) and both the machines have same problem and I am unable to use both machines. I have created multiple service tickets and called numerous times to customer care but this issue hasnt been even addressed let alone resolved. The cutomer care is pathetic and every time i call, they provide a local number in Bangalore that doesnt work and in one situation, I got through and the person promised he will get the parts to fix this for us but it has been 2 months and my warranty is about to expire and still there is no light. I even told customer care that I will provide feedback to this complaint board but to no avail. I am guessing, once the warranty expires, we will have some traction as they can make some money on service. This state of affairs is pathetic. I am not hoping any action from this but just venting my frustration,
Sep 12, 2018

Worst Product

I bought a Morphy Richards Super Glide Steam Iron which is SUPPOSED TO BE 2000 watts. To my greatest disappointment - the heating was the worst.................... first of all, the iron comes ÖN"... ONLY when knob is turned to full heat. Switches off very fast. That is the only heat available - the heat is so low that ANY KIND OF FABRIC, silk, woollen, linen, cotton has to be ironed with the same heat (maximum). The temperature knob is only for decoration. The home service technician came home and checked the iron. This conclusion was that THAT'S THE MAXIMUM HEAT, CANNOT GET MORE HEAT FROM THE IRON. My previous, very basic iron 1200 watts was putting out the required heat for the appropriate fabric. I truly regret having bought this iron for Rs. 1770/-, an absolute waste of money. I doubt it is even a 600 watts iron, fooling people that it's 2000 watts. The most appropriate place for this iron is the garbage bin.
Aug 11, 2018

Service is worst, and product also worst

After warranty, many issues arise and there is no service center, we have to wait for technician and they came after 4 days, our work will get effect for it, no service center can pick up call I am trying following numbers but no response

Never trust on Morphy Rechards.....it's completely waste money
May 29, 2018

where can i buy jars? does anybody know?

I own a dlx1000 mixer grinder. Two jars have stopped working after a year's use. I wish to buy new jars but nobody in your contact centre know where i can get it. All the nos they gave are either not working/nobody picking up or the service centre is closed (morphy has no idea that the service centre is closed forever). I live in Pune and below nos were given to me

9421426736 - Satish Yadav - service centre(this person has stopped working and does not run a service centre anymore)
020-26302009 - Yogini (Incorrect no.)
8551999952 - Area Service Manager (this guy obviously does not care a shit about customers. Not picking up calls)

What am I supposed to do? Morphy does not even sell spare parts online. Where is the customer supposed to go?

Sameer Shahane
Jan 17, 2018

juicer complaint

I had purchased an Morphy Richards juicer from your dealer about 4 months back.
Since last 3 months it is not working and giving tremendous problems like sensor not responding, electrical mal function etc.
Despite in warranty and your service executive coming to repair at least 3 times the problem is NOT yet resolved.
I have been speaking to your service advisors regularly but nothing is moving.
The customer care is not able to help and resolve this subject.
Since this is still in warranty, appreciate to replace it.
I have been going pillar to post to address this problem and spoken with your customer care team a number of times but nothing is been done to repair/replace it.
Even the direct nb of your executive is not ready to listen the concern and whenever we call him he answers that he is in a meeting and will “call back”” and no call comes back.

Is this a way to redress a customer problem for a brand like yours ??????

Pls treat this as top important and get the things resolved at the earliest.


+ ############
Jan 15, 2018

Not returning the product

I had given my mixer grinder's jars for repairing 2 months back to "loknath enterprise" kolkata. they are not returning my product and they have been very rude to me. it's been more than 2 months and they are just not responding to me. I spoke to the owner of the service centre "Mr. sahu" and told him my problem and he was so casual and told me to do whatever I want. this is no way to speak to the customers. seems like I have done a mistake my purchasing a motphy Richards product. when I called the customer care number of morphy and told my problem they refused to help me in any way.
Nov 17, 2017

Very Poor Response

Dear All,
I don't know whether this is right place to convey my msg, bought two Gysers of Morphy Richards and within three to four month the both the machine got non functional...
I lodged number of complaints more than 25 (twenty five complaints) but hardly three to four times the service provider came to my place but very unfortunate they just came... DIDN'T RESOLVE THE ISSUE... ALTHOUGH THEY SAID HEATING MATERIAL NEED TO BE REPLACED AND THE MACHINE IS UNDER WARRANTY PERIOD BUT TILL DATE NO ONE CAME....
This time I visited the shop where from I bought the products and when I said the issues they asked me lodge another complaint and inform Mr Amitava Das (Mb no 9903321678), he is service incharge of the area...
Very Long Pending Issue...
Call logged once again
I shared my Call ID is KOL################-1 and Secret Code 7306 to engineer on call resolution with Mr Amitava Das (Mb no 9903321678), the service incharge of the area....
But he is just not even bother to talk neither he took any step for resolving my issue....and it is more than 5 days now and phone banking officer confirmed that in two days the technician will visit....
This is not first time, with Morphy Richards I am facing Tia issue for a very long time...
And now decided to get rid of this product altogether...
Very Sad to have this pathetic experience...
Should advice each to think 100 times before thinking of buying it's products even if it is with the great discounts or any exciting offer...!!!

Nov 2, 2017

worst electronic company in world


Morphy Richards Team,
This is in regards my wrong decision which i made to trust Morphy Richard brand and choose to buy product here.

My product was delivered on 27th July through Amazon. Since it is started in August , it was not working in 15 days then some part was replaced and now again in October same issue.

I have booked complain on 18th October and i have been given reason that spare part is not available till now.

For this kind of service do we pay you extra then the other non branded products in market?

Today I spoke with some Sr. Supervisor on shift Mr. Pramod Deoghare very rude and instigating me to escalate it further to some Ms. Megha Kadam whose number is not attended.

Very Disappointing this is all. I want this product to be replaced.
Sep 1, 2017

Pathetic quality -desire iron-service give by bajaj technician


As I have complaint for non heating issue of my product morphy Richard desire iron, the person came from bajaj & replaced thermostat. as morphy has collaborated with bajaj for after sales services. Now my iron becomes overheated due to new thermostat, as this part must of bajaj company. Before replacing this thermostat, my iron never get overheated & never burn cloths. But now it becomes overheated in a moment & burn cloths.

I hate it… I bought morphy Richard product due to its own technical quality. I didn’t bought Philips, bajaj product because this overheated issue as I have already used those products. During one year I never experience this overheating issue in morphy Richard iron but after replacing thermostat, it is happening.

Pathetic !!!! My faith has been changed from morphy Richards quality & goodwill. You people used bajaj parts. Then why should I pay extra for just morphy Richard’s name. I don’t like bajaj products as they used cheap quality. Before this incident I prefer maximum morphy Richard products but now onwards, never go for it.

I have already give feedback on amazon site from where I have bought it.

Aug 15, 2017

Morphy richards icon dlx stoped working on 2nd use

I have recently bought foodprocessor icon dlx 1000watt and in 2nd use it stopped working. Contact asap on 7066161680.
May 6, 2017


Vyomesh desai
Apr 15, 2017

Murphy ricard Food processor Dix

I purchased the Murphy Richard Food processor DLX. After three months of usage plastic jars become OPEC. After lot of complain and follow up they were replaced and that to after three of going to consumer forum.
Once my basket in which the jars were kept for drying , brook which led to falling of Food processor jar falling from kitchen platform to kitchen ground( around 3 ft of height) and the plastic jar broke.I am not understanding what is the quality of material these people are using.
Bukhari Khan
Apr 8, 2017

Hand Blender repair

Sir, we have purchased a hand blender Pronto-A############on 08.10.2016 from Spencers Dept. Stores, Visakhapatnam, hardly after using for a few times... the said hand blender's rubber O ring from the shaft was pushed out due to unknown reasons.

However after great difficulty could locate the service center and given the same for repairs and service along with guarantee card and bill on 04.02.2017 under complaint no. 11670175 to Sri Vidya Chandra Electricals, Bhanu Street, Daba Gardens.

However after continuous and laborious efforts one day we have received a call from the service center that the machine (Hand Blender) is ready for the delivery after repairs.

When we have been to the service center to take the deliver of the blender, we have noticed that the outer shell of the blender was cracked and the service center was forcing us to accept the same saying that the shell was already cracked when given for service.

When confronted them, we asked them., if the truth was so, why it was not mentioned in the service receipt given by them to us when the unit was left for repairs and service.... and the attitude of the service center people was very illogical, arrogant and egoistical and finally we were asked to leave without the unit and were using languages saying that we can do what we want to and can complain where we want to...

Sir, this is very unprofessional and unethical in terms of service and business., and not expected from a brand with a name like... Morphy Richards.

Appreciate an immediate action in this regards at the earliest, failing which we need to go the media and legal services to get the justice please.

Hope you understand and do the needful sir.

Thanks and regards

Bukhari Khan
co lAshok suri
Mar 22, 2017

old product date aud 2015 sold

Dear Sir,
I purchased a Morphy Richard brand, Dolphin steam Iron, product no500058, from Narang Electronic Centre E7 Kalaka ji New Delhi110019 on 22 March 2017.

On arrival at home, I was amazed to notice on the box that the manufacturing date was August 2015. The dealer did not disclose this, in fact I was informed, this is a new and more powerful product. On speaking to him on phone, he brushed my statement, stating, manufacturing date has no consequence, it is the purchase date for warranty .I do not agree to his views, and why should I purchase an old model, when better and new models are available in the market. Two years is a long period from the date of purchase and the date of manufacturing, it means 2019, by then the product will be old to accept for repairs by your service centre, stating that they do not have these parts.
I went to the market to spend more money to buy a new product, otherwise I could have purchased this from CSD I canteen at a cheaper rate. Its time, companies should look into such issues and not dump old products to the market for sale andlet the buyers suffer.
I would look forward for a suitable response and action please.

Warm Regards,
Col Ashok
Mar 12, 2017

Brand New Morphy Select 500 not satarting

My brand New Morphy Food Processor Select 500 is not staring.
My mobile number is 9039279939
Mar 9, 2017

My new brand morphy richards is not starting

Mob no 9691986955
Terry Converse
Feb 22, 2017

Morphy Richards Fresco Espresso Machine

After five months, the machine stopped working properly. With a full tank of water, only a very little water actually filtered into the carafe. I am having difficulty finding a service centre.
Feb 22, 2017

Poor customer care -Morphy Richards Icon DLX 1000 watt


I bought Morphy Richards Icon DLX 1000 Watt food processor in December. Two days back I gave complaint to the customer care, they said technician will call me in 2-3 days, till now no technician called me. The customer care service is very poor.
I expect reasonable response from service centers.

Feb 20, 2017

Pathetic Experience

I purchased Morphy Richards InstaCook Stainless Steel Electric Kettle for Noodle, Pasta and Beverage 1200 watts from Amazon . Initially used to only boil water and after a few days tried the noodles and Pasta and nothing worked.I followed all instructions still it would take multiple boils to get them ready. By that time ,the return window on Amazon had closed. So I called up the customer care and they connected me to the Sarthak Service Centre. Sarthak Service Centre people sent one person who said that they need to replace a part. Following that no one came. I made 4 complaints in all. Every time they would call and ask me the issue and complete the call without doing anything. Mr Ram and Lakshman and one Reshma are the managers of the centre. They royally took me for a ride. They kept promising that 'tomorrow we will come 100% and repair it" but no one called,no one turned up. When I called to check, they said in the background rudely mocking me that "go and tell that woman how it is to be used, we cant do anything."And guess what, they just COMPLETED my complaint saying it was resolved. Again!

IS THIS WHY WE TRUST This BRAND so that we are treated in such a crass manner? I am going to share my horrible experience with Morphy Richards and Sarthak Service Centre. Its not like got this product for free. I paid hard earned money to the brand. Disgusting experience.
Feb 18, 2017

Icon dxl Food processer

I purchased Icon DXL food proccesser last year n is under warranty period, When I operated chuteny jar strange noise n smell started coming n i immediately stopped it .I gave complaint n now the mechanic is telling me I will have to pay 500 rs to replace the part, i am shocked...after paying 10000 plus for the product i have to pay again with in a year.this is second time I am facing same problem.i am not at all happy with the product.Last time too i faced same problem, inspite being very careful.Pls let me know what can be done about it , inspite of buying best & expensive product.I had morphy icon basis mixer previously n was quite happy with it so I deceided to upgrade the product but is really disappointed with this. Kindly let be know what are u going to do about it, since I have to use it frequently.
Jan 31, 2017

Hand Blender not attended for 7 days

I have a Morphy Richards Hand Blender and I logged a complaint at your Customer Care on 24th January 2017.

However for 6 days no technician contacted or visited us for servicing the blender. On 6th day, I called customer care again and was given the contact of Mr. Anil - the Area Manager for Faridabad @9811820670. On contacting him, I was promised that someone would visit me today but still no one visited us. Now he is not answering my calls.

Is this the quality of service you are providing to your customers?

I am really disappointed with your service and would definitely not be buying any Morphy Richards product in the future.

Here is the ticket number: KUN################-1.

Disappointed and disgruntled customer.
Jan 18, 2017


I have bought a food processor of Morphy Richards 6 mnths back. After buying the product I was terrible dissatisfied as it was completely non user friendly as compared to the earlier processor used by me.

Around 2 mnthss back I faced an issue with the motor, suddenly the there was a burnt smell and smoke coming out of the food processor along with some sparks seen inside. I immediately reported it to the vendor from whom I bough this product. It took 15 days for your team to rectify the issue and give back the product to me. IMAGINE IN TODAYS WORLD, RESOLVING ISSUE OF SUCH IMPORTANT HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES TAKES 15 DAYS …. UNBELIEVABLE.



Jan 17, 2017

Poor Product Quality and after sale service

I purchased Morphy Richards Xpress Juicer 700W. Within 3 months of warranty (and about 15 days of using it), juicer stopped working suddenly. On calling customer service and registering a complaint, technician visited and informed that some part is defective and need to be replaced and we will have to pay for it despite the fact that it is in warranty period.
Although disappointed with this, we asked him to change the part. Post this there was no communication. I waited for about a week and again called customer care. They gave me number of service center - which was switched off.On again calling customer service - I was asked to note down number of branch head, but i have got no response from there.
I again called up service center, they again said that they are arranging call back - but no one called.
I again called up service center and finally I received a call from service center inquiring about the problem.But 3 days have passed and again no technician visited and I have not received any call.
I am extremely disappointed.
I have two complaint reference numbers: KUN################ & KOL################-1

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